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tv   Rainmakers Of The Outback  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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form of government may be the toughest one of the century now where the more we would push them the more they push back we knew it was coming to question was do we sit and wait for do we surprise them for you. at this time. it's us president doubled from first visit to asia the goals to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and let's take a look at the top stories on al-jazeera spanish prosecutors have asked the national court to jail some deposed members of the cattle on cabinet eight former ministers
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have appeared before the court where they are being questioned over last week's declaration of independence fourteen members of the sacked catalan cabinet are facing rebellion and sedition charges. meanwhile the cattle on parliament speaker. was met with cheers as she left a separate hearing in spain supreme court that's adjourned the questioning of six separate cattle on in peace until next week. you know hours later on so she is visiting rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand to flee their homes she visited two villages with ministers where she spoke to locals and gave a message of peace and stability to refugees have accused me on mars military of rape arson and killings while thousands of tired and hungry wrenching men women and children are stranded in feels under an open sky and here a bangladeshi crossing the main kept there by bangladeshi border guards the
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refugees say they haven't been given any reason. there been mass demonstrations in occupied palestinian territories marking one hundred years of the balfour declaration they want an apology from the british government for a document that led to the creation of the state of israel and expulsion of palestinians from their historic land harry fawcett was at a protest in ramallah in the occupied west bank. hundreds anniversary the balfour declaration being marked here in ramallah new york replied west bank by protests there was a march to the british cultural center here also one hundred thousand letters from palestinian high school students were handed in to the british consulate in east jerusalem expressing their feelings about the legacy of the balfour declaration we got a statement two from the prime and from the president's office what about his office in which he called again for an apology from britain in recognition of the state of palestine and compensation to that i was promised to people both in political moral and material terms as for the israeli recognition of this moment it's relatively
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muted in israel proper there are some conferences going on the real focus is in london where benjamin netanyahu and the british prime minister reason may will be attending a dinner we expect to hear from the british prime minister in which she is likely once again to express the pride of britain in helping to create a homeland for a persecuted people and we also expect her to talk about the need for a renewed resolve in finding a settlement that satisfies both israelis and the palestinians little satisfaction on display here though for palestinians this is very much the moment that one hundred years of dispossession displacement occupation that all began. the british prime minister has named a chief whip gavin williamson as the new defense secretary he replaces michael fallon who quit over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior it is the first resignation in a sexual harassment scandal at westminster in recent days allegations have been made about n.p.c.
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conduct including my own many of these allegations have been false but i realize that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have the honor to represent i have reflected now my position in government and i am therefore resigning as defense secretary. yes president on this calling for the death penalty for the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack these back emigrant has been charged with terror related offenses after he confessed to acting in the name of. british police have requested the extradition of the manchester arena bombers brother from libya officials want to arrest a baby in relation to the murder of the twenty two victims killed in the concert attack. they did a suicide bomb this was during a concert back in may both brothers had traveled to libya and april with salma
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returning alone to britain for carrying out that attack a month later is believed to be in custody after being captured by a libyan fighter group those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness keeping her. you. when i was
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a lot. of robots are present i want i want to travel but left on a name is what a body. cut. i grew up in a place called christmas creek it's in the western australia. as a child i remember stories about the past i had about a life in the great sandy desert i'm a family go home. i heard stories about autos and help them sell by. economy jealous or living or. i have never seen them. i am of the little click on their wall or from the desert. their parents or their provoked infinite in an ever only. christmas creek with the cattle station where my family were working. my father and
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the girl for us had stopped when it was the sun a bit of what they you know. and that's how i got my guardian name lawford. one day you and i was ten my family took me to a kind of station called millibar. there are people there said a blockade to stop mining on desolate good land. that's right. you see that kid into our jeans. that's me. it was the first time i went this my people were fighting for their country. that. the mining company ended up drilling at no one. but for us it was still a victory. it put out five foreign rides on the map. but as a kid i remember the excitement of being there being part of something big. that
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right. when we return christmas craig my father as usual was away working and mustering camps. but i never felt alone. we had big mobs of all people good enough for us. for me it was like having a big extended family. literally my grandfather from my mother's side was very special to me. which is a man you. know as you know men know it fundamental wisdom and he just you don't want him to fail to catch up with what you don't. or spider. brother but he was always a grandfather to me. he was different. he told stories all the time.
