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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist uninspired. and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. marching is such but this time on al-jazeera. eight ministers were catalonia is dissolved government are detained a special prosecutor seek an arrest warrant that asked anita.
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taters al-jazeera live from london also coming up a public relations stunt or a show of sympathy on some suchi visits rakhine state for the first time since the range of crisis erupted. may meets netanyahu marking the scenting ri of the british pledge to pave the way for the creation of israel the us. increasing number of children a dying of pollution related illnesses in nigeria so what's being done about it. begin in spain where eight ministers from catalonia has dissolved government be held in custody pending an investigation and possible trial over last week's declaration of independence prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for the region's deposed leader karla's preacherman remains in brussels with four of his ex cabinet ministers his lawyer has said he'll cooperate with the courts the national
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court in madrid question members of the now dissolved catalan government including which demands deputy possible rebellion charges at the same time a parallel supreme court session involving six catalan politicians has been suspended for a week. high court in madrid or what happens next with. still waiting to hear from george carman. from what we understand most probably there's going to be a european warrant issued against. and of for. ministers who are with him currently in belgium. we haven't. it hasn't been issued. earlier she did say however that she was she was compelled to. send to custody the eight ministers who appeared here in front of court all except one actually because of what because of the actions of carter's put him on himself
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because of the fact that he fled to belgium and that she said that she had no guarantee that they would stay in the country and join him their. ministers are in jail what happens to the political process and any possible election. well it is a very complicated situation at the moment and actually the. supporters the cattle and supporters will tell you that all of the why would they believe. in and then the upcoming elections if all of their leaders are being sent to jail today that was one of certainly what we heard from a group of cattle and supporters who were here outside of the court throughout the day and i have to say when the ruling came out they were very emotional and very upset they said that they didn't trust the spanish government anymore that this was a legitimate government that has been deposed it was an elected government now
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where does it put actually these elections one of the nine ministers who was here the one who received bail did offer did say that he was going to take part in those upcoming elections and. and you speak to the politicians back in catalonia they would tell you that they have other people to replace the ones who. himself says that he is staying in brussels to be the leader of an exile government and to make sure that actually people will be his supporters and his. members of cabinet will be able to receive fair justice it is of extremely complicated situation at the moment but what you do get from the catalan side is defiance they will go to these elections and they will put people forward they are also quite confident that they will win those elections they say this is going to be like a second referendum. to say well we're going to if we go to these elections who
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will guarantee that the spanish government will respect the outcome of those elections. thank you very much. state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand range of muslims to free their homes and nobel laureate has been facing international criticism for failing to speak up in defense of the revenger on the army has been accused of ethnic cleansing report. this is also first time in rakhine state military offensive began in august accompanied by government officials and prominent business leaders she visited several villages and spoke to people there including both muslims and buddhists. all of us want to live in peace she
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reportedly said adding that everyone will have to try hard to achieve that analysts say that's a wider message it's trying to put across i think it's all designed to give the appearance of some kind of stability and a normalcy that simply doesn't exist there and again i think this is her. dissolve tree attempt at spin to convince the world that everything so kind and that she's in charge of the situation these are the scenes that would have greeted the myanmar and her entourage house after house destroyed by fire entire villages once home to a hindu families deserted the government has refuted allegations that its troops are committing ethnic cleansing is defending the military operation as a legitimate counter offensive against a group of fighters it calls a terrorist organization the spokesman for the rakhine state government told al jazeera that. the two montalvo shows that the region is now stable but were hendra
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villages that spoken to say they don't believe have changed things on the ground or that more than six hundred thousand people have crossed into bangladesh this august and the exodus hasn't stopped largely al jazeera. and these two thousand ranger refugees are stranded in fields near the crossing on the border between me and bangladesh is calling on the government to move them to official displacement camps . the reports. posse is only a few days old his mother mommy to gave birth to him in traumatic circumstances while escaping with her two year old daughter she delivered him in the open air with only her mother to help. my daughter was in labor when we were escaping those no one to help during the birth of my grandchild i helped my daughter deliver the baby alone it was in the jungle on a hilltop or memo i cut the umbilical cord with my own hands it was a tough job. media and her family are the latest arrivals in
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a mass exodus over him. come it has sane left rakhine state with his four children he says memo security forces are committing atrocities. that the military brought to our houses and encircled the village they were forcing us to take national verification cards if we taken them they would rob routed us from our village because the card says our nationality is bangladeshi so we skate and hid in the jungle now we're here in bangladesh. it was a long and difficult journey for hamad and his family and it's not over yet they in around two thousand dollar range being held at the border crossing by bangladeshi guards they've not been told why over how long they'll be stuck there bangladesh says the refugees require vetting but the u.n. is calling on the government to allow them to move to a refugee camp these people have been walking for days just to reach them.
