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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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where ever you would. like a book a tape or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member because but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the five persons that has been searched by this punish authorities presented themselves at the figure of police of brussels. helton authorities say that by monday a judge must rule whether extradition proceedings against the post catalan president
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can go forward. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live so coming up cabinet ministers replaced princes detained making sense at the sweeping changes in saudi arabia also in saudi arabia a missile attack shows that much of the kingdom is now within range of yemen's the rebels. we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people. brings tough talk to japan as the u.s. president kicks off its twelve day tour of asia. alstott helming later karla's pushed him on has turned himself and two belgian police on and four of his ex ministers fled to belgium after spanish authorities from move them from power to dismiss leader has been calling for united political
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front ahead of a regional election to continue the push for independence the five persons that has been searched by this punish or thirty's presented themselves to the figure of police of brussels they were taken into custody at nine seventeen so this morning in the presence of day lawyers they were officially notified of their european harris runs. in this eve investigative judge has to decide if we didn't twenty four hours which means that a decision has to be made no later than nine seventeen tomorrow morning. so we have reporters covering this from a couple of different angles we will go to china hall in the spanish capital madrid in a moment first let's go to david chaytor who was there after that announcement in brussels that you just saw a little bit of a clip so david there's a lot of legality here explain it all to us especially as best you know.
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richelle let me tell you first of all that nine seventeen when pushed them all and his four deposed cabinet members surrendered to the police of the national headquarters of the police around the corner from this building they were then taken into custody they were then put into a police van and the sent here to the the prosecutor's office in in brussels they weren't in handcuffs we understand but they are still in police detention inside this building at the moment now according to the procedures of the european arrest warrant they must see an investigative judge within twenty four hours of being detained but we understand from our sources here that investigative judges will be appointed we have to find the name and he will come to this building and the the cabinet ministers and push will appear before him with their lawyers
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probably just saw afternoon at some stage to soften them and that is the case at the time when the judge will decide whether they need to be put into custody detained sent to prison or whether there is any risk of escape and also course most importantly whether they're going to resist the arrest warrants from madrid and of course we know from pushed him on his lawyers that they will resist it on the grounds of either the human rights being abused or a technical challenge on something called double criminality but essentially we do know from the from the team of lawyers supporting the exiled ministers. and that they will combat this process so that they are cooperating with the judicial authorities here this is not a case of the belgian government deciding it's a case of the courts deciding so this is a whole part of the procedure of the european arrest warrant and if they do give
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good grounds for resisting those arrest warrants the whole process then moved to another court within the palace of justice and they will look at the writ but that of those grounds for resisting the warrant so this process could take anything up to sixty days and in special circumstances something up to ninety days but the initial court hearing we do understand will take place this afternoon an investigative judge will see the cabinet. post cabinet ministers and more himself with the lawyers in this building this off to doing we understand ok david chaytor with the wrap up there from brussels david thank you and john hall it's been standing by live in madrid covering events from there so all of these moving parts that are happening and brussels jonah how is all this being seen and madrid in spain. well i think to be honest a lot of spaniards are probably having quite
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a hard time at the moment digesting the pace of developments and events in this crisis now several weeks old over catalonia and its drive for independence not just the divisive movements of the politicians in catalonia but also what has followed in the course of the last week after that declaration of independence the arrest now of so many of these leading catalonian secessionist politicians eight of them in jail here in madrid one was let go on bail they face a court appearance on thursday on similar charges rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds then you've got what's happening in brussels karla's point simonton his associates there likely to go to the same or a similar way in a lot of people not happy about it a new poll in the press here in spain suggested that a broad majority of spaniards feel that this is gone far enough that it is inappropriate to be dealing with these people who are after all politicians in this way as petty criminals and there's going to be later on a huge demonstration here expected to be huge in the puerto del sol in madrid have
