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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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these are the things that. address or if you join us on saturday. with a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with a stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time. i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the news how many more times does it have to happen the question being asked again across america after another mass shooting
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this time a gunman killed twenty six people in church we will be live in texas for many a story about gun control when the loss of innocent lives plays out again also on the great donald trump's trip to asia is in the air right now on route to solve where the threat of a nuclear north korea is of course the big talking point also when the u.s. president is that plenty to say on in the past we're going to back through the prism of trump's favorite social media platform and. twenty three climate meeting in germany true this is the first big comic conference since the u.s. announced it was pulling out of the powers but the rest of the world is vowing to press on with its efforts to bring down global town. and britain's queen elizabeth and the singer bono are among thousands names the newly off. the boat all the reaction from around the world to the latest revelations of the power of this. the
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mohamed running your thoughts has hacked into you spend. you with the news grid live on air in streaming online through you tube live and at al-jazeera dot com and whether it's a gun control problem or as president trump has said a mental health problem the u.s. is dealing with the deaths of innocent people because of the actions of a lone gunman once again it happened at a sunday church service in southern springs texas at least twenty six killed in another sense this crime and with the gunman also dead very few clues so far as to why he did it the latest live in a moment with our correspondent in texas first a quick recap of the situation for my friends and.
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i am very. very family. just if. to stop or doing start to pray and see how we can serve. so you're yet another mass shooting in the united states and quite high on the list as well it's a list which is unpleasant to share but it's good context southerland springs as we go down you will see is the fourth deadliest incident in american history as you see only mandalay bay las vegas recently the pulse nightclub in florida and
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virginia tech back in two thousand and seven are higher but then you go further down the list and see all sorts of reminders sandy hook keep going there san bernadino as well not long ago the fort hood military base so many of these incidents right across the country affecting all sorts of people columbine remember that and just a horrible reminder that it does just keep on happening doesn't it so let's talk to jaime castro now who is live as we say in texas for a southern springs i mentioned before heidi the gunman is dead it leaves few clues is there any development on that sort of thing as far as motives go. take them all as far as police are saying they're not releasing any information on the cost of motive but there are reports that the gunman's parents in law are members of this church they happened to not be in attendance yesterday during the
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massacre police also did conduct a raid of a property associated with the gunman identified as twenty six year old devon kelley this property was in a neighboring county surrounded by fencing in a very rural area and neighbors there described over the last weeks and days hearing alarming sounds coming from kelly's home sounds of explosions and gunfire even bullets whizzing above their heads now the army is that rather the air force has released a statement saying that kelly was discharged on for bad conduct from the air force three years ago this was after he served a year in military jail for having assaulted his wife and his child now going off of that police are saying very little about what exactly motivated him to enter the southerland springs baptist church yesterday in the middle of sunday service and
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opened fire indiscriminately and without mercy on a congregation full of men women and children as you said twenty six people are dead heidi can you put us in the picture as to how it all ended as we said the gunman was killed but this wasn't perhaps how it usually plays out. well that's right and you mentioned at the beginning to that president donald trump said that this would. help that this gunman must have been mentally direct aged pro trump also went on to say that this wasn't a guns issue and as evidence he said it was because it was some bystanders who were . arm that may have put an end to this carnage and in fact they were to a pair of men that happened to be at the scene one exchanged gunfire with kelly as he was running out of the church and no other man happened to be driving by in a struck and those two teamed up chased cho kelly kelly then crashed his and which
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found him dead by police are uncertain whether he'll sell or whether he was shot by one of these bystanders but it is a difficult issue here is specially in the heart of texas is a very pro-gun pro-gun conservative state in the us where especially in rural areas like we are now it is very common it is a family tradition to not only know how to use guns but to carry them so this discussion which we always turn to after each mass shooting in the us of how this could have been prevented how could the shooter have been prevented from accessing the assault rifle but did you sound like such carnage that is once again being pushed down the road in st it's not the time to discuss it it's time to focus on mourning for those lost as we say how many more times right now struck in southern springs thank you. for this chat with ricky that's today how does this one play out
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online i'm wondering if people are outraged as usual or if they're also discovered this is ridiculous that we keep even having this conversation it's the second ok people are wondering why is nothing being done about this and people talking about it so much and again hashtags are now trending with gun control now gun sense and just another day in the usa these old sort of trending in the u.s. at the moment what does this cartoon that says weapon of choice when the second amendment or the rights of was ratified in seventeen ninety one the weapon of choice says we uphold the second amendment as you can see at the bottom of this picture here is very similar to the assault one full use by the shooter in texas. it was also this article by the atlantic and twenty fifteen which is trending right now as well with the headline the states with the most gun laws see the fewest gun related deaths and this graph as well the law from the from the center of the indoor of prevention of gun violence is getting a lot of traction as well it says that in mississippi louisiana and alaska they are
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ranked as the top three and all three states do not require a permit or background check to buy a gun now during the news conference earlier today with japan's prime minister shinzo abbay president trump was also about what can be done to curb gun violence following the texas child shooting this is how he responded the mental health is your problem here this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's a little bit soon to go into that but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse but this is a mental health problem at the highest level. those comments or followed by the
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trending hash tag living with mental illness is and jen says a living with mental illness is not an excuse to commit mass shootings trying to stop blaming mental illness for gun violence but there's also the debate about supporting the right to own guns the fox presenter tommy lauren posted this saying i didn't hear liberals asking for a truck back on off the last week's terror attack yet they think stripping away our gun rights is the answer now. now the argument being that the bad guy will remain a bad guy with a gun and that's with or without more gun regulations in place many are saying that it was a bad man that killed people in texas not the gun now adorned then tweeted in response to this saying that the structure of the most popular tweets today saying don't forget vegas although from what i can tell we have already seen that now we want to get your thoughts on what you think of the situation on gun violence in the u.s.
