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tv   Resistance  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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where the shooting happened. donald trump is meeting business leaders in japan as part of his tour of asia earlier he had lunch and played golf with the japanese prime minister shinzo abbate tomorrow he'll meet political leaders to discuss north korea's nuclear weapons development program. donald trump's commerce secretary britain's queen elizabeth and a top aide to the canadian prime minister are among thousands named in a new leak of offshore financial documents the so-called paradise papers leak contains thirteen million files from bermuda based north attleboro. saudi arabia has shut down yemen's land sea and air ports in response to rebel who these firing a rocket into riyadh saudi arabia is also conducting their strikes against the who the run defense ministry and a square used for mass rallies in the capital sana'a who has launched a ballistic missile into saudi arabia on saturday the group released this footage which they say shows the launch into riyadh was aimed at the international airport
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near the saudi capital but was intercepted and shot down before it reached its target well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after. thanks for watching by foot. germany is hosting this is. from the united states supreme court know the. climate. system live reports from the climate conference in bone and from the front lines of global warming climate s.o.s. one zero. even a man without a doubt not find that out i guess it's all about the heart and not the media and
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let me do that if we are holding a prime minister modi is going to wake up and listen to us for what we have been trying to say it's hard to be years and be blamed the need adequate compensation from union carbide and dow chemical entities many because people from the. daily show that after thirty years they have not given up their fight for justice and magic with monkeys asians. whatever we have the longest in the country the only way to low carbon is to fight this and one day we have large one ever living on the station medical and rehabilitation people have done because of the guns and by other people. shouldn't think of this but we handle that is going to be an anniversary and also a warning as you know leverage and you know waking up our politicians actually
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mean the carbonation into doing what is the right thing for the people of mumbai. in bhopal india tonight another horror strike in ten years the out your call by stand silent like a two poster cannot be made to feel like gas leaks from a union carbide i feel like i'm going to some of the world's worst industrial accident. aftermath that. killed up to twenty five pounds a. year
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that. is going to. yeah. i thought. i'm. going to buy yeah i'm a guy i meet. young men like you we're going to go without you without me how much do you love us without bond. you know by getting out of the was the biggest blessing way or maybe it's just come on don't go by the bunny guy hears it you're funny man you. get. us it's very. funny the way beyond the limit on the morning he's on the other he's like. to see the yard line when i finally get going when i finally he's my guy going to be one on one we're going. to get all media with. my knees out of.
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the jungle with love and want to. settle the. waters.
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i'm just saying. you need it for yourself about where he will make. your money go your career never. fire survivors or no survivors of the disaster. at this moment. not hardly anything from them or the government for the last three months they've been trying to communicate with him and now that people are on the fast without water things get really. crazy and scary for people who are doing this . just hoping that they will fix the wrong that has been done and will.
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remember. that if you do something you. actually make them the student to do. this because one very little to do and. has agreed for the full listening skills of it. certainly gives us all you. can in. let. me remember. yes yes very good here for a good. week members can. justice
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in the bun is very important but it just doesn't help. that we can set a precedent and right we can do more of that marginalize people are not dispensable that corporations cannot get away with margins that profit maximisation cannot be put into for people's health. but.
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with stickers license. sorry what's the purpose of this blocking this blockade it's a block here stopping people who are just checking driver's licenses and insurance you know you've been doing that you don't ever go to two weeks actually know what is or what and what are your purposes already i'm just checking your i was listening what's the purpose of camera. because we know exactly why this is so here's republican hundred upright ok. we heard our stuff from the national anthem it was believed and then you confirm patients where this is not your. own.
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house you know wait for free the place you are standing this is the word freedom you understand this so you see the territory here which i think you need or i don't work like so have it with a student you know nationalists and good nature or you know either. we're the only group that's really publicised out there are opposing the pipelines and blocking pipeline workers from coming in here so to me when they're saying northern british columbia. we can guarantee it is the interaction with one of your people was not appropriate it's not appropriate for him to stand in front of of the police and suggest that we can't cross the bridge or can't cross the public roadway
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i informed him what michael was a great this is going to stockton territory i mean legally it's your right i mean as has the first nations people if this is your territory too to represent that to voice that to express that to anybody that we should to come into the territory for if they want to do work in the territory to to settle that matter through the courts people don't need to prove that this is our land it always has been the province and everybody else needs to prove why do you think they can access our land we don't trust police because we're suspicious that your forces would come into school or layout so that if there is an injunction you guys will be better prepared and hides and deal with. the business threatening anybody turned down from really want can and then again arrest. them martyrs.
