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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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threatened but be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. for the first time since the latest train good crisis began me and my leader visits rakhine state.
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and i'm jane that and this is al jazeera live from doha it was a coming up the suspect accused of killing eight people with a truck in new york city makes his first court appearance. we report from nigeria's delta region where children continue to die from pollution related illnesses and the later that spell the end of palestine we mark the anniversary of the balfour declaration. and son is visiting northern rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand minorities to flee their homes she has been facing international criticism for failing to stop the army from what the un has described as ethnic cleansing rangar muslims have accused me and soldiers of rape arson and killings and are taking shelter in neighboring
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bangladesh joins us now from him as largest city yang gone from why is she there now. while she's there on a trip according to the rakhine state spokesman to show that barest ability in the region now she's accompanied by a group of some twenty other people including ministers the home affairs minister and resettlement minister police officers as well as prominent business people including swords all who at one point when the country was still led by the military government was blacklisted by u.s. authorities now we spoke to the government spokesman who said she was going to visit northern rakhine state hmong door cording to developments posted on facebook by some local media she visited two villages at one of the village she delivered remarks to people and she said everybody wants to live together in peace and to
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achieve this we must work hard now on shore so apparently took questions from some villagers and her advice to them was when you encounter problems you have to let the government know now. the new government is trying to push the narrative that peace and stability have been achieved in northern rakhine state two months after a renewed military offensive that began on august twenty fifth in fact just a couple of days ago business people and local politicians held a meeting in rakhine state to discuss opening up new industries and new businesses in rakhine state but what we're hearing from revenge a village is in northern rakhine state tells a very different story and they say that they're still planning to leave for bangladesh because many feel that they can no longer live peacefully in rakhine state they fear for their lives they've heard about what happened to nate what happened in neighboring villages and many say they've seen their homes being looted in front of them and what is happening at the border with bangladesh we're getting
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stories from there or tupper. that's right no people are stuck in the so-called buffer zone between myanmar and bangladesh now they are they reported saying that they're waiting for permission from bangladeshi officials to enter bangladesh now this is not unusual this has happened before bangladeshi authorities have the right to vet people before they allow them into the country but of course this creates difficulties for people people who some of whom have trekked for days within myanmar just to get to this border area hoping to see good refuge in bangladesh now this border area there's very little access to aid to medical attention to food so they left in a very precarious situation but this also serves to underscore just how difficult conditions are still in northern rakhine state despite what the government may say over i've mentioned the people have people are making that difficult decision to up
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root themselves and many of these people would have heard from friends and relatives who are already in bangladesh about just how difficult conditions are in refugee camps in bangladesh yet they make that difficult decision to cross into bangladesh all right thank you florence. u.s. president donald trump says the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack should get the death penalty jhumpa daley has said he would consider sending safe or disciple of to the u.s. prison camp at guantanamo in cuba his book immigrant has been charged with terror related offenses after he confessed to acting in the name of eisel a candlelit vigil as being held in new york for the eight people killed in the attack christensen he has the latest from. the complaint filed in federal court in manhattan list to charges against twenty nine year old saif follows they include providing material support to a terrorist organization i saw and using
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a vehicle to cause the death of pedestrians we know now from the court documents and from the prosecutor that sipar the waived his right to self incrimination self incrimination agreeing to talk with investigators from his hospital bed where he is recovering from surgery and gunshot wounds to his abdomen he told investigators that he did in fact gain inspiration from eisel and they found thousands of eisel videos on his cell phone he also said that he chose hollow weened to conduct this attack because he knew that there would be more people out on the streets right behind me here that's where that attack took place and it's still closed down in part for investigation now acting attorney acting u.s. attorney june kim says that he had been planning this attack for months so a pov allegedly admitted that he was inspired to commit the attack by the isis
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videos he watched and had been planning this attack for two months he also admitted that he had rented a truck on october twenty second in practice to practice the turns he would make. on his halloween halloween day attack now authorities have also located a second man who they are describing as a person of interest his name is mohammed merah year. he is also an uzbek national he was taken into custody shortly after authorities announced that they were looking for him they have him in their custody but they say that they are interested in learning more from the public if the public has any information about either of these two men or any information about what happened on that day they're asked to come forward and share it. hundreds of refugees have been forced to dig wells in search of water in a tense stand off on new guinea's mannus island about six hundred refugees have
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barricaded themselves inside a former australian run prison camp because they're worried about attacks from hostile locals the australian government decommissioned the camp on tuesday and cut off water power and food supplies the refugees had been stockpiling supplies but are now being forced to dig for drinking water the british defense secretary michael phelan has quit saying his conduct has fallen below the standards expected of the position it is the first resignation in a sexual harassment scandal at west minister. in recent days ago sions have been made about conduct including. many of these allegations of being false but i realise that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have to represent. i have reflected now my position in government and i am therefore resigning as defense secretary angry mobs
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protesters of mob members of the ousted catalan parliament to arrived in madrid late wednesday head of a court hearing expected shortly the spanish court wants to hear from members of the sect catalan cabinet are facing rebellion and sedition charges over this ascension declaration last week the deposed president of the region colors pritam wants lawyer says his client won't be at the court hearing the number of children and i jerry are dying of pollution related illnesses is on the rise and oil operations in the delta region are being blamed researchers say sixteen thousand infants died in two thousand and twelve but that figure continued to grow even more contamination of food and water as a common interest reports. for many fishing communities of the delta having children was a blessing from an early age they could help with the work but more difficult.
