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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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provoking debate the corporate tax of not her job growth on the barack obama the world will only do that when that's not true chuckling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you giving me room didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute you didn't charge him shot one saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. so his army pushes into one of us in the final strongholds. and jane doesn't this is al jazeera live from the was
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a coming up to learn his political crisis escalates with a rest of some of the region's ousted cabinet ministers. and u.s. secular state prepares to visit me in my on his agenda talks on their hengel crisis . inspired by freedom i read look at the art of the impressionists who were refugees in london. syrian state television says the army and its allied forces have pushed out of the eastern city of. last remaining syrian stronghold and the capital of an oil rich province bordering iraq the military campaign to recapture that is on again in september when the army managed to break its three year long siege on the city and its residents there's been hashim on the monitors tracking developments from on the turkey syria border
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so it seems they managed to push them out and they're going to find their ass from . a city which has become politically destroyed by months of strikes and intense fighting between the syrian army backed by russian warplanes and shia militias and. i sailed there today earlier in the day there was some fierce fighting in tow in today birds. and then her media where i saw defense lines hold for quite some time until they were broken by in towns shelling now those areas have been told by the syrian army backed by different militias and they say that the start of the clearing operation to clear out the areas looking for suspected or potential booby trap buildings suicide bombers or snipers this city is now totally under the control of the syrian
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army which is quite a significant development in the sense that it paves the way for the syrian army for the first time since the start of the uprising in syria to start expanding further in the east some part of the country is asking r.t. more about what it means for the syrian army the significance of this in the battle against isis and the bigger picture here. while it reverses the narrative that's been going quite some time which is the syrian army is losing the battle now it's no longer the case we're seeing the syrian army expanding reversing the gains made by the rebels or bed made by. all by the kurds this syrian army now is taking more territory and the total which was under the control of i still the opposition or the kurds is shrinking in some parts of syria this is number one number two now the army is going to set its eyes on come out which is going to be the last song. in syria. is on the border with iraq is some sort of
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a gateway for for i thought it was crucial for i say because of the book about the could get supplies from iraq that could move further towards the some part of syria however there are some potential challenges facing the syrian army in the near future it is not in control of the very important oil fields which are in the north of the dealers always are still under the control of sunni tribes van and the which is the coalition of kurdish fighters i think the coming days we might see some fierce fighting between the syrian army and the about for the control of those oil fields tell us more about the oil fields and how i so used to fund themselves and the importance of this development. jane if you remember back in two thousand and fourteen when suddenly i sell swept through huge swathes of land in iraq and syria spreading their own version of what they describe as an islamic state saying that
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they would like to spread that islamic state all over the world for them to be able to maintain that propaganda war they had to have financial means and they found that india basically we're talking about feels in their deserve that we're pumping pumping something like forty five thousand barrels a day and there were some estimations that i said was making hundreds of millions of dollars out of the oil trade in deal. with that cash they were able to recruit fighters from all over the world by weapons food and also encourage people to join the islamic kelly. this explains why they didn't declare. for example. capital in syria that narrative with the with a lot with started losing areas indoors or and oil fields has become the beginning of the end for in syria so by losing those fields there was the beginning
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of the and all right thanks to that hashem i have. a belgian court could help keep the deposed leader of spain's catalonia region out of jail with an international arrest warrant for colors are expected to be issued on friday he missed a summons to spanish court on thursday because he's in belgium seeking freedom and safety the deposed leader only sacked cabinet are being investigated for sedition following last month's declaration of independence lawyer says his client will cooperate with belgian police but would appeal any belgian approval for extradition the deposed leader says thursday's jailing of some of his cabinet ministers in madrid is an attack on democracy. the spanish government decision to imprison the cabinet members of the legitimate government of catalonia is a very grave mistake it is a grave attack on democracy imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principles of democracy. is following
