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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all kurdistan of this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging even in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. with the people who believe to tell the real story i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is zero.
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but i'm richelle carey this is the news hour from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a day in court for cattle on and dependence leaders but not everyone turned up. for the first time since the latest our hands are crisis began me and mars later visits rakhine state. the letter that changed palestine for ever mass protests are quite hundred years since the balfour declaration and i'm peter stone us with the latest sports news including. if you. should. stop trying to steal. the u.s. the masters beat the l.a. dodgers to win baseball's biggest prize for the first time ever. so we begin in madrid where spanish prosecutors have asked the high court to jail eight depose cataloged ministers while they're being investigated for sedition fourteen members of the sacked cabmen have been summoned for questioning over last
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week's declaration of independence but the region's ousted president carlos pushed him on did not appear across the road this. catalonia is to solve parliament was greeted by cheering as she emerged from a separate hearing and the supreme court karma tellus one at six other m.p.'s being investigated they're both courts are in madrid but in a show of defiance pro independence support us rallied outside the regional parliament building of course that is in barcelona so we're covering the story from both cities and. capital barcelona but first we're going to meet outside the courts in madrid and how to explain there's multiple things happening at different locations different courts so to tell us what's happening there in madrid. well at the moment the hearing in the at the national court is still going on now this is a hearing of the members of the now deposed. government from what we understand the prosecution has the judge. for preventive detention
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of the nine people who are appearing here not all of the cabinet has come to discord. the leader of deposed president and four other ministers in brussels they are now or they represent now what they called the exiled. government said he wouldn't come because he wanted a fair and he also was a trial and he also was fearing for his safety now inside this court we most of the of the people the reserved their right and not just speak however one of them did speak to. that lasted about forty five minutes and during that time he sort of hinted as well that. and the other cabinet members who are now
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in brussels have basically put the people who are peering here in danger and he said that this prevention detention if it would happen replanted detention if it's really. going to happen is basically a consequence of the act of karla's. now across the street as you know there was another hearing going on that was a disagreement court that was for the speaker of parliament and five other members of the parliament board that is finished has been remanded to november ninth the defense arguing there that they did not have enough time to prepare its defense ok with a there in madrid hoda thank you very much now let's go to the at the center of all this which of course is barcelona yeah cattle on capital and that's where our andrew symonds what is happening there. well we've seen quite a large demonstration here in this square which is of the seat of government a government building the palace that is not occupied by either side in this crisis
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right now it's a state of well almost like a vacuum here in the center of barcelona but those protests very outspoken in support of the ministers facing the spanish justice system right now and also in support of the sox president and his team with me right now is a former member of that team and he is the joy p.k. who is the former officer who was in charge of international communications for the government now you've been putting the message out all the way through this crisis now you're without a job and you're looking at a situation where ministers former ministers could go to jail. without up a drop but i have of course and because of that area they many in catalonia that being the people of catalonia to be heard and to have
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a chance to bow down to implement the results of the referendum of october the first and this is where you would go to the fence about the ministers it's a very unfair. political trial and no one could sustain a committed. rebellion they were fulfilling a mandate from the women and no people in government should be trialed to fulfill our democratic mandate what do you say to the suggestion that push them all should be here in barcelona rather than in belgium right now here to actually see this through on the ground rather than go if it into exile. but him put him on is in belgium because he's there where he's more free to work and to sustain our course. there has been. a requirement of mission of tasks in the cattle and government is there in which he could be more useful to our cause. you have to
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realize that in their rankings of independence spain is ranking. after tanzania. and this is from there we're going to make for them when you seen. this spanish police vehicles going around barcelona. honking the union these demonstrations and waving in spanish flags in the unities demonstrations and when you seen that the. data needed. that the prosecutor indeed too late he's documented persecuting. like i.e. that the fall will be will be harsher this means that it's very difficult now to grant a fair trial in spain that's why the president is in belgium but what do you say to suggestions that the support for session isn't quite what it used to be because of the way the ministers have reacted to all of this in that they haven't come out
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with all guns blazing they haven't mobilized their supporters there's not been a lot of real action on the streets in terms of protests we've seen the square behind you full a few hours ago but that was highly organized and orchestrated the might be a demonstration later on but there is a mood of confusion would you not agree and no i completely reject because these are from asian. what we were not prepared to face east because violence in which the spanish government has confronted the situation these were not prepared to see we are we to peacefully demonstrate as we have shown to the wall is six years in a row with one point five two million people in the streets every year in every demonstration but they were the first. all the wall could see the mages of the spanish military police beating. peaceful boulders at the polling stations and beating them. we have seen peaceful leaders from the civic associations.
