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tv   Taliban Oil  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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oh is it allison where they're online we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the leader of the iran backed hezbollah movement says saudi arabia forced the surprise resignation of prime minister assad how do you be announced he was stepping down in
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a statement today has on the question whether he had written the statement himself . from beirut. yet again lebanon is on the brink its prime minister has resigned a country not immune to political crises and its people know all too well what instability can bring. we've lived through the civil war and we know a small incident can player up a situation if it's not resolved and there are no mature minds the country will fall apart and that is what we're free will happen. so i did a how did his announcement came as a shock from the saudi capital riyadh he cited concerns for his life and blamed iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah for meddling in arab affairs many interpreted the move as a declaration by saudi arabia of all out war against hezbollah but the group accuse the saudi government of declaring war against lebanon. and then the resignation was saudi decision dictated on saddam
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and he was not willing to resign it is not his decision period and i think all the lebanese politicians and media people press people are followers are accepting this conclusion even in the form. of nationalists from there is why the man was allowed to come back to lebanon and the from lebanon the kind that his resignation has been less said it would avoid political escalation and deal with the situation calmly but the resignation is not isolated from the iranian saudi rivalry playing out across the region. the resignation is related to what's going on in the region there are two main powers vying for influence and lebanon is in the eye of the struggle this is not an internal lebanese matter. iran's ally the lebanese party has and its allies had
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a powerful role in government but hezbollah is not only a political party it has an armed wing that has helped keep syrian president bashar assad's government in power iran's influence has expanded across the middle east and saudi arabia the united states and israel have all made it clear they intend to take a more aggressive stance to curb iran's power in lebanon now there is a dangerous political vacuum there can't be easily filled levanon is a parliamentary democracy but in reality it is a consensual democracy the two rival political camps need to agree on a compromise candidate who will be able to put together a national unity government that won't be easy and his allies refuse to share power with hezbollah and appointing a candidate close to hezbollah will risk isolating lebanon this isn't the first time political life in lebanon has come to an end and it isn't the first time the saudi arabian rivalry is to blame in the past the country has pulled back from the
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edge the question many ask is if it will be able to do so again. beirut saudi arabia's king has discussed security and economic issues in a phone call with u.s. president trump but they don't appear to have talked about the major capital overhaul that happened about twenty four hours ago eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet ministers and dozens of former ministers have been arrested the dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin. there's been a shooting at a church east of san antonio in the u.s. state of texas these are live pictures that we're getting from the. police say a man walked into a baptist church in southern part of shooting leaving multiple people dead they say the situation is now contained we'll bring you more details as we get them ousted cathal leader palace was the moment has turned himself in to the belgian police
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spain issued a european arrest warrant for them on friday him and associates over their role in catalonia controversial referendum those are the headlines coming up next it's a taliban oil i'll have more news in half an hour.
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we started this thing i mean who the. you know i didn't know how radical they were just what they were about. one of the things of the taliban is yes they didn't have a clue about oil and gas business the idea was to bring him over and establish credibility with the taliban that we were a real company. mati miller secretly invited a group of taliban leaders to unit caus headquarters in sugar land texas. no press covered the event. i have some of the statues that i got in indonesia and there are figures of the people carved out of armor and the people are naked. and i had one of these
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professors islamic professors check my house out when he saw these things he said i don't think that's going to work with the taliban. i said well it is for you guys and black trash bags yeah he said put workers on the stuff that's all it is but burkas on the statues. not the millet was a vice president of oil company unocal. they wanted to build a huge oil and gas pipeline through taliban controlled areas of afghanistan. but how did these negotiations influence u.s. foreign policy towards the taliban.
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the afghan capital of kabul is preparing for a new era of foreign forces have mostly was drawn to afghan soldiers and police will now be responsible for security in the country. but in two. n.-t. fourteen five thousand of them were killed in battles against the taliban. but the taliban hasn't always been an enemy of the west today their former foreign secretary lives in a heavily guarded house in one of kabul's better suburbs. during the ninety's he was involved in discussions with the american oil company unocal.
