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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. this is al-jazeera with. hello i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes cabinet ministers replaced princes detained making sense of the
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sweeping changes and saudi arabia. iran accuse a saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of stoking tension in the region after the sudden resignation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri. and we'll take you to drone on the home of sac catalan leader carlist which from our politics took a backseat to tradition. and the school says. casablanca when their first champions league title in twenty five is better and more later in the program. with. there has been a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet members and dozens of former ministers were detained the government describes all
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this is the work of a new anti-corruption committee which itself was only formed on saturday night so among those being held. to law he is best known as a billionaire and bester controlling major stakes and twitter twenty first century fox and citi group the most significant internal move involves prince mittal been adela who was removed from his post as the head of the national guard he is a side of the late king abdullah and was. a contender for the throne also out as the minister of economy and planning a gallop and mohammed a key and a delavan sultan all sultan has been ordered to retire as the commander of the saudi navy now these dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon also known as m.b.a.'s and so on was elevated to his position just four months ago displacing his older cousin. reports on the sweeping changes and their implications call it a surprise saturday night shake up saudi state t.v.
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reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been detained as part of an inch i corruption probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution or to make investigations about that if there was something or some information collected previously why did the and with. case by case in different view this before about the not doing this overnight all these people together which is rather a quick question specious. the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin salomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family he's making this public relations sense to
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get more public support and also a little bit of the way his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince metabo been a ball up he was the son of former king of dollar and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead bin tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is detainment could have an impact on global business. this shake up sends a message there's a new political order all their different branches of the army would be controlled by the same people and eliminate in this ballance between different branches of home you know that was before so now that it's no way that it answers it wouldn't be accepted it's also
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a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia natasha going to zero. let's bring in al-jazeera senior political analyst marwan. marwan probably the most high profile person in all this is prince ali and everybody around the world recognizes him knows who he is but internally speaking which of these changes do you think has the most impact in most internal implication that you know was looking at the saudi stock markets this morning but there might have been the what you saw the televisions know this and turned out that his company the kingdom i can see has dropped the stock has dropped ten percent already by. mid mid this warning so certainly the company's in trouble he is in trouble in the sense of. you know his reputation if you will and his future in the future of his investments in the kingdom so all in all for someone like
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a more for his partners around the world it is certainly something quite improvised if you will in what's happening so you may be misunderstood or understood or in comprehensive. and so all in all i think with with with eleven princes for president ministers and dozens of others businessmen and others being accused of corruption without us knowing how did this come about so the ok to that point yes this is supposed to be about corruption an anti-corruption sleep but if there is no transparency how how is that really to be no there's no transparency none of us and not non non saudis that i've heard knows what is the process and that's not all forget that there is no constitution so there is no independent courts there's no parliament to speak of so all in all this is all happening in the dark by
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a number of individuals we don't know where they are headed by crown prince mohammed bin so none zero transparency lots and lots of secrecy and lots of lots of motivations why for example this morning you wake up with the likes of the new york times saying. this is motivated by consolidation of power and fighting corruption and so the ever so real lot of suspicion about the motivation why this happening the timing of how or why it's happening now when really the crown prince not only has taken over the ministry of defense has then been our national guard as of yesterday yes and in between took over the ministry of interior when he got rid of the crown prince pam of the knife who was in charge of all the security forces within the kingdom so really he's taken over all the security forces within the kingdom and outside and then he's taken over the economy basically all the investments all the privatization whether we float five percent of our anchor the
