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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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would push them the more they push back we knew what was coming the question was do we sit and wait for do we surprise them with a preemptive strike on the fog of war at this time i don't just zero on counting the cost black gold big dreams and a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram coach a future proof its economy to raise or not to raise the big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenge is behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm marianna mozzie this is the news hour live from london coming up
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hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah accuses saudi arabia of forcing the lebanese prime minister to resign. the saudi crown prince consolidate his hold on power of the eleven princes and four ministers are arrested in a corruption crackdown. syrians displaced by the fighting in a hit by a car bomb reported to have killed at least a hundred. and. pushed a month and four other ministers turn themselves into belgian police. in doha with all the sports news including shalane flanagan becomes the fast american woman in forty years to win the new york marathon i'll have more on that story later. on now we begin in lebanon where the leader of the iran backed hezbollah movement says the surprise resignation of prime minister saad hariri on saturday was imposed
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by saudi arabia harry reid announced he was stepping down from riyadh criticizing iran and saying he feared for his life but not question whether he had actually written the statement himself saying a hunter has the latest from beirut yet again lebanon is on the brink its prime minister has resigned a country not immune to political crises and its people know all too well what instability can bring. we've lived through the civil war and we know a small incident can play or up a situation if it's not resolved and there are no mature minds the country will fall apart and that is what we're free will happen. so how did how did these announcement came as a shock from the saudi capital riyadh he cited concerns for his life and blamed iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah for meddling in arab affairs many interpreted the move as a declaration by saudi arabia of all out war against hezbollah but the group accused the saudi government of declaring war against lebanon and then listed the
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resignation was saudi this isn't dictated on saddle hariri and it was not willing to resign it is not his decision period and i think all the lebanese politicians and media people press people followers are accepting this conclusion even in the. resignation was from there is why the man was allowed to come back to lebanon and the from lebanon the kind that his resignation. hezbollah said it would avoid political escalation and deal with the situation calmly but the resignation is not isolated from the iranian saudi rivalry playing out across the region. the resignation is related to what's going on in the region there are two main powers vying for influence and lebanon is in the eye of the struggle this is not an
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internal lebanese matter. iran's ally the lebanese party has and its allies had a powerful role in government but hezbollah is not only a political party it has an armed wing that has helped keep syrian president bashar assad's government in power iran's influence has expanded across the middle east and saudi arabia the united states and israel have all made it clear they intend to take a more aggressive stance to curb iran's power in lebanon now there is a dangerous political vacuum there can't be easily filled levanon it is a parliamentary democracy but in reality it is a consensual democracy the two rival political camps need to agree on a compromise candidate who will be able to put together a national unity government that won't be easy and his allies refuse to share power with hezbollah and appointing a candidate close to hezbollah will risk isolating lebanon this isn't the first
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time political life in lebanon has come to an end and it isn't the first time the saudi arabian rivalry is to blame in the past the country has pulled back from the edge the question many ask is if it will be able to do so again so out of. beirut well iran's government has rejected allegations that it's feeling tensions in the region al-jazeera spoke to a member of iran's parliament who also said it was clear the saudi government had orchestrated harry reid's resignation strongly has more from tehran. not having hussein is a member of the iranian parliament he's also the spokesman for the parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy he gave us his perspective on the events unfolding in saudi arabia over the last few days regarding the resignation of the lebanese prime minister he said there's no doubt in the iranian government's mind that saad hariri was pressured by the saudi government to step down and it was a court needed effort to distract from saudi arabia's own internal political problems here's what he had to say. in the government of saudi arabia there has
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been a coup and saudi arabia tried to use the resignation of saad hariri to hide that tennille movements and thought the saudi government but the first headline is the resignation of saad hariri not incidents happening inside the government of saudi arabia so we believe that this is coordinated now he also said that iran's government has information to suggest that hardline political groups are taking over saudi affairs but he took the opportunity to reach out to the saudi government . we believe if there is cooperation between saudi arabia and iran it is beneficial for the rage and it could bring calm to the region but they were alone america they rely on israel they think that with american weapons they can be a power in the region this is a wrong theory the government before the revolution in iran the shah's regime with totally saving america but americans abandoned him during the islamic revolution so instead of relying on american powers and foreign powers pay attention to the