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i will take my advice you and your kind in a. while there are a lot of me just watching and. being one of the one who is she. turns it into. a love of the whole for the world to be for those who commit it as the can he wants. it but the levy of it about a high horse i was at it a little bit by the homeless but i said listen here i will have my psyche of. yours if i there was a better take it will last a lot. since the soviet invasion of afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine the country has been in a state of constant warfare. during the afghan insurgency the mujahideen received extensive weapon support from
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the united states and britain in their struggle against the russians. the soviet occupation ended in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. two years later the soviet union pulls some collapsed. you know cows c.e.o. john imo saw an opportunity in the fall of the iron curtain. at the time the soviet union broke up and china opened up which happened more last sametime read a very senior guy. kind of cruising the former soviet union to look for opportunities. we realize that turkmenistan had a huge world's last gas reserves which were produced by the soviet union but
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after breaking up they were not produced any longer because russia had his own gas supplies to bring to market from siberia so menaced on a stock was reserves and no market. unocal wanted to build two pipelines one for oil and one for gas the pipelines would go from too many stunned through afghanistan pakistan and india a distance of well over seventeen hundred kilometers construction costs would be close to ten billion dollars. of gonna stun could earn four hundred million dollars per year in transportation costs which would more than double the afghan government's income at that time the whole area is just and in turmoil you know the pakistanis don't like the afghans afghans don't like the fact that stan is the turkmen are skeptical of both of them and then you've got india and pakistan all is just a mess and there. was
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a guess there was a power vacuum after the withdrawal of soviet forces under local rules for all of the territories in a for tractate civil war i. think i said these because only. in the north people gathered around the northern alliance and its leader ahmed shah massoud the so-called lion of publishers. in the south and east another movement began to assert itself in as nic passed to new areas. they called themselves the taliban and was supported militarily by pakistan then in conflict with india. the pakistanis were trying to impose their will on the future of afghanistan and they wanted to ensure that
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afghanistan was not going to be a strong viable nation state that could in any way reconnect as they have in the past was india. taliban leader mullah mohammad omar was a war hero from the years of insurgency against the soviet union. pakistan decided it was going to assist mohammad omar in this group which had no name and what they provided was money and weaponry. training ammunition trucks tactical advice and then eventually they provided the tal of the students really just students afghans and pakistanis getting what he came to being thirteen sousing. madrassas oswin's in the northwestern frontier province. and joining going in the fight.
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before becoming an attorney julie soon as worked as an intelligence analyst at the pentagon who sources in afghanistan warned against you know cows close relationship with the taliban. worldwide there was a very broad perception that unocal was wrecking with the u.s. government to promote the taleban as the most likely source or at a stable single group in trolling afghanistan. and there was so i think in after all. or hopefulness on the part of sound that if this pipeline could be put fairly it could be a source of stability or development for afghanistan and i personally don't like the idea that that stability would mean that the taliban would be in charge.
