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tv   The Listening Post 2017 Ep 40  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 5:32pm-6:01pm AST

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u.s. president donald trump is in japan at the first stop on his told asia tour truck met with prime minister shinzo ave for lunch and a round of golf trumps asia tour the longest in the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years will include south korea china vietnam and the philippines iran is accused saudi arabia the u.s. and israel of trying to fuel tension after the sudden resignation of lebanon's prime minister saud resign while in the saudi capital riyadh he did this on saturday he's accused iran of sowing strife in the arab world iran says everybody is playing a game designed by those who want ill for the region up on the guineas immigration minister has told al jazeera that australia must facilitate immediately an offer from new zealand to resettle refugees from its decommissioned prison camp amana silent zealand's prime minister met her australian counterpart in sydney on sunday but was told the offer would not be accepted there is a tense standoff on man and silent or six hundred refugees who are refusing to
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leave the camp over safety concerns those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera listening post this next. in india women his oldest seventy are defined there having maybe one when he meets these elderly mother. and this time on al-jazeera. it is a landmark moment in the investigation russian. lecturing the metaphor you don't want time campaign chairman house or straight to get. background running the president responded there is no. hello i'm richard yes when you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week indictments in washington and the russia factor in the trump election story it's
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a ball of confusion that's what the white house wants and what some news outlets deliver loading up with rubber bullets journalists at one newspaper in moscow will be issued guns to protect themselves the aftermath of the referendum in kurdistan sees one journalist killed others have been targeted freedom of the press in eritrea is virtually nonexistent and by trying to tell the story from afar radio has become part of it. we've been producing the listening post for almost eleven years now and we have probably reported on fox news rupert murdoch's american news channel more than any other news outlet anywhere and even we were unprepared for what we saw this past week fox's so-called coverage of the a documents in washington the possible impact on donald trump's presidency as its competitors focused on the news fox downplayed it directing its attention to hillary clinton questioning the integrity of the investigator even making time for feature stories on a mode and how to wean candies people forget but this is a network that's made
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a habit out of creating and building up bogeyman overseas took one look at the russian angle in this story and basically concluded nothing to see here fox was quite flagrantly echoing the same line that's been coming out of the white house a blend of diversion distraction and denial blurring the line between truth and falsehood real news and fake the apparent end game being helping this president take back control of the political narrative our starting point this week is washington d.c. . the first. national council robert muller's investigation has just been revealed this is an important story and i dealing with the legitimacy of the trump presidency right actually for the campaign chair problematic for and documents have been handed down a guilty plea had been entered or from anonymous now that about his contacts with
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people in russia one set of facts that were clear and not open to interpretation. wrong. and the big question steve which was e.-ring in on did this even happen is any of this even happen any happen during his months with presenter he was often friends have been the favorite morning show of donald trump just because you're indicted doesn't mean you're guilty of anything and you have a chance to find out what they. the defense it's really remarkable to see the beholder how they. store is that a widely circulated in the rest of the media and stories. that are really favorable to whatever happens with another investigation we didn't even know that has anything to do with the campaign what happened today why is that hillary or her campaign in the d.n.c. why aren't they getting investigated for the you know from the president's twitter feed that he was watching fox and friends right so they know they have a very important member of their audience and they're responding to that to
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a certain extent not only did they spend a good amount of time downplaying the allegations motherhood made but they also found time to discuss any number of other stories. causing a frenzy online from hamburger i'm o.g.'s to candy this is what fox news does this is a more embarrassing case but it is what the channel typically does and always has. other murdoch owned media outlets that haven't always been on the trump bandwagon are now climbing on board eight months ago the wall street journal published an editorial questioning the president's credibility calling trump his own worst political enemy and saying of his obsession with so-called fake news that if he doesn't show more respect for the truth most americans may conclude he's a fake president something has clearly changed just prior to the indictments being made public the journal published pro trump editorials including one targeting the credibility of chief investigator robert muller calling for his resignation. i find
