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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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oh is it allison where they're online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.k. has to address or if you join us on sacked a member because one which broke up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. a major shake up at saudi arabia has three high ranking officials replaced and several princes detained in an anti corruption crackdown.
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hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the rebels in yemen fire a long range missile at the saudi capital riyadh before it's intercepted over the city. we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people donald trump brings tough talk to japan as the u.s. president begins his twelve day tour of asia plus refugees in a decommissioned prison camp face an uncertain future as a strain turns down an offer to reset and. we begin in saudi arabia where there's been a major cabinet shakeup the same night as several princes were detained in a new anti corruption crackdown billionaire investor. is one of eleven princes who were detained he's a major shareholder in twitter twenty first century fox and citi group he's been
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previously named in time magazine's list of the one hundred most influential people the country's economy minister and the head of the navy were replaced but perhaps the most prominent official removed was the head of the national guard prince. abdullah he's the son of the late king abdullah and was considered a contender to the throne it's a move that's widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon who heads a new anti corruption committee his father king solomon elevated him in the line of succession just four months ago the chant as a car is assistant professor of gulf politics a cattle university he says that the moves appear to be an attempt to rule out any challenges to the current line of succession. well i think this is from the very beginning it was a struggle for power for succession since the beginning of this crisis i kept saying that since the very beginning so this is another movement in order to
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guarantee that the transition to warm home in sun will be peaceful and nobody is going to challenge that transition in the future internally speaking neither externally but the means of this all the different branches of the army will be controlled by the same people. in this balance between different branches of the family that it was before there is no way that that answer will be accepted by all the branches of the family or the branches of the army or the most important people from this all this stuff isn't quite difficult to understand whether this is related to specifically to corruption or if this is the only group of people that will be detained based on this kind of charges. i'm inclined to think more long they way in which these people could have influence the business network or diplomatic network in the future i am inclined more to do that science cannot expect if you go rid of corruption in other developments in saudi arabia the
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military is shot down a long range ballistic missile to riyadh the missile was fired from yemen towards the saudi capital's air force the rebels in yemen say that they're behind the attack as marion a hundred points. it's not the first time who theory rebels have fired long range missiles across the border at saudi arabia but this missile appears to have travelled the furthest hundreds of kilometers deep into saudi heartland and only taken down close to king khalid international airport on the outskirts of the capital riyadh. the official saudi news agency is p.a. said saudi forces fired a surface to air patriot missile to intercept it witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing fragments falling need the airport the rebels moved quickly to say they were behind the missile attack telling al-jazeera they had launched a burka and two h. missile a scud type missile with a range of more than eight hundred kilometers knocked out of the year. we choose
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the time and place after collecting information about a target and it was khaled international airport east of riyadh targeted by a long range volcano ballistic missile this is in response to continued aggression committing daily massacres against the yemeni people. the conflict in yemen pits the rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against yemeni government forces back in two thousand and fourteen the who sees and their allies took control of the yemeni capital sana'a. but the conflict widened early the following year when a saudi led coalition of arab countries step down with airstrikes to back up humans government in two and a half years the saudi coalition has launched thousands of a strikes the same a strikes that have been repeatedly criticized by the united nations for disregarding
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the number of civilians killed and return who sees and their allies have fired dozens of missiles into saudi territory last week who's the spokesman told al-jazeera that who's the fighters would target any country that attacks them. one man out there and let the. others the target yemen as far as we're concerned are fair military target from ballistic missiles any country that hits yemen militarily will be targeted. yemen was already the poorest country in the region before the war nearly two and a half years of fighting has left it on the brink of collapse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people close to starvation and since april the world's worst outbreak of cholera the u.n. says around ten thousand people have been killed and at least forty thousand wounded mostly from saudi laid is strikes this latest missile attack deep into saudi territory will likely escalate this long running and conflict medium hond
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al-jazeera at least five people are reported to have been killed twelve others injured in a suicide car bomb attack on a security headquarters in the evans port city of aden it happened in the. neighborhood no one's yet claimed responsibility for that attack iran has accused saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of trying to stoke tensions in the region it follows the sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister in the saudi capital riyadh on saturday in a televised statement on saudi state television. accused iran and the lebanese armed group hezbollah of selling strife in the arab world he also said that he feared that assassination attempt against iran accused syria of quote playing a game designed by those who want it all for the region let's go live now to beirut . lebanese politics wasn't complicated enough saying that what happens now.