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main so the oil company in london in riyadh or in new york stock exchange is u.s. president ronald tweeted asking for that to happen so let's let's bring him into this please lou when you take when you talk about the timing and clearly the close relationship that donald trump seems to have to the saudi royal family could those two things really be separate all of this are they happening on separate planes or is there some crossover here in your opinion and just as we were speaking before we got on air. son in law son in law started wasn't so uribe only a few days ago and instead of a stopover apparently he spent more than a couple of days and i cannot believe that he was not in on what is going to be happening in saudi arabia because clearly there's an open line of communication and complicity between riyadh and washington between trumpeting how much in so many someone and as we know the american president yesterday called king said and so
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clearly he's in the know what's what's happening and why is the way there is no love lost you know he has tweeted derogatory things about prince how it behaves exactly i mean they have business. disagreements and so on and so forth but be that as it me clearly the new rulers in saudi arabia care very much in fact are betting their political future on the american president because the entire operation. and. the gulf crisis in lebanon under the new president lebanon and the whole bit about confronting you on and going on the offensive against iran escalating the war in yemen and now it's becoming more like a balance of terror after the ballistic missiles of yelling in various sorts of saudi arabia clearly the saudi rulers are putting all their bets on the american president now the american president has his own agenda and has he told them it was strictly unpredictable the question network as you called that person of work but
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his main interest is america first not so i would you first so you're probably the last in as far as the marketplace is concerned and that's why he's and i wouldn't have gone to saudi arabia i've had enormous going to get hundreds of billions of dollars of contracts so clearly this is as far as economy and finances and security america is going to try to benefit a lot let me ask you this this is all very very intriguing very game of thrones but what this is actually mean for just the the average saudi. well again let's go back to my you know t.v. watching habits so i spent all night last night watching saudi t.v. channels as well as this morning it was amazing how all the anchors and the presenters and their guests and the specialists and the heads of various newspapers were saying how incredibly happy the saudis are because our last call option is being fought in saudi arabia because
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a class the saudi citizens being taken into consideration in social work how true is that of course we don't know because most of these not all of these were really set up on the range in advance so that as soon as the new campaign of arrests takes place the policies of had been said man is defended on on the airwaves not not a real debate no not really debate and in between there are songs being sung for how much been said a man about his glory and so on so forth so all in all there is no real discuss but let me actually add one important comment here i think the saudis the saudi citizen is interested in fighting corruption i don't think he's going to square for him the fact that last year had been so man boats and you yok for something like half a billion dollars so a lot of things are not going to square and yet i think they're interested to find corruption i'll give you another example that a lot of people thought of over the last couple of years or few years president putin of russia he got on the idea of attacking. chechnya and fighting
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corruption and russia it worked the russians supported president putin because he was fighting corruption what they didn't know is was a whole other system of centralized yes authoritarianism happening in russia while and that by signed as fighting and now fighting corruption didn't involve a lot of self-awareness. thank you very much milan. a suicide car bomber struck a security headquarters in yemen's port city of aden killing several people the explosion happened in the enormous skaar neighborhood no one has claimed responsibility for that attack and in other developments out of saudi arabia the military has shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh the missile was fired from yemen towards the saudi capital's airport the rebels say they are behind the attack as marianne hahn reports. it's not the first time who the rebels have fired long range missiles
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across the border at saudi arabia but this missile appears to have travelled the furthest hundreds of kilometers deep into saudi heartland and only taken down close to king khalid international airport on the outskirts of the capital riyadh. the official saudi news agency is p.a. said saudi forces fired a surface to air patriot missile to intercept it witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing fragments falling near the airport the rebels moved quickly to say they were behind the missile attack telling al-jazeera they had launched a burka and two h. missile a scud type missile with a range of more than eight hundred kilometers. we choose the time and place after collecting information about a target and it was khaled international airport east of riyadh targeted by a long range volcano ballistic missile this is in response to the continued aggression committing daily massacres against the yemeni people. the conflict in
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yemen pits the rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against yemeni government forces back in two thousand and fourteen the who sees and their allies took control of the yemeni capital sana'a. but the conflict widened early the following year when a saudi led coalition of arab countries step done with is strikes to back up humans government in two and a half years the saudi coalition has launched thousands of a strikes the same a strikes that have been repeatedly criticized by the united nations for disregarding the number of civilians killed and return who sees and their allies have fired dozens of missiles into saudi territory last week who's the spokesman told al-jazeera that who's the fighters would target any country that attacks them. what . i would be and others that target yemen as far as we are concerned are fair
