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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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dj's only and run by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers hurrican harvey's destruction was indiscriminate but will there be an equal recovery and then want to be the mayor of two cities that have and have now for klein's discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis this is someone's life who they are their identity their culture it's all my. fault lines houston off to harvey at this time on al-jazeera. tough talk from saudi arabia as it accuses iran of what could be an act of war and takes aim at lebanon.
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hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. donald trump realistic six test of a nuclear device and its missile launches are a threat not only to the people of south korea but to the people all across our glove donald trump forms and the u.s. is prepared to use military action against north korea but opens the door for talks . the vice president has consistently. and persistently. exhibited traits. of disloyalty. zimbabwe's president fires his number two the latest twist twist in a succession battle. i don't really know what the answer is say she was just a child. children increasingly become collateral damage and president bush go to
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war on drugs in the philippines. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon is accusing iran of what could be an act of war by supplying hooty rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired at riyadh it's the latest developments of escalating tension in the region saudi air defense forces intercepted the ballistic missile on saturday although the who the rebels claimed responsibility saudi leaders say the weapon was supplied by iran iran back to it is a warning that saudi and u.a.e. airports are now within firing range and could be the next targets saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon its warning that it will be dealt with as a government that has declared war against riyadh lebanon's prime minister saad al holy be blamed iran and hizbollah for destabilizing the region hariri who resigned
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while in riyadh on saturday has now arrived in abu dhabi for talks from the honda who's in beirut. some analysts are even saying that these statements by saudi officials a number of saudi officials are unprecedented and they're analyzing this as a declaration of war against eleven on telling lebanon lebanese leaders need to choose between peace or terror in other words telling them not to cooperate or deal with hezbollah now hezbollah of course is a party that has an armed wing its arms has always been a source of contention in lebanon its forces are fighting alongside the syrian president bashar al assad but hezbollah is also a political party it has members in government it has members in parliament it has allies it has supporters here so telling lebanese leaders to choose between a terror and. so people are concerned and some statements are even. saying there
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are those who will stop hezbollah and make them return to the caves of southern lebanon so very tough rhetoric in fact threatening lebanon but not saying or stopping short of saying what action they are going to take it is clear that saudi arabia is not going to accept hezbollah in the government but what else are they going to ask for this crisis to be resolved are they going to ask for hezbollah's arms to be. this armed that is definitely not going to happen and hezbollah is not going to accept that. the associated press is reporting that saudi arabia has barred yemen's president along with his sons ministers and military officials from returning home yemen says the ban was prompted by hostility between president hadi and the united arab emirates the u.a.e. has been playing a major role in the fight against the rebels hardy and much of his government have been in the saudi capital riyadh since the war in yemen began in twenty fifteen. donald trump says the u.s. and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea but he's
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open to the go see asians to end pyongyang's nuclear weapons program trump has been meeting south korea's leader in seoul where he said the two men were on the same page on north korea he's on the second leg of his maiden tour of asia. all nations must implement u.n. security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. well the united states has strong sanctions on north korea and i think it will have
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an effective impact and with china joining the united states it will bring force to the sanctions on north korea with all these international diplomatic policies i think when there are changes being made it will bring north korea back to the negotiating table lived out of the berkeley is. both presidents say that they're on the same page when it comes to north korea but. it seems in public yes they are you would have said before this visit that they were not because president moon is very much a man who's in favor of dialogue and we've all heard president trump's rhetoric of fire and fury and threatening to totally destroy north korea it was a more measured tone by president trump to today i think it was a relief to the south koreans they were seeking reassurances that this conflict this potential conflict was not going to be pushed over the edge and they very concerned about how his visit would be viewed in the north as it happened in fact
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perhaps you know the some of the strongest words came from president moon when he said that now is not the time for negotiating they feel that they have to wait until sanctions take hold take a bite and then bring them to the table but but president trump on the other hand mark measured tone he was suggesting that p.r. nyang should come to the table and make a deal he said there has been some progress on that but he he won't elaborate so are encouraging signs i think in seoul today all around also he talked about security he talked about trade he's after all a businessman he promised more jobs when he was going to be elected which is actually one year on wednesday one year ago on wednesday and he's done some deals now of the south koreans he said that they're going to spend billions of dollars on american military hardware to reinforce their forces so all in all a good day we haven't heard much from north of the border save one statement saying that north korea reaffirmed its nuclear program and would bolster the nuclear
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program in what it's called sort of justice so that's all we've had rhetoric no action so so far so good for president transfers day in south korea tony many thanks tony bertie there live in seoul. a siege of a t.v. station in the afghan capital kabul has come to an end government has stormed the building and taken it over after an explosion a security guard is reported to been killed the station has now resumed broadcasting. the emir of kuwait has written a letter to parliament calling for unity in the country in the face of current tension in the region the government of kuwait resigned last week let's take you live now to kuwait city al-jazeera as the tash are going to aim is tell us more about this letter why it was written that tasha. one member of parliament tells al-jazeera that we will defend kuwait with our lives
