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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. this is al jazeera. and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters here in their heart coming up in the next sixty minutes
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a shakeup in the house of saudi princes are detained and ministers dismissed. yemen's who the rebels fire a missile into saudi arabia's capital riyadh says it was intercepted also first stop tokyo u.s. president donald trump begins his twelve day tour of asia with north korea at the top of the agenda. i knew my daughter could have a car and she would overcome a young girl who's become synonymous with the u.s. debate on immigration is returned to her family. could have you with us on the news are we begin with two major stories out of the kingdom of saudi arabia at least eleven princes and dozens of former ministers have reportedly been arrested on anti corruption charges two ministers the head of the navy have been removed from that positions and all of this as the military confirms
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it shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh which was fired from yemen who the rebels say they're behind the attack mariana hand as more. it's not the first time who theory rebels have fired long range missiles across the border at saudi arabia but this missile appears to have travelled the furthest hundreds of kilometers deep into saudi heartland and only taken down close to king khalid international airport on the outskirts of the capital riyadh. the official saudi news agency is p.a. said saudi forces fired a surface to air patriot missile to intercept it witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing fragments falling near the airport the rebels moved quickly to say they were behind the missile attack telling al-jazeera they had launched a burka and two h. missile a scud type missile with a range of more than eight hundred kilometers knocked out of the year. we choose
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the time and place after collecting information about a target and it was khaled international airport east of riyadh targeted by a long range volcano ballistic missile this is in response to the continued aggression committing daily massacres against the yemeni people and. the conflict in yemen pits houthi rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against yemeni government forces back in two thousand and fourteen the who thiis and their allies took control of the yemeni capital sana'a. but the conflict widened early the following year when a saudi led coalition of arab countries step down with airstrikes to back up humans government and two and a half years the saudi coalition has launched thousands of a strikes the same a strikes that have been repeatedly criticized by the united nations for disregarding the number of civilians killed and return who sees and their allies have fired
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dozens of missiles into saudi territory last week who the spokesman told al-jazeera that who's the fighters would target any country that attacks them. i will be one man out there and let the dust i would be in others that target yemen as far as we are concerned are fair military target for our ballistic missiles any country that hits yemen militarily will be targeted. yemen was already the poorest country in the region before the war nearly two and a half years of fighting is lifted on the brink of collapse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people close to starvation and since april the world's worst outbreak of cholera the u.n. says around ten thousand people have been killed and at least forty thousand wounded mostly from saudi laid is strikes this latest missile attack deep into saudi territory will likely escalate this long running and conflict medium hond
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al-jazeera let's take a closer look now at the casualties of the new saudi anticorruption committee well it's created to deal with the abuse of power including the theft of public funds eleven princes and dozens of former ministers are among those reportedly detained and then there are those who've been dismissed first to be removed on kings from mars or royal orders was the minister of the national guard prince bin of the law he's the son of the late king of the making and one of the most prominent princes on the list he was the last seen the a royal in government not closely connected to king saul man or his son who's the heir to the throne also out is the minister of economy and planning there have been mohammed the fact in an engineer and a former mer of jihad and another to go is. he was the commander of the saudi navy but by his royal decree he's been ordered to retire the largest
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of his senior political analyst marwan bashara says of the heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin so the man is flexing his political muscle in ways not seen before in recent saudi history. it's yet another reshuffle right in the kingdom of saudi arabia and at the heart of it is the crown prince mohammed bin so nun who is clearly the man with power in hands being able to change things around within the kingdom and not only changing people but changing policies changing direction and taken on beast major mager a multi hundreds of billions of dollars projects like a new city like privatizing a bit of a run called the main oil company in saudi arabia so all in all he's taken a very aggressive stance that we haven't seen before in the modern history of saudi arabia where a new king or a new regime comes in not only changes cabinet not only changes