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nothing to that story. predictable and it is a ball. to do his bidding for him donald trump and his allies realize that it will result in real drastic consequences for troops over the next best thing is to try to disqualify rove. think that's working. i thought it was a important signal because the wall street journal earlier on in the trump presidency had been pretty critical called out his behavior misconducts and so the editorial seemed like a seminal turning point a very noticeable pivot toward trump and in an effort to protect him. and this is really the wall street journal which is owned by rupert murdoch taking the line that fox news another property and by rupert murdoch has taken. the message from the top is the party line trumps line murdoch speaks with trump they have
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a pretty close relationship and so this is kind of a message that we're taking trump's line and not what i said the new york times with. much of what pro trump elements in the u.s. news media have produced on the indictments there strange obsession with hillary clinton included seems designed to do so uncertainty in the minds of americans on a story that was already complicated and journalists from other outlets in there is evil to get to the bottom of the story may have unwittingly done the same thing by conflating one story with another the charges against trump's one time campaign manager paul manifold for money laundering and fraud all relate to overseas transactions that occurred before he was hired by trump in two thousand and sixteen another campaign aide charged george papadopoulos tried to set up a meeting between trump and lattimer putin but it never happened it is not clear
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whether either case has anything to do with the other russia angle out there the allegations as yet unproven that the kremlin somehow colluded with the trump campaign during last year's election. when we talk about collusion with russia we're talking about the way that russia undoubtedly acted to benefit trumps campaign in the way that trump openly called on russia to take action to help his campaign russia if you're listening i hope you are able to find the thirty thousand e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press we're also talking about a series of communications between the trump campaign and people working with russia the allegations against man a ford and gates don't really get to that level of rational collusion there is a real danger of conflating this with things that both trump personally has done
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and with things that relate directly to man a for its activities when he was on the campaign the fact that you do have trumps campaign chairman in a courthouse pleading not guilty to charges that involve russia to a certain degree means that it's still a story but it doesn't mean that president trump called up a lot of my putin and said how do we fix this election this goal of proving collusion is kind of being in such a overarching theme in the media than some ways it plays in the right wing media's own narrative there is zero evidence of trumped russia collusion zero evidence of campaign collusion and in spite of all of that the media has been lying to you all day and all weekend long because well if they don't prove the trump and putin shook hands and you know pass messages or something then the whole thing has been a goose chase and i think that's that's a danger that the mainstream press. has been playing into with some of its coverage . with each passing political story american journalism seems to grow more
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polarized fox news which has never really been fair or balanced how did itself a caricature of itself on this story brazen president trump argue c.n.n. and the new york times do the same thing on the other saw a false equivalence if ever there was one another fake take on the news and media consumers because it's never been easier to hunker down in the comfort of their own echo chambers rarely venture out to a place a site a channel where their beliefs might actually. the question. there's a tremendous sort of speaking to the choir issue in all the journalism that's being done right now you work really hard on the story and you think you've nailed down. and you wonder if you're not just fully implementing the beliefs of people who already share the same sentiment conservatives have spent decades building
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a parallel news apparatus in order to ensure that conservatives have an entirely different set of facts than those that everybody else gets. and what that means is you have a large group of people that are being fundamentally and deliberately confused about what is going on the one hundred one that's pretty dangerous and it could be moving us in a fairly scary direction. other media stories that are on our radar this week you know the press freedom is in a dire state when a newspaper feels the need to arm its reporters for their own safety which is exactly what happened in russia this past week the paper is no via yet one of the relatively few news outlets in russia still willing to openly criticize the kremlin and president vladimir putin editor dmitri murat off said he intends to arm his reporters with guns capable of firing rubber bullets to protect them the announcement comes days after tatiana felgenhauer
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a reporter at radio echo moscow was stabbed in the neck inside her own station an attack she survived independent journalists not toeing the government line in russia work in a hostile environment and via gets yet to has been disproportionately affected several of its journalists have been killed over the past few years or have died under mysterious circumstances the murder in two thousand and six of anna politkovskaya a noted critic of the kremlin remains one of the most the tory assassinations in modern day russia the kremlin is often accused of failing to adequately respond to attacks against. analysts thereby creating a climate of impunity in iraq kurdish media workers have been targeted as political temperatures their rise following a bid for independence on october thirtieth at a concert a kurdish camera man working for kurdistan t.v. was stabbed to death by a number of men south of kirkuk kurdistan t.v. which is affiliated with one of the region's main political parties the k d p has
