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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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nine eleven museum was there and there are now numerous holocaust museums is not beautiful a museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them by titian is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome of this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. catalonia suppose president as a wanted man after spain issues an international warrant for his arrest for rebellion sedition and misuse of funds.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fresh and syrian troops launch an offensive to retake all bookham all a border city under eisel control in syria. what is going on on models one of the movies and he will tell you the crisis and no one will help us a desperate plea from hundreds of refugees who say they have been abandoned on manis island. plus u.s. president donald trump is about to get has marathon asia tour will tell you what's on the agenda. and international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed cattle on president carlos pushed him on spanish prosecutors want to investigate him for rebellion and sedition over last month's declaration of independence but the sacked leader has missed two days of court hearings and madrid who's dumon is in brussels where he intends to. any attempt to extradite him to spain but also has said that
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he will cooperate with the belgian authorities belgium has twenty four hours to react to the european arrest warrant several of her months aides are also being sought catalans views are split on how the deposed president has handled the crisis . she did giggling live in india then you know i want catalonia to be independent and i think all politicians are doing everything possible so they can help calm the public we are suffering a bit because spanish politicians are playing like a cat chasing a dog but i think collins put him on is not going to let us down you know she. i don't know what beliefs they have but when someone does what he's done and calls for independence and then flees that's not good he's fleeing from the law the president has to fulfill the law if he starts doing something else a lot of it that is going to lose everything. david taylor is following the developments and cross also david what else do we know about the warrant or or
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multiple foreign says it may be. this is a procedure taken under the european arrest arrest warrant the documents arrived at the federal prosecutor's office here last night let me explain a bit about that process it's a whole thing that's meant to actually increase the speed and ease of extradition between the e.u. countries before they actually brought this legislation in and it was first came in after the nine eleven attacks in the united states it could take a year maybe two years maybe three years for extradition proceedings take place now under these new procedures it can take up to sixty days and in special circumstances another thirty days on top of that so this means that under this procedure that the arrest warrants will be given to an investigative judge. here in brussels and then push tomorrow and the other four cabinet members will have
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twenty four hours to surrender to the the judge appear before him and he will then start investigating the case he will decide whether they're going to be detained in custody whether there was a flight risk whether they have any objections to the arrest warrant so it's a long and complicated procedure but still very much faster than what used to be in place so this allows. for other deposed cabinet ministers to lodge complaints or challenge the arrest warrants on two grounds either their human rights are being abused or something called double criminality and that is essentially the clause which looks at the charges of sedition here in belgium and see if the shape that the same of the charges. sedition in madrid and of course there are very different here so it's plenty of ground for
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a challenge on that double criminality clause so that in effect i think is what you'll find the arrest warrants are challenged on and this will give the cabinet ministers and his self time to continue using the whole of the legal process to challenge the arrest warrant and spend time here maybe up to ninety days and which time of course that local regional election on december the twenty first will have taken place but it allows him using the safety and freedom of brussels and the legislation within the courts to carry on with his campaign and to make sure that the independence of catalonia and his campaign can be conducted from here in brussels so an extraordinary situation but we do expect sometime this weekend an investigative judge to be appointed either today or tomorrow and then tomorrow and the cabinet ministers will have to present themselves at the court. wrap up there
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in brussels david thank you. a military assault to push out of a border city under its control in syria is underway russian jets are pounding up on the syria iraq border and the tourists or countryside six civilians were killed after residential areas were targeted syrian army's elite forces aided by iran backed shia militia and hezbollah fighters are leading this operation on the ground on friday i saw was pushed out of doors or city the armed groups last major urban stronghold in the country. and top advisor same supreme leader says syrian government forces will advance soon to retake rock a city tehran has been backing syrian president bashar assad on the battleground against opposition fighters and i mean you know the americans by locating in eastern iraq are trying to divide syrians into two parts of they tried to do in iraq they won't succeed in syria we'll witness in the near future the advance of
