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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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dissidents at this time on al-jazeera and indeed put it well on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. a shake up in the house of sowed with princes detained and ministers dismissed. alone as i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up yemen's hooty
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rebels far a message which is intercepted over saudi arabia's capital plus that the road to the top is a steady march poverty some women and children. tensions with north korea top the agenda as donald trump lands in japan to begin his twelve day asian tour also. we'll take you to hear on the home town of sac capital and lead that call is put him on where politics took a backseat to tradition. we begin with two major stories out of the kingdom of saudi arabia at least eleven princes and dozens of former ministers have been arrested on corruption charges two ministers and the head of the navy have been removed from their positions and the
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saudi military has shot down a long range ballistic missile over riad fired from yemen who the rebels say they are behind the missile attack maybe on a honda has more. it's not the first time who the rebels have fired long range missiles across the border at saudi arabia but this missile appears to have travelled the furthest hundreds of kilometers deep into saudi heartland and only taken down close to king khalid international airport on the outskirts of the capital riyadh. the official saudi news agency is p.a. said saudi forces fired a surface to air patriot missile to intercept it witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing fragments falling near the airport the rebels moved quickly to say they were behind the missile attack telling al-jazeera they had launched a burke and two h. missile a scud type missile with a range of more than eight hundred kilometers knocked out of the year it was a man we choose the time and place after collecting information about
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a target and it was khalid international airport east of riyadh targeted by a long range volcano ballistic missile this is in response to continued aggression committing daily massacres against the yemeni people. the conflict in yemen pits the rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against yemeni government forces back in two thousand and fourteen the who sees and their allies took control of the yemeni capital sana'a. but the conflict widened early the following year when a saudi led coalition of arab countries step done with airstrikes to back up humans government and two and a half years the saudi led coalition has launched thousands of a strikes the same a strikes that have been repeatedly criticized by the united nations for disregarding the number of civilians killed and return who sees and their allies have fired
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dozens of missiles into saudi territory last week who the spokesman told al-jazeera that who's the fighters would target any country that attacks them. one man out there and let the. others the target yemen as far as we're concerned are fair military target from ballistic missiles any country that hits yemen militarily will be targeted. yemen was already the poorest country in the region before the war nearly two and a half years of fighting has left it on the brink of collapse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people close to starvation and since april the world's worst outbreak of cholera the u.n. says around ten thousand people have been killed and at least forty thousand wounded mostly from saudi laid is strikes this latest missile attack deep into saudi territory will likely escalate this long running and conflict medium hond out is here let's take
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a closer look now at the casualties of the new saudi anti corruption committee it was created to deal with their abuse of power including the theft of public funds eleven princes and dozens of foreign ministers are mung those reportedly detained and then there are those who've been dismissed first to be removed on king solomon's royal orders was the minister of the national guard prince met a bit been our he's the son of the late king abdullah making him one of the most prominent princes on the list he was the last senior royal in government not closely connected with man or his son and heir to the from hamad bin men also out is the minister of economy and planning been mohamed. and engineer and the former mayor of jeddah and another to go is abdullah bin sultan assault on he was the commander of the saudi navy but by this royal decree he's been
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ordered to retire. just serious senior political analyst marwan bashar says the heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin sultan man is flexing his political muscle in ways not seen before in recent saudi history. it's yet another reshuffle right in the kingdom of saudi arabia and at the heart of it is the crown prince mohammed bin so nun who is clearly the man with power in hands being able to change things around within the kingdom and not only changing people but changing policies changing direction and taken on beast major mager a multi hundreds of billions of dollars projects like a new city like privatizing a bit of a run called the main oil company in saudi arabia so all in all he's taken a very aggressive stance that we haven't seen before in the modern history of saudi arabia where a new king or a new regime comes in not only changes cabinet not only changes
