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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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devastating impact to say the bank means also to save the deposit simple ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn the less i go are from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. tough talk from saudi arabia as it accuses iran of one could be an act of war and takes aim at love and.
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i'm sam is a down this is al jazeera live from the halls of coming up. north korea's thick six test of a nuclear device and its missiles launches are a threat not only to the people of south korea but to the people all across our globe. donald trump warns the u.s. is prepared to use military force against north korea but opens the door for talks zimbabwe's president fires his number two the latest twist in a succession battle that could pave the way for his wife grace to succeed him plus . i'm just feeling i'm saving nine lives right now so yes i think anybody that loves sunny must think about it welcome to the doggie escort services passengers take stray dogs from mexico to a new life. saudi
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arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man is accusing iran of what could be an act of war by supplying houthi rebels in the yemen with a missile fired riyadh it's the latest development amid escalating tensions in the region saudi air defense forces intercepted the ballistic missile on saturday although the hovey rebels claim responsibility sally leaders say the weapon was supplied by iran and iran backed who sees a warning that saudi ports are within firing range and could be their next targets saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon accusing the government of declaring war on riyadh says acts of aggression have been committed by the lebanon based group hezbollah which is backed by iran lebanon's prime minister sadly how do you resigned on saturday he was in the united arab emirates for talks holder has the latest from beirut. and some analysts are even saying that these statements by
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saudi officials a number of saudi officials are unprecedented and they're analyzing this is a declaration of war against lebanon telling lebanon lebanese leaders need to choose between peace or terror in other words telling them not to cooperate or deal with hezbollah now hezbollah of course is a party that has an armed wing it's a. arms has always been a source of contention in lebanon its forces are fighting alongside the syrian president bashar assad but hezbollah is also a political party it has members in government it has members in parliament it has allies it has supporters here so telling lebanese leaders to choose between a terror and and peace really so people are concerned and some statements are even saying there are those who will stop hezbollah and make them return to the caves of southern lebanon so very tough rhetoric in fact threatening levanon but not saying or stopping short of saying what action they are going to take it is clear that
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saudi arabia is not going to accept hezbollah in the government but what else are they going to ask for this crisis to be resolved are they going to ask for hezbollah's arms to be disarmed for as well as to be this armed that is definitely not going to happen and hezbollah is not going to accept that on the hand that would deem is in the rainy anomalous the middle east and he says there's no evidence the missile that was five from yemen and saudi came from iran. the yemenis they have very substantial stockpiles of ballistic missiles dating back from the one nine hundred eighty s. and it's very easy for them to modify these missiles with a view to hitting targets deep inside saudi arabia and contrary to what saudi military officials have been saying in the past forty eight hours or so this was not a long range ballistic missile this was a mid range ballistic missiles that had been modified and also contrary to what they've been saying this was not intercepted these missiles as i said some of them date back from the one nine hundred eighty s. some of them were supplied by iraq in the mid to late one nine hundred eighty s. and and some by the former soviet union yemen is awash with weapons you can't
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categorically say as the saudis are saying that this ballistic missile originated from iran there's no evidence for that now the u.s. president on trump says his country and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea but is open to negotiations to end nuclear weapons program trump has been discussing the issue with south korea's leader in seoul tony berkeley reports. donald trump arrived in south korea on the second and perhaps most delicate leg of his asia tour it brought him to within forty eight kilometers of the border with north korea following his war of words with its leader kim jong un there were fears president trump's presence would provoke some sort of response he described north korea as a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action but his tone was more measured that in the past and he called for pyongyang to come to the negotiating table he said all of a little tools would be used short of military action but he also stressed