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together with his wife dolly. that left hand fisher a crossing for millions are you ready to let them blow that. ever since i was a young boy spawn i was always singing. singing and dancing oh not community festival. it was always about going up in the great sandy desert. the country he was forced to leave after the going to. the white man. golly and spotter always dreamt about getting the land in the desert back for many years we had been fighting for land rights and nine hundred ninety two things began
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to happen. when we talked up for additional land and smash them for additional while. we brought the diseases and the awful home. where you committed the murder. where you took the children from their mothers for the first time australia has recognised the legal existence of aborigines prior to quite settlement the high court has recognized there were people here and their descendants have rights. the mabo decision showed us that we could legally claim our land back. to claim it back we have to prove we have a continuing relationship to our country. in one thousand nine hundred ninety four my grandfather where only a spotter took me to take on three. then been bank there for forty years.
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it was my first trip to a country. i decided to shoot a video it was a new way of showing evolution on land claim all i had with be a guest camera. we took a lot photo with us is can name is jalen i got to call him daniel. the land council asked me if i would be interested in conducting a lamb klein under the new native title act. and one of the first people that i met was fighter who told me that is his country was. and. when are we going to go there. i read you know how to get to where you wanted to go and he drew
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maps of his country on the sand in fitzroy crossing and really it wasn't done to scale i'll tell you that. no one goes in this part of the great sandy desert no one travels in it it's almost inaccessible. like it was like a different world for me. i have to see the things one of them says. and no as i think. things began to happen i knew that we were getting closer because people were starting to burn the spinifex. get out of it. i only hear stories about that snake spirit living in the water but i didn't
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believe it i thought i don't find us with my camera. it was hard to keep up. and running and shouting and coming to visit and good men we have family. they did they took us to a small wet spot in the in the desert it was just this small puddle this small patch of wetness and this was this a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days. were down that they were never going to the water some of the young fellows that we were with and myself we started on what do you know. now. that. you know what i'm going to get out of my you know what. i think you're really going to we're going to let you know the car we painted for you and then the word is i'm fed up.
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no. i never saw my grandfather with ari so happy. that. week. i was. sitting around a lot of our grandparents a man and me up to stories that told me as a kid. i really want to go to stand what was going on here.
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is a man's area. man bring woman now covered up the world. to . the woman. that is throw water no matter. what no. and that damn visiting man and i don't ever get any yeah you know the man. took the woman back to camp but then i could see that something else was happening. but i was using the good and the money will pulling out. to make this god get around a want to get over. it but i told me that it represents the thought that. same thing goes for that colon. see that could have been the day owning it represent a cloud and i wanted it to but all that's the rain is coming down there with
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the. run of the hill the let them out of the load on. was that for the first time i understood when the grandfathers dance came from. and the meaning of his headdress. the the the. right being at a place where spot i would only grow up was really emotional. and you know it like it is like going back to a place. it's like i'm a prion on country. oh no need to leave home at home.
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that i am literally on spider were talking to something less than sort of feeling the waters they were doing it. alone they said we had to go we had to go now like right now. ok so we packed up the camp and headed off a spider and literally really can't get as far from the place as possible and we drove and we drove and we drove and looking out into the west where the water hole was located were all these storm clouds and lightning right. and then i realized that is a rainmaking place that was what are literally and spider were doing. they brought the rain. ritually made rain to her driest parts of australia and they were widely. as the rain makers.
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but i want to first find out there with my grandfather literally when i. saw something that changed my life with me on the trip. and they'll be able to trust that mail believe in me to carry on this responsibility. i mean it's a big it's a big thing big. but to get it or get a feeling from our people at the trust from our people. that make you feel good inside. that confessional causing daniel get a dagger and it can lead to on the trip. he started to write with.