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a bit of the structure so that it is a new era of a new king but now we have the king of the conference really changing decades centuries long tradition within the kingdom so the latest reshuffle today is really a part of a longer. change dramatic change in the kingdom where the new crown prince young inexperienced certainly in government. and he's been called ambitious as well as reckless by the various outlets in the west that are really closer so your arabia when you talk to i mean many analysts of his since he was appointed both in and out of the country i mean he must be ruffling feathers within the royal family and with that common dangers as well i think is certainly a rocking the enemies within within the kingdom and certainly those who have been you know centers of power within the kingdom look at the last crown prince he got
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rid of you know if you all remember he was the crown crown prince or deputy crown prince now has become a crown prince and got rid of a man who's been heading security in saudi arabia. in charge of the campaign against it are a very close friend of the united states look at the new man he just could of met i've been abdulla who's the head of the national guard his father former king abdullah before he became king he was also head of the national guard so since it's established in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the national guard has been held by abdullah and his son now the new crown prince just put all of the aside and he's doing his own new assignment so he's really changing things around but not only within the kingdom so right before he made his major first changes in order to become crown prince he launched the war in yemen when he was defense minister so all in all while he's making major shifts and dramatic shifts with indicating them he's also making them within the region and of course that leads us neatly to the
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next question which is this attack apparently against saudi arabia missiles being launched from yemen's territory vis is a wake up call is it not for riyadh about the whole policy in the yemen and which way do they go now today we saw this new dramatic change in what i would like to call or what even they they're calling a new balance of terror between the saudis and the host these where. the years are able to shoot ballistic missiles not only the goal is a thousand kilometers towards mecca but also more than that longer than that towards riyadh towards the king airport around riyadh so really the capacity of the what these you know a renegade or if you were a rebel group in yemen able to do that kind of action to take that kind of step against saudi arabia is a proof that the saudis or the crown prince some particular has made
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a major fumble in his war in yemen and that this is a stretch to failure for so with the arabia and yemen if that's the case with saudi arabia looking for some semblance of peace within that. part of the region it's all thrown into chaos by the lebanese prime minister who happens to be inside the arabiya office his resignation outside of his own country creating the big question marks about stability in lebanon and who are the really big game players in a country that's been racked historically with civil war and political strife and who really are those people in charge of a country that is so close to some of the major conflicts of the moment specially syria in the end of the day what we have is saudi arabian i was trying to act not only in yemen not only in syria not only defending itself but also bringing lebanon on into the whole new theater of proxy conflict and war with iran i think that's
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unfortunate why it's because if the regime falls into a proxy conflict between iran and saudi arabia no one is going to win and everyone is going to lose and i'm not just talking about the soldiers and their arenas i'm talking about the lebanese the yemenis the iraqis the syrians and so on so forth and we've seen the results look at iraq hundreds of thousands of casualties look at syria hundreds of thousands of casualties look at yemen tens of thousands of casualties in lebanon it had already a civil war now with mike in third to an unknown why because it won and so eurabia are fighting their proxy wars why is saudi arabia is taking the offensive defense if you will in lebanon iran is acting in a very cool manner really expanding its influence on all these regions and apparently insisting that once hezbollah fight finishes its fight in syria along with iran that it will be taking control within lebanon that's not acceptable to the the lebanese represented by side with harry and others and hence so your
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neighbors taking advantage of that taking lebanon into this new theater of proxy conflicts in the region so all in all very dangerous for lebanon very dangerous for the eastern mediterranean. incredibly dangerous for the arab world and as we've seen from the shooting of mess hall that we're just talking about it's also dangerous for saudi arabia dangerous for regional security. to japan where president double from yankee visiting and we just landed there you caught aflat space let's listen in to what he has to say to u.s. troops stationed there. we're going to raise it. and. we salute you we honor you and we stand proudly with the men and women who defend us and our way of life nations are built from the courage and love and sacrifice of patriots just like you
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each of you and herod's the proud legacy of generations of warriors that have walked these very grounds for more than seven decades from your coders runways american pilots took to the air and drove back the invaders during the korean war tremendous courage tremendous bravery from here they enforced a precious peace during a long and bitter cold war and in the aftermath of the devastating two thousand and eleven tsunami this base served as the launching point for operation trauma doxie largest humanitarian relief effort in american history which saved the lives of thousands and thousands of great japanese citizens like those who came before you you always rise to