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with the civil war raging marty miller went on his first journey into afghanistan. at the time there were six or seven warlords that were feuding with each other and it was you know if afghanistan was not a real safe place to be. the first thing i notice is the devastation. you kind of reminded me of the pictures i'd seen out of. germany post world war two. be a taliban headquarters it was it was a house that was still all intact but there one a stick of furniture in the house and all the we we slept on the floor and i and i had to use kind a little traveling road show sort of thing course you would have slide projector
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yeah because there were named electricity in the building but i had some diagrams and charts and sean and some things and some just basically to describe the project and and to tell them what the benefits would be and then they were very interested . the message was always if you guys will quit fighting with each other and form a government to get you in recognition that allows us to attract the world back to me to be an answer. then we may have a deal. but the taliban were on the offensive and drove the northern alliance concept of the cities of my zone in shoney's on to build. they don't control most of the country. muhammad's not too long president during the soviet occupation had been spared by the northern alliance but the taliban
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showed no mercy not below was first tortured castrated and then hind alongside his brother. the execution was a clear sign of what kind of regime had seized power in kabul. julie sir's travelled in secrecy took a bullet nine hundred ninety seven in order to learn more about the new regime. i had gone into kabul when i was held by the taleban secretly basically dressed as as an afghan woman in a burka. they seemed very foreign to me certainly many afghans are conservative muslims but even among them they generally
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do not support the sort of extremism that the taliban stands for i see the taliban really as an alien force. their attitude toward women or a number of human rights issues i found disturbing but i think it was that larger frame geopolitical issue of them being backed by the pakistanis that was most disturbing to me. when the time i came in to talk about being detained here on go back need to have a good experience with going to. the toilet my man said that he just for this. working studying learning in seminaries and the mother says they couldn't they had
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it was she who had to to get a living well the international community that was the top of my. america's concern about afghanistan had been minimal before the unocal pipeline project but orland just negotiations spock's the clinton administration's interest in the country. i'd probably go to washington d.c. or once every six state weeks and i would typically meet with the state department the n.s.a. and cia. the cia was was very you know they have this shadowy image i guess you call of that i found very straightforward and very professional and i think the clinton administration was really committed to helping you know american
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business and be successful. we enjoyed and really strong support from us. you know wasn't the only oil company that wanted to build. pipeline in afghanistan argentine company breeder us was also trying to do a deal with the taliban. well but he does and the meal was over list of things of the hands of all of them is of no is this the other guy will head to the level of the kid who will come to the real work. as. the taliban delegation arrived at unocal headquarters in december ninety ninety seven. marty came home one day and said frank would you thank about having
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a group of taliban and a delegation come to our home for dinner. didn't know what to say at the time i had to thank it trail and i was pretty naive maybe they come in and say how americans come in realize that we are. average regular people maybe it would you know be good for them to to do this i and i agree to do it. on a multi million did the most to avoid offending the taliban visitors and removed all the religious pictures and figures. but they did not remove the christmas trees the year that the taliban came to our house there was a charity fundraiser thing and we had seven christmas trees in our house and the tali bomb just yet blew their mind they couldn't figure out what that was all about
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and i think they were trying to. and then make a connection between a christmas tree and the birth of jesus christ in you know that new jersey trying to make a religious connection with what's his christmas tree all about. they never did understand that thing. as a whole there was who consider it's too different from. eastern culture but the fall into the enough says i would be i would focus society and the progress to me. knew i was in first from that. dressed in a newly acquired jackets the afghans visited one of you know cows offshore platforms. impression i got is they were amazed they were stunned to see these platforms in the gulf of mexico over seven and lived three hundred
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feet of water i think just the magnitude of the complexity of things and they were very well blown away by. the next leg of their journey to the visitors to omaha nebraska where they match one of america's foremost experts on afghanistan petroleum resources. the united states were trying their best to talk to the taliban who were obviously beginning to take over the whole of afghanistan the state department asked me to talk to the taliban's and they brought them in here. and so this room instead of having guys in suits and ties like they always had before these were taliban and you know was skull caps and turbans and long beards and i really had to cater afghans no problem and so i told them i showed them all this neat whiz bang a satellite imagery and stuff and if you're looking at our country yeah we're
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looking at your country where you is and you can do this to show you how to do this all you need to do is come over here and get educated in this stuff. the taliban teams journey ended in washington d.c. where they met leading officials at the state department. the state department was still hopeful that this was going to be a part of a international combined effort that would be profitable for unocal profitable for the afghans commercially and financially profitable for the afghans in terms of development and education profitable for the region. that ali bhangra interest in the project they were keen on making it happen they never did sign a cooperation agreement or anything like that because they were afraid to sign anything without knowing specifically the mullah omar was was behind it.
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there are hardly any pictures of the mysterious town a band leader. in these really have footage of him home on tries to hide behind a blanket. and . i was in khandahar the first time he was there and they kept saying that they were going to go talk i basked if i go seen and they said no no no. you're not seeing sure of to see them all over your. mind you know khalid was in dialogue with the taliban about the pipelines another actor began to assert themselves in afghanistan with sama bin laden.
