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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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is like a panic button in twenty fourth's of above the tree you drive as. your mom wants it all the way more concrete to hades you know what to do and it is full fledged raging by what donald trump open the door to says just hate how it was that he opened the door to turn that heat into a physical reality that drains a lot of them and is. full blood is examining hate in transamerica at this time on how much is iraq. anger in catalonia after an international arrest warrant is issued for the region's president. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life until hot also coming up russian and
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syrian troops launch an offensive to retake the last major city under eisel control in syria. what is going on on models i love the movies and he will join me in a crisis and no one will help us a desperate plea from hundreds of refugees who say they have been abandoned on man asylum. i'm scott heiler in tokyo where the city is gearing up for the arrival of president trump on sunday the first off in his historic twelve day trip through asia. and. an international arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed cattle on president karl has pushed him on spanish prosecutors want to investigate him for rebellion and sedition over last month's declaration of independence but the sacked leader has missed two days of court hearings in madrid his demand is in brussels where he intends to challenge any attempt to extradite him to spain but he has also said he
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will cooperate with the belgian authorities have twenty four hours to respond to the european arrest warrant several of which aides are also being sought and are semmens reports from the catalan capital barcelona. the judge's action came as crowds protested in barcelona about the jailing order made on thursday just before they started gathering colors proved them all appeared on belgian television again denying that he's a baiting justice. peace i'm ready to face it but to face real justice so i'm not going away i'm here and i've instructed my lawyers to inform belgian justice the time ready to fully cooperate. with monkeys. back in barcelona the crowds demanded the release of the eight sacked ministers from push demands cabinet as they await trial clapping and chanting our president
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is pleased tomorrow. catalonia is still in shock after the jailing order from the judge at spain's national court the intensity of emotion is written on this woman's face carmel for carde president of parliament returns to see her staff after a separate hearing at the supremes court there was adjourned they managed to convey a little bit of. a good bye i ask you to keep working to improve this country so people still know that this is their parliament and we are here the members of the parliament because the people have voted for us and we are here to serve this country but it's hard to serve your country from a jail cell when she and five other elected officials return to court next week they could be sent to prison to await their trials as well this politician believes the spanish government was clever in calling elections for next month but the court
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action is misguided they threw away their best card how can you say now that the spanish government and the powers of the state in general the courts included are not repressing. when they put people in jail without bail people organized a vote nobody can understand that it's uncomprehensible mr bush serves on the city council that's now the only visible political force here and so city hall is sending out a message while on the other side of the square the palace that used to be the seats of power is vacant and the people are restless. and. that is the hometown of karla's. how is he viewed there and what is the mood there reaction there. was suppose you could call him a wanted man now but in terms of the way this city is feeling here is
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a man who people respect in the main here not everyone is in support of the secession but a lot of people he still had it out as a local journalist on the local paper here getting on to move into politics and becoming a major figure who defeated more than three decades of socialism in this city and if you all sit around you'll hear people in mixed moods really because this is the beginning would you believe the last day of the festival with children all around playing games to have been a big debate over whether to actually cancel the festival altogether because of the jailing of off of the capitol in here with this dissuasion let's just take the camera up put on the city hall and you'll see black drapes on the building and that's to represent the sadness at the jailing of politicians that's
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what i'm told by the deputy mayor as you'll see that flagpole up that did actually have the spanish flag on what it was taken down on the day that secession was declared unlike. the flag. i guess that is an open sign of defiance walnuts enraged politicians in the spanish capital but generally when you talk to people they say that this is really an act against democracy and there are as i said you knew this hero's welcome you feel quite to the contrary but nevertheless there is a dignity about what's going on in the terms of the protests being highly organized and the discussion about the future is something that's really quite contained and not outrageous nor to any now would be expressions of anger on the streets on this event sums it up would be the people want to maintain the dignity of this region
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and not only that they call it now a republican money courts is the big deciding factor in all of this will be december twenty first when those elections take place with. interest some and live for us in jarana thank you andrew. a military assault a fish out of the last trip of land under its control in syria is underway russian jets are pounding the city of on the syria iraq border and the doors or countryside six civilians were killed after residential areas were hit the syrian army's elite force says that iran backed shia militia has fighters are leading the operation on the ground on friday i saw was pushed out of doors or the armed groups last major urban stronghold and the country. is tracking this developments from gaza on the turkey syria border. the russians are multiplying their strikes against isis positions in the book come out their hope is to be able to break the defense lines of i.c.l.