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a bit of the structure so that it is a new era when you king but now we have the king of the conference really changing decades centuries long tradition within the kingdom so the latest reshuffle today is really a part of a longer. change dramatic change in the kingdom where the new crown prince young inexperienced certainly in government. and he's been called ambitious as well as reckless by the various outlets in the west that are really closer so your arabia when you talk to i mean many analysts ever since he was appointed both in and out of the country i mean he must be ruffling feathers within the royal family and with that comes dangers as well i think is certainly a rocking the enemies within within the kingdom and certainly those who have been you know centers of power within the kingdom look at the last crown prince he got
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rid of you know if you all remember he was the crown crown prince or deputy crown prince now he's become a crown prince and got rid of a man who's been heading security in saudi arabia. in charge of the campaign against it are a very close friend of the united states look at the new man he just got rid of myth i've been abdulla who is the head of the national guard his father former king abdullah before he became king he was also head of the national guard so since stablish meant in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the national guard has been hit by abdullah and his son now the new crown prince just put all of that aside and is doing his own new assignment so he's really changing things around but not only within the kingdom so right before he made his major first changes in order to become crown prince he launched the war in yemen when he was defense minister so all in all while he's making major shifts and dramatic shifts with indicating them
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he's also making them within the region and of course that leads us neatly to the next question which is this attack apparently against saudi arabia missiles being launched from yemen's territory vis is a wake up call is it not for about the whole policy in the yemen and which way do they go now to dave you saw this new dramatic change in what i would like to call or what even they they're calling a new balance of terror between the saudis and the whole thing's whereby the whole he is not able to shoot ballistic missiles not only the goal is a thousand kilometers towards mecca but also more than that longer than that towards riyadh towards the can khaled around riyadh so really the capacity of the home fees you know a renegade or if you were a rebel group in yemen able to do that kind of action to take that kind of step against saudi arabia is
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a proof that the saudis or the crown prince some particular has made a major fumble in his war in yemen and that this is a stretch to failure for so with the arabia and yemen if that's the case with saudi arabia looking for some semblance of peace within that. part of the region it's all thrown into chaos by the lebanese prime minister who happens to be inside the arabia and offers his resignation outside of his own country creating the big question marks about stability in lebanon and who are the really big game players in a country that's been racked historically with civil war and political strife and who really are those people in charge of a country that is so close to some of the major conflicts of the moment specially syria in the end of the day what we have is saudi arabian i was trying to act not only in yemen not only in syria not only defending itself but also bringing lebanon on into the whole new theater of proxy conflict and war with iran i think that's
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unfortunate why it's because if the region falls into a proxy conflict between iran and saudi arabia no one is going to win and everyone is going to lose and i'm not just talking about the soldiers and their brain is employed by the lebanese the yemenis the iraqis the syrians and so on so forth and we've seen the results look at iraq hundreds of thousands of casualties look at syria hundreds of thousands of casualties look at yemen tens of thousands of casualties in lebanon it had already a civil war now with mike in third through an unknown why because it won and so eurabia are fighting their proxy wars wide saudi arabia is taking the offensive defense if you will in lebanon and iran is acting in a very cool manner really expanding its influence on all these regions and apparently insisting that once hezbollah fight finishes its fight in syria along with iran that it will be taking control within lebanon that's not acceptable to the the lebanese represented by side with harry and others and hence so your
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neighbors taking advantage of that taking lebanon into this new theater of proxy conflicts in the region so all in all very dangerous for lebanon very dangerous for the eastern mediterranean. credibly dangerous for the arab world and as we've seen from the shooting of missile that we're just talking about it's also dangerous for saudi arabia dangerous for regional security now the sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister has thrown the country into political chaos sad haiti said he feared an attempt on his life he lashed out at iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah accusing them of destabilizing the region into reports from beirut. it was an announcement few were expecting. i hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knows the will of the lebanese is strong and the determination is steadfast and will overcome any attempts to impose any custodianship of them from powers either inside or outside our country long
