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tv   Raila Odinga  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet ministers and dozens of former ministers were arrested the dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon eisel says it was responsible for a security for an attack on a security headquarters in yemen sports city of aden at least fifteen people died and eight hundred others will explosion in the cormac's our neighborhood a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who were trying to escape the syrian city of that has or at least one hundred forty others were wounded in the attack which eisel says it was responsible for government forces announced on friday that i saw had been pushed out of the city. ousted catalan leader kallis pushed the mountain four of his colleagues have turned themselves into the belgian police spain issued a european arrest warrant for them on friday they face charges of rebellion
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sufficient and misuse of public funds there's a headlines are going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us though talk to our desire is next then we sit down with kenya's opposition leader raul. with you you're going to see. has been described as an enigma in kenya politics and you can't possibly talk about politics in kenya without mentioning the name by loading contest up for the presidency of forbes heinz and stacey was the victory in three elections in the
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current crisis surveillance states he will not rest until there are fresh presidential elections he talked or does it. well come to talk to hold as you've been reacting to the results of that on election which you have rejected and said that the election should not be allowed under any circumstances what a result for them this is a sham election. in other words you know who they were took place. and that should not be allowed to stand because it will give a very bad example to our future generation we're watching what's happening here is this really elections is this how elections should be held enough figure or should
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a figure be judged by lower standards compared to the rest of the world. and that's the reason why we said that we want to be the people who will do away with the election rigging on the african continent to show that african people is a better standard than or to sing right now but you boys courted the selections voluntarily used to do in front of the media and said you were withdrawing from the election process and you of all people should. not be allowed to pass any judgment on an election that you quit on your own is precisely because drew that this is the actions should not without has done as you know. went to the supreme court and challenge the election results of the elections of the
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eighth of august and we provided sufficient evidence that there was must be rigging those elections the supreme court agreed with us and said that those elections were not held in accordance with the constitution and the laws of the country and directed the electoral commission when do it this is that there were irregularities and illegalities which needed to be addressed on that basis we came out and prepared a twelve point document he called the use of a minimum conditions that needed to be implemented to ensure that there was a live playing field to avoid a repeat of what happened if they were asked the legs of commission refused to respond positively to those point you raised then realized that the gun was not level. going back to the election really going to going for
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a repeat that is doing the same thing the same way expecting different results and we said that it was a share and it was going to be a waste of time and the rest of our resources on that basis we decided to pull out of the elections in spite of that they do question still went ahead and put their names on the ballot paper but not only that one of the seven commission us. resigned. ten days to the election. and luckily fled the country setting in security and threaten say that electoral commission cannot provide free and fair elections you went to the supreme court challenging the results of the august eighth elections the supreme court in its verdict agreed with some of the
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issues you had raised in court another five elections but again in its verdict said it is the current electoral commission as constituted would be holding the elections in sixty days you knew what you were getting into from the onset mr odinga didn't you know there's a direct and the electoral commission to do a repeat porn. in line with the constitution and the laws of the country and to address the legalities and a regular duties which had been discovered but they were not specific in saying who should be blamed and who should handle but they say the current electoral commission should organize elections within sixty days correct in sixty days in accordance with the rules and to have burst irregularities and illegalities. so now
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the did just now live to the looks of commission and we had then to fight those ditties. fuzz we had one of the contentious issues was the printing of little materials including the butter purpose which had been given to a company in dubai called what i and rich came up with a lot of dubious materials. found to not to comply with these positions there on was that just mission of the results what you call the kims. system kenya. integrated electronic moneyman system which was set up by a french company called or team of. then the other one the officials some of them were committed perjury in the courts by swearing forms of it
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of its those who had hopped into the system and had posted forces outs and this had been discovered through verification had been ordered by the courts in the the other officials but it was the i.c.t. manager who had refused to comply with the court order to allow our experts access to the server so the view could inspect the results of the of the elections as contained in this. then there was the head of the. electoral commission itself who had committed. what are you getting that on results you say the numbers don't add up what proof do you have. well i've got the reports from a.b.c. already been called whistleblowers within the b.b.c.