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military target from ballistic missiles any country that hits yemen militarily will be targeted. yemen was already the poorest country in the region before the war nearly two and a half years of fighting is lifted on the brink of collapse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people close to starvation and since i prove the world's worst outbreak of cholera the un says around ten thousand people have been killed and at least forty thousand wounded mostly from saudi laid is strikes this latest missile attack deep into saudi territory will likely escalate this long running and conflict medium hond al-jazeera amman civil war began in march of two thousand and fifteen and sense then there's been several missiles fired from who the rebels into saudi arabia which is backing the yemeni president over the months or hadi the exact launch sites they're not known but it's believed most have been fired from him and more western province in
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october of last year with the rebels were accused of targeting the holy city of mecca the missile was shot down just south of the city but it was the deepest strike into saudi arabia saturday's missile launch a year later now suggests that the rebels have technology that can strike beyond the reach of the saudi capital riyadh or as craig is assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london he joins us via skype from london and always good to talk to you so as we just talked there about some of these strikes that have been happening it's been building up to this is there any surprise to you that these strikes continue and same to continue to be more threatening. no it's not a surprise at all actually i mean as you said we've seen this escalation over time and this is a tit for tat kind of balance of terror now whereby the who these have said that if you strike us we will strike back and this is not going towards only against saudi
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arabia but also against united arab emirates potentially and they have over the last two years really expanded their reach and they have really have increasingly more sophisticated missile technology which is far beyond the reach of what was initially targeted so when the coalition started to that fifteen when the strike started the scud missile capability of there were these was relatively limited we're talking about three hundred kilometers to farms are how i dress how are they getting more technology tech not technologically savvy let me get that out how are they. you know analysts are disputing this at this point because nobody really knows where it's coming from fact is yemen is the poorest country in the world there is no industry there is no there is no really military industrial complex that will be able to deliver or generate this so definitely that the technology comes from outside there is a stockpile in yemen of scott missile that has been there for more than twenty years and now they have this capability has been augmented so i think what we see
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here is definitely some of the technology comes from iran but it doesn't come as entire missiles it's not like the revolutionary guard of iran is shipping in time missiles into into yemen i think it's different parts and then they're being assembled in yemen and fired off and apart from that i think there are some of the capabilities also coming from north korea but again it's certain parts that really of meant the strike range of these missile of these missiles and i think we've seen this development of the last two years where they get increasingly better at the range and be it hitting the targets they want to talk how do you anticipate saudi dealing with this responding to this since it continues to happen. well they need to respond to it and the problem that might have been someone is in as a defense minister is that he has to keep the saudi people safe and that is why they went in in twenty fifteen twenty twenty fifteen you know the range was that the tribes that were targeted or relative in the periphery of saudi governance so these were people in the southern part of the southern provinces that didn't really
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matter that much as hard as it sounds now we're talking about back and we're talking about riyadh and you know the the accumulative and the the power that these people have to live in these territories they will demand the government to take action very little can be done from the air that is also something we need to establish this war and it's an air war only by saudi you know that yemen cannot be won from the air it has to be either you ask elated to the ground which i think the saudis are will be unwilling to do within the current context because that's going to be a very deadly high casualty of war or you will come and start. you know start engaging with it with ease and i think that's the only real alternative yet there were these want to be talking talk to they don't want to be disregarded and they want to keep the cost for saudi high because if at some point the saudis realize that they can live with a situation that is sustainable to keep a simmering war in yemen going on then there will never be any engagement the when these want engagement they want to be talking they want to be invited into saudi
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arabia and that's why they escalate they say if you don't talk to us we will escalate it will continue retaliate for everything that you do so making the war unsustainable situation for saudi arabia. thank you very much thank you. anymore head and the news hour and clothing hundreds of refugees in a prison camp face an uncertain future as well stroll you turned down an offer to resettle them. i'm reporting from there and i'll be telling you why a new marriage bill has made some people here worried. and sport peter will be here to explain the mystery of the german goalkeeper and invisible ball. with. iran as a q saudi arabia the u.s. and israel are trying to tension in the region it follows