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live the people of lebanon so they have a reason resignation was made from the saudi capital riyadh in a televised address you also criticize hezbollah and its key backer you ron. well. i would like to say to iran and its followers that they will be losers in their intervention in the arab to fast our nation will wake up as it did in the past and the hands in the region will be cut off really became prime minister in late two thousand and sixteen and a compromise deal under which michel own a political ally of hezbollah became president the agreement ended two and a half years of political deadlock it which the country was without a functioning government and while hariri surprise decision to quit raises more questions than answers it puts into focus the regional rivalries lebanon often finds itself at the center of the leading sunni politician is backed by saudi arabia while has bola lebanon's most powerful political social and armed movement
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is sponsored by iran despite the complex nature of lebanese politics the thirty member unity kept it appeared to be functioning until now but it's a cool by all measures and it's like an invitation for instability input into that country everybody was working for a program to rebuild the country economically politically we have an election there's a cohesion within the government there's agreement within the political party we've been working a beautifully and then a phone call will come and the whole calculus of. thanks and in the past five days had it he has made two separate visits to saudi arabia where he lived in self-imposed exile following the collapse of his last government there he met with crown prince mohammed bin sell none who is known for his aggressive stance against iran u.s. president donald trump's administration is also pursuing tough policies on iran and
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its allies including recent sanctions on hezbollah his resignation comes as the war in neighboring syria appears to be entering a new phase the government of president bashar al assad which is backed by iran is increasing control over a larger. parts of the devastated country and it's feared that tensions which have been simmering inside lebanon since the start of the war between hezbollah and israel and elsewhere could not only reemerge but has the potential of escalating into a major complex. al-jazeera beirut a car driven by a suicide attacker has exploded in the syrian city of dead is reports by the syrian state news agency say dozens of people have been killed and injured on friday government forces declared the city had been cleared of i saw fighters. well take quick break now but when we come back on al-jazeera thousands rally in downtown tehran as part of events marking the anniversary of the nine hundred seventy nine
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us embassy hostage crisis and a decision soon on whether liberia's supreme court will allow a presidential election runoff to proceed. welcome to look at the weather across america now in north america we've got an area of rain with snow on the northern edge pushing away towards the great lakes and moving further towards the east so we've got dry conditions for washington d.c. new york probably staying dry for the bulk of sunday as you head on through into monday you see that snow moving across eastern parts of canada with the front extending down through the mid atlantic region and still dry i think for the east coast itself otherwise warren dallas there at thirty out across parts of the west we've got some snow there on the rockies for the south los angeles looking at
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temperatures of just seventeen degrees heading into the caribbean is all much you should expect the scattered showers but generally good deal or fine bright weather in between highs there germany into the low thirty's showers up through the isthmus extending up towards guatemala for much of the yucatan and vulcan mexico where the conditions are expected to remain dry with temperatures there from a city of twenty five degrees now heading into south america we've seen some very heavy showers affecting parts of peru down through towards bolivia still some showers in evidence there and also an area of pretty heavy rain across parts of paraguay standing in the far south of brazil so sunday we could see some wet weather in rio probably bit brighter as we head on through into monday. on counting the cost black gold big dreams in a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram culture future proof its economy to raise or not to raise
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a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenge is behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just see a reminder of our top stories this hour saudi arabia says it's shot down a long range ballistic missile fired from yemen over its capital riyadh the rebels in yemen say they launched the weapon that traveled five hundred kilometers over the border. and there's been
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a major shake up of saudi arabia's cabinet national guard minister prince met had been has been released from office he was the last senior royal in government not closely connected with king sandman or his son. lebanon's prime minister has quit his post assad had eighty made the sudden announcement in a televised address from the saudi capital riyadh and said he was stepping down for fear of assassination. also lashed out at iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah accusing them of destabilizing the region. u.s. president donald trump has landed in japan kick starting his twelve day tour of asia he's expected to meet prime minister shinzo abyei to talk trade and north korea trump will also visit south korea china vietnam and the philippines it's the longest trip to the region by u.s. president in twenty five years try and build support for his tough stance on north korea was called is live in tokyo for so scott as soon as he landed there
