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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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where there is water there is life but finding it in australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small. in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days. and one is against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time. driving out i saw big advances against the armed groups in syria and iraq.
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matheson this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. thousands of catalans protest against the detention of their leaders as a spanish judge issues in the west warrant for the deposed regional president. a stopover in hawaii before u.s. president donald trump aids to five nations in twelve days we'll preview his asia tour and the challenges it poses. and we'll introduce you to the new wave of autism's in hong kong weaving modern life into an ancient kroft. has suffered significant setbacks on two fronts in iraq the prime minister has announced the recapture. on the syrian border and syria's army has taken control of the city of dad i saw but it's over. ports there are fears of an escalation in
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syria's civil war between government and opposition forces fighting for the ground lost by i saw the syrian army is expanding its military gains in the eastern part of the country government forces have retaken the city of dale saw after months of fighting they are now moving north to secure major oil fields but moving north could lead to clashes between the army and he says main rival the syrian democratic forces of the. coalition of kurdish factions and backed by the united states of america. following a series of targeted operations units from our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces fulfill their mission restoring order and stability to the entire city of the resort after destroying the hideouts of the remnants of the terrorist organization of. these are icily fighters celebrating their control of
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dales or and iraq in two thousand and fourteen the group launched a spectacular attack sweeping through eastern syria. and city to towns on the border with turkey. but isis gains was shortlived its fighters from northern syria following a major campaign by a coalition led by the united states of america and a turkish cross border operation in two thousand and sixteen. and two weeks ago the job i said out of it's self proclaimed capital city with finally under its control the syrian army only have one bucket of ice still territory to deal with the border city of. it's already under attack by iraqi forces if i salute as a book about its presence in syria would come join and the syrian army which has
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suffered major setbacks over the last six years says it's determined to take all the territory it lost including. of the house like a problems which are still under the control of kurdish opposition groups. well as we mentioned iraqi forces now have full control of al qaim near the syrian border stephanie decker is in dog province and she's got more on ourselves latest loss in iraq. is hugely significant why because it is the last border point that i still control the border with syria the group huge point in their propaganda videos of showing them bold i was in down these borders and establishing their so-called state while their territorial gains certainly seem to be very and it's also the last sort of areas that they control in this country in iraq there's a small area called to the east of all time we're fighting is still ongoing but certainly judging by the the swiftness of this campaign it does seem to be over
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soon it will of course be huge victory for the iraqi federal forces once they can announce that is no longer in iraq in this terms of holding territory but it doesn't mean that the group will no longer pose a threat. when i saw his grip on syria and iraq has been broken attacks linked to the group have continued across the world this week came out and drove a truck of pedestrians in new york killing eight people and injuring twelve others in june three attackers in a van targeted people walking on london bridge before leaving the vehicle and stabbing a number of customers in nearby bars and restaurants eight people died forty four people were killed in bombings and coptic christian churches in egypt in april more than one hundred were injured and that have been also significant attacks linked to i saw in barcelona istanbul manchester couple in teheran with dream of a caliphate coming to an end the question is what happens no one plays mistah is a director of the national security program of the bipartisan policy center and he
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says it's a fraught time for the region and a misstep by senior leaders who have major consequences over the next decade or more. i think there's a number of risks that are now being. one is what happens with these territories from morocco on down or. the mall which is where or. what happened to. them i just rats. all of them and. their russian backer are they. well listen or are they sort of well their own and i think this is also on the on think that this. it's not just about being nice is it it's about trying to make sure that whether i says to you or you know or if you're right there are three allies it either so.