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before c. fifty one was major charge it's big time. now after c fifty one it's probably a love story. so i think that c fifty one especially has maybe stopped some new activists from getting involved they think that little charges are going to become big ones they see that political protest you can now get trumped up felony charges for things like conspiracy but i think that seasoned activists realize that the government of canada is going to use this as their first case so they can throw a whole bunch of people in all this with first bill and two thousand and nine the reason why it was strategically put here was because this was the initial root purpose of the trail's pipeline in ambridge so we put the cabin. right here right in the g.p.s. route of where the pipeline route was proposed to go for both of those everywhere
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they lay that pipe we will no longer have access to our territory and we use the territory for bearings for medicines for hunting there so much at stake here for our people and the but. for you. and one hundred years worth of stuff from both the gas tanker in one piece that's what. non-invasive work leads to permits permits leads to projects that we do not approve of it's going to destroy our alliance and the company has already been told you don't have permission to be here so i'm going to
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ask guys to leave so our crew safety rhea you know you got to leave to overclock i'm trying to harm me not enough i'm peaceful asking you to leave because you're trespassing. so please get back in your chopper and leave. it's just so i am not mox am i a strike in chief of the thai you one of the flight plans or what so on behalf of the mox. father climb to freedom. we ask permission to come and join you we have come here to be with you to make sure you understand you are doing the right thing and the site of the site for a while even though we got a lot of verbal support we didn't get physical support out here and it means
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a lot that we have hereditary chiefs coming here supporting what we're doing and back enough what we've been telling media our hereditary system is what governs our land right yeah ok ok. ok. all right. ok. ok. i'm. sure you. saw three. chevron representing leaks of a trail pipeline project are here today to talk to you about doing work. on your
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land. in requesting access onto your territory so that what's holding people can work and to see benefits from the project. the lao axis of specs is the territory to be bargain thank you for these projects and you know pipeline coming carefree very cardless if you've got either with sudan members working for you that's not thinking access to the pipeline projects will wait for a fast track for land that will prevent us from doing our very taking our medicines that's which will be wiping out. our salmon it's our staple food could be wiping out all our food source. i don't eat store bought me everything i eat comes off my land all my medicine i get off the land under the sun. and you're trying to convince us to give up our way of life so that you can reap the benefits
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for governments and investors and. while you are in from some of the partners that's going on in the face of it from so you're telling us is that you a lot of slow sex isn't dirt cheap brother you know offering up some water some american no thanks we've got clean water right there in with with the drink and pollution the plus the that adds to the landfill so we could take your pick your mother because we don't learn a thing. but but.
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and somehow i don't think what is it was seen was that she was said oh yes the tension was numberless wrestling to keep the other worst on the. city as an idea was dismissed just so destructive when you know where it's a. first step to be nearly so based on. at the start what he was in the right. my estimate of that a car could rest as clocks used to the shots but i stumbled across what i was nationalizes he because it was seen on as michael macaque to get them started but
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as believe me you start your prosthetist yet so on up with your family you wash and dog of them which just i mean yes but no i shouldn't just bring up my joint there's not even sure what the deal. with. the bottom sit in the pits as i talked to my kitchen is superficial stuff yeah but i got some of them will reach the heights of any of them i've used the guts as a couple of dumb doesn't when i was muslim. there are. others it doesn't work i think the purpose is
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to say. he did look like. the heart of it is. i think less. and i'm not the love we can wish to is this is the outcome without thinking. i stood. with. this point of. time was a bit. lost but. let
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me say he's not. the most. with any good form and. it isn't a thought. you . can.
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i'm. sure. all your. own when you're. born it.
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no of them use or symbolism in their millions here but if you just keep. it works. you.
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have a. long list of a problem that i seize up with and we should assemble the floor so i would have a bit of. description look at democrats of us here so it was most not. just me but i was going to get us to not show you. my spine at the start then just have a minute i was surprised when i've been seeing you back stiff but not going to let me get up if the bill in the city was that it. would actually. look like super bowl but that is what the middle is going to focus on the rest of the rest of the reception when we're going to some nation which was what you missed ostensibly of. the lives of those two you could lead to the comment that i should. go over to. one of the. well that.
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just proves one thing for going to the hospital let your system isn't it worth. it was it was the. resume going to have an effect on the body but maybe the rest of the community. we're. told by our washington bureau that you like the little russian. pretty good know nothing. for sure when. you think what the future is a huge agenda believe me maybe. it's not but they think
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anything. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred one you know here to be on time. to be on the bed i go get fed up because the food everybody one al-jazeera selects at this
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time. al-jazeera is there when a story breaks but it's close to that to see what happens next. on the fire where model barricaded the whole seven three that we need to hear the movies now is what about change people have gone hostile here the area the mission of the national army is to search the entire oil complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their country. the consequence of. the dangers of. the service in the ring. or for one thousand nine hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away. for a living out of trouble for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back.
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at this time. when the news breaks. insurrection break. from. the street. and the story builds steam jobs so much better marketeers building when people need to be had they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and would winning documentaries and live news on ads and on line. as a state we are dealing with. the largest mass shooting in the state's history. at least twenty six people have died after a gunman opens fire at a church in texas.


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