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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 306  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 3:32am-4:00am AST

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coalition of international forces and the u.n. is in israel straining to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to be this decommissioned prison camp on popcorn you get these mothers island so if this were cut when the camp closed on choose tape the refugees are too scared to move because of previous attacks by locals refugees and refuse released a video preview if you're straining governments to secure their safety today every country around the world the new what is try to get today what. we are just a human being who are running from the war zone and we are asking for your protection we are not asking for a reason so this prison that we've been in for years and how and i want to send us to another prison how long are we going to spend our life in the prison we are human beings we have the feeling we are the family so we need to get our freedoms please please please if you hear this message we want you to act immediately we want you to stand up for us an american woman accused of insulting zimbabwe's
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president robert mugabe on twitter faces subversion charges she could get up to twenty years in prison if convicted i'll be back with more news in half an hour next its inside story. from hollywood to westminster in the office on the street never before have we been made so sexual and and that's everywhere from australia to zimbabwe so how does it differ. and can we do anything to stop it this is inside story. thank.
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you thank. you it with hello and welcome to the program dennis l. for the last month or so we've been bombarded with revelations of how powerful men have misused their positions story after story has appeared accusing the hollywood mogul the box office star of the senior politician of sexual harassment and this week a british government minister was forced to resign what's particularly telling is that very few of us are really surprised and that almost every woman has a story to tell and it's global lower burden man the reports now on the ways of allegations of sexual harassment and a growing public reluctance to accept it. it began with hollywood producer and filmmaker harvey weinstein when reports of sexual
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harassment spanning three decades first surfaced in october an avalanche of similar allegations followed including revelations he paid millions of dollars to silence his victims accusations of sexual misconduct and a peace with then leveled at some hollywood other big names women and some men flooded social media with a hash tag me too at times to recount instances in which they were abused then similar accusations struck the corridors of power at westminster in london this man until wednesday with british defense secretary michael phantom was forced to resign after what's been described as inappropriate behavior towards his cabinet colleagues and a female journalist. in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the forces that i have to represent.
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and it's not just in the west women improved vying to represent the country at the miss universe competition surprise the audience when instead of revealing that body measurements they revealed these strong messages mean. my name is camilla can i call the and i represent the department of lima my figures are two thousand two hundred two cases of reported fame aside in the past nine years in my country. a poll of international experts found peru had one of the highest number of cases of abuse against women but the survey places cairo as the most dangerous city for women to live in delhi and sao paolo emerged as the worst cities in terms of risk of sexual violence. the fatal gang rape of a woman on the delhi pass in two thousand and twelve led to a wave of protests and jolted many in india out of apathy over the treatment of
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women it forced the government to toughen penalties for sex crimes. and it's everywhere but will this growing resistance make a difference lore about a manly al-jazeera. all right let's introduce our guests now in new york we have caroline to harass a french women's rights activist from providence in the u.s. state of rhode island matthew gutman a professor of anthropology at brown university and the author of several books on latin american masculine c. and from montreal in canada we have mona eltahawy a columnist and commentator on arab muslim and global feminism issues caroline can i start with you in new york how would you characterize this moment we have seen a month of these accusations many of them quite lurid quite detailed with seen a lot of men in power under pressure we've seen the first high profile politician
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to resign is this a watershed moment in the issue of sexual harassment against women i think that we live a moment where we break illusion of equality illusion of equality it's that in our country i think in every mosque on trains a word when you speak about gender equality people say or k. ok it's a care no you have no problem we have gender equality in france we hears that every day or care ok you have no problem you have all right now so this moment in very important because we break we put out. a few quality and we sure that's in reality in friends. like everywhere in the world we don't have equality now so it's a first step we brags edition of equality and now we have to. we have to make
