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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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well every. is being an on its way to measure the for intelligence agencies are they to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. leaker could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. south korea's president welcomes donald trump to seoul the nuclear standoff with north korea top of their agenda.
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and i'm adrian from again this is ours here on live from doha also coming up saudi arabia says that the lebanese government will be dealt with as one declaring war against riyadh. she was just a child children increasingly become collateral damage and president rodrigo to taze war on drugs in the philippines and. i'm just feeling i'm saving nine lives right. yes i think anybody should think about it and pass and just take stray dogs from mexico to new homes four thousand kilometers away. u.s. president donald trump is on the korean peninsula as tension with north korea escalates right now trump is meeting with his south korean counterpart jay and in seoul the
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two leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference any time now we'll take that live when it happens. president trump is working to rally international pressure against north korea and its nuclear and missile programs. you'll be meeting with various generals holbrooke his generals on the situation you know if you. think you're not going to if you want you out you don't work out you don't always works out has to work out. life out of so i was here as kathy novak is there so president trying to give it a warm welcome in south korea how important is that display of friendship between the two countries cathy. well it is certainly being highlighted by both leaders here the fact that this is the first state visit official visit of the u.s. leader in twenty five years donald trump thanked president moon for that welcome
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with all the pomp and ceremony that comes with it inspecting the honor guard it also comes with a state dinner that we'll see later tonight and this is all this display as you say of unity and friendship particularly important when it comes to dealing with the threat from north korea of course we know that there have been some differences in approach between these two leaders donald trump has the strong rhetoric talking about fire and fury whereas president moon tends to talk more about engagement and dialogue and donald trump in the past has suggested that it is a policy of appeasement but they both have the same goal and that is to deescalate the tensions here on the korean peninsula and they're highlighting the fact that they must work together president moon thanked donald trump for his leadership when it comes to dealing with the door of korean issue and had some pleasantries going into talks with president trump president moon congratulating donald trump on the
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upcoming anniversary of his election and also on his achievements towards making america great again for his part of donald trump who also wanted to talk about trade as he did in japan and he referred to the fact that he understands that south korea will be buying more military equipment and other things from the united states which donald trump says will reduce the trade deficit between south korea and the u.s. which he says will make the u.s. people very happy. on the japan leg of his tour north korea top of the agenda then . i suppose the north is is likely to be watching events in the south pretty closely. indeed in japan here in south korea and on the next stop when donald trump goes to china these are events that are very likely to be watched closely in the north through the state media in north korea has been saying if the united states and its allies continue their hostile acts towards the north
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the north korea will continue to build up its what it calls its nuclear sword of justice this visit comes at the same time as a joint naval exercises are being held between the u.s. and south korea that's the kind of thing that often angers north korea and for its part the south korean intelligence says its assessment continues to be that there could be a provocation coming from the north at any time in the form of another missile launch or perhaps another nuclear test all right kathy many thanks didn't exist kathy novak live in so let me just show you where you can see it on the screen now that's where we're expecting the two leaders to come out and brief the press after the meeting as and when that gets underway we'll take it live here on al-jazeera before arriving in seoul president trump offered words of praise to saudi leaders in the effort to crack down on corruption in the last few days saudi princes as well as businessmen been arrested many see that as
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a move by the crown prince mohammed bin solomon to consolidate power president trump voiced his support on twitter saying i have great confidence in king solomon of the crown prince they know exactly what they're doing he added some of those that they're harshly treating has been milking their country for years saudi arabia's crown prince for how it is accused iran of committing an act of war by supplying hooty rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired at riyadh it's the latest development amid escalating tensions right across the region saudi air defense forces intercepted the police to missile fired by hooty rebels in yemen on saturday while they've claimed responsibility for that attack saudi. leaders say the weapon was supplied by iran the iran backed forces are now warning that saudi arabia and u.a.e. airports within firing range and could be next that's prompted saudi arabia to cut all land sea and access to yemen an act that the u.n.
