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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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member on al-jazeera. sure. and inspiration. passel stories of people keeping the spirit of freedom in line. by courageously defending their rights to be heard. as the one of. the good. al-jazeera select at this time. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a man consumed by hate and
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a twisted ideology the u.s. says the man believed to be behind tuesday's attack in new york had links to eisele . so we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it in the u.s. president cracks down on immigration the day after the was back asylum seekers charged for the worst attack in new york since nine eleven. russia's president made his iranian counterpart and reiterate his support for the nuclear deal also donald trump refuses to back it. palestinians parade an effigy of off a bow for those protests mark the run up to the centenary of his famous declaration . u.s. prosecutors have charged the truck driver with terror. related crimes after the attack
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in new york eight people were killed when it was back immigrant safe steered a pickup truck into a lane filled with cyclists and pedestrians police say the suspect had been planning the attack for weeks gabler's on the reports. shortly after daybreak and crime investigators continue their search of the scene after the worst terrorist attack in new york city since the nine eleven world trade center attacks in two thousand and one while the investigation is still in its early phases authorities said on wednesday the suspect saifullah. a twenty nine year old from his back to stand who had been legally living in the u.s. for seven years was linked to terrorism police search site palms home in new jersey but indicated he was not on any f.b.i. watch list based on the investigation overnight it appears that mr safe had been planning this for a number of weeks he appears to have followed almost exactly to eighty the
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instructions that isis has put out so i pod's horrific attack began when he drove his rental truck onto the westside highway bike path near west house in st he then traveled some twenty blocks down the pathway down cyclists and pedestrians his truck came to a halt in the tri beca neighborhood where he crashed into a school bus injuring more people on board after abandoning his truck witnesses say sight pov raced around the intersection before being shot and arrested by police he remains in the hospital among the eight killed five friends from rosario in argentina who are in new york celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their high school graduation argentina's president but he said the country was in shock for. us there were five young entrepreneurs model citizens in recent society and i can only imagine with beautiful families this is something that has impacted all out in
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times myself in particular the other three people killed were thirty one year old mother of two from belgium a man from new york and another from new jersey several people remain hospitalized with serious injuries. including amputation head neck and body trauma new york's governor said this city has faced down terrorism before and will do it again that strength that resilience that ability to be undeterred in the face of ugliness and the actions of a dupree coward the city is to deploy an unprecedented number of anti terror police on sunday but yeah new in new york city marathon to expected to drop fifty thousand runners and two point five million spectators but the event will go on gabriel's on doe. new york i'll just say rose kristen salumi is life with us from new york so
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kristen charges have not been filed against the suspect what's the latest on that and the investigation. yes just in the last couple of hours prosecutors have filed charges filed a complaint in federal court in manhattan charging so full of side with material support to a terrorist organization i saw and using a vehicle to kill pedestrians we know now from the prosecution and from the documents that have been filed that. waived his right to self incrimination and spoke freely with investigators from his hospital bed after receiving surgery for gunshot wounds in his abdomen he admitted that he was inspired by eisel videos in fact investigators say they found thousands of them on the cell phone that he was carrying he also said that he chose holloway in for this attack because he thought
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more people would be out on the streets and that he had planned to not only drive his vehicle into that bike lane which is on the street behind me which is still being blocked off on part of it because the investigation is ongoing that he had planned to continue that attack all the way to the brooklyn bridge he also according to the acting u.s. attorney had been working on this for months and actually rented a vehicle just over a week ago to practice. kristen the f.b.i. announced a short time ago that it was looking for a second person of interest in this case what more do we know about that. yes his name is mohammad mohammad why year. and he is also an uzbek national almost as soon as they announce that they were looking for this gentleman they announced
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that they had found him and that he is in fact in custody he's not described as a suspect just yet he's described as a person of interest earlier in the day just to tell you how quickly this investigation is moving investigators had said that. site pov is not someone who had been on their radar had not been a subject of investigation by the new york police officers or federal officials not someone who had raised alarm bells or that they had been watching but they did think perhaps that he had associated with other people who. they were watching so we don't know if dr is one of those people that they were talking about but that could be could be the case here i should point out that local officials are still asking the public for more information about this gentleman and about themselves they're moving forward quickly as we can see with this investigation but looking for as much help as they can from the public either in terms of what they saw on