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fisherman says his children began suffering from strange illnesses with fatal consequences. and. the pollution from the air the water and the fish we eat has killed two of my children the rest of the family for me down to the youngest everyone is ill it's all because of the oil with no savings he can't afford to take his family to see a doctor. for many who eventually get to hospital it's almost too late. doctors in this hospital say more than seventy infants and children are brought here on an average day with complications from pollution this is just one of dozens of hospitals in rivers state an infant deaths have been known. as the pollution gets worse and this is why the rivers in the creek so talked with crude oil. the fish caught here are contaminated the farmlands too and even in some
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semi urban areas of the delta drinking water from the tap is a huge risk as underground water is not safe. it would not only look at the effect on the respiratory system worth a try to look at the kind of us crises that blood him a religious problems have or civilities yet i was when i was on it is that i think that liver function tests experts say it's hard to get an accurate number of infant deaths here caused by pollution related illnesses many cases aren't reported. either because the parents can't afford treatment or because of the remoteness of why they leave many communities in the delta region are left with little or no choice they have to rely on a polluted environment to eat drink and to breathe. in nigeria's delta just sixty seven words change the course of history in the middle east the balfour declaration led to the state of israel and its possession
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of palestinians from their homeland and britain and israel will be marking its centennial in the coming hours israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the u.k. to me to resign may the opposition leader jeremy corbyn has refused to attend a top palestinian officials have urged britain to apologize for them justice on the palestinian people several demonstrations are expected in palestinian territories israel and the u.k. the balfour declaration seen as a precursor to the forced expulsion and displacement of millions of palestinians from their land over the years ben it's worth but one man in gaza remembers the final years of the british mandate of palestine. at the age of ninety four mohammed al behave almost as old as the british commonwealth cemetery in gaza it's the final resting place for thousands of soldiers killed as they fought for empire in one nine hundred seventeen and then in the second world war
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a permanent reminder of britain's pivotal role in shaping the destiny of today's palestinians. from the beginning the british mandate it was jews they supplied him with everything including weapons tanks food everything was to put pressure on the law was that every single bullet was found in the hands of a palestinian he would be hanged. mohammed fought with the palestinians against the groups that attacked the villages before the creation of israel. we didn't really know what belfour meant only later did we realized he'd been given a national home to the jews at the time we were not really able to win the war and with the jewish armed groups simply britain favored the jews and gave them our lands to establish their own state and we had no other choice but to flee and leave our lands mohammed would be among the seven hundred thousand palestinians who fled walked in one thousand nine hundred forty eight had just become israel. one hundred
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years after the promises made by paul for the military being behind our land our homes our farms you know we were refugees depending on food no electricity no water under c.h. . does mohammed think that ever be peace here they killed us left us hungry. refugee how can there be peace he asks. burnet smith al-jazeera. still to come on a day dedicated to ending crimes against janice we take you to the most dangerous place in the world to be a reporter. in the u.s. baseball pounds a new world champion. hello
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bellows just spent about twenty four hours and in the snow fall this snow storm study went through then disappeared into western russia but you can see it on the cloud through northern europe have it don't particularly deep is not particularly bright in michigan right back out to the atlantic so what's it doing well it's trying to bring slightly warmer air across what was recently rather wintry weather and it's succeeding to some degree the temperature up to about ninety in warsaw but moscow sitting in the blue at about plus one if you take it head next two days you'll notice that skirting around that cold air is what's coming into the atlantic service now on the edge otherwise it's all rain moscow still in the cold and the warmth held back a bit of us polo poland back to jim go talk about double figures now so it's not only warming up not as warm still as portugal and spain but even here the weather's changing cloud and rain coming into the a big difference to the last week or so just isn't locked in temperatures back so it was a bit of a wintry spell and his dad got
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a little bit milder you know just in the sun start to come out again to show whatever snow fell on the mountains so i mean there's no longer cold air coming down through the g. and we've leveled off in the low twenty's are still showers forecast around the coast of libya maybe egypt and rain is edging back slowly into morocco. it. was very. good.
