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tv   Building Better Cities  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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actuation there all from missouri and the city's declared three days of mourning. the u.k. defense secretary has quit following a growing scandal over sexual harassment at westminster michael fallon says his behavior may have fallen short of the standards expected of the u.k.'s military he's been accused of improper conduct towards a journalist fifteen years ago another two thousand range of muslims have crossed into bangladesh fleeing what the un has called ethnic cleansing in myanmar but up to ten thousand more are stuck close to the border bangladeshi guard say they want to vet them before they were allowed to enter. britain and israel will be celebrating the centenary of the balfour declaration in the coming hours that's when the foreign set for lord of the balfour pledge to help establish a jewish homeland in palestine israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to the u.k. to meet prime minister to resign made to mark the anniversary in her speech may is expected to call for a peace deal between israel and palestine based on
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a two state solution. but those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after earthrise station thanks for watching by phone off. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. people new to the city because that's where the jobs are the money and other of
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what you thought. but the planet's metropolises been stretched to that limit. more than half the world's population live in cities by twenty fifth this figure will rise to two thirds that's more than six billion people. over the next forty years cities who gobble up natural habitats but the area covered by the triple. zero people means more transport no buildings more waste more pollution and. many of those moving to cities and rural poor they join the one point six billion people living without adequate shelter. it's vital that you find sustainable ways to deal with this rapid itemization i'm julia shopping be aware plastic waste is for instructing new homes for the fourth of all and i'm also build in singapore where one metropolis is striving for environmental sustainability in the face of rapid urbanization. as last years
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is that we get. over three hundred million tonnes of plastic of produce each year with only a fraction of it being with michael much of it ends up in landfills polluting urban living environment why. an ocean. in colombia. has been diverted into the building blocks of a new environmental housing solution. capital city of bogota is home to meet million people and it is estimated that six hundred fifty tons a day is thrown away every single day i have come to meet. an architect and founder of a new enterprise for environmental change called. on the. first hand the problems faced here and across latin america.
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seventy five percent of. when you see. on the ground potential yes a lot of things you. farm all dispersed in order for us to succeed he's going to need a lot of plastic. has been a longstanding trade colombia forty thousand trucks on the streets of collecting conventional reuse for great metal plastic bottles so we're in a boat right now where the recyclers come to bring their plastics and other recyclable products and they weigh them here so that they can be paid. for looking for. organize all of the area over recent years government support has allowed people like the opportunity to upscale and legitimize the industry creating recycling centers like this one all over the city
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. on video of the arm motion machine corners of the last stand i'm going to. be losing. credibility. with the plan the ongoing challenge for paulino and his team is getting the word out. but. thank you. i went to one of the ministers. going almost a. hundred number of this because she had to give in so you know they want but mostly i reckon the. woman when you are there will be easier. for you just the way of knowing people and so they respect. to me the only time when you are going to say the most to listen then you must
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concede your team is a must also understand that. if given what you are than me and b. and is in agreement that is a good it is a delight in this what is your. secret on the things that are good with us here in the garment. center material is almost like on the product of the response. because also remember. what is making big news and its waste plastic head to the company headquarters again. welcome to our factory was a plastic thank you this is where we take all the plastic from paulino made in the formation over the past few years oscar and his team have been refining this waste to make durable building blocks different types of plastic or first ground separately household plastic waste battery packaging and electrical ways such as old computers and t.v.'s you can feel like you have strayed from that the factory
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but these. have even been you it's like a giant wonder what would happen to this packaging if you weren't recycling it told the packaging forced on so many or is sure is going to learn now we've got all the ingredients now the chef will go to war dan put it together he's the chair oh he has oh sorry not after this is the chef. they will show us exactly the proportions as a secret recipe for granted plastics are mixed together and then compressed into a brick shaped molds tell me a little bit about the temperature what how hot are the fire we just get them as you point to depends on the music until the last two years they became too long or longer for either grease it was very important that the temperature is kept at melting point so as not to burn the plastic and release toxic gases. so let's check this out let's look at it. it looks
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like a man. not as heavy but it thirteen i wonder what that was for that or that compounds we're still born numbers we have a one not a. so now that we have all of these bricks what kind of uses do you have for them. you can make the same thing with this kind of wonder and wearing these going this week so i'm going to tell you you will see what we're going to do we recognize globally as the world capital salsa dancing a city of four hundred kilometers west is one of the great. six percent of the land area. and then maybe if. you count on it the most. fun on the net. just the most on that what you plan on when you're not going to go out with mommy and daddy time. we've come to invite
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a neighborhood in the midst of one of the city's most deprived areas but we don't know how you get over it yes that's a custom we went down the. stairs to catch up with oscar and his friends while my goodness the bricks we just saw in the factory. they're actually constructing into a house for someone who lives here in the community. as well as i saw you were at the plant we're building we now are here and building it's amazing tell me a little bit about what's right now we are in the kitchen where many meals will be cooked i'm sure. this is the bathroom. this house cost five thousand dollars and has been micro financed by the community for whose son lives in the apartment below where. and when i. see it. because it's fasi always. say go.
