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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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along the coast. enough to pull his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. might you know such as this time on al-jazeera. from belgium the house of catalan leader calls for the release of eight of his jailed ministers while prosecutors in madrid ask for his arrest.
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l.o.l. rahman you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes the letter that changed palestine forever mass protests about one hundred years since the balfour declaration. and for the first time since the latest crisis began me about as leader visits a rocky state. the cia releases a trove of documents out of summer but lot more about his family is revealed along with allegations of secret dealings between iran and al qaeda. welcome to the program there's confusion over whether an arrest warrant has been issued for the ousted leader of catalonia the lawyer for careless bridgeable says a spanish judge has approved the warrant but there's been no official word. from
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madrid but what we do know is that spain has requested his arrest is currently staying put in belgium and released this statement a short time ago and to spend a lot of yet to go if we can expect a long and fierce repression the fury in which the spanish state has attacked a beautiful european nation is outrageous and is threatening us all but we cannot fail we must fight it we will do this as catalans have always done without violence peacefully and with respect for everybody's opinions well david chaytor has the latest from brussels. lawyer here in brussels said that he told him that an arrest warrant had been issued against him and four of the cabinet ministers in exile here in brussels but the national court that was hearing the case in madrid said there had been no official confirmation of that but it does appear that this arrest warrant as you're aware from the warrant will be served against both bush
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tomorrow and his cabinet ministers here. probably very early on friday morning and there was a pre recorded interview by a local catalan t.v. station t.v. three of which tomorrow here in brussels we don't know where it was but it was a very sharp response to the events that have taken place during the course of thursday in the ports in the druid and who tomorrow said that this was nothing less than a terror attack as he called it on democracy he warned the catalonians they faced a. very strong repression in the months ahead not repression was the word he kept using why did he use that word repression because if a warrant is served against him here in brussels if it can be proved there is a political motive behind. this arrest warrant then he has a very strong chance of receiving a. while i'm here in belgium is not the belgian government that decides this case
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it is a belgian court and it's of pigeonholes former cabinet members have been jailed and another is being detained in madrid a move the ouster of catalan president has called a serious mistake well hoda abdel-hamid reports from madrid. protests in the capital capital barcelona in support of the regional leadership summoned to face justice in madrid i feel very very very sad and there's always some anger but first of all. this is way of governing a country like spain is not we don't deserve it neither spaniards nine of the fourteen members of the ousted regional government arrived at the court not knowing if they will walk out free. the catherine deposed president remained in belgium in defiance of the court order his lawyer says he is still willing to cooperate with justice but from overseas if they.
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spin justice with. its. spin. belgium or the video conference it's possible to do the there are no permits to do and search. charges range from rebellion to sedition and abuse of public funds to finance a referendum they could receive up to thirty years in jail if found guilty there were two hearings taking place at the same time while ministers of the now the government were appearing in front of the national court just a few meters away. of the dissolved catalan parliament and five other people were standing in front of the supreme court their session got adjourned for a week the defense arguing it didn't have enough time to prepare. the
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parliamentarians were allowed to walk free although they will be put under police surveillance tougher rulings were handed down to the ministers of the ousted regional government all but one were remanded in custody without bail pending investigation catherine separatists say the legal procedures are politically motivated a separation of powers in a spain is now a fiction because all powers in a spain are working in the line of the spanish government and this shouldn't happen in a western democracy this is what we are calling on the wall. because. it goes now through saving that along and helping catalonia because the future of europe at the stake now in catalonia. outside the madrid court emotions ran high among pro independence supporters they had travelled from barcelona in a show of solidarity.
