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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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but which broke up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. south korea's president welcomes donald trump to seoul the nuclear standoff with north korea top of their agenda.
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hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up saudi arabia says that the lebanese government will be dealt with as one declaring war against riyadh. as she was just a child children increasingly become collateral damage and president roderigo to taze war on drugs in the philippines and. one hundred years ago the winter palace here in st petersburg was echoing to the sound of revolutionaries boots as the bolsheviks overthrew the governments of the day i'm watching to find out why russia's modern rulers find this a difficult subject. us president of trump has just arrived on the korean peninsula the tension with pyongyang escalates right now trump is meeting with his south korean counterpart in
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seoul the two leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference later this hour we'll bring you that life. is working to rally international pressure against north korea and its nuclear and missile programs. with various generals. his generals and the situation you know i. think you're. going to if you if you take out you don't work out. you know you want to see what has to work out lived out of so al-jazeera kathy novak is there for us so president trump has been given a very warm welcome in south korea how important is this display of friendship between the two countries cathy. well this is a longstanding alliance of course between the united states and south korea but lately there have been displays of differences perhaps in terms of the approach towards dealing with the north korean issue donald trump using tough rhetoric
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talking about fire and fury talking about totally destroying north korea if it were to threaten the united states whereas president moon came to power with a platform of more engagement and more dialogue with north korea and donald trump has suggested in the past that that's a policy of appeasement so with donald trump in town there is as you say this display of unity and friendship of working together particularly when it comes to handling in north korea and this is a state visit the first state visit of a u.s. leader in twenty five years and all the pomp and ceremony that comes with that and we heard from the two leaders as they went into those talks very friendly president moon saying that donald trump has made great progress towards making america great again donald trump so that was very nice of him to say yes so that they're putting on this display of friendship between the two countries in between the two leaders
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as with the the japan leg of that the president still north korea is top of the agenda. i suppose the north will be watching events in the south very closely at the moment. indeed well this trip comes at the same time as the u.s. is holding joint naval exercises with south korea that is something that often angers north korea does not like to see these displays of joint military exercises the shows of force the u.s. and south korea say that these are routine exercises often but north korea says that it sees those as a rehearsal for invasion and in through its state media it has said that if the u.s. and its allies continue its hostile acts towards north korea it will. in effect ramp up its movements towards its nuclear ambitions so i imagine the north would be watching events here closely and watching for anything that donald trump and
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president moon might say and as you mentioned we're expecting a joint news conference from these two leaders watching to see if donald trump repeats any of that rhetoric from the past when he was in japan he didn't walk away from it he says that softer rhetoric in the past has not worked even though he has been criticized by some for that tough talk he seems to be sticking with those lines so as we hear from them later today that's one of the things that north korea and others will be watching closely to see what donald trump has to say jeffrey many thanks serves as it was kathy novak live in seoul before arriving in south korea trump offered words of praise to saudi leaders in their effort to crack down on corruption in the last few days saudi princes as well as business but at the arrested many see it as a move by the crown prince mohammed bin sultan to consolidate power of president trump voiced his support on twitter saying i have great confidence in king solomon
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of the crown prince they know exactly what they're doing he added that some of those they are harshly treating have been milking the country for years meanwhile saudi arabia has warned lebanon will. we dealt with as a government that stick led war against it it's the latest development amid escalating tension in the region saudi's foreign minister has accused iran of committing an act of war over a failed ballistic missile attack on riyadh on saturday while yemen's who the rebels have claimed responsibility at all algebra says that the weapon was supplied by iran in yemen good forces who are backed by iran are warning that saudi and us a airports are within firing range and could be next that's prompted saudi arabia to cut all land sea and air access to yemen the u.n. fears that that could further hamper humanitarian efforts it all follows the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri on saturday that happened during a visit to the saudi capital riyadh he blamed iran and hizbollah the serving strife
