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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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at this time. when the news breaks. and the story below steve jobs so much better marketing. when people need to be had they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mole and would winning documentaries and live news and. as a state we are dealing with. the largest. mass shooting in the state's history. at least twenty six people have died after a gunman opens fire at a church in texas.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up leaked documents reveal fresh evidence of the super wealthy and corporations hiding huge sums of money in tax havens. for x. ministers afraid but under strict conditions in belgium spain seeks the extradition . about couples and given till the end of the year to get married whether they want to on the. gunman's open fire on worshipers in a small texas church killing at least twenty six people and police will in the death toll may rise the shooting of the first baptist church of southern and springs is the latest mass killing in the u.s. at the hands of lone gunman. as more. of your.
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a sunday gathering of christian worshippers turned horrific when a man dressed in full combat gear walked in and opened fire he was dressed in all black this suspect crossed the street to the church exit is big and began firing at the church the suspect then moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire. that suspect enter the church and continued to far as he exited the church a local resident grabbed his rifle and engage the suspect the suspect dropped his rifle which it was a ruger they are assault rifle and fled from the church at least twenty six people are dead twenty more are injured in this town and fewer than one hundred the death toll makes up a startling proportion of the population if pakistan has a family or a family so when it's just it causes to stop or do it start to pray and see
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how we can serve and that's what you're seeing right here this community is rallying around these folks and so we're just going to try to do our best to comfort him and minister how we care but the communities pain here is deep the pastor and his wife were out of town but their fourteen year old daughter is among the dead other children including a five year old were also killed the eldest victim was seventy two investigators say the gunman was devon kelly a twenty six year old man who lived in a neighboring county he led police on a brief vehicle chase after the shooting before being found dead police say it's unclear whether he took his own life or was killed by officers so far no motive has been found we are only hours into this mess cation which is going to take a significant length of time we will continue to provide provide information as it becomes available we know you're going to have a lot of questions there are many many that we cannot answer us president donald trump speaking from
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a trip to asia and damned the attack americans do what they do best we pull together. we join hands we lock arms and just through the chairs and through the said this. we stand strong oh so strong the church regularly posted a video of its sunday services raising the possibility the massacre was captured on camera this clip is from a week ago we have gathered in this place may you be able to look down from heaven and say those are my children choosing to gather together in my name and worship me capturing the last days of peace before tragedy castro al jazeera texas the u.s. president is in japan as part of his asia tour donald trump has had a series of meetings with prime minister shinzo of a japanese emperor and business leaders he's due to meet political leaders to discuss north korea's nuclear weapons program it was addressed to business groups
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he said trade with japan was not fair and open skeptical of the latest now from tokyo scott so president trump started day two in japan at the u.s. embassy where he made some comments about u.s. japan trade what morsi had to say yeah there and absolutely you know this is something that trade deficit with nations between nations other nations and the united states is something that canada trump really said kind of brought to the forefront of his agenda of his a political agenda and it's gone right through his presidency in particular when it comes to asia he pulled the united states out of the t.p. the transpacific partnership now this would have been one of the largest trade deals in the world the obama administration was pushing forward with this it was very important to japan but he but he pulled out pulled the united states out of it almost right after he got into the white house as a very important trade deal for japan now is entering at the after this meeting this morning here in tokyo at the u.s. embassy with business leaders both from japan and the united states he did say that
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there's still a deficit i don't apologise for that let's hear what donald trump had to say a little bit earlier on his talk. this morning i am pleased to have an opportunity to discuss how we can strengthen and prove. the economic ties between the united states. and japan. and i have to say for the last many decades japan has been winning you do know that now donald trump's commerce secretary and aid to canadian prime minister justin trudeau and queen elizabeth the second just some of the people revealed so far in a huge leak of financial documents showing how some of the world's richest people have been using secret offshore accounts in tax havens there is a mountain of material more than thirteen million fouls called the paradise papers and leaked from the offshore law firm applebee an estimated ten trillion dollars is