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lot of governments were this action or sunni community either side or the syrian border and so i think there is really a danger if you're not just fighting but that whatever happens next lead to ground with you than other. an international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the ousted catalan president colors pushed them on he remains in belgium where his lawyer says the former leader will fight extradition it stirred up plenty of anger back home is under seven reports from barcelona. the judges action came as crowds protested in barcelona about the jailing order made on thursday just before they started gathering colace pleased them all appeared on belgian television again denying that he's a baiting justice of the peace i'm very to face it but to face real justice so i'm not going away i'm here and i've instructed my lawyers to inform belgian justice
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time ready to fully cooperate. with me on this particular boy. back in barcelona the crowds demanded the release of the eight sacked ministers from police demands cabinet as they await trial clapping and chanting our president is pleased to know. catalonia is still in shock after the jailing order from the judge at spain's national court the intensity of emotion is written on this woman's face carmel for carde president of parliament returns to see her staff after a separate hearing at the supremes call that was adjourned to manage you can be a little bit about that a good bye i ask you to keep working to improve this country so people still know that this is their parliament and we are here the members of the parliament because
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the people have voted for us and we are here to serve this country but it's hard to serve your country from a jail cell when she and five other elected officials return to court next week they could be sent to prison to await their trials as well this politician believes the spanish government was clever in. holding elections for next month but the call to action is misguided they threw away their best card how can you say now that the spanish government and the powers of the state in general the courts included are not repressing when they put people in jail without bail people organized a vote nobody can understand that it's uncomprehensible mr barr serves on the city council let's now the only visible political force here and so city hall is sending out a message while on the other side of the square the palace that used to be the seat of power is vacant and the people are restless. the emotions have shifted
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so much on the square one week ago they were elated celebrating the declaration of secession now well look there they are holding on to this mole minus demanding freedom the political prisoner. under a similar i'll just awful or. her has more from brussels on the process ahead for priest them on. two sets of arrest warrants were actually issued with a total of five charges those charges being essentially the main one sedition and rebellion and the misuse of public funds there arrived at the office behind me tonight after a long day of waiting and the federal prosecutors said essentially they will study the papers then appoint an investigative judge judge receives the warrants the
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the fugitive ministers the ministers in exile and more himself will have twenty four hours to appear before that court and on so those charges now are listening to fusion mart tonight on the television interviews he's been giving a radio interview it seems very clear that he will cooperate with the belgian judicial system but he has every intention of fighting the madrid the madrid orders so he will use the system inside the belgian courts which will allow him to perhaps gain asylum and resist those arrest warrant was so a complicated set of legal procedures will follow the european arrest warrant can take up to sixty days and in special circumstances even up to ninety days and it does appear that. wants to stay within the system fighting the arrest warrants so that he can actually stay here in what he thinks is the relative freedom of the
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heart of the european union to actually conduct a campaign for those national regional elections call for december the twenty first that appears to be his tactic and he has a very good lawyer a very experienced lawyer pulled back carter who has had thirty years of experience in fighting these sort of cases including the one for better leaders the bar set for leaders who were not extradited to spain he was very successful with them is probably going to be very successful he hopes with and the four other members of the cabinet. u.s. president donald trump is visiting powell harbor for the first time it is respects to the thousands of american troops who lost their lives during a surprise attack by japan in world war two hawaii is his first stop over on what will be his longest foreign trip yet trump is on his way to asia where a visit japan china vietnam south korea and the philippines and as
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a white house correspondent company holiday explains the north korean nuclear threat will be high on the agenda. as president donald trump has worked to nurture relationships on u.s. soil with chinese president xi and japanese prime minister abbay dinners at mar a lago even rounds of golf president trying to liberty now trumps headed for his first trip as president to asia it's a twelve day tour to visit japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines and given trump's inconsistent stance on foreign policy issues no one's quite sure what to expect they will be met with fire fury and frankly power. looming over the visit is trump's brazen rhetoric with north korean leader kim jong un trumps escalated the crisis and raise fears even the smallest miscalculation on both sides could lead to war unlike the trip in the spring by u.s.
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vice president pants white house officials say trump will not visit the south korean side of the demilitarized zone overlooking north korea instead he'll visit u.s. soldiers at nearby camp humphries trumps meeting with leader moon j.-e. in could be tense trumps inflame the relationship by suggesting south korea alone pay for the u.s. missile defense system in its south. pole moon has reminded trump there can be no military action against north korea without souls consent their money manipulators their currency manipulator. trump's china visit may be equally complicated on the campaign trail bash china as a currency manipulator stealing american jobs officials say he'll make a similar argument over unfair trade practices well in beijing and private enterprise in open markets is the best model to increase prosperity throughout the
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region and despite trump's positive relationship with japan's leader. there is concern in that nation that trumps tough talk on north korea continues to put the country and wider region at risk those fears are casting a shadow over trump's attendance at two major economic summits in vietnam and also in the philippines overall it is a half genda for a region that remains wary given donald trump's consistently unpredictable diplomatic style can really help at al-jazeera washington. still ahead on al-jazeera the agreement with the un ended up rooting colombia's thriving cocaine business. argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges . from flowing i mean we. tune in chanting greece
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you're. a we've got a little bit of wet weather in the forecast for pos of the middle east over the next couple days of this area cloud here to the south of the caspian sea affecting those northern areas of iran positive iraq seeing some wet weather and some wet weather center possibility i would say was the heavy person right sunny on the the northern parts of iraq twenty seven celsius struggling to reach twenty seven celsius there in baghdad. you get up to around thirty three degrees that cloud of rain will peter out as it makes its way further south was for sunday it will make way for the next area of disturbed weather cyprus looks like it will see some rather lively showers longer spells of rainfall sunday as is the case once again into a good parts of turkey elsewhere it should be improving picture so expect to see some of that cloud coming down its northern parts of the arabian peninsula thirty three celsius here in doha on saturday and the date on sunday geraghty the clouds
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suspect will be across the southern end of the peninsula be down into the gulf of aden then seeing a fair amount of cloud into the western side of southern africa recently things should brought not here over the next day or two still got some wet weather there into where angola having said that watch the skies over towards the eastern side of the region john is back with a high twenty nine. the weather sponsored by cats are. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. he had this story. on talk to how does. this time.