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jail now accused of rioting when the only thing they did was to promoting a peaceful demonstration that's why. i would change it. because we don't want to confront the people to buy a lot of this money just a finally briefly if you would please we're going out of time how do you see this playing out when the leaders of the procession just a government that's been sacked facing justice could be in jail and may not be able to even stand in the elections on december the twenty first how will this play out do you really think you can still succeed. of course of course we will no one has been sacked the only thing that has happened is that the president has been forbidden to his office but he is the president he remains a president. what despite his government has done is against constitution is against this. so mobilization will continue. this time all democrats in catalonia and all around will continue to. i would write.
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thank you very much indeed for your thoughts back to you richelle in the studio all right and live in barcelona thank you man mars later on she has visited rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand of our henchmen minorities to flee their homes she's been facing international criticism for failing to stop the army from described as ethnic cleansing. reports. this is a first time in rakhine state military offensive began in august accompanied by government officials and prominence business leaders she visited several villages and spoke to people there including both muslims and buddhists. all of us want to live in peace she reportedly said adding that everyone will have to try hard to achieve that analysts say that's a wider message the myanma leader is trying to put across i think it's all designed
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to give the appearance of some kind of stability and a normalcy that simply doesn't exist there and again i think this is her. dissolve tree attempt at spin to convince the world that everything so kind and that she's in charge of the situation. these are the scenes that would have greeted the myanmar. house after house destroyed by five entire villages once home to a hinge of families deserted the government has refuted allegations that its troops are committing ethnic cleansing is defend the military operation as a legitimate counter offensive against a group of fighters it calls a terrorist organization the spokesman for the rakhine state government told al jazeera that sense that the two shows that the region is now stable but we're just not spoken to say they don't believe have changed things on the ground or that more than six hundred thousand people have crossed into bangladesh since august and the exodus hasn't stopped. at least two thousand i had to fling man maher
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are stranded in fields near a bangladeshi border crossing are being held there by bangladeshi border guards the un is calling on the government to move them to refugee camps the reports. pasi is only a few days old his mother mamita gave birth to him in traumatic circumstances while escaping me with her two year old daughter she delivered him in the open air with only her mother to help. my daughter was in labor when we were escaping there was no one to help during the birth of my grandchild i helped my daughter deliver the baby alone it was in the jungle on a hilltop i'm in ma i cut the umbilical cord with my own hands it was a tough job media and her family are the latest arrivals in a mass exodus ever he. come it has sane left rakhine state with his four children he says security forces are committing atrocities.
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that the military brought to our houses and encircled the village they were forcing us to take national verification cards if we taken them they would run through us from our village because the cards are not. so we skate on here in the jungle now we're here in bangladesh. it was a long and difficult journey for hamad and his family and it's not over yet they in around two thousand dollar range are being held at a border crossing by bangladeshi gods they've not been told why over how long they'll be stuck there bangladesh says the refugees require vetting but the u.n. is calling on the government to allow them to move to a refugee camp because people have been walking for days just to reach them. even last night across the border there in terrible shape we hope the government can release them let them come further inland as soon as possible. officials in
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rakhine state deny the military is committing human rights abuses the myanmar government says there were illegal migrants and doesn't officially recognize them despite many having lived in myanmar for generations. the bangladeshi government says it cannot cope with any more refugees. all of which leaves are a hinge a like has see stateless and persecuted with no way to call home victoria gave him a al-jazeera. head of the news our clothing on a day dedicated to ending crimes against journalists we take you to the most dangerous place in the world to be a reporter. bus minister has its first resignation and a growing sexual harassment scandal. i was a memorable night her for in the champions league against real madrid peter has a bad sport.