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for me a trip that we're not. going to find out more. i wanted to read about our history. when watchful eyes came into our country in eighty and eighty they want to water. they drove us off our land and turned a country and a huge cattle station. and then advert counting camels he wanted us hundred one dollars or they can look. a bit at two thousand kilometer trek through our tribal lands. they call it the coming stock route and it destroyed the traditional way of life. itself as the center stands but. if you're. me you would want to. be used as
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a good water holes to make fifty one wells for dick allen. on a problem that can infer that he didn't there were any clue other water was so he kept it out as a people tend them up get themselves meant stop them a water. when you let them go if one of the trucks as they ran to get what. they imprisoned i want inside metal and wood folks and. their wells were closed and several more people ground trying to get down because they want to. most of my people had to move away from their traditional way of life. among them well my grandparents spot i was a young man when he left the desert to find only his promise wife. she was working as a housemaid i got a station up my white grandfather. right. now
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better off that he didn't like desert people because you just various cattle. when he seems potter or better over it take him off if i was going to just of riding him so as bada ran down to aruba and he climbed up a robot creek. federal over he went dead document just under a tree. or spot and he was on top when he seen the fire coming over he jumped down and he landed like on him and on more force that's why his name is padda. spot and danny ended up working on christmas great cattle station. you know most of a parish in the platform of the old stop and we know there were billions in the state you know have been more than answers and there may be stationed to what that
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day. we finally became citizens and got a garage after the nine hundred sixty seven referendum. but even the station owners refused to pay my people equal when she's. offered a case of working there they were loaded on to trucks and dumped on the banks over iraq. that was the boat price of fish right crossing. fish fry went from a population of sixty people to a refugee camp up to a thousand. they had nothing to do no work no nothing. while. wife.
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was dry. dry spot and only kept their country alive by letting the paint. it comes naturally because of ceremonies and painting up on bodies and sand brings. it was the beginning of good interest never you know not. so. strong they became famous artists and the paintings so around the world used to i've been to new york london you name it they've been everywhere. this is one of spotters paintings the only paints gordo. i want to hold it left in the desert. that i. am back. dolly and a mama bobby abreu from the red sandy desert came up with a big plan to get their country back. they were going to paint
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their country for evidence. they traveled to winning an edge of the great sandy desert with more than fifty people from four different language groups all that i knew and you know what i love. the first man that was planted on the lawn or a canvas represents the canning stock route. it was to have to come here. it was important for the own people to paint their country because think on. their last big english and they can't read or write. the canvas is like a map a bird's eye view of their country that shows the stories and where people used to walk. and it's a pretty damn good map. it took nearly
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a week to finish the painting. and then came the time to use it as evidence for. a life for a long. time fred chaney from the native title tribe you know or about. what our. country. and i wanted. i mean that this was just. you know i mean. and i don't they're not we're not. we're friends. here you know not me and then you know. this is where we used to dance. this is.
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right. in order. to canberra one of the politicians that the country belongs to us. we have. this is our country it represents. as you can see with the. trying to explain aboriginal society you know. people this is a task in itself and.
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we hope you don't get this. thank you thank. interested. so the national gallery borrowed the canvas for an exhibition. it was like a country with strangers. the family. there were a canvas i spent the last two years at the. national gallery and something like a million people stored. by door people they wanted back and sent me to canberra
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to get up. and. that's my little cousin brother but that was bad. and i mean. this is his first glimpse did you not. know that you. were not here and we're not. when they stand on it it's just like standing on your homeland it's like going home. most of them were never in the country. they too old. it makes them sad and they cry they cry for they. died with bridget with and hold to that but. let me know how that hannah went on and.
