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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it part of life it's culture. i pursued. i just did what i thought was the right day the possible i hailed a hero for chasing the texas church gunman as vigils held for the victims.
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of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.s. and japanese leaders say the time is over for strategic patience with north korea. lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri meets saudi arabia's king solomon two days after he resigned. and the host of the un climate change conference come under fire over their own environmental promises. i know a man who confronted and chased a gunman at a texas church says he was just doing what he thought was right at least twenty six people including children were killed in sunday's attack the man told reporters he was driving near the church in southern springs when he saw the shooter. i did what i thought i needed to do which is they said that there's
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a shooting i pursued and i just did what i thought was the right day. vigil has been held for those killed in sunday's shooting dozens of people held candles at a gathering across the street from the first baptist church in southern springs how does your caster has me. beat a sunday gathering of christian worshippers turned horrific when a man dressed in full combat gear walked in and opened fire he was dressed in all black suspect across the street to the church exit is big and began firing at the church the suspect then moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire . that suspect enter the church and continued to far as he exited the church a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect the suspect dropped his rifle which it was a ruger they are assault rifle and fled from the church more than two dozen people
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were killed at least twenty more injured in a town of fewer than nine hundred the death toll made up a startling portion of the population members of the community gathered here to hold a candlelight vigil well into the night to remember those lost if pakistan has a family or a family so when it's just it promised to stop or do it start to pray and see how we can serve and that's what you're seeing right here in this community is rallying around these folks and so we're just going to try to do our best to comfort him and minister how we can but the communities pain here is deep the pastor and his wife were out of town but their fourteen year old daughter is among the dead other children including a five year old were also killed the eldest victim was seventy two investigators say the gunman was devon kelly a twenty six year old man who lived in
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a neighboring county he led police on a brief vehicle chase after the shooting before being found dead so far no motive has been found we are only hours into this medication which is going to take a significant length of time we will continue to provide to provide information as it becomes available we know you're going to have a lot of questions there are many many that we cannot answer us president donald trump speaking from a trip to asia condemned the attack americans do what they do best we pull together . we join hands we lock arms and just through the tears and through the sadness. we stand strong oh so strong the church regularly posts video of its sunday services raising the possibility the massacre may have been captured on camera this clip is from a week ago we have gathered in this place may you be able to look down from heaven and say those are my children. they gather together in my name and worship me
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capturing the last days of peace before tragedy when is your question joins us now from southern springs or heidi that's been further reaction from donald trump. there has loren spoke at a joint news conference with prime minister shinzo abi in japan earlier today and he anticipated the turn of the conversation as follows each mass shooting in the united states the question of gun control and whether more tight gun laws may have prevented this. mental health is your problem here and this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's
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a little bit soon to go into it but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse but this is a mental health problem at the highest level. and honey any more information about the gunman's motive. nothing from police so far lauren that we are expecting a briefing shortly there are reports though that the gunman's parents in law were attendees of this church they were not present at yesterday's service however police have also identified a property that belonged to the scum and they have combed it over for evidence no word yet on what was found but according to neighbors there they had heard sounds of explosions and gunfire for the days and weeks before this massacre or and i think you heard castro thank you very much indeed. he was president has wrapped up
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his trip to japan where he met prime minister shinzo abhi at the nuclear threat posed by north korea dominated talks with both feet is agreeing the time for dialogue is over but will trump now had to seoul as part of his twelve day visit to asia scott hartnell reports from tokyo. during his two days in japan there's no question that president trunking prime minister they have grown close as friends from calling the relationship extraordinary calling trump a precious friend and they have also strengthen the alliance between the two nations to a level not seen before but it's not just because they like each other after a summit meeting on monday they both underlined why they think that alliance is critical standing together against north korean aggression. there's no point in dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north korea now is the time not for dialogue but for applying maximum pressure on north korea we completely agreed that for north korea to change its policy japan and the u.s.
