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tv   William Ruto  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 7:32am-8:01am AST

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great the decision follows president nicolas maduro is called for creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments which said it cut the long term debt rating to see from double cd based on that request and venezuela's history of missed payments argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges do is the second major official from the government of x. president cristina to be detained he was taken into custody over accusations of racketeering and money laundering. mexico's president says the state oil company pemex has made its biggest on shore oil discovery in fifteen years the fields estimated to have one point five billion barrels of crude president pena nieto says the site is close to existing pemex infrastructure and could produce the soon relatively low cost. a group of argentinean men who survived tuesday's truck attack
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in new york have spoken following the deaths of five of their friends eight people were killed when another spec immigrant drove i went to look up truck into pedestrians and cyclists coming up next it's talk to others here by phone or. on counting the cost black gold big dreams in a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram culture futureproof its economy to raise or not to raise a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenge is behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time and. you will. see. kenya yet again finds itself in the middle of. undisputed electoral process that has divided the country along ethnic lines one man is at the center of all. that with the president william ruto.
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the president william ruto thank you for talking told is it or are you concerned that under the clock to watch over you and president hu. that you we are witnessing . the most division and. in. in fact to do for the contrary i think. for the first time in a long while. kenyans coming together if you look at the last election eventing if that isn't anything to go by on eight of august there were basically two formations unlike their ethnic divides that we have had in the past slowly by slowly kenyans are beginning to appreciate political parties and
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political formations that go beyond their. ethnic arina and that is why in the last election we had basically two formations one under you believe the other our competitors in us are signifying that there is a move by the people of kenya to appreciate not ethnic groupings but political parties and if you look at what happened with the jubilee which is one party and for your information we have made a deliberate attempt and by the grace of god we have succeeded in trying to formulate a party that brings all communities many regions of our of our of our country into one political formation it has never happened that one political party can be
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voted in forty one counties it's the difference of signifying that there really is in a position by kenyans that. we can belong to a party irrespective of the communities who come from the faith who is prefers the regions we come from we can engage artists and more of your world says how. successful your purty has been but doesn't the community the divisions we see. and the disputed elections should twice within three months say a lot about your leadership too it says a lot about our democratic credentials it demonstrates that kenya is progressively becoming a stable progressive democratic state that appreciates that we can have differences of opinion that does not necessarily become division as you want to
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call it but it is the fact that we have. differences of opinion and we have built institutions that money just our engagement both at the personal level at the collective level as political parties as individuals and for your information in fact the fact that kenya is becoming the first country in africa for a presidential election to be repeated right it has never happened this is the first time a presidential election has been nullified and all our institutions from the judiciary through the legislature are holding in fact thursday was historic on twenty sixth that we actually managed to deliver. i rerun or i repeat presidential election which was unfortunately boycotted by the opposition
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and they had good reason why then they boycotted because it was obvious the writing was on the wall they had lost their lecture on a double gust they were going to do their election again as they did you surely can be proud of a process the process that you say happened in the turn six which was marked by widespread violence intimidation ovaltine been turned away from porn explosions and police shooting young people point blank and killing them there is to sides to what happened so on to what happened on the twenty sixth number one we proved and i do their part i'm proud about we've proved other people of kenya that it doesn't matter how powerful you imagine you are it doesn't matter how important you think you are or your political party is it is not your whims that will decide the
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destiny of kenya it is the constitution of kenya in fact the biggest winner on twenty sixth of august when we repeated the presidential election was not necessarily who can attend my stand it was the constitution of time where was violence. it was mostly liguori kids who. were largely the backyard of mr odinga and this violence was not spontaneous this was organized violence and the violence was forced to prevent election officials and materials from getting to polling stations so that the people of god we don't care what mr odinga knew for sure that if these election materials go to the polling stations as it did in two constituencies in younger. you know that very
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well in those two contingencies where in morrone and in the west where election materials go to the polling station people voted and that is what mr odinga did not want because he had announced and failed that there will be an election boycott unfortunately for him seven point i think now is seven point seven million approximately kenyans turned up woke up in the morning and went and voted because they were following the dictates of the constitution not the whims of an individual the same question spend roustabout that will run just as they were raised on the august eight elections some people are concerned that you believe pertti and some election officials are tinkering with the numbers to try and make up for the very long tunnel that we witnessed forget about the numbers we have from our agents as