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e he went straight to giving this speech to the u.s. troops stationed there what did he tell them yes thousand there almost directly from he came down the stairway from air force one and then straight on to the stage and the podium in front of the u.s. service personnel and also some defense force officials from japan they were also in the audience but obviously this speech was delivered for those troops there were in in attendance but also around the world and it was very interesting because so he got to the stage even before he started to speak he had a suit on. but he took the suit jacket off and put on a bomber jacket almost immediately with his name on it and the crest of the u.s. air force then he went on to deliver this fifteen minute speech and in it he said he underlined emphasised just how important he thought the job of the u.s. military service is. you are the greatest hope for people who desire to live in
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freedom and harmony and you are the greatest threat to tyrants and dictators who seek to prey on the innocent history has proven over and over that the road of the tyrant is a steady march toward poverty suffering and servitude but the path of strong nations and free people certain of their values and confident in their future use is a proven hand toward prosperity and peace after he finished the speech he went down to the floor and met greeted the service personnel who were there for about another fifteen minutes and directly got on helicopters and flew into central tokyo that air force bases just on the outside outskirts of tokyo then he flew into the central part l. be having lunch with a prime minister shinzo are there and scott i gather president also made some comments on his flight over to japan what were the highlights of that. the
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highlights really kind of focused on north korea he said he was asked if this is an off camera briefing on air force one as it was flying from honolulu here to tokyo and he was asked about north korea obviously that's one of the main topics that's going to come up here obviously in japan over the next couple of days but then as we march through this the two or the twelve they tour through asia and he said that he soon will make a decision if he will put north korea on the list of state sponsors of terror he said that decision should be coming soon and then also he sees that what the situation with north korea obviously very very important and the alliance with japan and combating that to be very very important and he said that they're going to discuss that he also had mentioned later on in the trip you know this is one of five stops he'll be making that he will meet with vladimir putin of russia that will come probably in vietnam down the line when there are so much to be held in the coming days and he said he'll speak with vladimir putin about more help from
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russia when it comes to dealing with north korea so obvious they're going to have some kind of bilateral meeting it sounds like and one of the main topics is going to be north korea as i'm all right for the life understand thanks scott. our sat catalan leader carlist put him on a. political parties who support catalonia secession from spain to form a coalition for the region's election in december put him on posted the message on twitter he's currently in belgium a european arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds for pursuing the referendum. in his home town of her own supporters say they agree with his decision to stay in belgium while others are not convinced andrew symonds for. tradition is colliding with politics in jarana the city's annual festival has gone ahead despite attempts to call it off during
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a province is the heartland of the session politics at the hoover carlos. despite appearances people say low one here is really happy in general they are angry upset they are sad all my family i've. got a lonely i phone. and they don't understand exactly what is happening out here. and we are very angry and we need to do this. great we are going to fight but i think it's very difficult in the old city many balconies make a political statement the spanish national flag represents the minority city councilors say they're in mourning over the jailing of eight sacked cabinet ministers in the unusual just black drapes laid on the front of city hall and the flags above. the european union the catalan regional. city
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flags the spanish national flag was removed when suspension was declared more than a week ago. and the man says she supports pleased him all being in belgium. even in the big i mean i fully understand why president puts them on is seeking european protection especially after seeing what has happened to the rest of the government ministers we can't have a situation where we have political prisoners and i think it's ok that he protects himself and he makes our complex more visible internationally the weeklong first of all was supposed to end with a firework display but that's now been canceled organizers who had to consider cutting out other parts of the shed you chose to focus on events aimed at children in catalonia culture tradition and politics have always gone hand in hand the children may be having fun watch by their parents but this year's festival takes
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place against the backdrop of a long good increasingly bitter struggle for secession andrew simmons al-jazeera jiro and our thirty nine years ago today the u.s. embassy in iran was overrun by student demonstrators who supported an islamic revolution the anniversary has become a day of iranian nationalism and this year and strained relations between tehran and washington a surface to air missile was displayed in the celebrations the reports from tehran . every year the iranian government and its supporters celebrate student day named for the demonstrators who overran and to control of the u.s. embassy in one nine hundred seventy nine. it happened in the aftermath of the revolution that overthrew the royal family and saw the rise of the islamic republic of iran. with the american rejection of the nuclear deal and aggressive rhetoric from president donald trump the annual event has this year taken on added