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the night of that horrific attack or in terms of if they heard something from either of these men in the days leading up to this that could be useful for investigators all right christine many thanks indeed al-jazeera as kristen salumi reporting live from new york with donald trump's reaction to the attack was called for an end to the visa program that let the suspect into the u.s. the president has described safe on the side of some animal and says that it's time to get less politically correct reports. what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughing stock for donald trump the new york attack is justification enough to launch a radical overhaul of america's immigration system you have to get much less politically correct we have to get tough we have to get smart we have to do what's right to protect our citizens on twitter we u.s. president said liberal immigration policies supported by one of his political is
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a u.s. ally and its immigrants are considered low risk by the u.s. state department indeed she were was a democratic member of congress who helped initiate the program in the one nine hundred ninety s. but it was signed into law by our republican president george h.w. bush the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading the american people along for leadership not divisiveness not finger pointing not name calling and activists say ending the lottery program proves the trumpet ministration is once again portraying immigrants as a national security risk president trump is trying to further their own agenda that has been anti immigrant and anti refugee and anti muslim in the very beginning of his campaign did campaign days and so when he sees this opportunity to promote this agenda he's going to take it still the white house maintains there is a correlation between immigration and what happened in new york and the way to stop it is through stepped up extreme vetting it's the lowest level of criteria that any
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part of our immigration system has is through the lottery system and so to try to argue that this is a system that thoroughly vets people it is just shows a total lack of understanding and public support does not appear to support the president in spite of the political atmosphere a majority of americans according to most polls believe that legal immigration benefits the united states can really help get al-jazeera washington. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. of defiance as ministers from catalonia is government head for a court appearance. taking a stand for women how mr faruq contestants have staged a protest. that in support rafa nadal sets of world number one record with a win at the paris.
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iran's supreme leader has told russia's president they must step up cooperation to isolate the u.s. and to help stabilize the middle east let it be a putin that ayatollah ali harmony during a one day visit to tehran moscow stood by to run after u.s. president donald trump threatened to abandon the nuclear deal samus ravi reports. there was little time for ceremony after vladimir putin landed in to her on he went straight into an hour's long meeting with his counterpart iranian president hassan rouhani. on most other occasions talks between the leaders of these countries would almost be considered routine but with the islamic state of iraq in the levant having been beaten back in syria and iraq and iran expanding influence in the middle east moscow into one are likely to play a key role in shaping future events in the region you know one america when you tell your mother no we have had
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a great and fruitful cooperation with iran regarding syria through our collaboration with turkey the situation in syria is going the right way when it comes to the fight against terrorism. the russian leader also reaffirmed his support for the multi-party nuclear deal with iran for his part the iranian leader hailed russia as an important partner in stabilizing the middle east. they were two leaders speaking in almost perfect harmony iran and russia are developing their strategic guys and they are i believe in their spring. there is much time left to their winter they are just at the beginning as is so often the case having a common enemy can bring countries together russia and iran are no exception the point is that when iran and russia are both on the sanctions of the united states they and they share enemy one single standing a very powerful enemy the russians and iranians are trying to work out similar ways
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and they are trying to help each other in order to stand against washington with iran's help russia's for a into syria has been a battlefield success that allowed them to reposition themselves on the world stage and for iran russia is a strong ally it feels it can trust. the day before putin's visit a russian company broke ground on two new power plants due to be built at the bush era nuclear facility the project is a ten year commitment both presidents putin and rouhani have said the political dialogue is the next step in syria and whatever a post-war peace looks like it will no doubt be heavily influenced by iran and russia and as both countries drop a roadmap for future cooperation in the middle east how they deal with serious humanitarian crisis is likely to become an important benchmark of their success. on the president trumps reaction to the attack in new york on tuesday by calling for an end to the visa program that let the suspect into the u.s.