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you're watching over zero mind of our top stories there occupy minister has announced the recapture of the town of al qaim from myself meanwhile in syria government forces have taken control of the city of dead i saw it and also is mean i still holds only a small amount of open territory in the region. and international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the ousted catalan president callus peeps them all along with several of his aides in remains in belgium following the declaration of catalan independence u.s. president donald trump is often his longest foreign trip yet he was just on a stopover in hawaii when he's met the commander of the u.s. pacific command and paid his first visit. he'll then move on to china japan vietnam
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south korea and the philippines north korea's nuclear threat is expected to be high on the agenda. u.s. soldier who deserted his post in afghanistan and was captured by the taliban will not a prison sentence bowe bergdahl faced up to fourteen years in a military prison for desertion and putting his fellow troops in harm's way but a military judge has ruled that a lesser punishment is appropriate jordan reports. the u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl and one trial for desertion and putting his fellow soldiers in harm's way through myself at the mercy of the court it paid off he faced up to fourteen years in prison but a military judge ruled instead bergdahl will be demoted kicked out of the army and forced to pay a fine and the soldier's lawyer saying all that and his guilt is punishment enough sergeant bergdahl is deeply grateful to everyone who searched for him in two
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thousand and nine and thereafter especially those who heroically sustained injuries military lawyers and some of the bergdahl fellow troops had wanted him in prison for abandoning his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine the taliban captured bergdahl almost immediately during the military search for him to soldiers were so badly injured they had to retire then came the political controversy in two thousand and fourteen the obama administration released five taliban fighters for bergdahl safe return this morning i called bob and janet bergdahl and told them that after nearly five years in captivity their son bo is coming home the trade with the taliban angered troops and politicians alike including the presidential candidate donald trump we don't have victories with sergeant bergdahl where this traitor this dirty rotten traitor. he gets no jail time it's no joke to
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think of it right. twenty five fifty years ago thirty years ago what would they have done being right the president's reaction on twitter release from air force one soon after the verdict a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. lawyer call the sentence a blow against trump's interference president trump's unprincipled effort to stoke a lynch mob atmosphere while seeking our nation's highest office has cast a dark cloud over the case. every american should be offended by his assault on the fair administration of justice and his disdain for basic constitutional rights pending a final review will soon be a free man but the notoriety attached to what he did in afghanistan and its impact likely will follow him for the rest of his life. al-jazeera. united nations and
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columbia have signed an agreement aimed at disrupting the country's booming cocaine business it's all part of peace efforts between the government and fock rebels who long controlled the talk trade there the deal is worth three hundred fifteen million dollars but it's left some colombian skeptical. reports. it's the largest deal colombia ever signed with the un's office on drugs and crime colombia will hand over to the u.n. agency more than three hundred million u.s. dollars over four years in exchange the country receives assistance in its efforts to encourage farmers away from growing coca the basic ingredient for cocaine by replacing it with legal crops like coffee in krakow. both sides describe the agreement this crucial. group. will move forward.
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for a time coca-cola deviation in colombia subsided but it's booming again production is said to have doubled in the last three years. and the country is under increasing pressure to deal with it in part to force the ready cation and by convincing farmers to turn their back on the crop for good but it's proving a challenge the colombian government hopes the un deal will help with. the un will monitor and assist the promise of participating in swapping crops and it's also going to help rebuild the conflict areas. but some drug trafficking experts fear the money will mostly end up paying for the un's bureaucracy and not bringing benefits to farmers what we have observed is that ninety five percent of the resources of the amount of money that is invested is expander in areas there has no coca so ninety five percent of the money is going to the wrong areas and who's the
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man responsible for this i think is the responsibility of the colombian government and you know this is they're taking a big overhead on it and they are like moving responsible why these programs has no provide the resources that we all respect the u.n. does have a track record of some success in colombia where it has helped the story peace deal with the fart gravels the question now is whether this u.n. agency deal well helped change the conditions where illicit crops have long been the only means of survival for hundreds of thousands of farmers i listen to them i'll just sit above water. argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges was the second official from the government of ex-president to be detained reports. he was arrested early in the morning argentina's former vice president who was taken away by the police at an upscale
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neighborhood of one a site is accused of corruption and money laundering. anti-corruption campaign justice is being done. to cut the wings of those who suspected of committing crimes can try to hide their wrongdoing and complicate the case and that was decided in that he was called over. who are investigated or suspected of corruption . the fifty five year old economist faces three charges of what is formally term does elicit enrichment you accusations date back to two thousand and nine when he was cristina fernandez the economy minister. two years later he became argentina's vice president after cristina kirchner won reelection. just last year several members from the previous administration and people close to former president cristina kirchner have been arrested they have been accused of corruption