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you believe. forget about the numbers that their electoral commission has from their from their infrastructure independent media have sent their own numbers there on their t.v. screens independent of the a.b.c. independent of any political party independent press and it days one thing we are proud of in this country is our independent media independent media send their own reporters to every telling center in kenya they are only two hundred ninety and they have tallied the results and they are marching with the results we have and they are marching with a result the election body has what we are witnessing is estimates that were given initially you know being now a state or you estimated six point five why is it seven point seven point seven when somebody phase it is estimated what does that mean i think
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a question of language so i don't think there is any tinkering with numbers the reality is that people of kenya voted and there are some people who are surprised that actually so many kenyans turned up and for the record. in nairobi for example more people voted for do you believe president obama can enter and myself in nairobi than they did in august eight now you just a little while ago so that it's the constitution that supreme in kenya that's what the constitution says salute the media has not been assigned by the constitution to collect election data for their own use yes but not for official purposes it's the electoral commission those are going to say this thirty three percent turnout you saying seven point seven million people voted for do you believe the numbers start out at the right my friend your figure of that of three percent did not come from the electoral commission. i have been following this process very keenly because
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i'm an interested party where local commission gave an indication of forty eight percent turnout according to the numbers that they had about three days ago they have kept on revising those numbers asked they received additional information from the field they kept nodding and applauded the number they didn't keep lowering their gotos an estimate and you see if you have an estimate what does it tell you about an estimate there is demented six point five percent there are six point five million there because i've gone up to seven point two million their percentage turnout has come down from forty eight to about forty percent basically because of the numbers and their talent and those are just numbers and my friend numbers never lie let's talk about the issue of the time out. it's
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nowhere near the august actions. which means even if i take your number forty percent time out sixty percent of registered voters in canada did not but split in the election that raises huge legitimacy issues if you were to be sworn in how are you going to with through the seventy nine percent turned out on eight of august when all the candidates were on board there was no boycott there was no intimidation there was no violence with all the violence that we had said would all the intimidation with all the blackmail with militia unleashed by mr odinga on. parts of our country not to vote nine percent of our country not to vote. between forty and forty one percent of of kenyans turned up which tells you only about thirty six percent of kenyans who turned up in in august did not turn up this time
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when you talk about turnout and you compare with what happens where forty one percent my friend is very respectable legitimacy is not a function of perception legitimacy is a function or constitutional provision a legitimate government is formed in kenya when a candidate ghana's fifty plus one percent of all votes we have ninety eight percent not fifty plus one so in so far as the constitution is concerned we have won this election fair and square this election is done and dusted but still a huge chunk of the population of this country did not participate in that process how are you going to account for them and also ensure
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that the are not excluded because this is a country that has a history of exclusion of different communities which has always proved a problem unlike other countries where. it is mandatory to vote in kenya it is choice you can vote or not vote in fact many of the kenyans that did not vote it is not true that they didn't participate in the election they participated in the election but they elected not to what it is a choice in the constitution so in fact every kenyan but is a bit in this election there was an option for if we can and to vote who is registered there are those who chose to vote seven point seven million. they are those who chose not to vote and that is also participation in an election year they are those who are persuaded by. the opposition to
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abstain or to withdraw from the election that is also a choice lastly it is not possible anymore for any part of kenya or any group in kenya to be marginalized our constitution robustly addresses matters that the body being who you are talking about what is on people let me know they're going to. let me tell you what actually is happening every part of kenya today through their devoted system of government it is not possible anymore to marginalize any part of care and why is it we have the loudest cries of self-determination and suspicion for all those who are unhappy this time more than ever before if you say the only time i will agree that there is inclusion is if me i am the one included thought the
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constitution you know there is a big problem with people who believe falsely that they can override constitutional provisions because they have supporters or because they are important but slowly they are beginning to realize that the constitution under people of kenya are supreme in these elections that reality dawned on mr harding when he thought that by with a drawing from the election he would change the constitution just by simply with the growing. there is no provision for this election being held outside sixty dates i have heard him say it is going to be held in ninety days that is nowhere in the constitution and so on he would begin to realize that it may be important he may think give important but it is the people of caring about our supreme and it is the
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constitution of kenya that the supreme no individual no person can override the provisions of our constitution absolutely and some might say that to us well yes it's that it's president raila odinga so his and i say that so many times the supreme court found fault with the election and cancel it and it's the same electoral commission that bungled up the election that was again tasked with the same responsibility and that he wasn't confident in the process and asked for reforms which you refused why under our constitution their electoral commission is an independent institution it doesn't report to government it doesn't report to the opposition it doesn't report of these party or that party or this group or the other so in our very highest opinion the store called to do simple
