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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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when one eats meets these elderly mother asks how old is too old to give at this time on al-jazeera. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. authorities file terrorism charges against the suspect of tuesday's truck attack also announcing they want to question a second man. and
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our entire lives is on jazeera live from london also coming up. an order to ban religious teachings at a school leads to a rare public protest in the northeast african nation of eritrea. russia's president meets iran's supreme leader in terror on a pair bond over the common enemy washington. my think is on two thousand two hundred and two cases of reported femicide in the past ninety's in my country for starting a different kind of statistic peru's beauty queen is to take a stand against violence. or the u.s. government has filed terrorism charges against a suspect behind tuesday's truck attack in new york eight people died after say food made them down there be honest says he has admitted to being influenced by
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eisel videos a second suspect also it was beck is also being sought for questioning will get more on those new lines the moment but first can really help it has this report what we have right now is a joke it's a laughing stock for donald trump the new york attack is justification enough to launch a radical overhaul of america's immigration system you have to get much less politically correct we have to get tough we have to get smart we have to do what's right to protect our citizens. on twitter the u.s. president said liberal immigration policies supported by one of his political foes a top democratic senator set in motion the attack the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program a chuck schumer beauty i want merit based. the twenty nine year old whose back national allegedly behind tuesday's attack came to the united states legally in
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twenty ten with the program designed to expand entry from countries with low rates of immigration to the united states that send him to get more i would certainly consider that yes. he's back instead is a u.s. ally and it's immigrants are considered low risk by the u.s. state department indeed she were with a democratic member of congress who helped initiate the program in the one nine hundred ninety s. but it was signed into law by our republican president george h.w. bush the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading the american people long for leadership not divisiveness not finger pointing not name calling and activists say ending the lottery program proves the trumpet ministration is once again portraying immigrants as a national security risk president trump is trying to for their own agenda that has been anti immigrant and anti refugee and anti muslim in the very beginning of his campaign did campaign days and so when he sees this opportunity to promote this
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agenda he's going to take it still the white house maintains there is a correlation between immigration and what happened in new york and the way to stop it is through stepped up extreme vetting it's the lowest level of criteria that any part of our immigration system has is through the lottery system and so to try to argue that this is a system that thoroughly vets people it's just shows a total lack of understanding and public support does not appear to support the president in spite of the political atmosphere a majority of americans according to most polls believe that legal immigration benefits the united states can really help get al jazeera washington. person's name is live for us in new york so kristen is there a manhunt for a second suspect. well authorities definitely want to talk to a second who's back national
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a man by the name of mohammed dry year of he is not described as a suspect at this point however he is called a person of interest someone that the authorities want to talk to this shows you just how quickly this investigation is moving earlier in the day at a press conference authorities said that they did not know the suspect in this case i followed prior to this incident he was not someone that was on their radar as someone with militant leanings who might be someone to worry about someone who was a threat that they were looking for but they did say that they were looking at other people that had been on their radar that he may have been in contact with we don't know if that description applies to mr cotter off at this point but definitely. the hunt for this man to talk to him and see what he knew what he knows and of course that the worries are concerned about a broader network a cell if you will of people here and the possibility of further attacks although
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at this point they have been saying that they have no indication that any more attacks might be planned and what sort of twelve alleged to have said from his hospital bed. well a criminal complaint has now been filed two charges have been leveled i just gotten a hold of this here and in it it says that. waived his right to have representation and not speak about the charges against him he admitted that he got inspiration from iceland videos online and also he told investigators that he chose to do this attack on the hall when because he thought there would be more people on the streets and perhaps even had intended to continue the attack further then he did he struck struck and killed eight people injuring twelve more on the west side of manhattan perhaps he had planned to continue down manhattan over the
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brooklyn bridge and wreak is much havoc as possible interesting to note the u.s. attorney the acting u.s. attorney here in manhattan june kim is giving remarks to the press right now he said that. sipar that actually been planning this attack for two months and that on october twenty second had rented a truck to quote practice for the attack so clearly a lot of information coming out the investigation moving very quickly but another man another man another person of interest that investigators want to speak to thanks very much indeed for since maybe. one of the christians who knew me just mentioned police say the suspect had been planning the attack for weeks and they have been studying instructions on how to carry out such attacks hosted by our soul on social media. has the latest on the investigation. shortly after daybreak