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america's military capability as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be south korean president moon jay in said the time was too early to talk to the north but promised a bright future if it gave up its nuclear and missile programs. of the united states has strong sanctions on north korea and i think it will have an effective impact and with china joining the united states it will bring force to the sanctions on north korea with all these international diplomatic policies i think when there are changes being made it will bring north korea back to the negotiating table trump is the first u.s. president in twenty five years to be treated to a state visit but the first since ronald reagan not to visit the demilitarized zone
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the border with north korea instead he went by helicopter to count humphrey's the largest u.s. base in south korea he later spoke of the close relationship between the two countries but all that we've built in the decades since our soldiers sacrifice side by side in the struggle for freedom our alliance is more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the in the pacific region. thousands of pro trump supporters lined the streets of seoul all those who oppose the u.s. president were kept corralled behind police buses south korea's liberal government is pulling out all the stops to make this visit a success they know they can afford to alienate the president and the united states . depends on a good relationship have a joint news conference trump announced that south korea wants to buy billions of
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dollars worth of military equipment from the u.s. which would help offset the trade deficit between the two countries and a five year old free trade agreement will be renegotiated trampin. first lady were greeted by children and a korean pop star at the blue house and later had what's known as a friendship walk through the gardens with president moon and his wife the day ended with a defiant threat from north korea reaffirming its resolve to strengthen its nuclear power rhetoric but no action so far so good the transfer stay in south korea tony burke the al-jazeera so. now i saw it carried out an attack on a television station in kabul which killed at least one person being seen as an assault on media freedom in afghanistan as jennifer glass reports. for our. attackers inside security forces outside trading gunfire and grenades when the attack at the front gate started just before many members of
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staff ran out of other exits some jumping from the second and third floors. we condemn this attack because it was on a group of innocent people working to provide entertainment to afghan we also give poor underprivileged afghans a voice to show other afghans how they live troops and police arrived quickly what is becoming almost routine in kabul a bomber at the gate followed by attackers on foot the compound is also home to a mine awareness museum there were children inside rescued by security forces but the intended target seemed to be the t.v. station. unfortunately this attack shows how difficult it is for afghan journalist to work in the media here our safe life is for them that this attack happened just a kilometer from the presidential palace and shows the government is on able to provide security for afghans and journalists. security is a main concern for all afghans hampering the economy halting education making life
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in general more difficult. nato is expected to announce later this week that three thousand more troops will head to afghanistan expanding their training mission here to sixteen thousand their job is to support afghan police soldiers intelligence and logistics officials tell stem the flow of attacks here jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. so bob noyce president robert mugabe has fired one of his two deputies and was seen as one of the leading contenders to become his successor but now his wife grace appears to be the front runner ninety three year old mugabe has been president for almost forty years as the latest from her. it was no secret people knew that prism of god and his wife grace had fallen out with him a synagogue or was surprised a lot of people is how soon how quickly he was fired as vice president the papers are trying to explain what happened the state run papers saying that he was sacked
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because one of the reasons is because he was disloyal the private papers are looking ahead so to speak talking about a purge that may be coming already in some of the provinces some senior officials are lying to him assuming a god had been sacked from some of their roles in the problem says it's not the first time that the president has one of his deputies in twenty fourteen he fired who was the vice president at that time he's since left the party and formed her own opposition party as my words are used to that's what shocked them is that people speculated that someone in gaza was powerful he had the army behind him and had a lot of support within the army here people didn't think in god we would dare by him and now that he has people are waiting to see what minute i was next move is going to be. the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the man asylum detention center
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australia closed the offshore facility last week but six hundred refugees and asylum seekers are refusing to leave they say it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community. is the lawyer representing the refugees he says the men have been stabbed by locals on an assignment. well normally it takes a long time for the appeals to be had but we will be able to file for us to placate them so that we will put in the us priority. we will advise the court that we want to move that it is in the soonest possible that had been instances some. assaulting the asylum seekers tom has been. hospitalized out of the cons and saw that kind of a monster for us to live to be tried as they moved around within the community in the common area and so. there was no government get it if they got the. instances