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away. it's literally like life size lego oscars hope is that there's a project will generate interest in the community and encourage future collaboration. made up is that most. of. it is. there all looks like rock to them. isn't a government in israel to. crack your story. about i mean i mean you're new to the didn't know about. this i just can't get over the holes for the. outlets the plumbing wire the cable down in like a city. so get out it's actually a room now it's a kitchen. else he's telling me this is where the closet is going to be. with the television on top if you can imagine at all we've got left is the roof and
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doors so we're pretty close how much plastic is in the next house and this house we five calls. that is a plus he. has had one of the one you want to know the one in the p.s. . one record. in just under two days the house is almost complete the plan is that a family of four will be able to put together their own home in less than five days so i moved up as i looked on his daughter's room to the mrs and all this is that we're going to move on to the most on the move comes up dysplastic was already helped to house forty two families displaced by conflict in the town of recycling one hundred twenty tons of plastic in the process tell me a little bit about the magnitude of impact that this project can have if we use just two percent of the west plus to the war we can change the life of millions of
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people we can finish their house and show this unit in america in just ten years that's an enormous number and a huge impact we have to we have to start. sustainable building materials are being developed globally. is being treated and used to construction in countries including ethiopia into nature and here in the post. with many strains ten times stronger than steel and a rapid growth cycle of four to five years bandra is one of most eco friendly building materials on the planet. and the middle east to engineering graduates in gaza have created an environmentally friendly break called green cake this uses coal and wood ashes a fill it instead of sand making use of waste that would otherwise be buried in the ground. and and guatemala one nonprofit has built
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a school using natural resources and rubbish that would normally pile in landfills the organizations made a system out of old tires capable of holding thousands of gallons of rainwater materials like these and many paving the way for a green a probe that redefining the spaces we inhabit. singapore is a low lying island city state eighty percent of its population live in high rise public housing resulting in one of the highest population densities in the world challenges for rapid urbanization sea level rise and an increasingly chaotic climate is forcing planners and architects and cozy makers to respond to questions about how cities of the future will cope with growing demand despite the growing pressure on space singapore's been dubbed asia's greenest city so i've come here to meet some of the people who are helping it and the title my first stop is
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a park royal hotel which boasts fifteen thousand square meters of greenery and was completed in twenty thirteen by award winning architect richard hassel. now in almost every wise bring form by human activity. we feel like it's something within our control to suggest why is that building projects can also play a much stronger role in this ship of the earth when you look at like google earth for images from space it is a really deserts you know you see a very bright white shiny area surrounded by dark vegetation buildings like this you would no longer see that you would see the vegetation liar covering the city as well. as singaporean government awarded park loyalists coveted green mark the nation's highest environmental situation is part of a wider scheme to promote environmentally friendly buildings and investment into green city solutions to understand more about why the city's the greenest in asia i
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want to see what's happening at the grass roots. providing financial education and supporting growing into community i've come to be the funder nighthawk. i came here trying to get people to go back to basics and i thought as a result that we. overnight asian globalization and digitize asian we become disconnected so i was trying to create using our space to connect back people and to bring back the spirit of community and it's very strange for our country because we're so top down and that's why my name is called ground up initiating the ground up initiative started in two thousand and nine and secured a piece of land to provide environmental education for people of all ages he now runs several workshops and seminars building a community of the five mentally gauge citizens thank you for it if you just for a moment that we're in the middle of so we're. just knocking them your door and