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held in these offshore tax havens and in most cases it's perfectly legal but critics argue and they being the mega rich to hide from the tax man is unfair an issue governments have been slow to address but more importantly here the offshore finance system is also incredibly secretive to be opening the way the companies and individuals to commit wrongdoing in the north america says it's confident the papers will show no evidence of wrongdoing but to sullivan is the editor of organized crime and corruption reporting project he says the leaks highlight the imbalance of how societies wealth is managed. there's a new global industry that that caters to money that moves around the world and this money moves to tax havens and it used to evade taxes to hide assets to steal money if you are going to prime it you buy large businesses and what this is really doing it it allowing globalizing money you're allowed to move your money legally
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into places where you don't have to pay taxes and the problem is is that the efforts the countries which were getting taxes when a yacht was bought or a plane with the larger issue is is you know whether it's tax mitigation or tax evasion the problem is not it's not fair because you only can really do this if you have a large amount of money there's a criminal services industry that that kind of caters to the market and allows people to do this and regular people are just not allowed to do that one of saudi arabia's princes has been killed in a helicopter crash to the border with yemen eight saudi officials also died in the crash prince months or been muqrin al assad was the son of former crown prince muqrin these videos were posted on his twitter pages hours before his death showing him carrying out an inspection of defense and environment projects he was appointed as the deputy governor this year of the sea a region which borders yemen it's not clear what caused the crash. and more than
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a dozen saudi princes and ministers have been detained in a sweeping corruption crackdown in the kingdom restricted flights and rounded up the officials just hours after the establishment of an anti corruption committee one of the world's richest men is among those being held it happened to saudi arabia announced a major cabinet over a whole lot of the same as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon. reports call it a surprise saturday night shake up. saudi state t.v. reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been detained as part of an inch i corrupted probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution or to make investigations about that if there was something or some information collected previously why did the and with. the case by case in different people as before about the not doing this overnight all these people
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together which is rather spacious. the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin salomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family he's making this public relations sense to get more public support and also a little bit of the way to afford his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince metabo been a dollar he was the son of former king of dollar and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead been tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is
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detainment could have an impact on global business. this shake up sends a message there's a new political order but only do we have a new chapter opening up in saudi arabia we have a whole new book a whole new political i bet if you will accept i mean with one exception that's still all done in secrecy it's also a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia natasha going eight zero zero. saudi arabia has shut down yemen's land sea and airports in response to rebel who fees for a rocket into riyadh and also conducted air strikes against the who the run defense ministry and a square used for mass rallies in sanaa who has launched a ballistic missile into saudi arabia on saturday the group released this footage which they say shows the launch it was aimed at the international airport near the
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saudi capital that was intercepted and shot down before it reached its target. a saudi arabia has pointed the finger at iran for arming the who things with ballistic missiles a spokesman for the military coalition says saudi arabia has evidence of iran's involvement with a rebel group. these militants are supported by iranian experts iran provides the who he says military experts and planners in collaboration in cooperation with a terrorist organization of his in lebanon they are trying to control the strait in a dangerous challenge to regional peace and stability and to the movement of ships through the strait and international trade. break here in al-jazeera when we come back the u.s. sanctions against sudan have been lifted but the economy still struggling to recover we'll tell you why i'm feeling the effects of climate change the south pacific regroups from a devastating hurricane season linked to drastic weather patterns just much more in that state.