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the consequence of war i got the pictures and russia was he served in the marine corps for one she went to church not just doesn't go away he's been living out of his truck for the last couple years he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans troll much ice by war. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter at this time on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means. this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their computer. and that's the way. to a true network. sixty seven
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words that spelled promise one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. are the top stories on al-jazeera spanish prosecutors have asked the national court to jail some deposed members of the cattle on cabinet eight former ministers have
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appeared before the court where they're being questioned over last week's declaration of independence fourteen members of the cabinet are facing rebellion and sedition charges. myanmar's leader on salon sochi is visiting rakhine state for the first time since that military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand rohinton to flee their homes she visited two villages at the minister's where she spoke to locals and gave a message of peace and stability ahead to refugees have accused me in mars military of rape arson and killings. and now thousands of tired and hungry men women and children are stranded in fields under an open sky and they're bangladeshi crossing they're being held there by a bangladeshi border guards they refugees say they haven't been given any reason why. there's been mass demonstrations in occupied palestinian territories marking one hundred years of the balfour declaration i want to apologise for the british government for a document that led to the creation of the state of israel and also expulsion of
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palestinians from their historic land the british prime minister has named chief whip gavin williamson as the new defense secretary he replaces michael fallon who quit over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior it's the first resignation in a sexual harassment scandal at westminster. in recent days of negotiations have been made about conduct including. many of these allegations of being false but i realise that in the post i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the forces that i have the honor to represent. i have reflected in all my position in government and i am the full resigning as defense secretary the british police have requested the extradition manchester arena bombers brother from libya officials want to arrest a baby and relation to the murder of the twenty two victims killed in the concert attack. detonated a suicide bomb that was during
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a concert back and awesome is believed to be in custody after being captured by libyan fighter for. those are the headlines the news continues so keep it here on al-jazeera witness this next. it was a sad day in the late ninety's when my job be passed away. my grandfather in it was always country and i don't really. know much and i didn't care about what was happening in my life. i was worried. he already lost two grandsons to grow up. and was desperate to help me.
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yeah. it was important for the landlady to take are not more young people so they get out on a country. with the youngest one on the trip. it felt good to be out there no pop and no destruction. spot and they told me they were not fires bred or don't know we are coming that's part of your life i'm in. the closer we got to go to the foster home fires. when you go down there was water everywhere it was flooded out. i
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first got on it was good plenty of water. but then i saw my dad he was upset. got that what it was that it was. but. i don't know your mother never. having it like that. or not was or coming up with water when i am going to be a little much. the little french bring up the no ground water it now was covered. in the. left.
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because. the one who is good oh. you're. right with that. why don't i don't. i think i'm going out a lot of. spider is determined to make for i listen to. what. he does there would be new nose lighting fires and singing. and asked for sign that he's alive that. purple.
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it means. they. are not. yet. the next morning.
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no we're not i don't know. why a lot of our. own people i mean been back there for a long time it's like meeting someone long. from. his own life. well born here and then the spurs come back here
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and. the country's reputation spreading into what. we are getting ready to go on the road. i suppose and just about everything. on the tommy.
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i mean the end of. the. day. fortunately. for. a little bit of it it was great being on the road meeting new people. it was not so fragrant and every night not a party. that i felt like a rock star. was one of the most part for me with the. outer man claim many fifteen years to get through the cold and many of the our
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people and god on our way. but it looked like the big day is finally arrived. we ending the determination yet. whether one or a canvas was painted. kaberle or the price that the federal court. convicted serve at a sure fire. and there. will never you. the never thank you for your time i. was quite fit. with your words you pulled together your brother wanted to be. bigger plans for you but. for want. of you my. dear good luck story pretty good and every year. the law says to all the people of syria. this is your last
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ever. that it always has been you know i. don't ever want. this bad thanks i had meant i had a feeling something was wrong. why did. the judge called out spiders name. was there some people got their country back. was bad and you got nothing. and i got a guy here in ireland. oh yeah i never really really did not know that i write. all that hard work. for nothing you know was all gone.
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it took them weeks to find out their problem was the boundaries bill clinton. asked the old people where your country. is going here it just crossed trend line on a map. ground was that's not a boundary. spider can understand what the confusion is all about it's his country and always has been his country in his mind and never lost it in the first place. the problem is the one federal law it's written on paper and it always changes. the book for or is written in the. underground and in the countryside and it is never changed. for me i've.
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ever seems to determination had a sense that time was running out the parts on its own it was there that i love that never mind that they never they were there you. know that it gave yeah right yeah. that. only little boston and one of his mates seem interested in or spied a. spot i won't be here for long i don't think don't have any more offer him. one thing i knew i had to help. you. if you are doing.
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what i'm going to lay out your neck about. iowa. and own people from the knowledge. that. if.