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a sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister and the saudi capital riyadh on saturday and a televised statement on saudi state t.v. saad hariri accused iran of the lebanese armed group sowing strife in the arab world he also said he feared an assassination ron accused of quote playing a game designed by those who want to kill for the region say no hauteur joins us live now from beirut so. you know how is this going to continue to play out what are the latest developments who do we expect to hear from any time soon about this . well there is a political vacuum in the country and what is next well the president has to formally accept the prime minister's resignation and then he has to appoint a new prime minister now this will not be easy the president will hold consultations with parliamentary members but this is a parliamentary democracy but in reality it is a consensual democracy the two rival political camps they need to come up with
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a compromise candidate to be able to form a national unity government or else the instability will continue and if the president decides to appoint a prime minister who is close to the camp then it risks isolating lebanon even further so people are worried there's a lot of uncertainty people are worried about the economic situation they're worried about. the security situation we've seen this in the past lebanon has always been on the brink it's a seen political crises over the years and in the past it has able to pull back from those crises but the question is will it be able to do so now especially since saudi arabia really making it very clear that they do not want to see their allies in lebanon and by extension of course sidle how do the sharing power with hezbollah and its allies zain i would only have this conversation obviously shootist a week we talk about saudi we talk about iran we we talk about israel what are the broader implications of what is happening. well this is not an internal
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lebanese issue saddam how do you see as an ally of saudi arabia and what is happening in the region this cannot be isolated that there is a saudi arabian iranian rivalry playing out across the region and lebanon is the new battlefield in fact it has always been a battlefield but over recent years it really has in one way or the other shielded itself it was left out but this is the fear now that lebanon has been brought back into into this power game with the do know that the rivalry is in syria it's in iraq the saudi arabians americans the israelis they've made it very very clear they want to curb iranian influence in the region iranian influence in iraq in syria and here in lebanon but it is easier said than done iran really has gained a lot of power over the years it's helped keep the syrian president bashar al assad in power in neighboring syria its forces are fighting on the ground in iraq so this is going to be very difficult and this is what the lebanese people will tell you we are worried that we are costs in this struggle and lebanon in the words of many
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here is in the eye of the storm in her thank you santa. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist who's been in and egyptian prison for nearly a year broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family catalonia karla's pushed him on is calling for a united front ahead of next month's regional election comes as thousands of people in the northern city of. protested against spain's direct role in catalonia and the imprisonment of nine former ministers on friday in a spanish judge issued an international arrest warrant for her to travel to belgium after declaring independence now in his hometown of trauma on supporters say they agree with his decision to stay in belgium while others are not so convinced this is the city celebrates its annual fiesta and her summons reports. the tradition is
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colliding with politics in jarana the citizen you'll festival has gone ahead despite attempts to cool with. your own a province is the heartland of close to session politics and the who moved the colosseum. despite appearances people say lou one here is really happy. that all my family i'm from. and i know from got the phone. and they don't understand exactly what is happening out here. and we need. to. do the. right. but i think it's very difficult in the old city many balconies make a political statement the spanish national flag represents the minority. city councillors say they're in mourning over the jailing of eight sacked cabinet
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ministers in the unusual gesture black drapes allayed on the front of city hall and the flags above are at hamas the european union the catalan regional and the jerome a city flags the spanish national flag was removed when secession was declared more than a week ago and the man says she supports pleased being in belgium. and even in the pick them in i fully understand why president puts them on is seeking european protection especially after seeing what has happened to the rest of the government ministers we can't have a situation where we have political prisoners and i think it's ok that he protects himself and he makes our conflict margaritaville international the week long festival was supposed to end with a firework display but that's now being canceled organizers who had to consider cutting out other parts of the shadow chose to focus on events aimed at children in
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catalonia coach or tradition and politics have always gone hand in hand the children may be having fun watch by their parents but this year's festival takes place against the backdrop of a long good increasingly bitter struggle for secession andrew simmons al-jazeera. back on again immigration minister has told al jazeera that australia must facilitate immediately an offer from new zealand to resettle refugees from its decommissioned prison camp there's a tense stand off one man a silent or six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the camp over safety concerns andrew thomas reports. the refugees are refusing to leave what was the man assad in prison about five days without food surviving on rain water one thing the refugees are putting their hopes on is a deal with new zealand to resettle them more than four years ago then prime minister john key offered to take a hundred fifty refugees