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government and popular forces in syria and east of the euphrates and the liberation of iraq a city go back to iraq in a moment but first let's talk the hotshot a whole bara about all these developments he is and ghazi on top on the turkey syria border saussure as i said we'll get to to that rock in a moment that's obviously important but let's focus right now. and the significance of what's happening there and its location. russia now the russians i continue their strikes against targets now they've been suspecting the top operatives to be basically dead book a man says this talk of pulling out from different parts of the country particularly rock and this is why they are aiming for the hideouts of the top operatives i mean the pows and also fortification posts they say that they've managed to destroy many of them over the last forty eight hours however civilians in that are in the book i might say that dozens of people were killed over the last forty eight hours particularly all the. book come
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out of the same time we're seeing now the syrian army moving west from island mayor dean and a military base to words at a book about it about fifty kilometers from the area so we're expecting them to arrive later by tomorrow and that's where the intense fighting could start between the syrian army and i i said is expected to put up fierce resistance there for different reasons is that it's now squeezed on both sides of iraq and syria to it last it's a border crossing going to come out three has nowhere to go with the side to retreat further east for example it's a vast desert area and it's a good movement will be on the spot intercepted by the russians and by the about it goes so the options for ice are really very little for them so i think they just continue the fight until the. combat ok so let's go to rocket now or there is talk of the syrian government trying to retake that city and hosh and that seems to have
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a lot of different parties a lot of different groups on a collision course. absolutely the implication is that will be very different for the simple reason is that you have the runs and controls the city of iraq is backed by the united states of america the syrian army is backed by russia and the syrian army made this quite clear over the last two weeks that it is determined once is. to move north towards the law and to control its goal the way towards that house like which is a stronghold of the kurdish taxes and later set its eyes on the east and also in the province of idlib which is the last remaining stronghold for the syrian opposition in syria if that happens if the syrian army moves back by the russians towards. what will be the next step for the americans are they going to abandon that in the region which is the s.d.f. or are they going to try to work out
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a reconciliation and so you know i think the american are hoping to see a permanent solution to the crisis in syria but the s.d.f. says that it would like to continue its push to create a state of which this is something that would create new political dynamics in the region if the russians and the americans a further trapped into this conflict that could have. consequences to syria and to the region. the developments there joining us from gaza thank you. more than six hundred refugees have made a desperate plea to new zealand's prime minister ahead of her meeting with her australian counterpart for years a new zealand had offered to resettle some of the refugees australia locked in its offshore prison camps and an asylum camp was decommissioned on tuesday but hundreds of refugees there they're refusing to lean they cuz they fear being attacked by locals. we are pleading the international community to discuss what is going on on
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models i love the movement is a human journey and crisis and no one will help us all if the international community will intervene in this and we are begging the new zealand government to rescreen us because new zealand is the only country today and they have been fighting again and again and again they want to get us out of the center. the tense standoff on menace island has been the focus of weekend rallies in several all civilian cities thomas went to the gathering and seventy. the central message of this protest is bring them here the refugees who were sent to the pacific gardens of mass improper new guinea and the route before a half years ago have suffered enough and should be brought to australia in the more immediate time of course a concern very concerned about conditions inside the walls australia is frozen on the minus on in the six hundred men who are refusing to leave that facility now being without fresh water without food and without power. is mine
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a drinking water there. and water that are getting out of the self bill well but there are real concerns about dysentery and other health problems inside the prison now australia's government says those men have been in accommodation elsewhere all minus all and but the united nations and other sites that accommodation isn't ready for them yet still a construction site and the refugees any why site that accommodation isn't site by site that it isn't protected from the locals who want to do them harm who don't welcome them into the community and many of those refugees when they have been out of that prison in the past have. well we spoke to a few of the protesters here and here's some of what i had to say is appalling and your. point. i think i think i think.