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those who there's a funny come which was the major service provider who did the mission of telecommunication company human exactly the communication company the service providers there was a very calm the orange and the. transmitting the ruling party say one of the reasons for the law tun out was because people. stopped from going to the polling stations roads and highways were closed by your supporters and that you and your party actually took part in acts of sabotage to support i did and actions. went on live television interview and my support us not to turn up to vote but no to stop anybody who was wanted to go and vote but as you know
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voting in this country is voluntary it is not mandatory like like countries like australia so people can decide not to go and vote you can decide to do a position just to express their anger at the impunity that was being exercised by the government and the commission. there exists of deployment of the good forces around their places of residence that is of fence people the noise from those youth who are basically confronting the security agencies no they were not doing all of that restoring the i was up kabira the only big primary school where some of your supporters. broke through the wall they destroyed the wall fast and set fire on the classrooms and police had to use the water comes to put it out it was done in your name start the work the school.
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has broken the called trailer the integration center i sponsored the school i built it myself but then there were security officers inside so the youth really fighting with the security of his us they were not blocking anybody from going to vote on the government have to do what it had to do to ensure voting took place is i'm saying that people are saying that there's a confrontation of causes and this is not really pressing it but i want to blame the government for over deployment of security forces in the area you can see the burn like there was a dinner boycott of the elections and say that it is wrong to try to attribute this to interference the turnout was thirty eight plus percent say this he got the electoral commission says president hu looking at again at more than
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seven million votes that's not very far from the mark of what he got in the august eighth elections when the records as you know and even from the media's own story those around the country tell you. it was pretty low and surprised that in the end this is that seventy percent of the people would you said that you what you are national support alliance coalition into a resistance movement. and you will be cutting out acts of civil disobedience what do you want to achieve if we are talking about peaceful resistance to authority and is. not talking about resistance or the use of us there was a that we did tests us it's
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a way of bringing about change of the country you're saying more protests on the streets of the may just cities of this country which would result in violence automatically because as it's known to be you know clashes between the police and your supporters at this is just hot in this country i'm studying why don't you just agree and accept that you've been outsmarted and move on or not talked about and i'm talking about non violent means of bringing about change in this country. mentioned constitution in the human rights section. talked about the rights to do in streets. to picket that i had to protest that i had to. court and the right to petition all these perfectly legal so ordered the
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vernons is never made it out by the members of the public it is the thirty's who instead of providing security to the people who want every notified that you're going to do position you should resign to use of violence against innocent people these protests are not. just protests there a continuation of a process that started way back in june and the economy is suffering to resume is at an all time low people are losing their jobs why do you want to drag the country through you know even a number longer to the political process this is the easy option we see where the government won't accept and move on then have a next time next time they will be completely up but in this country no kenyans
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would turn up to vote at all and this is what these were to call electoral or took us on the african continent there are no countries in this continent where the election counted ten percent the door twenty percent of the population turned up to vote and the president will get ninety percent of the vote because he is running alone this is what has happened here for example this is not what you want who earned a vibrant democracy in your country so we concerned about violence and the loss of life of our people for the same time we must converse for change in this society you cannot accept this kind of imposition of leadership on the people because otherwise or democracy is going to collapse and it's really a duty but only to ourselves but to the future generation. or country
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next time i will not be a cottage. but then there are the candidates and there's going to sever the same feet are you saying you will be satisfied with just reforms in the electoral commission and what you call electoral justice and was not is done you'll be fine and continue with your life we this country is bigger than all of us but at the same time we must conclude this election cycle it is not is concluded electoral commission says it is according to them where you have to repeat it and this is huge and bungle it again like we bungled the first one because word is still unfinished business it is not done until it's done unto you been unfair to the millions who turned out to vote on that in sixth of october
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assuming. seven point four million votes which annoyed enough to get and they got three point five million still. turf million claimants who did not vote for him when that was a goody virtually no vote for him or more than those who voted for i think it is that the unity that i'm talking of on his behalf of talking and i think that the majority this. isn't your opponents describe you as a certain loser a man who never accept defeat i don't really care what this say about me because they don't expect them to compliment. in twenty thirteen what happened in this in turn to seventeen exactly what happened we went
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to court the court said that evidence was produced late. we're doing it is because the evidence and then when doing to. the big three to open it and we said we don't agree but we respect the ruling of the supreme court and supporters not to protest so what you're saying you know can never be called as a nuisance so what you're saying is you contested four times and you've been robbed of what you call a victory three times three times some must say a lot about you to this yeah i'm just saying. just because a loading is a hungry. being i just want to see democracy properly established in our country either we have
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a talk. elections. incumbents . do them every five years and just change themselves it is a true competition where there's a possibility of the opponent to also win president who can unite and william brutal say that they well they're ready to dialogue with you they're not ready to discuss something outside the current constitution this sets the stage for confrontation doesn't it given what you've called for the protests and the demos and the picketing seen as a route to seeing is really to discuss with me my time and package. them and package is in the constitution and in the law i don't need any kind of food isn't for me to do to. book it still refused to give it to me since.
