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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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winnings for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of a complex one but with a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera al-jazeera this is our duty to understand a very different what were there before and we don't. the gunman behind the mass shooting in texas police say it resulted from a domestic dispute is pursuing is hailed a hero. and i just did the right to.
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a low i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera was so coming up saudi arabia blames iran for a missile da getting riyadh saying it could be considered an act of war. donald trump wraps up his trip to japan and heads to south korea the nuclear threat from north korea likely to take center stage. and germany the host of the u.n. climate change conference comes under fire over its own environmental promises. peace in the u.s. state of texas a sunday's shooting at a church was the result of a domestic dispute the gunman devon patrick kelly had sent threatening text messages to his mother in law in recent days at least twenty six people including children were killed in the attack a man who confronted and chased the gunman told reporters he was driving near the
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church in southern springs when he saw the shooter i did what i thought i needed to do which is. that there's a shooting. and i just did the right thing. well a vigil has been held for those killed in sunday's shooting dozens of people held candles at a gathering across the street from the first baptist church in southern springs heidi joe castro joins us now from there and what more are we learning about the gunman's motives. larry and they say they are closing in on the big question of why this happened was not terrorism related according to authorities and it was not motivated by religion or rather by a domestic dispute they say that the gunman twenty six year old devon kelly had sent threatening text messages to his mother in law who is
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a congregant of this church now she and her husband were not present during sunday service but it is believed by police that the gunman had had an urge to attack this church because of that connection what we also know affording to military officials is that three years ago kelly received a bad conduct discharge from the air force and that came after he had been jailed for a year for assaulting his then wife and his child now in the meantime police say says the four years that he's been out of military service he has been allowed to purchase four guns to read guns were recovered at the scene here one an assault rifle that police believe was what kelly used to unleash this carnage this has of course once again presented a set of troubling questions to lawmakers in the u.s. about what type of things might have been done to prevent this from happening
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president donald trump said this was a mental health issue that many others are questioning whether gun control laws must be tightened mariyam. or i do joe castro the only way to survive southern springs thank you very much and just picking up on that point during a news conference in tokyo u.s. president was asked about what could be done to curb gun violence he said he said the response lay in health care. mental health is your problem here this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's a little bit soon to go into it but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse but this is
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a mental health problem at the highest level well the u.s. president has wrapped up his trip to japan where he met the prime minister shinzo obviate the nuclear threat posed by north korea dominated those talks with both leaders agreeing that the time for dialogue is over donald trump now heads to seoul as part of his twelve day visit to asia scott haidara ports from tokyo. during his two days in japan there's no question that president trump and prime minister they have grown close as friends trump calling the relationship extraordinary calling trump a precious friend and they have also strengthened the alliance between the two nations to a level not seen before but it's not just because they like each other after a summit meeting on monday they both underlined why they think that alliance is critical standing together against north korean aggression. there's no point in dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north korea now is the time not for dialogue
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but for applying maximum pressure on north korea we completely agreed that for north korea to change its policy japan and the u.s. must take leadership closely collaborating with the international community so that we can enhance pressure on north korea through all possible i mean it's the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric. is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last twenty five years look where we are right now the two agreed more pressure needs to be applied to north korea saying that should come from russia and china prime minister announced tougher unilateral sanctions against north korea assets of thirty five people and groups will be frozen earlier today the president and first lady milan a truck met the japanese emperor akihito and empress michiko at the imperial power japanese citizens abducted and taken to north korea is an issue prime minister has
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worked to keep alive a way of showing strength against the provocations of north korea and something he wanted to highlight with president trump in town the leaders met with a group of abductee family members and one abductee who was returned to japan fifteen years ago most of those taken have been gone for thirty to forty years this trade was also discussed in trouble again raise the question of the trade deficit between the u.s. and japan we've started the process and it's gone on for a long time but i know that we will be able to come up with. trade deals and trade concepts that are going to be fair to both countries the first leg of president trumps trip to asia drew to a close with a state dinner the next stop seoul on tuesday got hotter al-jazeera took.
