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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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sure. personal stories of people keeping the spiritual freedom in line. by courageously defending their right to be hired. at this time. driving out i saw a big advances against the group in syria and iraq. and
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all matheson this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. thousands of catalans protest against the detention of their leaders as a spanish judge issues a rest warrant for the ousted regional president. a stopover in hawaii before u.s. president donald trump heads to five nations in twelve days as we preview his asia tour. argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges. i saw has suffered significant setbacks on two fronts and iraq the prime minister has announced the recapture on the syrian border and syria's army has taken control of the city of dead but as a reports that off fears of an escalation in syria's civil war between government
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and opposition forces fighting for the ground lost. syrian army is expanding its military gains in the eastern part of the country government forces have retaken the city of dale saw after months of fighting they are now moving north to secure major oil fields but moving north could lead to clashes between the army and his main rival the syrian democratic forces of the. coalition of kurdish factions and backed by the united states of america. following a series of targeted operations units from our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces fulfill their mission restoring order and stability to the entire city of the resort after destroying the hideouts of the remnants of the terrorist organization of. these are icily fighters celebrating their control of dale saw and iraq in two thousand and fourteen the armed group launched
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a spectacular attack sweeping through eastern syria. and city to towns on the border with turkey but isis gains were short lived its fighters pulled out from northern syria following a major campaign by a coalition led by the united states of america and a turkish cross border operation in two thousand and sixteen. and two weeks ago the . ice an art of itself proclaimed capital city with daryl saw finally under its control the syrian army only have one more pocket of eisel territory to deal with the border city of. it's already under attack there by iraqi forces if i see a loser book a man its presence in syria would come to an end the syrian army which has suffered major setbacks over the last six years says it's determined to take
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all the territory it lost including. the has a couple problems which are still under the control of kurdish opposition groups. but as we mentioned iraqi forces now have full control of are near the syrian border seventy darker and province has more and i suppose latest loss in iraq. significant why because it is the border point that controls the border with syria the group huge point in their propaganda videos of. these borders and establishing their. territorial gains certainly seem to be very it's also the last sort of areas that they control in this country. were fighting is still ongoing but certainly judging by the the swiftness of this campaign it does seem to be over of course. victory for the federal forces once they can announce
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that is no longer in this terms of holding territory but it doesn't mean that the group will no longer pose a threat while in the past year and a half i suppose control over syria and iraq has been steadily declining but in recent months the pace of collapse has increased drastically take a look at this map from june i saw it was still in control of the vast swathes of territory and shown in brown cities like mosul and dead so it was still under its control fast forward now its last all these major cities including the dhaka itself declared capital now dead a sore an oil rich region which was crucial for the group's finances feisal is still body is director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university and he's also a former iraqi ambassador to the u.n. he says an inclusive approach in developing the region's political future will be vital to avoid the reemergence of other forms. i think if
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if if we just sort of reclaim the territory and move on to business as usual we will find out i said point zero three point zero we need a part of the political program that has to be in place particularly in iraq syria has other problems is rebuilding but also it's actually important that everyone feel in franchise in the post. period i think that is going to be key to ensure that i saw all those who are sitting on the fence who might be tempted to either join or look the other way as an isolated point of tries to form itself but those individuals you know they have a stake in the political process in each country if that doesn't happen then we will be condemned to living with i sold two point zero three point zero so my hope is that that sort of political reconciliation and sense of enfranchise men will be one of the priorities as well as physical rebuilding. the united states is carried
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out to airstrikes targeting eisel fighters in somalia it's thought to be the first time american forces have targeted the group there the strikes were in the northeast where isis been recruiting it's not clear how many of its members were killed. and international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the ousted catalan president callus puts them on he remains in belgium where his lawyer says the former leader will fight extradition and start up plenty of anger back home as andrew symonds reports from barcelona. the judge's action came as crowds protested in barcelona about the jailing order made on thursday just before they started gathering colace proved more appeared on belgian television i think game denying that he's a fading justice. i'm very to face it but to face real justice so i'm not running away i'm here and i've instructed my lawyers to inform belgian just.