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the occasion and you never ever let your country down general martina's general chirality. general past career rear admiral fenton brigadier general winkler colonel marse and chief master sergeant greene you leave the forces under your command with exceptional skill and devotion and america is tremendously grateful to you. present speaking to station troops talking about their involvement historically in japan both within the korean war and also how they've managed to help of course the japanese during the tsunami of two thousand and eleven certainly. bringing up morale there for the troops or listening in as our correspondent scott high is also
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live for us in tokyo a lot for the president to meet and greet with the meeting the troops is one of the things he has to do when he comes on visits like this but of course he's struck a very tight relationship you might say with the japanese prime minister they have a lot to discuss in a very short space of time. they do so hell yeah the president president trumps aircraft air force one just touched down at this air base just outside tokyo within the last forty minutes and it was kind of interesting he came down the usual suit don climbed up on to the stage where we are seeing him now deliver the speech to. service people there at the you called the air base and he took off his jacket his suit jacket and put on this leather bomber jacket obvious he's speaking to the military he's so he's going to speak to them and deliver the speech in a different manner as you mentioned yes he's going to be here for a couple days but really a lot of the focus has been on this relationship going into this trip this historic twelve day trip throughout asia eastern asia that trump prime minister shinzo are
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they have a very tight relationship know something that's interesting that's playing out here in japan leading up to this visit is that yes the administration for mr abbott is very hopeful of the relationship and encouraging the relationship with president trump they even said that they feel as though the relationship with the current president is better than the former president president obama but it's interesting because it's a different feeling that most people in japan there's been a lot of feel there's been a lot of polls as of late and some just over the last couple of days that say that a lot of people here in japan are concerned about this relationship some see it as almost half see it as a lopsided relationship that the tight relationship between the japanese administration and american ministration benefits the u.s. more than it benefits japan so that's a concern of the people have but coming into this you can expect over the today they'll be a lot of warm greetings and golf round of golf later on today then
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a private dinner with the spouses on sunday evening there's going to be a lot of the physical evidence showing that tight relationship so hill as you say easy themselves into the first of what twelve days of a trip around asia but monday is the usa the day of reckoning where they've got to sit down and really how they're out the day's business it's not just about security in north korea president trump will want to talk trade as well. yes that tomorrow monday is really the day for a business if you will there will be a bilateral meeting between the two leaders and they will talk a lot of about a lot of things that trade will probably be brought up but it's not the headliner if you will the headliner is north korea and how these two allies are going to coordinate efforts to curb north korea now there's a lot of talk about possibly the administration and feeling going to show some kind of force during this visit trumps visit to asia there's really been no direct evidence of that but this is going to be something that is going to be discussed
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this is something that the abbate ministration has really kind of made sure that the united states and the president is going to stick by their ally and stick close to their ally when it comes to anything north korea threat related now this is very interesting though you look at you know just about a year ago i was actually in japan doing a story toward the tail end of the campaigning just before the election day in the united states and the story then was candidate trump then saying that japan and south korea weren't doing enough with their alliance with the united states saying they should pay for the u.s. troops in those two countries now we're hearing a completely different story standing tight standing right next to their ally and it's interesting at this air base where president trump is speaking now in just landed within the last forty minutes and there are members of the japan self-defense force there side by side with u.s. military personnel so it's really when you look at what the rhetoric candidate trip was saying about a year ago to what's going on right now it's quite different and obviously the main
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reason for that is because of the threats coming out of north korea so he'll indeed we'll leave it there for now with us called we'll come back to you throughout the day as we follow president because he's still speaking. to u.s. military personnel based in japan of course will be speaking with him for a short while before he's that officially greeted by the japanese government of course al-jazeera following his movements oh. over the next twelve days in asia. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are thousands rally in downtown tehran as part of events marking the anniversary of the nineteen seventy nine u.s. embassy hostage crisis. and protesting banners and empty seats f.c. barcelona show their true colors in the crisis over catalonia as independence pass coming up with joe and school.