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this song of a saudi construction millionaire was a local hero because he participated in the insurgency against the soviet union. he returned to afghanistan in nine hundred ninety six after having be forced to leave the sudan. now he was preparing for a new war global jihad. waited on capture in the good heart and consequently kept at cover the same thousand and six he found it was some of the not any nice colleagues eager to sue the taliban moved in to kandahar to be protected. as a rival back in afghanistan coincided with my own to work with the un. never
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met the salad that a lot of i saw once in the bazaar then as a convoy car passing by but i never you know we didn't labor he thing we didn't know each other were looking at the other so. that first year that he was in the area was the time when he's still in a fight his relationship with mullah mohammad omar. natoma the rhythm of the. severs a lot of work on those i don't know where the nature of them was going up i want to thank you jeff but it was the job of hollywood. most of all when the interviewer took over the whole oh mr carter i was. in afghanistan mahdi militia and you know col how did the cia did the training of local workers who were to be employed on the so-called peace pipeline. we'd like to
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hire locally so we had employment opportunities for the afghans in fact one of the things we didn't khandahar as we established a training center we found an old abandoned warehouse that we outfitted then we brought some equipment any a welding equipment. to those that were needed for the training. without being aware of it marty miller had established his training center in the same street as azzam a bin laden's house. and i'd never heard of the guy before i don't know who he was looking back on it that. kind of gives me the creeps i think about his act most of that guy. was someone bin ladin was also busy building training facilities.
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sixty seven the woods that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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everything you do is being and it's being played and it's being measured to support those insurgencies are they attack us to do things in secret that are on a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew was to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the leader of the armed group hezbollah says the resignation of lebanon's prime minister was a saudi decision suddenly re announced his resignation on saturday while on a visit to the saudi capital riyadh he blamed the run for few willing instability
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in the region and said he feared an assassination plot against. this is the statement written by this if you want to discuss it we need to discuss. the way. it is it's not the way of some other really it's not the way of. what has been written and the resignation statement is completely different even that harry. came to power the way he thinks the way he deals with matters the way his sort out problems doesn't go. with the content of those relations statement there's been a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet
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ministers and dozens of former ministers were arrested the dismissals are widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon multiple people have reportedly been killed in a shooting at a church east of san antonio in the u.s. state of texas police say that a man walked into a baptist church in southern springs and started firing they say they've contained the situation. that cattle leader khamis praised the mountain four of his colleagues have turned themselves into the belgian police spain issued a european arrest warrant for them on friday they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds. a car bomb has killed at least one hundred civilians including children who were trying to escape the syrian city of that has or at least one hundred forty others were wounded in the attack which eisel says it carried out and i saw is also claiming responsibility for an attack on
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a security headquarters in yemen sports city of aden at least fifteen people died there those are the headlines coming up next it's a taliban all and i'm going to have the news hour for you in less than half an hour see you then thanks for watching. osama bin ladin was busy building training facilities. bin laden eventually became responsible for organizing the flow of foreign fighters between chechnya bosnia and the arab world for the taliban these soldiers were useful reinforcements in the fight against the northern alliance this enabled bin laden to strengthen his alliance with the taliban and to recruit soldiers for his holy war on the western world. but first they don't buy the us this is tell me yes but right below. the
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surface are left now from the album from. what i can buy one of them as you may know if you think you got the phone and. on the seventh of august nine hundred ninety eight a bomb exploded at the u.s. embassy in nairobi a. similar tenuously a bomb detonated in neighboring tanzania two hundred twenty four people died in these terrorist attacks and building four thousand were injured. i'll call you to trademark was established siri the tax triggered by suicide bombers. i don't think i was terribly surprised when i heard about what had happened because in law who was there he was able to do it and he was detected by the taliban.
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the young spy wanted to learn more about bin ladin and visited his enemies the northern alliance it was a perilous journey on horseback. along by the roads. my interest in what was going on in the n.t. taught on areas because that was the area where we did not have a lot of the information in my stance from back in washington is that a lot of officials and policy makers were just writing off the resistance to the taliban. she met northern alliance leader ahmad shah masood who asked for support from the west in the fight against the taliban and al qaida. during her visit so those are unique insight into what was to come.