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with a green card lottery has been a golden ticket for more than two decades for people chasing the american dream it awards fifty thousand visas a year at a path to u.s. citizenship to applicants from countries with few immigrants in the u.s. the selection is random by computer and the recipient doesn't need to have sponsorship employment or family in the u.s. the only other requirement is a high school education or regional equivalent in the african country of origin when is can bring their spouses and young children the so-called chain migration that the us president also wants to and david bear is an immigration policy analyst with the cato institute center for global liberty and prosperity he joins us now live from washington d.c. if president trump were able to scrap this program david what are the implications be. well would certainly shift the direction of immigration away from these countries that have benefited from the diversity visa program you're
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talking about the main source of immigration from several african countries is the diversity visa program so it would reduce immigration from those areas and unless he replaces it with something else it's just a net reduction in the number of immigrants who are coming to the united states and that would have economic impacts on the united states that are negative president trump has now on three occasions failed to pos restrictions on blocking or limiting immigration to the u.s. is it even possible for the president to roll back this program. well this is a program that's inactive in statute and he has called on congress to make these changes that he's proposing and as we've seen congress has been very hesitant to reform any aspect of the immigration system to the united states so it's very
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unlikely that this particular reform will get off the ground unless it's paired with a lot of other reforms and then in fact in two thousand and thirteen the senate then controlled by the democrats did pass an immigration bill that would have eliminated the diversity visa program and replaced it with a merit based immigration system that would allow people to apply from around the world if they had an employer willing to hire them and had work experience that was going to be an economic contribution to the country the president likely to think to this because to the list of countries to which the travel ban applies. well it's certainly possible but if you look at the criteria that the department of homeland security laid out for inclusion in the travel ban it was back to stand just doesn't meet or doesn't fail any of the criteria that would result in their
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inclusion in the band so they issue high quality passports they participate in counterterrorism with the united states they share information about lost and stolen passports you go down the list they meet these criteria so it really wouldn't make sense for them to be included it would be a deviation from the criteria that was really the justification for the band itself david really gets talked to but i think steve david b. a there in washington have been violent protests in eritrea's capital which an opposition group says were triggered by government attempts to close a muslim school the red sea a democratic organization says that at least twenty eight people have been killed in this mara and the more than one hundred of those injured although the figures can't be independently verified the u.s. embassy in eritrea reported gunfire at several locations in a small room on tuesday with some kid dan is the director of the human rights group
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release eritrea she says that the government's response was heavy handed. i think it's he knew that they should that they should take arms against effectively high school students and their parents that's how it started out so i think they're taking it extremely see it in your article is seriously actually to shoot at. children that's what they're doing but also there has been funny responses on twitter there hasn't been any. acknowledgement or any operational. statement pertaining to this but on twitter the information minister actually tried to play it down and accuse the people who were actually breaking it into the international news a further two thousand or a hinge a minority muslims have crossed into bangladesh fleeing what the u.n. has called ethnic cleansing in myanmar starving exhausted they waited in muddy fields on the border before the bangladesh military let them cross the latest
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arrivals in a mass exodus of injured six hundred thousand people have already fled me and. saudi arabia says that it's investigating an air strike in yemen as northern province which killed at least twenty six people coalition planes are reported to have struck a hotel in a market in the district near the saudi border which is a stronghold for hooty rebels the saudi led military alliance launched an air campaign against the who these in twenty fifteen it's supporting yemen's government led by months or hearty the united nations says that it's stepping up efforts to find a political solution to the war. we remain deeply concerned that civilians including children continue to bear the brunt of the conflict we underscore that all parties to the conflict must abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law including the fundamental rule of proportionality distinction and precaution to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure against attack what we're continuing
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to see in yemen very unfortunately is the continuing suffering of of the civilian population of men women and children whether it's from attacks or whether it's from a denial and of access to humanitarian aid and this only redoubles or our efforts to find a political solution the palestinian authority says that is planning to sue britain's government over the balfour declaration a policy statement that pave the way for the creation of israel protesters in bethlehem and the occupied west bank made an effigy of the balfour who was britain's foreign secretary one hundred years ago when the declaration was signed many palestinians blame balfour's pledge for a century of conflict elsewhere in bethlehem the british artist banksy marked the anniversary of his own unique way perry forces reports. in the occupied west bank a twisted version of a british street party to mark the hundred year legacy of the balfour declaration