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countries of the bridge and finally hussein he said that attacks by yemen's hooty fighters on targets inside saudi arabia are in evitable he said that hundreds of yemenis are dying every day in saudi bombardment and that the people that they're fighting can be expected to do nothing else and he said that yemen had become a quagmire for saudi arabia in the same way that vietnam had become a quagmire for the americans and he said that it was time for saudi arabia to stop the violence and negotiate their way out of the conflict because as he said the era of empires is over. now there's been a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes forces in cabinet ministers and dozens of foreign ministers were arrested the government describes all this as the work of a new anti corruption committee which itself was also formed on saturday night among those detained is prince i know he's best known as a billionaire investor controlling major states in companies like twitter twenty
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first century fox and citi group and previously listed in time magazine's one hundred most influential people's list the most significant internal move though involves prince met have been abdullah who was removed from his post as the head of the national guard is the son of the late king abdullah and was considered a contender for the throne also out is the minister of economy and planning one hundred faqih dismissals a widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin some money also known as m.b.'s he was elevated to the position just four months ago displacing an older cousin well saudi arabia's king salmon has discussed security and economic issues in a phone call with the u.s. president donald trump they don't appear to have discussed the major cabinet overhaul are going on reports on the implications of the shake up. call it a surprise saturday night shake up saudi state t.v. reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been
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detained as part of an inch i corrupted probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution to make investigations about them if there was something or some information collected previously widely and with. the case by case in different view this before about the not doing this overnight all these people together which is rather quick or suspicious. the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin solomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family he's making this public relations stance to get more public support and also to behave the way for his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince
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metabo bin of dollar he was the son of former king of dollar and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead bin tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is detainment could have an impact on global business. this shake up sends a message there's a new political order but only do we have a new chapter opening up in saudi arabia we have a whole new book a whole new political i submit if you will accept i mean with one exception that's still all done in secrecy. it's also a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia
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natasha going to zero. meanwhile in the saudi capital riyadh residents said they supported the arrests and they were justified. god willing everything happened yesterday is only the beginning of what is planned from christian mistakes correcting the ministries and correcting any injustices against the general population. and should have been fought a long time ago because it's corruption that delay societies development. is executive director of the arab center of washington joins me now via skype from fairfax virginia thank you very much for speaking to us so it was a night of drama and intrigue from led by a crown prince who had already been taking measures to strengthen his grip on the country but what was different about the arrest and detention of saudi princes and cabinet ministers last night. definitely what we have witnessed last night is
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a measure shake up by any standard saudi or otherwise yes that consolidation of power process started though i am back with all kinds of dismissals engineer and. new crown prince. but the events of yesterday i think signal an escalation and that whole concept of the consolidation of power it and it had at least two or three dimensions i would say the first part was part and parcel of this going sort of consolidation process that we have witnessed before particularly with regards to getting rid of critics that might be a hindrance to implementation further steps the crown prince has in mind this includes particularly some of the well known critics like
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prince. as a businessman and as a member of the royal family who has been very outspoken in the past on changes in saudi arabia has been way ahead as a matter of fact of the crown prince in terms of changing things for the better in saudi arabia so i started think is part and parcel of that phase of the process however the arrest and dismissal of. as the minister of the national guard and the son of former king this is i think a totally different ballgame this is more related to the earlier dismissal of muhammad bin nayef and it's more related to it but i would describe it as a palace coup you know the dismissal of. a few months ago. now of the second if you will internal competitor and i'm sorry to jump in there and interrupt you but to actually want to hear. from now from the