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just sixty seven words change the course of history in the least the balfour declaration led to the state of israel and dispossession of palestinians from their homeland israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the u.k. to meet treece in may and mark the day there have been demonstrations in occupied palestinian territories these are the scenes outside the british consulate in east jerusalem where protesters have gathered carrying black flags when an apology and accountability from the british government for that declaration fosset a sort of protest in ramallah in the occupied west bank. under the anniversary of the balfour declaration being marked here in ramallah new york the pied west bank by protests there was a march to the british cultural center here also one hundred thousand letters from palestinian high school students were handed in to the british consulate in east jerusalem expressing their feelings about the legacy of the balfour declaration we got a statement two from the prime and from the president's office what about his office in which he called again for an apology from britain in recognition of the state of
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palestine and compensation to that i was asked to do people both in political moral and material terms as for the israeli recognition of this moment it's relatively muted in israel proper there are some conferences going on the real focus is in london where benjamin netanyahu and the british prime minister reason may be attending a dinner we expect to hear from the british prime minister in which she is likely once again to express the pride of britain in helping to create a homeland for a persecuted people and we also expect her to talk about the need for a renewed resolve in finding a settlement that satisfies both the israelis and the palestinians little satisfaction on display here though for palestinians this is very much the moment that one hundred years of dispossession displacement occupation that all began the balfour declaration has been described as one of the most controversial and contested documents of modern arab history elater the creation of the state of israel in the forced expulsion and displacement of millions of palestinians from
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their historic lands a look at this this is what palestine looked like one hundred years ago jews only made three percent of the population well it shows how palestine slowly disappeared and the map over the years palestinians are now only allowed limited self rule and small pockets under israeli military occupation the longest and modern history so joining us now on set here and bashar al jazeera senior political analyst mara when you look at the the real life consequences of what this declaration was. why the resistance from the u.k. or from theresa may not all of the u.k. obviously to at least acknowledge what those consequences were and isn't there a way to do that without necessarily insulting israel if that's what she wants to do you know that's actually that's a very good question i wish we could ask it to theresa may because and then there's a day just like there is a certain. sort of criticism and review of the past that's happening in
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a number of western countries and by their colonial past about the horror of racism of slavery and so on so forth people are bringing down monuments for slavery and calling you lism but there is some a decided to erect basically erect a monument for lord both for that made that terrible declination of the time and it's like a dish of you all over again you know both for and the last child of the zionist leader at the time and today may and prime minister netanyahu and it's not deja vu and by the way because sexual harassment was pervasive at the time ninety seven in the united states apparently today in british politics but it is because the same racist mindset among the elites that ruled at the time apparently is ruling today now you could look at the politics of it of the cynicism of it and make some conclusions for example foreign minister. johnson wrote in his book in two
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thousand and four about churchill that this declaration by balfour was a bizarre confused terrible tragic comedy but today he said it's always a great things why because today he's a foreign minister in three semi's government. really the mindset of colonialism the mindset that drove those countries to the first world war i mean people don't remember those were terrible times. russia the most those were the years that fifteen plus million people died in the first world war were thirty five million casualties because of the visions of people in london berlin moscow and vienna and so on so forth so the both of declination was an expression of the times and those were terrible times colonial times racism times change and and times evolve but only if people are the ones that are pushing the change and evolution right and you would think that leaders are less cynical and that they do correspond to the
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general population in the u.k. i've just come back from london. generally people in the u.k. like people in the u.s. are less racist and their leaders less elitist than leaders and more open to criticize their past to look more open and towards their past that's why they're discussing when you go and when humans forces i'm in america and they're discussing the colonial past in the u.k. and by the way the main scholars in israel are also taking a critical look about their own past and taking a very moral stand if you will about the crimes of zionism about what happened to the palestinian people in terms of this possession occupation the source for but the elite remain cynical and that's why the meeting between prime minister may and prime minister netanyahu while they want to celebrate the success of visit to being what it is and by the way israel has been at war for seventy years now exactly up an issue for the jewish people be that as it may instead of recognizing