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like this can happen to them so there is a sea of them not being able to be looked up. from the current dems in the senate to on the look in. still ahead and i'll just era with climate change causing more floods and storms evelyn says showing how prevention is better than cure. from ancient manuscripts the lego bricks scatter unveils the future of libraries borrowing the best. how it's been raining heavily in the far south a child particularly high now and and also the vietnamese coast you can see from the bright white top clouds in one hundred twenty seven millimeters is
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a significant amount of rain for this time here to be honest less so on the mainland this greyish cloud is just a change in the color of the sky really carry on doing the same in society humid and warm twenty nine in hong kong but the green is where the rain is nice down in the southwest of china and again the vietnamese coast lesser and higher now but vietnam of course is still sitting in the front conditions in some places so more rain is just not needed to the west and the retreating monsoon trough has stuck now more or less down the south it has gone sized to sri lanka recently but it's been between chennai and colombo and some degree all of talent in the last past week or so still a lot of rain for half the sky and in the forecast comes a little less in india a little more i think of next as it's right time of the year for that rain to be in hearts but are going to potential development in the bay of bangor of a tropical depression that might become more than the that's when we'll certainly have to watch for the rest it's dryness drive through the arabian peninsula but
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with rain on the horn of africa heading towards. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.k. has to address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the complex but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed is accusing iran of what could be an act of war he says to her unsupplied who the rebels in the end with a missile that was fired at riyadh on saturday movies are warning that saudi and u.a.e. airports could be the next targets saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon accusing its government of declaring war against riyadh it says acts of aggression have been committed by the lebanon based group hezbollah which is backed by iran lebanon's prime minister satellite how daily is in the united arab emirates now after resigning on saturday. says it carried out an attack on a television station in kabul which killed at least one person gunman opened fire as they stormed the shamshad network. the united nations has called for an end to what it says is a catastrophic a blockade on yemen fuel prices increased by over sixty percent cooking gas prices
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doubled after saudi arabia car all eight access to the country the u.n. says it's low here whether they're close or constitute unlawful collective punishment our diplomatic editor james phase has more. the humanitarian situation in yemen is one of the grave east in the world it's so bad a child under the age of five dies in the country every ten minutes from causes that should be preventable twenty million people out of a population estimated at twenty seven million are in need of humanitarian assistance but it appears for now all international aid is being cut saudi arabia has announced it's completely blockading the country cutting all sea and land links its reaction to a missile fired towards riyadh by the who these who control a large part of yemen including the capital sanaa are two u.n.
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flights into the country have already been blocked and we're trying to see whether we can get our normal access restored and we're hopeful that we will be able to continue our normal operations we once more. underscore to all parties the need for regular humanitarian access to all parts of yemen that are in need when the u.n. says it's hopeful its aid can soon resume that's only based on the fact that the saudi's current blockade is said to be temporary when you look at the words the u.n. is using it's clear they're treading carefully the reality is that saudi arabia has been making restrictions on the aid medicine and food allowed into yemen for years . after facing turmoil conflict and an ongoing cholera epidemic the conditions in yemen can only be described as dire and they look set to worsen even further. al-jazeera at the united nations now leaders of the red cross and red crescent
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societies are meeting in turkey to discuss the future of the world's largest humanitarian movement the power of humanity conference presented alarming information about dwindling aid supplies it comes at a time when there are more than sixty five million people displaced due to violence . now the speaker of quiets national assembly has received a letter from kuwait samir calling for unity amid regional tension the emir accepted the resignation of the government last week after a crisis within parliament. and touch of a name has the latest from kuwait city. this has been a frenetic few days and the emir could be viewed as a call mean voice amidst the din he's calling for national unity denouncing hatred and warning not only are these dangerous times in the gulf and the region but here at home. the moment in my home we are fully aware of the threats around us and we