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saudi led coalition speaking in riyadh it's a big salute to the civil defense people who have done that again as the markets and. the statements. made. have been phased and some sharpness dropped in the eastern part of king international. and this has been done in smooth the way this grave escalation from the militant both is. supported by the iranian regime in supporting both is with the let's stick mistrials. riyadh has slept
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last night in comfort and. way due to this day. forces it's. now we will go together through. and. that will show you. the support given to the whole fits the militant fold that in order to spread chaos in the region and. to longer periods and to continue the struggle of the many people. we have technical things and we will show you evidence to prove what we are going to say we will talk about the capabilities of the whole earth is the iranian threats naval and aerial threats in the bathroom and them
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and at the same time i am we will deal with the. iran's weapons being smuggled here and you know one sun i phone in september the militant both is have gone troll into yemen and they have seized the ballistic missile. these militant poses have been supported by iranian experts. iran provides. both is and with militant experts and planners in collaboration and cooperation with that there are just going to zation of hezbollah in lebanon. trying to control them and in as severe challenge to the regional peace and stability of
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the naval movement and the international trade. listicle messiahs and the land to land mistrials being given the whole thing is will be used against the saudi. just in addition to the many border villages of the same name we have noticed. the presence of the both the oh dick that the whole earth is will hit dave and saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in. to cover the support given to his group and the aim of using these militant weapons again in saudi arabia and emirates the whole with this cold lease miss
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vaughan k. no one this is part of the yemeni. weapons they also call it scud then another messiah in. no one. to us. to and this is another burden that the ballistic missiles are being smuggled because the yemeni army. has no this particular or kind to. and. the whole thing is the militant growth is. being doing this and using these missiles rockets. and they are. having technical. ability to use
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and poets and launch the heads of them aside. to you can see the launch of these messiah leg in this regard it has been the sept and they military vehicle on the riot. was only used by the militant both is the yemeni army has no such military vehicle that the this. is their own and. the iranian may you can see these signs on the rockets. so on the left. this is the shop of the missiles launched in a saudi arabia and. we have an intercept of these missiles because.
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it's a wave from the deep that's why you can also see. the picture of the iranian let's stick miss the whole thing is call it. the parts on the raw it is a part of the rocket that is only there in the rocket. and there is some images. mentioned and released by the news agency says. the whole thing is have the ballistic. to the head is called double conical and these had is in the hands of the iranian regime and these parts have been smuggled to yemen as
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you can see on the right and these had can be smuggled through different ways. the how with is have been also provided by iran have been provided with some take the kill bill it is for example parts of the two against. craft they call it and aramis side we have evidences and we will declare these villains in details when we finish our lab examinations the messiah. has been directed towards the. profile of the ballistics messiahs in order
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to be launched to about three hundred kilometers and that then dress development and this technique you can as you can see the pictures are about techniques. that the whole thing is have gained and octane. and through the support of the iranian experts they have. to be able to use the air to air missiles into land to a size and in fact this messiah has been just. this is sort of them has been used by the yemeni force. they've called it. and you can also see here military vehicle on the right that has. that is being used
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in the launch and the both the militants have been given this. and it has been destroyed. this. was about to hit the city of the drawn and we have droid this is an iranian missile that has been given to the host is. right so even if nato spokesman from the saudi led coalition speaking in riyadh about the targeting of the airports in the saudi capital following the. firing a long range ballistic missile that traveled over the border with saudi arabia which was intercepted by the saudis so our senior political analysts who are on
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bashar is standing by he joins us now from. and so marwan we heard him making the case that this specific type of missile could not have been obtained or used without help from the iranians essentially framing this as a direct attack by iran on saudi arabia. yes i think the entire last twenty four hours from sudden harry's resignation from the lebanese government and on to well stick missiles being shot. against saudi arabia is all being is being framed in terms of iran influence iran's aggression iran hostility towards saudi arabia and its intervention in the arab world and various other conflicts i think there's one saudi message while they speak of the whole things and they speak of hezbollah but clearly for them there is there is