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level as prime minister has resigned saad hariri made the televised address from the saudi capital riyadh saying that he was stepping down because he feared he'd be assassinated in a statement area also lashed out at iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah accusing both of destabilizing the region on the story now from india was that it was an announcement if you were expecting. me i hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knows the will of the lebanese is stronger and that determination is steadfast and will overcome any attempts to impose any custodianship over them from powers either inside or outside our country long live the people of lebanon so they have a reason as ignatius was made from the saudi capital riyadh in a televised address your source sharply criticized hezbollah and its key backer iran. well. i would like to say to iran and its allies that they will be losers in
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their intervention in the arab to fast our nation will wake up as it did in the past and their hands in the region will be cut off really became prime minister in late two thousand and sixteen and a compromise deal under which michel a political ally of hezbollah became president the agreement ended two and a half years of political deadlock it which the country was without a functioning government and while hariri surprise decision to quit raises more questions than answers it puts into focus the regional rivalries lebanon often finds itself at the center of the leading sunni politician is backed by saudi arabia while has bola lebanon's most powerful political social and armed movement is sponsored by iran despite the complex nature of lebanese politics the thirty member unity cabinet appeared to be functioning until now that's a cool by all measures and it's like an invitation for instability and into the country everybody was working for
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a program to rebuild the country economically politically we have an election there . and within the government there is agreement within the political party we've been working a beautifully and then a follow up and the whole calculus of. in the past five days how d.d. has made two separate visits to saudi arabia where he lived in self-imposed exile following the collapse of his last government there he met with crown prince mohammed bin some none who is known for his aggressive stance against iran u.s. president donald trump's administration is also pursuing tough policies on iran and its allies including recent sanctions on hezbollah his resignation comes as the war in neighboring syria appears to be entering a new phase the government of president bashar al assad which is backed by iran is increasing control over a larger. the devastated country and it's feared that tensions which have been
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simmering inside lebanon since the start of the war between hezbollah and israel and elsewhere could not only reemerge but has the potential of escalating into a major complex n.p.r.'s al-jazeera papers. to south asia now where the u.s. has called on me and ma to ensure a safe and stable environment so that more than six hundred thousand rangar refugees can return home members of the muslim minority fled to bangladesh after myanmar's military launched a crackdown a move the un calls ethnic cleansing. reports many refugees are too scared to even think about returning. this is the second time in his sixty years that has been a refugee he first crossed into bangladesh to escape the myanmar military crackdown in one nine hundred seventy eight but was repatriated two years later he says he managed to build a good life for his family back in myanmar where they had
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a house and some land in which they grew crops but now as refugees in bangladesh they have nothing he's not sure if his land title will still be recognised he's not sure there's anything to return to. we can go back if we are recognized as citizens if we get assurance of safety and being able to move freely and how can we when our property has been captured by the british there bangladesh has taken in more than six hundred thousand the hinge or refugees since it was new military offensive began in august new arrivals continue to pour in day the government and aid agencies are struggling to cope and the international community has called on myanmar to create conditions in rakhine that would allow the ranger to return one of the strong feelings that i got from talking to people here is that they feel that they don't belong and they need to feel that they belong which means that for instance there needs to be documentation they need to have the freedom of movement they need. to be able to live here in myanmar government officials say they're
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ready to set up a repack creation process but the reality is bangladesh and myanmar haven't yet been able to work out the details governing the eventual return of refugees that have been previously patrick deals between one thousand nine hundred two and two thousand and five bangladesh repack created some two hundred thirty thousand ranger mohammad yousuf who fled to bangladesh in one thousand nine hundred one to escape more violence could have returned but chose not to he says he didn't have the right to move about freely or practice his religion in peace in young man but it's a decision that still causes him pale. my heart feel so heavy it's a terrible feeling in my heart cries and asks why i can't go home i live so close to me on my. he still dreams of going home but he says only when conditions are right florence louis al-jazeera got a ten year old girl living with cerebral palsy could be facing deportation from the
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united states mexican border rosa maria had nando's spent nine days separated in a juvenile immigration detention center before being returned to her parents she's lived in the u.s. for all but three months of her life but it's hard to castro reports from laredo texas her future in the u.s. is now hanging in the balance. when rosso maria hernandez was born in mexico and diagnosed with cerebral palsy a doctor told her parents she would live in a vegetative state her mother refused to believe it hit me i knew my daughter could have a car and she would have become so the family bundled up their three month old baby and cross the border into the united states to find better medical care then they stayed as undocumented immigrants when they thought i was so happy to see him proof and we told ourselves we did the right thing by bringing her hair. over the years