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and crime investigators continue their search of the scene after the worst terrorist attack in new york city since the nine eleven world trade center attacks in two thousand and one while the investigation is still in its early phases authorities said on wednesday the suspect saifullah. a twenty nine year old from his back to stand who had been legally living in the u.s. for seven years was linked to terrorism police search site pops home in new jersey but indicated he was not on any f.b.i. watch list based on the investigation overnight it appears that mr say pa had been planning this for a number of weeks he appears to have followed almost exactly to eighty the instructions that isis has put out site pops horrific attack began when he drove his rental truck onto the west side highway bike path near west house in st he then traveled some twenty blocks down the pathway down cyclists and pedestrians his
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truck came to a halt in the tri beca neighborhood where he crashed into a school bus injuring more people on board after abandoning his truck witnesses say sight pov raced around the intersection before being shot and arrested by police he remains in the hospital among the eight killed five friends from rosario in argentina who are in new york celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their high school graduation argentina's president but he said the country was in shock for. us there were five young entrepreneurs model citizens in reso rio society and i can only imagine with beautiful families this is something that has impacted all lodge in times myself in particular the other three people killed were a thirty one year old mother of two from belgium a man from new york and another from new jersey several people remain hospitalized with serious injuries. including amputation head neck and body trauma new
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york's governor said this city has faced down terrorism before and will do it again that strength that resilience that ability to be undeterred in the face of ugliness and the actions of a dupree coward the city is to deploy an unprecedented number of anti terror police on sunday for the annual new york city marathon that expected to drop fifty thousand runners and two point five million spectators but the event will go on gabriel sandow. new york. have been violent protests in the capital of eritrea an opposition group says at least twenty eight people have been killed in us mara and more than one hundred people injured although these claims can't be independently verified
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a spokesman from the red sea democratic democratic organization says the protests were sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school the u.s. embassy in eritrea reported gunfire at several locations and us maro on tuesday so on get on is the director of the human rights group release eritrea she says the government's response was very heavy handed. i think it's he knew that they should that they should take arms against effectively high school students and their parents that's how it started out so i think they're taking it extremely sit in your article is seriously actually protect. children that's what they're doing but also there has been funny responses on twitter there hasn't been. acknowledged meant or any official. statement pertaining this but on twitter the information minister actually tried to play it down and accuse the people who were actually
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breaking it into the international news iran's supreme leader has told the russian president they must step up cooperation to isolate the united states and help stabilize the middle east that amir putin met ayatollah ali khamenei ajor in a one day visit to tehran moscow has stood by tehran after u.s. president donald trump threatened to abandon the iran nuclear deal from tehran so in the strive you report. there was little time for ceremony after vladimir putin went into her own he went straight into an hour's long meeting with his counterpart iranian president hassan rouhani on most other occasions talks between the leaders of these countries would almost be considered routine but with the islamic state of iraq in the levant having been beaten back in syria and iraq and iran's expanding influence in the middle east moscow and to her own are likely to play a key role in shaping future events in the region. we have had
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a great and fruitful cooperation with iran regarding syria through our collaboration with turkey the situation in syria is going the right way when it comes to the fight against terrorism. the russian leader also reaffirmed his support for the multi-party nuclear deal with iran for his part the iranian leader hailed russia as an important partner in stabilizing the middle east. they were two leaders speaking in almost perfect harmony iran and russia are developing their strategic ties and they are i believe in their spring. there is much time left to their winter they are just at the beginning and as is so often the case having a common enemy can bring countries together russia and iran are no exception the point is that when iran and russia are both on the sanctions of the united states and they share enemy one single outstanding a very powerful enemy the russians and iranians are trying to work out similar ways
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and they are trying to help each other in order to stand against washington with iran's help russia's for a into syria has been a battlefield success that allowed them to reposition themselves on the world stage and for iran russia is a strong ally it feels it can trust. the day before putin's visit a russian company broke ground on two new power plants due to be built at the bashir nuclear facility the project is a ten year commitment both presidents putin and rouhani have said that political dialogue is the next step in syria and whatever a post-war peace looks like it will no doubt be heavily influenced by iran and russia and as both countries drop a roadmap for future cooperation in the middle east how they deal with serious humanitarian crisis is likely to become an important benchmark of their success same bus ravi al-jazeera to her. still to come on the program.