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a visible hand behind all of that and that is iran now technically in terms of what he's been saying about the missiles and certainly i cannot from here the able to prove or disprove anything it is saying but we all know that the yemeni army had had various. missiles scud missiles soviet scud missiles the russians got missiles to be more accurate or north korean missiles that belong to the liberal yemeni army that the hoses have used short medium range missiles some of them apparently they improved on them and so on so forth they also got some know how and how to improve on them and they have been shooting them towards saudi arabia whether there has been more missiles being brought in through the whole day the port from iran of course there's been many allegations to that in saudi arabia certainly been on the forefront but all in all i think it's clear that from this
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press conference and other saudi declare ations that there their war in yemen and their attempt at demonstrating how they succeeded in taking on those ballastic stockpiles in yemen have all really proven to be. that the hose these rebel group in yemen after more than two and a half years of war still able to shoot those missiles and to try at least to begin to create some sort of a balance of terror with saudi arabia not what we heard from the saudi spokesman is that the riyadh slept all too well last night and hence again the saudis trying to show why or what how the yemenis are not really able to terrorize the kingdom and while the kingdom will continue to hit them hard in yemen and you mentioned the resignation of the lebanese prime minister and perhaps
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a common link in all of this is the tension that has always been there the historic tension that's always been there with iran and not to exaggerate it but is there a feeling with. this sort of rhetoric of escalation taking place that we could be moving into perhaps a slightly different phase where the confrontation isn't more intense and more direct. there is no doubt that it's no longer it's no longer enough for us just to speak in general terms about. the iranian hostility or proxy conflict in the region because that really has been going on in various ways and phases over the last four decades but what we're seeing this week with the iranians visit to beirut especially will see the advisor to the hominy. in iran as well as the but it's like missiles
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being shut towards saudi arabia really demonstrate two things one is that the iranians are in a state of of that they continue to expand their influence and they certainly not shy about it they have said that nothing would happen in a number of countries in the region whether it is iraq syria lebanon or yemen without iran being consulted so clearly boasting over an influence and really making sure that once hezbollah finish its fight in syria that it will be accommodated in lebanon because of course there's been many casualties among the hezbollah fighters in syria on the other hand we're seeing also so eurabia taking on the offensive perhaps it's a defensive offensive seeing that the iranians are expanding all around them in the gulf in yemen in iraq syria lebanon and so on so forth and with the help of the
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united states especially after. obama who really was concerned with a nuclear deal with iran having president trump with such hostility towards iran as well as of course prime minister netanyahu israel the saudis are feeling more comfortable now ranching their own offensive against iran whether it is in yemen or in lebanon and really heightening the tensions and not feeling at all defensive. towards iran any more hoping perhaps the united states and certainly perhaps israel i should say not but it certainly brought perhaps israel will interfere or there on their behalf a knock. or various. iranian influences in the region whether it's in yemen or in syria marwan thank you all now i sill has claimed responsibility for an attack on a security headquarters in yemen city of aden at least fifteen people died eighteen
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others were wounded in the explosion and the harmonics are neighborhood security officials say they continue to fight the gunmen for hours after they took hostages in a police department now elsewhere a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who were trying to escape the syrian city of daraa still at least one hundred forty others were wounded in this attack which i still says it was behind government forces announced on friday that i still had been pushed out of the city which was their last major stronghold so i'm a binge of aid has more from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. according to fighters of the syrian democratic forces arrest the year for a number of people had gathered as they took areas from isis fighters and trying to reach safety when the eisel car bomb hit them as they had gathered the numbers have been high because these are people who were trying to reach safety from the front lines as deified just continue their push towards the iraq syria border they say that these people were mostly from areas in the outskirts of the province but they
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couldn't take the casualties today or the dealers or city because on it's on the other side or the euphrates river which is under government control now and the syrian democratic forces say they took the injured and the casualties to has occurred which is under their control. it's worth noting that there's been intense fighting between isis fighters and all of the forces who are trying to raise two words the iraq syria border on both sides of the euphrates river on the western side we have the the syrian government forces backed by russia for making advances and failed to reach the very important kemal border crossing where the iraqi side has also been pushing i see fighters to words and there's a large gathering of them towards the area and on the eastern side the syrian democratic forces are moving towards the area and as they take more areas more people are being created from these areas trying to move through words if you're trying to get away from the front lines and that's where the attack happened at