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it's completely and utterly horrible and i think it's really. stands. out we really need to get off message across. these men who are suffering. on sunday in new zealand prime minister comes to australia to talk to her australian counterpart. has said that she sticks by an offer made by her freedom to take one hundred fifty of the refugees and resettle them. in new zealand now some fall strike has rejected but it will be light again on sunday and then there is the question of whether new zealand makes little for the rich plea to papua new guinea leaving australia affability what will strike then if a deal is made between those two independent countries. still ahead on al-jazeera satire or slander zimbabwe police arrest an american woman for sharing a tweet that appear to mock president mugabe plus the agreement with the un aimed at uprooting colombia's thriving cocaine business.
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through trying to rape you can you. feel intense and it's a. hello and welcome to our international weather forecast now as we take a look at the conditions across europe we've got an area of high pressure sitting across so many central and eastern areas giving fine conditions of front across the southeast which are going to be pushing rain into ward parts of turkey and cyprus and a very complex double low pressure system across more western areas and we're going to see some quite severe weather conditions developing along this now as we look at the forecast for saturday you see pretty unsettled across many parts of spain through france and the u.k. but then moving on through into sunday we've got a deep low developing around the bay of general region and we're going to see some really quite heavy snow fall over the difference in temperature means zurich there
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at nine and rome there at twenty and as these two air masses come together we could see some very severe storms developing indeed further towards the east looking mighty fine and quite care if there are some sunshine early morning mist i suspect highs of ten degrees on the other side of the mediterranean we've got some clouds with the risk of showers moving through morocco and into algeria but the risk every quite small further towards the east there those showers across the eastern side of the mediterranean give some charis for cyprus further south it should stay largely drying cairo in egypt with highs of twenty six. sponsored by cats are. available. every day but the message. you have this good logical rational. and misinformation.
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accusation and evidence is part of the listening provides a critical. mainstream. at this time on al-jazeera. watching take a look at the top stories this hour an international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the cattle on president bush to model long with several of his aides still in belgium where he fled after the declaration of cattle on independence. and military assault of a border city under its control in syria is underway. on the syria iraq border and they tell us or countryside syrian army's elite forces are leading the operation on
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the ground more than six hundred refugees have made a desperate plea prime minister ahead of her meeting with her counterpart. to resettle some of the refugees from the commission and run prison camp. the u.n. says more than a million have fled persecution in myanmar many are living in camps in neighboring bangladesh but hundreds have managed to find a new home in the u.s. especially in the city of chicago john hunter and reports. half a world away from e.m.r. hundreds of really hinges have found a distant refuge in america's midwest but for many like abdul-jabbar a manilla their thoughts are of home their relatives in pictures and videos of their villages on fire you make me very sad and i mean even though i'm here in safety in you know it has to be when i'm. going to sit in here so i feel not happy
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some four hundred range of families about fifteen hundred people have moved here to chicago in the city's rohingya cultural center they gather for help in applying for jobs and get medical advice they also come to plead for help for their relatives in me anymore or as many still call it burma only solution us military and united nation because china india everyone is silent so you made me force military save life and this and people didn't need your help those here are learning to speak english. and they're starting from scratch part of that. in burma is that they have no real access to state education and so when they get to america to be resettled they can be forty fifty sixty years old and have no education whatsoever which means
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that my teaching english we have to start right at the beginning with the phonetic alphabet and just the sounds of the language and. they come here to divonne avenues some call it the most diverse street in america landing place of successive wave of immigrant to chicago from eastern europeans to orthodox jews pakistanis indians and now they're all hinges. here they form their own community where they share their own store and their own worries i'm worrying about the us have to know so i buy the food because the government not allowed any aid international or united nation it is a fear for those they left behind the really injured here comfort themselves in knowing it least they've brought some of them to safety john hendren al-jazeera chicago this president has visited pearl harbor during a stopover in hawaii before him marks on his first official visit to asia pearl
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harbor of course was the scene of that surprise attack by japan in one thousand nine hundred one that plunged the u.s. into world war two trapped on earth at the thousands of americans who lost their lives there he will now have to rush on a twelve day trip that will take him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines as our white house correspondent kelly reports north korea will be high on the agenda. as president donald trump has worked to nurture relationships on u.s. soil with chinese president xi and japanese prime minister abbay dinners at mar a lago even rounds of golf president trying to liberty now trumps headed for his first trip as president to asia it's a twelve day tour to visit japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines and given trump's inconsistent stance on foreign policy issues no one's quite sure what to expect they will be met with fire fury and frankly power.