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from the waves of this him. to the contours of the east. hello there was a cloud in the sky around the gulf i sort of the talk of doha but it doesn't signify anything well the active cloud is a lot further north and you see it's really got to tashkent but it's obvious kill over turkey and then down to cyprus that little area of low pressure still spinning it will produce rain it will dissolve itself as it falls apart in turkey and you want to show us the north of syria temperatures still in the low twenty's you'll notice but baghdad's crept up to thirty there's also a green blob so it's possible summer of the tigris and euphrates you might get a shower to nothing much to think but it's still there is potential looks tries to saso which is not a big surprise there's been increasing cloud around the amanti coast yemen the
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anderson has had some significant rain and it's going on for the whole of africa and that's what it should be doing this time this is no hint of a circulation but that is certainly where you'd expect to find the rain that is there for science through africa side the tropics and we've got a nice color cloud coming to angola and the far north of d.r. congo south of that we're back into the sunshine even cape town looks got fine open skies there is the cloud straight into the eastern cape and it could be sherry here . the weather sponsored by. news has never been. a constant barrage every day but the message is a simplistic brain that good logical rational. and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides
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a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back at the top stories here on the al-jazeera church in the text springs has left twenty six people dead and he said the gunman walked into a church service and opened fire dozens were injured in the attack the gunman who fled was later found dead. britain's queen elizabeth and a top aide to the canadian prime minister are among thousands named in a new league of. so-called paradise papers contains thirteen million files from the
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. business leaders in japan as part of his asia tour earlier played golf with japanese prime minister shinzo. when i had a visit to the philippines in a few days' time thousands of people have marched in the capital manila calling for an end to drug related killings in the country they're protesting what they call the culture of death brought about by president rodriguez attack his campaign against illegal drugs and has more. when president. was elected into office more than a year and a half ago the hierarchy of the roman catholic church and other religious groups says they were willing to give him a chance this might religious organisations here be at the end of the pirates months ago they finally spoke up and said enough is enough wrong these may be. no more and i feel like no more but not really seen john.
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farmers and. the. people accused of the drugs it is the one of these that has been i firmly believe that. he's involved in the illegal drug trade not only now but when they were. and it has become apparent that the targets of this water and drugs ofis. only though or. primarily fear in the hearts of the nation rights groups here say more than thirteen thousand filipinos have died since president through the good that they're to launched his so-called war on drugs and according to religious leaders they say his presidency has released a spawn of killings and a level of impunity and seen in recent decades here at this rally where thousands
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of showed up religious leaders are encouraging people to speak up they say it's time to speak out against extrajudicial killings and abuses of human rights the silence in the face of evil is to be an accomplished when. they all stood council only the government and for catalan ministers have been released on a strict conditions in belgium spain seeks the extradition that india turned themselves in following an arrest warrant from madrid of the holding of catalonia session referendum they would take a report from brussels. bruges tomorrow and four of his deposed cabinet ministers surrendered themselves at this police station in central brussels and were officially placed under arrest at nine seventeen sunday morning they were then transferred in a police van to the office of the brussels prosecutor but they were not put in handcuffs. an investigative judge has been appointed will now examine the case laid against them by the court in madrid who issued the warrants the investigative judge
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. refusal to execute the european arest. people involved freezing in the conditions under which the more has exercised his right on the belgian law to have the hearing conducted in flemish a belgian region of flanders has long shared catalonia bishan for independence some analysts say it's an attempt to politicize the whole process the legal procedures surrounding the european arrest warrant have been streamlined and reformed but it still could take up to sixty days before any extradition is carried out on in special circumstances up to ninety days but legal experts now say there are a limited grounds to resist the arrest warrants so there is for instance no grounds for for refusal based on the political nature of the old fence any more so this has been abolished here are two different grounds for refusal could be used one on the
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basis of a serious risk off infringement after mr president. human rights and the second ones on the basis of double criminality pushed him on his ministers are charged by madrid with rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds and of facing a maximum sentence of thirty years in jail the double criminality clause examines if those charges mean the same in both belgium and spain if they appeal on any of the grounds allowed under the european arrest warrant they will go before yet another judge in a bid to fight extradition chaytor al-jazeera brussels. thirty children have died in two days in a hospital under scrutiny northern india the b.r.d. medical college and pradesh said the causes of death were natural comes after seventy children died there were no against a lack of oxygen supplies was blamed then for that incident triggered protests