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least five people have been killed by two suicide bombs targeting shia mosques in iraq's northern city of kirkuk at least twenty others were wounded this is the first such attack since the central government in baghdad seized the oil rich city from kurdish forces last month after september's controversial secession referendum . on now the ousted catalan leader colors pushed a mountain four of his colleagues have turned themselves into the belgian police spain issued an arrest warrant for them on friday over their role in catalonia as referendum david chaytor reports now from brussels. and four of his deposed cabinet ministers surrendered themselves at this police station in central brussels and were officially placed under arrest at nine seventeen sunday morning. they were then transferred in a police van to the office of the brussels prosecutor but they were not put in handcuffs an investigative judge has been appointed will now examine the case laid against them by the court in madrid who issued the warrants the investigative judge
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. refusal to execute the european arest. people involved freezing the conditions under which the mall has exercised his right under belgian law to have the hearing conducted in flemish a belgian region of flanders has long shared catalonia bishan for independence some analysts say it's an attempt to politicize the whole process the legal procedures around the european arrest warrant have been streamlined and reformed but it still could take up to sixty days before any extradition is carried out on in special circumstances up to ninety days but legal experts now say there are a limited grounds to resist the arrest warrants so there is for instance no grounds for for refusal based on the political nature of the old fence any more so this has been abolished here are two different grounds for refusal could be used one on the
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basis of a serious risk off infringements are funny stuff which demo. human rights and the second ones on the basis of double criminality pushed him on his ministers are charged by madrid with rebellion the sedition and misuse of public funds and of facing a maximum sentence of thirty years in jail the double criminality clause examines if those charges mean the same in both belgium and spain. if the appeal on the grounds allowed under the european arrest warrant they will go before yet another judge in the bid to fight extradition to. brussels well earlier hundreds of people rallied in barcelona against the detention of a catalan politicians in madrid and these are live pictures from madrid where another rally is currently being held in support of those separatist leaders and so
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he can see people in the spanish capital out to voice their support for those catalan leaders who've been detained course. and four of his colleagues turned themselves in to belgian police earlier on today but nevertheless the next important date in this crisis is going to be in december when a new poll is going to be held on now moving on twenty seventeen is said to be the deadliest year in mexico's history and almost two thousand three hundred murders a month so far this year that's a rate of war than three and our situation is worse than in two thousand and eleven when the government declared a war on drug cartels giuliano reports from mexico city. would have turned twenty one today instead his family and friends gathered at their local church to remember him he was stabbed to death three months ago at a friend's party following an argument several men arrived and killed him in front of dozens of witnesses no one has been arrested because this threesome with rami
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really they must pay for what they've done because they destroyed our family they destroyed all of us he had his whole life ahead of him so many plans. i think. these kids to show up and kill each other that's so rough imagine reaching that extreme where these youths are killing each other there's a total lack of security. mexico's latest wave of violence is expected to claim over twenty four thousand lives by the end of twenty seventeen worse than at the height of the drug war a few years ago the main reason for the unprecedented numbers say crime tracking n.g.o.s is the splintering of drug cartels into smaller more violent groups that have disrupted areas previously considered safe you look at can you look at extortions or you look at garth have any of the high profile. crimes in mexico. and his state of the union address last month mexican president and
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said security continues to be his government's main priority but many here disagree arguing that his administration has persisted with failing policies of prior governments ever since the beginning of the drug war in two thousand and six mexico has made headlines both nationally and beyond in a conflict that continues to unravel but increasingly neither the government nor the private sector is speaking publicly about the worsening security situation or how to tackle it. something that worries analysts as mexico heads into an election year crime rates tend to go up when elections come along so and another thing many mexicans might be distracted and thinking that they can change something by electing another party or another candidate or whatever and this doesn't work this way we have to change our strategy. for. parents say they won't rest until