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developments from brussels. lawyer here in brussels said that he told him that an arrest warrant had been issued against him and four of the cabinet ministers in exile here in brussels but the national court that was hearing the case in madrid said there had been no official confirmation of that but it does appear that this arrest warrant as you're aware from the warrant will be served against both bush tomorrow and his cabinet ministers here. probably very early on friday morning and there was a prerecorded interview by a local catalan t.v. station t.v. three of which tomorrow here in brussels we don't know where it was but it was a very sharp response to the events that have taken place during the course of thursday in the ports in the dritte and said that this was nothing less than
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a terror attack as he called it on democracy and he warned the catalonians they faced a. very strong repression in the months ahead not repression was the word he kept using why did he use that word remeasure because if a warrant is served against him here in brussels if it can be proved there is a political motive behind. this arrest warrant then he has a very strong chance of receiving asylum here in belgium is not the belgian government that decides this case it is the belgian courts it except his lawyer and head of the brussels office of open your pain joins us live on skype from brussels good to have you with us so if spanish is a warrant for his arrest and he seeks asylum where does this leave belgium. well the good thing for a belgian government is that this completely this is completely out of their hands
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this is in the hands of the belgian justice system and indeed they will have to look at some questions whether the justice system is sufficiently independent in spain what are this is all politically motivated or not but also important for a european arrest warrants to be accepted it's necessary deaths what this alleged in spain is also a criminal act in belgium i mean sort of going to take process then is it. well the lawyer put him on has said that the first stage at least takes one of the whole through two months before we get the first surge initial decision in belgium which then can be appeals and can go up to the highest court in the country. the whole focus saucy no officer does. bush amount goods also apply for asylum which can drag out takes even longer something does very much
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he's playing out and wait does this leave him from a political point of view when he come to new to operate as he wants that well ultimately if it is not unlikely of course the belgian judge will decide to extradite which demands. from politicians i don't think it will go against a judge surely not because it does the ready very sensitive within the belgian government and then i think the multiple probably have to make up his mind if you go voluntarily to spain or if he he would be able to mentally rest it's how much concern is there over that about how madrid has played this rather heavy hand. well the belgian government together with slovenia has been one of the most outspoken critics in europe of the way madrid has handled this.
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belgian prime minister has urged for dialogue and i think he's absolutely right because if you look at how spain has dealt with this referendum i mean i'm sure many people would agree that it was not legal but then to sort of crack down on it environ way is a whole different thing now also jailing elected politicians i mean that's that's going quite far also the prime minister of france who's very powerful in belgium has strongly condemned this so i think ultimately what's with madrid is doing is is they're making the case for independence much stronger not only in cuts alone here but also that international are there any tricky situation for the e.u. do you know as now need to seek proof that there is political justification coming from madrid for the war and if it if it appears well they are being arrest more and is
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a very technical procedure should basically doesn't it just merely have to check if indeed this arrest warrant bryce's formally they don't have to look into too much into the actual details of the case the assumption is that spain can be trusted to know if spain with her or her request this particular spanish citizen to be extradited on the basis of something that is not criminal in belgium and that is not on a joint list a joint even a list of crimes that are recognized then judge could well refuse it but those are a lot of ifs it's appears to be thanks for talking us through the legal intricacies pretty crappy. thank you america's top diplomat will visit me in march to discuss the rehang a crisis secretary of state rex tillerson is expected to meet leaders and officials on november the fifteenth pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against me and miles government in the u.s.