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to pave the way for the syrian army to move into the heart of the town. finds itself in a very delicate situation it's sandwiched between two armies vastly superior in number and in. the iraqi army in the south and the syrian army which is moving from the west and trying to lay a siege on the town over a book i say is left with very few options to continue the fight but then this will come with a huge price that is the civilian population which is trapped into the city and there's absolutely no way they can defeat to me is coming from two areas or there's often a. fleeing or escaping come out into a vast desert area to the east the problem with this option is that the desert area is totally exposed the moment they move in convoys they would be intercepted and there would be. come under attack from the russian warplanes which fly over the areas nonstop so this is a delicate situation for i still it's
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a crucial moment they want to continue the fire they want to hold the world they're still there but they know that if they lose that this is going to be the beginning of the end for their presence in syria more than six hundred refugees are making their case to new zealand's prime minister before her meeting with the australian leader for years a new zealand had offered to resettle some of the refugees australia locked in its offshore prison camps and man asylum camp was decommissioned on tuesday but hundreds of refugees are refusing to leave because they fear that locals will attack them. we are polluting the international community to risk us what is going on on models i love the movement is a human journey and crisis and no one will help us all if the international community will intervene to end this and we are begging the new zealand government to risk us because new zealand is the only country today they have been fighting again and again and again they want to get us out of the ocean center the stand off
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one man a silent has been the focus of we can rallies in several australian cities and enter thomas went to the protest and said. the central message of this protest is bring them here the refugees who were sent to the pacific islands of mass improper new guinea and the route before a half years ago have suffered enough and should be brought to australia and the more immediate and of course the concern very concerned about conditions inside the walls australia is frozen on the minus on in the six hundred men who are refusing to leave that facility now being without fresh water without food and without power . is mine a drinking water they're collecting in when the bins and water that are getting out of a self built well but there are real concerns about dysentery and other health problems inside the prison now australia's government says those men have been in accommodation elsewhere all manner saw islands but the united nations and other sites that accommodation isn't ready for them yet still
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a construction site and the refugees any why sight that accommodation isn't site by site that it isn't protected from the locals who want to do them harm who don't welcome them into the community and many of those refugees when they have been out of that present the past on have. well we spoke to a few of the protesters here and here's some of what i have to say is appalling and . i think i think i think. they're coming to me. because. it's completely not illegal horrible and i think it's really. stands. out we really need to get off. the false bring these men who are suffering. on sunday new zealand prime minister comes to australia to talk to her australian
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counterpart. to say that she sticks by an offer made by her freedom to take one hundred fifty of the refugees and resettle them. has rejected that offer but it will be made again on sunday and then there is the question of whether new zealand makes little for the ripley to papua new guinea leaving australia and what will. then if a deal is made between those two independent countries. still ahead on al-jazeera argentina's former vice president has been arrested on a russian charge. directly contradicting the trumpet ministration on climate change the findings of an exhaustive report by thirteen us government agencies. welcome back we'll start by look at weather conditions across northeastern parts of
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asia and you can see this weather front moving away from japan there's another one just coming across the island so if you look at the forecast we're going to see if you share a swing through during the course of sunday dry weather falling behind the tokyo will probably stay dry for much of the day there is seventeen degrees and sunshine is fine across the korean peninsula is fairly decent for beijing to fourteen degrees and then heading on through into monday again largely dry conditions for many parts of this region shanghai should see some sunshine and highs of twenty three degrees further towards the size we've got our typhoon damrey a what's left of it heading across parts of vietnam and through into laos and cambodia so hanoi though to the north should stay largely dry is also fine for hong kong fine for food to taipei is expected to stay dry and then through into monday we've still got some showers associated with the remnants of that typhoon otherwise hanging on to the dry weather conditions into southeastern parts of asia and we've
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got a scattering of showers in the philippines some heavy rain across borneo looking pretty wet much of java should stay dry but through them in a plane could be a wet one in kuala lumpur highs of twenty six. the consequence of war. veterans and roger shows he served in the ring. that just doesn't go away he's been living out of his truck for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time.