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and with regular therapy learned to walk to speak english and attended school she defied doctors' predictions and became a happy sociable ten year old who considered herself american then on october twenty fourth on this a lonely stretch of highway the american dream of roe somebody and her family suddenly began to crumble a girl needed gallbladder surgery at a far away hospital the only road there intersected by a border patrol checkpoint agents discovered the undocumented girl in the back of her ambulance at the checkpoint they were questioned have only detained for about thirty minutes. and when it looked like everything was going to be ok they noticed that border patrol agents were following them at the hospital armed agents waited outside the girl's operating room the next morning they arrested her from her hospital bed and took it to
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a government detention center for children in pain from surgery and separated from her family the plight of the disabled ten year old quickly provoked public outcry a lawsuit and calls from politicians for her release a border patrol spokesman said in a statement that agents had followed the law but nine days later the government balance to the pressure and allowed the girl to return to her parents'. thank you to the government for letting my daughter be with me. but the family's troubles are not over rosa maria is still under deportation proceedings and a federal judge has asked why the child's mother had not also been arrested and it only makes sense that with an unhinged. border patrol and. immigration enforcement which has been promoted and encouraged by the trumpet ministration these kinds of things can and have happened for now the family's
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future in the u.s. remains uncertain their case seen around the country as a possible sign of what's to come. castro al-jazeera laredo texas well still ahead here on al-jazeera as a new report highlights the devastating scale of global value tradition we witness the recovery of a teenage girl whose amazing to damage became the symbol of human suffering until. the hometown of santa catalina college spiritual where politics took a back seat to tradition. and find out what the sport of squash is doing to increase its popularity with joe later in the program. from the cool brisk north in few weeks. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast
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asia. welcome back well the remnants of typhoon damrey of now breaking up across china but still some heavy rain likely to be affecting vietnam laos and further south into parts of cambodia generally though across this region it's fine across much of taiwan hong kong looking good and north vietnam no problems there with annoy seeing twenty two degrees as a mix of generally across. showers which will probably increase as we head on through into monday for you going to the balkan me i'm out of the weather at the moment isn't looking too bad at all now heading into southeastern parts of asia we've got showers right across the philippines further south it's looking fairly wet across the border no surprises there really but for much of java should stay dry for the bulk of the day and then up through the malay plinths that we have singapore and kuala lumpur further north some showers developing into the gulf of thailand but i think we'll see some bright weather now for south asia the monsoon
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is still looking fairly lively across far south in fact this is when the monsoon starts to reach its peak for the bulk of india and for bangladesh the poor weather conditions are looking dr fine thirty there is a high in delhi on sunday temperatures head on through into monday and fine across the bulk of pakistan with highs of thirty six expected in karachi the weather sponsored by qatar. you're not. quite. sure what. raising. open the door to. door to turn into a physical it's a lot of. old lines examining transamerica at this time how much is iraq.
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al jazeera. where ever you. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera times the whole robin remind of our top stories saudi arabia says it's taken down a longer range ballistic missile fired from yemen over its capital riyadh beauty revels in yemen say they launched a missile
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a travel five hundred kilometers over the border. and there's also been a major shake of the saudi cabinet the national guard minister prince met there been a villain or has been released from office he was the last senior roiling government not closely connected with king's own man or his son. and lebanon's prime minister has resigned saad hariri made the announcement in a televised address from the saudi capital riyadh he said he was stepping down for fear of being assassinated hariri also lashed out at iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah accusing both of destabilizing the region. the us present all trump has just arrived in japan he started his twelve day talk of asia he's been speaking to american troops carter air force base and there he discussed how important the u.s. japanese relationship was and how important u.s. troops were in the region to not just help japan but regional allies in terms of
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their defense this is what he had to say. to prey on the innocents history has proven over and over that the road of the tyrant is a steady march toward poverty suffering and servitude but the path of strong nations and free people certain of their values and confident in their futures is a proven pair toward prosperity and peace we cherish our cultures we embrace our values and we always fight for what we believe in because of you the people of america the people of japan and the freedom loving people everywhere are able to fulfill their destinies and follow their dreams. once the snow is a professor of diplomacy at kyoto university of studies and the author of japan's information war joins me now from tokyo good to have you with us live on al-jazeera
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how much of this meeting between the u.s. and japan is about security. in comparison to trade and education and development. it's certainly about security as the remarks you've just shared point out but i think it's important for abbay and trump to be strong and alive with each other and economics because we're all trying to avoid a war here and some of the rhetoric from donald trump's tweets and earlier remarks were very concerning and i think he's going to try very carefully to avoid any missteps and he doesn't want to go too deep and too strong with north korea when he's got four other countries to visit this is a region where you have to be in or culturally sensitive you have to avoid conflict