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a year off the route but australia's government has never taken up that offer saying that's new zealanders have a right to live in australia but deal would always be seen as a back door into australia well new zealand's new center left prime minister was asked on sunday morning whether that office still stood you of course do not have the second stances that a stranger is operating under but we also cannot ignore the human fice of what a strain we're is dealing with as well said the offer is very genuine and absolutely remains on the table the the offers has been restated we thank you ceiling for my offer we're not we are not taking it up at this time for the reasons i explained earlier malcolm turnbull said he wants to work through a deal with the united states first to resettle up to twelve hundred fifty and the refugees there only once that process is complete well they can set up office but that deal with the us is moving painfully slowly don't trump eight states and only
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fifty or so refugees have been resettled in the u.s. more than a year after that deal with first announced meanwhile the suffering on the road goes on australia's governments always say the responsibility for the refugees lies ultimately with property denice government so i asked whether she considered making an offer the wrecked government instead would you consider making this offer directly for new guinea leaving australia out of the loop because the offer is still under. consideration by a stray so there is no need to do so but according to happen you gain ease and the . immigration minister on sunday told us in a text message that. zealand resettling one hundred fifty refugees will be a great relief to pop when you get in and that's it's a deal australia must facilitates for the bottom line is that without a strike it doesn't look as though those refugees will be going easy. and a few moments we will have all of the weather with richard still ahead on
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al-jazeera we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people. brings tough talk to japan as the u.s. president takes office twelve day tour of asia. putting a key decision in liberia with the presidency itself and the ballots and ends or less than a week after a deadly truck attack new york steps up security for the world's largest marathon. from brisk. to the warming trend of southeast asia. around this time yesterday i was getting very excited to tell you all about the development of a general store remain excited that's because i'm about two thousand miles away from this particular low pressure because it's a really nasty feature which is developing in the northern end of the in the gulf
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of genoa region so there's a low pressure we've got at the moment thunderstorms all over the place a high risk of tornadoes and if you think about it you've got this contrast between the rusty warm waters of the mediterranean and just the north you've got the alps you've got the air coming down from the north and circling around that area of high ground about the way the jet stream is merging on either side and all adds up to a really nasty low pressure system so that's what you've got at the moment there's the low moving on through heading towards maine and parts of italy and the heavy rain we've got associated with it is going to intensify if anything the coming hours and also those twenty space isobar indicate a very strong strong wind blowing down the wrong card or big rainfall totals already i suspect those totals are just an indicator of what's to come heavy snow of the us is going to be massive full of snow developing over the alps in the coming hours and those storms are going to continue to spread eastwards. the
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weather sponsored by cattle race. for twenty three years most and has collected objects he finds along the coast. he's museum enough to break a guinness world record. with the story for every object he's become an environmental activist an inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. such as this time.
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and when you're. going to. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour there has been a major cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia the same night as several friends as were detained in a new anti-corruption crackdown the head of the national guard the economy minister and the head of the navy all were placed and billionaire investor prince all will leap into law is among those arrested as well and other developments out of saudi arabia the military has shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh the missile was fired from yemen towards
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the saudi capital's airport but the rebels say they are behind the attack. on his ousted leader karla's bustamante is calling for a united front out of next month's regional election comes as thousands of people in the northern city of the boa protested against spain's direct rule in catalonia and the imprisonment of nine former ministers. as president donald trump has begun has twelve day tour of asia he started in japan met the prime minister shinzo lobby for lunch and a round of golf tour expected to hold talks on monday and that countering north korea's nuclear threat asia tour the longest in the region by u.s. president in twenty five years will also include south korea china vietnam and the philippines scott heiler has a latest from tokyo with u.s. president donald trump's arrival here in tokyo on sunday his historic twelve day trip to asia has officially begun he spoke with u.s. service people right after he landed but spent most of the day with japanese prime
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minister shinzo abbay. just minutes after air force one touched down at the u.s. air force base on the outskirts of tokyo president trump climbed on the stage flanked by american fighter jets he switched his suit for a bomber jacket that addressed the american troops cheering them on in the head we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american flag no dictator no regime and no nation should underestimate. american resolve on his flight from hawaii trump told reporters a during the twelve day trip will talk to russian president vladimir putin about more help with north korea and that he will soon announce whether the u.s. will name pyongyang to the list of state sponsors of terror.