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a cleese the palestinians rights for so that i'm a nation also and a state of their own and they could be rising the injustices happen to the palestinians they are celebrating but for doesn't have to be as we said earlier is there a sound game although that is what it ended up being marwan thank you very much and . the british prime minister has named chief whip gavin williamson as the new defense secretary he replaces michael fallon over who quit rather over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior it's the first resignation and a sexual harassment scandal at westminster in recent days ago sions have been made about m.p.'s conduct including my own many of these allegations have been false but i realize that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have the honor to represent i have reflected in my position in government and i am the full resigning as defense secretary john
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hall has more now from london. well things are getting extremely uncomfortable now for the prime minister to resign may who can really ill afford this sort of scandal this sort of destruction and moment of crucial importance in negotiations but it's clear now with the departure of the secretary of defense of michael phelan a senior minister and also with her party mired in allegations of sexual misconduct it's not the only party of course all the parties are touched by it but the conservatives deeply implicated by it it's clear that she can't now avoided some reports suggesting that so michael phelan was pushed that he was forced to resign by the prime minister who has said that she will demand the same of any minister found guilty of such misconduct so michael phelan in his letter of resignation to the prime minister saying that look what the conduct may have been considered acceptable ten or fifteen years ago clearly is not now the culture he said was changed he was accused he's admitted putting his hand on the knee of
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a journalist three times during a dinner in two thousand and two with among the fallout on thursday senior conservatives calling for a sea change for much deeper change for the prime minister to use this moment to draw a line under what has been described as a sort of boy's own locker room culture essentially that men in positions of seniority of power within the parliamentary infrastructure using their power improperly over colleagues over junior staff and volunteers the fifteen thousand or so pass holders who come and go from the powers of westminster every day many of them young women young men desperate to climb the ladder of power and dependent on these men in power for the opportunity to do so. british police have requested the extradition of the manchester bombers brother from libya officials want to rise ha shem a baby and relation to the murder of the twenty two victims killed in that concert attack someone a baby detonated a suicide bomb during an ariana grande
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a concert in may both brothers who travel to libya in april with some on returning alone to britain before hearing out the attack a month later is believed to be in custody after being captured by a libyan fighter group he said astro's have won baseball's world series los angeles dodgers were hosting game seven trying to get their first title since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but they were comprehensively out played by the astros after the dodgers pitcher you darvish turned in his second poor performance in the series or houston prevailed five to one first championship in the team's fifty five year history so that victory comes as the astros home city continues to struggle in the aftermath of hurricane harvey how does a castro has more on how sports lifted the city spirits at this time of trouble when flood water covered houston in august eating away at homes businesses and plans a thing that could not be dampened was the city's hope for world series when never
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before had the astros' baseball team brought home that glory until now. maybe examine their need a very very big new day at their. plate of the weeks of new era that get the word. the boost in morale is one this city of two million desperately needed hurricane harvey damaged or destroyed more than one hundred thousand homes in houston hitting hardest the low income communities built in flood prone areas this apartment complex saw the very worst families made homeless and lives lost. there was a lady that knew she was on the roof. the puppy fell and water . trying to save. she didn't come but the woman a thirty two year old nurse was among the more than eighty people who died in the
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storm in texas thirty thousand people had to evacuate their homes as the weary return to find much of their old lives gone the astros' of wildly successful baseball season was a welcome distraction this sounds hard somewhere near from you know. oh so is the power in a little bit. without you to face the same problems as. our you know the state says it needs more recovery money from washington a request for sixty one million dollars is pending in congress. before now those worries are for another day as a new kind of flood of astros fans in revelers fills the streets. castro al-jazeera houston we will have much more on the world series in just a bit and sport right now though time for weather with that and we stay with us
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let's see what the weather has in store for us there in the southeast there's this little line of cloud here and that's actually given us some pretty active weather over the past day or so in fact some of us in louisiana have seen some flooding just thanks to the sheer volume of rain that's fallen here now here things are going to improve because the system is moving out the way but instead you can see what's happening behind me this huge blanket of cloud that's gradually just tracking its way southward now some of this cloud is just the satellite misinterpreting the cold as cloud because some of this is really pretty cold on the this blanket of cloud all of the end now digging down from canada so calgary minus nine of the mark on their own for today winnipeg just minus one but the air coming up from the south that's far warmer and so thirty degrees temperature in dallas that we're expecting so a real contrast at this time of year you often see that some very cold air digging down from canada but some very warm air still in the south as working out from the gulf of mexico where these two areas of wheat that's where we get some pretty