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senate a bipartisan group has introduced a bill which would restrict military cooperation until violence stops the un's refugee chief says it's time for the united nations security council to find a solution to the crisis on this boat to al-jazeera james bays about his recent visit to refugee camps in bangladesh i felt as i felt more than twenty years ago in those camps in eastern congo is the time when rwandans were coming by the hundreds of thousands context is different but the could dish and the physical conditions of this huge out floor in a very poor area without proper shelter proper sites without enough water without enough sanitation reminded me of those tragic moments in the ninety's when we had to deal with those emergencies we've heard a visit now by and son suchi to iraq own state the first time since this crisis
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she's been there she's seen things for herself what does she now need to do the refugees the orange refugees have a right to return to their to their to their homes and rakhine state but to do that you have to recreate the conditions for them to feel safe to go back and that means . addressing finally the issue of citizenship which is really the fundamental crux of the matter here you've made strong comments on this do you believe that the security council has been strong enough or would you like them to take further action. i think the security council to use their jargon remains seized of the matter and that is already something i don't think they have found us often happens yet the unity necessary to propose and to put forward the solution you know if you think of syria all the years which we have waited for
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the security council to hype of unity on on on resolutions on syria these are this is the difficulty this is why my message to the council today is lack of international cooperation which can happen here at the council favors the refugee flows or rather prevents solutions to refugee flows from being established and therefore these refugee flows to and so it's time for them to step up the council time to step up and to agree i would say this is the key word. ahead. he's strong he's committed he's smart. my president on trump ignored recent convention in picking the next u.s. central bank. and hundreds of journalists have been killed doing their job to take you to one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a reporter. from
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the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. hello we still got plenty of cold air in place across eastern parts of here cloud snow still streaming down towards that west is heart of russia weather there too into central parts of further west this is where we've got some moderate coming in but looking rather grey add overcast this area of low pressure just pushing up towards the bay of biscay cloud and rain coming in across spain and portugal western parts of france also seeing some wet weather well too bad towards the northwest there for london in paris fourteen fifteen maybe sixteen degrees mild enough the wet weather will make its way as we go through sas day hopefully by the end of sas day for bonfire night it should be fine clear and dry by that stage wet
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weather there too into that western side of the mediterranean central areas generally dry still cold enough in moscow just two degrees celsius and notice some wet weather there just coming down towards greece towards ionian sea athens around nineteen degrees a little bit of that cloud also making its way towards the far north of libya so you can expect to see a little bit of wet weather just scraping the coastal fringes just around benghazi as we go through saturday likewise we could see some wet weather making its way towards the fall north of iraq a cloud right spilling in here rabbet at twenty degrees celsius. the weather sponsored by cats race. or is it. weather online we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of your pitches might make. join
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the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. but again the top stories on al-jazeera. syrian state t.v. says the army and its allies forces have pushed isilon of the eastern city of dead as oh it was isolating syrian stronghold and the capital of an oil rich province bordering iraq. a belgian court could help keep the deposed leader of spain's catalonia region out of jail with an international arrest warrant for colors expected to be issued on friday he missed a summons to
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a spanish court on thursday because he isn't belgian seeking freedom and safety. america's top diplomat will visit myanmar to discuss the rehang a crisis later this month the pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against government for its crackdown on minorities. u.s. president donald trump is named jerome powell as his pick to lead the federal reserve power is a multi-millionaire now serves on the central bank's board he was one of five candidates interviewed for the role including current chair janet yellen finishes in february and fisher has the story it's my pleasure and my honor to announce my nomination of. powell. to be the next chairman of the federal reserve this is the man donald trump wants to steer economic policy in the u.s. if confirmed drone poll with the next chairman of the federal reserve a position many call the second most powerful job in the government inside the
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federal reserve we understand that monetary policy decisions matter for american families and communities i strongly share that sense of mission and i'm committed to making decisions with objectivity based on the best available evidence in the long standing tradition of monetary policy independence the decision to replace janet yellen is not a surprise but it is a break with precedent the last three fed chairman more automatically be appointed even by presidents of the opposite political party i think it's very much a political decision and it's a very much a desire for president trying to say that he is replacing current fed chair janet yellen because she was appointed by obama and is essentially affiliated with the democratic policies not many people will know the name of the new fed chair not many people will care there is a new fed chair but the position holds enormous power over pensions over savings and over job prospects across the united states the fed steers economic policy in