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in the region let's take you live now to work lebanon's capital beirut where we start here in t.n. some strong rhetoric then from saudi arabia's foreign minister. what's been the reaction there to that. you're absolutely right a.j. and a very dramatic escalation in rhetoric coming from saudi arabia this time from tom who is the gulf minister in saudi arabia should be said he's a very well known figure here in lebanon the household name if you will and really since the start of this crisis he's come out and they have said made a fairly dramatic statements but this is perhaps the most extreme as you rightly point out sensually saying that lebanon is acting as if it was a country that has declared war on saudi arabia blaming that that missile strike near the saudi airport on forces within lebanon which essentially means has his
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poll of course one of the most dominant. militias here in lebanon but of course very dominant politically so dominant that they are very the most powerful faction within this government that saad hariri the prime minister up until saturday when he resigned was a coalition partner of and out of course is clearly something that has angered the leadership in riyadh but many people believe that that is why saad hariri has resigned again from the saudi capital which in itself raises an awful lot of questions which at this stage have never quite publicly been answered a lot of speculation but to answer your question about response i think at this stage what we're hearing is a lot of measured responses from the leadership here in lebanon being very careful with how they deal with this be only have to look at that speech from the leader of hezbollah on sunday hudson who essentially in his speech absolved saad hariri of any blame putting this squarely this crisis squarely at the feet of saudi arabia
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but as we've been saying the rhetoric certainly being ratcheted up by the saudi leadership as this crisis continues to unfold if if you spend any time on social media you'll see that speculation is rife that the perhaps he is being kept against his will. in saudi arabia also the speculation that he will return to lebanon sometime this week what more do we know about that and what sort of reception will he get if he does come back to lebanon. into the data and i mean it really is in the words of one lebanese political analyst to me those are the entire thing in their words is totally bizarre for them the fact that the prime minister in a foreign country resigned from the job and again this speculation that mr hariri was not only coerced by the saudi leadership to resign but is also possibly being held in saudi arabia against his will that we have to remember lebanon is a country that is no stranger to political uncertainty no stranger to tense times
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this is a country that lived three fifteen year civil war in which two hundred thousand people were killed it's a country whose leader was assassinated not far from here leader who by the way was saad hariri is father refused to riri in a massive car bombing so no stranger to that sort of instability if you will and in some ways also lends to a layer of dark humor here as well since saturday there has been a mock web site that went up with this actually called free saad hariri which has set a countdown clock waiting for him to return so while there are very serious issues going on here as well people here in lebanon still being able to find the humor in this situation but the reality is adrian is that this is a very serious situation as you've been saying and as we've been hearing many people asking the question where saberi is will he return the lebanese prime minister or rather president rather essentially inferring that he won't accept this resignation until he comes back to lebanon now we're hearing back to mr hariri has
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left saudi arabia that he could possibly be on his way to the u.a.e. no official confirmation about at this stage but one would imagine once he returns to lebanon if he returns to lebanon he'll be faced. an awful lot of question in tears many thanks i was here is him just tired there reporting from beirut some breaking news for you right now on al-jazeera we're getting reports of an explosion and gunman storming television station in afghanistan according to one eyewitness quoted by news wires these gunman has entered the facility following an explosion it's in the capital kabul apparently some employees still to be still believed to be inside the building details apart from that pretty scant at the moment that something big is going on at the moment in kabul we'll bring you more details as and when we have it here on down to zero iraqi forces with the help of
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shia militia have retaken most of the disputed territories in iraq that the kurds had controlled since pushing eisel out a cease fire remains in place as kurdish officials in the central government now trying to agree on how to move forward but a few towns in nineveh province still remain under kurdish control stephanie decker reports now from one of them. nestled into the mountain on the northern end of the plains lies. a small christian town with a rich history it's been here for almost three thousand years. the the mass is a time for reflection for prayer for solace a time when the community comes together the. christians are a minority in iraq and over the years through wars attacks and most recently isis advances more and more have left the country and now yet again