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active weather and that's what we're seeing at the moment so we all thing a fair amount of snow there from the northwest these pictures from montana and it looks like we're going to see plenty more wintery weather as we head through the next few days as well montana and idaho are likely to see the worst of it gradually track its way towards the southeast. thanks to still ahead on al-jazeera a tense standoff at a prison and. the suspect accused of killing eight people the truck in new york city makes his first court appearance. by provocative or is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on say. one book with a relationship this is
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a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of your pitches might make the show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera and take a look at the top stories right now spanish prosecutors have asked the high court to depose catalan cabinet members while they're being investigated for sedition act ministers have appeared to spanish or there were questions over last week's declaration of independence. she is visiting more than rakhine state for the first time since that military crackdown force more than six hundred thousand to flee their homes she visited two villages with ministers where she spoke to locals and gave a message of peace and stability branch refugees have accused me in mars military of rape arson and killings the british prime minister has named chief whip gavin williamson as the new defense secretary he replaces michael fallon who quit over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior it is the first resignation in the sexual harassment scandal at westminster. hundreds of refugees have been forced to
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dig wells in search of water and a tense stand off a pipe on the guinea's mannus island about six hundred refugees have barricaded themselves inside a former australian prison camp because they are worried about attacks from hostile locals andrew thomas reports. these videos sent exclusively to al-jazeera by refugee give a glimpse of life now inside what was the mount of silent refugee prison the men collecting water in we leave pains when it rains they have also dug a well. it's hot and humid with no electricity the air conditioning or fans the men sleeping outside officially the prison is now a naval base and the refugees trespassing hello is this is andrew exum a safe from al-jazeera. but despite fears soldiers could have them one refugee told us naval personnel are actually helping them recharging their phones so they can
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stay in contact with family and the media. but other locals seen as a threat to australia once refugees to move to this accommodation in the local town but while some looks ready all the housing is still under construction and refugees say none of it is protected from papua new guinea and who they fear will break in and attack them those fears are unfounded says the australian immigration minister who's critical of political opponents and pressure groups like amnesty i want to close medicines quickly as possible but it doesn't help when you've got the greens and others who are telling people not to engage not to move a very difficult situation even worse i put that to one refugee is its principle that is making you stay where you are are you being to some extent stubborn you don't want to be pushed around by australia and.
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you know what. the refugees are painting some hope for new zealand its new prime minister said on thursday her predecessors offer to australia to resettle one hundred fifty refugees still stands. it rained heavily on thursday meaning the refugees could have a shower one refugee wrote on social media that it showed mother nature's kindness under thomas i was there so. the white house has condemned russia for blocking the renewal of a u.n. panel that investigates chemical attacks in syria last week the panel found the government carried out a searing gas attack on concha cohen in april killing at least eighty people in a statement the white house said russia's veto shows a callous disregard for the suffering caused by chemical weapons it said the panel has found for instances of assad using chemical weapons making russia's protection
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of the government even more egregious. thursday marks an international day focused on ending crimes against journalists the u.n. estimates eight hundred reporters have been killed while doing their jobs in the past decade but only one in ten cases has led to a conviction syria is the world's most dangerous country for journalists with more than two hundred they're killed since the start of the war. baro courts on the challenges journalists face while covering the conflict. this is. known as a bully as he'd when the syrian uprising started in two thousand and eleven he joined the hundreds of activists turned journalists he took his camera and went wherever there was a story to tell a protest or a battle this is covering a bubble's bush to take over how this would be his last assignment. was killed a few days later this was eight months ago but mother is still coming to terms with
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her grief. my son spent the whole time covering protests and war he used to tell me he'd take me on a trip all over the world once the war was over and that'd never leave me again. syria is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. despite that many take to the streets to document every detail of the war standing a few meters from where bombs are landing many have lost their lives including photographer. who was killed last year. and. a local reporter covering the war for channel he was shot by a sniper. in two thousand and thirteen. fighting in syria shows no sign of letting government forces recapture more territory the rebels which we have the result is
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one of the few citizen journalists still operating in the villagers or the amount an area in northwestern province. has covered some of the deadliest russian and government attacks there and again and. each time we go through in the aftermath of an attack the government warplanes launch another wave strike killing some permit. i have seen terrifying scene bodies mutilated or burned beyond recognition marty spends his days in the frontline and when he gets back home he posts his pictures of social media he wants the world to remember the atrocities of war as the conflict in syria continues activists and journalists will continue what they've been doing for the last six years showing the horrors of war to millions of people all over the world and despite the dangers they face they remain committed to