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send then you'll fall season the hash tag news great or you can this simply messaged me directly i'm not really mohammed thank you reveal the first comment i've seen here on facebook live as well maybe saying how could such a person be allowed to own guns given his record part of the story as part of the story how does someone even want to do this in the first place and it is the same questions over and over again isn't it hashtag a.j. news great israel said the facebook live stream is up and running at facebook dot com slash a.j. newsgroup comments as you watch or send us a message on whatsapp is passed on seven four five or one triple one four nine money has just said on facebook mental health is not the problem he is a terrorist and yes we always come up with this weird terrorist about whether a person is a terrorist if they've come from the united states or outside the united states all these questions as i say which keep happening over and over again. let's move on donald trump is wrapping up his first state visit to japan it was a state banquet held in tokyo hosted by the japanese prime minister shinzo abi as well as the first lady but the visiting president was still talking tough to hit
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out at japan over trade and promise to push for a fairer economic relationship between the two countries just a reminder quick look at where else president trump is heading because this is actually the longest asian tour undertaken by a u.s. president. so we had japan first of all with those talks on north korea and trade top the agenda he moves on to south korea next president moon jay in will be there for talks with him they will address the national assembly as well then the big one china to beijing president xi jinping will meet president trump there will be bilateral commercial cultural events all of those sorts of things then down to denying that the u.s. president will attend the asia pacific economic cooperation summit apec he stays in vietnam as well and heads up two hundred for talks the president trying by quoting and other vietnamese leaders and then. on the twelfth over to manila celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of asio on the association of southeast asian nations the
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summits the next day trump will meet president. to terror and then an extra day as well to attend the east asia summit which is a wider regional gathering includes the u.s. and india and russia and then off home to the u.s. so it is a big trip isn't it but south korea is the focus right now and donald trump is once again signaled he is considering military intervention when it comes to the north's nuclear weapons ambitions the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last. twenty five years look where we are right now well donald trump would argue probably that he's been warning about north korea for a while even well before any ideas of him becoming president i went through the trump twitter archive today which is a real website and this is the first one back in april twenty third saying he was
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saying that then president barack obama should be very careful with the twenty eight year old whack job in north korea i.e. kim jong un shortly before his inauguration he said it won't happen when it came to the idea of a weapon which could reach the u.s. and then the rhetoric began to change from does this guy have anything better to do with his life to military solutions are now fully in place locked and loaded and of course the references to rocket man which he also said at a speech at the un general assembly then we've got a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people and when the foreign minister spoke at the u.n. a veiled threat if he echoes the thoughts of the rocket man then he won't be around much longer so how does all of that go down in south korea itself you must wonder the place arguably at most risk from north korea or at least the closest tony berkeley has our report now from seoul. the u.s. has been flexing its military might for president trump's visit its state of the
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art u.s. b. one supersonic bomber has been flying close to the border with north korea in the western pacific three u.s. carrier groups stand ready and in japan stealth bombers are we move to within striking distance tensions have been on the rise on the korean peninsula since the u.s. president and kim jong un began their war of words the north korean leaders planning to produce an intercontinental ballistic missile tipped with a nuclear warhead that could hit the u.s. mainland trump has vowed to stop that happening some south koreans are worried the president's saber rattling could provoke a conflict. sorts of rhetoric increases the possibility of war rather than decreases it is behavior raises a question about his qualifications as the leader of a country. rather than pressuring north korea with rhetoric a dialogue should take place for a peace treaty between north korea and the u.s. that this crisis can be addressed. before war breaks out south korea will be put in a grave danger. conservative south koreans however who've lived through the war and
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under the threat of several unpredictable north korean leaders see president trump similarly unpredictable character as an asset he believes trump who is a bit irrational could be a factor in rational approaches taken under the clinton and obama administrations and not work that north korea developed a number of nuclear weapons new approaches like could solve the issue the threat of war is at its highest in years assessments commissioned by the us congress estimate that if conventional war broke out in korea twenty to thirty thousand people would die every day some koreans remember the terrible human cost of the last war which ended sixty four years ago nearly three million people were killed during the three years of the korean war one point six million of them were civilians and no one here is under any illusions about just what another war would mean. south korea's liberal president moon j. in insist that dialogue is the only way to resolve the crisis which donald trump
