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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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all the work that they had done. surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. germany is hosting this year's climate talks from the united states out of the powers agreements for the global effort to tackle climate change that fanaticism live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the front lines of global warming climate s.o.s. . i proceed and i just did what i thought was the right day. possibly i hailed a hero for chasing the texas church gunman as police give details on a possible motive.
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and this is down to zero live from london also coming up u.s. and japanese leaders say the time to talk with north korea is over. saudi arabia blames iran for a missile targeting riyadh saying it would be considered an act of war plus. lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri meets the saudi king two days after his surprise resignation. and in the u.s. state of texas a sunday's shooting at a church was the result of a domestic dispute at least twenty six people including children were killed in the attack a man who confronted and chased a gunman told reporters he was driving near the church in southern springs when he saw the shooter. i did what i thought i needed to do which is they
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said that there's a shooting i pursued and i just did what i thought was the right day. a vigil has been held for those killed in sunday's shooting dozens of people held candles at a gathering across the street from the first baptist church in sutherland springs how did your castro has more. human. needs a sunday gathering of christian worshippers turned horrific when a man dressed in full combat gear walked in and opened fire. he was dressed in all black that suspect crossed the street to the church and exit is being cool and began firing at the church the suspect then moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire that suspect entered the church and continued to fire as he exited the church a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect the suspect dropped his
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rifle which it was a ruger they are assault rifle and fled from the church more than two dozen people were killed at least twenty more injured in a town of fewer than nine hundred the death toll made up a startling portion of the population members of the community gathered here to hold a candlelight vigil well into the night to remember those lost if pakistan has a family or a family so when it does exist it causes it to stop for doing more to pray and see how we can serve and that's what you're seeing right here in this community is rallying around these folks and so we're just going to try to do our best to comfort him and minister how we can but the communities pain here is deep the pastor and his wife were out of town but their fourteen year old daughter is among the dead other children including a five year old were also killed the eldest victim was seventy two investigators say the gunman was devon kelly a twenty six year old man who lived in
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a neighboring county he led police on a brief vehicle chase after the shooting before being found dead we are only hours into this medication which is going to take a significant length of time and will continue to provide to provide information as it becomes available we know you're going to have a lot of questions there are many many that we cannot answer us president donald trump speaking from a trip to asia condemned the attack americans do what they do best we pull together . we join hands we lock arms. and through the tears and through the said this. we stand strong oh so strong the church regularly posts video of its sunday services raising the possibility the massacre may have been captured on camera this clip is from a week ago we have gathered in this place may you be able to look down from heaven and say those are my children choosing the gather together in my name and worst of
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me capturing the last days of peace before tragedy. on as your pastor joins us now from southern springs and heidi what's the latest on the gunman's motive. lauren we just had a press briefing from investigators here and they say that this massacre was not motivated by terrorism or religious beliefs or rather it sprung from a domestic dispute as evidence they say that this gunman sent a threatening text message to his to his mother in law the mother of a strange wife prior to this taking place we also know from military officials that the gunman was removed was removed from his posting this charge under bad behavior this happened three years ago after he had served a year in jail for assaulting his then wife and his child and perhaps some of the
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most devastating updates of all coming from this press conference in fact saying the range of ages of the victims who were killed started with an eighteen month old child who was among the dead ranging all the way to a seventy seven year old lauren and hardy we've heard again from president trump about the shooting. we have indeed and as with other mass shootings in the united states immediately after the president and others gun to gun control gun defenders brace for these questions of what may have been done to prevent this from unfolding we know four guns were owned by this gunman three were recovered here at the scene the president speaking in japan said though that guns were not the problem he said it was mental health. mental health is your problem here. very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual
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a lot of problems over a long period of time. we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's a little bit soon to go into it but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse but this is a mental health problem at the highest level. now police say the shooter devon kelly purchased four guns in the last four years two were from another state and colorado two were purchased here in texas and the question still remains why he was allowed to purchase those guns one of which he apparently used to unleash this massacre lauren hunter caster thank you very much indeed. well the u.s. president has wrapped up his trip to japan where he met prime minister shinzo abyei the nuclear threat posed by north korea dominated talks with both leaders agreeing
