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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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ghana stands as the last geology for both mentally resources and hydrocarbons why are they so poor the measuring you guys would finally form a government that we may have the toxic plant essentially now and the more we lead to place them the more they push back we knew it was coming the question was do we sit back and wait or do we surprise them with a preemptive strike on the on the board at this time i'll just zero. a spanish judge or mons for macassar ministers in custody over the region's push for independence.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the british prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration. donald trump names jerome jay powell as his pick for the next federal reserve chairman paving the way for him to become the world's most powerful central banker. and an increasing number of children a dying of pollution related illnesses in nigeria so ports being done about it. first to spain where the fallout of a cash declaration of independence has led to eight for my catalan cabinet members being sent to jail another is being held pending a fifty eight thousand dollars bail payment the region's deposed leader card is bridged among remains in brussels but prosecutors are seeking
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a european arrest warrant for him to abdul hamid reports now from madrid. protests in the capital capital barcelona in support of the regional leadership summoned to face justice in madrid i feel very very very sad and sudden there's always ends with anger but first of all i. know we don't deserve neither spaniards nine of the fourteen members of the ousted regional government arrived at the court not knowing if they would walk out free. the catherine deposed president remained in belgium in defiance of the court order his lawyer says he is still willing to cooperate with justice but from overseas if they are they will do that. justice with the.
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spinning. belgium or the video conference it's possible to do the there are no permits to do and search. charges range from rebellion to sedition and abuse of public funds to finance a referendum they could receive up to thirty years in jail if. there were two hearings taking place at the same time while ministers of the now the government appearing in front of the national court just a few meters away this speaker of the dissolved catalan parliament and five other people were standing in front of the supreme court their session got adjourned for a week the defense arguing it didn't have enough time to prepare. the parliamentarians were allowed to walk free although they will be put under police surveillance tougher rulings were handed down to the ministers of the ousted regional government all but one were remanded in custody without bail pending
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investigation catherine separatists say the legal procedures are politically motivated a separation of powers in a spain is now a fiction because all powers in a spain are working in the line of the spanish government and this shouldn't happen in a western democracy this is what we are calling on the wall. because. it goes now through saving that along and helping catalonia because the future of europe at the stake now in catalonia. as. the madrid court emotions ran high among pro independence supporters they had travelled from barcelona in a show of solidarity. and. there are plenty of catalans who still regard to his demand and his cabinet as the only rigid timid government look i doubt that hammy but bricked. let's go live now to david chaytor who is in
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brussels and they've been in the past hour some conflicting reports coming in as to whether or not this arrest warrant for karl is pushed a month has been issued. yes we were told by people back out to the belgian lawyer acting for the deposed president bush had told him that the arrest warrant had been issued against himself and four other cabinet ministers here in exile in belgium but we've since heard that the national court was hearing the case in madrid has denied that they said that's not been officially confirmed yet but most people are expecting those warrants to be issued and served first thing on friday morning but we've also heard in a t.v. three local catalan t.v. station interview prerecorded with the deposed president somewhere here in
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belgium perhaps in brussels we don't know. we've heard the reaction of the mall to the court cases and to the imprisonment of his captors he said he described it in that prerecorded interview as an attack terrorist attack on our democracy strong words and he also sent his sympathy to the families of his cabinet ministers who've been put behind bars and expressed his willingness to help and. support them but time and time again in that recorded interview he used the words repression or oppression a very serious oppression lies ahead for the catalan people he said and it's very important that they use those words because it's the key to resisting any arrest warrant that is issued in the next twenty four hours because what is essential
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about that arrest warrant is if there's a political motive for it and that's why he kept repeating the word repression repression repression each time in that free recorded interview larry and of course we know that nine of his demands colleagues have been remanded in custody now he plans to stay in brussels what's his next move how might he try to avoid arrest. well the european arrest warrant was brought in just after the nine eleven attacks in the united states and it was meant to easy extradition easy you digital presence for fugitives within the twenty eight european states now what happens here is it does not name a little decision by the belgian prime minister or the belgium government this is considered by the belgian courts now. lawyer here pull back out as i've said is very experienced in this process he's said she dealt over the last thirty years