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those responsible for their son's death are found and tried but ninety eight percent of such murders here go unpunished so like thousands of other mexicans they made. never get the justice they seek and you go last may become another statistic in mexico's year of relentless bloodshed. al-jazeera lexical city joining us now from mexico city is the journalist and author of gangster wallace thanks very much for speaking to us so it looks as though mexico could surpass the record for murders that was set in two thousand and eleven at the height of the drug war why has it been getting worse well one reason as measured in the report is the the fragmentation of drug cartels if you go back has been going on for decades now think about the 1980's there were two major drug cartels in mexico so you see one front line going through the country now you can talk about twenty
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twenty five organizations so you can imagine your front lines all over the place in the most violent state guerrero where you see a real classic example of this when you're traveling around that state you have to know there's one drug cartel or one part of the road or another or another and then turning the corner yet another so you have cause the front lines created and you have so many hit men work if these organizations perpetrate the violence and all these different places and so what does that mean for police and the military if you have lots of splinter cartels in the boundary lines and perhaps the influential figures within those cartels are not care. sure so we do with the military the police they're still very much struggling with the issues of corruption and a very difficult you still have many of these cartels have policemen on their payroll have soldiers on their players. and this
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a problem is been going on for years and we haven't really seen an improvement of in the year two thousand and fourteen there's a very high profile case when the police were involved in kidnapping and disappearing forty three students and since then we've just seen more and more cases of police being arrested for being involved up on the issue of corruption the police and military of fighting these cartels on so many different fronts and how do they then make the fight perhaps how do they is there any one thing that can change this is something that has been going on for years for generations is that about corruption is it about law enforcement the justice system what needs to change. so there's a real fundament to issues that are driving this violence and that the present administration hasn't tackled and nor the previous. first things of the the traffic of drugs to the united states americans continue to be the biggest who are
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consumers on the planet they spend about one hundred billion dollars every year on heroin marijuana crystal meth and cocaine and the lion's share of that money goes to these cartels so it is supplying these groups and really big oxygen for this violence because of the issue of the law enforcement and as we talk about the corruption of police officers you really need a major effort and it has to really be a motive generational effort to try and stop corruption and build a justice system that works in mexico and the third thing is you have to get to the areas where these cartel gunmen a coming from when you've seen almost two hundred thousand people killed over ten year period many of these drug cartel members killed many imprisoned why'd you always have more taking their place and the reason is if you go to these neighbors you often find very poor areas the drug cartels go to and recruit young men mostly with very few possibilities so you really need very well channeled social work into
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those areas to make a big difference in the long term. thank you. and i prominent venezuelan opposition politician friend of our a has sought refuge in the chilean ambassador's residence in caracas comes after authorities sought to remove his congressional immunity essentially trying to instigating violence of iran's the hardline popular well party and is also the deputy leader of congress chain residence in caracas has previously taken in five magistrates after they were threatened with jail time before fleeing to santiago. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mom wood hussein who's been in an egyptian prison for three hundred twenty days is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which she and al jazeera strongly deny has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. all these election officials say a long awaited presidential election will finally take place in december two
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thousand and eighteen. the president in his refusal to relinquish his mandate ended in december twenty sixth game reports. five hundred and four days that's the delay the democratic republic of the congo's electoral commission has asked for to prepare for an election that is already a year overdue duvall said. in the face of this relentless abuse of power joseph kabila and his country's electoral commission have declared war on the congolese people. president joseph kabila was supposed to step down in december after fifteen years in power his refusal to go provoked months of violence and protests in the capital kinshasa which killed dozens the catholic church brokered a deal could be look at stay one year more organize elections and never hold power again now the combined opposition are blaming both the president and the electoral