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northern alliance prisons were full of foreign fighters from several countries their goal was to participate in the global jihad. she was especially shocked by what the prisoners told her about the close relationship between pakistan the taliban and al qaida. sued urgent he wanted to alert the west he wanted more people to know about the taleban and how they were interacting with bin ladin and to emphasize that if we were opposing bin laden that we should really realize that he and the taleban were sharing the same goals and resources and funding. but julie says report was not well received by her bosses at the pentagon. the state department was even more annoyed people were saying they were very upset about my trip and i was told i simply wasn't going to
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be able to stay and that they weren't going to give me my security clearance back so essentially they fired me. the clinton administration continued its efforts to influence the taliban regime. and we were in the middle of trying to. get them to modify their behavior and i'm a believer and you talk to your friends and your enemies talking is not acceptance of those practices. from day one the clinton administration was trying to push back and first you know control and then pressure the taliban are seeming to change and of course that escalated once a son of bin ladin left sudan and went to afghanistan and i do ninety six. bombings of ninety eight were conducted from there so it was very much on the forefront. the problem of osama bin laden stood in the way of any agreement about future oil and
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gas pipelines. he had declared war on america and this on the ten years bombings of our embassies in tanzania and kenya really put us on a war footing with sound and then from that point on we were actually trying to kill him. on the twentieth of august nineteenth ninety seven president clinton ordered the launch of cruise missiles against several i'll call you to bases in my country stop. four of the bases were destroyed you know twenty five. were killed but you saw bin laden himself escaped i remember when president clinton sent cruise missiles and afghanistan. i just that's what i told. my. lawson the more directors it was time that this this one got to go anywhere anytime soon.
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at that point unocal withdrew from the pipeline project but the french intelligence analyst. argues that the idea of an oil and gas pipeline lived on. the states where it was thinking they were pressuring the taliban to release bin laden. by negotiating about the pipeline the same sign the taliban were faking they were calling the united states is not in by discussing with them of the python. or my omar the five line issue wasn't leverage in preserving his country from us tryst and avoiding to take a decision on one man not an. osama bin ladin was also interested in continued pipeline negotiations. a strategy memo from bin laden's close aide mohammed ought
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to have was found during the investigation of the nine hundred ninety eight east africa embassy attacks this memo written by mohammed that says it states clearly that as far as it's higher than where maintaining relationship in some way with american business is over this project or u.s. diplomats. there's security a tighter security guarantee thanks. to a thing it was. nothing to it was the terror attacks against east african embassies tested the relationship between the taliban and the al qaeda leader. his presence in afghanistan. became
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a bank card that i think. that in the early should between a kind of sign and then my stomach meeting. a lot of. if you had to pick that pedestal to be part of those she was a victim of thirty percent very valuable was her blood because you know sid valuable no baseline near zero i thought by the time you oh by the way those shooter was on thursday. the gee it kind of light as you know. and just sort of for the good it was just as you were just on the saudis have because there are many out . there the men found or sometimes you call the fire you from a harness for you from in the event of the fire they get the news that he. is
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and it is. towards the end of the ninety's the pipelines were no longer on the agenda or in talks between the u.s. and the taliban. the us asked thirty times for osama bin laden to be handed over but the taliban gave no clear answer the tox went essentially nowhere in the taliban the more we would close and the more they push back the more we face them on al-qaeda expelling a salad bin laden they more they would face facts. they just got more designed. to keep. not follow than the to be a teacher you talk to know manowar the honey you. tell you about up for them but you know that nobody. does a fish will reach one hundred not for you but your way no i'll tell you one of the
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dogs for the crook of. when george w. bush came to power in two thousand and one he renewed attempts to get bin ladin extradited and get started with the construction of the oil pipeline. by van unit. it was out of the picture but others tried to revive the plans. w. bush he had this direct connection with the oil industry and he was to try to be more pissed resist with the type of. i'll call you made a special documentary about the prelude to september the eleventh. american born adam gadahn is the film's narrator an attack on afghanistan have been fined for