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it's the work of street artist banksy outside his bethlehem the guests of honor palestinian children from nearby refugee camps and her majesty queen elizabeth the second sort of. sort of saying sorry. that has supported the national aspirations of a people who'd suffered discrimination and violence for hundreds of years the wording of the declaration contained a disparity that's borne bitter fruit in one hundred years since promising a national home for the then and future jewish immigrants while only safeguarding or committing to the civil and religious rights of the non jews who lived in palestine of the time ninety percent of the population. on the other side of the separation barrier students and academics at hebrew university debate its consequences it was one in monkey many and indeed a very important case for the corporation but nevertheless what happened on the
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galant was even more important what happened on the ground happened under the all forty of the british mandate which began a year after the declaration in centers like jaffa palestinian economic and cultural life emerging from autumn and rule was beginning to flourish at the same time jewish immigration accelerated the zionist project already underway now had the support of a major nation to do. this is the beginning of israel and also the beginning of the recognition of israel by the world wide net a friend of the balfour declaration deprive many of their property and i'm one of them i mean refugee i live in she fled refugee camp i can't go back to my original village. by the one nine hundred forty s. britain worried about a forcible creation of a jewish state was attempting to hold back jewish immigration now the zionists targeted the british ninety one people were killed in the bombing of mandate headquarters at jerusalem's king david hotel. sympathy for the jewish cause
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surged in one hundred forty eight when the british withdrew the state of israel was declared. the palestinians that moment is remembered as the nakba strophe when hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and land students at university in the occupied west bank say it all began with balfour. we won't settle for an apology. then we'll accept the apology. and in bethlehem palestinian protesters weren't settling for a british commemoration no matter how satirical for them the century since the balfour declaration has been one of displacement disposition and occupation. al-jazeera in the occupied west bank the palestinian movement handed administrative control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority it's the first step of the reconsideration deal between the two rivals the p.a. now controls the palestinian side of gaza's border with israel and egypt the
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handover may not mean an end to the blockade on gaza as bernard smith explains. the construction for the reconstruction of palestinian unity in gaza this was until this morning customs post near the border with israel. al-jazeera was last here almost three weeks ago and this is why i have to have a visa or permission to enter the gaza strip. now it's been taken apart. mediators from egypt along with officials from hamas and fatah oversaw the handover part of hamas is agreement to return control of gaza to the palestinian authority this is got to be the end. to be the end. that is it. said. this is the seventh attempt i was doing in reconciliation in gaza in the last ten
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years but this is the first time that we've seen the. is a court tearing down a promise is institutions here and it's that it's giving weary palestinians in gaza a faint glimmer of hope this time reconciliation might just work. the cost of living should also come down hamas used to levy taxes on goods and food a car could be twenty five percent more expensive here than in the west bank that's now stopped. at this crossing the handover of power will have little practical impact for palestinians because israel let's hardly anyone leave the few that left today were hopeful the conditions might improve when measured on one issue when the sharpest reconciliation is good for the people in gaza it will help to solve electricity problem believed to siege and solve other problems. it's the border between gaza and egypt that people here are desperate to see reopened construction work is keeping it closed for another two weeks when it's ready i was twenty and
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will be able to travel freely outside gaza for the first time in ten years but it's worth reporting there was a strong show of support for several of catalonia as our state government ministers as they headed to madrid to appear in court fourteen members of the government dissolved by spain have been summoned to face possible rebellion charges after last month's bid for session a lawyer for the former catalan president pushed him on says that he's in brussels and isn't expected to return david chaytor reports now from belgium. lawyer was talking about his client's case here in the town of tilt in the west of belgium he said he was feeling very confident very well and very combative now he's due to appear in court in madrid at nine a.m. on thursday morning but his lawyer said there was little chance he would actually appear at the court because he feared he would be arrested the lawyers said that he
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was looking at the possibility that his client could be actually questioned here in belgium by the court over the telephone or why skype is not at all clear whether that could happen but it certainly happened in previous cases that the lawyer has actually managed let's hear what he had to say in both were see. we will see if what we are offering is approved and we will examine if the sentences he is facing are not disproportionate and if his fundamental rights are respected the court has also instructed the depose cattle and cabinet to deposit up to seven million dollars in case of penalties and they've got to do that within three days they're facing charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds that could put them behind bars up to thirty years. the catalan government website has now been updated the web address is actually president in exile dot edu the belgian prime minister
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said this week that the more would be treated just like any other citizen visiting brussels but the interior minister said on wednesday that they were thinking about providing protection for him exactly what that would amount to nobody yet knows whether uptake thanks to them will tell you about the liver disease that's often seen in impoverished countries that's hitting california homeless community and coming up in support top up stand defending champions real madrid in the champions league. now got really cold and snowy any of the twenty four maybe forty eight hours ago the snow center where the storms are disappearing into the northeast corner the massive cloud wall of the place and pictures out of michigan wisconsin new york