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taking the risk to tell their story about al-jazeera. for robertson is deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch he says many governments exploit impunity to violate journalists rights. right well that's what we've seen i mean one of the worst massacres in the world of journalists the one massacre in two thousand and nine in the philippines thirty four journalists were mowed down and still no one has really been held accountable for that you know an ongoing trial some people say well it may take two hundred years to finish the trial you know this is the sort of thing that journalists face day in day out and they have to start thinking about is it work the risk that kind of computation shouldn't have to come into play when a journalist is trying to get to the truth to try to uncover what is happening you know to basically bring out the story we've had many countries out in the asia pacific region most recently cambodia you know where a newly minted dictator who is an is busy saying everything that trump says about
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the media is correct you know when one donald trump says these things there is a ping of that behavior by other dictators around the world and you know this is a problem where you know a wrong tone is set about the media not recognizing that they're valuable and they have a role to play in democratic society and the next thing you know we start looking at cases of people being disappeared people being killed for doing their jobs as president says the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack should get the death penalty he tweeted that trumpet earlier said he would consider sending safe to the u.s. president happened guantanamo and cuba the spec emigrant has been charged with terror later defenses after he confessed to acting in the name i sold ice was not claimed responsibility to be clear that a candlelight vigil has been held in new york played eight people killed in that attack kristen salome has the latest from new york. the complaint filed in federal
4:39 pm
court in manhattan list two charges against twenty nine year old side follow side they include providing material support to a terrorist organization i saw and using a vehicle to cause the death of pedestrians we know now from the court documents and from the prosecutor that site pov waived his right to self incrimination self incrimination agreeing to talk with investigators from his hospital bed where he is recovering from surgery and gunshot wounds to his abdomen he told investigators that he did in fact gain inspiration from eisel and they found thousands of eisel videos on his cell phone he also said that he chose hollowing to conduct this attack because he knew that there would be more people out on the streets right behind me here that's where that attack took place and it's still closed down in part for investigation now acting attorney acting u.s. attorney june kim says that he had been planning this attack for months so
4:40 pm
a pov allegedly admitted that he was inspired to commit the attack by the isis videos he watched and had been planning this attack for two months he also admitted that he had rented a truck on october twenty second. in practice to practice the turns he would make on his halloween day halloween day a time now authorities have also located a second man whom they are describing as a person of interest his name is mohamed. he is also an uzbek national he was taken into custody shortly after authorities announced that they were looking for him they have him in their custody but they say that they are interested in learning more from the public if the public has any information about either of these two men or any information about what happened on that day they're asked to come forward and share three days of mourning have been declared
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unresolved at the argentinean city home to five of the victims as they travel to new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their school graduation went to a candlelight vigil for the men. candles to honor those killed in new york in the city. about three hundred kilometers away from the capital one. people were shaken by the news of tuesday's attack where five argentinians their lives. lost and i'm here because it could have been any of us i was planning a trip with my friends to spain and we do it just like they did what happened is very very sad dozens of people gathered at this school the place where the argentinean victims of the attack in new york city graduated from thirty years ago and the place where they became friends for life people here tell us that those who graduate from this school share a special bond and that's why so many came here today. the daughter of one of the
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victims attends this institution at nonfederal she was a forty nine year old architect who traveled along with seven others to new york city to celebrate their graduation on a very sorry. the trip was planned by a. he arranged logistics and helped pave airfare for some of his friends. this is one of their last video sent to their loved ones before they were hit on the bicycles they were happy to be together on a trip they had planned for a very long time this is a bicycle to really really good said at the end when we know who survived the attack or where. they may are declared three days of mourning and people wait for the victims' bodies to be repatriated but. that her candles are meant to denounce violence around the world. we have different points of
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view and we can discuss it but not by killing innocent people were done nothing wrong to be in the wrong place and argentinean city that is trying to cope with the issue that some of them were victims of a hate crime so far away from home. argentina documents released by the cia are shedding more light on the former leader of osama bin laden the american intelligence agency says it has made four hundred seventy thousand files available to the public but the website to be continued to try to get on that site. reports the files range from a journal to document showing possible links with iran this is the world's first glimpse of homs bid ladan as a man now in his twenty's he's the son of the former al qaeda leader osama bin laden and believed to be a potential future leader of the armed group. home videos osama's journal and