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been others they've been in favor of spanish unity of course in the past in this crisis this time they're going to be in favor of in support of these jailed secessionist politicians because as i say a lot of people uncomfortable now with the image of a country that not only calls an election in catalonia on december the twenty first that invites all parties and all past personalities to take part in it but then goes about arresting so many of the secessionist politicians who would otherwise be expected to be involved in that election ok so as they're you know these elections coming up and he is intent on taking part of them regardless of everything that is happening and belts them in fact saying that he will can gain from belgium how is that supposed to work. well he certainly put up a big show of confidence that that's what he intends to do to campaign for the election from his position of exile in belgium i guess that depends what the courts there decide whether they actually put him behind bars or let him go on some kind
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of conditional release but his party is confident on sunday morning they put him forward in barcelona as their candidate for that election and on saturday mr pointed to more launched an online petition calling for a broad secessionist coalition to come together to unify these splintered parts of the secessionist movement in that election on the twenty first of december and and use it as a sort of second referendum on independence and again another poll suggesting two part two polls in fact suggesting that if they were to work together they could potentially gain another parliamentary majority in the capitol and parliament that would be a devastating blow to madrid in its efforts to put this entire thing to bed so on the one hand you can see why it's perhaps attractive to have these people in jail but on the other hand you create the longer that they are there the idea of political matters around which the secessionist movement can coalesce can unify so it's a dangerous game for madrid this moving forward with potentially very unnerving consequences
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for them in that election on december twenty first on a whole life press and mentor a child i thank you. there has been a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet ministers and dozens of former ministers were all detained the government describes all this was the work of a new anti-corruption committee which itself was only formed on saturday night so among those being held. been to law he is best known as a billionaire investor with controlling major stakes in twenty or twenty first century fox and citi group now the most significant internal move involves prince matal been a fellow who was removed from his post as the head of the national guard of the late king abdullah and was considered a contender for the throne also out as the minister of economy and planning adel been mohammed a key annabella bin sultan al sultan has been ordered to retire as commander of the
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saudi navy now the dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon also known as m.p.'s and someone was elevated to his position just four months ago displacing an older cousin. corey is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university says the tensions and saudi arabia could stem from a personal vendetta. while he did detention of thirty plus. current and former senior officials including eleven princes showcases a very interesting shift in saudi politics. i think it is an enclosure within the political institution in the between two main camps the mainstream camp the traditional camp versus the immersion more their nest camp led by crown prince mohammed bin solomon so this is a one man show
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a way of pushing a politics into more their native versus conservatism so far we haven't learned anything about the main charges what these guys have in common in terms of exploiting their positions or have in the movie is a deal it is a blanket statement a very broad statement on to corruption and i think this is where the thieves the details are more significant than the others at the same time as the the new york times the made this hand this morning there is a special case the arrest of what he'd been told who happens to have some rift with the president from he was so bold a couple of items for him the plaza hotel in new york and the art and it seems the trump and the well you the most on go terms and other developments out of saudi arabia the military has shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh the missile was fired from yemen towards
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the saudi capital airport with the rebels say they are behind the attack marion hahn report. it's not the first time who three rebels have fired long range missiles across the border at saudi arabia but this missile appears to have travelled the furthest hundreds of kilometers deep into saudi heartland and only taken down close to king khalid international airport on the outskirts of the capital riyadh. the official saudi news agency is p.a. said saudi forces fired a surface to air patriot missile to intercept it witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing fragments falling need the airport the rebels moved quickly to say they were behind the missile attack telling al-jazeera they had launched a burka and two h. missile a scud type missile with a range of more than eight hundred kilometers. we choose the time and place after collecting information about
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a target and it was khalid international airport east of riyadh targeted by a long range volcano ballistic missile this is in response to the continued aggression committing daily massacres against the yemeni people. the conflict in yemen pits houthi rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against yemeni government forces back in two thousand and fourteen the who thiis and their allies took control of the yemeni capital sana'a. but the conflict widened early the following year when a saudi led coalition of arab countries state done with airstrikes to back up humans government in two and a half years the saudi led coalition has launched thousands of a strikes the same a strikes that have been repeatedly criticized by the united nations for disregarding the number of civilians killed and return who sees and their allies have fired dozens of missiles into saudi territory last week who the spokesman told al-jazeera