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a different kind of conflict iraqi forces and the kurdish peshmerga turn their guns on each other. we just want safety either from this side or the other that's all we need what have our children done to deserve this they can't sleep at night for fear of being attacked what sins have we committed we're told that of course is one of three towns in the disputed territories that they're ok forces didn't retake in the recent operations now talks are ongoing between fanned out in erbil to try and figure out how to move forward but certainly there is a feeling of unease here people don't know how things are going to play out lara yousif is a cautious mayor and part of the kurdish routing k.g.b. party she tells us the only way to solve this is through dialogue he said when it's to billeted now that arsenal has gone but what is happening now is confusion instability and also fear especially from the shia militias who are fighting with
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the iraqi army if you want to talk publicly about the tensions between baghdad and our bill and those who do say the same thing. we are not part of this conflict we are the victims we don't care. we are fine with the chaos is very good and before the fall of saddam hussein the iraqi forces were here this is an issue between baghdad and curtis stone. there has been bloodshed over this land for centuries and carved into the mountain above all course the seventh century rabbi and hermes monastery has been attacked by both arabs and kurds throughout history one elderly gentleman tells us off camera these are critical times and no one can talk freely because no one knows what will happen the biggest victims are we the minorities he tells us we just want peace we're just a residue he says the residue of all our families who have already fled this land stephanie decker. in the nineveh plains the u.s.
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air force is investigating how it handled the criminal records of the gunman behind sunday's church shooting in texas twenty six people including children were killed when former ammon devon kelly entered that church and opened fire yet four says that it failed to hand over information about kelly's previous domestic assault charges to a national database. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then from ancient manuscripts to lego bricks unveils the future of libraries borrowing the best from the past. welcome back weather across much of eastern europe is looking pretty fine at the moment we've got a front just going north of moscow there given the chance of some snow but where is
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this area of low pressure which is a dominant feature across europe to give you some very severe weather in the gulf of genoa in a standing across italy and through in towards the balkans still some snow on its northern edge good news for the alpine ski resorts moving through into wednesday system moves a little bit further towards the east still some snow in evidence across the eastern part of the alps conditions across the u.k. of france and a fairly brisk breeze blowing down through the iberian peninsula just sixteen as a high in madrid on the other side of the mediterranean sea we've got some showers for coastal parts volunteer in tunis here with a brisk westerly wind further towards the east it's looking generally a draw and fine he wanted to show was pushing into the coast of libya in the course of widens day now as you head down into central parts of africa we've got plenty of showers in the d.r. congo towards good ball so leave yvel could be wet at times lagos nigeria should be generally draw in fine i can't ghana likewise further towards the west we have got some showers so ice liberia guinea guinea-bissau downpours that should be dry money
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highs of thirty seven in bamako.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president on the trump is meeting south korea's president moon to discuss rising tension over north korea's nuclear missile program trade is also on the agenda trump earlier praised cooperation with south korea during a visit to a u.s. air base that. the president trump has expressed what he called great confidence in saudi arabia's anti corruption crackdown the arrest of princes and ministers is seen as a move by crown prince mohammed bin solomon to consolidate power trump tweeted that saudi leaders know exactly what they're doing. saudi arabia has warned lebanon will be dealt with as a government that has declared war against it comes after lebanon's prime minister saad hariri is resignation blaming iran and hizbullah for sowing strife in the region saudi arabia's foreign minister accused iran of committing an act of war
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over its failed ballistic missile attack on riyadh at the who failed attack on that is the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the madness island detention center six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the australian run facility despite it being closed by authorities last week they say it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community and the city international says the ruling puts the refugees lives in danger. the philippine government says that its war on drugs is producing results but murder rates rise with a large number of deaths linked to police operations general allen duggan reports from a city in little in philippines. charlie jeans last message to her mother was one of hope and redemption she was an only child and had become pregnant at the age of fourteen but she was optimistic about