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state all show the first proper significant fall as you can see this last bit is near buffalo now it stopped snowing after the most part temperatures are slowly rising and you can see that chicago is a tad interoffice at thirteen but the blue shade is there to dakotas back towards montana and i think i'll stay that way for the next day or so it's really cold in calgary down to minus ten minus two in winnipeg and then this contrast to say. double think is the other way round two it took positives thirteen to fifteen chicago to drawn to ask for the weather well. maybe snow kept on the canadian side of the border still a lot of state in b.c. british columbia on their side just comes over the border here otherwise it's quiet looking weather and it's gone remarkably warm again twenty nine in dallas not the eastern side of the u.s. twenty one small twenty four in washington twenty one in new york and given the time of year thirteen in toronto eleven in with the rain is
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a beautiful bit unusual but that's how we sit for the next day. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and. goes the extra some of the latest new camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative. is not just behind because it's about getting involved. with the. one of. the political
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refugees and ways being aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of things to al-jazeera as a space for that. it is good to have you with us adrian for going to hear in the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories this hour u.s. prosecutors have charged the truck driver with terrorism related crimes after the new york attack on tuesday eight people were killed when the immigrant safe pov steered a pickup truck into a lane filled with cyclists and pedestrians. as a result of that attack u.s.
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president donald trump says he plans to end a diversity visa lottery program he says it allowed the prospect suspect to legally enter the u.s. at iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has told russia's president vladimir putin that they must step up cooperation to isolate the u.s. and help stabilize the middle east the call follows a threat by u.s. president donald trump to run to abandon the iran nuclear deal. show you some live pictures now this is a result. in argentina where five of the victims of the new york attack on tuesday come from. these five were on a school reunion trip. they were among ten friends marking their graduation with a tour of the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation with a tour of new york and boston. where rob a survivor of the group lived they were all enjoying. a ride on the bike path near
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the world trade center on tuesday. when tragedy struck of course so this is for the neighbors of all rather this is. people in that town in result you know people who knew other men people who just wanted to come out and express their sorrow at what happened holding a candle lit ritual. for the neighbors of the new york attack suspects safe of in the capitol tash can say that he was very noble. we learned about the news on facebook today and which is speaking about these this can't be true he was such a great guy how did he end up in the united states he was not going to tell you he was my brother's friend absolutely new. to other news iraq is working to take control of a key border crossing into turkey from the kurdish regional government the ibrahim khaleel crossing is within the official boundaries of the saudi autonomous kurdish
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region of northern iraq on tuesday iraqi military chiefs visited the turkish side of the border al jazeera stephanie decker. there's been a lot of back and forth rumors and reports about who is in control of. the border with turkey at the moment the kurdistan regional government remains in speaking to people here. but i've made it very clear it's going to reassert. control over every single border crossing the. now just a fifteen minute drive down the road from abraham high leila's fish board no pressure board is a border crossing with syria syria is just across the river and these two border crossings are the ones that baghdad is looking at to take for strokes are underway and baghdad is keen to stress they are not negotiations this is talk between
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military and technical delegations to figure out how to do this because it is going to happen these two and the other border crossing that the k r g controls now we've been speaking to pressure madigan who are at the checkpoints here we're not allowed to film them and they will say they just told us that they don't really have much to say when it comes to the political decision but they do say of baghdad is going to try and take away all of their autonomy it's not going to end well at least eight people have been killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan that bus caught fire when a fuel tank exploded in northern part of a province twenty seven people were injured in the provincial capital challah car at earlier attack killed one person in about province no one has yet claimed responsibility for either attack. the former leader of the now dispended revolutionary armed forces of colombia or fox is running for president in next year's elections. better known as a chunk oh was the top commander of the fall he became a key figure in the peace process to end the fighting between the group and the
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government it was last in america's longest running conflict soccer is now a political party but recent polls show that it's deeply unpopular. liberia's supreme court has suspended next week's planned presidential election runoff until a challenge to the first round results can be heard a legal case is being supported by the ruling unity party whose candidate finished second it accuses president ellen johnson sirleaf who's a member of the unity party of interfering with the vote sirleaf is stepping down after twelve years in office has fallen out with her party's leadership. south sudan's president is visiting sudan hoping to resolve some of the many disputes between the two countries it's the third time that salva kiir has been to khartoum since south sudan gained independence in two thousand and eleven after twenty two years of civil war morgan reports. this is the second meeting between the sudanese