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fears could further hempen human humanitarian efforts and saudi arabia has warned lebanon that it will be dealt with as a government that has declared war against it lebanon's prime minister. is now in abu dhabi for talks following his resignation in saudi arabia on saturday he's blamed iran and hezbollah asserting strife in the region live out of beirut al-jazeera is in test time is that for us that may have to interrupt you if president trump comes out and begins to speak but we've seen some pretty strong rhetoric from saudi arabia's foreign minister what's been the reaction that to it. indeed some very strong rhetoric and sincere and here in lebanon that that rhetoric could ultimately start turning into q-tip actions now at this stage nobody is suggesting that any kind of violent response will be carried out but we could see saudi arabia impose sanctions of some sort on the lebanese government remember the language here that was used that the lebanese government is being accused of
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essentially carrying out or are behaving as a country in conflict with saudi arabia and this of course is designed to put pressure on one of the most powerful blocs within the government here in lebanon and that is hezbollah hezbollah while of course a very powerful armed group here in lebanon it is also a very potent political force as well and of course the basis of mr hariri is resignation prime minister saad hariri is resignation on saturday in which he quite uncharacteristically use very strong language not only describing your iran but also hezbollah and so that leads many political observers here to think that this is. surely but this is about what this crisis is about some going as far as saying that this is being engineered by saudi arabia to create some sort of political strife here in lebanon to try to push this hezbollah block into a corner but as we've been saying some very strong language coming out from the
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saudi leadership as this conflict if you will as this crisis continues to escalate right side how really the the i suppose we call him former prime minister now he resigned suddenly on saturday in riyadh it's now in the u.a.e. it's rumored that he will return to lebanon sometime this week what more do we know about what sort of reception will he get. it's a curious case of saad hariri as some have described it here of course he brazil in saudi arabia which in itself was shocking for many here not least the fact that he stepped down from a government which for all intents and purposes appeared to be working we have to remember lebanon was essentially in a political vacuum for two and a half years up until this agreement which was reached around a year ago which saw an ally of hezbollah michel own become president and mr hariri then taking this role of prime minister a job he's held once before before rather and a government that collapsed because of hezbollah since then it appeared that this
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government had been working and that they'd been able to pass legislation reform tax reform education law and so on and so forth so this resignation was certainly a surprise the fact that mr hariri remains out of the country certainly raising a lot of eyebrows here saying that saudi arabia is keeping him as you rightly point out we're hearing that mr hariri has left saudi arabia and is now in the united arab emirates a channel that he is the owner of reporting this clearly designed to sort of dispel any rumor that he is being held against his will in saudi arabia as some have put it but if he does return to lebanon there will be a lot of questions for him as to not only why he resigned but just what exactly is going on just many thanks i'll just it was him test time in beirut now to some breaking news reports we told you about an hour ago of a gunman or of gunmen storming a television station in afghanistan according to an eyewitness they entered the
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facility after an explosion this is all in the capital kabul some employees were reported to be still inside the building let's go live now to kabul there is jennifer glass is there and can tell us more what exactly happened jennifer. adrian security forces and ambulances are on the scene at shamshad t.v. where that attack is ongoing as you said a number of gunman believed to be inside we do know that a number of those television station employees have been injured we understand we're getting reports of at least one person who has been killed but it is a siege that is ongoing they've shut down all of the roads in that very busy area of town and we're seeing people crouched behind corners because we understand there are some projectiles grenades or rockets being thrown by those gunmen who have barricaded themselves inside that t.v. stations are wagering we've got an ongoing seed situation here in kabul it started
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with an explosion outside shamshad t.v. and then gunman went into the television station we do know a number of those employees have been able to get out of the station but it's unclear who exactly is inside and it is adrian a rather large compound it's not only home to the t.v. station but the owner also runs a mind museum next door so there's a lot of a lands next door. as well so there's a lot of land for security forces to cover as they get into that compound who might have been behind that attack such as this and what would the motive be why attack the t.v. station. well we don't know exactly who was behind it we do with there was a tweet from the taliban saying it had nothing to do with the taleban journalists have adrian been under increasing threat here in afghanistan two thousand and sixteen the deadliest year for them so far with thirteen journalists killed but a number of journalists have been killed as well this year two in a a suicide bomb attack in. the center of kabul to kill one hundred fifty people