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the u.s. while it sets interest rates its job essentially is to maximize employment and stabilize prices janet yellen to control in twenty fourteen the u.s. was through the watched of the financial crisis in a first year g.d.p. the best way to measure a country's economy was a two point six percent unemployment was six percent inflation was point seven percent according to the latest figures g.d.p. is up to three percent unemployment is down four point two percent and inflation is just half of one percent with a record like that many observers doubt there will be radical change with a new person in charge it seems in appointing power it's going to continue. the food will continue in its route of pursuing lower interest rates and the president seems ok with the beyond that here that expressed much interest in what's going on in the little poll is a lawyer but he has served as
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a governor for five years and is now set for one of the biggest jobs are mostly to finance. washington here's president donald trump's former campaign chairman has appeared in court accused of conspiracy against the united states money laundering paul metaphor says the criminal case bought by special counsel robert miller is embellished his lawyers argue he's a successful political consultant involved in international financial transactions as part of his work the judges ordered him to remain under house arrest nearly is investigating alleged russian links to the trump election campaign and interference in u.s. politics traces is a former employee use their last day on the job to shut down president donald trump's account on thursday it was reactivated eleven minutes later the company had initially said human error led to the brief closure of the account which is says it's working on steps to prevent such incidents occurring again turkey's prime
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minister ali you know that and has announced plans to visit the u.s. next week it comes at a time of strained relations between the nato allies last month consulates in the two countries suspended visas services to each other's citizens its efforts had rather followed the arrest of a local employee working at the u.s. consulate in turkey and crow also wants washington to deport the cleric for to no good and who it blames for failed coup attempt in turkey in two thousand and sixteen. britain's new defense secretary says the war against isis will be his priority prime minister to resign may appointed conservative chief whip gavin williamson after michael phelan quit the role of allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. so immense privilege to be appointed secretary of state the defense and what we need to be doing is continuing to focus on country and making sure that our national security is before from today everything that we do and we
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have some good graces i'm services you such a privilege to be able to do. the presidents of south sudan and sudan have met in khartoum to try to ease tense relations its third visit to the sudanese capital since the country's split in two thousand and eleven following a twenty two year civil war the leaders addressed border disputes and mutual accusations of supporting rebels in each other's territory sudan also agreed to help south sudan restart production in oil fields destroyed by the conflict now throughout the past decade more than eight hundred journalists have been killed while doing their jobs through the cases have ever been solved and in mexico two thousand and seventeen is said to be a record year for the number of journalists murdered john heilemann reports. eleven killed so far this year just for doing their jobs because one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists among them about there is a middle of
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a breach internationally renowned reporters who investigated government corruption and organized crime now they're gone but it's not just that there that's worrying press freedom groups it's what comes after after half year was worth it even in these two high profile cases months later still no one's been arrested one of the main consequences of the impunity is that journalists start censoring themselves they stop reporting on organized crime to stop reporting on corruption and as a result entire areas in mexico basically have no serious journalistic coverage or if the gate of journalism going. free speech groups estimate that ninety nine point seven percent of verbal or physical attacks against journalists go on punished in mexico. ricardo sanchez is the special prosecutor for crimes against free speech in the last six years it's only been three convictions what's going on. this is a very complicated issue the federal government and attorney general's office know
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we face a big challenge in beating the impunity. we created a group to execute arrest warrants with the federal police and get people before a judge so we're doing important work i recognize we've got a long way to go we're working hard with the state governments. cinna lowest day in the great crime is one of the most dangerous for reporters. martin didn't fled after getting threats it still bothers him that the articles he and other journalists risk their lives for make little impact in an often openly corrupt society. i think sometimes it's kind of a suicidal calling you wonder why should we run these stories because we know things aren't going to change. martin and around five hundred other journalists who are in a government protection program that free speech groups say authorities themselves were actually responsible for the majority of attacks on the press and that really
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doesn't bode well as we head into what's going to be a fiercely election season if politicians are willing to use violence against journalists and if there are virtually no consequences for doing so that spells bad news for the more chrissy john home and. mexico city venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he plans to renegotiate all future foreign debt payments with banks and investors it's in response to financial sanctions imposed by the trump administration the country has sunk into a deep recession following the collapse in oil prices it's been struggling to deal with shortages of basic products such as food and medicine the daughter of the u.s. president ivanka trump has been speaking at the world assembly for women in tokyo ahead of her father's visit to japan ivanka here's a presidential advisers said workplaces needed to make better efforts and respecting women's values and accommodate their needs to balance work and family. our workplaces and our public policies must mirror our values work and family.