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has called appeasement and our policy is not an appeasement but a realistic one with no alternative taking military options to take out north korea's nuclear weapons which trump mentions in other words staging a war to end north korea's nuclear program would be a very foolish policy has been little rhetoric coming from the north korean leader recently state media has been releasing pictures of him focusing on economic development such as visiting farms and cosmetic factories but no one is discounting the possibility that behind the smiles he's planning something to mark donald trump's visit tony berkeley al-jazeera seoul having a look at the live on just before we head to london i'm a huge amount coming at the moment that i can see russell and jordan up there we're going to be talking to her shortly about the paradise papers forget the pentagon papers have moved on from bones now whole lot more revelations about tax evasion ok lauren tyler in london how more international news for you but yes thanks carol
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lebanon's justice minister says there will be no action on the resignation of prime minister saad hariri until he returns from saudi arabia hariri has been meeting king solomon in riyadh after announcing his resignation there two days earlier he quit citing fears of an assassination attempt against him than let's say regional politics maybe the real reason as i know how to report from beirut. this wasn't just an opportunity to talk the meeting between the saudi king so man and saddle had e.d. was as much an attempt to deny reports the lebanese prime minister had been detained by authorities in the saudi capital after he announced his resignation on saturday how did his political opponents have been suggesting he was forced to step down and is under house arrest in riyadh how did his decision to quit as prime minister brought down lebanon's coalition government a government that included hezbollah did blame hezbollah and its patron iran for meddling in arab affairs this plunged lebanon into
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a new political crisis and there are fears it may be at the forefront of the regional saudi iranian rivalry and lebanon are divided into similar parties similar is hawks one is poor and the other is proof that race which means if. things will be worth it can lead to confrontation between the two parties like what happened in two thousand two thousand and seven two thousand and which can happen that's why we should find a solution to keep or. it might be a while before that happens lebanon's president michel aoun has been meeting with representatives of the country's security agencies he is supposed to be holding parliamentary consultations to appoint a new prime minister but the constitutional process is now on hold. we have been told by the president that we won't take any decision before know what the
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circumstances of how do you just resignation from the prime minister himself it will be hard to find a prime minister to replace according to lebanon's power sharing he must be a muslim and if internal stability is to be maintained he must be a consensual figure able to bring the rival parties together but this is not just a lebanese internal matter. the saudi minister for gulf affairs ephemera upon says lebanon will no longer be the same after had resignation he says lebanese leaders have to choose between peace and terror in other words they have to move away from hezbollah a party that has allies members of government and parliament as well as an armed wing of the risk of an open ended political crisis is real and with that lebanon risks again being a battleground for others wars. beirut. gotta learn years deposed president has been released from police custody in belgium put him on and four of his former
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ministers handed themselves to police in brussels after spain issued a european arrest warrant. says he was freed under conditions and is expected to appear in court within fifteen days or has more from brussels. the charges for which the european arrest warrant was issued include rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds charges which carry a possible jail sentence of thirty years so extremely serious lots of people were wondering whether the five will actually start to a ploy for political asylum something that color's put him on said he wasn't interested in at the moment that's not an issue but there are several steps that could happen in the next couple of months for those five to appeal if in fact the belgian legal authorities decide to extradite them back to spain beyond that political asylum could buy them some more time although the very unusual for
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belgium to grant asylum to citizens of another e.u. country for the moment the politicians here are probably very grateful but it's not up to them to decide what happens it's purely a judicial matter it's extremely of course extremely divisive here and in spain zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his vice president and. the guy has actually removed one of the leading contenders to become his successor his wife grace is now the front runner ninety three year old mugabe has been president of zimbabwe for almost thirty years. for a politician in kenya has filed a petition at the supreme court to challenge the result of last month's presidential election rerun. i was reelected with almost ninety percent of the vote last month but turnout was below forty percent and polling was postponed in some areas because of violence and yet as main rival. has called the election
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a sham and is demanding another poll. one point two five million people across south sudan facing starvation twice as many as the same time last year increases prompted fears that the country could face famine by twenty eighteen aid agencies blame the worsening situation on south sudan's continuing conflict which is nearing its fifth year and has killed more than fifty thousand people as yet for me for a moment back now to come and our lovely lauren thank you for that there has been another huge lake of tax secrets of the ultra rich after two thousand and fifteen the panama papers remember those now we have the paradise papers a thirteen point four million page document revealing how some of the world's rich and famous invest their cash in offshore tax havens and that includes this lady here britain's queen elizabeth the second she voluntarily pays tax tax only on her private income but the papers reveal thirteen million dollars of her wealth is held in offshore havens though experts are saying those thirty million dollars worth of