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are fully aware of our geographic location and the dangerous situation in the region i am sure that the kuwaiti people are aware and fully supportive of our political leadership backing our security agencies and value the national unity. the emir's call for unity is in stark contrast to the fiery rhetoric we've been hearing from saudi arabia since saturday that's when the who these in yemen fired up the listing missile into the country and the gulf cooperation council crisis is in its fifth month saudi arabia the u.a.e. and two other countries have imposed a blockade against cuts are claiming that it enables terrorism qatar denies that and says what this is really about is a threat to their sovereignty kuwait has stepped in to play a mediating role as it did in two thousand and fourteen during a similar crisis president trump has invited all the parties to camp david although qatar's amir has said he is ready and willing to go so far there's
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a stalemate. hong kong's top court is allowing three democracy activists to appeal against their prison sentences joshua nathan lor and alex child were released on bail last month they were jailed for up to eight months in august for guys in mass protest in two thousand and fourteen the activists say many protesters are still in prison. other than the three of us there are also many political prisoners who are in jail or about to get sentenced and these individuals really need the support from the people of hong kong we really hope and urge the people of hong kong to help these individuals through organizations that provide support for political prisoners. water is being released from overflowing reservoirs in viet-nam to prevent more floods after typhoon damrey sixty nine people have been killed rescuers are looking for thirty others still missing thousands of people have been forced from their homes the storm is disrupting preparations for
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a regional economic summit that will be attended by the presidents of the u.s. russia and china. world leaders and scientists are meeting in germany for the annual u.n. climate change conference many parts of the world are already feeling the effects of rising sea levels extreme weather and floods cities are looking for ways to strengthen their defenses and they're turning to the netherlands for. lawrence the reports from rotterdam. a city which at its lowest lies six meters below sea level has for centuries had to work out how to keep the people dry if you didn't know how to do it nowadays you wouldn't even notice the wall at the end of the bridge is actually a levee against flooding the road raised above the level of the houses to keep the water from the other side the spaces they used as basketball courts and open air theatres but they're also huge basins to capture rainwater the thing they figured out is how to make flood defenses work for cities we must add quality to the city.
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and that can be done in an integrated ways so you can choose for a concrete wall but you also can choose for. a landscape in the shape of a levee with cycling on top of it and that's that's an end in quality but it's also creating more flexibility. the netherlands was forced to address is geographic weakness in the one nine hundred fifty three when a huge storm pushed the north sea inland nearly two thousand people died they realized they had to do something enormous to protect the entire dutch seaboard this giant barrier is the first line of defense for rotterdam it's what the dutch a full forty years after the great flood of nine hundred fifty three to complete the infrastructure necessary to keep the north sea out of the netherlands and of course river in rotterdam every day some of the projects are going on of course it's all underpinned by a belief that you have to work with the water rather than against it and of course the political will to make it happen. of stream in rotterdam the chinese are
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visiting being shown a pretty open space it's actually a flood basin they're impressed and want to copy it. it's carefully designed we could use some of it in china we have already implemented some and we are hoping to work with the netherlands much more they aren't the only ones with the amsterdam was a conference thirty global may as a listening to the mayor of rotterdam tell them spending on prevention is far cheaper than having to evacuate their cities but if you do the math and you see the amount of money that you pay off to mass in the aftermath to repair the damage there will be i think more money than we spent at prevention. building resilience system of water defense. in a year when hoost and found itself in the water in the us president disavowed the powers claim it's a cold the overarching message is this even if you don't believe in climate change think of flood defense as a business opportunity the moment we deny we will die but the moment we embrace the
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opportunities also climate change brings up and we can see the value for our environment our people but also to me to many people the evidence of twenty seventeen is that the terrifying prospect of the sea taking over is beginning to come true the better news is that the duchess figured out at least some of the answers and very many others are listening to lawrence lee al jazeera role to them . russia is holding low key events to mark a century since the one nine hundred seventeen bolshevik revolution that's when the bolsheviks stormed the winter palace knysna petersburg president vladimir putin and his government are reluctant to celebrate an armed uprising which launched seventy years of communist rule. mexico has too many street dogs repeated sterilization campaigns have not been able to fix the problem but now comes a radical new idea john ahmann explains. it's the end of another trip home