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commission for the delay. are we saying there won't be an election you know but we have to find mechanisms that lead to these elections and that is what we're trying to do night and day. seventy million congolese live in a nation almost the size of europe with poor roads and little power to run registration machines the commission says it requires months to set up nearly seventeen thousand registration centers then one hundred thousand polling stations the government said the election might cost one point eight billion dollars a new conflicts have started one point four million people have been displaced by fighting between militias in eastern the home of the father of the opposition and its current leader felix she said. government and opposition leaders accuse each other of supporting militia groups like this one human rights organizations say activists investigating voter registration were detained. the election commission says the conflict into sa is one reason for the link the election delay on the streets of can shuster patience is wearing thin again these are actually thought
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there were waiting for elections on the thirty first at midnight president to be loses his legitimacy. joseph kabila has weeks before his latest mandate expires his opponents say they will not allow him or call him baker al-jazeera. well election officials in the demo right now let's bring you the latest now on president and his upcoming asia til president has been speaking out and he started with a warning to north korea that no one should underestimate american resolve is start at the twelve day trip in japan away at lunch and a round of golf with the prime minister. has the latest from tokyo. just minutes after air force one touched down at the u.s. air force base on the outskirts of tokyo president trump climbed on a stage flanked by american fighter jets he switched his suit for
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a bomber jacket that addressed the american troops cheering him on in the head we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american flag no dictator no regime and no nation. she would underestimate. american resolve on his flight from hawaii told reporters a during the twelve day trip will talk to russian president vladimir putin about more help with north korea and that he will soon announce whether the u.s. will name feeling young to the list of state sponsors of terror. trump met up with japanese prime minister shinzo ave at a golf club outside tokyo for a burger lunch and a round of golf it's not the first time the two have played golf the leaders view their relationship as tight holding for so much and speaking on the phone regularly
9:47 pm
some hope that trumps a visit to japan will bring more than tough talk on north korea from the two close allies and there's concern that one provocative tweet could change the narrative for the trip something that can get away from just bombs and bullets would be valuable in trying to win hearts and minds in the rage and people here every day they go to work they don't want to worry about another missile flying over what we know with north korea the resolution there is not going to be war it's going to have to involve sanctions for the day one of trump's asia to work with caps with the private state dinner with prime minister and then leaders wives thank you monday it's down to business the to hold a bilateral meeting and then speak to the media they will likely touch on promoting a free and open indo-pacific region seen as a way to counter china's growing influence in the region it's got to either al-jazeera tokyo. well the most powerful nations in the german city of bones the
9:48 pm
u.n. climate talks starting on monday in fairy the next fortnight should be all about putting paris climate agreement into practice but with us president donald trump skepticism about climate change and his push for fossil fuels have a clean energy era concerns about the ongoing effort to tackle global warming make talk reports. however you feel about climate change this is been an extraordinary year of weather in the caribbean the united states and in bangladesh warming oceans have fueled the fury of unprecedented hurricanes and site claims there have been raging wildfires flooding in heat waves the trend appears to be emerging a bigger more destructive event the science of attribution of extreme events to climate change is still being developed but there is a clear pattern that more more hate leads to long. droughts leads to longer heat waves. it's time to act now so it's time for the world to build on the unifying moment to the powers agreement to speed momentum
9:49 pm
in the accord in which all nations of the world syria and nicaragua pledged to do their utmost to keep temperatures from increasing below two degrees c. well yes until president trump said this the united states will withdraw. from the paris. climate court the white house view is it holds with the world nicaragua has now joined the paris agreement the united states and syria the only three scenting nations on earth so now all eyes will be on poland to see whether the paris agreement can hold despite the u.s. pullout i mean clearly america is an important country but what you saw when president trump announced that he's withdrawn in june that a lot of countries stood up and said you know we're still doing this this is this is important even with the federal government not stepping up to the plate you've got some national actors doing today there is plenty of work to do in its annual
9:50 pm
review the u.n. says it got between national carbon cutting plans and the actual reductions needed it's a law mainly high as it stands pledges from nations so far only covers one third of the cuts needed by twenty thirty to keep temperature rises below two degrees celsius and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have reached record levels two thousand and sixteen saw an average of four hundred three point three parts per million and the last time the experience concentrations like that was three to five million years ago when the climate was two to three degrees warmer and sea levels ten to twenty metres higher and this is what the head of the u.n. environment program has to say about that erik solheim says the numbers don't lie we're still emitting far too much and this needs to be reversed to many in the world climate change has become a dangerous reality it's not just a question of fire fighting a threat but actually surviving. al-jazeera. so i