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this time ready to fully cooperate. with monkeys particular boy. back in barcelona the crowds demanded the release of the eight sacked ministers from push demands cabinet as they await trial clapping and chanting our president is positional. catalonia is still in shock after the jailing order from the judge at spain's national court the intensity of emotion is written on this woman's face karma for carde president of parliament returns to see her start after a separate hearing at the supremes court that was adjourned demanded get on the little bit of our land a good bye i ask you to keep working to improve this country so people still know that this is their parliament and we are here the members of the parliament because the people have voted for us and we are here to serve this country but it's hard to
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serve your country from a jail cell when she and five other elected officials return to court next week they could be sent to prison to await their trials as well. this politician believes the spanish government was clever in calling elections for next month but the call to action is misguided they threw away their best card how can you say now that the spanish government and the powers of the state in general the courts included are not repressing when they put people in jail without bail people who organized a vote nobody can understand that it's uncomprehensible mr barr serves on the city council let's now the only visible political force here and so city hall is sending out a message while on the other side of the square the palace that used to be the seats of power is vacant and the people are restless. the emotions have shifted
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so much on the square one week ago they were elated celebrating the declaration of secession now well look there they are holding on to this mold finals demanding freedom for political prisoners under similes al jazeera buffalo. david satter has more from brussels on the process ahead for priest the more. two sets of arrest warrants were actually issued with a total of five charges those charges being essentially the main one sedition and rebellion and the misuse of public funds there arrived at the office behind me tonight after a long day of waiting and the federal prosecutors said essentially they will study the papers then appoint an investigative judge judge receives the warrants. the fugitive ministers the ministers in exile and push more himself will have
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twenty four hours to appear before that court an answer those charges now are listening to them are tonight on the television interviews he's been giving the radio interviews he can and it seems very clear that he will cooperate with the belgian judicial system but he has every intention of fighting the madrid the madrid orders so he will use the system inside the belgian courts which will allow him to perhaps gain asylum and resist those arrest warrant was so a complicated set of legal procedures will follow the european arrest warrant can take up to sixty days and in special circumstances even up to ninety days and it does appear that. wants to stay within the system fighting the arrest warrants so that he can actually stay here in what he thinks is the relative freedom of the
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heart of the european union to actually conduct a campaign for those national and regional elections call for december the twenty first that appears to be his tactic and he has a very good lawyer a very experienced lawyer pulled back carter who has had thirty years of experience in fighting these sort of cases including the one for better leaders the bar set for leaders who were not extradited to spain he was very successful with them is probably going to be very successful he hopes with and the four other members of the cabinet. u.s. president donald trump landed in hawaii just a short time ago he's there on a stopover as he makes his way to asia it's going to be trump's longest foreign trip yet visiting china japan vietnam south korea and the philippines over twelve days and as our white house correspondent kelly holcomb explains the north korean nuclear threat will feature high in the jury in the tour. as president donald trump
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has worked to nurture relationships on u.s. soil with chinese president xi and japanese prime minister abbay dinners at mar a lago even rounds of golf president trying to liberty now trumps headed for his first trip as president to asia it's a twelve day tour to visit japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines and given trump's inconsistent stance on foreign policy issues no one's quite sure what to expect they will be met with fire fury and frankly power. looming over the visit is trump's brazen rhetoric with north korean leader kim jong un trumps escalated the crisis and race fears even the smallest miscalculation on both sides could lead to war unlike the trip in the spring by u.s. vice president pence white house officials say trump will not visit the south korean side of the demilitarized zone overlooking north korea instead he'll visit
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u.s. soldiers at nearby camp humphries trumps meeting with leader moon could be tense trumps inflame the relationship by suggesting south korea alone pay for the u.s. missile defense system in itself. well moon has reminded trump there can be no military action against north korea without souls consent their money manipulators their currency manipulators trumps china visit may be equally complicated on the campaign trail trump bash china as a currency manipulator stealing american jobs officials say he'll make a similar argument over unfair trade practices well in beijing private enterprise and open markets is the best model to increase prosperity throughout the region and despite trump's positive relationship with japan's leader there is concern in. that nation that trumps tough talk on north korea continues to put the country and
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wider region at risk those fears are casting a shadow over trump's attendance at two major economic summits in vietnam and also in the philippines overall it is i have to get genda for a region that remains wary given donald trump's consistently unpredictable diplomatic style can really help at al-jazeera washington still ahead on al-jazeera directly contradicting the trumpet ministration on climate change the findings of an exhaustive report by thirteen us government agencies and thousands gathered to say goodbye to a multi is john a list murdered last month by the e.u. is calling on the government to do.
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however we've got something of a mixed bag across north america the moment lots of cold air. canada heavy rain there pushing towards the appalachian mountain south of that was still hanging on to a little bit of late season wore then across the deep south so thirty celsius in dallas twenty eight degrees in miami getting up to around twenty five for allowed to bits and pieces of cloud and right now that eastern side of the u.s. also just around six degrees celsius the temperature struggling a little bit here but nothing like the struggle that we have across the canadian prairie's northern areas of the u.s. or the northern plains out around the mountain states some bits and pieces of snow all pushing a little further east which as we go through the next day also another one coming in behind across the pacific northwest seattle temperature struggling to get to four degrees celsius meanwhile some wetter weather coming into the eastern side of the u.s. times also word around eleven degrees celsius with that cloud and that right clouding over and warming up in the process but down towards the south still some
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hate dallas at thirty one degrees celsius and sort of time so that we can expect across the caribbean still some outbreaks of rain through the great around to these into those central i was some wet weather to pushing into the lesser antilles for saturday. to find their. one on one. time i know it is. very very rare. it's how you.