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which you know is there a mind of our top stories this hour man mars leader and son see cine is visiting northern rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand minorities to flee their homes she visited two villages with ministers where she spoke to locals and gave a message of peace and stability. have accused me of mars military of rape arson and killings. u.s. president donald trump is calling for the death penalty for the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack the immigrant has been charged with tara related offenses after confessed to acting in the name of eisel the candlelit vigil has
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been held in new york for the eight people killed in the attack the british defense secretary michael fallon has quit saying his conduct has fallen below the high standards of the position it is the first resignation in a sexual harassment scandal at westminster a growing number of women and men have complained about inappropriate behavior by m.p.'s thursday marks an international day focused on ending crimes against journalists the u.n. estimates eight hundred reporters have been killed while doing their jobs in the past decade but only one in ten cases has led to a conviction syria is the world's most dangerous country for journalists with more than two hundred killed there since the start of the war. ports on the challenges journalists face while covering the conflict. this is mohammad known as. when the syrian uprising started in two thousand and eleven he joined the hundreds of activists turned journalists he took his camera and went wherever there was
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a story to tell a protest or a battle this is by covering a bubble's push to take over how this would be his last assignment. was killed a few days later. this was eight months ago but mother is still coming to terms with her grief. my son spent the whole time covering protests and war he used to tell me he'd take me on a trip all over the world once the war was over emitted never leave me again. syria is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. despite that many take to the streets to document every detail of the war standing a few meters from where bombs are landing many have lost their lives including photographer. who was killed last year. and. a
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local reporter covering the war for channel he was shot by a sniper from done in two thousand and thirteen. fighting in syria shows no sign of letting government forces recapture more territory the rebels which we have the result is one of the few citizen journalists still operating in the villages mountain area in northwestern province. has covered some of the deadliest russian government attacks there and again and. each time we go through in the aftermath of an attack the government warplanes launch another wave strike killing drano is some paramedics i have seen terrifying scene bodies mutilated or burned beyond recognition marty spends his days in the frontline and when he gets back home he posts his pictures of social media he wants the world to remember the
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atrocities of war as the conflict in syria continues activists and journalists will continue what they have been doing for the last six years showing the horrors of war to millions of people all over the world and despite the do. the remain committed to taking the risks to tell the story. so robertson is deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch he's joining us live from bangkok i'm not sure you had that piece but you can see why journalists do get attacked dench i mean they carrying the message the truth that people don't want to hear well that's particularly the case with many governments particularly in this new and sort of more intolerant age many of the governments don't care for the independent media the independent journalists and they play a game of shoot the messenger they want to silence the media. and they are prepared
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to do so and benefit from impunity violate rights and it's pretty effective isn't it i mean and it's focused on this benefiting from impunity i mean it's quite staggering when you read the numbers of the countries you never bring anyone to book they run free write well that's what we've seen i mean one of the worst massacres in the world of journalists the young punk one massacre in two thousand and nine in the philippines thirty four journalists were mowed down and still no one has really been held accountable for that you know an ongoing trial some people say well it may take two hundred years to finish the trial you know this is the sort of thing that journalists face day in day out and they have to start thinking about is it worth the risk that kind of computation shouldn't have to come into play when a journalist is trying to get to the truth to try to uncover what is happening you know to base and bring out the story and i know that's. a type of censorship then
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as well doesn't it. it's all say it's all part of the same package i mean the initial effort is to try to intimidate and force a journalist to self censor then if they don't do that they escalate to a more violent means i mean you see this in places all over the asia pacific ok so what would you like to see done you put this out there what sort of conversations would you like to see happening now well i think that there has to be a recognition not only of the human rights council but at the u.n. general assembly about the important role that journalists play i think there has to be a much stronger role played by unesco which is the u.n. agency that is involved with the freedom of the press and i think that there needs to be a recognition from governments that journalists have a very valuable role and that these are not people that can be obstructed or killed that ultimately you know there is
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a responsibility to ensure that the stories can be told that they can be researched investigated and that the governments need to cease obstructing and again shooting the messenger in some case and regardless of the country and the situation that i mean when you see donald trump releasing those images of pertaining to hitch a c.n.n. journalist that cantelupe the call was kind of. you know and we've had many countries out in the asia pacific region most recently cambodia you know were newly minted dictator who in san is busy saying everything that trump says about the media is correct you know one one donald trump says these things there is a ping of that behavior by other dictators around the world and you know this is a problem where you know a wrong tone is set about the media not recognizing that they're valuable and they have a role to play in democratic society and the next thing you know we start looking