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money laundering i mean part of a criminal organization that stole millions from state funds this investigations have been ongoing for years but it is now with a changing government and they have started to move forward. is the second major official to be arrested last week former public works minister who was detained also on corruption charges which he denies the arrest for present a blow to the former president who has herself been accused of corruption. but what worries him is that the high profile detentions appear politically motivated. there's been a change in the way the judiciary is operating because much of what we have seen are preventative detentions amended not to happen in the past judges or requesting the detention of high profile figures satisfy the media and society they are more political than anything else. he also questions why some cases are moving
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faster than others. why hasn't kirshner been detained she is supposedly the chief of the criminal organization president my main challenger was elected a senator last month kristina continues to be a strong political figure that polarizes argentinean society something that. benefits the current administration arrests of high profile figures are expected to continue in the months to come some in argentina believe they're finally seeing justice others are witnessing a politically inspired witch hunt. when. a group of argentinean men who survived tuesday's truck attack in new york are being speaking about the incident which killed five of their friends eight people died when an immigrant's drove a rented pickup truck into pedestrians and cyclists the survivors say they hope justice will be found for the lost friends. it's an ancient craft in china and
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a staple of its national culture but the future of silk in broidery may be in danger learning the art takes time once loyal consumers are seeking more modern designs but a group of innovative artisans is giving the trade a make over sarah clarke reports from hong kong. it might be a tiny space with each shelf crammed with colorful shoes but it's not a problem for these customers seeking unique hand-woven designs them already come the shoes are totally handmade i appreciate this kind of traditional craft embroideries a family affair with a mirror wall she learnt the craft from her grandparents who set up the business sixty years ago she's now taking up the reins expanding what's on offer modernizing her grandfather's traditional approach many years ago my grandfather only made one sawzall wearing serious but now i have many many different styles and you can see
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there are some blossoms dragon and phoenix and also some flowers. of my boarders use the spot the popularity of the shoes she's worried the trade is struggling to attract new talent who came to pursue us as a long term career many people are just interested in making them as a hobby or make them for their friends and their families that they want to as a future career it's with that in mind young artisans are trying to promote this refined art we want has embraced social media earning her an international profile others like you are trying to modernize the ancient chinese design. now didn't you know how many going to the customers used to be interested in the traditional double sided embroidery. over recent years our customer groups are from the younger generation. this silken broidery business dates back three hundred as well as some of the traditional designs they're updating their techniques craft with calligraphy
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brush paintings creating popular modern designs was the way i noticed the growing number of people appreciating this aspect of chinese embroidery culture in recent years including westerners there are now more westerners appreciating and understanding our embroidery culture so next generation artisans may be thriving but that might not be enough to entice more young people to take up craft and with out more young apprentices some of concern the future of chinese embroidery. al-jazeera hong kong. this is all just zero these are the top stories there rocky prime minister has announced the recapture of the ton of all crime from myself meanwhile in syria the government forces have taken control of the city of dare i saw the losses mean i
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saw now holds little arden territory in the region. and international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the ouster of president carlos pushed them all along with several of his aides who remains in belgium following the declaration of catalan independence post the man has criticised spain on belgian t.v. for what he describes as a little sizing the justice system. u.s. president donald trump has begun his longest foreign trip yet he's in a stop over in hawaii where he's met the commander of the u.s. military in the pacific and he's paid his first visit to pearl harbor he'll then move on to china japan vietnam and south korea and the philippines north korea's nuclear threat is expected to be high on the agenda. united states has carried out two air strikes targeting eisold fighters in somalia it's thought to be the first time it's targeted the group there the strikes were in the northeast where i saw it's been gathering recruits fitch ratings agency has cut venezuela's foreign debt
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to great the decision follows president nicolas maduro is called for creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments which said it cut the long term debt rating to see from double cd based on that request and venezuela's history of missed payments argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges is the second major official from the government of x. president cristina to be detained he was taken into custody over accusations of racketeering and money laundering. mexico's president says the state oil company premix has made its biggest on shore oil discovery in fifteen years the fields estimated to have one point five billion barrels of crude president pena nieto says the site is close to existing pemex infrastructure and could produce soon relatively low cost. a group of argentinean men who survived tuesday's truck attack
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in new york have spoken following the deaths of five of their friends eight people were killed when an immigrant drove a rental you think up truck into pedestrians and cyclists coming up next it's talked to all jazeera but for now. on counting the cost black gold big dreams and a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram culture futureproof its economy to raise or not to raise a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenges behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you will. see. kenya yet again finds itself in the middle of a cold cold and disputed electoral process that has divided the country along ethnic lines one man is at the center of all. that with the president william.


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