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you're watching all this here a reminder of our top stories the iraqi prime minister's announced the recapture of the town of all time for myself while in syria government forces have taken control of the city of that i saw the losses leave us a with little toiletry in the region. an international search and arrest warrants being issued for the ousted president. along with several of his aides pushed among those in belgium has criticised spain on t.v. they're accusing madrid of politicizing the justice system. u.s. president donald trump soften his longest foreign trip yet he's just on a stopover in hawaii where he's met the commander of the u.s. pacific command he'll then move on to china japan vietnam south korea and the philippines north korea's nuclear threat is expected to be high on the agenda. the
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time but ministrations formally released a report that details the growing threats of climate change from human action however the national climate assessment is shopping at all those with the administration's policy like hanna reports from washington d.c. . president trump has publicly described the concept of climate change as a hoax and that was one of his reasons for announcing his intention of withdrawing the u.s. from the paris climate accord the paris climate accord is simply the latest example of washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the united states. but he's directly contradicted by a report that maintains the u.s. is experiencing more heat and rainfall events that twenty five coastal cities experience more flooding and that sees could rise by between one and four feet by the end of the century all a consequence says that a port of human action one of those who had to sign off on the report is
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a director of the environmental protection agency yet at the center to come from asian hearing scott pruitt indicated he too was a climate change skeptic let me say to you science tells us that the climate is changing and then human activity in some manner impacts that change the ability to measure with precision the degree and extent of that impact and what to do about it are subject to continued debate and dialogue pruett has led the way in promoting fossil fuel production and rolling back several of barmah era rules aimed at curbing carbon output and limiting greenhouse gas emissions action the report says contribute to global warming the director of the e.p.a. did not stop there he ordered the removal of climate science pages that for two decades had featured on the agency's website. well the reason some had feared the national climate assessment would be blocked by an administration it contradicts
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but instead it appears that rather than prevent publication of the report president trump and his fellow climate change doubters have simply decided to ignore it mike hanna al jazeera washington the un is urging the stereo to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave its decommissioned prison camp on pup a new guinea's man a silent services were closed on tuesday refugees are too scared to move out because of previous attacks by locals a stray runs off shore prison accounts to house refugees who try to reach the country by boat. the refugees have released a video pleading with the australian government to secure their safety they want to be allowed to seek asylum in new zealand the strain is repeatedly in for fuz new zealand's offer to relocate up to one hundred fifty refugees these ilands new prime minister meets her australian counterpart on sunday. argentina's former vice
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president has been arrested on corruption charges do is the second highest ranking figure from the government of ex president cristina kirchner to be detained that he said reports from what i said is. he was arrested early in the morning argentina's former vice president. was taken away by the police at an upscale neighborhood of one a site is accused of corruption and money on the ring of. justice is being done. to cut the wings as those who are suspected of committing crimes can try to hide their wrongdoing and complicate the case and that was decided in that he was called over. who investigated or suspected of corruption. the fifty five year old economist faces three charges of what is formally term does elicit enrichment you accusations date back to two thousand and nine when he was
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cristina fernandez the economy minister. two years later he became argentina's vice president after cristina kirchner won reelection. just last year several members from the previous administration and people close to former president cristina kirchner have been arrested bay have been accused of corruption money laundering i mean part of a criminal organization that stole millions from state funds and this investigations have been ongoing for years but it is now with a changing government that they have started to move forward. is the second major official to be arrested last week former public works minister who was detained also on corruption charges which he denies the arrests represent a blow to the former president who has herself been accused of corruption. that what worries him is that the high profile detentions appear politically motivated. there's been
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a change in the way the judiciary is operating because much of what we have seen are preventative detentions and happen in the past judges are requesting the detention of high profile figures the media and society. they are more political than anything else. he also questions why some cases i'm moving faster than others. why hasn't kirshner been detained she is supposedly the chief of the criminal organization president now the main challenger was elected a senator last month christina continues to be a strong political figure that polarizes argentinean society something that. benefits the current administration. arrests of high profile figures are expected to continue in the months to come some in argentina believe they are finally seeing justice others are witnessing a politically inspired witch hunt. in
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a blow to president nicolas maduro his government or the fitch ratings agency has cut venezuela's foreign debt to grade the decision comes after model called for the creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments that said it cut the long term debt rating to see from a double c. based on the request venezuela's history of missed payments. venezuela's supreme courts blocking the vice president of the national assembly from leaving the country and says friday voters suspected of inciting unrest during four months government protests earlier this year the opposition leader led many of the large demonstrations over the country's spiraling political and economic crisis. the united nations and colombia have signed an agreement aimed at disrupting the country's booming cocaine business it's all part of peace efforts between the government and fock rebels who long controlled the drug trade there but the deal worth three hundred fifteen million dollars has left some colombians skeptical
