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tv   Hate In Trumps America  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 1:32am-2:01am AST

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and these twenty eight people have been killed in protests in the capital of eritrea according to an opposition group the protest in a smart began on monday and escalated on tuesday a spokesman from the red sea a far democratic organization says the demonstrations were sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school i mean protests in the occupied west bank to mark the one hundred year anniversary of the balfour declaration palestinian authority says it's planning to sue the british government over the policy statement that paved the way for the creation of israel. at least twenty six people have died in an air strike in northern sound our province in yemen a stronghold for who he rebels the planes struck a hotel in a market in the so hard district near the saudi border saturday at coalition says it's investigating the strike. iran's supreme leader has told russia's president they need to step up cooperation to isolate the united states and restore peace in
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the middle east ayatollah ali khamenei is reported to have made the comments during trilateral talks with resume putin and azerbaijan's leader in tehran the war in syria and twenty fifteen nuclear deal dominated the talks. you stay with us faultlines is up next why for now. it's u.s. president donald trump visit to asia the goal is to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. this is james jackson. has his expression here so it's impossible to know what's going through his mind at this moment just after he killed another person. this is the man who murdered timothy kaufman. james jackson didn't know kaufman who he was where he was from. he killed him for
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the one thing he did know about it. that he was a black man. late at night on march twentieth jackson's victim timothy kaufman found himself on this corner in manhattan just half a block from where he lived for twenty years. at sixty six and retired cop and made a small amount of money by collecting cans and bottles to recycle. that night he was looking to a trash can on this corner when james jackson came up from behind and stabbed him multiple times before running off. bleeding cough and somehow managed to make his way to the police station around the corner. when he was taken to the hospital he was pronounced dead. when i heard it i just i cringed and just felt that knife you know thing would hurt me you know his purpose he said he come
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to kill many black men and he gave. his ear but you were pushing clark and her own women's new timothy kaufman since they were children growing up here in queens new york. oh that's being a fancy. as i see it yet i didn't tend to nag for taking pictures with celebrities and he didn't so much did they know him. that check this out during the last fifteen years of his life timothy was a very frequent visitor to washington d.c. as he enjoyed attending the current congress you know hearings and budget policy sessions off then. while he was collecting bottles and cans he would save his money and get a bus ticket and get on their bus and of was a greyhound bus or whatever and go down to washington to go to capitol hill so he
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was in those stumble bob he was more the result he wasn't allowed he was about warning change. ok for the vet yes i will say he was something else this is his bio that he put on twitter. can and bottle recycler autograph collector in new york city and i would love to visit california and look at this man. standing in line waiting to know i love america. is there is a clear quality of him so that you might miss the most. yes this time this. his his knowledge with him remembering. him china always teach himself and relate it to you or to tell next generation tell a younger generation that's right he was about each one teach one he always had something to the next to say to the next generation and that was important to him.