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against prime minister narendra modi's b j p party which rules state the sudanese government is being urged to take immediate action to take advantage of opportunities for the country's crippled economy last month the u.s. lifted most of its economic sanctions which had been in place for twenty years they had a devastating impact on sudanese trade in the moment ports in the capital khartoum . but her man has had his shop for more than thirty years but he says twenty years of u.s. sanctions slowed his trade and he's yet to see any improvements in the economy after the lifting of the sanctions a month ago when the sanctions consumption went down but the value of the dollar in the black market hasn't changed yet its availability is what brings its value down and that's not changed u.s. trade and economic sanctions were imposed on sudan in one thousand nine hundred seven after the u.s. accused it of human rights abuses and supporting terror that along with internal conflicts and the secession of south sudan in twenty eleven which had seventy five percent of the country's oil fields crippled the sudanese economy prices soared and
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haven't come down many shopkeepers say there's talks to on the shelves longer than they should and if you want to see why in officialdom why there are months when people don't it's not because there is no money it has to be prioritized on other things like school fees for example for most people prices remain on affordable sanctions may have been lifted from sudan but just like it took time to have an impact on the country's economy it's taking time for that impact to reverse until then many shoppers say they prefer to use their money only on basic necessities. the currency has weakened significantly since the sanctions the official rate used to be one point seven sudanese pounds to the dollar now it's six point six on the parallel black market the figure is more than three times higher at twenty two the government says it's working to change that i mean you know. from now on after the lifting of the sanctions and the ease of banking transactions the cost of
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importation will decrease we are also now implementing policies of the free market to increase production and provide opportunities for fair competition but analysts say more needs to be done to speed up a change in the economy. as a government has to attract those outside sudan to send their money through official channels on this requires improving the rates for those outside it also has to take away all obstacles to national production especially those that can't be exported photographer remembers his country before the sanctions has suffered during them and hopes he can now celebrate there and by seeing more sales people more going on to their khartoum unmarried couples in the east african country of burundi have until the end of the year to legalize their relationships in may president parent currencies are signed a new law which the government says will help protect women and create a more moral society but some disagree reports from.
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government once couples living together to register their marriages that means they must have a church or state sanctioned waiting before the end of the newlyweds place and. say the new law doesn't bother them they believe tying the knot officially is the right thing to do when you are not married it's like you are not complete. and when you get married now we feel to be complete. that's why it's necessary to be married that one who. i can sit here quickly and go to find somewhere someone out. government officials say the move will create a more moral society they insist a legal document recognizing a marriage helps protect women and children especially when it comes to issues such as inheritance after december a punishment to. those families. who are married if they will be fine.
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some of them will be taken to court. and. jailed is one of the world's poorest countries the world bank says by twenty eighteen the poverty rate will be eighty percent some people say they can't afford to marry getting married can be expensive some couples first have their traditional wedding where certain customs observes such as paying a price for the bride and then there's often the church wedding the ball can run into the thousands others say the new marriage law infringes on people's religious beliefs customs and practices the law stipulates a man can only legally register one wife. we can fight the government we have to respect the law but we will continue to try and convince the government to reconsider and remember that we as muslims it's our culture to have more than one one for. the legislation creates animosity and this empowers women in polygamous
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relationships. it will be unfair in other women if a man is was by law to register only one of his wives what happens to the other women in his life civil society activists say forcing people living together to marry is a violation of human rights government officials insist the crackdown on informal relationships will help reduce population growth and help monitor how many people are actually in the country how to al-jazeera. hundreds of environmental activists sopper testing ahead of the annual u.n. climate summit they gathered at polluting coal mine in the german city a bong where the talks will be held on monday ministers will gather for the first cup twenty three meeting since u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the landmark paris agreement on limiting emissions well fiji is presiding over the meeting and is particularly worried sixty eight villages are at direct risk from climate change and four have not been evacuated robert draper has more from one of the worst affected areas we've been