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with. your watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now an international arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed president karla's him on along with several of his aides he remains in belgium where he fled after the declaration of cattle on independence. a military assault to push out of a border city in syria is underway russian jets are pounding on the syria iraq border and the doors are countryside the syrian army's elite forces are leading the operation on the ground more than six hundred refugees have made a plea to new zealand's prime minister before her meeting with her konkana are part australia new zealand has offered to resettle some of the refugees from the now decommissioned australian run prison camp i'm in a silent and papua new guinea. u.s.
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president donald trump has visited pearl harbor during a stopover in hawaii before he embarks on his first official visit to asia pearl harbor of course was the scene of a surprise attack by japan in one thousand nine hundred one the plunge the u.s. into world war two trouble honor the thousands of americans who lost their lives there will now leave for asia on a twelve day trip that will take him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines as our white house correspondent tony berkley reports north korea will be high on the agenda. demonstrations going on in seoul but generally from the older generation people carrying out saying we love you trump that's not the message from the people here behind me these are very much supporters people very concerned about the rhetoric the president they believe he's a man who could big war to the peninsula so they're very concerned the tensions have been going on here now for the last few months people very concerned about his
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fire and fury speeches also he threatened to totally destroy north korea concerns and about what south korea should do there's now a debate going on here some people in south korea believe they should take full affirmative action some people say they should push america to redeploy tactical nuclear but this would also take control of their own forces because there's an agreement with the u.s. in the event of conflict. to take control of the south korean forces people not to change also there is a debate going on not widespread views that are held him supported bush some people are calling for south korea to develop his own you could turn so the stakes of raised here and all those present trouble is being. we have to say that he's also being uprooted the people here are very realistic they understand very much that america is the benefactor and defender of south korea and they see that his
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support is essential. and then resnick as a u.s. foreign policy and security analyst he says that this account at a crucial time for the two allies. president trumps of detroit will skepticism about the value of american allies prime minister op they really wants to make sure that when president trump is in the region when he is in japan and that he continues to be able to rely on the united states and its security umbrella lot a time when most korea is becoming more and more of a threat to japan so in light of trump sort of a long time skepticism of the value of american allies. really wants to solidify the alliance given his lack of interest in policy given his reluctance to trump well he's easily irritated i think that it's going to be difficult for u.s. allies and strategic partners to get much out of this visit i think they're just
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hoping that if he doesn't do anything to disrupt relations. with their respective states especially japan this is the probably the most critical u.s. ally in the region. and breaking news to bring you here on al-jazeera the lebanese prime minister saad hariri has resigned this happening in the last few minutes there was a statement that was televised on state t.v. and live and on it were he blamed hezbollah for destabilizing the region that is all we know right now as you can imagine we are making phone calls gathering as much as we can but the lebanese prime minister saad hariri turning his resignation stepping down keep it here on al-jazeera as we gather more information to bring to you on that in the meantime speaking of hezbollah and iran iran has for the first time displaced displayed rather a ballistic missile is part of events to mark the thirty eighth anniversary of the u.s. embassy hostage crisis this
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a ballistic missile stood among the thousands who gathered outside a former u.s. embassy in tehran a crowd also burned at the chase and photos of u.s. president donald trump tension is high between iran and the u.s. after president trump refused to recertify the nuclear deal with western powers same as robbie has more from tehran. this event celebrates the taking of the u.s. embassy and nine hundred seventy nine by students of the revolution that overthrew the shah at the time and saw the rise of the islamic republic of iran has no words today with the rejection of the nuclear deal by the united states and the aggressive rhetoric coming out of the white house u.s. president donald trump what would have been an otherwise annual event is taking on the new significance here in iran today. events of those days are just as important today to these iranians as they were thirty years ago not just because they want to be defiant towards american foreign policy but because this place and what happened