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a long time the americans are boiling mad about a number of things the islamic emirates domination of strategic energy reserves as well as the route of a proposed gas pipeline from the caspian sea. and most of all its refusal to hand over osama. in berlin in july two thousand and one a final dramatic meeting about the taliban was arranged between representatives of the united states government and all the players in the region. to pongs during these talks there's a u.s. representatives that would make this to major in that bill has entered the carbons of holes in the carpet along. the americans and informed their allies during a meeting in germany of their plan to invade afghanistan in the autumn
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before the first snowfall which is what the eventually did so we knew it was coming the question was do we sit back and wait or do we surprise them with a preemptive strike. i own. i was there in nine eleven in new york it has already begun to end today and i found it their way tragic and tired of the people of the united states and innocent
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people by the way dang i was aware. of the news but i knew. not just on the above of the so i begin to tell you that that is that you want to beat each other know or don't but it. by this time an obvious juice. the signature was there to tell you about us or the speaker of. the castle with. the taliban offer to extradite osama bin laden to a third country but now the americans have decided to remove both him and the taliban. on the seventh of october america and britain attack. the northern alliance exploiting the resulting chaos and the taliban regime unraveling. on the twentieth of november two thousand and one the capital city of
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kabul failed. with us backing canid karzai was inaugurated as president his brother i had been working for unocal and because i was well acquainted with the pipeline plan it was. soon after nine eleven a couple of years most suddenly we feared that's governments from the region got together and basically decided to revive the project. that means that even without knowing the fate of the constant term the stability all these countries at come to the same conclusion they had reached before nine eleven that the spy plane was pressured that. the interests. after years of war there is still no pipeline the taliban is back in strength and reluctant to negotiate about peace. they cost the kind of a government who brought
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a new government and the title of democracy in the himalayas but. they did not bring peace to afghanistan the insurgency i guess they don't have it installed by the international community is still going on. the war against the taliban has made the building of the pipeline impossible. the afghan north also has some oil after the pipeline was shelved john ival who had left unocal considered investing in an oil and gas project in mazar e sharif. look at afghanistan the political risk is amazingly high.
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there's a logic risk in the most aria is moderate but the reward part is also moderate when you put all that together and that's why it's not an entertaining investment opportunity for a large company. there are a geologist who argued that the country's petroleum resources and knowledge of them previously known. afghanistan has the best geology in that part of the world for both mineral resources and hydrocarbons that's pretty spectacular why are they so poor they've not been able for develop those resources first they didn't know about them and then the past thirty years of war nobody has been able to do much. one afghan who tried to develop the country's oil resources and another early stage was king mohammed zahir shah. after thirty years in exile he returned
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a lot of afghanistan's old history has been forgotten. mohammad zahir shah became king when he was only nineteen years old in one nine hundred thirty seven when he gave the u.s. firm inland exploration company exclusive rights to oil extraction in the northern areas of the country. they were also given the rights to build a sixteen hundred kilometer pipeline. but the second world war put a stop to these plans. older afghans recalled the king's reign is a time of peace economic progress the introduction of democracy and education for women. ninety nine. kinshasa made new attempts to restart afghan oil and gas production in the fifty's and sixty's a series of test wells were drilled and american soviet geologist mapped the
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country's resources. will join frodo was enough. afghanistan at the end of the seventy's as part of the atlas afghanistan project. he got a unique insight into the maps of mineral resources. there was one american geologist me and two hundred fifty soviet russian geologist. so when i left afghanistan in late seventy eight i was actually be ported by the communists who had taken over the government i left having sent my maps out of the country in a diplomatic pouch came back to the united states and i worked on the mineral resources in afghanistan ever since. west of mazower al-shehri other remains of a canister finally from the soviet era. the plant is stayed in operation but no longer produces as much as when the russians were there. mouthing about on the roof