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the day after murdering timothy kaufman james jackson turned himself in to police after himself put himself on the news. jackson told police that kaufman to been a practice target and they intended to kill more black men. in court what did it feel like when tempers murder came in and you saw that and yeah and you and i had i could not in my stomach. i wanted him to feel they gave me. in the community the way he came out chest out had a real proud when i seen him. i just started crying and i couldn't stop. colored his skin is dead deep you hate it that much. it's hard to believe. according to detectives a witness told them she
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heard kaufman say after jackson stabbed him why are you doing this what are you doing. this is what they handed out at the funeral in memory of timothy kaufman. collar does not attack collar hate and prejudice unnatural the murder of timothy kaufman could seem random like an isolated but the ideology of hate behind this killing seems to be growing. it was on display just a few months later when hundreds of white supremacist white nationalist and neo nazis gathered for a rally in charlottesville virginia. the come from all over the country to protest the removal of a confederate statute by local officials. clashes with anti-racist to miss traitors the next morning that the governor to declare a state of emergency. this force
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rally organizers to move to a park a few miles away. one of the things we wanted to understand was if the rhetoric of the country's new president donald trump had emboldened these groups media a lot of people like to kind of be like oh true it's trump's phone or trump the calls that i was a truck was a megaphone that we picked up is the best way to survive in the internet is where we live and and i'm moving us out of that thinking everyone you know getting out of here getting off the couch as members of like that was a great white consciousness as well as a movement that's for a white and white people. listening to the leader speak gave us a window into the ideas that have drawn so many people here. now it's not a never right. now it's not over the idea that i would ever back down when the governor of the state of play or it's a state of emergency if they think that they don't understand what's in my heart they don't understand the all right they don't understand this entire movement the
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courage you showed today in defense of our people our heritage our country our values our freedoms. always remain in my memory in charlottesville this is a first step toward making a realisation of something that trump alluded to earlier in the campaign which is this is the first step toward taking america back to yes. we're here to talk about why genocide the divied deliberate and intentional displacement of the white race which is happening we love our people we love europe we love america we love white people and that's why we're here and there is nothing wrong with.
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just after the speech is finished james fields a neo nazi drove his car through a crowd of anti-racist demonstrators killing a young woman and injuring dozens of others. but. were closely following the terrible events unfolded in charlottesville virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms. this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many sides on many sides. i think in many ways charlottesville is our worst fears realized right we just experienced the most racist campaign in modern history with donald trump and it had
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the effect of energizing pretty much every faction of the extreme right in the united states. oh well. the. ringing of the moment. it's not surprising that this ended in violence right these are movements that are deeply connected to domestic terrorism and to hate crimes the says a completely kind of predictable thing. the right that you do that you are evil you cannot just go through the right you guys are you got the money had money was going to hate you it's hard to make sense of the violence in charlottesville and the way the hate and anger on display there is manifesting across the country. by government data shows that over half of all hate crimes go on reported we still don't know that hate crimes and bias incidents have risen over the past few years particularly those against the muslim community according to the b.-i. in two
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thousand and fifteen the last year federal data as available anti muslim crimes rose sixty seven percent from the previous year. or. not and. that's part of a voicemail that was left at the small mosque in eugene oregon the man who left it called after he had already approached worshipers here one evening in may threatening to kill them. this is the first time in many years that person coming physically to the mosque and saying that he will kill muslims. so ok we'll learn also what do we say after that item is
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a member of the mosque in leeds classes for the children many of the kids who attend the mosque witnessed the man threatening to kill worshipers. he was arrested the next day after he threatened someone else in a park nearby he was released for time served after two months in jail. he's now out and free. now that he's out do you feel in danger again. you know to be honest some some of the kids also are traumatized by. their words like three kids that were hearing this. he was claiming he has weapon and has bag. i i really can't imagine you know one of my fears to be honest is well if you know the situation happens to me in front of my kids that could a president. and i feel helpless go play with them go see what they're doing. we
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talked about you know even if somebody that hates you we can't fight it with we focus on the actions implementing islam or the teachings of islam in our life and one of them is with dealing with hate. or you know dislike what we're going to do instead of hate. love each other and then love will change the people even after a long time right. it's a peculiar thing though because most young kids don't have to be taught how to respond to hate i mean my kids go to summer camp and that's not a part of the curriculum hate crimes i've been on the rise unfortunately to be honest sujan has been a nice place it's been changing a little bit and being bullied in school or you know somewhere else is is becoming as a norm those days and teaching them how to respond is very important. all right you