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saudi arabia has blamed iran for saturday's missile missile targeting its capital saying it could be considered an act of war riyadh is threatening to retaliate and has called on the u.n. to act going on reports. booth the rebels targeted the international airport in riyadh on saturday but the saudi military intercepted the ballistic missile although they fail to hit the saudi capital by firing the missile and releasing this video the rebels were sending a message to the kingdom saudi arabia responded with a message of its own iran is the real culprit and it will respond to i'm a time he thought you would would have all you know you iran provides a who these military experts and planners in collaboration and cooperation with the terrorist organization of hizbollah in lebanon they are trying to control the stright in a dangerous challenge to regional peace and stability u.s. president donald trump is pumping up the rhetoric by calling the missile quote
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a shot just taken by iran the head of iran's revolutionary guard says that slander . iran and saudi arabia are backing opposite sides in the more than two and a half year war in yemen iran is accused of arming the who thiis it denies that the saudis are leading a coalition fight supporting yemen's internationally backed government there offering a thirty million dollars bounty for those who feel leader abdul malik al who three and rewards for thirty nine others a coalition spokesman is urging the u.n. to punish iran saying it's violating international laws with about five thousand people killed and its worst cholera outbreak it seems there's no end in sight to the war in yemen natasha going to al-jazeera. well the united nations says it's worry the saudi closure of land and sea access to yemen could hamper humanitarian
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efforts let's go live to algiers there is diplomatic editor james bays at the u.n. already a great deal of concern about a deepening humanitarian crisis in the country what is the u.n. saying about the now tighter controls over yemen's border boarders as you say there's been concern over the amount of aid of medical supplies and food let into the country for some considerable time but it appears now that humanitarian aid and aid workers are not able to get in because of this new blockade that has been announced by saudi arabia we learned from the u.n. they have two flights that were supposed to go into yemen bream aid workers in the last few hours and those flights were unable to take off they were not given the necessary permissions by saudi arabia and the un's deputy spokesman for harm harks says he's concerned we do take note of the fourth of november statement
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by the saudi ministry of defense that a ballistic missile was intercepted over northeast riyadh and that the who these have claimed responsibility for firing the missile from yemen where where the sharp increase in air strikes by the saudi led coalition on the same day we would like also to express concern about the announcement by the saudi led coalition that is temporary temporarily closing all of yemen's air land and sea ports this may hamper the delivery of humanitarian aid to the country's population we call for a strained on all sides and reiterate that military escalation is not the solution we urge all parties to bide by their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure against attack. well the u.n. is saying it is hopeful that it's a can resume soon but when you ask them why they say simply the fact that saudi arabia said that this was a temporary block a they know the damage even
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a temporary blockade can do it in the country that really needs humanitarian aid if you look at the population of yemen it was estimated to be about twenty seven twenty eight million while the u.n. says twenty million out of those need humanitarian assistance they say that some seven million of them have severe food insecurity that's a u.n. jargon term term but it means that those people don't know where the next meal is coming from and are at risk of famine and mariam one of the statistics that the u.n. have which i think is worth noting in this country which is wracked by conflict and suffering also from the cholera epidemic is that a child under the age of five in yemen dies every ten minutes from causes that should be preventable very important to test it thank you very much james bays at the united nations as we want to tell you about the program lebanon's
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former prime minister saad hariri made saudi arabia's king cell lung two days after all resigned. from donald trump's commerce secretary britain's queen elizabeth a report on the explosive offshore financial information in the paradise papers. welcome back weather across much of eastern europe is looking pretty fine at the moment we've got a front just going north of moscow there given the chance of some snow but where is this area of low pressure which is a dominant feature across europe to give you some very severe weather in the gulf of genoa in a standing across italy and through into words of balkan still some snow on its northern edge good news for the alpine ski resorts moving through into wednesday system moves a little bit further towards the east still some snow in evidence across the
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eastern part of the alps who conditions across the u.k. of france and a fairly brisk breeze blowing down through the iberian peninsula just sixteen as a high in madrid on the other side of the mediterranean sea we've got some showers for coastal parts volunteer in tunis here with a brisk westerly wind further towards the east it's looking generally a draw and find me to see wanted to show is pushing into the coast of libya during the course of whedon's day now as you had down into central parts of africa we've got plenty of showers in the d.r. congo towards gabon so leave yvel could be wet at times lagos nigeria should be generally dry and fine our current ghana likewise further towards the west we have got some showers so it's liberia guinea guinea-bissau and downpours but it should be dry molly highs of thirty seven in bamako. everything you do is being animal it's being weak and measure it's one of those
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insurgencies are going to do things in secret that are a little or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching out is there a quick look at the top stories police in the u.s. state of texas say sunday's shootings at church was the result of a domestic dispute at least twenty six people including children were killed in the attack. u.s.