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and that we support all efforts to preserve kuwait security the emir's message to parliament comes amidst a breakneck pace of developments in the region it also comes less than two weeks after the government here in kuwait was dissolved a new government is in the process of forming this was a close meeting it happened at about twelve thirty local time thirty eight of fifty members of parliament were there the emir had met privately with the speaker of the parliament and handle livered this letter we're told that is not uncommon that has happened previously but the message in this letter and the message from the emir is one of unity recognize recognition that there is a dangerous environment in the region and the need for stability also minister sorry a member of parliament told al jazeera that there were calls to. preserve the internal
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stability of the country and to stand behind whatever security measures kuwait may take of course there was no elaboration on exactly what those measures may be on october thirtieth the prime minister and the government submitted their resignation and since then the emir has asked the prime minister to agree to come back and form a new government one is in the process of being formed no timeline on when that will happen but you also have to look at this in the bigger picture this also may be a.q. kuwait has been a mediator in the gulf cooperation. council crisis it also may be a cue to the rest of the region to come together and unify especially many thanks to sasha going to be reporting live from kuwait city. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then with climate change causing more floods and storms the netherlands is showing how prevention is better than a cure plus. i'm just feeling i'm saving nine lives right now so. yes i
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think anybody that looks at him i said think about it a doggy escort service passed just take stray dogs from mexico to new homes four thousand kilometers away. how i was about to rain once again in japan and it's still remarkably warm this is developing cold front really we are talking some college everybody not yet that cold to be honest we still talking about it just subzero nuremberg tarrance plus fourteen in beijing but even the rain is about ninety to twenty throughout holland shoes not much less in al-qaeda once the rain goes through we're talking about thirteen and the sun comes out it's going to be a bit chilly able to still plus eight in suppose it was still hovering around the
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twenty mark in the still sunny but it is colder in another town about that a minus seven that cold has not penetrated into much of china and a good part of china is to enjoying pretty warm weather really twenty one in shanghai twenty nine humid degrees and the cloud has built recently in the forecast repeats a few shot on the southwest and along the coast of vietnam a place that could do without any more rain given there is still flooding on the ground from the typhoon of what four days ago it's more rain developing throughout malaysia indonesia but the construction is probably going to be north in borneo for the next two days and there are still plenty of heavy showers around southern thailand columba singapore and sumatra but it's not quite as wet as it just has been. he's been and on its way to measure that's what intelligence agencies are there to
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do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. leaker could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. again the top stories here on al-jazeera this hour saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman is accusing iran of what could be an act of war for supplying the rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired at riyadh saudi air defense forces intercepted the
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ballistic missile on saturday and saudi arabia says that lebanon will be dealt with as a government that's declared war against the country lebanon's prime minister saad al-hadi blamed iran and his ball of destabilizing the region already resigned while in riyadh on saturday he's now in the united arab emirates for talks with donald trump says the u.s. and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea but he's open to negotiations to end pyongyang's nuclear weapons program trump has been discussing the issue with south korea's leader in seoul. the united nations has called for an end to what it calls a catastrophic aid blockade on yemen fuel prices increased by over sixty percent and cooking gas prices doubled after saudi arabia cut all aid access to the country the u.n. says it's looking at whether the closure constitutes unlawful collective punishment diplomatic editor james bays reports. the humanitarian situation in yemen is one of
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the grey vista in the world it's so bad a child under the age of five dies in the country every ten minutes from causes that should be preventable twenty million people out of a population estimated at twenty seven million are in need of humanitarian assistance but it appears for now all international aid is being cut saudi arabia has announced it's completely blockading the country cutting all air sea and land links its reaction to a missile fired towards riyadh by the who these who control a large part of yemen including the capital sanaa to u.n. flights into the country have already been blocked and we're trying to see whether we can get our normal access restored and we're hopeful that we will be able to continue our normal operations we once more. underscore to all parties the need for regular humanitarian access to all parts of yemen that are in need
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when the u.n. says it's hopeful its aid can soon resume that's only based on the fact that the saudis current blockade is said to be temporary when you look at the words the u.n. is using it's clear they're treading carefully the reality is that saudi arabia has been making restrictions on the aid medicine and food allowed into yemen for years after facing turmoil conflict and an ongoing cholera epidemic the conditions in yemen can only be described as dire and they look set to worsen even further jamesburg jazeera at the united nations. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his deputy emerson and non-god decision removes one of the leading contenders to become his successor his wife grace now appears to be the front runner ninety three year old has been president of zimbabwe for nearly forty years now let's take