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at cases of people being disappeared people being killed for doing their jobs always good talking to phil robertson thank you. noise from facebook twitter and google have revealed social media posts they say russia used to sway in last year's u.s. presidential election the tech giants told the senate intelligence committee they found evidence of russian operatives using companies as a front to post on behalf of my kind of reports from washington d.c. . among democrats the suspicion that russian meddling led to president trumps victory in last year's election but the republican chair of the committee insisted this was not the case attacking media outlets that speculated it was a lot of folks including many in the media have tried to reduce this entire conversation to one premise for an actor's conducted a surgical executed covert operation to help elect a united states president i'm here to tell you this story does not simplify that
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easily first dan is and i and the senior democrat on the committee though argued that some of the fake facebook posts clearly had political intent this one apparently intended to turn christian voters against hillary clinton. what was not contested was the deeply divisive nature of the social media posts which the company's lawyers agreed with clearly aimed at widening fault lines within us society over sensitive social issues ads that argued opposing positions over gun control for example which served to inflame an already contentious debate and a fake posting by a non-existent muslim group advertising a meeting at the same time in place as one called by another fake creation that was purportedly anti islamic the intent it would seem to ferment violence last month president trump called russian purchase facebook ads
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a hoax i've looked at those russian sponsored facebook ads i certainly hope you've had a chance to review them are they in fact a hoax. the existence of those ads were on facebook it was not a hoax and underlying this another hearings on the matter concerns over censorship and free speech this is a jointing effort the debate about where the line should be drawn is just beginning . michael. washington the cia has released thousands of computer files recovered during the two thousand and eleven raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan the archives include never before seen video of the former al qaeda leader's son as an adult in recent years the group has released audio messages from homs of bin laden and a photo of him as a young boy the cia says it released the documents to allow the public to gain further insight into al qaida an explosion of
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a thermal power plant in northern india has killed at least twenty two people police say a pipe exploded at the plant in which pradesh state spearing potash all over workers the cause of the accident is still unknown several others suffered serious burns and health authorities expect the death toll to rise at least eight people have been killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan the bus caught fire when a fuel tank exploded in northern power one province twenty seven people were injured in the provincial capital. houston astros have won their first world series championship in the team's fifty five year history still recovering from hurricane harvey residents of the texas city celebrate the historic victory heidi jocasta reports. when flood water covered houston in august eating away at homes businesses and plants a thing that could not be dampened with the city's hopes for a world series win never before had the astros' baseball team brought home that
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glory until now. means that they're very very. third of. the boost in morale is one this city of two million desperately needed. hurricane harvey damaged or destroyed more than one hundred thousand homes in houston hitting hardest but low income communities built in flood prone areas this apartment complex saw the very worst families made homeless and lives lost there was a lady that i knew who was on the roof. a puppy for water so she tried to save. she didn't come but the woman a thirty two year old nurse was among the more than eighty people who died in the
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storm in texas thirty thousand people had to evacuate their homes as the weary return to find much of their old lives gone the astros' of wildly successful baseball season was a welcome distraction this sounds hard somewhere different. i was that eases the pain a little bit. but after you do face the same problems. people still go house. you know the state says it needs more recovery money from washington a request for sixty one million dollars is pending in congress. with for now those worries are for another day as a new kind of flood of astros fans in revelers fills the streets. castro al-jazeera houston. take a quick look at the top stories man mars leader and son suchi is visiting northern
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rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand minorities to flee their homes she arrived in the state capital city where and will visit two towns at the epicenter of the violence u.s. president donald trump is calling for the death penalty for the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack the immigrant has been charged with terror related offenses after he confessed to acting in the name of eisel candlelit vigil as being held in new york for the eight people killed in the attack on the british defense secretary michael fallon has quit saying his conduct has fallen below the standards expected of the position it is the first resignation in the sexual harassment scandal at westminster in recent days allegations have been made about m.p.'s conduct including my own many of these allegations of being false but i realize that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the
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armed forces that i have the honor to represent. i have reflected now on my position in government and i am therefore resigning as defense secretary britain and israel will be celebrating the centennial of the balfour declaration in the coming hours that's when foreign secretary lord arthur balfour helped pledge to help establish a jewish homeland in palestine israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to the u.k. to meet prime minister trees in may to mark the anniversary thursday marks an international day focused on ending crimes against journalists the u.n. estimates eight hundred reporters have been killed while doing their jobs in the past decade but only one in ten cases has led to a conviction mexico and syria are the world's two most dangerous countries for media workers to pose catalan ministers have started arriving at the spanish called where they are being questioned over last week's declaration of independence they
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facing rebellion and sedition charges the deposed president of the region. lawyer says his client won't be at the court hearing those are the headlines the news continues but first it is inside story. if you are president donald trump visit to asia the goals to afford relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. what happens when the oil runs out rich gulf countries are being warned the future is bleak and they say diversify and become this reliance on oil so what are the alternatives and how is the current blockade on cattle making things worse this is inside story.


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