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well a lot of uncertainty adrian political instability there is a political vacuum in the country and filling it will not be easy as a formality the president of the country has to accept the prime minister's resignation and once that happens the president has to hold consultations with the members of parliament the two rival camps in parliament now lebanon is a parliamentary democracy but in reality it is a consensual democracy the two rival political. they need to reach a consensus they need to agree on a compromise candidate who will form a national unity government or else the instability will continue and it will be quite difficult because assad and his supporters made it very clear that they do not intend to share power with hezbollah now if you appoint a candidate who is seen close to hezbollah then it risks isolating in lebanon so the situation is quite difficult and many fear a prolonged period of political paralysis and once for the reactions i know from hizbullah. well we're expected to hear from the secretary general later today he's
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expected to react to these shocking announcement that he is resigning from government but yesterday we did hear from an official from hezbollah he said that what saudi arabia is trying to do the united states and israel weren't able to do over the past few years so a very defiant attitude has been really the target we cannot see this resignation as an isolated incident it is related to regional developments what is going on in the region it is related to the ongoing rivalry between saudi arabia and iran across the region now it is playing out in lebanon it has played out in syria this played out in iraq and we do know that saudi arabia and the united states and israel as well as a much more aggressive stance towards iran and they want to curb iranian influence and to do that you have to go after its proxies and hezbollah is one of those proxies and has of course was a dominant player in the lebanese cabinet a cabinet which of course the prime minister has now resigned from so many many
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thanks. live in beirut syrian state media is reporting that dozens of people have been killed and injured in a car bomb explosion in the eastern city of us all on friday government forces declared victory of i saw in that city it was the group's last major stronghold in syria u.s. president donald trump has begun his twelve day tour of asia in japan meeting with prime minister shinzo abe. trump called japan a crucial ally in the two are expected to hold talks aimed at countering north korea's nuclear threats trumps asia told the longest in the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years will include south korea china vietnam and the philippines speaking to u.s. troops at the a cota air base trump promised to defend american values we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american flag no dictator no regime and no nation
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should underestimate an. american resolve one hour from scott in tokyo. just after president trump arrived at a u.s. air force base just on the outskirts of tokyo he spoke with u.s. service personnel in a hangar right there on the tarmac it was kind of a rallying speech to them telling him how important he thought their job was yes to the united states but also to the world and peace. around the world he went down on the floor and greeted them personally before getting on a helicopter flying to a golf club just outside tokyo he met up with japanese prime minister shinzo they had a hamburger lunch and then they played a round of golf later on sunday the two leaders will meet up again and a social occasion with their spouses they'll have a state dinner in the ginza neighborhood here in tokyo but then monday is when they get down to business the whole the bilateral meeting then
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a press conference after that little detail yes we expect some security issues particularly pertaining to north korea but also possibly some some trade situations within the region the two nations have been discussing a program with natural gas that will help develop in third countries that might be announced but the meat of this meeting of these meetings here and of this trip here in japan will come through on monday a weather update on al jazeera then. i knew my daughter could have a coffee and she would have a ten year old undocumented immigrant to the u.s. taken from her hospital bed at a rest it has been returned to the family. plus the mystery of russia's dead seal scientists a puzzle to one hundred forty counts is watched on the shores of siberia the lake. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback.