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you live to harare i was there as head of a town is there so how much of this the does this have to do with who is going to one day succeed president mugabe. it has everything to do with the succession we know that is on the pier for women's league is pushing for one of the v p's to be made a who's who been named who hopefully what won the peace to be a woman a few days ago there's an m.p. if you three came out and say they want grayson governor to be named vice president so a lot of speculation that grace mugabe who has over the years they're becoming more and more ambitious ambitious about her intentions of becoming more powerful in this country are becoming clear she's getting more and more support the big question now has to do with him or someone and where he's been and he's no longer vice president but he still a member of those on the p.s. party the speculation from some people here in zimbabwe that in a couple of days that maybe prism of god they could fire him from the party which
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could be an indication that he did indeed seem to be a threat to the first family the mugabe is and they clearly wanted him out what reason did mugabe gives. people reacted to the news. on the streets of the capital harare it's business as usual people have gone to work the streets are busy i have to be honest a lot of people did suspect that something was going to happen i mean for months a lot of people knew that it was a man and god had fallen out with the prism of god the and his wife grace in particular what surprised people i suppose was the fact that he was fired so quickly and people waking up to news who and reading the newspapers had some idea of why he was fired this is the state run newspaper the herald events that he was disloyal and yet to be removed from the party one of the privately owned newspapers is supposed looking ahead towards what could happen in the future one could be a purge is expected in this particular column it's saying that some of us seniors
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on a piece of officials in the party have been fired from various provinces in the country who are people who are lying to him a sermon and so an indication of what could come in the. days time more people being fired from the party being dismissed from their positions when a guy hasn't come out and spoken yet but a few hours ago a member from one of the youth organizations came out and say that the agri that he's been dismissed bikila bad to mugabe is why the great has too much influence over the president they feel that she is angling for power and they are unhappy about that off camera theni officials are saying quietly that they they accept the fact that he has been fired and they can do abide by the thread of the real fight for the battle for the party the battle with them while we were diving twenty eight team with a card to go through elections and i suppose the biggest fight will be the haitian wave when mugabe is no longer around and lot of people i think that's when the real battle over who will run the country one day with even god will begin when god is
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no longer in power or does he live in harare or of anything stupid. the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the madness island detention center six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the former australian run facility despite it being closed last week they say it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community and the city international says the ruling puts the refugees lives in danger ben low my is the lawyer representing the refugees he says the men have been stabbed by locals or men a silent. well normally it takes a long time for the appeals to be had but we will be able to file for us they have placation so that we will put in as of us by already. we will advise the court that we want to move that it is in the soonest possible that had been instances some.
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assaulting the asylum seekers tom has been. hospitalized. in ponds and saw that kind of a monster for us to live to be tried as they moved around within the community in the common area and so. there was no current it is they go in. instances like this can happen to them or there is a sea of them not being able to be looked up. from the current dental center to on the look in. the government of the philippines says that its war on drugs is producing results but murder rates on the rise with a large number of deaths linked to police operations. reports now from a city in the olden philippines. charlie jeans
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last message to her mother was one of pope and redemption she was an only child and had become pregnant at the age of fourteen but she was optimistic about the future on looked over the twenty third charlie sheen was asleep in her boyfriend's house when police came knocking that operation left five people dead including charlie sheen and her boyfriend aaron and their unborn child the from the called. the police say they were responding to a distress call and the parents' group was involved in assassinations and the illegal drugs trade. i don't believe. she was just a child the neighbors heard her begging for her life she was saying please don't shoot me i'm pregnant please just let me leave the house i saw her body at the morgue her eyes were open i couldn't recognize her across the country these have become familiar scenes children are killed in police operations last year the
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government says it will make both was possible but not a conviction have been made the philippine government says president would be good to take despite against crime is being effective as a result the number of what they call index crimes such as kidnapping and theft have all gone down but homicides continue to rise and the government is unable to explain why according to the commission and human rights that is because deaths related to the war on drugs and those killed in police operations have been classified as either homicide cases or deaths under investigation was the government has been disputing claims that extrajudicial killings committed by the state have surpassed the ten thousand mark. government in the. human rights. being faced by so many people on the ground but even
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president admits he is unable to control the police force. but for the families of those like charlie sheen who have been killed in police operations there can be no peace without justice. being released from reservoirs in vietnam to prevent more flooding after typhoon damrey brought heavy rain rescuers say that sixty nine people have been killed thirty people are still missing tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes the storm is disrupting preparations for regional economic summit will be attended by the presidents of the u.s. russia and china. well the dozen scientists are meeting in germany for the annual