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even last night across the border there in terrible shape we hope the government can release them let them come further inland as soon as possible. officials in rakhine state deny the military is committing human rights abuses the government says there were illegal migrants and doesn't officially recognize them despite many having lived in myanmar for generations. the bangladeshi government says it cannot cope with any more refugees. all of which leaves rahane jell like her see stateless and persecuted with no way to call her victoria gave him the al-jazeera. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has traveled to the united kingdom to mark the centenary of the balfour declaration with his u.k. counterpart to reason may the decorations signed a hundred years ago and endorsed by britain led to this time mission to the jewish state of israel and terrorist atrocities on the other side to make a shadow him further and further out of reach israel still stands as
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a living breathing debating thriving rejoicing democracy on the streets of ramallah very different sentiments. to many palestinians powerful even britain itself are synonymous with treachery it period lism and broken promises the man the country that set in motion a century of oppression. not all british politicians are oblivious to that anger at another london gathering the main opposition party says the government's policy towards israel and palestine must change.
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the british government is not about to apologize for the balfour declaration no matter what the palestinian authority would like a british government minister said this centenary is being marked with pride and respect but also a degree of sadness sadness because as the british acknowledge when it comes to israel and palestine so much is still unresolved barnaby phillips al. zero westminster in central london. a libyan armed group that's holding the brother of the manchester arena bomber says it's up to libya's general prosecutor to decide whether to extradite him to the u.k. or wednesday british police issued an arrest warrant for hashim bedi and prosecutors asked libya to extradite him he's facing charges of murder attempted murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion. his brother salman killed twenty two people at the end of an ariana grande a concert in may is being held by the rather special terence force in libya. so how come when i was here a president trunk calls for the person responsible for tuesday's truck attack to
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face the death penalty will live in new york. and is trying to tighten america's borders canada announces a major push to its immigration numbers. hello there we're seeing a fair amount of cloud across the middle east at the moment and showing up fairly clearly on the satellite pictures that drift its way across the caspian sea the spring just a few sharper outbreaks of rain but not a great deal to it really on the charts for friday just a fair amount of cloud with a few pockets of showers but as we head through into saturday that's when we're going to see it begin to pop up so this time for some of us in iraq and iran we're likely to see some fairly sharp shows times during the day there's also more cloud working its way ahead of it and that's edging its way towards q.a. could bring us the old thundery downpour now
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a little bit further towards the south here doha we're ahead of that system so thirty four degrees will be our maximum and no major change really as we head through saturday maybe just a degree or so down but really the cloud staying away to the north of us for now further south you can see the cloud here runs along us that we might just squeeze out the old shower here but still get to around thirty degrees that i'm so what's a southern parts of africa plenty of sunshine in the eastern part of our but in the west where there's more in the way of cloud here it is over angola stretching down into new baby it is giving us some fairly sharp outbreaks of right and we're also seeing somewhat weather over cape town now this is tim's edging its way eastward should be a bit brighter in cape town for friday we'll get to around twenty degrees but the cloud will still be with us giving us some heavy rain there in angola.