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on cases of asylum and migration here and he's dealt with the case with the bar separate movement at a back in two thousand and ten so he knows the details of it he knows it inside out so you'd say that the cattle on deposed president has got the very best lawyer to work on this case now if it happens that the arrest warrant is served then the belgian authorities will have to ask the police to get in touch and serve that warrant on the the council on present. and we we don't know where he years we don't know where this interview was conducted to the belgian of dorothy's no it is he in brussels as he moved on after giving that interview to be very difficult situation we don't know how and when this warrant will be served but it will be somehow tomorrow so we have to wait and see exactly what happens with a very complex situation is evolving here thank you very much david chase with the
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latest from brussels. now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attending a gala dinner in london with his british counterpart to reason may to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration it was signed in one nine hundred seventy nine endorsed by britain leading to the establishment of israel and the dispossession of palestinians from the homeland on a b phillips reports. his invitation to downing street on this day to israelis an affirmation of friendship to palestinians an insult to reason may says that britain is proud of its support for israel. at a lecture in london organized by the british jewish community a leading historian says the balfour declaration should be celebrated as a lead to the birth of a great country for all its problems and troubles for the acts obstinately liberal
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zionists like me ardently wish were not in the act for all the demolition. and terrorist atrocities on the other side that make a share further and further out of reach israel still stands as a living breathing debating thriving rejoicing democracy on the streets of ramallah very different sentiments. to many palestinians balfour even britain itself are synonymous with treachery imperialism and broken promises the man the country that set in motion a century of oppression. not all british politicians are believe yes to that at another london gathering the main opposition party says the government's policy towards israel and palestine must change. the opposition labor party's emily thornberry said there's no better time then for the british
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government to recognise the state of palestine she said that the labor party if elected is ready to take that step the british government is not about to apologize for the balfour declaration no matter what the palestinian authority would like a british government minister said this centenary is being marked with pride and respect but also a degree of sadness sadness because as the british acknowledge when it comes to israel and palestine so much is still unresolved the is. british prime ministers spend the evening at a dinner to mark lord balfour declaration but the british are careful with their language because as rival demonstrations suggest there is too much division and anger for britain to truly celebrate this and to. be philip's al-jazeera lancaster house in central london. so well to reason they benjamin netanyahu met for dinner to mark the anniversary of that declaration the palestinian president mahmoud abbas
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spoke about it on local t.v. he said that while the people of palestine cannot accept the hatred prejudice and injustice that the declaration has caused palestine is still committed to a two state solution with israel about said palestinians are suffering under the israeli occupation but is still determined to live in peace now u.s. president donald trump has named jerome powell as his pixley the federal reserve power is a multi-millionaire who currently serves on the bank's board is one of five candidates interviewed for the role including current chair janet yellen who's term finishes in february unofficial reports it is my pleasure and my honor to announce my nomination of jura powell. to be the next chairman of the federal reserve this is the man donald trump wants to steer economic policy in the u.s. if confirmed drone poll over the next chairman of the federal reserve a position many call the second most powerful job in the government inside the
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federal reserve we understand that monetary policy decisions matter for american families and communities i strongly share that sense of mission and i'm committed to making decisions with objectivity based on the best available evidence in the long standing tradition of monetary policy independence the decision to replace janet yellen is not a surprise but it is a break with precedent the last three fed chairman more automatically be appointed even by presidents of the opposite political party i think it's very much a political decision it's a very much a desire for president trying to say that he is replacing current fed chair janet yellen because she was appointed by obama and is essentially affiliated with the democratic policies how many people will know the name of the new fed chair not many people will care there is a new fed chair but the position holds enormous power over pensions over savings