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must take leadership closely collaborating with the international community so that we can enhance pressure on north korea through all possible means the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last twenty five years look where we are right now the two agreed more pressure needs to be applied to north korea saying that should come from russia and china prime minister announced tougher unilateral sanctions against north korea assets of thirty five people and groups will be frozen earlier today the president and first lady milan a truck met the japanese emperor akihito and empress michiko at the imperial palace japanese citizens abducted and taken to north korea is an issue prime minister has worked to keep alive a way of showing strength against the provocations of north korea and something he
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wanted to highlight with president trump in town the leaders met with a group of abductee family members and one abductee who was returned to japan fifteen years ago most of those taken have been gone for thirty to forty years this trade was also discussed in trouble again raise the question of the trade deficit between the u.s. and japan we've started the process and it's gone on for a long time but i know that we will be able to come up with. trade deals and trade concepts that are going to be fair to both countries the first leg of president trumps trip to asia drew to a close with a state dinner the next stop seoul on tuesday got hotter al jazeera took. eleven is justice minister says there will be no action over the resignation of promises saad hariri until he returns from saudi arabia hariri has been meeting
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king solomon in riyadh after not seeing his resignation that two days earlier he quit citing fears of an assassination attempt against him but analysts say regional politics may be the real reason as in how to reports from beirut. this wasn't just an opportunity to talk the meeting between the saudi king so man and saddle had e.d. was as much an attempt to deny reports the lebanese prime minister had been detained by authorities in the saudi capital after he announced his resignation on saturday how did his political opponents have been suggesting he was forced to step down and is under house arrest in riyadh how did his decision to quit as prime minister brought down lebanon's coalition government a government that included hezbollah did blame hezbollah and its patron iran for meddling in arab affairs this plunged lebanon into a new political crisis and there are fears it may be at the forefront of the regional saudi iranian rivalry. and lebanon are divided into similar parties
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similar as hawks one is. and the other is proof that race which means if. things will be worth it that can lead to confrontation between the two parties like what happened in two thousand and six two thousand and seven two thousand and which can happen so that's why we should find a solution to keep or. it might be a while before that happens lebanon's president michel aoun has been meeting with representatives of the country's security agencies he is supposed to be holding parliamentary consultations to appoint a new prime minister but the constitutional process is now on hold. we have been told by the president that we won't take any decision before you know what the circumstances of how do you just resignation from the prime minister himself it will be hard to find a prime minister to replace according to lebanon's power sharing he must be
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a muslim and if internal stability is to be maintained he must be a consensual figure able to bring the rival parties together but this is not just a lebanese internal matter. the saudi minister for gulf affairs ephemera upon says lebanon will no longer be the same after had resignation he says lebanese leaders have to choose between peace and terror in other words they have to move away from hezbollah a party that has allies members in government and parliament as well as an armed wing of the risk of an open ended political crisis is real and with that lebanon risks again being a battleground for others wars. beirut saudi arabia has warned iran it will not tolerate any infringement on its national security after a ballistic missile target in the capital riyadh on saturday. by iran backed rebels from inside yemen and was aimed at riyadh's international airport saudi forces shot
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down before it hit describing it as an act of war. so how come when i was there from donald trump's commerce secretary to britain's queen elizabeth two aides of canada's justin trudeau on the expensive offshore financial information leaked in the paradise papers. and iraq's highest court last month secession vote illegal. welcome back across central and southern parts of china and taiwan weather conditions general looking too bad they were going to see rain pushing into in the course of choose day into food issue across taiwan and probably into hong kong too it's looking fine for annoyed there with sunshine and twenty five degrees but the
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risk of showers i think will increase along the coast during the course of whedon's day brighter conditions following on behind for hong kong and fuzhou and we've got relatively quiet weather across laos and through into me and our plenty of sunshine likely here temperatures into the low thirty's across into southern asia and here we've still got very heavy rain across the far south of india and into parts of sri lanka about fifty millimeters per day being recorded at the moment and that's where the rain will continue it's only moving south it's very slow research and i could be quite wet once again but for much of india for bangladesh nepal and across into pakistan weather conditions are dry and fine temperatures just below thirty there in delhi now here in the arabian peninsula it's still relatively quiet again humidity still lived on the high side for the gulf states but very pleasant weather thirty three degrees here in doha on the other side of the plane it's looking pretty warm still from mecca and he respects the top temperature of thirty seven degrees.