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been covering alleged human rights abuses by iraqi pro-government forces and has also been reporting on clashes between kurdish and iraqi fighters a day earlier a mob attacked television crews from two other kurdish broadcasters n.r.t. and can end in the kurdistan region is capital airfield. in baghdad the iraqi commission of media and communications ordered to kurdish satellite channels route t.v. and kurdistan twenty four off the air accusing the networks of inciting violence and undermining peace and security the turkish authorities are similarly inclined on corrupt has ordered the country's main satellite provider turk set to take the channels down over allegations that the stations promoted kurdish independence for me and martial signs of losing patience with journalists working for foreign news outlets on the row hinge or refugee story recently arresting two reporters working for turkey's state owned broadcaster t.r.t. lao han mang from singapore and mocked choi lin from malaysia as well as their
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birthdays colleagues on nane so and locked in were arrested for breaching import laws by bringing a drone into the country without a license an offense punishable by three years in prison relations between me and maher and turkey have soured with turkey's president regift a type error to want to kucing the me and mar government of carrying out a genocide against their own hinge a muslim minority over the past two months more than six hundred thousand have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape what the un has described as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing me and maher have made significant progress on press. freedom since the end of military rule in two thousand and eleven however with several journalists arrested this year and the government strictly controlling the coverage of the road there are tangible signs of those freedoms eroded every year the french media watchdog group reporters without borders ranks countries in its index on press freedom eritrea has consistently been at the very bottom of that list the worst of the worst until this past year when it rose by one spot above
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north korea there was only state run media operating within the country so many eritreans have grown to rely on a news outlet operating in exile radio a rana is based in france it beams its way home via satellite and shortwave the station has come to provide a lifeline for the five thousand refugees fleeing eritrea every month many of those refugees are kidnapped by human traffickers along the way held for ransom for them radio a run up place two rolls one part news source one part hostage negotiator before we show you this report know this we approached eritrean officials in the capital as well as london and new york to get their side of the story none of them chose to comment the listening posts nick mueller had now on the state of the media in eritrea and radio around of the news outlet on the outside trying to make a difference.
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and now. they need to. draw. with. him. this is. she's a human rights. era. of eritrea. just a foreign. country. and a big part of.
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the stand why eritrean refugees call a journalist in sweden when their loved ones are held for ransom in north africa with the story of her. after a thirty year war of independence. the new president. for twenty six years chose not to hold elections keep the country on a war footing in two thousand and one privately owned news outlets and began expelling from correspondents until none were left in the country. that remained with state media. the government.
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wanted to. express. the country's progress. the whole day. so. the people are very in what they do not discuss street issues that happens in the country. any meaningful journalism an error trap tends to happen from outside of the country which is why we can paris it's radio aaron is headquartered it was set up in two thousand and nine by a group of exiled journalists who used to work for state media now from the safety of france they can cover issues like immigration national service and the
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constitution. radio ever know were set up with financial assistance from the media watchdog group reporters without borders according to research conducted by the media defendant group torture of el academia is now the second most recent to radio station in eritrea behind only the states will cost first started people are. of course we booked as of last satellite and shortwave inside track the only channel you get is the government media of course of the. union and other media as you don't find them on. sites and the channels but not in their own language not in doing we also. online for friends outside the country which is our second target audience most of the news that read at an upper crust. by the local media.
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from other sources that's how. their trade produces an estimated five thousand refugees a month for many radio is their primary source of information and can mean the difference between life and death. they face different challenges along the way so radio tries to produce coverage that will help them at every stage. different. from those who are inside. the hardship the danger they face if they try. their missions we try to give them information like. life for those who are on the roads they do face the biggest challenge.