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and over job prospects across the united states the fed steers economic policy in the u.s. while it sets interest rates its job essentially is to maximize employment and stabilize prices and janet yellen to control in twenty fourteen the u.s. was through the wash to the financial crisis in a first year g.d.p. the best way to measure a country's economy was a two point six percent unemployment was six percent inflation was point seven percent according to the latest figures g.d.p. is up to three percent unemployment is down four point two percent and inflation is just half of one percent with a record like that many observers doubt that there will be radical change with a new person in charge it seems in appointing powell it's going to continue. the federal continue in its route of pursuing lower interest rates and the president seems ok with that beyond that here that expressed much interest in what's going on in the federal reserve pole is a lawyer but he has served as
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a fed governor for five years and is now set for one of the biggest jobs the moshing to on global finance alan fischer al-jazeera washington and watching out there are still to come we sit down with the un's refugee chief to talk about the crisis and man mark as the urges the security council to act. i'm not finished make this fake news my jewish fake news it was a totally phony issue that fake news we don't want to downtown favorite phrases and they know what. they. hell are you may still be disappointed with the weather in melbourne that all the weather in australia now is so high you're on the bite stretching through victoria to a.c.t then back towards perth north of that looks quite quiet attempts actually
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don't quite reflect that twenty three and purses reason we wore thirty three in alice springs and that's a feed that keeps the south warm until you get down here here we've got a much more of a cold fetch only fifteen in melbourne so sydney's much better i'm not sure the want for less to come back to melbourne either it stays about the same facts anything it invades sydney dropping down to nineteen degrees is a bit disappointing really for spring or the weather that's quite often active in australia you know heads across the tasman sea to new zealand we're expecting a poor day on friday and there it is it's raining on this thing else because it's really quite mild seventeen or eighteen even warmer yet for the following day mind you it still looks disappointingly clarion even wet on saturday rain that stretches up towards timea caledonia new caledonia but tents tailed off by the time. i was on the equator her on the opposite season we've now got snow showing up just as the second day where it's potentially there in north korea it's the north east and china otherwise is but a right for japan so very mild and again we're talking rain not snow.
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in india women as old as seventy or define their range having maybe one or one east meets these elderly mother asks how old is too old to give up his time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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welcome back recap the top stories now a spanish judge has issued an arrest warrant for ousted katla need a card his push to mount according to his lawyer a former catalan cabinet members have been detained and a ninth is being held pending fifty eight thousand dollars bail payment. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attending a gala dinner in london to mark the centenary of the balfour declaration and person pave the way for the creation of israel. and the us president donald trump has named jerome powell as his pick to lead the federal reserve is a multi-millionaire who currently serves as a member of the banks. now the un's refugee chief says it's time for the united nations security council to come up with a solution to end the crisis in myanmar speaking to al jazeera filippo grandi recalled his recent visit to refugee camps in bangladesh i felt as i felt more than twenty years ago in those camps in eastern congo or these things
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a year at that time when rwandans were coming by the hundreds of thousands of conflicts is different but that could dish and the physical conditions of this huge out floor in a very poor area without proper shelter proper sites without enough water without enough sanitation reminded me of those tragic moments in the ninety's when we had to deal with those emergencies. we've had a visit now by and son suchi to iraq own state the first time since this crisis she's been there she's seen things for herself what does she now need to do the refugees the orange refugees have a right to return to their to their to their home seemed rakhine state but to do that you have to recreate the conditions for them to feel safe to go back and that means. addressing finally the issue of citizenship which is really the fundamental crux of the matter here you made strong comments on this do
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you believe that the security council has been strong enough or would you like them to take further action i think the security council to use their jargon remains seized of the matter and that is already something i don't think they have found us often happens yet the unity necessary to propose and to put forward the the solution you know if you think of syria all the years which we have waited for the security council to five who have unity on on on resolutions on syria these are this is the difficulty this is why my message to the council today is lack of international cooperation which can happen here at the council favors the refugee flows or rather prevents solutions to refugee flows from being established and therefore these refugee flows to end so it's time