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still regard to demand and his cabinet as the only region to meet government. without that honey addict israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been attending a garden dinner in london with his british counterpart to reason may to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration the declaration was signed in one thousand nine hundred seventeen and indorsed by britain and it led to the establishment of the jewish state of israel and the dispossession of palestinians from their homeland bobby phillips has been. his invitation to downing street on this day to israelis an affirmation of friendship to palestinians an insult to reason may says that britain is proud of its support for israel. at a lecture in london organized by the british jewish community a leading historian says the balfour declaration should be celebrated as
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a lead to the birth of a great country for all its problems and troubles for the acts. liberal zionists like me ardently wish were not in the act for all the demolition. and terrorist atrocities on the other side that make a further and further out of reach israel still. a living breathing debating thriving rejoicing democracy on the streets of ramallah very different sentiments. to many palestinians balfour even britain itself are synonymous with treachery it period and broken promises the man the country that set in motion a century of oppression. not all british politicians are believe us to that at another london gathering the main opposition party says the government's policy towards israel and palestine must change. the opposition labor
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party's emily thornberry said there's no better time then for the british government to recognise the state of palestine she said that the labor party if elected is ready to take that step the british government is not about to apologize for the balfour declaration no matter what the palestinian authority would like a british government minister said this is being marked with pride and respect but also a degree of sadness sadness because as the british acknowledge when it comes to israel and palestine so much is still unresolved the. reilley and british prime ministers spend the evening at a dinner to mark lord balfour's declaration but the british are careful with their language because as rival demonstrations suggest there is too much division and anger for britain to truly celebrate this and part of the philips al-jazeera lancaster house in central london while series mahan benyamin netanyahu met for
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dinner in london to mark the anniversary of the declaration palestinian president mahmoud abbas addressed his people on local television he said that while the people of palestine cannot accept the hatred prejudice and injustice that the declaration has caused palestine is still committed to a two state solution with israel about said palestinians are suffering under the israeli occupation but want to live in peace now the balfour declaration see them as beginning the forced expulsion and displacement of millions of palestinians from their land over the years but it's myth that one morning garza who remembers the final years of the british mandate in palestine. at the age of ninety four mohammed alba hayseed is almost as old as the british commonwealth cemetery in garza it's the final resting place for thousands of soldiers killed as they fought for empire in one nine hundred seventeen and then in the second world war a permanent reminder of britain's pivotal role in shaping the destiny of today's
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palestinians. very beginning of the british mandate it was obvious they loved the jews they supplied them with everything including weapons tanks food everything. was they really put pressure on us the law was that if a single bullet was found in the hands of a palestinian he would be hanged immediately. mohammed fought with other palestinians against the arms zionist groups that attacked the villages before the creation of israel. at first we didn't really know what. only later did you realize it meant giving a national home to the jews at the time we were not really able to win the war with the jewish groups simply britain favored the jews and give them our land to establish their own state and we had no other choice but to flee and leave our lands mohammed would be among the seven hundred thousand palestinians who fled what in one thousand nine hundred forty eight had just become israel. a hundred years
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after the promises made by both we've left everything behind our land our homes. now we are dependent on food. no water and on the. mohammad think they'll ever be peace here they killed us left us hungry term into a refugee how can there be peace he asks. bernard smith our jazeera gaza. to us b. one b. bombers have flown over the korean peninsula they were joined by south korean and japanese fighter jets the u.s. says it was a show jeweled exercise over south korean airspace but it comes at a time of heightened tension with north korea president all trampin senior officials are due to visit seoul on choose those part of an asia tour has consistently said such military exercises are provocations. south american our venezuelan president has madeira says he plans to restructure all future foreign
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debt in response to u.s. economic sanctions the south american country has sunk to a deep recession following the collapse of oil prices and domestic mismanagement doldrums of ministration imposed financial restrictions after accusing the doura presiding over a corrupt and look press of dictatorship all still ahead here on out is over the man accused of killing eight people with a truck in new york city appears in court as president trump demands the death penalty. and hundreds of journalists have been killed while doing their jobs we take you to the most dangerous place in the world to be a reporter. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello the northeast monsoon is set in china as the winter