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investments went illegal then there is what some are calling the hypocrisy of saint bono the front man of the irish rock band u two campaigns heavily for more taxpayer spending on international aid for example but he's apparently used a malta based firm to invest in a lithuanian shopping center again it's not illegal but using a low tax jew or dish jurisdiction does raise some eyebrows and a key aide to the can of the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has been linked to offshore schemes that may have cost canada millions of dollars in taxes particularly embarrassing because mr trudeau campaigned against tax havens let's widen this out a little bit more talk to rosalyn jordan who's live in washington d.c. for us. so many things to sift through in these papers but i've also seen stuff about the the commerce secretary of the united states is that correct. that's right come all wilbur ross is his name he is a billionaire he's a long time
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a multinational investor he has lots of interests that are basically set up in tax havens in the british caribbean of course it is legal but if when he became a public servant he had to basically divest himself of a lot of holdings he also had to make a declaration to the u.s. government about what he still have financial interests in this is all to make certain that someone such as a cabinet level official doesn't have any conflicts of interest when he or she is trying to represent the united states now the documents contained in the paradise paper suggest that because of his investment in a shipping concern this means that he may have some indirect ties to people at the highest levels of the russian government including with the person. go who is under
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u.s. sanctions for the russian invasion of crimea back in two thousand and fourteen well the commerce secretary has fought back against these revelations saying that he did reveal his financial holdings that he is trying to be as compliant with u.s. law as possible but ethics experts say that he may not have been living up to the spirit of the laws by not providing to the u.s. congress extremely detailed information about his existing financial holdings because of course with all the questions about whether russia interfered in the twenty sixteen presidential election this is raising new questions about whether wilbur ross might have inappropriate connections with people inside russia which is something that he adamantly denies quiz russia seems to come back to doesn't it thank you rose rose jordan is in washington d.c. there now we've got john christian with sin with us
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a director with tax justice network he's joining us via skype from london we thank you for your time bottom line here either. the queen justin trudeau bono anyone who's named in these papers it's not that they've necessarily done anything wrong or more to the point anything illegal is it. now we must be very careful here when people are engaged in tax avoidance we don't know whether what they're doing is legal or whether it illegal it might be illegal it might be illegal the only people who can know who to start that are the judges of a court of law so we've got to be very careful about the language we use here the only problem is it doesn't smell very good when the hate of states of so many leading countries are seen to be using structures which. jurisdictional the word seem to be using tactile humans which there's no question about that in
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a tax avoidance it doesn't look right to the public would they even necessarily know you know if you've got a lot of money and you've got a wealth management or a fund manager who looks after all these sorts of things they don't make the investments for you essentially that they. yes that's quite correct very wealthy people tend to use fund managers well managers exclusively but there is an important point here they will normally be asked by a professional wealth manager whether they want to be involved in any kind of risky or any activity which might affect their reputation and if you're a wealth manager operating on behalf of the queen of england for example you would like to think reasonably be expected to take particular care to ensure that nothing you did on behalf of your client was going to cause reputational risk and that it seems to me that someone special somewhere along the line here because this this particular case involving the queen of england is on the front pages of newspapers
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around the world now and regardless of whether it's legal strictly legal or illegal it's causing reputational harm to the client to someone somewhere along the line and done something wrong right john i've had a question we had a few questions actually from some of our viewers watching on facebook live one of the mother has said here are his thoughts the paradise papers won't have any impact on the big fish do you agree with that but really even though they get sort of named and shamed by their practices will probably continue. yes certainly the practices will probably continue but we mustn't be totally person mystic about this and since the panama papers for example which is only a year ago we seem to consider them strengthening your firm for international cooperation for example we now have a new global common reporting standard which shares information automatically between countries i want to turn person at their common reporting standard is is
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a perfect solution has got quite a number of major gaps which will no doubt be exploited but i think what's happening at the moment is quite positive in two respects first of all in all firms which are key players here are really worried because they know that very few of their data sets to be hacked as we see it with the paralyzed papers and so they do not want to be seen to be getting close. by shop being involved with corrupt practices starting the lawyers and coming under more pressure. but i also think that politicians are coming under great pressure and we can see democracy and pressure across the world and i think that pressure is going to force politicians to improve their game good talking to you john christiansen thank you for all of those thoughts and then she was off your thoughts coming in on facebook sorry sorry sorry as our side like to know what actual percentage of the paradise pipe as well is likely to be undeclared or illegal i'm actually looking for something on that