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know what would be and that's what i would say that so the love and compassion everyone in face of all the hatred that's been happening lately. when you consider what happened here and what happened just up the road of portland on the train does it make you feel targeted as a community of course. you know when incidents come after another it's very easy is a real issue in the community. just a few weeks after the threat to gigi mosque two men were killed on a metro train in portland oregon when they try to stop a man from yelling at two black girls one who was wearing his job. this is the man that killed them jeremy christian during his arraignment. america is going to you know. this place has become
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a memorial to the two men and the third who was wounded on may twenty fourth on that attack. to an active member of a group no he wasn't i mean he sort of floated in and now it's he would show up at all right rallies those places will try to distance themselves from the extremists but they also bring them on board at the same time on a top level brings in a lot of people who are kind of mainstream they just don't want to pay our taxes or their their pro-gun or you know they're sort of mainstream issues and then you go farther down and it becomes kind of an anti-government ideology and then it becomes an anti semitic ideology and at the very bottom there is sort of the timothy mcveigh's a belief that there is a need for a revolution a second american revolution and i think that's where jeremy christian was you call it here or not all they do here he. is a danger from the groups or is it bubbling down to these individuals that are so much harder to try yeah i mean that's a that's
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a really important question because when they are organized and out as a group we can see them we can take their pictures we know who the players are it's the person who's sitting at home and find their laptop that is getting angrier and angrier at the world. the world of hate has changed there used to be organized hate groups that you became a member of and those folks are still there but their importance in the in the white supremacist counterculture has really dropped because of the internet where people can kind of participate as a klan rally happening twenty four hours a day seven days a week online that you can drop into anytime that you want. i'm not talking about. i'm talking about something. so the problem is that that echo chamber really becomes a magnification chamber and the more i'm in that world today the more angry i get and the more limited my explanations of what's happening i have basically one
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explanation you know it's a conspiracy. i'm. and it's of these people are the good people and these people the bad people and you get this kind of very black and white thinking which is very appealing to young people especially young males and you get two things one is you get a rationale how the world works and who the bad people are and the second is you get an action plan you have to fight them. in the case of james jackson after he was arrested he told a new york newspaper that he only shared his views online like that he believed quote the white race is being eroded one of the sites he specifically mentioned was the white supremacy the daily stormer. all of this raises the question what responsibility do tech companies have when it comes to dealing with hate speech online i think that the tech companies in general have not done enough to battle white supremacy on their networks white supremacists are
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using major platforms to get their ideas out there's nothing different about this than isis. we've been working with the tech companies to try to get them to take these issues more seriously and maybe now after charlottesville they well i don't know i don't know how many wake up calls you made on this. in the aftermath of charlottesville a number of sites including the daily storm or had their domain registrations revoked. but on the world's largest social media site facebook there are deeper problems in the way hate speech can thrive with something like this which is a mockery of the murder of this black child they would take this down they didn't take it down for a very long time i reported it dozens of times and i think it came down eventually after several months. is the director of the center for media justice and an activist with black life matter in the bay area activists like makiya have been
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working to make tech companies understand how to recognize racism on their platforms how does facebook to find hate speech here right here anything that directly attacks people based on what are known as the protected characteristics that seem straightforward is there a problem with yeah it's a problem with it because it means that. white is as protected class as black was the problem is if we live in a society where everything protects white people and very few things protect black people making those two things equally protected doesn't work it actually over protects white people and under protects black people with this often translates to is people of color being censored by facebook for speaking out about racism while something like this is allowed to stay on face but you have black activists that say things like white supremacy is real i mean leslie mack her state her post says
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something like that right and her post was taken down and she was banned. algorithms are programmed by human beings and human beings are not race neutral make america right again you could write your own make america this crosses a line for example this is the kind of thing that i would i'm going to report this . what's the message to you out of the photo make a wiring and you know get rid of me i don't belong here i don't have the right to live here and by any means necessary they're going to make sure i don't feel welcome. it's not a slur or. call for violence explicitly but when you say make america white again how exactly do you plan on doing that. it could be tempting to see all of this is solely related to donald trump. but it's more that the president has tapped into something that's been brewing for much longer two thousand and fourteen
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is when black last matter really began to take root. and that is when i think we began to see some real backlash. in the year two thousand the census bureau announced for the first time ever that white people would be a minority at that time they said twenty forty two i think the date is somewhere around there and that's the moment base of the when we saw the number of hate groups in the united states start to rise that rise as reflected in attacks from the past decade when a neo nazi killed six people at a sick temple wisconsin two thousand and twelve. and in two thousand and fourteen when a white supremacist killed three people outside a jewish retirement center. and in two thousand and fifteen when dylan roof going down nine african-americans in a church in charleston south carolina. overall from two thousand and one of til the end of last year there were sixty two attacks in the u.s.