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monsoon eventually will get colder but not yet it's too recently mild couldn't call it warm twenty three in shanghai on all without a hong kong or much the same warmer in places and you go to the other side of china chunk to twenty three up in the hills of misty in situ on the far west that is snow otherwise it's dry and sunny there is rain in the south china sea a clump of clouds that started off as just big thunderstorms cause some flooding in the philippines in luzon in particular as they formed itself as we thought it would into a tropical storm it's still strengthening is forecast to go in the next two days directly west would really through southern vietnam and cambodia possibly towards thailand as it strengthening it will produce winds of mine a hurricane strength as it comes on board late friday early saturday but maybe more especially it will bring very heavy rain in a part of the world where the rain has been heavy recently so pretty widespread flooding seems. quite inevitable we'll watch it obviously now the monsoon rain
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that's been drifting out of india has just holt of the time being it tends to get in-house this time here with a northeasterly wind and the tamilnadu particular channel has recently been flooding the chances are to be more heavy rain and more of the same. the weather sponsored by cattle base. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to a small spot in the in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days who cleaner. and one is called fed up against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time on a jersey. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin a reminder of our top stories the ousted leader of catalonia has warned of a long period of repression people by spain. is staying put in belgium the spanish government is expected to announce a warrant for his arrest on friday eight of his ministers have been jailed in madrid over the region's independence declaration also israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in london to. the balfour declaration when britain promised the creation of a jewish homeland in palestine he said mark the occasion with britain's to resume a declaration has long been condemned by palestinians. america's top diplomat is to visit me in mar to discuss the range of crisis secretary of state
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rex tillerson will be leaders and officials on the there but the fifteenth pressure is increasing on the white house to impose measures against the government they put all in the senate a bipartisan group has introduced a bill which would restrict military cooperation until. violence stops i mean mars leader and son suchi has visited rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand rohingya go to flee their homes. has been facing international criticism for failing to stop what the u.n. describes as ethnic cleansing from young gone from slavery reports. this is all signs you g.'s first time in rakhine state it's a renewed military offensive began in august accompanied by government officials and prominent business leaders she visited several villages and spoke to people there including both muslims and buddhists. all of us want to live in peace she reportedly said adding that everyone will have to try hard to achieve that analysts
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say that's a wider message is trying to put across i think it's all designed to give the appearance of some kind of stability and a normalcy that simply doesn't exist there and again i think this is her. dissolve tree attempt at spin to convince the world that everything so kind and that she's in charge of the situation these are the scenes that would have greeted the myanmar and her own drug house after house destroyed by fire entire villages once home to a hinge of families deserted the government has refuted allegations that its troops are committing ethnic cleansing is defending the military operation as a legitimate counter offensive against a group of fighters it calls a terrorist organization the spokesman for the rakhine state government told al jazeera that. the two monks showed that the region is now stable. villages that spoken to say they don't believe have changed things on the ground or that more
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than six hundred thousand people have crossed into bangladesh it's august and the exodus hasn't stopped largely al jazeera. at least two thousand. strong did in fields near a bangladeshi border crossing the being held by border guards the united nations is calling on the government to move them to refugee camps says victoria can be reports. pasi is only a few days old his mother mamita gave birth to him in traumatic circumstances while escaping with her two year old daughter she delivered him in the open air with only her mother to help. my daughter was in labor when we were escaping there was no one to help during the birth of my grandchild i helped my daughter deliver the baby alone it was in the jungle on a hilltop a meme i cut the umbilical cord with my own high. it was a tough job media and her family are the latest arrivals in a mass exodus ever hinge. comment has saying left rakhine state with his four
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children he says memo security forces are committing atrocities. that the military brought our houses and encircled the village they were forcing us to take national verification cards if we taken them they would rob routed us from our village because the card says our nationality is bangladesh so we skate and hid in the jungle now we're here in bangladesh. it was a long and difficult journey for hamad and his family and it's no say they yet they and around two thousand being held at a border crossing by bangladeshi guards they've not been told why over how long they'll be stuck there bangladesh says the refugees require vetting but the un is calling on the government to allow them to move to a refugee camp these people have been walking for days just to reach the myanmar. even last night across the border there in terrible shape we hope the government