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television stations though are often under serious threat the taleban have threatened one of the major t.v. stations here and there a ploy is travelling with a lot of security and a lot of caution journalists can be intimidated by strong men here they can be attacked by people especially in the provinces so journalists are very cautious here we're still waiting to see if anyone claims responsibility for this attack but of course right now it's still ongoing jonathan many thanks live in kabul ahead of that news conference that we're expecting from president trying we'll get a weather update next then. for refugees who are still lost inside that tension center. happy we'll be right back. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hello the genuine low is still spinning the us is a number of days and is sitting over what's relatively warm water is getting cooler now but unfortunately because it's throwing rain at everybody or snow at height and it's not stopped and it's not just the precipitation the rain and snow the strength of the wind to get through the adriatic is producing some pretty big waves but battery against the croatian coast and it's all in cooling air it's talking air on the very cold side behind it so zero x. is only about seven degrees if i run you over night where the rain shows up as really quite a lot more snow for switzerland and france yeah parts of southern france even all that high you end up with temperatures even lower in places like paris and london for the day after and the rain by this time is gone but for the south throughout by india and greece all this time feeling slowly cooler certainly windy on the north coast of spain sixteen in madrid where as much of eastern european seeing this
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southerly pushes not so cold and pleasant so static weather at the moment now given the spin of that low we've seen plenty of rain caused a sudden here and more recently on the north coast and tunisia forty six millimeters out of that rain in a day is quite notable and there's more to come. the weather sponsored by cats and always. when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that. address or if you join us. i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with a hostile stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation at this time.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is meeting with south korea's president moon in seoul right now. on the second leg of his tour of asia the two leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference any time now we'll bring that to you live when it happens to zero president trump has expressed what he called great confidence in saudi arabia's anti corruption crackdown the arrest of princes ministers is seen as a move by crown prince mohammed bin salman to consolidate power drunk tweeted that saudi leaders know exactly what they're doing and saudi arabia has warned lemon
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lebanon it will be treated as a government that has declared war against is to lebanon's prime minister saad hariri his resignation blaming iran and hezbollah the sowing strife in the region. the government of the philippines says that its war on drugs is producing results but moderates are on the rise with a large number of deaths linked to police operations. reports now from a city in little the philippines. charlie genes last message to her mother was one of hope and redemption she was an only child and had become pregnant at the age of fourteen but she was optimistic about the future on looked over the twenty third charlie sheen was asleep in her boyfriend's house when police came knocking that operation left five people dead including charlie sheen and her boyfriend aaron and their unborn child the family called. the police
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say they were responding to a distress call and the parents' group was involved in assassinations and illegal drugs street. i don't believe. she was just a child the neighbors heard her begging for her life she was saying please don't shoot me i'm pregnant please just let me leave the house i saw her body at the morgue her eyes were open i couldn't recognise her across the country these have become familiar scenes children are killed in police operations last year the government says it will make those possible accountable but not. have been made the philippine government says president would be good to tear despite against crime is being effective as a result the number of what they call index crimes such as kidnapping and theft have all gone down but homicides continue to rise and the government is unable to
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explain why according to the commission and human rights that is because deaths related to the war on drugs and those killed in police operations have been classified as either homicide cases or deaths under investigation has the government has been disputing claims that extra judicial killings committed by the state have surpassed the ten thousand mark. government in the. about the. human rights crisis that is currently. being faced by so many people on the ground but even president admits he is unable to control the police force. but for the families of those like charlie sheen who have been killed in police operations there can be no peace without justice.
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water is being released from overflowing reservoirs in vietnam to prevent war flooding after typhoon dam right brought heavy rains rescuers say that sixty nine people have been killed thirty are still missing tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes the storm is disrupting preparations for a regional economic summit that will be attended by the presidents of the us russia and china of course in hong kong is granted prominent political activist a final chance to overturn the prison sentences joshua wong days and law and alex child were released on bail last month a court ruling allows them to appeal against sentences of between six and eight months in jail for their role in the two thousand and fourteen mass protests that came to be known as the umbrella movement the activists say that many protesters still in prison. other than the three of us there are also many
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political prisoners who are in jail or about to get sentenced and these individuals really need the support from the people of hong kong we really hope and urge the people of hong kong to help these individuals through organizations that provide support for political prisoners. by the state you live to seoul u.s. president donald trump has been meeting with south korea's president moon in the south korean capital as tension with north korea escalates following those talks they are about to work to brief the press that meeting just about to get underway president trump currently on a major tour of asia. to rally international pressure against pyongyang at its nuclear and missile programs let's listen in. thank you for your. full. national.