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because it's millions of pages worth of of information and we won't know quite to see if i think about that sort of split but it is a good point to make all right right here how have people reacted to this one outrage i'm going to guess a lot about raids and it's coming from all over the world and the stock ways have raised as far as indonesia australia pakistan denmark and serbia and there's been a huge conversation online with over five hundred thousand tweets just talking about the paradise but focusing on the u.k. . for a minute we already mentioned that britain's queen elizabeth has come under severe scrutiny off allegations that millions of pounds from a private estates or invested in the cayman island fund and there were a range of campaigners who responded by graeme smith tweeting here from the republic calling on the queen to be honest with the public over her financial affairs and here's a clip from the u.k. opposition labor party to german cool then speaking in parliament they had some
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very strong words about tax havens. earlier this year the public accounts committee sands the h m r c record of getting multimillionaires to pay their taxes was and i quote this vote on the super rich are getting help with their tax affairs but he's not available to all the taxpayers our schools budgets are being cut. more people waiting longer for treatment on the national health service moon elderly and disabled not getting the social care they need. does the prime minister think it is acceptable but when it comes to paying taxes there's one of those for the super rich i know that for the rest of us. from was indeed now in jones' question how others are being used as scapegoats as a result of economic austerity in the u.k.
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and bill adds that this is absolutely disgusting when every public service in the u.k. is under severe strain thanks to tory cuts and it was this image by joe matson which is getting a lot of traction right now paradise papers are another nail in three's a maze cough and he says it comes off the back of an announcement by the u.k. prime minister refusing to commit to a public register all the ownership of companies but she did say that there are new measures that are currently in place to create more transparency and we also heard from the apostrophe she is from the anticorruption campaign group called global witness and she says that there's a need to act to end corporate secrecy in the u.k. the paradise paper show once again how the u.k. tax havens are at the center of a dirty offshore system here at global witness we are saying that the u.k. government is complicit in creating the system as long as it doesn't act to end this type of secrecy in its overseas territories and require them to open up
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ownership of anonymous companies and trusts much of the story has focused on tax but this is also about corruption and money laundering the very same vehicles that are used to avoid tax are the ones used for corruption and money laundering. let's shift our attention to india where it's now being ranked nineteen out of the one hundred eighty countries represented in this data and seven hundred fourteen people have been listed disclosing financial details of politicians corporations as well as well known celebrities and it sparked an uproar after a highly publicized crackdown on untaxed wealth this is something that indians are calling black money and some of those at the top of the list were diantha sin hell this is india's minister of state for aviation now according to the india express while working for the investment fund he served as the director of the solar company with a subsidiary in the cayman islands as it has defended his work as entirely legal
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and has done this on behalf of a former company and not for personal profit now another one is india's politician one of india's richest politicians says this is a revenge arche short saying here's a video about to show you of him being confronted by a journalist from the asian news international after revelations that he has links to two offshore companies he said nothing but he did write a note in hindi which translates to a quote he is observing a period of silence for seven days now according to the investigations and here is the founder of a private security company in operations taking place in india as well as australia and he did provide a response to the indian express paper saying he has no direct interest in the asia pacific holdings that this was one of the companies mentioned in the paradise papers. now we have on corresponded to his response saying that the m.p.'s explanation was either satisfactory nor sufficient how these
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revelations are just even more embarrassing for india given that the government is desperately trying to drive that number of people who pay income tax and it's currently sitting at just over one percent now we're also tweeting where members of the opposition congress party this is from priyanka. put things into perspective by saying that the power of paper has had no action or investigation and within your ranking nineteen out of one hundred eighty countries what does this say about clean governance we have to get your reaction to the paradise papers something your thoughts on the hashtag aging is great or you can the simply message me directly. thank you rick a little background reading for you here dates back to the panama type as you can see but it's relevant to this life as lake two because while it all might sound outrageous as we've said this kind of tax avoidance is often completely legal this is from a former business editor who wrote this called why some of this is perfectly legal search for panama is it out of there about com you'll find that one and it's also
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a good inside story on this again from a few years ago but the issues don't change. and if we've got that one there anyway mike hanna moderated that one on the. legality vs morality of tax avoidance inside story. if you want you know some facebook life story of environmentalist to protect the habitat of the world's smallest primates coming up. and so ahead on the grid top twenty three the annual global climate conference is happening in germany that fiji is presiding over its next prime minister's call for action as far as the effects of climate change. welcome back we'll look at weather conditions across the levant and western asia you see the cloud which is a result in some heavy showers across parts of turkey and this area of cloud which