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public policy to stop this violence against women because matthew we're talking about sexual horace meant that is the language that we using at the moment does sexual harassment inevitably lead to sexual violence i don't think it inevitably leads to sexual violence but i think that they are of a piece it seems to me that the moment today is one of tremendous argument debate and struggle over these issues just think of the election and inauguration of one of the most bullying. sexist figures in the history of the united states donald trump and the response the day later by a massive demonstration of women and men denouncing. sexual
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harassment sexual violence and a list of other things so that you feel you see the polar opposite opinions and experiences being brought out and the clash is really going on and i think that's what we've been seeing in the last month in every part of the world that these things are being brought out in public in important new ways and that men are coming to you a clash says matthew and this this being a very important moment in terms of the equality of women how is this class being played out if a troll in the middle east i know you're actually from egypt you live a lot of the time part of the year anyway at least in cairo. yes i think this is a fantastic moment for global feminism for the idea that we have to dismantle
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institutionalized patriarchy across the world and it that patriarchy exists in every country now one of the ways that we began to look at it with more scrutiny in the middle east and north africa was after the waves of uprisings that swept across the region that began in tunisia in two thousand and ten came to my country egypt in two thousand and eleven and those uprisings continue to reverberate women are looking around and asking well where's our revolution are these men that we marched in the streets with our allies or do we have to overthrow overthrow them as well so the way that i often phrase it is that if we rose up against the dictators in the presidential palaces our revolution in order to be complete must also be a revolution against a dictator on the street corner and the dictator in the bedroom in the boardroom everywhere else but that's what we're realizing now absolutely might have begun in hollywood but it's spreading across the world because exists across the world mona
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just recently a month or so ago cairo was named as the most dangerous city in the world for a woman to live. yes absolutely there is see this is the difference i'm i'm so glad that your first guest said this is a good time for you know for lack of a better term western feminism to recognize that equality has not been reached we are not in a post from in a society in the so-called west we definitely recognize this in other parts of the world whether it's in india or egypt or nigeria where i'm going next month we have always recognize that it's dangerous on the street we have always recognized that we are denied opportunities and i think what happened when those actresses came out and spoke out against harvey weinstein and now a minister has been forced to resign in the u.k. is that the west now is also recognizing we have not overthrown patriarchy we have not overthrown these dictators and i think that it's time for western american families i'm where
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a sexual predator donald trump was voted president by fifty three percent of white women voters it's time for american feminism to listen to feminists in india in egypt in nigeria and other parts of the world where we have never claimed to be post-feminist and where we recognize yes it's dangerous or i are fighting matthew simona talking about a revolution of overthrowing the patry arche it doesn't sound like a very good time for men i'm just wondering from a male perspective what is sexual harassment about is it the way men behave is it the way they are wired or all these behaviors picked up over time through society through conditioning. you see to me i think you've gotten to one of the biggest problems when you say is this the way they're wired i think this is really gets to the heart of the debate in many situations are men in fact will boys be boys and is that the heart of the problem and you may not like it you may not like how donald
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trump behaves or harvey weinstein or anybody else but they are just acting like men and i would say i'm phatic lee that is not the case what they've been able to do is act with impunity and we need to stop that in many cities around the world including in mexico city so paolo and rio de janeiro in latin america you have subway cars during rush hour that are for women only but you also have tremendous debate over whether this is a good thing or a bad thing to happen in fact you have feminists opposed to these cars on the basis of thinking that this is capitulating to male bad behavior and what we need to do is stop the absolutely the emphasis the emphasis on you have other men coming along and saying this is just what men are going to do if they can get away with it and they are i don't say if that's true then the emphasis matthew always seems to be upon the woman having to be here eight change mr gates
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modify her behavior in order to accommodate the bad behavior of a man and i think it's seems to be absolutely. and if men and of men are not part of the solution here they are part of the problem and it's not good enough for men to decide i don't do these things i don't sexually assault i don't sexually harass the fact is if they're not doing something to stop it they are part of the problem as well and catherine i'm just wondering there is there is a balance to be maintained isn't there relations between men and women particularly in the west they have to be maintained we can't have men feeling so intimidated by the prospect of being accused of being. that ordinary relations did not continue so there is a fine line to be trodden isn't there. i think it's very funny because in friends. after me to we i staggered by don't. denounce you pig.