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speaking to a lot of the people here who used to live here they moved about four years ago and it's been very difficult for them what they're finding hard is the a motion no attachment that they used to have to this village a lot of their loved ones are buried here and there and see if there is and they had to leave them behind so that's been protect killelea difficult for the day also miss fishing in the sea two kilometers inland is quite a long wire so they missing without water fish however they say that it was the right decision four years ago water used to see high sea levels and also storm surges used to sweep through the village and under using their houses here and it got to be a very dangerous situation for the people it got to be worse and worse year after year they finally had no choice but to look to actually move now the people of fiji you can understand why they support the government who is leading the charge at the
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cup twenty three the un climate change conference and born because for them it's not just about a conference we are talking about the human face this is the front line of climate change it's affecting their lives. venezuela's deputy leader of congress has taken refuge in the chilean embassy for guevara is accused of inciting violence at anti-government protests on friday the supreme court lifted his parliamentary immunity so he could answer the charges the sixth venezuelan to seek protection at the chilean embassy in under three months the conflict in kashmir has a profound impact on the region's film industry many of the cinemas have been converted for other functions while residents of largely relied on d.v.d.'s and tapes to keep in touch with the latest artistic offerings but now a new festival is hoping to change all that by reviving the once strong cinematic tradition so i guess as more. it was meant to be a welcome distraction from reality
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a trip to the cinema and it was no different in srinagar once over the past thirty years the cinemas have served other functions including military camps and hospitals. it's a legacy from the early days of the indian administered kashmir separatist movement that's when a rebel group tigers shot down cinemas no movies were able to be screened anywhere student because he was found his friends say they feel they've missed out i think it's high time that the cinema should be reopened i mean we have been hearing from our father for father that they used to go to cinema watch movies watch two or three shows but. why have we been delayed from that entertainment but it's hoped the kashmir world film festival will change that and introduce a new generation of film fans to the pleasures of the big screen a generation that was brought up watching films on rented videotapes pirated c.d.'s and internet downloads and for the festival's organizer it's essential for
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kashmiris freedom of expression we have newspaper we have television we have radio channels coming up too are already coming so why is. our collecting behind. this a very strong medium and a wonderful art. it will be a challenge to restore the cinemas from the military base camps and the hospitals they've become but the hunger is there specially from younger people who want to experience film in its original form. al-jazeera. a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least twenty six people have been killed during a mass shooting at a church in the texan town of sutherland springs in the united states police say the gunman walked into the church during a service and opened fire at least seventeen others were injured in the attack
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including children the gunman is said to been challenged by a member of the church congregation and then fled no enforcement officials of the gunman was found dead later in a vehicle he apparently died of a gunshot the texas governor says the attack was unprecedented. there's a state we are dealing with. the largest mass shooting in our state's history. there are so many families who lost family members. fathers mothers sons and daughters the tragedy of course is worse another factor occurred in a church a place of worship where these people were innocently gunned down. and we mourn their loss. well the governor also attended a prayer vigil held to on of the victims of the mass killing more than one hundred people gathered after dark on a grassy street corner within sight of the church where the shooting occurred.
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sometimes meeting business leaders in japan as part of his asia tour he had lunch and played golf with japanese prime minister shinzo lobby tomorrow he'll meet political leaders to discuss north korea's nuclear weapons program in his address to business leaders he said trade with japan was not fair and open. donald trump's commerce secretary britain's queen elizabeth and a top aide to the canadian prime minister are among thousands named in a new leak of offshore financial documents the so-called paradise papers leak contains thirteen million files from the bermuda based law firm appleby. saudi arabia has shut down yemen's land sea and airports in response to rebel hoofy is flying a rocket into riyadh saudi arabia has also conducted air strikes against the who the run defense ministry and a square use of massive rallies in sana'a who has launched a ballistic missile into saudi arabia on saturday the group released this footage which they say shows the launch into riyadh it was aimed at the international airport at the saudi capital that was intercepted and shot down of what reached its
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target a saudi led coalition controls many of yemen's ports well those were the headlines and he's continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post that's watching. on counting the cost black gold big dreams in a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram go to future proof its economy to raise or not to raise a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenge is behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. it is a landmark moment in the investigation to russia but when you go to the metaphor don't want time to campaign germany's house was raided i think that they get at holy. ground right and the president responded there is no public option. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories were
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