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the future on the qt over the twenty third charlie sheen was asleep in your boyfriend's house when police came knocking that operation left five people dead including charlie sheen her boyfriend aaron and their unborn child the from the called. the police say they were responding to a distress call and the parents group was involved in assassinations and the illegal drugs trade. i don't believe. she was just a child the neighbors heard her begging for her life she was saying please don't shoot me i'm pregnant please just let me leave the house i saw her body at the morgue her eyes were open i couldn't recognize her across the country these have become familiar scenes children are killed in police operations last year the government says it will make those possible accountable but not a single conviction has been made the philippine government says president would be
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good to tend to spite against crime is being effective as a result the number of what they call index crimes such as kidnapping and theft have all gone down but homicides continue to rise and the government is unable to explain why according to the commission and human rights that is because deaths related to the war on drugs and those killed in police operations have been classified as either homicide cases or deaths under investigation was the government has been disputing claims that extrajudicial killings committed by the state have surpassed the ten thousand mark. government in the. human rights crisis that is currently. being faced by so many people on the ground but even president bush there to admits he is unable to control the police force if
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indeed for the present are involved in illegal activities then that means that we will not be able to achieve and enjoy the peace that is being enjoyed now and. but for the families of those like charlie sheen who have been killed in police operation there can be no peace without justice jim allen dugan al jazeera could be this city lose on northern philippines that's a tense that breaking news from afghanistan reports of an attack on a t.v. station in kabul al-jazeera jennifer glass is on the line from the afghan capital now and jennifer what's going on a dream understand that siege is still underway an explosion just within the last hour won that seat and then gunman went into this jam said he that's a large if you face in the been around for over a decade here in afghanistan just northeast of the presidential palace about a across the northeast of the presidential palace we understand that there is still
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fighting going on casualties are feared some members some members of the p.b.s. station have been able to escape but we understand that explosions are on the fighters inside the base to have managed to stave off afghan security forces and they are trying to figure out how to end that siege right now any idea who might be behind that attack such as this and why. we don't know but the taliban had it in huge statement saying it is not it is not a taliban attack we do know that journalists have come under serious attacks here in afghanistan last year was the deadliest year for afghans and with the well being killed in the remaining understood a lot of the afghan journalist lives very much in fear of of attacks we're not sure whether that's what's going on at the television station whether it was aimed at getting in the television station and getting into a security compound at nearby we're just going to have to wait and see how this
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pans out that is the latest in a series of attacks here in kabul over the last few months have anything soldiers here is jennifer glass that live in kabul. in today's on demand instant digital world many libraries have had to shrug off the stuff inside that image katz us new national library opens on tuesday in the capital's education city area as well as books it has computers a kid zone and coffee it's all part of the country's effort to refocus its economy as well matheson reports when emotions are reduced to him oh geez and a handful of tweeted letters scattered across the internet can inspire the world or plunge it into despair words have weight and print is still powerful. if you recall the first word in the qur'an is read i think that that's really going to be leading the people to use this library to operate and to understand the resources in a region in a country that has
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a long tradition of loving the written words this is qatar's new national library these shelves can hold around one point two million books racks of history fiction and reference sit alongside computers music studios three d. printers stages for musical and feared her performances and on a lower floor out of direct sunlight ancient texts for researchers to study this is the heritage library it's got over twenty six thousand printed books over four thousand nine you scripts it's got over thirty thousand photographs and over twelve hundred moms but the staff here at the library know that if they wanted to be a success they have to appeal to a different type of reader as well children to do that they're banishing what used to be a basic requirement in libraries silence we think of our library as. a
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noisy place so it's a noisy children's library and we encourage children to express themselves however they feel we believe in learning through play and this is why you can find a lot of toys here in the library that supported their cognitive development in addition to their love of reading. since the one nine hundred seventy s. economy has been driven by its vast oil and gas reserves but eventually those will start to shrink the new qatar national library is part of a plan to move the economy to one based largely on knowledge and education but this is a tremendous investment and it's an investment not just in this building but it's an investment in education and research for the country i think it's got a huge role to play in creating the next generation of of readers students and we hope leaders too for the staff of the new national library the printed word either real or in cyberspace is key to qatar's future rob matheson al-jazeera