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that who is the fighters would target any country that attacks them. one man out there and let the. others the target yemen as far as we're concerned are fair military target for ballistic missiles any country that hits yemen militarily will be targeted. yemen was already the poorest country in the region before the war nearly two and a half years of fighting has left it on the brink of collapse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people close to starvation and since april of the world's worst outbreak of cholera the u.n. says around ten thousand people have been killed and at least forty thousand wounded mostly from saudi laid is strikes this latest missile attack deep into saudi territory will likely escalate this long running and conflict medium hond al jazeera address craig is an assistant professor in the defense studies department
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at king's college london he says the missile technology is almost certainly being sent to who these from outside yemen. this is a tit for tat kind of balance of terror now whereby the who these have said that if you strike us we will strike back and this is not going towards only against saudi arabia but also against united arab emirates potentially and they have over the last two years really expanded their reach and they have really have increasingly more sophisticated missile technology which is far beyond the reach of what was initially targeted so when the coalition started to that fifteen when the strike started the scud missile capability of there were these was relatively limited we're talking about three hundred kilometers to five hundred kilometers there is a stockpile in yemen of scott missile that has been there for more than twenty years and now they have this capability has been augmented so i think what we see here is definitely some of the technology comes from iran but it doesn't come as entire missiles it's not like the revolutionary guard of iran is shipping in time
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missiles into into yemen i think it's different parts and then they're being assembled in yemen and fired off and apart from that i think there are some of the capabilities also coming from north korea but again it's certain parts that really of meant the strike range of these missile of these missiles and i think we've seen this development over the last two years where they go get increasingly better a at the range and b. at hitting the targets they want to target still had on al-jazeera chronicles a saudi arabia the u.s. and israel attacking tension in the region after the sudden resignation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri and hundreds of refugees in a present can't face an uncertain future as australia turns down an offer to resettle them. with only. in the.
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welcome back across southern and eastern parts of china weather conditions are fairly quiet at the moment so from shanghai down through fuzhou to hong kong so looking good northern parts of vietnam generally ok have a high noise there looking at temperatures of twenty six we see further south we've got this rain pushing in the for central parts of vietnam it's like be quite wet and general the next twenty four hours will find more in the way of sharing beginning to develop effecting fuzhou in taipei and also again for vietnam some heavy rain here but noise stays largely dry laos not looking to about me and my we will see some showers developing young gong in the middle of a spell of relatively quiet weather across into south asia and the monsoon continues to retreat southwards but for southern states of india this is a time of year when the monsoon is at its heaviest and found some very large rainfall totals being reported here in the last twenty four hours and that will continue extending down towards sri lanka once you get north towards hydrabad and across towards mumbai northwards all looking fine temperatures there into the low
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thirty's it stays that way as we head through into tuesday crotch in pakistan a high of thirty four degrees here in the arabian peninsula still a little sticky around the gulf states thirty three as a marksman doha and thirty two your high in abu dabi. news has never been more available. every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational. crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of the listening post provides a critical counterpoint mainstream. at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera will take out the top stories this hour brussels prosecutor spokesman says alstad catalogue later pushed him on has turned himself into belgian police on four visits minister after spanish authorities remove them from power there has been a major cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia the same night as princes were detained and a new anti-corruption crackdown the head of the national guard the economy minister and the head of the navy have been replaced billionaire investor prince and law is among those detained and other developments out of saudi arabia the military has shot down a long range ballistic missile riad missile was fired from yemen towards the saudi