9:51 pm
had for you in the news hour a history making moment at the new york marathon for this american on a. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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eat. and. where every. time for your sport now with tatiana. thank you marion the new york marathon has concluded and shalane flanagan has become the first american woman to win the title in forty years the thirty six year old run a time of two hours twenty six minutes and fifty three seconds she beat mary kay to
9:53 pm
me who's won the new york marathon in the past three years kenyan geoffrey come war held off wilson kept trying to win the men's race and it's his first major marathon when he run a time of two hours ten minutes and fifty three seconds security's been tied for the race following the truck attack in manhattan last week that killed eight people our correspondent mike hanna has been at the finish line with more on that. security around the city is in tents the number of national guard soldiers has been tripled the number of port authority police being deployed has been doubled and then of course you have the tens of thousands of new york city police are lining the route as well as undercover officers snipers are posted up on the roof tops of buildings around the course of the race and sanitation trucks loaded with sand had been positioned to stop any vehicles from gaining access to the roots of the race
9:54 pm
and but at the hudson river greenway the place at which the carnage took place earlier this week there are cyclists there are walkers there are runners still taking part in what is happening there they are absolutely intent on showing they will not be deterred from using one of their favorite parts by the events of the past few days and that appears to be the sensibility of those taking part in this race more than fifty thousand of them along with the hundreds of thousands of spectators who are lining the routes the signal it would appear to be that if tuesday's act was intended to sow terror in the city well then it failed manchester city have moved eight points clear at the top of the english premier league after a two one win i've often on sunday kevin dipper and pitt thirty ahead in the first half before a second half penalty by the club's all time leading goalscorer thirty two alexander lakas that pulled him back but gabrielle has since restored the two goal
9:55 pm
lead as pep guardiola team run out three one win is. if you want to win the premier league against arsenal liverpool chelsea united tottenham of course the others well but especially when at home you have to an event. because day they were it would be sold out a way in that's right that's why we continue in that in that rhythm we need help to win more games if you want to stay well you are not thinking stupid things we need help to win and of course and our position is it's good to go our next two games away. to try to. do to continue. manchester united squandered the chance to narrow the gap on the city rivals as they lost a current champions chelsea one will also with the goal the londoners remain fourth or levon points behind city elsewhere tottenham tighten their grip on third with a one no one over crystal palace in the other game of the day mid table what food
9:56 pm
would beat in three two by struggle as everton have pulled off an amazing performance from to nail down. it could move up to third in the spanish league in the coming hours they're up against second from bottom last palmas and will be looking to break a run of two straight defeats midweek loss to tottenham in the champions league and euro know were too good for them in their last league outing at the end of the last month and a deans the don was named coach of the year by fi far but his team are now eleven points behind bossa. by in munich be but astute dortmund three one in the big game in germany but all the talk in the been does legal was about a goalkeeper and his invisible ball this is the moment that may come to define the career of mind when he kicks the net as the realization appeared to dawn that the ball may be elsewhere fortunately for him the mistake didn't cost his team. tennis now and american jack has clinched the paris masters title and
9:57 pm
a spot in the season ending a.t.p. world tour finals in london the win in paris is sox first to ever masters title and is set down to be qualifying for the pain of it of serbia five seven six four six one was the final score. justin rose as improved his chances of finishing the season as europe's top goal for the englishman hit a final hole birdie the turkish open to finish on eighteen under par and win the tournament final price it comes a week after he came to the w.g. as the champions title in shanghai to events left in the season varies with just behind tommy think twice in the race to be the european number one. the heavyweight champion made short work of his latest apartment the main event in new york was a pummeled in a fast round victory he actually won the title from him in january twenty fifth in a twelve round decision the american moves to thirty nine wins and no losses with
9:58 pm
thirty eight knockouts. and now it's up to marion and wanted to thank you that's it for myself but my colleague barbara sorrow be with you in a few moments i'm coming up in just a couple of minutes to say without is there. the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the
9:59 pm
world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together they sing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c.
10:00 pm
will be in doubt here their story. on talk to how does it. at this time. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah accuses saudi arabia of forcing the lebanese prime minister to resign.


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