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you have to pay attention to protocol and the more that he's presidential as he was showing at the touchdown there and yokota the more that he can be presidential throughout this trip and be some pull back a little bit on his strong language the better off he'll be received here he needs to have a very good trip this was originally going to be two trips it was then made into one it's going to be grueling but this is a good start for him they're going to have their round of golf but tomorrow they'll talk about trade and improving industry ties this is true let me just point out of the new jobs package i mean let me just come in that because basically he has these countries to visit to take as you say the trip slowly slowly but he will want to have small successes along the way whilst he is still talking over about security in terms of japan he will want to talk trade he will want to talk about an open market it's something that tokyo resists is that going to be at the crack in that
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position. well they're going to try to avoid such a crack because it would be very damaging to the start of his trip if there war some type of a trip up here in trade relations and good economic relations this is the most important bilateral relationship for the united states u.s. japan and it's not all about security but the last thing you want is north korea trying to throw a wrench into this with either a missile launch or going after trump the whole time where he then gets on the defensive and starts tweeting about north korea that's the last thing any of these countries want this is important this is the most important economic region for the u.s. now and yes there's a fifty seven billion dollar trade surplus on the side of japan it is more protectionist deck but because of the close relationship between a and trump there
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is a way to get over that and have a win win solution in terms of the region itself america trouble is also treading very carefully because issues of the south china sea involve china he will be visiting and speaking to president xi as well how important is that relationship in the working relationship between beijing and washington at the moment. very important it was interesting when president obama was in office he talked about an asian pivot i was here in japan and twenty ten after he had announced that and many of the japanese felt a little taken for granted now it's japan's time to shine with the u.s. and so trump has to be careful that he doesn't come across as caring more about japan and this security arrangement then he does his relations with beijing as well so course he's going to hopefully come out on
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a high from japan and then go to beijing and really concentrate on the u.s. japan ties and how china can work affectively regarding the security issue the ongoing trouble with north korea we know that he's been really tough with this rhetoric he softened it and he should continue to soften it if his advice or skin have their influence on him indeed it will for the moment we'll see what happens and thank you very much for your insight nancy snow there from the university of cairo to thank you thirty nine years ago today the u.s. embassy in tehran was overrun by student demonstrators who supported an islamic revolution there the first three has become a day of iranian nationalism and this year it strained relations ron washington d.c. a surface to air missile was displayed the celebrations they report into iran. every
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year the iranian government and its supporters celebrate student day named for the demonstrators over rated to control of the u.s. embassy in nine hundred seventy nine. it happened in the aftermath of the revolution that overthrew the royal family and saw the rise of the islamic republic of iran. with the american rejection of the nuclear deal and aggressive rhetoric from president donald trump the annual event has this year taken on added significance was told us that we've come here to say in a powerful way that america cannot do a damn thing and until our last drop of blood we will defend our country. we have no problem of the people of america but we don't welcome the government of america. each year the old embassy grounds become a rallying point with anti-american chants and slogans. and the event is an insight into the ideology the iranian establishment works tirelessly to keep alive the events of that they are as important for iranians today as they were thirty eight
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years ago not just because they want to defy the united states but because the taking of this embassy a symbol of american military might in the middle east at that time by students fuels a mindset of resistance that is woven into the fabric of iran's national identity. and we can see how the government is planning for the future. this show of modern military strength is all about linking the country's past with its present and a reminder to iran's critics the missile program is here to stay one that was after repeatedly being defeated in iraq and afghanistan by the people of the region inevitably the us is bearing its more mongering teeth and on the other side of the world went into continental missiles are being tested and in southeast asia when nuclear bombs are being tested and threatening and bluffing trump just tweets. many of the young men and women here on any other day might be found enjoying american food and music in one of the many western style restaurants that are popular in
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iran and that appreciation of american style culture is something the government worries about the where in the days leading up to this event the civilian and military leaders gave fiery speeches repeating the message so the young people don't forget for iran america is still an oppressor. zero to one. almost every country in the world is affected by poll nutrition that's the finding of the show's global nutrition report the report says one hundred fifty five million children under the age of five a stunted means but they're not as tall as they should be for their age natasha going to looks at malnutrition in yemen where war has left millions of people with inadequate access to food and we will agree that you may find some of the images in this report disturbing you arms and legs like twigs barely able to hold her head up and looking more like a child saida became a haunting reminder of yemeni suffering last year. this year one thousand year old