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u.n. climate change conference many parts of the world are already feeling the effects of rising sea levels extreme weather and floods cities are looking for ways to strengthen their defenses and they're turning to the netherlands for help barnsley reports from rotterdam. a city which at its lowest lies six metres below sea level has for centuries hence a working out how to keep the people dry if you didn't know how to do it nowadays you wouldn't even notice the wall at the end of the bridge is actually a levee against flooding the road raised above the level of the houses to keep the water from the other side the spaces they used as basketball courts an open air theaters but they're also huge basins to capture rainwater the thing they figured out is how to make flood defenses work for cities we must add quality to the city. and that can be done in an integrated way so you can choose for a concrete wall but you also can choose for. a landscape in the shape of
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a levy with it with a cycle lane on top of it and that's that's an end in quality but it's also creating more flexibility. the netherlands was forced to address is geographic weakness in one nine hundred fifty three when a huge storm pushed the north sea inland nearly two thousand people died they realized they had to do something enormous to protect the entire dutch seaboard this giant barrier is the first line of defense for rotterdam the dutch a full forty years after the great flood of nine hundred fifty three to complete the infrastructure necessary to keep the north sea out of the netherlands and of course river in rotterdam every day some of the projects are going on of course it's all underpinned by a belief that you have to work with water rather than against it and of course the political will to make it happen. of stream in rotterdam the chinese are visiting being shown a pretty open space that's actually a flood base and they're impressed and want to copy it. it's carefully designed we
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could use some of it in china we have already implemented and we are hoping to work with the netherlands much more they are the only ones with the amsterdam was a conference thirty global may as a listening to the mayor of rotterdam tell them spending on prevention is far cheaper than having to evacuate their cities but if you do the math and you see the amount of money that you pay off to mass in the aftermath to repair the damage there will be i think money that we spent at prevention. building a resilient system of water defense. in a year when hoost and found itself in the water in the us president disavowed the powers climates a cold the overarching message is this even if you don't believe in climate change think of flood defense as a business opportunity the moment we do. we will die but the moment we embrace the opportunities also climate change springs up and we can see the value for our
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environment our people but also the economy for many people the evidence of twenty seventeen is that the terrifying prospect of the sea taking over is beginning to come true the better news is that the dutch if they get out at least some of the answers and very many others are listening to lawrence lee al jazeera role to them . mexico has too many street dogs repeated sterilization campaigns have failed to fix the problem but now comes a radical new idea as john holdren reports. it's the end of another trip post at the un is heading from mexico back to canada but this time she's taking some unusual luggage ciccio. not the ball on the mules and eight other mexican street dogs it's part of an innovative program from n.g.o.s backstreet dogs they find people already traveling and willing to take home one to canines to new homes in canada as part of their baggage like i'm just feeling i'm saving nine lives right
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now so. yes i think anybody that loves sun you mustn't think about it. it all started with a problem gabby and letty were rescuing lots of strays in pointless state mexico but no one wanted to take them in the first contour you know we are not. we are not dedicated they say. this is not that. i don't want. they found she choked by the side of a motorway like many others in the shelter the last time the mets consensus officer on the starts moving twelve million dogs were living on the street two thirds of the country's canine population homeless. gabby and let's say discovered a solution that airlines would let them fly dogs to canada cheaply all for free as long as they could find travelers willing to take them. now she chose the right one of more than two hundred fifty days sent north there's plenty of demand especially
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as in some canadian cities you can't buy a dog a tool only adult. after getting through the air pool he meets his new family. it's going to be interesting to see i'm sure you know adopting russian whatever as we go along and commands and whatever but i it's just it's just right now it's surreal another dog actually flew in this morning from mexico. finally gets to his new home. from straight to pump of ted it's been a happy ending for at least this mexican dog. john home in. mexico. it's everyone a safe area for the good here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera this hour saudi
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arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman is accusing iran of what could be an act of war he blames test run for supplying yemen's hooty rebels with a missile that was fired at riyadh saudi air defense forces intercepted the weapon on saturday who are now warning that saudi airports could be the next target. and saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon saying that it will be dealt with as a government that has declared war against riyadh lebanon's prime minister saad al-hadi blamed iran and hezbollah for destabilizing the region resigned while in the saudi capital on saturday donald trump says the u.s. and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea but he's open to negotiations to end pyongyang's nuclear weapons program trump has been discussing the issue with south korea's leader in seoul all nations must implement un security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely
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with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be a siege of a t.v. station in the afghan capital has come to an end gunmen stormed the building and took it over after an explosion in kabul a security guard is reported to be killed the station has now resumed broadcasting zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired his deputy everson. the decision removes one of the leading contenders to become his successor his wife grace now appears to be the front runner and the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the
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madness island detention center strayer closed the offshore facility last week six hundred refugees and asylum seekers refused to leave saying it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community more news of the inside story next. in asia where one name dominates talks north korea the u.s. president says patience with pyongyang and its miss out test is over what is he able to do and what he pursues washington so-called pivot to asia this is inside story.


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