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looming over the visit is trump's brazen rhetoric with north korean leader kim jong un trumps escalated the crisis and raise fears even the smallest miscalculation on both sides could lead to war unlike the trip in the spring by u.s. vice president pence white house officials say trump will not visit the south korean side of the demilitarized zone overlooking north korea instead he'll visit u.s. soldiers at nearby camp humphries trumps meeting with leader moon could be tense trumps inflame the relationship by suggesting south korea alone pay for the u.s. missile defense system in itself. well moon has reminded trump there can be no military action against north korea without consent their money manipulators their currency manipulators trumps china visit may be equally complicated on the campaign
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trail trump bash china's a currency manipulator stealing american jobs officials say he'll make a similar argument over unfair trade practices well in beijing private enterprise and open markets is the best model to increase prosperity throughout the region and despite trying to positive relationship with japan's leader. there is concern in that. a nation that trumps tough talk on north korea continues to put the country and wider region at risk those fears are casting a shadow over trump's attendance at two major economic summit in vietnam and also in the philippines overall it is i have to get genda for a region that remains wary given donald trump's consistently unpredictable diplomatic style can really help at al-jazeera washington. liberia's presidential election runoff has been delayed as the supreme court investigate allegations of
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election fraud the vote marking the country's first democratic transition of power was due to take place next tuesday but this week the supreme court halted preparations that will rule on monday on a petition filed against the national election commission by the liberty party candidate who came in third a teenager as has more from the capital monrovia. the candidate for liberty party charles from skin is asking the supreme court to council the vote and he's asking for a rerun of the whole election the presidential election in particular he wants the court to set aside the move by the national electoral commission to i don't know of between georgia where was former world football player of the year and of course the current vice president this is a job or kite according to mr. brown skin irregularities have taken place in the october tenth election now whatever the court judgement on monday what do such and at the moment is that the runoff election between the two
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top leaders of the vote on october tenth will not happen on tuesday the november seventh this is because a lot of preparations have been put on hold because of the court. judgment in anticipation of the court judgment it was set aside the the distribution of election materials to various counties especially those far away from the capital monrovia as well as the training of officials to handle the runoff between the two candidates so whatever happens on monday in the supreme court judgement then definitely a lot of days will have to be located or rather the election commission needs a lot of days to make sure that all preparations for the election to go on. an american woman accused of insulting zimbabwe's president robert mugabe on twitter has been charged with subversion marta o'donovan who works for madame the t.v. was detained in a darn raid on her home in harare she faces up to twenty years in prison after
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tweeting that mccarthy was quote a selfish and sick man united nations in colombia has signed an agreement aimed at disrupting the country's burning cocaine business it's all part of peace efforts to train the government and park rebels who long control of the drug trade there alison tarabay reports it's the largest deal colombia ever signed with the un's office on drugs and crime colombia will hand over to the u.n. agency more than three hundred million u.s. dollars over four years in exchange the country receives assistance in its efforts to encourage farmers away from growing coca the basic ingredient for cocaine by replacing it with legal crops like coffee in krakow both sides describe the agreement this crucial. move forward.