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about four as protest the run up to the centenary of his famous declaration. and talk to victims of election violence in kenya killed dozens of people since focused . well i was in the storms are over now in new south wales a.c.t in victoria the circulation offshore still bringing big waves on to the coast near sydney some measuring up to eight metres more typically three to four metres so that's nasty but the weather otherwise is free of cloud satellite pictures suggest it is warming up in perth up to about twenty six with us disappointing not the case to dance to adelaide in melbourne sydney is warming up slowly about the still that breeze keeping things disappointingly chilly i think you'd agree in melbourne and adelaide
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was twenty seven is a figure in sydney and i come across the tasman sea there is that very active storm system but quite often they lose their impetus on the way across so if a new zealand you have one good day the rain is edging in just getting to western side of south out and your bad day i'm afraid that's a wet day is friday looks like it's fairly universal again is coming in from the west from the eastern side of our island you are rather more sheltered we've got much quieter weather now across the korean peninsula and indeed japan the in and out frontal system means very cloudy maybe brightish weather for a day or so but there's nothing really in the way of the rain or star in fact it's remarkably muffled time of the year from tokyo. if you're not. quite right green to hit your.
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legs raving. what that will open the door to this is just hate. the ability of time into a physical reality that threatens a lot of amazing. cold blooded is examining hate in transamerica at this time on how just zero. amount of the top stories here nonzero a suspect of tuesday's truck attack in new york has appeared in court in a wheelchair to face terrorism charges for disciple is accused of killing eight people a second man also it was beck is being sought for questioning. at least twenty
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eight people being killed in rap protests in the capital of eritrea demonstrations began on monday eventually over a government attempt to control a muslim community school. and iran's supreme leader has told russia's president that they need to step up cooperation to isolate the united states and restore peace in the middle east. saudi arabia says it's investigating an asteroid can yemen's northern province that killed at least twenty six people it happened when planes struck a hotel in a market in the so hard district near the saudi border a stronghold for who he revels not nations as it stepping up efforts to find a political solution to the war. as a general comment we remain deeply concerned that civilians including children continue to bear the brunt of the conflict we underscore that all parties to the conflict must abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law including the fundamental rule of proportionality distinction and precaution to
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protect civilians and civilian infrastructure against attack the secretary john the was very clear as was missing in her statement yesterday and i think the report that the secretary general issued also makes his position clear what we're continuing to see in yemen very unfortunately is the continuing suffering of of the civilian population of men women and children whether it's from attacks whether it's from a denial and of access to humanitarian aid and this only redoubles or our efforts to find a political solution the palestinian authority says it's planning to sue the british government over the balfour declaration a policy statement that pave the way the creation of israel just as in bethlehem in the occupied west bank made an effigy of off about four britain's foreign secretary nine hundred seventeen pledges generally viewed as one of the main catalysts of the nakba the ethnic cleansing of palestine in one nine hundred forty eight.