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can release them let them come further inland as soon as possible. officials in rakhine state deny the military is committing human rights abuses the government says the ranger are illegal migrants and doesn't officially recognize them despite many having lived in myanmar for generations. the bangladeshi government says it cannot cope with any more refugees. all of which leaves her hinge a like her see stateless and persecuted with no way to call home victoria gave him the al-jazeera. aid groups are warning of a potential for a major cholera outbreak amongst the remaining who fled me and they face poor sanitation and lack of hygiene facilities in those makeshift camps in bangladesh we are definitely sitting on a ticking bomb as far as water sanitation and hygiene is concerned so the if you look at the sheer number of people and was only efforts being deployed in building
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latrines in that are knocked in a profound enough in a way the west you know have to be managed in one way or the other to have every reason to fear that we can get into situations that can lead to greater breaks to north america now where the man charged with killing eight people in new york with a truck has told investigators he felt good about what he did u.s. president donald trump has called for twenty nine year olds a fellow sufferer of to face the death penalty kristen salumi has more from new york. lifelong friends from argentina on the trip of a lifetime they were in high spirits as they rode along the hudson river bike path in new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their high school graduation just a few kilometers later their ride would put them in the path of a truck driver intent on killing five of the ten men died in tuesday's attack the
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deadliest in new york since nine eleven. back home in argentina a vigil was held in their honor there were candles and tears which marks such occasions in new york consular officials from the country said the men's families would be arriving over the next few days to claim the bodies of the victims really strong yes suffering a lot they've been friends through all the lives they lost very very very close friends but they keep fighting and we are with them three others were also killed in the attack a belgian mother of two a new yorker and a man from new jersey prosecutors say twenty nine year old subpool was inspired to carry out the rampage by eisel and found videos from the group on his cell phone. like the roadway where the attack happened reopened and new yorkers are going about their lives as usual but investigators are still trying to find out if anyone else
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was involved while the trumpet ministration is looking for ways to ensure an attack like this doesn't happen again. the country's attorney general says guantanamo remains an option for terror suspects terrorists. this administration will use all lawful tools at our disposal including prosecution in article three courts or at guantanamo bay if anyone has any doubt about it they can ask the more than five hundred criminals the department of justice has convicted terrorism related offenses since nine eleven and they can ask the dozens of enemy combatants at guantanamo so we're not slowing down. president trump repeated his call for the death penalty for side and also for stricter immigration policies. we want to select people based on their ability to contribute to our country not use people randomly we have no idea who they are. the political fallout
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from an attack which destroyed lives sparking debate over how to prevent another christian salumi al-jazeera new york. transformer campaign chairman has appeared in court accused of conspiracy against the united states and money laundering paul manifolds says the criminal case brought by the special counsel robert mueller is embellished his lawyers defended him as a successful political consultant who was involved in the international financial transactions as part of his work the judge has ordered him to remain under home arrest. well newly released documents recovered from osama bin laden's baucus thun compound shows secret dealings between iran and al qaeda the cia says the files including videos documents on face has provided more insights into how bin laden ran the al-qaeda and why he wanted to wage war on the west all state department correspondent rosalind jordan reports. according to the cia the man in this wedding
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video may well be the future leader of al qaida homs a bin laden one of the sons of osama bin ladin the video is one of hundreds of thousands of materials taken during the raid on the al qaeda leader's home in a bought a bought pakistan on may first two thousand and eleven the cia says it's trying to give the public as much insight into his operations at the time u.s. special forces captured and killed bin laden i think it's important for everybody in both united states and the rest of the world have access to these so they can make their own judgments rather having to rely on the interpretation of any government including that of the united states included in this the fourth release of materials from a bottom bod bin laden's personal journal and policy documents videos of him practicing speeches and what the cia calls propaganda material. some of the big