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trump met up with japanese prime minister shinzo abbate at a golf club outside tokyo for a burger lunch and a round of golf it's not the first time the two have played golf the leaders view their relationship as tight holding for so much and speaking on the phone regularly some hope that trumps a visit to japan will bring more than tough talk on north korea from the two close allies and there's concern that one provocative tweet could change the narrative for the trip something that can get away from just bombs and bullets would be valuable in trying to win hearts and minds in the region people here every day they go to work they don't want to worry about another missile flying over what we know with north korea the resolution there is not going to be war it's going to have to involve sanctions and each day one of trump's asia tour was kept with a private steak dinner with prime minister and the leaders wives thank you monday it's down to business the to hold
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a bilateral meeting and then speak to the media they will likely touch on promoting a free and open indo-pacific region seen as a way to counter china's growing influence in the region it's got to either al-jazeera tokyo the us has called on me and mark to ensure a safe and stable environment so that more than six hundred thousand or head to refugees can return home members of the muslim minority fled to bangladesh after me in mars military launched a crackdown a move the un calls ethnic cleansing and its fourth louis reports and they are a few g.'s are too scared to even think about returning. this is the second time in his sixty years that it has been a refugee he first crossed into bangladesh to escape the myanmar military crackdown in one nine hundred seventy eight but was repatriated two years later he says he managed to build a good life for his family back in myanmar where they had a house and some land in which they grew crops but now as refugees in bangladesh they have nothing he's not sure if his land title will still be recognised he's not
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sure there's anything to return. we can go back if we recognise the citizens if we get assurance of safety and being i wouldn't move freely and how can we when our property has been captured by the. bangladesh has taken in more than six hundred thousand refugees since the military offensive began in august new arrivals continue to date the government and aid agencies are struggling to cope and the international community has to create conditions in rakhine that would allow the ranger to return one of the strong feelings that i got from. people here if they feel they need to feel that. for instance there needs to be documentation they need to have the freedom of movement they need to be able. government officials say they're ready to set up a repair creation process but the reality is. haven't yet been able to work out the
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details of governing the eventual return of refugees that have been previously patry. between one thousand nine hundred two and two thousand and five bangladesh repack created some two hundred thirty thousand. mohammad who fled to bangladesh in one thousand nine hundred. could have returned but chose not to he says he didn't have the right to move about or practice his religion in peace. but it's a decision that still causes him pain. my heart. it's a terrible feeling in my heart cries and asks why i can't go home i live so close to me on my. he still dreams of going home but he says only when conditions are right florence. unmarried couples in the east african country of burundi have until the end of the year to legalize their relationships and may president. which the government says will help protect women and create
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a more moral society disagreeing toss a report from. government once couples living together to register their marriages that means they must have a change of state sanctioned waiting before the end of the newlyweds places. say the new law doesn't bother them they believe tying the knot officially is the right thing to do when you are not married. you're not complete. and when he gets married. to be complete. that's why it's necessary to be married. to him quickly and got to find somewhere someone out. a government official say the move will create a more moral society they insist a legal document recognizing a marriage helps protect women and children especially when it comes to issues such as inheritance. those families.
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who are married if there will be. some of them will be taken to court. jail. is one of the world's poorest countries the world bank says by twenty eighteen the poverty rate would be eighty percent some people say they can't afford to marry getting married can be expensive some couples first have their traditional wedding way certain customs observes such as paying a price for the bride and then there's often the church wedding the ball can run into the thousands others say the new marriage will infringes on people's religious beliefs customs and practices the law stipulates a man can only legally register one wife. we can fight the government we have to respect the law but we will continue to try and convince the government to
1:42 pm
reconsider and remember that we as muslims it's our culture to have more than one one for. the legislation creates animosity and this empowers women in polygamous relationships. it will be unfair in other women if a man is was by law to register only one of his wives what happens to the other women in his life civil society activists say forcing people living together to marry is a violation of human rights government officials insist the crackdown on informal relationships will help reduce population growth and help monitor how many people are actually in the country how to toss al-jazeera. library a supreme court assert to decide if a presidential election runoff will go ahead or not a candidate in the first trial filed a complaint which means liberians say they could jeopardize a smooth transfer of power in january reports from monrovia. and on the street as liberians await the decision of the supreme court in
1:43 pm
a country where the political class is viewed with suspicion by many at stake is whether the conduct of the two overturned presidential election will set all candidates. i'm worried that we were. and then we. have the impulse. to be like that this. hearing opened up tight security with judges promising speedy proceedings experts to dismiss the possibility of a constitutional crisis in liberia i don't see constitutional crisis and the reason is simple. the. liberia is not. iran iran is not it is also not to determine whether they can be an internet richmond no but that is what many believe some politicians are up to
1:44 pm