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here the overtaking of this symbol of american might in the middle east at the time by doing students you would see the mindset of resistance that is now moving into the fabric of iran's national identity and the history of the. place informs how these people and their government are planning their collective future it has to be said many of the young men and women here on any other day might be found enjoying burgers and music in one of the many western style coffee shops and restaurants that are popular in iran. and it's said appreciation of american style culture that worries the government in the days leading up to this event civilian and military leaders were giving speeches saying again and again so that people don't forget for iran america is an oppressed. returning to this story that is breaking now lebanese prime minister saad hariri has resigned saying a few key things in his statement that he senses
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a plot to target his life also planning has we do now have on the phone our correspondent. who is live for us in southern lebanon making phone calls gathering more information on this and what do we know. don't tell you you're in lebanon with the allies. but not going to. bed with only being in the job since december of last year still hasn't even begun the cold war for a year yet and here he is responding. quite clearly that he was blaming hezbollah for his words creating a different reality in the middle east he also pointed the finger at iran for its own will we can be iraq. and also as you rightly pointed out he has credible the years that life was that bridge the risk of
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a just escalation but since you have to remember that saddam is a procedure very particular area for a well known leader here and that the money was fascinated in two thousand and five the babe ruths. turns surgery has words own life certainly very well be connected to that whatever the case and as you think it very spies in aspen from history has said to be down as prime minister so and i realize in piazza we don't know a lot said this with a surprise no signs no inkling no chatter from anybody that something like this might be coming that he was considering it. it has to be said all politics but been on the are very complex very hard to predict and of course. very the five is not only divided because domestically that are a should watch for geo political as well. as part of the future
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it's the party that is very closely aligned to saudi arabia of course buys gibran rahman rabia of course it's for five all they are essentially called the boards the various regions around the world and at least politically have a false teacher as well very well documented and very well known and many are will take the fact that mr hariri had stayed to separate the two saudi arabia in the last five days as an indication as to why he is behind this presentation at this stage it is still speculation however the speculation is that the study leadership has suring mr hariri to step down from just rolls even the sox for a very long time they've been very angry with the goal that has plenty not only by the month but also in the area but of course that needs to fall and the growing
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region as well this of course was for what it was finished a year ago when your previous especially because that action on the weapon on or just disagrees been or what they said has foliage growing influence again preference in mr statement barracks in which the study arabia sensually principle hundreds of million dollars the military aid the weapon on ending the day to be distant from toppling the leprechauns so the idea is that if the building now do you stand off thoughts on the sort of defensive but again i think very few people expected to resign as soon as the early. and has given that it was seems to be such a surprise as you said how do we anticipate this playing out next in the coming hours who stands to gain from this or is it just really going to be a wait and see thing. well obama is no stranger to political instability but really
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what we're seeing here is something of a vacuum. how the stock should be going bills frankly at this stage anybody guess the vibe is that going on there are so divided four or i think you know roughly around two years without the president michelle obama called again early these jura go so the concern is we coul long will be big how long could be prime minister should be big books one would imagine the first movie be very crisp each song to fill that seat but at this stage no idea who that might be how to speak layout and who's going to speak all we also need to point out or rather i mean. we're about lebanon on operates on a very black political system which politics especially divided along that so whoever is the next prime minister of lebanon will have. to be. just like the
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presidential office come from the christian sects and so on and so forth does not also are divided in this way but what does lead to the house looks out over the next couple of days really anyone's guess but one could imagine it falls off ok and we're going to let you go get some more information on this breaking news history kept the lebanese prime minister saad hariri has resigned people calling it a surprise that saying that they did not know citing in his statement he cited concerns about interference from hezbollah iran and also concerns about a plot on his life so as you can imagine we are gathering as much information as we can on what this means what and what is next so keep it here on al-jazeera for that the u.s. government has released a report that details the growing threat of climate change from human action but the national climate assessment is sharply at odds with the trumpet ministrations