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president donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abbay say the time for talks with north korea is over trump has been on a visit to japan as part of a tour of asia. and saudi arabia has warned iran it will not tolerate any infringement on its national security after a ballistic missile targeted the capital riyadh site. now lebanon's justice minister says there will be no action over the resignation of prime minister saad hariri and till he returns from saudi arabia however he has been meeting king solomon in riyadh after announcing his resignation that two days earlier he quit citing fears of an assassination attempt against him but analysts say regional politics may be the real reason as a new holder reports from beirut. this wasn't just an opportunity to talk the meeting between the saudi king so man and saddle had e.d. was as much an attempt to deny reports the lebanese prime minister had been
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detained by authorities in the saudi capital after he announced his resignation on saturday how did his political opponents have been suggesting he was forced to step down and is under house arrest in riyadh how did his decision to quit as prime minister brought down lebanon's coalition government a government that included hezbollah did blame hezbollah and its patron iran for meddling in arab affairs this plunged lebanon into a new political crisis and there are fears it may be at the forefront of the regional saudi iranian rivalry. and lebanon are divided in. similar parties similar talks one. and the other is this which means if things will be worth it means that can lead to confrontation between the two parties like what happened in two thousand and six two thousand and seven two thousand and which can happen so that's why we should find
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a solution to keep or to save. it might be a while before that happens lebanon's president michel aoun has been meeting with representatives of the country's security agencies he is supposed to be holding parliamentary consultations to appoint a new prime minister but the constitutional process is now on hold. we have been told by the president that we won't take any decision before know what the circumstances of her leaders resignation from the prime minister himself. it will be hard to find a prime minister to replace according to lebanon's power sharing he must be a muslim and if internal stability is to be maintained he must be a consensual figure able to bring the rival parties together but this is not just a lebanese internal matter. the saudi minister for gulf affairs ephemera upon says lebanon will no longer be the same after how do these resignation he says lebanese leaders have to choose between peace and terror in other words they have to move
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away from hezbollah a party that has allies members of government and parliament as well as an armed wing the risk of an open ended political crisis is real and with that lebanon risks again being a battleground for others wars so. beirut some of saudi arabia's businesses have taken a hit as an anti corruption crackdown reportedly nets another high profile business figure shares in one of the kingdom's largest travel companies fell ten ten percent after the rest of its founder nasser been. he joins a growing list of course up in this purge widely seen as a move to consolidate the power of crown prince mohammed bin some money billionaire investor into law is one of the eleven princes who are detained he's a major shareholder in twitter twenty first century fox and citi group shares in one of his investment companies dropped ten percent for government ministers and several former ministers were arrested perhaps the most prominent removed was the
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head of the national guard prince met up in abdullah he is the son of the late king abdullah was considered a contender for the throne. reports. the streets of riyadh may still look the same but this week saudi arabia is significantly different than the one the world knew before the weekend responsible for a quarter of the world's oil production saudi arabia has always been an absolute monarchy but within its political system there was a degree of power sharing between different branches of the royal family businessmen and religious institutions in order to ensure stability and security in the early hours of sunday however all of that was destroyed a royal decree ordered the arrest of several ministers princes and multibillionaires it was seen as the latest step by crown prince mohammed bin solomon in his quest for absolute power even kind to indicate. that it's clear in the ground for him as.