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i did that's my. grandfather would only let me die. when somebody dies and the name they used to be. it's a big thing in the family decides it's the right time for dancing at. this time that i'm a lot. the boundaries of the land came. through that when a different way could have been getting stuck would. we have to map the boundary
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on the card. once again and. was happy to join us. going into the minima do you. mean and there were a lot of his growth of the sort not even i going to kind of going to is going that would seem poor we're going to go yeah yeah. yeah i've pointed out it read up what he learned about money order and. coming like hot and
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frustrating. spy was always insisting he knew the best way to go i think a lot of all that all really right when i leave that to what i believe that he and i never got we got to go down that road. but you know i'm another given that he had that you were never going to have. learn to play with a what you would have under what i learned play a. little bit of the fun of the right guy to let me get under the gun and then let it run the moment you know getting to the finale i never do or any other animal in the world that what i know that don't get on one foot again dale and we're never going to not. for that then. we're not a m. . more.
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than i got out of that we didn't have one of our go. right. ahead that led to it i don't know if you can get we're going to now but i know everybody i know what i would kill people are going to do the right. word never meant it but when they bite you i already not oh no no no no no but yeah i mean i don't know nancy. she's whining about court on if you dead know when list but go in there.
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countryman. used to see it before i had left him. and he was going to. clean it but it was an awful lot of the country. and now it is. not any. just like my soul. we're not on. one gun or knock on wood i don't like a gun. we have to live.
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for the right. you're right. i don't. know my love for my going to work today never good when. you've been pretty good the way. i kept busy and focus on my attention on the spot of land time and a final trip. now where the. concrete.
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just wrong. if you like. that and everything. and. then times of. day short of going to country they gave us a country. and we got to. go and what. twenty years ago only dances on that be canvas. credits and. you faster and faster than thirty just. me and.
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we finally arrived at or not after five hot days. and it was dry.
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my lord of the. game and. for. an hour or. i knew it was the last time spider whatever segura he was here to say
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goodbye to what all he loved his whole life and handed over to us yet infamous. we walked beyond our people. following in their footsteps. i'm holding out cause just drove all spider and or more people. with me to make
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brain make it up the desert. it's like a cycle of life you won't be able to deposit down to us and we have passed on to our children and they are the president today children. i also became a grandfather for the first time. out of our borders i finally had a grandson. it had me on a stand my grandfather's i would be able to take my boys like they did for me to jim to cut you. as for what happened and what i can but it's locked up in the elemental box at the center and fish are crossing. it's just like atlanta and nigella is fighting to be free
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and carlo goddamn. you can't let him get caught up and leave him like that you better do you mad to clean him up so that the water can be free. to be a child has to be innocent and careful but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary at this time out is era.
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beneath pink skies by the taj mahal. or as the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there we've got a few more violent storms brewing over parts of south america they've been very very pokey particularly across parts of one of the reason the last few days and now you can see the clouds back and it's giving us a fairly hefty ray as this system sweeps its way northward it will get even more intense as we head through into friday so thursday yes we'll see what weather here and that's what's its way northward becoming a bit more intense before eventually moving away from the coast but then it's fun today where we've got to see the worst of the rain those downpours really do look very heavy and could cause a fair amount of disruption towards the west with something a fair amount of cloud here but still will get to around twenty one degrees for the central americas here it's actually fairly subdued weather wise at the moment no
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also a great deal of cloud showing up on the satellite picture plenty of sunshine instead and i think that's the way it's going to stay as we head through the next few days really the exception where we're going to see most of the wet weather will be his stretching down into panama it looks like here it's going to be pretty wet during the day on thursday and then on friday that just pushes a little bit further towards the north for north america well things are turning pretty cold for many of us now through under this blanket of cloud here would be a behind it digging down from canada so many quite chilly for the northern parts minus five is the maximum in calgary. the weather sponsored by qatar race. subzero temperatures stream well to. the right. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey. to touch it you still. wouldn't rejoice. to know you know there's no oxygen. just to experience
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a simple pleasure of. risking you don't. get stuck at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging there but it is particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is al-jazeera.
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full i'm richelle carey this is the news hour from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.


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