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welcome back we'll take a look at the weather across europe and on the satellite imagery eastern arizona looking dry and fine for the most part but further towards the west we have what we call a genuine low and it's really quite a severe weather feature which can generate an awful of the thunderstorms and that is very much what we're seeing at the moment those storms they sending down through corsica sardinia and then pushing in towards maine and parts of italy on the northern side of this system because you know this is quite a contrast snow temperatures stream run there and zurich we've got some significant snowfall and that's going to continue so this whole area of low pressure moves further towards easter in the course of monday brainstorms into the balkans further west still looking very very unsettled indeed and still snow over the alps chilly weather conditions across much of western europe you'll notice just sixteen degrees in madrid for the south but it's all fine across more eastern parts of europe now into north africa we have a few showers working the way along the coast of all cheery and otherwise dry and
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fine cairo there coming in at twenty five central parts of africa some showers for d.r. congo in particular and a few showers along the coast of west africa so i current gonna make pick up with highs here thirty in southern portions of the continent looking largely dry and fine nice staying tape time should be fine in johannesburg and quite warm too with a high here of twenty nine. the weather sponsored by qatar he's. facing the reality you know president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here this story. on talk to how does it. at this time.
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again the top stories this. hour there's been a major cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia same night as several princes were detained in a new anti corruption crackdown the head of the national guard the economy minister and the head of the navy have all been replaced the billionaire investor prince. is among those arrested. arabiya the military has shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh the missile was fired from yemen towards the saudi capital's airport the rebels in yemen say that. the attack on the u.s. president has begun his twelve day tour of asia japan donald trump and prime
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minister. are expected to hold talks aimed at countering north korea's nuclear threat. the longest to the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years will include south korea china the philippines and vietnam. the u.s. has called on man to ensure a safe and stable environment so that more than six hundred thousand refugees can return home members of the muslim minority fled to bangladesh after me and asked military launched a crackdown a move that the un called textbook ethnic cleansing as far as the reports many refugees are too scared to even think about returning. the second time in sixty years that. he first crossed in to. crackdown in one nine hundred seventy eight that was repack. two years later he says he managed to build a good life for his family back in myanmar where they had a house and some land in which they grew crops but now as refugees in bangladesh
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they have nothing he's not sure if his land title will still be recognised he's not sure there's anything to return to. we can go back if we are recognized as citizens if we get assurance of safety and being able to move freely then how can we when our property has been captured by the british. bangladesh has taken in more than six hundred thousand refugees since a military offensive began in august new arrivals continue to pour in day the government and aid agencies are struggling to cope and the international community has called on myanmar to create conditions in rakhine that would allow the ranger to return one of the strong feelings that i got from. people here if they feel that they don't belong and they need to feel that they belong which means that for instance there needs to be documentation they need to have the freedom of movement they need to be able to. hear a government official say they're ready to set up a repatriation process but the reality is. i haven't yet been able to work out the
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details of governing the eventual return of refugees that have been previously patry. between one thousand nine hundred two and two thousand and five bangladesh repack created some two hundred thirty thousand. mohammad who fled to bangladesh in one thousand nine hundred one to escape more violence could have returned but chose not to he says he didn't have the right to move about three or practice his religion in peace. but it's a decision that still causes him pain. my heart. it's a terrible feeling in my heart and asks why i can't go home i live so close to me on mine. he still dreams of going home but only when conditions are right florence. papua new guinea's immigration minister has told al jazeera that australia must facilitate immediately an offer from new zealand to resettle
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refugees from its decommissioned prison camp six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the camp over safety concerns as andrew thomas reports. the refugees are refusing to leave what was the man i saw in prison about five days without food surviving on. one thing the refugees are putting their hopes on is a deal with new zealand to resettle them more than four years ago then prime minister john key offered to take one hundred fifty refugees a year off the roof but australia's government has never taken up that offer that's new zealanders have a right to live in australia that deal would always be seen as a back door into australia well new zealand's new center left prime minister was asked on sunday morning whether that office still stood you of course do not have the second stances that a stranger is operating under and but we also cannot ignore the human fice of what a strain you're is dealing with as well said the offer is very genuine and absolutely remains on the table the the offers has been restated we thank you