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for a time coca-cola deviation in colombia subsided but it's booming again production is said to have doubled in the last three years. and the country is under increasing pressure to deal with it in part to force the revocation and by convincing farmers to turn their back on the crop for good but it's proving a challenge the colombian government hopes the un deal will help with. the un will monitor and assist the farmers participating in swapping crops and it's also going to help rebuild the conflict areas. but some drug trafficking experts fear the money will mostly end up paying for the un's bureaucracy and not bringing benefits to farmers. what we have to observe is that ninety five percent of the resources of the amount of money that is invested is expander in the has no coca so ninety five percent of the money is going to the wrong areas and who's the man responsible for
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this i think is the responsibility of the colombian government and you know d.c. they're taking a bigot over head on it and they're like maybe responsible why these programs has no provide the resources that we all expect the u.n. does have a track record of some success in colombia where it has helped the story peace deal with the far gravels the question now is whether this u.n. agency deal will help change the conditions where illicit crops of long been the only means of survival for hundreds of thousands of farmers alison that i'm just you know. and a blow to venezuela's government the fitch ratings agency has cut their foreign debt grade the decision comes after president nicolas maduro call for creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments if it says it cut the long term debt rating to see double c. based on the request and venezuela's history of missed payments. to travel in
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a straight and has formally released a report that details the growing threats of climate change from human action however the national climate assessment is sharply at odds with the government's policy mike hanna reports. president trump has publicly described the concept of climate change as a hoax and that was one of his reasons for announcing his intention of withdrawing the u.s. from the paris climate a called the paris climate accord is simply the latest example of washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages. the united states but he's directly contradicted by report that maintains the u.s. is experiencing more heat and rainfall events that twenty five coastal cities experience more flooding and that seas could rise by between one and four feet by the end of the century all a consequence says the report of human action one of those who had to sign off on the reporters the director of the environmental protection agency yet at the center
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to come from asian hearing scott pruitt indicated he too was a climate change skeptic let me say to you science tells us that the climate is changing and then human activity in some manner impacts that change the ability to measure with precision the degree and extent of that impact and what to do about it are subject to continued debate and dialogue pruett has led the way in promoting fossil fuel production and rolling back several of barmah era rules aimed at curbing carbon output and limiting greenhouse gas emissions action the report says contribute to global warming the director of the e.p.a. did not stop there he ordered the removal of climate science pages that for two decades had featured on the agency's website. well the reason some had feared the national climate assessment would be blocked by an administration it contradicts but instead to disappear is that rather than prevent publication of the report
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president trump and his fellow climate change doctors have simply decided to ignore it mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the streaming service netflix has cut ties with hollywood actor kevin spacey over allegations of sexual misconduct that flick says spacey will not be part of any further production of its popular show house of cards in which he played the lead and is also a producer spacey faces a number of accusations in the u.s. and britain of sexual harassment towards men at follows the harvey weinstein scandal when more than thirty women accused the producer of sexual assault. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories and international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed cattle on president carlos pushed him on along with several of his aides he is still in belgium where he fled after
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the declaration of cattle line and dependants. a military assault to push eisel out of a border city under its control in syria is underway russian jets are pounding on the syria iraq border in the doors or countryside the syrian army's elite forces are leading the operation on the ground. or than six hundred refugees have made a desperate plea to new zealand's prime minister ahead of her meeting with her australian counterpart zealand has offered to resettle some of the refugees from the now decommissioned australian one person camp on man a silent on the guinea. we are the international community to discuss what is going on on models on the movies and here. and no one will help us the international community will intervene and we are big. government. because. they have been fighting again and again and again they want to get us out of the center yes president has visited pearl harbor during
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a stopover in hawaii before you embark on his first official visit to asia harbor of course was the scene of that surprise attack by japan in one thousand nine hundred one that plunged the u.s. into world war two honor the thousands of americans who lost their lives there he will now leave for asia on a day trip that will take him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines. more fighters from a gaza based armed group had died after israel blew up a cross border tunnel earlier this week that brings the number of dead from the blast to twelve the armed group says it's been denied access to recover the bodies people in gaza used the tunnels to smuggle goods circumventing the israeli blockade imposed in two thousand and seven. liberia's presidential election runoff has been delayed as the supreme court investigates allegations of electoral fraud the marking the country's first democratic transition of power was due to take place next tuesday the supreme court will rule on monday on
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a petition filed against the national election commission by the liberal party candidate who came in third there so the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post keep it or. it's us president doubled from visit to asia the goals to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have will be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. it is a landmark moment in the investigation russian. search for the one time make sure it was raining again only. on the front line there is no question. hello i'm richard and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories.


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