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it is time for our societies to find new and innovative ways to make it easier for women to experience the joy of motherhood without facing major career setbacks this isn't a woman's issue it's a family affair yet it disproportionately impacts women who are the most likely to leave the workforce or curtail our ambitions because we have no access to affordable care for our children and our adult dependence when parents come came under siege in the franco-prussian war in eight hundred seventy one unexpected consequence was the number of artists who escaped to london as refugees nine exhibition celebrates the impressionist artwork at the city's tate britain gallery jessica baldwin went along for a look impressionists a surefire way to attract crowds london one of the most illustrated cities in the world put the two together and what's not to like tate britain is showing french
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impressionist who came as a refugee artist to london in one thousand nine hundred seventy three looked like london with outside his eyes if you look at this painting for example by my mooney of hyde park and he got very interested with the fact that people were allowed to walk on the grass and good for interest is in the sheer expanse of these pockets of nature within london at a time when paris was bombarded by the persians paris was under siege and badly damaged in the franco-prussian war the wounded soldier by james two so has never been seen in public before nor has his watercolor showing a mass execution in paris in eight hundred seventy one. escaping the violence london provided a sanctuary the english aristocrats proved interesting subjects but many of the frenchmen were transfixed by london the grand the din at the time the largest city
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in the world the city's river the thames held a special fascination with its pollution grittiness and fogs the houses of parliament had just been completed with what was then europe's tallest building a powerful symbol of the british empire the houses of parliament along the river thames became an obsession for monet at one point he was working on a hundred different calluses at the same time trying to perfect the light the mist and the fog that enveloped london and for the artist became his impression of the city jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. with. the cells as it is on the top stories. syrian state television says the army and its allied forces have pushed to isolate
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of the eastern city of the dead as of last remaining syrian stronghold and the capital of an oil which province bordering iraq. is tracking those developments from gaza and top on the turkey syria border. today earlier in the day there was some fierce fighting today. where i saw defense lines hold for quite some time until they were broken by shelling now those areas have been told by the syrian army backed by different militias and they say. clearly operation to clear up the area looking for suspected or potential booby trapped buildings. bombers or snipers and while that offensive reaches its final stages in syria neighboring iraq forces of entered the town of al qaim in anbar province it's on the western border with syria and one of isis last stronghold in
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the country about record could help keep the deposed leader of spain's catalonia region out of jail with an international arrest warrant. expected to be issued on friday in a summons to a spanish court on thursday because he isn't belgian seeking freedom and safety. lawyer says his client will cooperate with belgian please but would appeal any belgian approval of extradition america's top diplomat to visit me and maher to discuss the rangar crisis secretary of state rex tillerson is expected to meet leaders and officials on a vendor the fifteenth pressure is mounting on the white house to present measures against me a moderate government in the us senate a bipartisan group has introduced a bill which would restrict military cooperation until violence stops. u.s. president donald trump has nominated jerome powell to chair the federal reserve from next year he'll take over when current chair janet yellen term expires
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following a long period of speculation over who should be chosen to head the central bank as the headlines and news continues on. after the stream. really has. to bring you. right now a hundred thousand immigrants. in the u.s. . under the temporary protected status.


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