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the time for dialogue is over donald trump now heads to seoul as part of his twelve day visit to asia scott hardly reports from tokyo. during his two days in japan there's no question that president trunk and prime minister they have grown close as friends trump calling the relationship extraordinary calling trump a precious friend and they have also strengthen the alliance between the two nations to a level not seen before but it's not just because they like each other after a summit meeting on monday they both underlined why they think that alliance is critical standing together against north korean aggression. there's no point in dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north korea now is the time not for dialogue but for applying maximum pressure on north korea we completely agreed that for north korea to change its policy and the u.s. must take leadership closely collaborating with the international community so that
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we can enhance pressure on north korea through all possible be the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last twenty five years look where we are right now the two agreed more pressure needs to be applied to north korea saying that should come from russia and china prime minister announced tougher unilateral sanctions against north korea assets of thirty five people and groups will be frozen earlier today the president and first lady milan a truck met the japanese emperor akihito and empress michiko at the imperial power japanese citizens abducted and taken to north korea is an issue prime minister has worked to keep alive a way of showing strength against the provocations of north korea and something he wanted to highlight with president trump in town. the leaders met with
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a group of abductee family members and one abductee who was returned to japan fifteen years ago most of those taken have been gone for thirty to forty years less trade was also discussed in trouble again raise the question of the trade deficit between the u.s. and japan we've started the process and it's gone on for a long time but i know that we will be able to come up with. trade deals and trade concepts that are going to be fair to both countries the first leg of president trumps trip to asia drew to a close with a state dinner the next stops on tuesday it's got other al-jazeera tokyo. lebanon's justice minister says there will be no action over the resignation of prime minister saad hariri until he returns from saudi arabia hariri has been meeting king solomon in riyadh after announcing his resignation that two days
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earlier it he quit citing fears of an assassination attempt against him but i'm going to say regional politics maybe the real reason is they know how to reports from beirut. this wasn't just an opportunity to talk the meeting between the saudi king so man and saddle had e.d. was as much an attempt to deny reports the lebanese prime minister had been detained by authorities in the saudi capital after he announced his resignation on saturday how did his political opponents have been suggesting he was forced to step down and is under house arrest in riyadh how does this isn't a quick his prime minister brought down lebanon's coalition government a government that included hezbollah how did blame hezbollah and its patron iran for meddling in arab affairs this plunged lebanon into a new political crisis and there are fears it may be at the forefront of the regional saudi iranian rivalry. and lebanon are divided into similar parties
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similar is hawks one is poor and the other is proof that race which means if. things would be worth it means that can lead to confrontation between the board but what happened in two thousand and six two thousand and seven two thousand and which can happen that's why we should find a solution to keep or. it might be a while before that happens lebanon's president michel aoun has been meeting with representatives of the country's security agencies he is supposed to be holding parliamentary consultations to appoint a new prime minister but the constitutional process is now on hold. we have been told by the president that we won't take any decision before know what the circumstances of her ignition from the prime minister himself it will be hard to find a prime minister to replace her according to lebanon's power sharing he must be a muslim and if internal stability is to be meant he must be
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a consensual figure able to bring the rival parties together but this is not just a lebanese internal matter. the saudi minister for gulf affairs. says lebanon will no longer be the same after heady days resignation he says lebanese leaders have to choose between peace and terror in other words they have to move away from hezbollah a party that has allies members in government and parliament as well as an armed wing of the risk of an open ended political crisis is real and with that lebanon risks again being a battleground for others wars. beirut. so had i was there. britain's queen elizabeth two of canada's just an. explosive offshore financial information in the paradise papers. and we meet a senegalese villager her home. company can mine
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a rare mineral. welcome back we'll look at weather conditions across the levant and western asia you see the cloud which results in some heavy showers across parts of turkey and this area of cloud which is breaking out further towards the east look at the forecast clouds across parts of israel through into iraq some showers developing as we head on through into wednesday pushing towards the southern side of the caspian sea beirut in lebanon not too bad twenty four degrees in the sunshine and fine conditions in kuwait city with temperatures no more than thirty degrees celsius temperatures in the arabian gulf region looking generally good thirty three degrees in doha on the other side of the plane is pretty hot there at mecca thirty seven degrees heading
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on to wednesday temperatures edging back slightly you know chance of one or two showers southern portion of the red sea and through the gulf of aden region may see some cloud effect times but it should stay dry into southern portions of africa you see the cloud across angola has really northwestern parts flowing go to where that cloud is yielding some showers otherwise for much of the region it's looking drawing fine just a chance of a shower for the eastern cape property warm for durban at nineteen degrees but thirty in johannesburg heading on through into wednesday germany fine conditions twenty eight in madagascar and telling reliever.