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in india women his oldest seventy are to find their range and having babies when i want to use meets these elderly mothers. i will use chewing. at this time on al-jazeera. armont of the top stories when i was there a spanish judge has ordered eight catalan leaders including the former regional vice president to be held in custody pending an investigation into catalonia independence push spain's state prosecutor has requested
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a european arrest warrant ousted catherine i need a catalyst predictable. meeting on time of his different kind of state for the first time since a metric crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand range of muslims to free their homes. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in london to mark percent of the balfour declaration and britain promised the creation of a jewish homeland in palestine. yes president donald trump says the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack should get the death penalty trump said he would consider sending cypher sipos to the u.s. prison camp at guantanamo bay in cuba he was back in madrid has appeared in court charged with terror related offenses eight people were killed and several more injured when a truck drove through a bicycle path in manhattan on tuesday candlelit vigil has been held for those who died christianson him his life or set the scene of the attack. on the investigation . twenty nine year old. appeared in
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court late on wednesday to face two charges one of providing material support to terrorist organization i sold the other for using a motor vehicle to kill pedestrians and i'm reading more about what he's been telling investigators from those court documents including the fact that he admitted he was inspired by eisel videos that he saw online he told them that he felt good about what he had done and he asked if he could hang a flag in his hospital room investigators are still questioning a lot of suspects or a lot of people in to try to find out more about the suspect in this case he's the only person that's been arrested or charged so far but late on wednesday the f.b.i. did announce that they were looking for another person of interest another man from his back a sound someone that they found shortly afterwards again not a suspect at this stage to someone they want to talk to they're saying they're
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trying to find out of the man has any links to other people in the area who could be dangerous if anybody else was involved in if there are any direct links to isolate overseas at this stage no indication of that that we're getting from investigators the attorney general jeff sessions has been talking about the shooting what's he been saying. jeff sessions came to new york to thank first responders and talk about the administration's national security. priorities and one of the main things that he talks about is the president's immigration reform proposals which have been very controversial and come under fire and had some issues in the courts but what sessions said is that we need to keep dangerous people out of the country and so by having more extreme vetting of immigrants and fewer refugees allowed into the country and his view would be a way of accomplishing that he also talked about the need for tech companies to cooperate more with the justice department he said in the last year some seventy
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five hundred devices had been sought for information that could be helpful in prosecuting crimes and they couldn't get access to these devices because of encryption some cases in most cases even with a court order they weren't able to do that so we called for more cooperation from tech companies and also he's talking about the renewal of the foreign intelligence surveillance act which is a very controversial act that came into being after nine eleven and what allowed the attorney general to eavesdrop essentially and surveillance do surveillance on non-citizens overseas without a search warrant of course for privacy rights. advocates and individuals that's a very controversial thing but attorney general jeff sessions explained the administration's approach like this have a listen. to. this this administration will use all lawful to. including prosecution in article three courts or at guantanamo bay
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if anyone has any doubt about it they can ask the more than five hundred criminals in the department of justice has convicted terrorism related offenses since nine eleven. and president trump of course did say that he'd be willing to consider sending to want on a mobile where he would be tried in a military court as opposed to the civilian court where he's been charged here so far no. no concrete steps have been taken to make that happen christine to me thank you very much. newly released documents recovered from osama bin laden's pakistan compound shows secret dealings between iran and al qaeda that are among four hundred seventy thousand files that shed some light on the in a workings of al qaeda and also provide an insight into bin laden's family life and to name reports. this is the world's first glimpse of homs bid ladan as a man now in his twenty's he's the son of the former al qaeda leader osama bin
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laden and believed to be a potential future leader of the armed group home videos osama's journal and a list of his and his family's viewing habits or among the four hundred seventy thousand files seized during the raid on bin laden's pakistan compound in two thousand and eleven he was killed by u.s. navy seals but what's also making headlines in the u.s. are revelations about al qaeda links to iran it's alleged iran offered al qaeda money weapons and training to hit american targets in the gulf iran denies that and points out that it imprison bin laden's family and other al qaeda members this is already a precarious moment for iran u.s. relations president donald trump is hoping to scuttle a nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration and five countries the iranian dictatorships aggression continues to this day.