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that's one hundred years since the bolsheviks stormed the winter palace in st petersburg one of the king of events in the russian revolution a pivotal moment in world history it's been described by historians as the birth of the soviet union but as chalons reports now from st petersburg santina is being largely overlooked by russia's current leadership and. old habits seem to die hard in st petersburg events marking the bolshevik revolution centennial had at least something of the old celebrates realises the anniversary was unequivocally so in soviet times a day of pomp and ceremony but these days russians are less sure of things with demeanor after a while you start to re-examine these events and there is no unequivocal opinion on it is too complicated too many things are connected with it. at school we were
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told one thing then there was more information and we learnt the other side nothing is ever black and white there are ten different shades this unease goes all the way to the top. we see how ambiguous its results were how closely the negative and we must acknowledge the positive consequences of those events are intertwined that is ask ourselves was it not possible to follow an evolutionary path rather than go through a revolution if you want a handful of still committed communists would appreciate bombastic anniversaries like in the soviet days but it seems there's zero state enthusiasm for holding an official event or even market moments that change the world it's not hard to see why putin's government finds the bolshevik revolution a difficult subjects brought down an empire led to the murder of the former ruler and millions of citizens and shattered the global order of the day how do you
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follow all of that in some modern russia's state indorsed mantra stability. the governments may be mostly mute but others aren't st petersburg's winter palace now houses the hermitage museum and it was down these corridors that revolutionaries ran a century ago to depose the provisional governments visitors to the near exhibition here can amongst other things see portraits of perforated by bad nets in one nine hundred seventeen. journalist and author. has set up project nine hundred seventeen which reports the revolution day by day as if it were happening now he's happy there's little official interest in today's russia sometimes almost all all the time history's being used as a propaganda tool so now in terms of nine hundred seventeen there is no official put in an approved version of that revolution and that's cool that means that we
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can discuss it we can explore it we can make independent historical or media project about that and we know obstacles. whether it be packaged as education project or entertainment like this project it sounded like spectacular interested russians are talking about the revolution even if that government is. rory chalons al-jazeera said petersburg has plenty more video the latest news analysis and links to our award winning programs at the website at al-jazeera dot com. it is good to have you with us adrian for the get here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is meeting south korea's president moon and so as tensions
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with north korea escalate the two leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference a little later we'll take that live when it happens president trump is working to rally international pressure against pyongyang at its nuclear and missile programs . you'll be really with various generals holbrooke his generals and the situation you know i. think you're not much good if you're. out you'll be out you can always work someone has to work out president trump has expressed what he called great confidence in south saudi arabia's anti corruption crackdown the arrest of princes and ministers is seen as a move by crown prince mohammed bin solomon to consolidate power trump tweeted that saudi leaders know exactly what they're doing lebanon's prime minister saad hariri as arrived in abu dhabi lebanon state media says that he will hold talks with the uys crown prince mohammed bin ziad al nahyan already resigned on saturday blaming
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iran and hizbullah for selling strife in the region that field speculation that he was coerced into quitting and has been held against his will which saudi arabia has denied government of stormed a television station in afghanistan according to an eyewitness they had to the facility after an explosion in the capital kabul some employees are believed to be still inside the building the u.s. air force is investigating how it handled the criminal records of the gunman behind sunday's church shooting in texas twenty six people including children were killed when former airman devin kelly entered that church that opened fire the air force says that it failed to hand over information about kelly's previous domestic assault charges to a national database and supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the madness island detention center six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the australian run
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facility despite it being closed by authorities last week they say it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community what is for you right after inside story next. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. donald trumps in asia where one name dominates talks north korea the us president says patients with pyongyang and its missile tests is over what is he able to do and what he pursue washington's so-called pivot to asia this is inside story.


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