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on counting the cost black gold big dreams and a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram culture futureproof its economy to raise or not to raise a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenge is behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on i just sit. there in your mind of the top stories when i was there
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a vigil has been held for victims of sunday's church shooting in southern and springs in texas which killed twenty six people including children. u.s. president all trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abyei say the time for talk with north korea is over trump has been on a visit to japan as part of a tour of asia. and never ends and justice minister says there will be no action there with the resignation of prime minister said hariri until he returns from saudi arabia. documents leaked to a german newspaper appear to show that thousands of the world's richest people have previously unknown investments held an offshore companies it's been reported that donald trump's secretary of commerce wilbur ross has ties to russian business is linked to people close to president vladimir putin and it appears that britain's queen elizabeth has avoided paying tax thanks to money funneled through offshore tax havens and hunt has more on the so-called paradise papers.
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more than thirteen million files taken mostly from the offshore law firm epilepsy and leaked to the same german newspaper that took hold of the panama papers last year this new release shedding light on who was secretly investing huge amounts of money in offshore tax havens there's a new global industry that caters to money that moves around the world and this money to tax havens and it used to evade taxes to hide assets to steal money if you are going to crime if you buy large businesses the paradise papers are being poured over by around one hundred different media outlets newspapers broadcasters from around the globe and over the next week they'll be disclosing their findings so why so much interest well first up the money involved here is huge boston consulting group estimates ten trillion dollars is held in these
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offshore financial centers and while most of us know them as text havens few of us actually use them that's because around half of that ten trillion dollars is concentrated not in the rich but in the mega rich think zero point zero zero one percent of households and while in most cases putting your money offshore and outside of your country's financial regulations is legal many argue hiding from the text men is unfair and critics say governments have been slow to deal with it. but it's more than an equality and a lack of fairness the offshore financial system is also incredibly secretive arguably enabling the wealthy and the powerful to hide their dealings and break the law very difficult when somebody is using five or six different offshore jurisdictions to get a true picture what they're really doing and in countries need that because law enforcement not easy to cross borders but crime can cross borders so this ross
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please come forward in day one of the disclosures and overdye they have been some big names donald trump's commerce secretary wilbur ross with apparent links to russian businesses and made to canadian prime minister justin trudeau using offshore havens to not pay text at home and revelations around the investments of queen elizabeth the second the law firm epa b. insists they reznor no evidence of wrongdoing but legal or not as more information rolls out the public will be assessing with the what's being done is ethical even appropriate or maybe given who's involved just not a good look down the hall and to zero one the senate's going to rosen jordan in washington so ross what's will rush be saying about this. well the commerce secretary has been saying both in a written statement as well as in a couple of television interviews that he didn't do anything wrong he said that
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once he was nominated to become commerce secretary that he disclosed under the extent of u.s. law what needed to be disclosed about his financial holdings he said he divest it of some things and he calls it basically ridiculous that anyone would accuse him of basically consorting with people from a country which has been problematic politically for the united states there have been a lot of questions as we know about whether russia has been interfering in u.s. politics most notably in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but mr ross has told interviewers that he has done what is legally appropriate that in the case of his investment in a company called navigator which does business with a russian firm that ships natural gas around the world that he had no direct dealings with the russian company and certainly that he is in favor of trumpet
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ministration efforts to hold the government in moscow accountable for its behavior such as in syria such as in ukraine and in other places so essentially wilbur ross is arguing this is much ado about nothing but it is raising criticism here in the united states about whether he and others in the trumpet ministration have been one hundred percent forthcoming about their financial dealings and about other contacts they may have had with russian officials again because of the concern of russian interference in the us political system. if our government decided to sanction them that would be a different story the government has not so thus far made the determination to sanction so there's nothing wrong with that the fact that it happens to be called a russian company does not mean that there's any evil in it were there