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is all breaking out further towards the east look at the forecast clouds across parts of israel through into iraq but really is see some showers developing as we head on through into wednesday pushing towards the southern side of the caspian sea beirut in lebanon now not too bad twenty four degrees in the sunshine and fine conditions in kuwait city with temperatures no more than thirty degrees celsius temperatures in the arabian gulf region looking generally good thirty three degrees in doha on the other side the potential is pretty hot there meco thirty seven degrees heading on to wednesday temperatures edging back slightly you know says chance and wanted to share a southern portion of the red sea in through the gulf of aden region may see some clouds affecting salaam times but it should stay dry into southern portions of africa you see the cloud across angola as really northwestern parts lying go to well i cloud is yielding some showers otherwise for much of the region it's looking dry and fine just a chance of a shower for the eastern cape property warm for durban at nineteen degrees but thirty in johannesburg heading on through into wednesday germany fine conditions
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twenty eight in in madagascar . everything to do is being analyzed it's being way to measure that's what intelligence agencies are tough to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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and what's. the power of us papers you already know that why should you care to find out. what our correspondence. i must ask if you came up with that so good so much for you to read there at al-jazeera come have a look what you what's trending. egypt's presidential elections are expected to be held as early as february be preferred presidential vote since the revolution against president hosni mubarak back in two thousand and eleven that revolution of course the ousting of mubarak during what became known as the arab spring but since then egypt's really got pretty much full circle isn't it with the military general abdel fattah el-sisi taking office in two thousand and fourteen with maybe ninety seven percent of the vote the latest development though is this the intention to run in next year's vote by a prominent egyptian lawyer. here is
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a quick rundown on how that is viewed as president sees his biggest competition is a human rights lawyer who also ran on the twenty twelve presidential election there are reports out he has been to. talks with leaders of secular parties on fielding a joint candidate perhaps early this year the forty four year old reversed a controversial government decision to hand over control of two red sea islands to saudi arabia but when he was sentenced to three months in prison after a photograph was taken from celebrating that court victory eight members of that left wing bread and freedom party were also detained on charges including misusing social media to incite against the state and also insulting the president so with that background we now talk to someone who is an associate professor of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma were also editor of is the most politics in the middle east nice to see you again sam are used to seeing you here in doha or actually but nice to have you with us is this the real deal mr nice speaking with
6:43 pm
you is he the real deal or is this what some people might look at in sort of democratic window dressing in egypt where as we said president says he got ninety seven percent of the vote last time anyway. well it's definitely not window dressing in the sense that this is not orchestrated by the regime to look pretty and democratic for the international community rally dali is the real deal in the sense that he is a genuinely popular to some extent left of center labor and human rights lawyer who's been active in egyptian politics for over a decade as you mentioned against the mubarak regime critical of the supreme council of the armed forces when they came to power critical of mr morsi when he was elected and as you mentioned he ran in that election in two thousand and twelve egypt's only democratic presidential election didn't do very well not getting enough votes to be even in the top five or six and he has been a thorn in the side of this regime calling for more democratic freedoms decrying individuals who have been arrested unjustly and so on and so this is
6:44 pm
a kind of challenge to the regime i think this shows the extent that there is still opposition in egypt despite the closing of political space severely the thing is if we were having this conversation pre c.c. i would have said yeah probably a chance here we will have the sort of support but as i said earlier age it since the revolution that is pretty much gone full circle back to those days of one strongman in power and people seem to be and correct me if i'm wrong largely happy with that or content at least and i wonder how much of a threat he can really be. well i don't think that he is a threat that's not what i said i mean he's the real deal in that he is genuine he is sincere and so on but as you implied and as your skepticism shows he has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning precisely for the reasons that you said this is an autocratic state and in fact he is likely to be disqualified on
6:45 pm
a legal basis precisely because of that charge that is being investigated now and is in the courts about disrespecting the judiciary and presidency so there is absolutely zero chance of valid ighly becoming president for that reason and for other kinds of reasons with regard to mr cc's popularity you're right there's still a segment of the society that thinks he's very popular and so on but as many know he's also taken incredibly painful economic measures having to do with floating the egyptian pound tightening or reducing subsidies and this has caused a great deal of anguish and economic difficulty among millions of egyptians twenty percent of the population is living below the poverty line already so there is reason and grounds for criticism and ferment there. some good to talk to you and thank you for noting my skepticism as well sums up how to joining us from oklahoma now it looks like twenty seventeen will be one of the three warmest years on record
6:46 pm
a very worrying announcement from the un's weather agency made at the opening of the cup twenty three climate change conference in germany of course these talks happen every year but this is the first one since president donald trump decided to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement which was struck at cup twenty one two years ago up twenty three aiming to drastically cut the use of fossil fuels this century and switch to wind solar and other clean and n.g.'s off we go to buy up twenty three there is our environment and clock me. about they are very much just top twenty three it's hard to believe we've had twenty three years in these climate conferences only any further for probably we are we have the pairs agreement it was fortune two thousand and fifteen that whole thing of keeping global warming below two degrees celsius increases for best one point five degrees celsius and this conference is all about implementing the rule book you know somebody talked about