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as radio aaron i was getting started a disturbing trend was developing along one of the main escape routes. in the sudanese and egyptian days it's refugees are being kidnapped by human traffickers and held for ransom they would be given a mobile phone and told to call relatives and beg for money families that did not pay would have to listen to their loved ones being tortured repeatedly as the human traffickers tried to extort their ransom which is where as the finest comes in as one of the only journalists covering the story the victims and those trying to set them free started calling her for help she became a go between as a journalist as the finest would shine a light on individual cases and as an activist she would help raise the money to pay their ransoms which raises the ongoing debate over whether an. to pay ransoms but in this case it's hard to argue. the people that i was talking to on
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a daily basis kept dying one by one i felt helpless i did not have that kind of money and then i broke through there were two twenty nine twenty eight men one woman young woman who was eighteen at the time and her story really touched me and everybody was saying we understand like you cannot raise money for twenty nine people but can you at least same disk or. because for them it was too much to see their sister that. was deemed right done great in front of everybody and help her she doesn't have anybody some of you are family so that kind of motivated me to raise money so i did not hear that idea or not but social media saying that you heard in my program isn't these kind of positions our listeners are. what sets the eritrean refugees story apart is that they are not feeding a war but the byproduct of a mandatory national service was to rebuild the country off the air tran's war with . the terms are meant to be eighteen months but amnesty international that can be
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indefinite often last decades in our form of forced labor which the government denies but most are trying to tell you it's why they fled the country. two years ago the. foreign aid to eritrea to two hundred thirty seven million dollars to keep . the money came with the vague proviso that eritrea would improve its track record on human rights. however when a france twenty four crew was going to dreher access to the country last year it managed to share through an unscheduled stop on its guided that the practice of indefinite national service continues there's no limit that they were not paid and they don't give us anything if the military service they are trained to listen to radio or air and will know the horrors that await them if they flee the country but still they choose to leave which should tell you all you need to know about life inside air travel but despite this journalist is asking them to stay migration is
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not the solution. is not going to change anything i strongly believe that so i try to talk as much about this issue but the kidnapping so that people don't even attempt like whatever is making you happy try to change it in your country but if this is what will happen to you so discouraging people from fleeing from your child this is one of the things that i fight for. insane. people are afraid of talking and there's mistrust between colleagues neighbors friends what we created is people start to talk what they hear. from. you so if you start talking about issues doing your billion trust i think does a lot of partying into. finally in our
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lead story we look at fox news in particular its early show fox and friends and how it's grown into donald trump's morning at media bubble of choice never mind that one anchor at c.n.n. has taken to calling fox state t.v. trump frequently tweets his approval of the morning show which must mean the world to them will leave you now with a compilation of clips to give you an idea of what makes fox and friends breakfast t.v. fit for a president we'll see you next time you know the listening post. well . that's what the twenty one thousand by twenty one thousand pound bomb explodes in the afghanistan pakistan region it took me two or three blocks before i found a woman i found a white person that's kind of the dodgy areas of france just an aside to the muslim community if you don't want to be portrayed in a negative light maybe don't burn people alive and set off bombs and let me just ask any of you concerned that president trump his campaign colluded with russia to
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get elected now i don't want that happen now generally the man is the alpha and the woman is the beta so that's how all almost all relationships start right you as a man make the phone call you pick up you pay the bill you actually even ask the woman to marry you this is the least sexist least racist most free most equal most prosperous country in the history of human humankind leggins and i hoarded sweat shirt all right now will you think that's what you think but not as he said earlier you would like to see something covering president trump just finished the trio tweet you have created me very fairly and i've been a friend of your show for a long time and if he doesn't tweet it it doesn't get out there with the way it needs to remember those calling. was to drive the news because the news is being driven against him it's actually it's actually genius maybe without those callers somebody else who study here. it's u.s.
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president donald trump visit to asia the goal is to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage on al-jazeera. facing reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent order that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. or is it
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a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of a complex one but. a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is zero. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha . welcome to the news great dismissals detention and intrigue inside.


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