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showing to beautify. the. korean economy south korean economy. i hope you enjoy that. president. from south korea donald trump from. its joint friends press conference who will start from. we will kick off with the president and then move on to the. president and i'll try . i truly welcome the vision of a president. and his wife it's been twenty five years since the last state of a state and it's also the first state visit for a while. i since i became
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a president. really pleased about the special relationship i have a phone with a presenter. so far we have met every few times. and have communicate number of a communications. we also had an open conversation about u.s. military we also try to. fully resolved the issues we have with north korea. as the threats from north korea will gradually. when we. also found out that we. stay on the same page on how we tackle with the issues. you know. as i also mentioned that we south korea
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will. have a firm position. as to how strong we like to see and such. a reinforcing south korean military. to do so. yes. we finally agree. missing the limit of. the weight of. heads mr abbas. we. the. north korea will stop the threats immediately and come back to the. negotiating table. and. will.
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continue continue sanctions on north korea until they stop. their actions or one state decide to provoking. we also. state that we have a project we will. tackle those issues. including those surrounding countries which we will continue to cooperate with them . with the visits of presenter on travel. i hope this will become a turning point for the post countries. today. also visit. today. we also encourage the soldiers from the most troops. because we also felt.
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the strong friendship between the both troops. we will racially devise the. defense close to between the two countries from now on. we also found out. from the strong us alliance is based on these strong. economic corporations. in order for that. countries to. the freely. and positive trades benefits. present and. will contribute to
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the prospects of the world's. women's rights welfare system as well. so. we will continually communicate to rainfall. serious issues. and we also try to bring forward. from korea u.s. alliance and i like to welcome our presence donald trump. and his wife again. through the beautiful korea i hope our friendship will. come down to. what it was about and. thank you very much president moon thank you
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for honoring us with the invitation to be here today and for the incredibly warm welcome and magnificent ceremony you have given us during our first trip to the very beautiful city of so thank you very much malani and i had a wonderful time having tea with you and first lady kim thank you. at the beautiful blue house which i've heard so much about and now get to visit and see first and. we're looking forward to joining you for dinner this evening and we have much to discuss today the president and i had an opportunity to talk about a range of vital economic and security matters including our trade relationship and our joint efforts to solve north korea's grave nuclear threat to south korea and indeed the entire world this is a world wide problem the republic of korea is more than
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a longstanding ally of the united states we are partners and friends who have fought side by side in a war and really worked very hard and prospered toward a great and lasting peace i feel confident that we'll be able to reach a free fair and we supercold trade deal as we renegotiate our current five year old trade document we cannot allow north korea to threaten all that we have built and we've built it very much together and we're very very proud of it also together. but all that we've built in the decades since our soldiers sacrifice side by side in the struggle for freedom our alliance is more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the indonesia pacific region that is why vice president pence secretary of state telus and who's with us today and
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secretary of defense matters who was here just a short time ago have all traveled to so all in the first year of my administration it was very important to me that they did north korea stick six test of a nuclear device and its missile launches are a threat not only to the people of south korea but to the people all across our globe we will together confront north korea's actions and prevent the north korean dictator from threatening millions of innocent lives he is indeed threatening millions and millions of lives so needlessly north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action we call on every responsible nation including china and russia to demand that the north korean regime end its nuclear weapons and its missile programs and live in peace
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as the south korean people know so well it's time to act with urgency and with great determination all nations must implement u.n. security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to warm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be the crucial u.s. security partnership with south korea is just one aspect of our enduring alliance
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we also shared deep partnerships on a range of issues from cultural exchange to cutting edge advances in science and medicine and a very important issue of trade currently we are looking at ways of improving our economic relationship i would like to thank president moon for instructing his trade negotiators to work closely with us to quickly pursue a much better deal a deal that frankly has been quite unsuccessful and not very good for the united states in the more than six decades since we signed our mutual defense treaty our alliance has grown stronger and deeper our two nations symbolize what independent countries can accomplish when they serve the interests of their people respect the sovereignty of their neighbors and uphold the rule of law imagine the amazing possibilities for a korean peninsula liberated from the threat of nuclear weapons were all koreans
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could enjoy the blessings of liberty and the prosperity that you have achieved right here in south korea i also want to congratulate president moon and the south korean people on hosting the winter olympics this upcoming february it will be a truly spectacular event. mr president i want to thank you first lady can. and i mean it was just so special today the ceremony was so beautiful we very much thank you for it together our two nations will handle threats to peace and security stand up to those who would threaten our freedom and boldly seize the incredible opportunities for a better brighter and more prosperous tomorrow in good times and bad in moments of great hardship and great success our two nations can always count on the close
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bonds and deep friendship we share as free.


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