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one of the top stories your knowledge is zero police in the u.s. state of texas say sunday's shooting at a church was the result of a domestic dispute and he's twenty six people including children were killed in the attack. us president on trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abbay say the time for talk with north korea is over trump has been a visit to japan as part of a tour of asia. and lebanon's justice minister says there will be no action over the resignation of promise to saad hariri until he returns from saudi arabia.
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saudi arabia has blamed iran for saturday's ballistic missile targeting its capital saying it could be considered an act of war riyadh is threatening to retaliate and is called on the u.n. to act when i am reports. the rebels targeted the international airport in riyadh on saturday but the saudi military intercepted the ballistic missile although they fail to hit the saudi capital by firing the missile and releasing this video the rebels were sending a message to the kingdom saudi arabia responded with a message of its own iran is the real culprit and it will respond down the time the . iran provides to who these military experts and plan is in collaboration and cooperation with the terrorist organization of hizbollah in lebanon trying to control the stright in a dangerous challenge to regional peace and stability u.s.
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president donald trump is pumping up the rhetoric by calling the missile quote a shot just taken by iran the head of iran's revolutionary guard says that slander . iran and saudi arabia are backing opposite sides in the more than two and a half year war in yemen iran is accused of arming the who thiis it denies that the saudis are leading a coalition fight supporting yemen's internationally backed government. they're offering a thirty million dollars bounty for the who feel leader abdul malik al who three and rewards for thirty nine others a coalition spokesman is urging the u.n. to punish iran saying it's violating international laws with about five thousand people killed and its worst cholera outbreak it seems there's no end in sight to the war in yemen natasha al-jazeera. documents leaked to
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a german newspaper appear to show that thousands of the world's richest people have previously unknown investment held in offshore companies it's been reported that donald trump's sex trade commerce wilbur ross has ties to russian business is linked to people close to president vladimir putin has more on the so-called paradise papers. it is a massive leak one point four terabytes of material more than thirteen million files most from the offshore law firm applebee they shed light on the secretive world of offshore tax havens and the financial dealings of the mega rich the farmers who obtained by saddam the same german newspaper that acquired the panama papers last year this is a well established part of doing business these tax measures may not be any. but the same secrecy is used by people who are seeking to cover the tracks of their criminal behavior grand corruption kleptocracy requires offshore
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secrecy as the getaway car for the proceeds of those crimes the files of being examined by around one hundred different media outlets newspapers a book casters from around the globe this ross please come forward and day one of the disclosures and some big names donald trump's commerce secretary wilbur ross with a pound links to russian businesses and revelations about the russian tech tycoon yuri milner documents examined by the new york times suggests that kremlin control . entity's bank and energy giant gazprom partnered with milner to acquire sizable chunks of facebook twitter the disclosure is likely to increase concerns over russia's use of social media to apparently interfere in last year's u.s. election. also in the spotlight of revelations around the investments of queen elizabeth the british monarch around thirteen million dollars from the queen's private estate the duchy of lancaster were invested in funds in the cayman islands
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and bermuda it's not illegal for the queen to have done that but given that she is the head of state and that her duties are paid for out of the public purse can she really afford to be secretive about her finances. some politicians are calling for a public inquiry into the findings anyone is. putting money into tax havens in order to avoid taxation in britain obviously investigations have to take place should do things not just apologize for it but also recognise what it does to our society the boston consulting group estimates that ten trillion dollars is held off shore that's the combined output of japan france and the u.k. the law firm appleby insists there's no evidence of wrongdoing. investing money offshore powered ice islands outside a comfy financial regulation is not illegal but an important question still remains