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president omar al bashir and his south sudanese counterpart salva kiir since thousand and gained independence in twenty eleven and it comes at a time when the two countries are trying to mend their strained relationships issues such as border security trade and oil have impacted the relationship between south sudan and sudan they've also traded accusations against each other saying each country supported the others rebels on their soil and helped them launch attacks the sudanese president said that south in his rebels which are here in khartoum and in sudan generally are here as their valiant and not as leaders of armed groups and that he's willing to help them come out of the four year civil war it is going through meanwhile the thousand he's president said that he's ready to implement agreement that have been signed between the two since twenty twelve and that they are going to try to move forward with their relationship. i believe that . we need to come here. where we were there because. you were never. going to be. you will be implemented
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each country needs the other to survive thousand relies heavily on oil production which accounts for more than ninety eight percent of its income it based transit processing and transportation fees to sudan and those fees account for more than fifty percent of sudan's economy so the two countries need to maintain a relationship at least to be able to achieve economical stability and then from their own words a political stability talks aimed at bristol issuing the governing administration in northern ireland has failed a deal between pro british unionists and irish nationalists that saw them govern together collapsed in january northern ireland as part of the u.k. but the power sharing agreements put in place since one nine hundred ninety eight the irish nationalist party shin fein says that if london tries to impose a budget it would constitute a return to direct british rule. the u.k.'s defense minister has quit a bit of developing scandal over sexual harassment at westminster michael fallon says that his behavior may have fallen short of the standards expected of the
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u.k.'s military he's been accused of improper conduct towards a journalist fifteen years ago in recent days allegations have been made about m.p.'s conduct including my own many of these allegations have been false but i realise that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have the honor to represent i have reflected in our my position in government and i am therefore resigning as defense secretary. miss peru contestants of the pageant into a protest by quoting statistics on violence against women mariana sanchez reports just a warning that her reporting truths and graphic images. one by one twenty three women vying to represent bidu at the miss universe competition surprised the audience at the municipal theater instead of revealing their body
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measurements they had a message. my name is camille i can call her and i represent the department of labor my figures are two thousand two hundred two cases of reported fame aside in the past nine years in my country my thanks to. the candidates walked in post on the runway against the backdrop of pictures of victims of rape and murder the women listed the statistics of the crimes be do we know so much about that yet my name is samantha batty younus i represent my figures are a girl dies every ten minutes as a result of sexual exploitation that's. the idea to change the tone of the competition was that of pageant director jessica newton she did it after learning many of the candidates have also been victims of abuse they see in the thing when among the one hundred fifty women who participated in the competition we came up
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with thirty finalists and among our we learned several here right harassed and this is awful. if. the government says over a three month period this year more than eleven hundred women were raped and nearly fifty percent of peruvians personally know of a woman who's been a victim of abuse by their partners in latin america who has one of the highest number of cases of abuse against women the ruling party in congress is planning to pass harsh laws against violators especially after a recent work. hoards of abuse last weekend man was arrested for allegedly raping his two month old baby in the shock waves around the country was although the law abiders the death penalty many are asking for a change in the constitution peruvians continuously protest the lack of protection and the growing number of cases. many criticized whether the beauty platform was
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the best to address the issue but for now the message given voice to the victims has been heard many in atlanta so i just. hear new guinea's immigration minister told al jazeera that there are no plans to use police to clear out of former stray and run prison camp six hundred refugees have barricaded themselves inside and are refusing to leave a man of silence site was decommissioned on tuesday to study and staff have left the facility despite a last minute course application to block its closure the un refugee agency says that the accommodation is still being built but isn't yet fit to live in the u.s. congress is beginning to examine the official response to hurricane maria six weeks after the storm devastated the territory of puerto rico but there are accusations that they only want to hear from those who give the trumpet ministration the thumbs up the u.n. says the situation on the island remains alarming with thousands of people without power or running water reports from washington. six weeks to the day after
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hurricane maria devastated put a rico the mayor of san juan was scheduled to be giving testimony at a congressional hearing on the u.s. government's response not holding this press conference in a corridor on capitol hill thank you very much but the hearing was scrapped by republicans once they heard that a democratic congressman had invited the outspoken man to testify why do you think the republicans cancelled today's hearings. i don't know the fact is that they did not the fact is that with that they tried to silence the voice. and the voices that i represent and they did not accomplish and i think they know it's very difficult to. have a dialogue look good when actions look really bad so they know they haven't done a good. governor recolor a sale received a very different reception in washington d.c.