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the palestinian hamas movement has handed over administrative control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority will not control the palestinian side of gaza's border with israel and egypt the handover may not mean an end to the blockade on gaza as but it's both explains. the construction for the reconstruction of palestinian unity in gaza this was until this morning customs post near the border with israel. al jazeera was last here almost three weeks ago and this is where i have to have a visa for permission to enter the gaza strip. now it's been taken apart. the. mediators from egypt along with officials from hamas and fatah oversaw the handover part of hamas is agreement to return control of gaza to the palestinian authority this is going to be the end of the division
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shylock this is the first time to be the end of that the end of the journey of course was the everything was that is it that is what has he said from. the other guys this is the seventh attempt was to mean reconciliation in gaza in the last ten years but this is the first time that we've seen the physical tearing down of hamas is institutions here and it's that it's giving weary palestinians in gaza faint glimmer of hope this time reconciliation might just work. the cost of living should also come down hamas used to levy taxes on goods and food a car could be twenty five percent more expensive here than in the west bank that's now stopped. at this crossing the handover of power will have little practical impact for palestinians because israel let's hardly anyone leave the few that left today we're hopeful the conditions might improve. reconciliation is good for the people in gaza it will help to solve electricity problem believed to siege and
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solve other problems it's the border between gaza and egypt that people here are desperate to see reopened construction work is keeping it closed for another two weeks when it's ready i was stinney and will be able to travel freely outside gaza for the first time in ten years bernard smith out a zero gaza. human rights groups are accusing police in kenya of using excessive force against protesters following last week's presidential election rerun at least six people were killed and dozens of others injured or than thirty people have died in protest since august when the supreme court overturned president who can yet as when catherine sort of force from the glory in western kenya. mary a ten year old son callings a chair was shot during clashes between police and protesters after last week's election she says he was outside the house in the town of gori in western kenya.
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rice yes. will be president but we are hunting from the things his police have done to us people have been demonstrating peacefully we are not here to have our children beaten and shot. in another part of town thomas a family is in mourning the father of six was shot in the head. i never imagine that god will take away my friend so now i've been left to make children i'm not the only one crying. several rights groups have accused police of using excessive force and live ammunition the protesters were mainly armed with stones and sling dozens of people have now been killed since august when the supreme court all the time of the fast election because of irregularities security forces are blamed for many of the deaths if we don't break the cycle of impunity police officers will have no reason. to do this again and you know we need to see
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accountability but. they need to be taken to court. this regional commission one charge of four counties where the election was canceled because of violence says that not all part of a peaceful no i think more that has been done or other means of getting started by stopping the. music. by you. but some people we talked to say the police have been attacking them at home many people in this neighborhood say police used tear gas to force them out of their homes they also used live ammunition leyva he was shot in the stomach people what happened. they got us out of the house and told us to lie down. one then shot me and another hit me on the knee. investigations into some of the killings have started but people here are not optimistic they will get justice
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catherine saudi al-jazeera the gory western kenya. south sudan's president is visiting xian in a trip aimed at resolving some of the many disputes between the neighbors is the third time silva care has been to khartoum since the dawn broke away in twenty eleven after twenty two years of civil war to morgan his war this is the second meeting between the sudanese president omar al bashir and his south sudanese counterpart salva kiir since thousand and gained independence in twenty eleven and it comes at a time when the two countries are trying to mend their strained relationships issues such as border security trade and oil have impacted the relationship between south sudan and sudan they've also critically stations against each other saying each country supported the others rebels on their soil and help them launch attacks the sudanese president said that south of me is rebels which are here in khartoum and in sudan generally are here as civilians and not as leaders of armed groups and that he's willing to help south sudan come out of the four year civil war it is
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going through meanwhile the south of me as president said that he is ready to implement agreements that have been signed between the two since twenty twelve and that they are going to try to move forward with their relationship. i believe that will move. from here. what we were there because. you are very. closely. you will be implementing that each country needs the other to survive thousand relies heavily on oil production which accounts for more than ninety eight percent of its income it pays transit processing and transportation fees to sit there and those fees account for more than fifty percent of sudan's economy so the two countries need to maintain a cordial relationship at least to be able to achieve economical stability and then from their own words of political stability. u.k. defense secretary michael fallon has resigned following allegations of inappropriate behavior the minister says his previous conduct had fallen short of