5:43 am
saeeda is strong enough to smile play with her siblings and even do chores for her family of ten but she's still suffering she can't chew her diet consists of biscuits milk and use and she didn't have enough energy for interview an. view. i cannot afford a medical treatment it's costly in the end i gave up some benevolent people came to help and took a treatment now she's back here but still no well the global nutrition report says almost every country is grappling with serious nutrition issues ranging from what it calls undernourishment to obesity that means millions of stunted children and mimic women and a rise in obesity across the globe in yemen the issue is exacerbated by
5:44 am
a more than two and a half year war that's created what the u.n. describes as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world earlier this year it warned that yemen and twenty million people across africa were at risk of starvation latina woman at the national mall in yemen there are more than ten million children and done need of humanitarian aid one n one hundred million of suffering from malnourishment three hundred seventy thousand from acute mel nourishment saeeda tripled her weight in the last year but her father earns only a dollar a day and says he needs help feeding his family lives and that i will have the aid is not reaching us if you're destined to receive a bag of flour it takes ages the global nutrition report says forty five percent of children in the world die from nutrition related issues yet only one percent of global aid is earmarked for addressing them that's why there's an urgent call for
5:45 am
greater funding and understanding that properly nourished people are the engines of economic development natasha going to al-jazeera. protesters have rallied in london in opposition to the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration the controversial proclamation was issued by britain's cabinet in one thousand nine hundred seventeen and marked a turning point in the effort to create the state of israel. without the protest. this week the british government commemorated the signing of aeration a hundred years ago and asked which said it was proud of but on the other side of that. on saturday in london outside the us embassy is another voice which runs counter to that last of those who are against the legacy of the. aeration. activist who said that the u.k.
5:46 am
was wrong proud of his legacy it's very important because balfour declaration was. project. it used the jewish people for their colonial purposes against the palestinian people it was a crime that led to several other crimes including the ethnic cleansing of palestine and it's a crime that is still going down it's not finished the crime is being conducted today in west bank and jerusalem and we want to. root for the british government is a problem. helping to create the state of israel also there's another series of. hundreds of thousands of palestinians who are on their home and diaspora of about million. and while there is not a lot of political will to try and. fight for the british government and certainly in terms of israeli lives and just brings it risks and it. seems really little
5:47 am
village to call we're told. that there isn't some form in the ministry saying the mission enabling them to listen to the in their own state while staying in your. passive catalan leader carla's future has urged all political parties in favor of catalonia session to form a coalition for the region's elections in december posted the message on twitter he's currently in belgium a european arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies now they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds for pursuing the referendum in his hometown of her own opinion and supporters say they agree with his decision to stay in belgium while others are not so convinced this is the city celebrates its annual fiesta andrew simmons reports. tradition is colliding with politics in. the city's annual festival has gone ahead despite attempts to call it off during a province is the heartland of procession politics and the home of carlos. despite
5:48 am
appearances people say low one here is really happy. that all my family i don't. know i don't know from got there on your phone. and they don't understand exactly what is happening here. and we had very young we need to do this. right we are going to fight but i think it's very difficult in the old city many balconies make a political statement the spanish national flag represents the minority city councillors say they're in mourning over the jailing of eight sacked cabinet ministers in the unusual just black drapes allayed on the front of city hall and the flags above are at half mast the european union the catalan regional and the
5:49 am
jerome the city flags the spanish national flag was removed when secession was declared more than a week ago. and the man says she supports pleased him all being in belgium. and yet it isn't in the pic i mean i fully understand why president puts them on is seeking european protection especially after seeing what has happened to the rest of the government ministers we can't have a situation where we have political prisoners and i think it's ok that he protects himself and he makes our conflict more visible internationally the weeklong festival was supposed to end with a firework display but that's now being canceled organizers who had to consider cutting out other parts of the shadow chose to focus on events aimed at children in catalonia culture tradition and politics have always gone hand in hand the children may be having fun watch by their parents but this year's festival takes place
5:50 am
against the backdrop of a long good increasingly bitter struggle for secession andrew simmons al-jazeera. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. you can't get anyone to. go. on the record breaking your time as the fastest hole in golf will bring you both are not coming up in support. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the brock obama the wall but only to that one that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of a tree killings torture maybe you giving me road if we wrap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute you didn't charge them a shot the man saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al jazeera one of the really
5:51 am