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policy mike hanna reports from washington. please president trump has publicly described the concept of climate change as a hoax and that was one of his reasons for announcing his intention of withdrawing the u.s. from the paris climate accord the paris climate accord is simply the latest example of washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the united states but he's directly contradicted by a report that maintains the u.s. is experiencing more heat and rainfall events that twenty five coastal cities experienced more flooding and that sees could rise by between one and four feet by the end of the century all a consequence says that a port of human action one of those who had to sign off on the report is a director of the environmental protection agency yet at his center to come from asian hearing scott pruitt indicated he too was a climate change skeptic let me say to you science tells us that the climate is
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changing and then human activity in some manner impacts that change the ability to measure with precision the degree and extent of that impact and what to do about it are subject to continued debate and dialogue pruett has led the way in promoting fossil fuel production and rolling back several obama era rules aimed at curbing carbon output and limiting greenhouse gas emissions action the report says contribute to global warming the director of the e.p.a. did not stop there he ordered the removal of climate science pages that for two decades had featured on the agency's website. well the reason some had feared the national climate assessment would be blocked by an administration it contradicts but instead to piers that rather than prevent publication of the report president trump and his fellow climate change doctors have simply decided to ignore it mike hanna al-jazeera washington. and
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a blow to venezuela's government the fish ratings agency has cut its credit rating for the country's foreign debt the decision comes after president nicolas maduro call for a creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments if it says it cut the long term debt rating from c. to double c. based on that call by migiro and venezuela's history of missed payments. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the breaking news we're following out of lebanon the country's prime minister saad hariri has just resigned he made this announcement in a televised statement you can see the video there citing a plot to target his life that he sensed any also blamed iran for meddling in arab affairs so let's bring in our correspondent n.p.r.'s tayyab who is in the southern lebanon with what we know about this impasse. some surprising news here in lebanon
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with the shock announcement that prime ministers. resign there is very little indication minister to step down from a drug you don't need even for less than a year but in a televised address he pointed the finger at hezbollah which of course the very powerful movements here in lebanon for imposing its will on lebanon and also pointed the finger at iran saying that you've run in medically in affairs but also added that he felt his body was a threat you have to remember that south korea is risky korea a former leader of lebanon itself who was assassinated in two thousand five hundred huge car bomb attacks so those concerns are certainly warranted but again many people here in lebanon squads have used but the prime minister has stepped down n.p.'s tayyip thank you very much you'll be covering this throughout the day thank you. a military assault to push i saw out of
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a border city in syria is underway russian jets are pounding on the syria iraq border and the doors were countryside the syrian army's elite forces are leading the operation on the ground a european arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed cattle on president karl has pushed him on along with several of his aides here manes in belgium where he fled after the declaration of cattle on and dependence more than six hundred refugees have made a plea to new zealand's prime minister before her meeting with australia's leader new zealand has offered to resettle some of the refugees from the now decommissioned australian run prison camp on man a silent about money getting. us president donald trump has visited pearl harbor during a stopover in hawaii before he embarks on his first official visit to asia pearl harbor was the scene of a surprise attack by japan in one thousand nine hundred one that plunged the u.s. into world war two honored at the thousands of americans who lost their lives there he will now leave for asia on
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a twelve day trip that all taken to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines those are the headlines and side story is next and we'll continue to cover the resignation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri keep it here. from hollywood to where in the office on the street never before have we been made . and it's everywhere from australia to zimbabwe so how does it differ. and can we do anything to stop it this is inside story.


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