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capital airport at the rebels say they are behind that attack iran has accused saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of trying to fuel tension in the region with the sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri resigned in the saudi capital on saturday and accused iran of sowing strife in the arab world saying a hoda reports from beirut. yet again lebanon is on the brink its prime minister has resigned a country not immune to political crises and its people know all too well what instability can bring. we've lived through the civil war and we know a small incident can flare up a situation if it's not resolved and there are no mature minds the country will fall apart and that is what we're. so how did how deedes announcement came as a shock from the saudi capital riyadh he cited concerns for his life and blamed iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah for meddling in arab affairs many interpreted the move as a declaration by saudi arabia of all out war against hezbollah and it cannot be
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isolated from the iranian saudi rivalry playing out across the region. the resignation is related to what's going on in the region there are two main powers vying for influence and lebanon is in the eye of the struggle this is not an internal lebanese matter. iran's ally the lebanese party has and its allies had a powerful role in government but hezbollah is not only a political party it has an armed wing that has helped keep syrian president bashar assad's government in power iran's influence has expanded across the middle east and saudi arabia the united states and israel have all made it clear they intend to take a more aggressive stance to curb iran's power in lebanon now there is a dangerous political vacuum that can't be easily filled lebanon is a parliamentary democracy but in reality it is a consensual democracy the rival political camps that need to agree on
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a compromise candidate who will be able to form a national unity government that won't be easy and his supporters have made it clear that they do not intend to share power with hezbollah and appointing a candidate close to hezbollah would risk isolating lebanon. this isn't the first time political life in lebanon has come to an end and it isn't the first time the saudi arabian rivalry is to blame in the past the country has pulled back from the edge the question many ask is if it will be able to do so again so out of. beirut we're getting reports that at least one hundred people have been killed in an eyesore attack in the syrian city of doors or that is according to the news agency this attack comes after friday's announcement that i saw had been. pushed out of the city which was their last major stronghold both russian backed syrian government forces and u.s. backed kurdish syrian democratic four spiders had been advancing from the opposite sides of the euphrates river and have been fighting pockets of resistance. u.s.
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president ronald trump aspic on his twelve day tour of asia in japan met with prime minister shinzo lobby for lunch and around the gulf the two are expected to hold talks on monday aimed at countering north korea's nuclear threat asia tour the longest in the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years will include south korea china vietnam and the philippines scott heiler has the latest from tokyo with u.s. president donald trump's arrival here in tokyo on sunday his historic twelve day trip to asia has officially begun he spoke with u.s. service people right after he landed but spent most of the day with japanese prime minister shinzo abbay. just minutes after air force one touched down at the u.s. air force base on the outskirts of tokyo president trump climbed on the stage flanked by american fighter jets he switched his suit for a bomber jacket that address the american troops cheering him on in the head we
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will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american flag no dictator no regime and no nation. she did underestimate an. american resolve on his flight from hawaii told reporters a during the twelve day trip will talk to russian president vladimir putin about more help with north korea and that he will soon announce whether the u.s. will name pyongyang to the list of state sponsors of terror. trump met up with japanese prime minister shinzo abbate at a golf club outside tokyo for a burger lunch and a round of golf it's not the first time the two have played golf the leaders view their relationship as tight holding for so much and speaking on the phone regularly some hope that trumps a visit to japan will bring more than tough talk on north korea from the two close
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allies and there's concern that one provocative tweet could change the narrative for the trip something that can get away from just bombs and bullets would be valuable in trying to win hearts and minds in the rage and people here every day they go to work they don't want to worry about another missile flying over what we know with north korea the resolution there is not going to be war it's going to have to involve sanctions and each day one of trump's asia tour was kept with a private state dinner with prime minister and the leaders wives thank you monday it's down to business the to hold a bilateral meeting and then speak to the media they will likely touch on promoting a free and open indo-pacific region seen as a way to counter china's growing influence in the region it's got to either al-jazeera tokyo as he said a moment ago trumps that last stop on his asia tour will be the philippines but that visit only a few days off thousands of filipinos have marched through manila calling for an
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end to drug related killings in the country they're protesting what they call the culture of death brought about by a president not to go to tear to campaign against illegal drugs to me allowance are going has more. when president. was elected into office more than a year and a half ago the hierarchy of the roman catholic church and other religious groups says they were willing to give him a chance this might religious organisations here be at the end of the pirates months ago they finally spoke up and said enough is enough wrong these may be. no more coffee like no more religion john. even. the farmers and. the primaries. i mean the. people use of drugs is the one the use of as has been i firmly believe that.