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is evil is the misstatement that i did not disclose those holdings in my original form. as a rose he says he's done nothing wrong how much trouble is wilma ross in name ines . well there is some criticism coming from democratic senators who say that he should have been more more forthcoming about his international financial holdings while he was going through the confirmation process to become commerce secretary but some analysts have also pointed out that senators did question him about his role when he was involved with the bank of cyprus which is a has done a lot of business with rich russian people but they didn't specifically ask him about the work that navigator was dealing with russian companies including the one that has very close ties to the leadership of lot of mir putin the russian president so this really is
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a matter of watching to see whether there's enough political uproar here in washington to see whether his job is going to be in jeopardy but clearly there seems to be some competition for that because they're trying to deal with tax reform in this country there also again debating the question of gun control and so the what happens with wilbur ross could end up falling by the wayside because there's only so much bad with as it were here in official washington doesn't john thank you very much. a former politician and business been in kenya is challenging the result of last month's presidential run senior opposition figure john haroon wow has filed a petition in the supremes court president who can yet or was reelected with almost ninety eight percent of the vote after his main rival while loading the refused to stand turnout was below forty percent of polling was postponed in some areas because of violence a dingo called the election a sham and has demanded another poll less than
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a day before polls are due to open liberia's presidential runoff election has been postponed indefinitely by the supreme court until a legal challenge can be resolved by president joseph or cry and former international footballer george where had been a shuttle to go head to head after finishing first and second in last month's election at the liberty party his candidate came third is alleging irregularities and voting fraud manager says fine developments from outside the supreme court in the capital monrovia. well justices of the supreme court agreed with the complainant charles brown skin one of the candidates in the last election that due process was not followed before the election commission went ahead to announce a date for the runoff and candidates who are going to participate in that are now for the election as well as announcing that the importation and distribution of election materials for the run of has already commenced the judge said no forced the election commission needs to do that action to do with
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a complaint brought before it by the candidate of the liberty party now what is not clear at the moment is how how fast the election commission will be able to do that and to the satisfaction of the complainant and whether or not the complainant will still come to this court and file his objections to whatever outcome it will add that there will come from the investigations by the election commission. is saying that there are a lot you know you lot of just in the terms of election and it was wrong for the election commission to go ahead with the runoff and the supreme court to stop the runoff from taking place and that the judges of the supreme court agreed now what is not clear is how this will impact on the political transition in this country a new president is expected to be sworn in by mid january next year now what is not clear is if the election commission will be able to handle and treat this case such as structurally that will allow for the runoff to take place between the two leading candidates of the last election iraq's highest court has reacted to the
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non-binding session last month a spokesman said no regional province can break away from iraq baghdad government had asked for legal clarification after what it called a misinterpretation of the constitution that led to the controversial vote. the kurdish regions prime ministers urged the iraqi government to hold talks to solve the crisis warning that military action would be counterproductive and they also promised to cooperate with baghdad as long as it agrees to pay seventeen percent of the oil budget to the kurdish region. or jordan that we reiterate their payrolls of our employees are ready and we are ready to hand them over to baghdad if they are serious about paying them we also confirm that we are ready to hand over oil files and all other issues to baghdad so we can have a serious dialogue but seeking a military solution pressure and mentality of winners and losers is wrong and it will hurt the iraqi people zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his vice