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is it ethical the park out zero london what it is going to join in is in washington for us what's the comma sexual been saying about this. well the color secretary who was just wrapping up a visit to london at this hour has said that the allegations that he was illegally in business with russian officials at least one of whom has facing u.s. sanctions is patently ridiculous this is wilbur ross speaking earlier to a member of the international broadcasting community if our government decided to sanction them that would be a different story of the gov our government has not so this far made the determination to sanction so there's nothing wrong with that the fact that it happens to be called a russian company does not mean that there is any evil in it were there
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is evil is the misstatement that i did not disclose those holdings in my original form. was it is wilbur ross in trouble over this. well he's facing some criticism from senate democrats who say that he should have been more forthcoming about the extent of his international investments when he was undergoing his confirmation hearing earlier this year of course anyone who wants to be in public service in the federal government has to submit a raft of documents disclosing his or her financial engagements and whether he or she might have any conflicts of interest but it's also worth pointing out that while wilbur ross was questioned about his involvement with the bank of cyprus which does have a lot of russian clients no one on the senate panel questioned him about his investments and navigator which is the company that has been doing business with
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the russian firm sieber and that company has basically the blessing of the government of president vladimir putin so it technically might have been legal but it has been suggested by ethics experts that in the case where people are wondering about ties between russia and the extent of its involvement in the u.s. twenty sixteen presidential rates being forthcoming might be have been a better strategy for wilbur ross and for other members of the trumpet ministration . thank you very much a fool a politician and businessman in kenya is challenging the result of last month's presidential rerun seno position john herron wow has filed a petition in the supreme court president kenyatta was reelected with almost ninety eight percent of the vote after his main rival riding it refused to stand turnout was below forty percent and polling was postponed in some areas because of violence call the election a sham and has demanded another poll. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired
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his vice president and missing. god his action removes one of the leading contenders to become his successor his wife grace is now the front runner ninety three year old mcgarvey has been president of zimbabwe thirty years catalonia is deposed president callus prison one has been released from police custody in belgium pushed him on and four of his foreign ministers handle themselves into police in brussels on sunday after spain issued a european arrest warrant which tomorrow's lawyer says he was freed under conditions and is expected to appear in court within fifteen days and he has more from brussels the charges for which the european arrest warrant was issued include rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds charges which carry a possible jail sentence of thirty years so extremely serious lots of people were
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wondering whether the five will actually start to apply for political asylum something that colors put him on said he wasn't interested at the moment that's not an issue but there are several steps that could happen in the next couple of months for those five to appeal if in fact the belgian legal authorities decide to extradite them back to spain beyond that political asylum could buy them some more time although the very unusual for belgium to grant asylum to citizens of another e.u. country for the moment the politicians here are probably very grateful that it's not up to them to decide what happens it's purely a judicial matter it's extremely of course extremely divisive here and in spain. environmental leaders from around the world are you know the cop twenty three u.n. climate change conference in germany discussing how to put their plan to combat climate change into action is the first such meeting since donald trump decided to
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pull the u.s. out of the twenty fifteen paris climate agreement chair in chile so much they are the nation's prime ministers already called urgent action on climate change as it faces a threat of rising sea levels are mentalists in senegal say villages could be wiped out by an australian firm as plans to extract a rare mineral one essential for smartphones and other high tech electronics and an area that's only recently achieved a cease fire after decades of conflict a rebel group says the company's plans amount to a declaration of war because haq reports from the village of nephron in the cause of entre region. when an australian man wearing a big hat in his senegalese assistant came to the sos home asking to dig a hole he thought it was a bit odd but didn't make much of it she lives in the southern region of cares a mosque where rebels fighting for independence battled silly girls military until