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significance but he just told us that we've come here to say in a powerful way that america cannot do a damn thing and until our last drop of blood we will defend our country. we have no problem of the people of america but we don't welcome the government of america. each year the old embassy grounds become a rallying point with anti-american chances slogans. and the event is an insight into the ideology the iranian establishment works tirelessly to keep alive the events of that they are as important for iranians today as they were thirty eight years ago not just because they want to defy the united states but because the taking of this embassy a symbol of american military might in the middle east at that time by students fuels a mindset of resistance that is woven into the fabric of iran's national identity. and we can see how the government is planning for the future. this show of modern military strength is all about linking the country's past with its present and
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a reminder to iran's critics the missile program is here to stay what. after repeatedly being defeated in iraq and afghanistan by the people of our region inevitably the us is bearing its more mongering and on the other side of the world when intercontinental missiles are being tested and in southeast asia when nuclear bombs are being tested and threatening and bluffing trump just tweets. many of the young men and women here on any other day might be found enjoying american food and music in one of the many western style restaurants that are popular in iran and that appreciation of american style culture is something the government worries about. in the days leading up to this event to civilian and military leaders the fiery speeches repeating the message so the young people don't forget for iran america is still and a person. has the right to run. a protest as
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a rally and in london in opposition to the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration named after britain's foreign secretary of the time marked a turning point in the effort to create the state of israel was at the protest. this week the british government commemorated the signing. and it was. on the other side. saturday in london. is another voice council. who are. activists. that the u.k. was wrong. it's very important because. forces against the palestinian people it was
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a crime that led to several other crimes including the ethnic cleansing of palestine and it's a crime that is still going on it's not finished the crime is being conducted in west bank and jerusalem and we want to stop the whole lot the british government is proud of having helping to create the state of israel it also has another series of . hundreds and thousands of palestinians on their home and diaspora of about. and while there is a lot of political will to try. onside for the british government certainly in terms of israeli lives and just brings that risk and it. seems really little by little we're told. that there is some form in the future of this we think the lucia namely the palestinians have their own state.
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this is al jazeera it's got to round up at the top stories saudi arabia says it's shot down a long range ballistic missile fired from yemen over its capital riyadh rebels in yemen say they launched the weapon that travelled five hundred kilometers over the border a spokesman for the rebels told al jazeera they launched a burka onto each missile towards riyadh late saturday according to the who teach the bird count to eight is a scud type missile with a range of more than eight hundred kilometers as also been a major shake up of saudi arabia's cabinet among the casualties the national guard minister prince met a bin abdullah has been fired he was the last senior roiling government not closely connected with king sandman or his son and heir crown prince mohammed bin. sat having this decision to quit as prime minister of lebanon into political chaos he said he was stepping down for fear of assassination i really also lashed out at
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iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah accusing them of destabilizing the region and us president donald trump has landed in japan kick starting his twelve day tour of asia he's meeting prime minister shinzo to talk about trade and north korea trample also visit in south korea china vietnam and the philippines it's the longest trip to the region by u.s. president in twenty five years you are the greatest hope for people who desire to live in freedom and harmony and you are the greatest threat to tyrants and dictators who seek to prey on the in its history has proven over and over that the road of the tyrant is a steady march toward poverty suffering and servitude but the path of strong nations and free people certain of their values and confident in their future use is a proven toward prosperity and peace are those are the headlines
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we're back with more on al-jazeera after counting the cost. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. has him seek out this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the well the business and economics this week twenty thirty and beyond we take a look at saudi arabia's vision for economic reform starting with the ram co also this week time for a rise britain central bank hikes interest rates for the first time in ten years.


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