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president. who governs action removes one of the leading contenders to become his successor is wife grace is now the front runner ninety three year old mugabe has been president of zimbabwe almost thirty years catalonia is deposed president kalus bridgeman has been released from police custody in belgium which a man and four of his former ministers have themselves into police in brussels on sunday after spain issued a european arrest warrant which demands lawyers says he was freed under conditions and is expected to appear in court within fifteen days. despite being seen as something of a pioneer in the fight against climate change germany has a huge dependency on one of the dirtiest of all fossil fuels brown coal and the host country for this year's climate talks is on target to fail to live up to its own promises clark reports for a safe here. place of the polish border in the german province of
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a landscape dominated by open costs mining they've been producing coal has since eight hundred forty four and germany still carves out hundreds of thousands of tons every day this from a country which bills itself one of the planet's most climate friendly nations in recent years there has been an enormous upsurge in the use of renewables here in germany especially when. coal still represents forty percent of the total energy mix and more than germany's coal fired power stations using coal. the lignite. here in shape but more than anything else. renewables cover around a third of the country's electricity demand but there's a view that the coal truth is hidden behind the curtain of germany's green energy revolution emissions actually a not dropping over the last two years we have seen basically constant emissions not increasing missions but constant emissions in the power sector by two thousand
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and twenty the government wants to read use the emissions roughly minus forty percent compared to the level of one thousand nine hundred so without a phase out of coal it's quite simple this goal cannot be achieved but some believe germany's climate promises were too ambitious a transition away from coal must be done slowly and cautiously. need to bear in mind that we cannot stop our industrial and economic life just save carbon dioxide they will need spirit justing of goals a realistic one option is to replace all power plants with new ones to reduce emissions. meanwhile the threats of thousands of job losses is not encourage germany's politicians to commit to ditching coal but that could change soon michael may have won the last election but she's in negotiations with the green party to help to form a government and the green party after months problem is that the old government
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because they couldn't decide whether they go hundred percent renewables or not put a ceiling on new power plants and if you lift the ceiling again there's no problem of guaranteeing electricity in the net the big thing is to actually talk about and then do the final transition step of phasing out of coal together with the regions which are highly involved in this process as a palm conference begins chancellor merkel knows her nation as a filthy habit that she might be forced to kick by fast tracking a way out of germany's dependence on coal nick clegg al-jazeera. germany. top stories of. a man who confronted and chased a gunman at a texas church says he was just doing what he thought was right and he's twenty six people including children were killed in sunday's attack
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a man told reporters he was driving near the church in southern springs when he saw the shooter i did what i thought i needed to do which is. that there's a shooting. i just did the right. a vigil has been held for those killed in sunday's shooting dozens of people held candles one attending the gathering across the street from the first baptist church in southern springs. u.s. president donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo say the time for talk with north korea is over the threat posed by pyongyang dominated discussions between the two while trump was in japan the next leg of his trip to asia or take him to south korea. evidence president has urged the government to stay united after prime minister saad hariri shock resignation from saudi arabia on saturday i really who met king solomon on monday in riyadh says he quit the role because he
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fears an assassination attempt against him in iran and its ally the lebanon based shia group hezbollah are accusing saudi arabia of being behind the move. saudi arabia is want to run it will not tolerate any infringement on its national security after a ballistic missile targeted the capital riyadh on saturday a missile was fired by iran backed rebels from inside yemen and was aimed at riyadh's international airport documents leaked to a german newspaper appear to show that thousands of the world's richest people have previously unknown investments held in offshore companies donald trump's secretary of commerce wilbur ross is reportedly among them is alleged to have ties to russian businesses linked to people close to president vladimir putin rosser said there is nothing improper about the links. a former politician and businessman in kenya is challenging the result of last month's presidential run senor position figured john haroon wow as far as a petition in the supreme court great one you can catch up any time with our
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website address for that is out there dot com and you can watch us by clicking on the live icon that's all for now counting the cost is next life unless. with with . with. with. with. this is counting the cost on that is it a your weekly look at the well the business and economics this week twenty thirty and beyond we take a look at saudi arabia's vision for economic reform starting with the the. also.


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