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i don't. use or not that whole. shasta million atomic bomb goes down as it has sought asylum laws passed through our. commission on. why should i mean a. law. in two thousand and seven and experienced oil geologist rediscovered this area. heated previously worked for unocal but he now worked as head of the norwegian aid project oil for development he wanted to help afghanistan with a new oil more. along to his dissuaded from traveling to the north but with an armed escort he went anyway. at one gas plant
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he discovered a brick don't room where documentation of soviet oil and gas production had been hidden. behind the secret wool lay old maps and seismic surveys that showed afghanistan's oil and gas resources was significantly greater than the outside world was aware of made history in those areas so although the all that's on the air this is ultimately a sister to. well the mask in the eye was below total shit to the whole fourteen years after thirty and a lot of them did in the midst of a legal slow the order. the administration offices for oil and gas in mazar i sharif allocated in old soviet buildings. chief engineer mohammed to john off tariq has made it his life's work to preserve
11:54 pm
the dusty archives. several times he saved maps and documents from destruction. lavoy we cannot cook and i got on the ground and gave her my will not under the new one was gone not because he had enough i want her younger ones so far thank god here i was young good hard time i'm going to she couldn't do it any other girl didn't shut down after about. it you know how i'm not here yet she asked me how much my knee he knows when the last young lady my last name is not on the us uk i don't know much as he is american not like a young girl letter he called her the knowledge no not if. he does most i am not a woman no no no you don't know i don't i don't know what i want on behalf of the majority. leader and.
11:55 pm
despite little money and poor health i have tare has systemized to finals and preserve the valuable data for the future i don't know one of the red legalities are going to have are they not wanted or india could make about twenty people i know no. doubt about it either i reckon your i mean their child marriage you need not. no no no no we. you may have to hold on a moment mad mad cow but he'll be a good horse all morning long we will get those coming up he sure can force a little everything that. the united states once hoped for the peace pipeline would unite the warring parties in afghanistan they still do amazingly enough they still want to build it. america's arch enemy iran also wants to build an oil and gas pipeline to india
11:56 pm
tehran is in a hurry the aim is that the new peace pipeline should be completed in twenty seventeen. but again it has to go through taliban controlled areas peace with the taliban is more important than ever. was at risk of deja vu all over again it's not impossible that the taliban would come back to power they are an element and they're not going away and in order to have. an say peace not necessarily have prosperity in afghanistan they're going to have to be a part of that fabric of society the more you can bring them into the tent and encourage moderate elements to emerge the more stable afghanistan will me. looking back i have to say i was terribly naive. henry kissinger said this project is a triumph of hope over experience and that hit me right between the eyes and
11:57 pm
borders lot of content and that petty little comment i found it proved to be true. it's looking very disappointing if you're in melbourne or in canberra anywhere really in victoria or a.c.t than temperatures have been a pittance disappointing side but there is also just to add to your misery rain once more in the full cost not immediately or monday melbourne looks fine in the sunshine and certainly can bring that rains heading up towards sydney was
11:58 pm
considerably warmer than fifteen degrees is the thing to watch and in contrast to the breeze out of the interior to twenty eight or twenty nine in person the next two days but if anything it gets colder and more disappointing in melbourne and probably onshore showers to boot with a bit of a chill running up to sydney knocking five degrees off your maximum as well so active weather still in this part of the study which goes across the tasman sea we have clouds streaking syria north and south island in the last twenty four hours there's more to come but in the immediate future your monday forecast is a bright one fifty seven degrees are not extraordinary come down a little bit with nice more really but if you look to but to choose day there's rain. but probably not so much in tries church south a bit further west or has now gone quiet in the finals east of china siberia and japan still quite warm thirteen sapporo and twenty in tokyo.
11:59 pm
witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. and wondered put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly
12:00 am
been able to escape the lure. everything do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured the island was bliss but. and it's not just i phones that's also i think it's i mean most not fans of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe that redwood started something that was growing act i would rather take the risks of democracy than the risks of dictatorship digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london coming up in.


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