4:44 pm
a list of his and his family's viewing habits are among the four hundred seventy thousand files seized during the raid on bin laden's pakistan compound in two thousand and eleven he was killed by u.s. navy seals but what's also making headlines in the u.s. are revelations about al qaeda links to iran it's alleged iran offered al qaeda money weapons and training to hit american targets in the gulf iran denies that and points out that it imprison bin laden's family and other al qaeda members this is already a precarious moment for iran u.s. relations president donald trump is hoping to scuttle a nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration and five countries the iranian dictatorships aggression continues to this day the regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and provides
4:45 pm
assistance to al qaida the taleban has mosques and other terrorist networks the cia release of al qaeda documents also comes as eisel is in retreat there's speculation al qaeda is hoping to capitalize on the group's weekend state natasha going to aim al-jazeera lawyers from facebook twitter and google have revealed social media posts they say russia used to sway last year's u.s. presidential election the tech giants told a senate intelligence committee they found evidence of russian operatives using companies as a front to post on behalf of moscow mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . among democrats a suspicion that russian meddling led to president trump's victory in last year's election but the republican chair of the committee insisted this was not the case attacking media outlets that speculated it was a lot of folks including many in the media have tried to reduce this entire
4:46 pm
conversation to one premise foreign actors conducted a surgical executed covert operation to help elect a united states president i'm here to tell you this story does not simplify that easily first that is and i and the senior democrat on the committee though argued that some of the fake facebook posts clearly had political intent and this one apparently intended to turn christian voters against hillary clinton and what was not contested was the deeply divisive nature of the social media posts which the company's lawyers agreed with clearly aimed at widening fault lines within us society over sensitive social issues ads that argued opposing positions over gun control for example which served to inflame an already contentious debate and a fake posting by a non-existent muslim group advertising
4:47 pm
a meeting at the same time in place as one called by another fake creation that was purportedly anti islamic the intent it would seem to foment violence last month person trump called russian purchase facebook ads a hoax i've looked at those russian sponsored facebook ads i certainly hope you've had a chance to review them are they in fact a hoax. the existence of those ads were on facebook and was not a hoax and underlying this and other hearings on the matter concerns over censorship and free speech this is a daunting effort the debate about where the line should be drawn is just beginning mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the former leader of the now disbanded revolutionary but of aleutian ary armed forces of colombia or for the rebel group is running for president in next year's elections go to no better known is to go was the top commander of fark he became a key figure in the peace process too and led america's longest running conflict is
4:48 pm
now a political party that many colombian still associate the group with a very violent past an explosion at a thermal power plant and northern india has killed at least twenty two people police say a pipe exploded at the planet ottar pradesh states feeling hot ash all over workrooms a cause is still unknown several others suffered serious burns and health authorities expect the death toll to rise at least eight people have been killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan their bus caught fire when a fuel tanker exploded and northern province twenty seven people were injured in the provincial capital charo car. miss prove beauty contestants have turned a pageant into a protest and start over citing their measurements they quoted statistics on violence against women in a south america's most dangerous countries for women to them while they're wearing their evening wear the twenty three finalists and this sunday televised show gave
4:49 pm
voice to thousands of women who are the targets of sexual violence physical abuse and murder. my name is kim and i represent lima my figures on two thousand two hundred and two cases over time aside in the past nine years in my country still ahead on al jazeera and sport raphael and all and shores of the store again to this tennis season peter has all the details for.
4:50 pm
time for
4:51 pm
a sport with peter you're going to lay but my hometown team and you're still smiling i know yeah. they've won the pinnacle of baseball for the first time in their history they comprehensively outplayed the l.a. dodgers in game seven of the world series home in reports. this is the stage that all i spoke playas and fans three months away in a time so contest up to six really games of the world series game for. the houston astros were away from harm and that might have given them the upper hand in dealing with the pressure and a two run harm run in just the second inning had put them five nothing comes. to the you. know stays the don't just have won one hundred four games during the regular season and boast only guy on your payroll is two hundred fourteen million dollars but this stoppage show you da fish proved ineffective and their hearts about those two well series titles is nine hundred eighty eight behind
4:52 pm
by a thread here was. that run in the sixth inning would prove to be am i only contribution on the school board as the astros claimed five one victory. was sure. to johnson screw it. i'm believable it's indescribable you know when you get to spring you know who you have you see what you have and there's there's a there's always that thought of you know we could do it but one hundred sixty two plus games is a lot of games and a lot of things have to go right in order to get here and you know our our team believed in each other all year and we fell short that was a good ballclub over there. teams fight. just in case it won't series wasn't enough to celebrate houston star carlos co-write made it