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ceiling for my offer we're not we are not taking it up at this time for the reasons i explained earlier malcolm said he wants to work through a deal with the united states first to resettle up to twelve hundred fifty and the refugees there only once that process is complete well they can set up office but that deal with the us is moving painfully slowly don't trump eight states and only fifty or so refugees have been resettled in the u.s. more than a year after that deal with first announced meanwhile the suffering on the road goes on australia's government is always say the responsibility for the refugees lies ultimately with papa new denise government so i asked whether she considered making an offer the wrecked government instead would you consider making this offer directly for new guinea leaving australia out of the loop because the offer is still under. consideration by
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a strike so there is no need to do so but according to papen you gain either ease and the. immigration minister on sunday told us in a text message using. and resettling one hundred fifty refugees will be a great relief to when you get here and that it's a deal australia must facilitates the bottom line is that without. it doesn't look as though those refugees will be going to new zealand liberia's supreme court is set to decide if a presidential election runoff will go ahead on not a candidate in the first round filed a complaint which many liberians say could jeopardize a smooth transfer of power in january. reports from monrovia. and on the street as liberians await the decision of the supreme court in a country where the political class is viewed with suspicion by many at stake is whether the conduct of the two overturned presidential election was fair to all
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candidates. and their. peoples. the hearing opened up tight security with judges promising speedy proceedings experts to dismiss the possibility of a constitutional crisis in liberia i don't see cause additional crimes in the reason is simple. the. liberian is not. iran iran is not it is also not. whether there can be an interim. but that is what many believe some politicians are up to raising the level of fear and suspicion. whatever happens on monday many liberians don't expect to be called out to vote the next day. is what impact any further
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delays will have on the first transition from one democratic government to another in more than seventy years in liberia. the election commission maintains the october election was credible but it meets the legal challenge of set back its preparations for the run of between former football star george ware and the incumbent vice president joyce of pork i we already distributed our my to us both sensitive and i said it when ballot papers at least up to sixty seventy percent of the country. so a dig cannot have us doing that besides we were still. trying. to work out. so those things can happen in a day's time. the commission says conducting the election immediately after the court's ruling will depend on the level of preparation of other partners like the security services and international support. observers within and outside liberia i
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watch it closely to see how the judgement on monday will affect not only the vote but the democratic transition in general. yes let's get back to our top story this hour the cabinet shakeup at an anti corruption crackdown in saudi arabia the head of the national guard the economy minister and the head of the navy have been replaced up in some high profile arrests as well joining me in the studio board director of the gulf studies program at qatar university so what's your assessment of what's happened overnight in saudi arabia especially the removal of the head of the national guard. well i think this is been an ongoing process we have seen a number of key people in. saudi government have been removed sidelined. for example in in washington d.c. were brother off some of the sediment was being appointed there number of other people. that had been replaced this is basically part of
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a plan to empower mohamed bin settlement and to clear the way for him to be the new king and moving away any challenges or challenges that could be there on the way as far as you're concerned it's entirely expected it was going to happen sooner or later i mean is there anyone in saudi arabia now that can challenge. i don't think there is there is one i think he really believes that this is his time he's got a lot of challenges he's a young man. is experienced is still limited because of his age etc did the same time he has made sure that they're not as there is no one around him that can compete with him and with his. age of his father and the conditions of his father i think there are not challenges and i think he is closing to be the new king this anti corruption committee that he's launched even before the announcement of that
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overnight there were these high profile arrests that were anti corruption arrests as well including some very high profile business people yes. well i think this is a public relations stunt in my opinion basically he has made a number of policies and plant. some of them was the water in yemen the crisis with qatar. and a number of other projects like you know the twenty thirty vision except etc. in some of them he has not succeeded in the others so he's failed you know the yemen war etc on the crisis with qatar he hasn't really believed the benefit that he wanted so he's he's making this public relation stunts to get more public support. of the way for his popularity. to talk to you as always many thanks indeed for