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everybody want to build on this land that too and i've told the government to give me a chance to prove that i think singapore needs a different kind of space fifty percent of the world's population now leave in cities and with seventy percent will leave out of my point three billion on my point five billion in a few years time. what you being will become where support coming from who wants to work on the land who will clean the rubbish for you obviously environmental issues . in the ground up initiative gardens i mean choice famine cow volunteers who've come along to get their hands dirty why do you continue doing farming in a way. connected with what we are actually doing every day because where we eat food we know exactly where they come from and in singapore i realise also people don't appreciate food because maybe to the kids they have never seen this how the fruit is growing maybe they thought it's just from the supermarket places like this
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is very good because it makes us go back to the basics what keeps us surviving what makes us try and it's not really about having money it's not really about heavy or the tech stuff but really been able to to understand that you are just be a part of ecosystem seeing how things are grown for example it makes me start to are a lot of other questions like how where things come from so if i use a paper i stop those things so is it from and if i try always it going. committed to reducing or waste to almost zero we go back to a flood this year she's gone this is the last place that you would expect to see a little poem a coach or garden going on in somebody's front room i just thought it this journey barely a year ago so a lot of things to me a experiment you're here on your new experiment with all this how do you are you kind of creating a network here because you can't be the only person in singapore right now when i
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was suddenly groups on facebook it was sometimes frustrating because i seem to be the only person posting but now i think it's at least three thousand five hundred and it's quite surprising i think when we see in the regional taking just a small action to me is very encouraging. they start to take. in the journey to zero waste community still have a long way to go last year singapore's five point five million population over seven point five million tons of waste that's one half tons per person but momentum is building and similar address which projects are sprouting up throughout the city . and she's invited us to come across town and have a look at her own community garden how are you. oh so this is your project yet my neighbors will come and spend time here in the garden actually doing that.
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direct. is a soil home ever since soybeans grew before i feel that a lot of open spaces and sing up should not be big. issues before school and how can we truly make. maybe a city in the foot why does it need to just be a small one you know that it's only sosa a few people in the community why not the larger community. over eighty percent of the food consumed in singapore is imported from the ministry of national development is investing heavily in boosting food production on the island and the range to meet jack and engineer turned food producer who's taking commercial scale urban farming next level. but i can't say i've never seen a farm like this before. best in the world.
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for something that's never heard of a vertical farm i do discretion. and up oil landscape so we don't have much of the land so what use best of us singaporeans we stay in a has that effect is a spectacle so look at why best favor because i can. i think that the. system is using using what make it miss power law dating so dan can go out and get a. car now get a new transcend what the so and the what the sim what the make it look that thing is a sim what also give a dog a run and what will be good one. day you'll see so far we're not to change the weather at all so far you've not changed it at all that's quite something given that this forms been operating for three years these rotating shows effectively increase the land surface area by a factor of ten meaning this vertical farm can produce two tons of vegetables in
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a single day. king of the veggies. it's a beauty isn't it oh look there's a weed that's the first we'd have seen in in the entire place. this is to attract a pet and then they're stunned on these bars and then there's none in there i mean . the past many and even the past i thought we catch em we have ticked off fish. this is really so we're actually this is floating this is cool this is yes come prefer take completely for jet why do you create a pool in reno in a pond we need a pond to keep out the far west they were so i do if you look back upon. our system so can we build upon that we had a plan so why is assume it here we have one harvest of fish for every six harvests of vegetables. the fish are feeding the vegetables and the vegetables.