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the high standards expected from his position allen apologized earlier this week over an incident fifteen years ago in which he made unwanted advances to a journalist placing his hand on her knee. and oscar winning us back to dustin hoffman has been accused of sexual harassment against a seventeen year old in turn more than thirty years ago eighty year old hoffman has apologized saying the behavior is not reflective of who i am. distance in the miss prove beauty pageant of use the stage to shine a spotlight on violence against women instead of giving their bust waist and hips eyes of the participants took turns in reciting figures of sexual exploitation and assault organizers are hoping to bring attention to the increasingly high rate of gender based attacks barrier sanchez reports from lemur. thank you see one by one of twenty three women vying to represent the do at the miss universe competition surprised the audience at the municipal theater instead of
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revealing their body measurements they had a message. my name is camilla kelly called her and i represent the department of my figures are two thousand two hundred two cases of reported fame aside in the past nine years in my country my thanks. to candidates walked in post on the runway against the backdrop of pictures of victims of rape and murder the women listed the statistics of the crimes bill we know some of my name is samantha batty younus i represent i my figures are a girl dies every ten minutes as a result of sexual exploitation that's why. the idea to change the tone of the competition was that of pageant director jessica newton she did it after learning many of the candidates have also been victims of abuse they say and those among the one hundred fifty women who participated in the competition we came up with thirty
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finalists and among our we learned several here right harassed and this is awful. if. the government says over a three month period this year more than eleven hundred women were raped and nearly fifty percent of peruvians personally know of a woman who's been a victim of abuse by their partners in latin america who has one of the highest number of cases of abuse against women the ruling party in congress is planning to pass harsh laws against violators especially after recent reports of abuse last week a man was arrested for allegedly raping his two month old baby sending shock waves around the country. although the law bears the death penalty. many are asking for a change in the constitution peruvians continuously protest the lack of protection and the growing number of cases. many criticised whether the beauty platform was
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the best to address the issue but for now the message given voice to the victims has been heard by the end of scientists are just two. hours their media network is marking its twenty first anniversary amid continued calls for its closure from gulf nations the cattery amir has been attending celebrations in doha saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the u.a.e. all accused of supporting terrorism charges doha vehemently denies in a long list of demands they want al-jazeera to be shut down but the emir says he will not bow to pressure that interferes with sovereignty and freedom of speech. the. top stories on our jazeera federal prosecutors in new york have filed terrorism charges against the suspect behind tuesday's truck attack eight people died after
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say photo site of modem down the f.b.i. says he has admitted to being influenced by arsenal videos is just appeared in court in a wheelchair he's recovering after being shot in the abdomen by police this person donald trump says he will shut down the visa program which allowed the suspect to enter the country legally i am today starting the process of terminating the diverse jury lottery. program. i am going to ask congress to immediately. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse array and diversity lottery diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not going it hasn't been good we've been against it. and these twenty eight people have been killed in protests in the capital of eritrea according to an opposition group the protest in as mara began on
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monday and escalated on tuesday a spokesman from the red sea a far democratic organization says the demonstrations were sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school i mean protests in the occupied west bank to mark the one hundred year anniversary of the balfour declaration palestinian authority says it's planning to sue the british government over the policy statement that paved the way for the creation of israel. at least twenty six people have died in an air strike in northern side our province in yemen a stronghold for who he rebels the planes struck a hotel in a market in the so hard district near the saudi border decided coalition says it's investigating the strike. iran's supreme leader has told russia's president they need to step up cooperation to isolate the united states and restore peace in the middle east ayatollah ali khamenei is reported to have made the comments during
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trilateral talks with resume putin and azerbaijan's leader in tehran the war in syria and twenty fifteen nuclear deal dominated the talks. you stay with us faultlines is up next why for now. it's u.s. president donald trump visit to asia the goal is to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. this is james jackson. has his expression here so it's impossible to know what's going through his mind at this moment just after he killed another person. this is the man he murdered timothy kaufman. james jackson didn't know kaufman who he was where he was from. he killed him for the one thing he did know.


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