raising the level of fear and suspicion. whatever happens on monday many liberians don't expect to be called out to vote the next day. is what impact any further delays will have on the first transition from one democratic government to another in more than seventy years in liberia. the election commission maintains the october election was credible but it meets the legal challenge of set back its preparations for the runoff between former football star george ware and the incumbent vice president joyce of pork i we already distributed our my to us both sensitive and i said it when ballot papers at least up to sixty seventy percent of the country. so a dig cannot have us doing that besides we were still. workers. so those things can happen in a day's time. the commission says conducted the election immediately after the
1:45 pm
court's ruling will depend on the level of preparation of other partners like the security services and international support. observers within and outside liberia i watch closely to see how the judgement on monday will affect not only the vote but they visit democratic transition in general. trees. rule via. supporters of italy's far right for new oval party have been marching in the capital rome against proposed changes to citizenship laws are unhappy that changes that would allow children to qualify for italian citizenship via residency even if their parents were born abroad currently at least one parent of a child under eighteen has to be a tally at around one thousand people took part in that march. place in the united states have confirmed that they are gathering evidence to arrest disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein it's in connection with with an alleged rape of an
1:46 pm
actress in new york and two thousand and ten she says it happened twice police in los angeles are also investigating an unrelated claim against weinstein that comes as a judge set to january date for a trial in which weinstein hopes to force his former film company to turn over documents he says will clear his name thousands of people have rallied across the united states against president donald trump and his policies all his first year in power has been marked by polarizing demonstrations some groups are trying to bridge the divide is john hendren reports from virginia. politics in the us has devolved into verbal warfare fought out between the white house and capitol hill reckless outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it like it is and when such behavior emanates from the top of our government it is something else it is dangerous to a democracy in social media assailing corker on twitter calling him incompetent and
1:47 pm
little on television that in feels like it's another day another scalp and on the streets were empty fascist rally years marched in twenty american cities as a reaction to that a group called better angels is meeting in living rooms in churches across the u.s. to in their words save our democracy i was nodding my hand when they were saying you know what concerns them about their party especially and i said ok that's actually making me feel a little bit better because i don't want to be living in a world where you're so attached to a party because of what side you're on that you can't be critical to what's wrong with your heart the group began in the political battleground state of ohio after the divisive two thousand and sixteen election by the end of this year they will have held forty meetings of republicans and democrats red and blue around the us what these people are trying to do here by volunteering their saturday in the basement of
1:48 pm
a suburban virginia church is each to listen to the other side's point of view and eventually elevate the level of political conversation here and across the nation. the group gathers partisans of both signs and asks them to listen to one another to find areas of common ground and to act on them i think what we're doing can ultimately change the direction of the country and i think actually. it really does need to if we're going to survive as a healthy democracy in ohio they have begun working together reds and blues together on the issue of paper and to leave getting the legislative take action on an issue that's been widely supported by both liberals and conservatives. is this group wraps up members are asked to expand the movement in their own neighborhoods to see young professional life things i. think it would be possible just a few things for the texan oklahoma what could go. into a movement that changes minds at meetings like this injury but it's going to
1:49 pm
a long way to go to change the toxic tenor of political debate in washington and across the u.s. john hendren al-jazeera mclean virginia. so head on al-jazeera heavyweight title rematch ends and in vatican fashion and the orc it will have the details for. ambitious endeavors to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan b. so i hear that. looks completely life and international efforts to combine the pests that threaten so they bring in their sandals they show you the infected props just like an adopter write your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer price explodes inspiring advances to farming for the future of this town al-jazeera.
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with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents living green the stories they tell. about. fluent in world news. sampras or herself thank you so much moroccan club casablanca are celebrating their first caf champions league triumph in twenty five years after a one no final second leg victory over continental powerhouses are actually we
1:51 pm
don't beat the a time title holders of egypt on home soil thanks to a strike by waleed out cutty in the second half this is where dad's first champions league triumph since one thousand nine hundred two these were the scenes in the famed moroccan city of casablanca after their team won the champions league celebrations like these were denied to them in twenty eleven when we dived last in the final the team will now go on to play in the club world cup in december. parsimony fans displayed a huge catalan flag and banners reading justice ahead of their latest spanish league game supporters also a chance at freedom during the match against severe the club had earlier released a statement saying it regretted the arrest of catalan politicians this was only in the macy's six hundredth game for the club so winning two one to go four points clear at the top of the league. real madrid will be looking to head back after two straight defeats in their game against us in midweek they lost the top of hotspur
1:52 pm