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for them to step up the council time to step up and to agree i would say this is the key word or myanmar's leader has visited rankine state for the first time since the military crackdown was launched a nobel laureate has been facing international criticism for failing to speak up in defense of the ranger while the army has been accused of ethnic cleansing. now the cia's released four hundred seventy thousand files that were captured jaring the right that killed al qaeda leader a solid bin ladin and may twenty levon include letta's videos photos and audio files all of which give an insight into the plans and what kinds of the armed group our state department correspondent in jordan reports. according to the cia the man in this wedding video may well be the future leader of al qaida hommes a bin laden one of the songs of osama bin laden the video is one of hundreds of
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thousands of materials taken during the raid on the al qaeda leader's home in a bought a bought pakistan on may first two thousand and eleven the cia says it's trying to give the public as much insight into his operations at the time u.s. special forces captured and killed bin laden i think it's important for everybody in both united states and the rest of the world have access to these so they can make their own judgments rather having to rely on the interpretation of any government including that of the united states included in this the fourth release of materials from a bottom bod bin laden's personal journal and our policy documents videos of him practicing speeches and what the cia calls propaganda material. some of the big issues dominating material includes al qaida split with isis over religious and operational policy bin laden's plans to use the arab spring uprisings for on his benefit and his plans to rehabilitate his reputation in order to get more support
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from muslims worldwide some of the documents also apparently reveal a much closer link between al qaida a sunni inspired group and iran a shia country government experts say that could be important in light of current u.s. policy toward terror on long term strategically the government of iran sees it as a threat true both the state and to the shia religion. however short term tactical if they can gain advantage particularly against united states they will cooperate with al qaeda including sheltering leading al qaeda figures if information is power then the international community now has more insight into how al qaeda operated in two thousand and eleven the challenge will be determining just how relevant this information is today rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington the man responsible for killing eight people when he drove his truck into a crowd of pedestrians in new york has told investigators he felt good about what
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he'd done u.s. president trump has called for twenty nine year old safe to face the death penalty christensen in the reports. lifelong friends from argentina on the trip of a lifetime they were in high spirits as they rode along the hudson river bike path and work to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their high school graduation just a few kilometers later their ride would put them in the path of a truck driver intent on killing five of the ten men died in tuesday's attack the deadliest in new york since nine eleven. back home in argentina a vigil was held in their honor there were candles and tears which marks such occasions. in new york consular officials from the country said the men's families would be arriving over the next few days to claim the bodies of the victims they're really strong yes suffering a lot they've been friends through all the lives they lost very very very close
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friends but they keep fighting and we're with them. three others were also killed in the attack a belgian mother of two a new yorker and a man from new jersey prosecutors say twenty nine year old subpool was inspired to carry out the rampage by eisel and found videos from the group on his cell phone. that might have the roadway where the attack happened have reopened and new yorkers are going about their lives as usual but investigators are still trying to find out if anyone else was involved but the trump administration is looking for ways to ensure an attack like this doesn't happen again. the country's attorney general says guantanamo remains an option for terror suspects. terrorists should know this this administration will use all lawful tools at our disposal including prosecution in article three courts or at guantanamo bay if anyone has any doubt about it they
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can ask the more than five hundred criminals in the department of justice has convicted terrorism related offenses since nine eleven and they can ask the dozens of enemy combatants at guantanamo so we're not slowing down. president trump repeated his call for the death penalty for sipe and also for stricter immigration policies. we want to select people based on their ability to contribute to our country not use people randomly we have no idea who they are. the political fallout from an attack which destroyed lives sparking debate over how to prevent another christian salumi al-jazeera new york. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein has been in an gyptian prison for more than three hundred ten days is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny mood has