special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging even in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. welcome back it's time to support his church. thanks very much well as
5:52 am
a new continental football champion in africa and its moroccan club with dad casablanca the underdogs beat eight time title holders of egypt with a one nil victory in the second leg at home going into this match the tie was poised at one one but with dad got the breakthrough in the second half to seal their first african champions league crown since one thousand nine hundred ninety two barcelona football card is done being diplomatic in the long running crisis over catalonia secession their fans showed their true colors ahead of saturday's game as severe they displayed protest banners calling for justice for the eight politicians imprisoned over the declaration of independence ahead of kickoff barcelona released a statement on thursday saying it was dismayed by the prison sentences issued by the national courts and calling for solidarity with those affected it rather took the focus of lino messi who was playing in his six hundred game for the club he was more of a spectator in their two one victory with fair scoring both of their goals to keep
5:53 am
barcelona well clear at the top of the leak in germany leaders by munich have now gone six points clear at the top of the bundesliga they beat rivals but those who don't mundane what's known as the classic are iron robin robert love and david were all scorers in the three one victory they're now unbeaten in nine games in english premier league liverpool beat west ham to keep up the pressure on fourth and fifth place chelsea and arsenal mohamed salah scored twice for the reds including a seventy fifth minute goal jol might have been alex chamberlain was also the scorers west ham managed one goal but it was an hour for the hosts for one was how it ended. ten is now an american jack soccer player qualifier philip k. novich in the paris masters final on sunday sock beat frenchman g.m. beneteau in straight sets seven five six two and like it's the ace he won't talk
5:54 am
finals with a touch of wind in paris crying of it so will he shouted the hopes of american john isner who was also a. world tour finals is now would have qualified for the event in london with a title win in paris but the serb shocked him with a three sets win six holes six seven seven six. unlike tennis quassia has struggled to tries large television audiences but that could be about to change the most lucrative vent in sports. in qatar so he went along to find out how it's trying to grow its global appeal. it's a sport with more than one hundred eighty years of history squash faces the constant challenge of trying to reinvent itself the fun of the qatar classic an all egyptian affair between muhammad ali and tuchman and come the time that the sport is attempting to grow its audience following three consecutive bids to be part of
5:55 am
the olympics we're going to present you know the broadcasters got some really good deals and nice discourse is already going to make sure that it's you know young and appealing to you know to the youngsters the games organizers have taken action to make squash more appealing as a spectator sport critics say the ball is too difficult to see when hit hard prompting heavy investment in high definition t.v. production to make the ball more visible huge efforts of also been made to use the internet to spread interest squash transport much such as the final live online they can get through watching t.v. which is an online streaming service this is the team over here they broadcast over five hundred miles worldwide and here i mean into struck again it's already paying off. this year videos on squash t.v.'s you tube account surpassed fifty million views that's a one hundred percent increase since two thousand and fifteen the sport is also trying to build its commercial appeal the qatar classic is part of the p.s.a.
5:56 am
world series an elite group in of events which form the most financially lucrative circuit in the game however the amount of prize money available at tour of events is just a fraction of the million plus dollar purses on offer in sports such as tennis and golf. you know. you know. you know the more interesting. it was muhammad i'll show you that finally came out on top in doha is the title here for the man known as the beast developed andrea and he feels the future of the sport is in good hands i think. yes he works really well they have done a good job for the players for. such a great calendar for all the i think all of the tourists from right now and getting stronger. watch suffers from a lack of star power and the qatar classic champion says he's more interested in winning then becoming the face of the sport but finding
5:57 am
a player that can transcend the game might just be what. al-jazeera. now govt has a reputation for being a gentlemen's game often played over a luxury afternoon by amateurs but it turns out it doesn't have to be. thank you. all i. would love for is that. this was a guinness world record attempt to play the first us hall engulfed by a team of four players from the european tall form teams from france england and south africa the previous record set by france was thirty four point eight seven seconds and the professional so their mission pretty seriously as you can see south africa and england were the front runners but in the end they could only be one record breaker. and you know what records at thirty
5:58 am
two point seven zero. fourth. right. and that is a whisper. thanks very much to hudson seekers up next of a full half hour of news but it's a lead from me so robin on the news thanks for your time and your company. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you transform. our impeccable service remains but now comes breaking. you surely missed clues. all to prove this is the free pass to
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use. whether conducting business or sharing a special journey with wires bringing you the things to. the truth of it. to someone you are trying something. you'll sanctuary in the sky. reduce it to some. list of newsgroups. because only it was going places together. everything i do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured disciplined those incidences are they are tossed to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera and under put it
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well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr evil bad like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the lure. a shake up in the house of soured with princes detained and ministers dismissed. on as i'm sick.


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