in the champions league and were too good for them in their last league outing at the end of last month and in zidane was named coach of the year by fever but he's team on are fourth in the league eleven points behind at barcelona and. i'm not the best coach in the world maybe the award they gave me was for last season and what we achieved then i'm not the greatest coach but i'm not the worst either sometimes you're up and sometimes things can go wrong but i'm always in the middle it's how i was as a player as well. let's talk now to the football writer simon harrison who is in the spanish city of a volunteer simon thank you for joining us are they serious problems that real madrid or is a just too soon to hit the panic button i think if anything that in two thousand and eight is time and it is respect i mean the fact that he's come into a job where he was expected to be out was depth and he's retained the champions league which you know it's a it's a historic achievement but ultimately as he said in that little clip of an injury
1:53 pm
there he's not the greatest he's not the worst what emotion there was extract a great amount of the fantastic squad last year but ultimately he didn't really change anything too much tactically he's not a visionary certainly not a manager like pep guardiola or on the ritz you know sorry who has a way of playing and that's what he's famous for but you know this certainly something special there so i wouldn't say that it's you know it's not time to hit the panic button it's not time for him to go but he definitely shows something in the next few weeks otherwise you know that could be the conversation and having there have been some very visible political messages that barcelona's game on saturday is football in danger of dividing people in spain. i think it's always been heavily politicized no matter what and for me personally i mean traveling to the basque country recently living in valencia traveling to the cities around the country when you're in the basketry you see a lot more cattle and flags in solidarity in bilbao this weekend was a big big march you know against some of the emergency powers that the spanish
1:54 pm
government has taken recently against catalonia so you know you go to the basque country or to cancel a nice deal of support for what they're trying to do that for independence and then becomes of places i've lived here and there's a lot of spanish flags around you know the clubs for example you know last parma some months ago they had a spanish like an ashes so it is heavily heavily divided so hopefully there will be some kind of dialogue because the moment it's tough to see a resolution and how many of the players have been drawn into the political debate well obviously general peco he's been he's the man who sort of been forced to come out say what he thinks and that's not really a situation of many of the players in the division all over the country have been really forced into. i think as it goes on i think it's got to be more the clubs the more you know the hierarchies they need to be the ones that step out and have a certain opinion because ultimately you know legace any other it's going to down and then it's going to be down to the fact that to market this league it needs all the clubs in it that's been the main problem in that that's why barcelona that's
1:55 pm
why they've played even though in these political circumstances you would think that the conversation would be hard for them not to play at all so it remains to be seen i imagine that some players will be dragged into this. he might be dragged back into it once again you never know. but definitely nothing has really been sorted since he was forced to speak i suppose and it doesn't seem to be any quick easy resolution to what's a huge huge problem in the game sam harris and we'll leave it there thank you so much for your time very much appreciated no problem it's a pleasure. in the english premier league west am slevin billet is another manager under pressure he's team were beaten four one by liverpool in saturday's late game with them have lost three of their last four home games now and are just one point clear of the drop zone but when moved to liverpool up to sixth it's vital in all that. time definitely don't feel a broken man i'm very very strong in the other hand the
1:56 pm
situation for west ham is not good. bye and munich beat dorman three one in the big game in germany but all the talk in the bundesliga was about a goalkeeper and he's invisible ball this is the moment there to make come to define the career of mindset keeper robinson player seems to be underway is this control the ball only when he kicks when it does the realisation appear to dorne that the ball may be elsewhere for sure give him the mistake didn't cost him a go. crazy the world's biggest american the new york marathon is about to start amid high security eight people were killed in an attack in manhattan on tuesday the new york police department has doubled the number of rooftop observation posts as well as sniper teams or uniformed police officers and dogs will patrol the forty two point two kilometer course as well fifty one thousand competitors are due to
1:57 pm
take part that's ten thousand more than its closest rival chicago and an incredible two point five million spectators are expected to line the streets to cheer on the runners now give me give us a lassie of eritrea is the current mains champion while the female crown was one in twenty sixteen by mary kay tiny of kenya. w.b.c. heavyweight champion the own say while the has made short work of its latest opponents main steven in new york while the pummeled stephen in a first round knockout victory actually won the title from stephen back in january twenty fifth twelve around the city the american moves to thirty nine wins and no losses with thirty eight knockouts the richest two days in racing of culminated in a win for gun runner at the breeders cup classic the four year old american braid cults won the six million dollar race with more than twenty eight million dollars in prize money up for grabs during the meets at the belmont track in california
1:58 pm
after wins at the pegasus world cup and dubai world cup favorites era gets finished down in five. and will leave with a most vote for me again in the thirteen hundred g.m.t. russia thank you very much. thank you for joining me for this news hour there is much more news to come on the other side of the break with a drink and a can keep it here on out there.
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it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to magdalen island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by food nanda sent penguin expert cloud able boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who was swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially
2:00 pm
plastics are also killing penguins afghanistan has the best geology of both mentally resources and hydrothermal why are they so poor the measuring you guys would finally form a government. of the toxin with essentially nowhere the more we would force them the more they push back and we knew it was coming the question was do we sit back and wait for our to surprise them with a preemptive strike on the border at this time i'll just say your. cabinet ministers replaced princes detained making sense of the sweeping changes in saudi arabia.


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