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issues dominating material includes al qaida split with i saw over religious and operational policy bin laden's plans to use the arab spring uprisings for al qaeda as benefit and his plans to rehabilitate his reputation in order to get more support from muslims worldwide some of the documents also apparently reveal a much closer link between al qaida a sunni inspired group and iran a shia country experts say that could be important in light of current u.s. policy toward terror on long term strategically the government of iran sees al qaeda as a threat true. both the state and to the shia religion however short term tactically if they can gain advantage particularly against the united states they will cooperate with al qaeda including sheltering leading al qaeda figures if information is power then the international community now has more insight into how al qaeda operated in two thousand and eleven the challenge will be determining just
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how relevant this information is today rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington throughout the past decade voles an eight hundred journalists have been killed while doing their jobs through the cases have been solved but in mexico twenty seventeen is said to be a record for the number of journalists but it was john home and reports. eleven killed so far this year just for doing their jobs because one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists among them happy about there is a middle slava breach internationally renowned reporters who investigated government corruption and organized crime now they're gone but it's not just that there that's worrying press freedom groups it's what comes after after half year was worth it even in these two high profile cases months later still no one's been arrested one of the main consequences of the impunity is that journalists start censoring themselves they stop reporting on organized crime to stop reporting on
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corruption and as a result the entire areas in mexico basically have no serious journalistic coverage or if the gate of journalism going on. free speech groups estimate that ninety nine point seven percent of verbal or physical attacks against journalists go on punished in mexico. ricardo sanchez is the special prosecutor for crimes against free speech in the last six years it's only been three convictions what's going on . this is a very complicated issue the federal government and attorney general's office know we face a big challenge in beating the impunity. we created a group to execute arrest warrants with the federal police and get people before a judge so we're doing important work i recognize we've got a long way to go we're working hard with the state governments. cinna lower stay in the grip of crime is one of the most dangerous for reporters. martin didn't fled
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after getting threats it still bothers him that the articles he and other journalists risk their lives for make little impact in an often openly corrupt society. i think sometimes it's kind of a suicidal calling you wonder why should we run these stories because we know things aren't going to change. martin and around five hundred other journalists are in a government protection program that free speech groups say authorities themselves are actually responsible for the majority of attacks on the press and that really doesn't bode well as we head into what's going to be a fiercely fought election season if politicians are willing to use violence against journalists and if there are virtually no consequences for doing so that spells bad news for the more kristie john home and how does it or mexico city.
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you're watching algis there i'm still robin these are our top stories the ousted leader of catalonia has warned of a long period of repression for his people by spain. is staying put in belgium the spanish government is expected to announce a warrant for his arrest on friday eight of his ministers have been jailed in madrid over the region's independence declaration. released this statement and to spend a lot of yet to go if we can expect a long and fierce repression of the fury in which the spanish state has attacked a beautiful european nation is outrageous and is threatening us all but we cannot fail we must fight it and we will do this as catalans have always done without violence peacefully and with respect for everybody's opinions israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in london to mark the seventeen areas of the balfour declaration when britain promised the creation of a jewish homeland in palestine now he's marked the occasion with britons to reason may the declaration has long been condemned by palestinians dispossessed from their
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lands meanwhile palestinian president mahmoud abbas addressed his people on local television he said while the people of palestine cannot accept the hatred prejudice and injustice that the declaration has caused palestine is still committed to a two state solution with israel about said palestinians are suffering. under the israeli occupation but want to live in peace i mean miles laden's own suchi has arrived in rakhine state for the first time since a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand rangar to flee to bung other suci has been facing international criticism for failing to stop what the un describes as ethnic cleansing aid groups are warning of the potential for a major cholera outbreak amongst the remainder the face for sanitation and a lack of hygiene facilities in makeshift camps the man charged with killing eight people in new york with a truck has told investigators he felt good about what he'd done twenty nine year
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olds say fool us a poll says he was inspired by online eisel videos and planned the attack for a couple of weeks trampers called for side of to face the death penalty i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's inside story. it's just sixty seven words long and has been described as britain's broken promise the balfour declaration marked the start of a century of suffering for the palestinians and led to the creation of a jewish state so one hundred years old she had written a turn for the past this.


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