2:44 am
he was invited to the white house where he thanked donald trump for his leadership the president appeared satisfied. how would you grade the white house. i too was attending however it was clear that the president. wouldn't have agreed in her testimony to congress president trump again in a reality that is just of his own doing well i was to water with human excrement and sleeping on a cot. in san juan he was playing in mar-a lago so when you're live from that perspective it's not that you don't get it said you don't want to get the congressman who invited mccready's is disappointed. in the witness could tell the story. so. we offered but should we draw any conclusions from the fact that when they heard about the invitation they canceled the entire hearing. if they heard.
2:45 am
imitation and also on monday. then that leads me to believe they didn't want to hear. but both the congressman and the mayor are adamant that this is not over. washington. in the u.s. some cities in california are struggling to deal with an outbreak of hepatitis a twenty people have died the outbreak is the west of its kind in the u.s. and twenty is homeless people are among those who was defective affected rather just jacob ward reports from san diego that maybe a side effect of rising housing prices. might who asked that we not show his face says he blames only him self for being homeless i knew intellectually in the back of my mind this money was going to run out but he blames homelessness for giving him hepatitis and my had a happy day you know and i didn't pick that up and you know it's transferred
2:46 am
through legal material. san diego is best known for its beaches and big money but with average rent at an all time high of almost two thousand dollars a month between five thousand and seven thousand people are homeless here and now more than nineteen have died from the liver disease most often seen in impoverished rural communities we think that environmental sanitation is really the key factor that's causing this outbreak so for homeless individuals who are living in encampments and don't have access to hand washing or toilet facilities if they're infected with the virus and don't have a place where they can safely go to the bathroom or wash their hands after using the bathroom then when they come back to that camp then they can easily in fact others it's not clear how anyone can stay clean enough to avoid infection. this is the baseball stadium here in san diego and until recently it was the one place that
2:47 am
the homeless population had to use a public restroom but that restroom is now closed and people who run shelters here have told us that when they've tried to set up temporary facilities on their grounds even on church grounds the city comes and pulls them out for being inadequately sanitary and on top of violence and danger and all of the fear. being homeless just taking care of basic needs is almost impossible in a city. with the sound of high rise construction all around us mike says life is only getting harder it's tough enough out here if you're twenty eight and i'm fifty eight san diego officials say they're spraying bleach and offering vaccines but even a short walk around the city reveals that its most desperate will need more than that. jake aboard al-jazeera san diego that explosion of a thermal power plant in northern india has killed at least sixteen people police say that a pipe exploded at the plant in. spewing hot ash all of the workers the
2:48 am
mexican town of which the town holds an elaborate day of the dead celebration each year but this year there's a more somber mood dozens of people there were killed and a third of the town was destroyed in an earthquake in september the pain for survivors is still roll on there's little money for traditional celebrations but he's a martinez describes in her own words. your so even if my name is benita martinez sort of school i live in this had to go so what we are celebrating the day of the death and i must tell everyone is so therefore we celebrate our dare each year so their souls come and visit us on the altar we pulled what they liked fruit different meals we buy everything and we put it there. yesterday and. this year is different because of the earthquake i am which has taken a lot of people lost their homes as we did. so and we were
2:49 am
a people in my family with my children and my granddad we lost everything even my mom. was a wall collapsed and crushed her for us is iraqi. i wish next year i could see my mom i remember her every day. we cooked fish at home my mom cooked and i sold it but now there is no work neither my husband nor me are working imagine how we live. this it is that i mean my mouth goes down for my moms are my uncle brought something my brothers bit by bit we build it i put a table with fruit and candles everything with very few money but i wish my mom soul comes to visit anyway them or they threw it. out in an open on this day than the. good it is that in my mama's sad because she knows how we live no house no
2:50 am
money we lost everything. now we need a house this plastic doesn't protect us open americanus if she thought. that's the goal is that on. me i mean my my when the home or this although i'd like to see my mom here my grandma says her spirit suits us and happy just with that. just ahead on in sports still a big flame touch just out of south korea with organizers hoping that its rival will spark some much needed local interest in the winter games.