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fish yeah so that the trimmings from the vegetables are actually going to feed the fish and using is a synthesizer line. yet. being located within the city these high density aquaponics set ups are also saving energy on transportation and storage so it's little wonder this guy the greens have gone and widespread interest wrote asia as well as with the singaporean government continue to support the development of the technology. and come back to the world of this is to learn more about their living building and what lies ahead for patients greenest city. this project for instance when it's fully grown will have eleven times the size area as green area so why go to all this extra effort to to swaddle your buildings in plants a huge one in a hot climate like singapore is the plants are the only thing that when the sunlight falls on that they don't heat up they're actually take that energy and use
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it for the chemical processes of building carbohydrates and things so the calculation for singapore for instance is of before the city was built singapore was five degrees cooler. and all that heat ends up being converted into fossil fuel use as people use a conditioners to cool the space and throw even more heat out into the city if substantial plant cover even reduced singapore by two or three degrees celsius the energy saving for the entire country would be in the billions of dollars over the years a lot of the argument you have there or so much of the cities built you know it doesn't matter one of two buildings what difference can they make but if one building can. compensate for ten other sites not having any grain you can see that just by doing selective. injection of these kind of buildings through the city you can already create a statistically significant amount of green in the city can you see the tension in the future where you could. actually see some of this providing food supply because
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we know that singing for example reliant on food imports. we've sort of done generation one which is providing a lot of planting and achieving these plot ratios i think generation two is ok now we have this what can we do with it and that's why i think there's anything you do on land on the ground you can start thinking doesn't make sense to do that on the buildings of you know food we're also very interested in. you know can we make it not just decorative but can we make a very biologically productive we can like in our lifetime how many buildings can we build this is something that needs lots of people doing it and it needs rethinking at the. planning level and at whole city visioning. so we've come up to the sky bill at dawson which is one of richard's public housing projects and it does feel great i mean the planting design in this shady canopy of
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solar panels he was lovely but i mean looking out at the view it's pretty terrifying it's not just the density but it's the number of housing in and building development projects and it's this kind of a model of oil tankers and shipping containers that stretches to the horizon in almost every direction. but when you start to look at that horizon through richard's eyes and you see the potential for a rooftop aquaponics vertical forest you know you start to have hope but for us to make that future a reality then it means getting the grass roots in gage's that means the choice fair. those guys get things going from the ground up and it means they're missing the planners in the policymakers halfway if we're going to see cities that are truly sustainable. as on the chopper he says continue to expand we're being pushed to explore more radical solutions to the environmental
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costs living in taiwan a french architecture firm is constructing a garden tower which will absorb one hundred thirty tons of carbon dioxide each year. while local government in washington d.c. is utilizing the high foothold in the city center to generate energy kinetically for lighting using a technology called pay. and a south korea some dough has been dubbed the smartest city on the planet developed as a built the world's largest pneumatic waste collection system citywide recycling is projected to reach seventy six percent by twenty twenty innovations of that if there is support and funding to adopt the widely is a chance the world's much openness is could become sustainable and has so many of us living in cities the environmental impact could be huge. ambitious endeavors to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan b. so i hear that look now looks complete your mind and the international efforts to
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combine the pests that threaten me so they bring in their samples they show you the infected hops just like a doctor writes your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer and six blows inspiring advances towards farming for the future this time al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for our desire is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging vividly but together because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it has to deliver in-depth enemies and we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. interested in having what we just have to. do the hometown.
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we wanted the bird more than that's what our viewers. trying to get them like not. just. jump on the truck. get all of the one today. just tell on al jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about getting to the truth as i would that's what this joke about. a man consumed by hate and a twisted ideology u.s. officials say the man believed to be behind tuesday's attack in new york had links to isis. so we want to immediately work with congress on.


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