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the recent cease fire thank you and. we don't see many white people around here and we don't really know what they're doing but now they want me to move my home i am scared and worried who are they and what have they done it turns out the australian and his colleagues were sounding the ground for minerals for the multinational mining company armstrong they found an estimated twenty five thousand tonnes of deer can be nice as village and want to extract it the mineral is a diamond substitute lighter than steel and stronger than copper it's in the central component for mobile phones high tech electronics in nuclear power plants in sos villages the mineral is visible in the sand at low tide sparkling in the sun . the global demand for their car and outstrip supply and so multinationals across the world are searching for sites like this one the government of senegal hopes this will bring jobs to a region neglected by decades of conflict but the environmentalists that i speak to
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here fear that the extraction of the mineral could cause your reversible damage to the environment. from is barely one metre above sea level environmentalists say rising waters in climate change have already destroyed homes they fear extracting zero can. protect villages. it's a heavy mineral in the june state creates a natural barrier that allows us to cultivate and grow food if you take it away it will destroy everything after thirty years of armed conflict a cease fire between the government and rebels as a mouse is now in jeopardy. for us this is an act of war it's our land we get to decide what we want to do with it not senegal but the exploitation rights have already been signed leaving villagers such as cody so wondering whether this small grain of sand could cause conflict and break the peace for which he had waited so
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long nicholas hawke al-jazeera and yes of course southern senegal. the bodies of five argentinean men killed in last week's new york truck attack have arrived home the men have been in the u.s. to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation the motorcade carried their bodies from their capital but as ari's to their hometown of resort area a twenty nine year old man faces terror charges over the attack in lower manhattan which killed eight people he told investigators he was inspired by i saw when he moved here any time on our website you know that is al-jazeera dot com. top stories on out as there are police in the u.s. state of texas say sunday's shooting at a church was the result of a domestic dispute at least twenty six people including children were killed in the
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attack a man who confronted and chased the gunman told reporters he was driving a near the church in sutherland springs when he saw the shooter. i did what i thought i needed to do which was. that there was a shooting i presume. i just did what i thought was the right day. a vigil has been held for those killed in sunday's shooting dozens of people held candles are attending the gathering across the street from the first baptist church in southern springs. is president donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abby say the time for talk with north korea is over the threat posed by pyongyang dominated discussions between the two while trump was in japan the next leg of his trip to asia will take him to south korea. lebanon's president has urged the government to stay united after prime minister saad hariri rees shock resignation
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from saudi arabia on saturday i really have met king solomon on monday in riyadh so he quit the role because he fears an assassination attempt against him iran and its ally the lebanon based shia group hezbollah or accusing saudi arabia of being behind the move on saudi arabia's want iran it will not tolerate any infringement on its national security after a ballistic missile targeted the capital riyadh on saturday a missile was fired by iran backed who see rebels from inside yemen and was aimed at riyadh's international airport. documents leaked to a german newspaper pages show that thousands of the world's richest people have previously unknown investments held in offshore companies donald trump's secretary of commerce wilbur ross is reportedly among them is alleged to have ties to russian business is linked to people close to president vladimir putin russia said there is nothing improper about the links. a former politician in kenya is challenging the
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result of last month's presidential run senior opposition figure john herron wow has found a petition in the supreme court there's a top stories stay with us inside stories up next by phone or. donald trumps in asia where one name dominates talks north korea the u.s. president says patience with pyongyang and its missile tests is over what is he able to do and what he perceives to washington's so-called pivot to asia this is inside story.


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