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minimums were actually an avenue for our competitors to run away from imminent defeat that was facing them in a repeat election you're open and say that this is all about you and your ambition to become the president of can and twenty twenty two and a parked five years ago with prison to hook you know to that you give him ten years in office and he gives you term after that the presidency of kenya their leadership of care can never be a negotiation by individuals you have any difference it is the people of kenya who will ultimately decide their leadership. from president to the people in the village and you have a mission swear to do you see we do one thing at a time what do you that take at the moment is for our party we've worked so hard to put this but it together and we've put this budget together
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painstakingly because we value this country and we have seen their ethnicity that if in a size asian of politics in kenya but almost cost us kenya we almost lost this country in two thousand and eight because of ethnic politics and kenyans. by their their their nature want i donated country they don't want any city but politicians chasing narrow parochial ambition have dismembered the country i am very proud that we have been able to bring kenya together much of twenty twenty two we will decide when that happens now the rerun elections yes a disgruntled voter who took it back to the courts or even reloading or could be collecting evidence he needs to present to court to try and get fresh elections as
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he says he's going to educate for how much confidence do you have in the judiciary whether i like or not whether the next person likes or not the judiciary have a job to do they aren't when an institution the constitution says if there is a challenge to a presidential election it goes to the supreme court there is no option there is no option for us it is not for those who want to tell in this election so we will meet again other supreme court both you and present who can know it or criticised the supreme court yes we did. the president went to step father calling them or korea which is thugs you took or to one of your speeches you say they have harmed. our day is coming and you've promised reforms in the judiciary how would you like to inform it what we're saying is we will revisit this issue how and we were
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riveted issue this issue in this manner people voted on the eighth of august when the supreme court announced the presidential election there was no mention of how how many votes we got and our competitors got. the question we want answered and it will be answered somebody is did we win the election or nader or god or did we not that is the question we will revisit and we are going to ask for a recount because every other argument was was made or there was this form that was not field there was that form that was not signed there was another form i don't know what that it was not stumped there was there that was not opened i don't know you know very you know convoluted argument but we
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were told by the supreme court numbers don't matter processes matter but our argument is how can you guys ever water who has gone to the ballot box marked and made a decision and then because of the mistakes of others there by not filling these form or by not stamping that form you actually overturn the decision of the vote because ultimately their people are supreme and they are supremacy is exercised in the decision they make in a ballot box this is a deeply divided nation as of now. if and when you are sworn in how do you want to fix that or do you want to bring kenyans together in unity once again we are divided politically we are not divided as
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a people. and days a mechanism of fixing politics right. when these election is over cannot become one whatever government is doing at the county level they will do their job whatever we do at the national level we will do our job and we will ensure we have done in the last one to have yes and as any other government will do we will ensure that every part of kenya belongs mr reloading or say this he has turned his national. coalition into a resistance movement a peaceful resistance movement as he puts it. there would be demonstrations there would be mass action how would you deal with that it is really tragic that this so-called big announcement that mr odinga was going to make
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was to turn a political party into. victims militia that he thinks will engage in civil disobedience you ten years ago were on the other side and right beside raila odinga and at the height of the post-election honest were calling for mass action to achieve what you had called your stolen victory and then he's just doing what you've done before people learn from history they say it is only forth who learn from their own mistakes we've been there as a country anybody who has not learned from our mistakes in the past and repeated them they are forced. so you have you you've moved from it i mean we i mean if anybody who is intelligent must must
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not repeat what happened before are you ready to dialogue with your points kenya is a very open society dialogue is a continuous process in kenya what we must however be careful about is something called dialogue that is aimed at scuttling the constitution of our country are you one president who cannot are ready to sit down with our own odinga and talk about the way forward how to bring kenya together we are prepared willing and ready to engage with raila odinga just as we are ready to engage with
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every corner to discuss the future of a cunt deputy president william ruto funk you very much thank you very much is it. also speaks with kenya's opposition leader. your opponent describe you. lose a man who never accept defeat how will you be up to them on the next episode of talk to al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks vehicles you can see there in the distance all shia militia vehicles that you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually trying with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their job scavenging is not making money from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but he will tell us that it only lasts for eight days if you look around
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and this is the only ford available in this household. i want to see. where every.
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provoking debate the corporate tax is not hot job growth on the barack obama that will win only georgia that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom all the tree killings maybe you giving me room didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute them you didn't show them to show them one so i joined that he has sun up front at this time on al-jazeera. half. past. driving out i saw a big advances against the on group in syria and iraq.


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