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being with us thank you. a ten year old girl living with cerebral palsy could be facing deportation from the united states mexican born rosa body head and spent nine days in a juvenile immigration detention center before being returned to her parents she's lived in the u.s. for all but three months of her life but as heidi jocasta reports now from the nato texas a future in the u.s. is now hanging in the balance. when ross ahmadiyya hernandez was born in mexico and diagnosed with cerebral palsy a doctor told her parents she would live in a vegetative state her mother refused to believe it. i knew my daughter could have a car and she would have become so the family bundled up their three month old baby and cross the border into the united states to find better medical care then they stayed as undocumented immigrants when they thought i was so happy to see her and
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we told ourselves we did the right thing by bringing her hair. over the years and with regular therapy learned to walk to speak english and attended school she defied doctors' predictions and became a happy sociable ten year old who considered herself american then on october twenty fourth on this a lonely stretch of highway the american dream of roe somebody and her family suddenly began to crumble a girl needed gallbladder surgery at a faraway hospital the only road there intersected by a border patrol checkpoint agents discovered the undocumented girl in the back of her ambulance at the checkpoint they were questioned have only detained for about thirty minutes. and when it looked like everything was going to be ok they noticed that border patrol agents were following them at the hospital armed agents waited outside the girl's operating room the next morning they arrested her from her
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hospital bed and took gross. to a government detention center for children in pain from surgery and separated from her family the plight of the disabled ten year old quickly provoked public outcry a lawsuit and calls from politicians for her release a border patrol spokesman said in a statement that agents had followed the law but nine days later the government to the pressure and allowed the girl to return to her parents'. thank you to the government for letting my daughter be with me but the family's troubles are not over rosa maria is still under deportation proceedings and a federal judge has asked why the child's mother had not also been arrested and it only makes sense that with a nine hands. border patrol and. immigration enforcement which has been promoted and encouraged by the trumpet ministration
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these kinds of things can and have happened for now the family's future in the u.s. remains uncertain there case seen around the country as a possible sign of what's to come. castro laredo texas. nearly one hundred fifty dead seals have washed up on the shores of the world's deepest lake in southern russia many of them were pregnant scientists say they most likely died of starvation the population of seals living in lake baikal grew significantly after hunting them became illegal in two thousand and nine video and the latest news for you to catch up on the website take a look at al-jazeera dot com. it is good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories in our zero there's been a major cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia the same night as several princes were
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detained in a new anti corruption crackdown the head of the national guard the economy minister at the head of the navy have all been replaced billionaire investor prince our lead been told is among those arrested also in saudi arabia the military is shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh it was fired from yemen towards the saudi capital's airport the rebels in yemen say that they are behind the attack. there's been a suicide car bomb attack at a security headquarters in yemen's port city of aden at least five people are dead twelve others injured it happened in the course neighborhood no one's yet claimed responsibility for the attack iran has accused saudi arabia the u.s. does rael of trying to fuel tension after the sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri he resigned in the saudi capital riyadh. and on saturday accusing iran of saying strife in the arab world u.s. president donald trump has kicked off his twelve day tour of asia in japan meeting
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with privatisations of a trumpet call japan a crucial ally the two are expected to hold talks aimed at countering north korea's nuclear threat trump's tour of asia is the longest in the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years and will include south korea china vietnam in the philippines speaking to u.s. troops at yokota air base trump promised to defend american values we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american land no dictator no regime and no nation should underestimate an. american resolve papua new guinea's immigration minister has told us here that australia must facilitate immediately an offer from new zealand to resettle refugees from australia's decommissioned prison camp on manners island new zealand's prime minister met
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a stray and counterpart in sydney on saturday but was told that the offer would not be accepted as the headlines more news for you here on al-jazeera right after talk to al-jazeera next. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera. you can. see. kenya yet again finds itself in the middle of a control marshall undisputed electoral process that has divided the country along ethnic lines one mom is of the center of all. that with the president william ruto . baldness.


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