6:47 pm
this government is being is like the having the i phone ten we got the instruction manual everybody here is trying to write the instructions for the parents agreement and that's what they're all hard at work doing right now will be doing for the next fortnight now germany the host nation has a great renewable record it's done a lot to push renewables forward very good green credentials but what a lot of people don't know is it it still relies very heavily on the coal industry when i visited the polish border to see a coal mine that. place of the polish border in the german province of a landscape dominated by open cost mining they've been producing coal his since eight hundred forty four and germany still carves out hundreds of thousands of tons every day this from a country which bills itself one of the planet's most climate friendly nations in recent years there has been an enormous upsurge in the use of renewables here in
6:48 pm
germany especially when. coal still represents forty percent of the total energy mix moving from germany's coal fired power stations years and years coal. the lignite mine here it's cheap but it's more carbon than anything else. renewables cover around a third of the country's electricity demand but there's a view that the coal truth is hidden behind the curtain of germany's green energy revolution emissions actually a not dropping over the last two years we have seen basically constant emissions not increasing missions but constant emissions in the power sector by two thousand and twenty the government wants to recused emissions roughly minus forty percent compared to the level of one thousand nine hundred so without a phase out of coal it's quite simple this goal cannot be achieved. but some
6:49 pm
believe germany's climate promises were too ambitious a transition away from coal must be done slowly and cautiously. so. we need to bear in mind that we cannot stop our industrial and economic life just to save carbon dioxide they will need spirit justing of goals a realistic one option is to replace old power plants with new ones to reduce emissions meanwhile the threats of thousands of job losses has not encouraged germany's politicians to commit to ditching coal but that could change seen problem is that the old government because they couldn't decide whether they go hundred percent renewables or not put a ceiling on new renewable power plants and if you lift the ceiling again there's no problem of guaranteeing electricity in the german net the big thing is to actually talk about and then do the final transition step of phasing out of coal together with the regions which are highly involved in this process as
6:50 pm
a bold new conference begins chancellor merkel knows her nation has a filthy habit that she might be forced to kick by fast tracking a way out of germany's dependence on coal. well the green party certainly have a very good opportunity there to try to extract some leverage out of chancellor angela merkel let me introduce you to our guests now. who's now with the w w f it has great experience of these conferences because you actually presided over the lehman conference back in two thousand and fourteen you know very well how these work and also the former environment minister for her to tell us about this conference knowing the challenges that you went through when you were president the fijian presidency this time what kind of issues are they going to face look we should understand that this call it is important because it is the for so long we implement a very significant and we should suffer due consideration of the bodies have been has brought us i believe in good framework but we said. there will be defused
6:51 pm
so this is the timing we are going to have that decision why we call for full what we. call it that these tanks date of dialogue currently hold. because. it will be. day to day. basis. take. these bonds. what they have got over likes to the m.d.c. they cannot now given the situation here with the president trying to say that he's going to pull out of the paris agreement but there's still a u.s. delegation here kind of impact do you think that will help the momentum appears fortunately not too much and let me say that it is not just optimism it is releasing let me book through it tom after the u.s. announcement. we see all the parties have remained of the no mistake that mostly
6:52 pm
done just for a show give us a quick check of the media and see how you'd be. released this is statement under the. name in. it d c. no mistake to get into that it is showing that despite of these political flicks no need to look at movie like i said ten o'clock but then he will do more to tell what happened in italy in daegu saving and he come to see that you point me in distance to meet despite of the group's announcement and also do we really create tempted to stick to that climate he makes all the years of the word decided to face death from it and move to canada to get the full ok what you hope to hear to the cop to the street we're going to have the same but not small have to leave it there i'm sure to jump on the phone we need in a good way to thank every man who knows how these things work around here like to thank you nick for that and if you search for coke twenty three down to zero dot com you can read nic's report
6:53 pm
a notebook entry the first of many things i expect he will be falling from the environment it is nick's specials he's been reporting on of the years reporter notebooks or in the more menus and al jazeera dot com time for sports with sana and you talking about friendly things well not so fans are here to and of all explain to them and to national full could be set for some major changes in europe us a has taken the decision to replace a meaningless of friendlies with a new competitive league sorting in september next year and now fisa could take the concept of globally well it's currently international week and many european teams will be facing teams from around the world in friendlies but once of the nations a league begins european clubs that will compete in the few competitive tournament which is in addition to will cup in europe qualifiers and here's how the new competition will work. wall fifty five a european teams a will be divided the into four leagues a b. c. and d.