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being absent and he is not a dollar a thing any equal it can only relate to minor princes it came less than five months after the thirty two year old prince orchestrated a coup against his uncle muhammad bin nayef replacing him as heir apparent that move followed the much hailed riyadh summit with u.s. president donald trump notably those detained in this latest crackdown are being held at the same venue where trump was hosted. among those arrested on sunday was prince and were leaving a billionaire who's assets include shares in twitter fox news and apple one of his company's kingdom holdings has reported a ten percent loss in value since news broke of his arrest. it is also the owner over time the media group one of the arab world's most popular media outlets detained with him are the heads of other mass media corporations including n.b.c. group and. all of them arrested by the same broiled to create saudi arabia's crown
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prince now has a large section of the entire our walls media at his disposal muhammad bin some man has spent the past two years positioning himself as a visionary willing to transform saudi arabia into a modern and liberal state he's pushed for a review on the ban on women driving cars and has addressed several economic reforms in a bid to lure foreign investors but he's also spent millions of dollars on a devastating war in yemen that has achieved little aside from an outbreak of cholera and the deaths of thousands of people unemployment in saudi arabia remains high which is troubling considering the majority of saudis are under the age of thirty five and according to financial observers the kingdom's economy is in recession been sandman's policies may be bold and brave as his allies and supporters describe them but those actions have also been criticized as the stabilizing and potentially very destructive. volunteer
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group in syria says ten people have died from starvation in parts of eastern ghouta under siege by government forces al jazeera has these exclusive pictures from the large neighborhood local hospital say at least fifty children have recently been diagnosed with malnutrition. now zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his vice president amazon and well god has action removed one of the leading contenders to become his successor is wife grace is now the front runner. has been president of zimbabwe for almost thirty years. documents leaked to a german newspaper appear to show that thousands of the world's richest people have previously unknown investments held in offshore companies it's been reported that donald trump secretary of commerce wilbur ross is to has ties to russian businesses linked to people close to the president vladimir putin and it also appears that britain's queen elizabeth has avoided paying tax thanks to money funneled through
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offshore tax havens move back as more on the so-called paradise papers. it is a massive leak one point four terabytes of material more than thirteen million files most from the offshore law firm applebee they shed light on the secretive world of offshore tax havens and the financial dealings of the mega rich the far as who obtained by saddam the same german newspaper that acquired the panama papers last year this is a well established part of doing business these tax measures may not be any. but the same thing chrissy is used by people who are seeking to cover the tracks of their criminal behavior grand corruption kleptocracy requires offshore secrecy as the getaway car for the proceeds of those crimes the files are being examined by around one hundred different media outlets newspapers a book asters from around the globe it's ross please come forward day one of the
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disclosures and some big names donald trump's commerce secretary wilbur ross with a pound links to russian businesses and revelations about the russian tech tycoon yuri milner documents examined by the new york times suggest that kremlin controlled entities bank and energy giant gazprom partnered with milner to acquire sizable chunks of facebook and twitter the disclosures likely to increase concerns over russia's use of social media to apparently interfere in last year's us election. also in the spotlight of revelations around the investments of queen elizabeth the british monarch around thirteen million dollars from the queen's private estate the duchy of lancaster were invested in funds in the cayman islands and bermuda it's not illegal for the queen to have done that but given that she is the head of state and that her duties are paid for out of the public purse can she really afford to be secretive about her finances. some politicians are calling for
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a public inquiry into the findings anyone is. putting money into tax havens in order to avoid taxation in britain and obviously investigations have to take place should do two things not just apologize for it but also recognize what it does to our society the boston consulting group estimates that ten trillion dollars is held offshore that's the combined output of japan france and the u.k. the law firm appleby insists there's no evidence of wrongdoing. investing money offshore powered by silence outside a company's financial regulation is not illegal but an important question still remains is it ethical the park out london. well the u.s. secretary of commerce well process responded to finance the claim saying he's done nothing wrong if our government decided to sanction them that would be