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repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he's arrested in december while visiting his family. the presidents of south sudan and sudan have met in khartoum to try and ease relations it solve a key is third visit to the sudanese capital since the country split in twenty eleven after a twenty two year civil war leaders address border disputes and accusations of supporting rebels in each other's territory so don't also agree to help south sudan restart fuel production in oil fields destroyed by the conflicts. the number of children in nigeria dying of pollution related to illnesses is on the rise in oil operations in the delta region a being blamed for such as say sixteen thousand infants died in two thousand and twelve but that figure continues to grow with even more contamination of food and water amid address reports from nigeria is delta region. for many fishing communities of the delta having children was
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a blessing from an early age they could help with the work but that's more difficult now fisherman abram gray says his children began suffering from strange illnesses with brutal consequences. the pollution from the air the water and the fish we eat has killed two of my children the rest of the family for me down to the youngest everyone is ill it's all because of the oil. with no savings he can't afford to take his family to see a doctor. for many who eventually get to hospital it's almost too late. doctors in this hospital say more than seventy infants and children are brought here on an average day with complications from pollution this is just one of dozens of hospitals in rivers state and infant deaths have been owning crees as the pollution gets worse. and this is why the rivers in the creeks are talked with
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crude oil the fish are contaminated. the farmlands too and even in some semi urban areas of the delta drinking water from the tap is a huge risk as underground water is not safe. with a little look at the effect on the respiratory system to try to look at the kind of earth crisis to block him a religious or problems have a civilities here i was with this one it is i think that liver function tests experts say it's hard to get an accurate number of infant deaths here caused by pollution related illnesses many cases aren't reported either because the parents can't afford to pay for treatment or because of the remoteness of why they believe many communities in the delta region i'm left with little or no choice they have to rely on a polluted environment to eat drink and to breathe homage agrees
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al-jazeera in nigeria's delta. a term made popular by u.s. president donald trump has been named collins dictionary's what of the year fake news will be printed in the next edition phrase which is frequently used by trump and his allies to criticize media reports is seen as three hundred sixty five percent rise in use since two thousand and sixteen is defined as false often sensational information disseminated under the guise of news reporting is a small sample of trial and a way out of the year. i'm not finished fake newsman to straight news it was a totally phony story that we don't want fake news. the fake news just fake it's fake it's made up stuff i call the fake is the enemy of the people the fake media is trying to silence us you are fake go ahead.
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look at the stories making headlines before a spanish judge has issued an arrest warrant for ousted katla need a car his push to mount according to his lawyer eighty four make outline cabinet members have been detained and a ninth is being held pending a fifty eight thousand dollars bail payment a judge ordered that detention as part of an investigation into catalonia push for independence or to abdel-hamid is it. does put. the political leadership in disarray if all these people that the people are going to jail for the next few weeks that they will not be able to take part in the upcoming elections december twenty first. if the european arrest warrant is issued will then be either has to come back and give himself or he would be considered a fugitive and all the headlines myanmar's leader unsung suchi has visited rock kind state for the first time since
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a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand random muslims to flee their homes the nobel laureate has been facing international criticism for failing to speak up in defense of the red the u.n. say the victims of ethnic cleansing. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attending a gala dinner in london to meet the british prime minister to reason may visit coincides with the centenary of the balfour declaration when britain promised the creation of israel and palestine the declaration has long been condemned by palestinians u.s. president donald trump says the man charged with carrying out a new york city truck attack should get the death penalty the back immigrant has been charged with terror related offenses after he confessed to acting in the name of ice ill a candlelit vigil has been held in new york for the eight people killed in the attack the number of children in nigeria dying of pollution related illnesses is on the rise. in the delta region of being blamed for such as say sixteen thousand
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infants died in two thousand and twelve but that figure continues to grow with even more contamination of food and water. the headlines want to is coming up next that's it for myself from the teen in london but more news in twenty five minutes. there is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. in their service these are. the pressure to have children is so great.


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