2:51 am
2:52 am
but i get time to support his fora thanks very much we start with football and taught him our through to the last sixteen of the champions league they beat defending champions around one hundred three one at london's wembley stadium delhi alys scored twice for tottenham while christian eriksson added a third cristiana would although did come through for ryal in the final minutes but it wasn't enough taught him go through as group h. winner english prime really excited manchester city are also through to the knockout round they came from a goal down to beat napoli four two. a side league group with twelve points while there were eight games in total on wednesday turkish side has edged closer to the knockout round with a one one draw with monaco group the leaders liverpool also close in on a last sixteen spot they beat him are both three no at anfield and shacked are join
2:53 am
us also stay on track to qualify for the next round ten is now on rafa nadal has become the oldest man ever to hold the world number one spot at the end of the year the thirty one year old be churning chung in his second round match at the paris masters to remain the men's top ranked player nidal won it seven five six three it supports the spaniard will finish the year as the world number one after doing so in two thousand and eight twenty ten and twenty two. and we have much more. when the season. even those things. different. big between the first time and this time that's so that you can. keep playing this level. robin asked for seed alexander's of ram of germany to advance to the third round
2:54 am
dutchman won it in three sets three six six two six two was the final score. so there was a shock i said as wildcard julien ben twal fought back from a set down to be fellow frenchman joel for song to advance to the third round to six seven six six two the score and now one. two russian skiers have been banned for life from the olympics over this twenty fourteen winter games doping scandal alexander look coffin is compact again a bad law for the first russian athletes to be sanctioned for breaking anti-doping rules it follows a probe by the i.o.c. into allegations of doping among russian competitors and sample tampering at the games a cough was stripped of his both his gold and several medals from sochi but often the i.o.c. says more decisions will be made and the following days. although of
2:55 am
a plane has touched down in south korea with organizers hoping its arrival will spark increase interest in next year's winter games for yuri's abandon kyung chang is being overshadowed by security fears caused by the north korean crisis tony berkeley reports. thirty years after the seoul summer games the olympic flame returned to south korea on wednesday ready for the winter and paralympics in february came by plane direct from athens and was carried by kim yawner the korean figure skater who won a gold medal at the vancouver games. the slogan for the torch relay is let everyone shine it means that the inextinguishable olympic flame will shed light on the hope passion and future of everyone the games being held in going one province eighty five kilometers from the north korean border and after more than a decade of work to fail bids and chapters of controversy over the new locations
2:56 am
construction delays and costs the organizing committee says that nearly everything has now been completed with the entire project costing thirteen billion dollars korea needs these games to be a financial success not just a sporting one it's not just the cost that's causing the impact it's also the threat posed by north korea in the current crisis and that's reflected in poor international ticket sales organizers are hopeful that with the arrival of the olympic flame it will kickstart demand. the south korean public has been largely apathetic so far with many complaining about high ticket prices and a shortage of accommodation it's worrying local businesses which have invested heavily for the games with me it is regrettable that the olympics boom is falling short of our expectations so far however grim people react when they are pressed for time so i expect the boom to experience explanation of growth for the remaining
2:57 am
one hundred days we're about to get on with what we are trying to achieve is peace on the korean peninsula therefore there should never be any armed conflict and cannot be any military moves on the peninsula that our preapproval. north korea hasn't said yet whether it will be sending a team to the games flame is set off in a two thousand kilometer tour of the south before reaching pealing chang for the opening ceremony on february the ninth many here believe the success or failure of these games depends on what the north does or doesn't do. tony berkeley al-jazeera and south korea and that's all your support for now more later foreign many thanks and that's it as far as the news hour is concerned but i'll be back in just a moment on the day's top stories i'll see that. right
2:58 am
. the sams in archaeology graduate from iraq is also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's
2:59 am
showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life it's culture. for twenty three years mohsin has collected objects he kinds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. marching is such a this time on al-jazeera.
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a man consumed by hate and a twisted ideology the usa the man believed to be the behind tuesday's attack in new york catholic.


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