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the regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and provides assistance to al qaeda the taliban has mosques and other terrorist networks the cia release of al qaeda documents also comes as i saw is in retreat there's speculation al qaeda is hoping to capitalize on the group's weekend state natasha going to al-jazeera. number of children in nigeria dying of pollution related illnesses is on the rise or operations in the delta region are being blamed for such as say sixteen thousand infants died in twenty twelve but that figure continues to grow with even more contamination of food air and water and address reports from nigeria delta region. for many fishing communities of the delta having children was
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a blessing from an early age they could help with the work but that's more difficult now fisherman says his children began suffering from strange illnesses with fatal consequences. the pollution from the air the water and the fish we eat has killed two of my children the rest of the family for me down to the youngest everyone is ill it's all because of the oil with no savings he can't afford to take his family to see a doctor. for many who eventually get to hospital it's almost too late. doctors in this hospital say more than seventy infants and children are brought here on an average day with complications from pollution this is just one of dozens of hospitals in rivers state and infant deaths have been ony crees as the pollution gets worse. and this is why the rivers and the creeks are talked with crude oil
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the fish are contaminated the farmlands to. and even in some semi urban areas of the delta drinking water from the tap is a huge risk as underground water is not safe. we not only look at the effect on the respiratory system to try to look at the kind of us crisis to blood him a religious problems have a civilities here i was there was one of these i think that liver function tests experts say it's hard to get an accurate number of infant deaths here caused by pollution related illnesses many cases aren't reported either because the parents can't afford to pay for treatment or because of the remoteness of why they leave many communities in the delta region i'm left with little or no choice they have to rely on a polluted environment to eat drink and to breathe how many trees al-jazeera in nigeria's delta only nine of the almost two hundred countries which
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are pledged to eradicate hepatitis by twenty thirty are actually working towards that goal in aman figures were revealed at the world hepatitis summit in brazil daniel shauna's that. hepatitis kills as many people around the world each year as a child v.a.'s more than one point three million when many millions more suffer from the disease the world health organization the world hepatitis alliance more than one hundred ninety countries have come together here in sao paolo because they believe the disease can be eliminated and eliminated by the year twenty thirty a bold ambitious program that charles gore the president of the world hepatitis alliance believes is possible it is incredibly ambitious but i think actually this summit is a seminal moment we have program managers or ministers from eighty six countries there is no other forum where they come together like this and i think it's going
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to be a declaration at the end of a political declaration from. countries that brazil has assembled that is really going to say yes we absolutely commit to elimination and the summit is talking about the importance of including a civil society why is inclusion of civil society so important awareness is critical we have a huge role to play in that and some countries it's been absolutely bangladesh is a standout example they've done fantastic work and part of no head which is this elimination movement a grassroots elimination movement that we a civil society have started is a way of galvanizing awareness and action so one of the greatest challenges is that many people simply don't know they're suffering from the disease until some months into it that is something that people here are keen to address hoping to share their experiences and their knowledge hoping that if they can hepatitis around the
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world that knowledge can be used in the fight against other global diseases. promising to resume a has named chief whip kevin williamson as the new defense secretary he replaces michael fallon who quit a relegations of inappropriate sexual behavior john howard has the latest on the growing scandal in british politics. well things are getting extremely uncomfortable now for the prime minister to resign may who can really ill afford this sort of scandal this sort of destruction and moment of crucial importance in breaks in negotiations but it's clear now at the departure of the secretary of defense of michael fallon a senior minister and also with her party mired in allegations of sexual misconduct it's not the only party of course all the parties are touched by it but the conservatives deeply implicated by it it's clear that she can't now avoided some reports suggesting that so michael phelan was pushed that he was forced to resign by the prime minister who has said that she will demand the same of any minister found guilty of such misconduct to michael phelan in his letter of resignation to