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a different story the government has not so this four made the determination to sanction so there's nothing wrong with that the fact that it happens to be called a russian company does not mean that there is any evil in it were there is the will is the misstatement that i did not disclose those holdings in my original form now despite being seen as something of a pioneer in the fight against climate change gemini has a huge dependency on one of the dirtiest of all fossil fuels brown coal and has consciousness yes climate talks is failing to live up to its own promises it talk reports from the say shop. place of the polish border in the german province of a landscape dominated by open costs mining they've been producing coal has since eight hundred forty four and germany still carves out hundreds of thousands of tons
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every day this from a country which bills itself one of the planet's most climate friendly nations in recent years there has been an enormous upsurge in the use of renewables here in germany especially when. coal still represents forty percent of the total energy mix and more than germany's coal fired power stations using dirty is coal. lignite. here it's a mix more than anything else. renewables cover around a third of the country's electricity demand but there's a view that the coal truth is hidden behind the curtain of germany's green energy revolution emissions actually a not dropping over the last two years we have seen basically constant emissions not increasing missions but constant emissions in the power sector by two thousand and twenty the government wants to recused emissions roughly minus forty percent compared to the level of one thousand nine hundred so without
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a phase out of coal it's quite simple this goal cannot be achieved but some believe germany's climate promises were too ambitious a transition away from coal must be done slowly and cautiously. need to bear in mind that we cannot stop our industrial and economic life just to save carbon dioxide they will need to bear a justing of goals or a realistic one option is to replace all power plants with new ones to reduce emissions. meanwhile the threats of thousands of job losses has not encouraged germany's politicians to commit to ditching coal but that could change soon i think that merkel may have won the last election but she's in negotiations with the green party to help to form a government and the green party have to munns problem is the old government because they couldn't decide whether they go hundred percent renewables or not put a ceiling on new renewable power plants and if you lift the ceiling again there's
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no problem of guaranteeing electricity in the german net the big thing is to actually talk about and then do the final transition step of phasing out of coal together with the regions which are highly involved in this process as a bold conference begins chancellor merkel knows her nation has a filthy habit that she might be forced to kick by fast tracking a way out of germany's dependence on coal. al-jazeera. germany. or more in everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com for a much more comment analysis and video on demand but you can also watch us live there as well. but look at the stories making headlines now police in the u.s. state of texas say sunday's shooting at a church was the result of a domestic dispute the gunman devon patrick caddell had sent threatening text
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messages to his mother in law in recent days at least twenty six people including children were killed in the attack a man who confronted and chased the gunman told reporters he was driving near the church in sutherland springs when he saw the shooter i did what i thought i needed to do which. i just did the right. u.s. president donald trump and the japanese prime minister shinzo i say the time to talk with north korea is over the threat posed by pyongyang dominated discussions between the two while trump was in japan the next leg of his trip to asia will take him to south korea saudi arabia has warned iran it will not tolerate any infringement on its national security after a ballistic missile targeted the capital riyadh on saturday the missile was fired by iran backed rebels from inside yemen and was aimed at riyadh's international airport meanwhile lebanon's president has urged the government to stay united after
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prime minister saad hariri resignation from saudi arabia on saturday harry reid who met the king solomon on monday in riyadh says he quit the role because he fears as an assassination attempt against him iran and its allies in the lebanon based shia group hezbollah are accusing saudi arabia of being behind the move zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his vice president emerson and. action was one of the leading contenders to become his successor is wife grace is now the front runner. mugabe has been president for almost thirty years. and documents to a german newspaper appear to show that thousands of the world's richest people have previously unknown investments held in offshore companies donald trump's secretary of commerce wilbur ross is reportedly among them he's alleged to have ties to russian businesses linked to people close to president vladimir putin said there is
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nothing improper about the links. are up to date with a headline news coming up in twenty five minutes time i'll see you then that's after the stream which starts now. i am funny a guy i really could be lying and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today a stream update issues brought to us why you are community as the bone climate talks start wormy to journalists who went on. a voyage to antarctica to investigate climate.


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