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you know name your piegan and hundreds of thousands of woman uses i staggered to denounce. and i. arrest mentor or rape and it was very interesting to see is a reaction of a lot of for full man to say oh my god be careful we are not all people like zat you know so i was very very funny because there are stacks to denounce your big then else the program you know and some men feel concern so i ask immediately if you feel concerned by parents you have a problem and i think that men as women everybody in the society in france but i think everywhere in the word i have a form of turn around say about violence against women you know when you are with your family in
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a diner and you you are eating and somebody for example say oh my god somebody steal my bag in the street everybody will say oh my god that's all for do you want we give we go to the bullies to say to do something what could we do to help you so if somebody in the diner say oh my god i'm being raped by somebody everybody looks like that oh my god just oh can i have a piece of cake please and the subjects go out so i think that we have to change in our society is the luke about the look about the violence against women and people i have to be intolerant. about the violence against women in the streets but in their houses too because i don't know the number. untrue but in france i think it's the same in us or in egypt or in latin america in france eighty two persons
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eighty percent of the people who are raped knew the aggressor eighty person so a lot of people for a lot of women it was home. at work it was not in the streets so we have to act against our resident in the trade but we have to act in society and home to mona it's quite interesting isn't it. to consider the cultural differences the cultural level of tolerances and the different conventions between the sexes and understanding the social cues tell us a bit more then about what happens now in egypt as we've already said it's already been deemed the most dangerous place city in the world for women but tell us how men and women interact well i think one of the hardest problems for women in more conservative cultures is to speak out about sex in general and when it comes
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to sexual violence as as often is the case with women across the world but especially so in conservative societies women are held accountable for violence that happens to them so where asked what were you wearing why were you there why were you alone with him why did you get into a car with him and i guess i recognize that these are questions that have plagued women across the world but in especially conservative societies these are very problematic because it puts the woman between a rock and a hard place because then she's unable to speak out because of the shame she's unable to speak out because she's going to be victimized twice she's already been victimized by the sexual violence and she's going to be victimized by has society but also the laws that we have in place in egypt for example after more and more women because of the revolution in two thousand and eleven after more and more women were. willing to speak out about sexual violence both in the home and outside on the street we had tougher laws put in place but it's not about laws it's about
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dismantling a systematic and institutionalized patriarchy that allows boys and men to behave in this way so what's happening in egypt now is many women have joined the hashtag me too movement many women in lebanon many women across the region have because again this is a global scourge or what we have to recognize in egypt is we have to overcome this conservative silencing of women all if you days ago on egyptian satellite television a lawyer of all people said that women who wear torn jeans deserve to be raped he actually said it's a yes or shmona we saw that these will that's how the national council with egypt has spoken out what i'd like to ask you i mean we get an idea of how appalling it is for many women in cairo in egypt but what i'm wondering from you is how do you start to dismantle the patriarchy as you say the legislative program is in place how do you legislate for for ideas for for customs and habits and traditions.
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what what you what you do is you you tackle this idea that everyone knows but they fail to act because that idea existed and enabled men like harvey weinstein and a whole bunch of other men who in the us have been either kicked out of their jobs or forced to resign and that idea exists on multiple levels everyone knows these things happen but they fail to act and i would like to introduce into the discussion as well the muslim scholar tariq ramadan who is egyptian swiss and he has been accused by several women of sexual violence he has denied these claims but several women have accused him of sexual violence now as a muslim woman i understand how difficult it is for these women to speak out because what you're dealing with here and now i'm taking the conservative context and putting it globally as muslim women especially in western societies we're caught between and islamophobia right wing that wants to demonize all our men all muslim men and we're caught between the muslim communities in which we live that insist on defending all our men so what is
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a muslim woman to do whether she lives in egypt or consider christian women in egypt also have to wade through conservatism so when you take that and you put it on a global context and you're a muslim woman who lives in europe or who lives in the u.s. today where there is growing islamophobia and racism it makes it even harder so what we have to do is yes we have to continue with hashtag me to we have to continue speaking out but we have to dismantle patriarchy by beginning to dismantle the new but they fail to act all right the muslim learn it is no filter and i jump in the workplace is new but they fail to act college at any level because i'd like to go to matthew and get an idea of the situation in latin america which is a region in which matthew specializes now it also has a very very high rate of femicide has high rates of sexual harassment against women and also this is often linked to this kind of behavior is linked to this this this perception of machismo explain what machismo is within the last in american context and whether that is indeed the fit leaf if you like which covers up bad behavior.