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alessandro run p.r.t. reports. it's the largest deal colombia ever signed with the un's office on drugs and crime colombia will hand over to the u.n. agency more than three hundred million u.s. dollars over four years in exchange the country receives assistance in its efforts to encourage farmers away from growing coca the basic ingredient for cocaine by replacing it with legal crops like coffee and cackle both sides describe the agreement that's crucial. to move forward. for a time coca-cola deviation in colombia subsided but it's booming again production is said to have doubled in the last three years. and the country is under increasing pressure to deal with it in part to force the ready cation and by
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convincing farmers to turn their back on the crop for good but it's proving a challenge the colombian government hopes the u.n. deal will help with. the u.n. will monitor and assist the farmers participating in swapping crops and it's also going to help rebuild the conflict areas. but some drug trafficking experts fear the money will mostly end up paying for the un's bureaucracy and not bringing benefits to farmers. what we have is that ninety five percent of the resources of the amount of money that is invested is expander in areas there has no coca so ninety five percent of the money is going to the wrong areas and who is the man responsible for this i think is the responsibility of the colombian government and they are taking a big head on it and they are like me responsible why these programs has no provide the resource that we all respect the un does have a track record of some success in colombia where it has helped the story peace deal
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with the fire gravels the question now is whether this u.n. agency deal well helped change the conditions where illicit crops have long been the only means of survival for hundreds of thousands of farmers and listen to them just. to malta now where thousands of people have attended the funeral of journalist daphne kind of wanted to leave theo who was killed by a car bomb last month a national day of mourning was observed in flags flown at half mast in brussels you is demanding more to find the culprits jonah hall reports destiny cairo won it go see it was no ordinary journalist. at her funeral on friday friends and family remembered a to listen vesta gaiter who to face threats to her life and in the courts. in thousands of posts on her popular blog uncovered scandal and corruption in what her
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son described as multi mafia state she helped trigger a snap election earlier this year after religion links between prime minister joseph muscat and offshore business dealings contained in the panama papers. many in positions of power politicians and the police had reason to want her silenced on the sixteenth of october someone succeeded with a bomb that tore her car apart you're a poll and the f.b.i. have joined the investigation the government has offered over a million dollars for information but no arrests have yet been made on facebook her son matthew wrote my mother was assassinated because she stood between the rule of law and those who sought to violate it we are a people at war against the state and organized crime which have become indistinguishable. the family made clear that baltar's leaders were not welcome at the funeral and in a statement
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a european commission vice president france to man's said the eyes of europe are on the multis all phone it is. the last words on her final blog post or for a reason there are crooks everywhere you look now daphne wrote on the day she died the situation is desperate joe now al-jazeera an american woman accused of insulting zimbabwe's president robert mugabe on twitter has been charged with subversion donovan who works for t.v. was detained in a dawn raid in a home and she faces up to twenty years in prison after tweeting that the gabi was quote a selfish and sick man she also shared a post to referring to goblin whose family had imported a rolls royce or donovan says the charges are baseless and malicious.
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this is all of these at the top stories the iraqi prime minister has announced the recapture of the town of all time from i sold one in syria government forces have taken control of the city of david and saw the losses levi sealed with little territory in the region and international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the ousted president. along with several of his aides he's been in belgium the following the declaration of independence pushed them on has criticized spain on t.v. they're accusing the dread of politicizing the justice system u.s. president donald trump is often his longest foreign trip yet he's on a stopover in hawaii where he's met the commander of the u.s. pacific command. move to china japan vietnam south korea and the philippines north korea's nuclear threat is expected to be high on the agenda. united states is carried out to air strikes targeting eisel fighters in somalia it's thought to be the first time it's targeted the group there the strikes were in the northeast
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where i saw has been gathering recruits it's not clear how many of its members were killed fitch ratings agency has cut venezuela's foreign debt to grade the decision follows president nicolas maduro has called for a creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments which says it cut the long term debt rating to see from double see based on that request and venice with its history of missed payments argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges. is the second major official from the government of x. president cristina to be detained he was taken into custody over accusations of racketeering and money laundering. the un is urging the strelley are to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave its decommissioned prison camp on papa new guinea's mannus island services were cut when the camp closed on tuesday but refugees are too scared to move out because of
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previous attacks by locals. runs offshore prison camps to house refugees who try to reach the country by boat those are the headlines after this it's one of one east if. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. they may be in their seven but these are not grandparents. in india the pressure to have children is so great. elderly childless women are turning to the countries in vitro fertilisation industry to help them.


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