4:53 pm
a night to remember for his girlfriend to. you may be the happiest man in the world thank you marry me. yes. that's a wedding to plan for but next stop for the stories will be home to houston. a big parade will take place in the city on friday something fifty five years in the miking harlan county sarah. english club talking hotspur pulled off one of the most famous wins in the team's history on wednesday by defeating current champions league old israel madrid three one in london delhi ali was the man who would fire talk them in to the lead in the first off and then double the score eleven minutes into the second christian eriksen would make it three nil a two top and there would be a goal from christiane a rebel they pulled one back for real but the damage had already been done taught them now assured of a place in the last sixteen s of course the. very
4:54 pm
place for the performance of perforce was fantastic i think so important big big day for the club for the fans for the for the players for everyone. i think yes so so could be asked of the. symptom if it went to him i mean you're always asking if i'm worried about the situation and my answer is the same no i'm not and i'm not going to be i think tonight we played against a better team and they were better than us and we have to accept that it's the truth or. manchester city they're also through to the last sixteen it was sergio ag├╝ero who became city's all time top goalscorer he was one of four score is in a four two win for man city over napoli was also a good night for liverpool muhammad's one of three goals scored including him and daniel sturridge they won three no over slovenian club in k. maribor and also a turkish team edged closer to the knockout round of the one one draw with
4:55 pm
a monaco ukraine's shakhtar donetsk also stay on track to qualify for the next round maybe fi in order three one and they were also wins for f.c. porter and sylvia. brazilian club gremio through to the final of south america's top club competition the copper. hosted ecuadorian side barcelona in the second leg of the semi final and despite how one no loss still go through three one on aggregate they will be up against a lot of argentina in the final that one is taking place later this month. meanwhile south america's second tier club competition the couple sued amerikana for their at the quarter final stage brazilian rivals flamengo wearing red and black in this one and fluminense a played out a thrilling we all draw in this second leg encounter fluminense a lead three one and one stage but flamingo fought back to force a draw on the night they go through after winning the first one no say they advance
4:56 pm
to the semifinals for three on aggregate. it's still unclear whether russian athletes will be allowed to compete at next year's winter olympics in pyung chang but to have differently been banned for life skiers alexander leg for and he's competitive any belo far the first russian athletes to be sanctioned after an international olympic committee investigation into claims of state sponsored doping at the twenty fourteen sochi olympics lake or four was stripped of both his gold and silver medal the i.o.c. says more decisions will be made in the coming days. meantime the united states olympic committee are trying to get fans excited for next year's winter games times square in new york was the setting for the first of a thirteen city tour to meet supporters the athletes themselves are playing down north korean concerns. whatever the tensions are between north korea and the u.s.
4:57 pm
. you know the north koreans can't just attack the u.s. at the olympics you know if it were were all there were all together including the north koreans so that sort of the beauty of it is that everybody comes together and you got to kind of put all that stuff you know beside a major sponsor of the n.f.l. he is blaming the league for they drop in profits papa john's pizza c.e.o. john says he's disappointed the n.f.l. has not stopped players from kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice the company has pulled ads around games and say that sales estimates for the next quarter or being revised downwards was a donor to donald trump's election campaign rafael nadal created history as he secured the world number one ranking to aimed at the tennis season the spaniard beats a young chunk in he second round match at the paris masters at the age of thirty one it was enough to ensure that the spaniard becomes the oldest player to finish
4:58 pm
the year as the men's top ranked player it's also the fourth time that he's achieved this final year in ranking and into two thousand and eight twenty ten and twenty thirty. and that's all the sport another update coming up with joe guys are up to in the eight hundred g.m.t. hours from now it's back to you very much. thank you for joining me for this news hour here on al-jazeera keep it here we have much more news on the other side of the break. in colombia transforming. into building blocks of years. in the west blasting the war finished. in just ten years and in singapore for a chicken farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground it doesn't make sense to do that on a building can we make it not just decorative that can we might have biologically
4:59 pm
productive birthrights discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time on al-jazeera news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain that good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. the real. thing. is the name under which a reporter a regular regular music is really going to trip the very young age it may come from
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the make of what i feel that. talks about just want to. prolong the lives of our great music was the message that has to be relevant to this drug especially for the i think this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being students teachers activists filmmakers writers face all of them but it's limited the number of. people on the streets and protest has reached our doorstep so in whichever way i'd like to attempt to contribute something that's. a day in court for cattle on independence leaders but not everyone turned up.


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