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involved in the illegal drug trade only now but when they were. and it has become a pattern that targets of. water and drugs ofis. or . fear in the hearts of all of the nation rights groups here say more than thirteen thousand filipinos have died since president through the good that they're to launched his so-called war on drugs and according to religious leaders his presidency has released a spawn of killings and a level of impunity and seen in recent decades here at this rally where thousands of showed up religious leaders are encouraging people to speak up they say it's time to speak out against the killings and abuses of human rights silence in the face of evil is to be an accomplished when it happened again his immigration minister has told al jazeera that australian must facilitate immediately an offer
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from new zealand to resettle refugees from its decommissioned prison camp there's a tense standoff on manus island were six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the camp over safety concerns andrew thomas reports. the refugees refusing to leave what was the man i saw in prison about five days without food surviving on rain water one thing the refugees are putting their hopes on is a deal with new zealand to resettle them more than four years ago then prime minister john key offered to take one hundred fifty refugees a year off the roof but australia's government has never taken up that offer that's new zealand does have a right to live in australia that deal would always be seen as a back door into australia well new zealand's new center left prime minister was asked on sunday morning whether that offer still stands you of course do not have the second stances that a stranger is operating under and but we also cannot ignore the human fice of what a strain we're is dealing with as well said the offer is very genuine and
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absolutely remains on the table the the offers has been restated we thank you ceiling for my offer we're not we are not taking it up at this time for the reasons i explained earlier malcolm to said he wants to work through a deal with the united states first to recycle up to twelve hundred fifty refugees that only once that process is complete well they can set up office but that deal with the us is moving painfully slowly don't trump eight states and only fifty or so refugees have been resettled in the u.s. more than a year after that deal with first announced meanwhile the suffering on the road goes on australia's government is always say the responsibility for the refugees lies ultimately with papa new guinea's government so i asked whether she considered making an offer the wrecked government instead would you consider making this offer directly for new guinea leaving australia out of the loop because the offer is
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still under. consideration by a strike so there is no need to do so but according to pump and you gain ease and the. immigration minister on sunday told us in a text message using. and resettling one hundred refugees will be a great relief. and it's a deal australia must it's the bottom line is that without. it doesn't look as though those refugees will be getting easier. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories prosecutors says ousted catalan leader carlos pushed him on has turned himself into belgian police four of his ex ministers fled to belgium after spanish authorities removed them from power the five persons that had been searched by this punish authorities presented themselves
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to figure out what. they were taken into custody at nine seventeen so this morning in the presence of lawyers they were officially notified of their european harris runs. it has to be twenty four hours which means that a decision has to be made no later than nine seventeen tomorrow morning there's been a major cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia the same night as several princes were detained in a new anti-corruption crackdown that of the national guard the economy minister and the head of the navy have all been replaced billionaire investor prince. is among the taint and other developments out of saudi arabia the military is shot down a long range ballistic missile over riyadh and the missile was fired from yemen towards the saudi capital's airport the rebels say they're behind that attack. u.s.
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president donald trump is in japan at the first stop on his tall day asia tour met with prime minister shinzo ave for lunch and a round of golf trump asia tour the longest in the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years will include south korea china vietnam and the philippines iran has accused saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of trying to fuel tension after the sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister sabri to resign while in the saudi capital riyadh he did this on saturday he's accused iran of sowing strife in the arab world iran says everybody is playing a game designed by those who want ill for the region up on the guinea is immigration minister has told al jazeera that australia must the silicate immediately an offer from new zealand to resettle refugees from its decommissioned prison camp on manis island the prime minister met her australian counterpart in sydney on sunday but was told the offer would not be accepted there is a tense standoff on man and silent or six hundred refugees who are refusing to
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leave the camp over safety concerns those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera listening post this next. women is old ascending order to find their way. when he meets the mother. this time and out zero. it is a landmark moment in the investigation russian. version of the metaphor of the one time campaign chairman of the house which raised the significant only. the french model there is no question. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week indictments in washington and the russia factor in the trump election.


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