6:54 pm
a will contain the best teams and d. the worst or league a will include the likes of germany portugal and spain with teams competing to be crowned the nations league champions countries a wall be promoted and relegated between the league is similar to how domestic club competitions work it is this it will begin in september of an even dated year and will conclude in the following year it means a new champion will be crowned every two years the competition will also provide an alternative route to the european championships and more on that i'm joined by lee wellings in london the first of all four years will football has looked for a solution to make international mancala fires that mean something is this the solution do you think it's a great idea. long term it might be a good solution and i actually there are a lot of merits to this idea shows how we have to accept it's incredibly confusing and it's going to take time to settle in because of course this competition will
6:55 pm
run similar tiny asli with things like in europe the qualification for major tolerance to two things happening effectively at the same time what does go yes is international friendlies i think we've all grown there is that there actually are seems a chore now with the rise of card football in a way and people actually miss card football it goes in the international breaks come about yes it's really important when nations are trying to qualify for world cup or that domestic tournament but i actually we've got to a stage now where just any old international friendly isn't doing it for the public in most countries so you can see where they're trying to change things it's just a very complicated process and it will take time the other good thing about it i think is actually trying to make less mismatched games we've all become a little bit fed up of mismatch games that's not disparaging at all to smaller countries that should get a chance ultimately of qualifying for big tournament but you don't want to see teams winning eight nine ten no two regularly you're saying it's a bit of
6:56 pm
a complicated process we try to explain earlier on does anyone have an idea how it works really. you had a really good crack at it because it's so difficult is about fifty five teams in europe for instance and imagine spacing them into those forty years if you concentrate on one of the cities they say the top on if you expect nations like spain and france and italy in that so there are twelve teams in that top tier there would be promotion and relegation there be quite a few matches between these two interest what happens is they split again so you'd get say three nations in the same group or four nations in the same group and i would play each other over the course of the international dates in a year where possible eventually there are such things as finals eventually you bring in the potential global aspect as two hundred twenty three nations and having had the regional qualifiers by come together for effectively like like a world cup finals but having played on odd years like twenty twenty one would
6:57 pm
conceivably be the first one twenty twenty three so really you know why it's a rival to the world cup in a way when we get to the finals it could be quite exciting but when you actually go and watch a nation ply i'm not sure everyone's going to have a clue what's going on here quickly is there any concerns on how this competition well impacts european championship cause. there's always a little bit of a concern that chile you'll find in my generation that's really failed in qualifying and doesn't deserve to qualify through this can be given a second chance is that fair i don't particularly think so if you failed you failed . us live from london thank you very much for that while you can tell us what you think of the nation's league if it's a good idea to eat me at santa h. on the school sports i'll be back with more at eighteen g.m.t. but for now i had to back to come oh thank you so i know nothing about football but when les willing to explain that and your son as well i do understand it's settled in for the newsgroup here's how you get in touch with us you know the hash tag. but
6:58 pm
we are active on all these platforms twitter and call that out there every day at facebook dot com slash the live stream in the whatsapp number seven four five one tricky one four nine for your comments your questions and any contribution video or anything to help us to story thanks for joining us we'll see you right back here in studio fourteen around here fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. high-pockets oh is it allison when they're on line me what in hurricane winds for
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almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york it has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile intent stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. for twenty three years musson has collected objects he cons along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. marching music such as this time on al-jazeera. the psalms and archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes
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a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called multicultural meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office and get here build because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture. i pursued. i just did what i thought was the right day. the possible i hailed a hero for chasing the texas church gunman as vigils are held for the victims.


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