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see i think that blaming much is small and saying there's some kind of particular peculiar cultural trait about people who speak spanish is a dead end just as it is to say that working class men are the real problem and they're much less educated an educated man wouldn't harass women we've seen so clearly in recent days how false that kind of of thinking is and as your other guests have pointed out repeatedly these problems are not unique to one region of the world nonetheless you have rampant problems of sexual harassment throughout latin america as you do elsewhere. i think that the solutions to these things are political they're social they're cultural they're it is illogical and so i think that if in terms of dismantling the patriarchy we need to look to the fact that men are still the governing body of people in every single state legislature
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government around the world with a few exceptions like rwanda which has a majority women in their national parliament but i just came from china and men again were put in charge of the government there are i come from the united states were all white men will sit around discussing women's health absently in latin america actually you have a major problem so you also have had ten heads of state who've been women which you haven't had in the united states so to say that latin america has a particular problem it does but it shares this with other parts of the ok catherine we've talked an awful lot about sexual harassment against women in gender parity is it seems to be the fundamental issue here but what about men at the recent allegations of also included sex another mad and how would you response how would you deal with his case you know a victim is a victim it's a woman it's
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a man it's a black it's a why it's a victim is a victim. and there is a lot of violence in our society if you are almost six years old if you are a woman if you were able. you are you could be victim of violence so every viewer violence is a program my subject is to understand why women are massively massively in each country victim of violence and to find a solution you speak about our it is possible to make a law to change idea we can't put a law in the parliament to say ok now you things that violence is a bad thing it's not possible but we can act people can change our mind and in france we see zotz signs twenty years we have massive major or to big policy for example on road safety and in twenty
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years in france with change our mind on road safety we do kate all the children in all school in friends we teach road safety to our children we recruit public servant to make to apply the law and or our president to for public take make a lot of t.v. to say oh road safety is a priority and we make a major campaign of communication it france we depend twelve million a furor each year during ten years to make campaign of communication about the subject so in twenty year we change radically or way to think the road safety i think that it's the same violence against women if we educate all the children if we recruit public servants and forms them if all is a medical person a big servant were formed to detect violence and to.
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take care of women we will end the violence very quickly very quickly parents in ten or twenty twenty years but it's quickly or i and if tomorrow or if every president in the world i'm an american for example but all of the world make a big summit to say ok now we and violence against women and we will put manee on the table to do that i think that all walt cools in twenty or thirty years and violence against women thank you very much indeed catherine the house matthew gutman i'm mona eltahawy thank you all very much indeed really nice and a program with everyone agreeing now thank you as ever for watching the program if you want to see it again as i'm sure you will you can go to the web site our jazeera dot com if you want more discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot
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com forward slash a.j. inside story and there's a to it as the hurdle is at a.j. inside story i'm martine dennis from the whole team here in doha is by far. the a. facing the realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this
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time. across the paddy fields appears the stream of people they dinner with heavy bags and carrying small children they say they're escaping from the smoke in the distance the follow the path to the border and come across a group of. bare feet caked in mud they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day before need to return to find the rest of their families who can make the journey that as the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond not raising the smoke billowing as me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of raw and joe made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for normal hammad and his extended family this path leads to safety even thought should be struggled so much now we want to stay here
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live here and die here in bangladesh on counting the cost black gold big dreams and a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram culture futureproof its economy to raise or not to raise a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenge is behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching all of his own civil wrong and all these are all top stories eisel has suffered major setbacks on two fronts in iraq the prime minister has announced the recapture of a game on the syrian border and syria's army has taken control of the.


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