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by far right violent extremists according to government data. and in the same time period there were twenty three attacks by quote unquote radical islamist violent extremists despite that since taking office trapes cut funding for groups that work to combat white supremacist and right wing violence it's not just trump who hasn't been serious enough about white supremacist domestic terrorism during the bush years you know there was obviously this intense refocusing on radical islam i mean more than three thousand people died at the twin towers and you can understand why that would be what the bush administration did was completely drop the efforts that were put in place after oklahoma city to address white supremacy in kind of militia violence. the thing that makes it more problematic i would argue then radical islam . in the united states context i'm not talking about overseas is white supremacy is
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indigenous to this country it was founded on white supremacy we fought a civil war on white supremacy our first domestic terrorist group was the ku klux klan that was set up after the civil war ended nine hundred sixty five so this is an idea that's not going anywhere. after charlottesville polling showed that the majority of people said that they didn't agree with the views of white supremacist or neo nazis. but almost forty percent still said that they felt like white people were under attack in the u.s. and almost a third said that white european heritage needed to be protected in america. you know you're not what you call you know a little bit more right here right sorry to cut off the border good enough it was a don't want to do it on that part of the white country and for you know like that you know that country you're going to present this country and it's terrible and you can go back to africa like where all the good your home countries are peace
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there's so much as i know you love that which is good to what i think i don't like you know you're not a lot of right i'm right you know there is a constant in america which is changing or a nation of immigrants are changing in terms of our demographic population we're always going through this change and the ability to manage that change just key to this it's either exciting and it adds to the diversity and strength of the nation or there are people that want to make america great again that has been manifested in many ways including the all right having their rallies and public or taking time off work to do this because they're born in a matter of the what do we got to go to work my dear when all the black people that said hey you know what maque right you are a great little marco i don't even have a right. right is left. i'm right no i'm. for. my.
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thinking. about what i. but it's also manifesting in ways that are less obvious there are rallies like charlottesville there seems to be a broader unraveling of civility happening in smaller ways across the country people just feel like it's it's open season now on anybody that doesn't fit their picture of who in america is supposed to be. i said i think it's good for me where you're not mouthpiece donald trump is making this so that i think this deep abiding resentment that i think has been brewing since the civil war this is not let the new caucus of. muslims. maybe in jail. now in reaction to whatever small progressive wins they think we get under obama it has flourished it is
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full of full fledged raging fire you know just like a piece of me. talking about stuff like if you're normal. i'm very young but donald trump opened the door to isn't just hate hate was there he opened the door at a time that hey into a physical reality that there is a lot of amazing people. would do a lot to do from here you know we'll get we do from here. though james jackson has been charge for taking their friend's life portion croll told us that they plan on going to every court appearance that they can until he said it's to make sure the court knows the timothy kaufman was loved and that they want justice for him that's all we can do make sure you get justice and. try to be bred so my dad happened again. you read it you watch it on a new and you turn to the next page you know if. i can turn
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a page on this you know just to get a good attorney turn the page tim was a great guy he's done a lot for the community we just don't want this his name to be forgotten. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my am bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range at. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across to new zealand. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning films. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox in
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a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. short films of hope. and inspiration. personal stories of people who live keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by courageously defending their rights to be heard. as doesn't want. to get the al-jazeera selects at this time. this is al-jazeera. thanks. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is that is
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