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the prime minister of this country. but that is a subject for another day here talking about electoral justice and it is not sticking around talking on behalf of millions of the people of this country who. they have taken the electoral commission hostage they're basically running against themselves for the telling that they're won fair and square. they were the only player us you know that if only the players . confessed to by the chairman of the little commission and says you know katty had told me that it was going to a petition there's a pretty good for a thing of time or it was going to resign which he didn't neither yes to do that is
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a threat to his life. and because of that he had to do what he had to do but we have to do with you know we will not prove that studying a but just to jog your memory the electoral commission before the current one you had a big problem with and you hound of them out of office with demonstrations and mass action by calling on your supporters to take to the streets now in the form mission and constitution of the come in the electoral commission you had a big role in it and actually cutty is a man who belonged to a party once under and contested on your party's ticket a constituency in western kenya. you can't possibly be complaining about an electoral commission that you had such a big role in constituting you know it is not does the commission and we said it we said that we don't just want to move the commissioners we want to of a whole list of commission because there are it's not just with this be more inside
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the secretariat they do believe it will be fused completely to do that and this commission commissioners were coming very late in the day. when the mischief had it been done and this you see that the time that we've been moving too little too late date if used to move the head of the. department who are in the turn responsible for the mess there was a that the this is not something that is just that the top in two thousand and seven you say the election was rigged in favor of then president kibaki then called on your supporters to come out and then ensued those post-election unrest that kenya is famous for now.
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one thousand one hundred people killed now since august sixty people sixty kenyans have died how many more lives would it take before you politicians come to your senses and agree on something. the events of two thousand and seven a very fortunate and there's still. the memories of the people of this country they came as a result of a look saw in justice because. we were leading but when we divert. when. just being brokaw's live on television stations in the country when the government then ordered all the divisions titian's just don't live coverage of the results
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and then directed the remaining returning of his us to reports through the quarters of the national intelligence service. where the results were no doctors and they only known say that mr dingell still leading but i'm talking about his first closing the gap at the end when the nuns the book had won the country imploded and the result is what you've just just said that time and fortunate indeed. everybody knows in the rooms of the booking office that he lost his election i was then prevailed upon to. the budget to finish this down. and then the content of the position of a prime minister which was created in the constitution. so business was imposed on hungary. understand history of the deliberately did try to
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distort history if it was in i just became content and see the k. i'm quitting the political scene that is either which it is next time around a majority or can't we know who to vote. what way do or it meant time. so you're saying nothing but fresh elections will convince you not me kenyans majority of current for the first time on the african continent a presidential election was of a ton vessel been caught we don't want to lead the supreme court down. there have been does partridge they've been called names then called trick kooks. criminals who of you are stuck them to after the ten to thirteen verdict in two i did not want to sit with the team and to go into the
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archives as i don't agree but i respect the verdict of the supreme court how far are you ready to go mr or do you go with these new campaign of use this new mission of us kenyans get or do want. and convinced that the kenyan spirit the caƱon dream as coined by the funding fathers of our nation. realized eventually going on to get the leaders that into south yesterday i didn't get a thank you very much for talking told as if i think you really live.
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november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range of. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivated stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. i provoke a day oh is it
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a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sect if i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag into a stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the leader of the iran backed hezbollah movement says saudi arabia forced the surprise resignation of prime minister assad heavy heavy announced he was stepping down in the.


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