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the prime minister saying that you know look what conduct may have been considered acceptable ten or fifteen years ago clearly is not now the culture he said as change he was accused he's admitted putting his hand on the knee of a journalist three times during a dinner in two thousand and two was among the fallout on thursday senior conservatives calling for a sea change for much deeper change for the prime minister to use this moment to draw a line under what has been described as a sort of boy's own locker room culture essentially that men in positions of seniority of power within the parliamentary infrastructure using their power improperly over colleagues over junior staff and volunteers the fifteen thousand or so pass holders who come and go from the powers of westminster every day many of them young women young men desperate to climb the ladder of power and dependent on these men in power for the opportunity to do so. canada's government says it will
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accept nearly one million immigrants over the next three years the plan was announced by immigration minister ahmed who said he said immigrants are needed to boost the country's labor market and the lack of course from toronto. already more welcoming of immigrants than many other countries canada is opening its doors even wider plans to admit more than three hundred forty thousand people a year up from roughly three hundred thousand now were announced in parliament by immigration minister ahmed hussein who came to canada from somalia in one thousand nine hundred three once this was a former british colony home mostly to people of european origin today especially in cities it's one of the most diverse places in the world recently released census figures say more than a fifth of canadians were born outside the country most of come under a merit based system that rates education and job skills highly once accepted they're allowed to bring close family here in the shopping malls and neighborhoods
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around canada's largest city is where the transformative effect of immigration can be seen most vividly and with the government's plans to bring in even more people from around the world over the next three years and beyond those changes will be set to continue economists and policymakers have long argued that even more immigration is crucial for canada's economy as it settled population ages and has fewer children the federal government is taking steps towards recognising that daniel lak al-jazeera toronto who here has the tale of a hippopotamus which made a break for freedom mention israelis before apparently changing its mind security camera footage shows a female hippo heading out lizzie's gate while a security guard looks on helplessly after a brief taste of freedom she turns around and heads back to her enclosure it's the same as here where three runners escaped and twenty fourteen after gaunt and missed me.
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on one of the top stories hodges era eight catalan leaders including the former regional vice president will be held in custody pending an investigation and potential trial over catalonia independence push spain's state prosecutor has requested a european arrest warrant for asked to lead a callous push to mourn and for others failed to show up at spain's high court and i can say sions of rebellion and misuse of public funds to meet has the latest from madrid. it does put. the political leadership in disarray if all these people that the people are going to jail for the next few weeks they will not be able to take part in the upcoming elections december twenty first. if the european arrest warrant is issued.
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has to come back and give himself or he would be considered a fugitive i mean lost leader aung sang suu kyi has visited record and state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand range of muslims to flee their homes the nobel laureate has been facing international criticism for failing to speak up in defense of the ranger and the u.n. say are the victims of ethnic cleansing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meeting the u.k. prime minister to resign may in london netanyahu his visit coincides with the centenary of the balfour declaration by britain promised the creation of a jewish state in palestine decoration has long been condemned by many palestinians . newly released documents recovered from osama bin laden's pakistan compound a british show secret dealings between iran and al qaeda a nine hundred page report that was included in the release by the cia says iran
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offered al qaeda money weapons and training to hit american targets in saudi arabia iran denies any involvement with the group bin laden was killed in his compound in twenty eleven. the number of children in nigeria dying of pollution related illnesses is on the rise or operations in the delta region a being blamed for such as a sixteen thousand infant start in twenty twelve but figures continue to grow with more contamination of food and water inside story is up next. it's just sixty seven words long and has been described as britain's broken promise
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the balfour declaration marked the start of a century of suffering for the palestinians and led to the creation of a jewish state so one hundred years old should written atone for the past this is inside story.


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