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rianne is heading from mexico back to canada but this time she's taking some unusual luggage ciccio. not the ball on the mules and eight other mexican street dogs it's part of an innovative program from n.g.o.s back street dogs they find people already traveling and willing to take on want to canines to new homes in canada as part of their baggage like i'm just feeling i'm saving nine lives right now so. yes i think anybody that loves sun you mustn't think about it. it all started with a problem gabby and letty were rescuing lots of strays in pointless state mexico but no one wanted to take them in the first culture you know we are not. we are not dedicated. he says now that. they found she chilled by the side of a motorway like many others in
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a shelter the last time the mets consensus of his from the start moving twelve million dogs were living on the street that's two thirds of the country's canine population homeless. gabby and letty discovered a solution that airlines would let them fly dogs to canada cheaply all for free as long as they could find travelers willing to take them. now she chose arrived one of more than two hundred fifty days sent north there's plenty of demand especially as. in some canadian cities you can't buy a dog or two only adopt. after getting through the airport he meets his new family. it's going to be interesting as. i'm sure you know adapting lotion wherever as we go along in commanding whatever but it's just right now it's surreal actually flew in this morning from mexico.
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finally cheechoo gets to his new home. from straight to pump of it's been a happy ending for at least this mexican dog. john home and. mexico . and today's on demand instant digital world libraries are struggling to shrug off that stuff a silent image cutters new national library show the way when it opens on tuesday as well as books it has computers and kids and coffee and gives us all when emotions are reduced to him o. g.'s and a handful of tweeted letters scattered across the internet can inspire the world or plunge it into despair words have weight and print is still powerful if you recall the first word in the qur'an is read i think that that's really going to be leading the people to use this library to operate and to understand the
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resources in a region in a country that has a long tradition of loving the written words this is qatar's new national library these shelves can hold around one point two million books racks of history fiction and reference sit alongside computers music studios three d. printers stages for musical and feared her performances and on a lower floor out of direct sunlight ancient texts for researchers to study. this is the heritage library it's got over twenty six thousand printed books over four thousand nine you scripts it's got over thirty thousand photographs and over twelve hundred maps but the staff here at the library know that if they wanted to be a success they have to appeal to a different type of reader as well children to do that they're banishing what used to be a basic requirement in libraries silence we think of our library as. an
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noisy place so it's a noisy children's library and we encourage children to express themselves however they feel we believe in learning through play and this is why you can find a lot of toys here in the library that supported their cognitive development in addition to their love of reading. since the one nine hundred seventy s. economy has been driven by its vast oil and gas reserves but eventually those will start to shrink the new qatar national library is part of a plan to move the economy to one based largely on knowledge and education so this is a tremendous investment and it's an investment not just in this building but it's an investment in education and research for the country i think it's got a huge role to play in creating the next generation of of readers students and we hope leaders too for the staff of the new national library the printed word either real or in cyberspace is key to qatar's future rob matheson al jazeera.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed is accusing iran of what could be an act of war he says that around supplied who theory rebels in yemen with a missile which was fired at riyadh on saturday these are warning that. airports could be the next targets. saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon accusing its government of declaring war against riyadh it says acts of aggression have been committed by the lebanon based group hezbollah which is backed by iran lebanon's prime minister sadly is in the united arab emirates after resigning on saturday i don't trump says the u.s. and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea is open to negotiations to when pyongyang's nuclear weapons program trump has been discussing
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the issue with south korea's leader in seoul. all nations must implement un security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to warm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be i source says it carried out an attack on a television station in afghanistan's capital gunmen opened fire as they stormed the shamshad network in kabul at least one person died the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to
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a silent detention center close the offshore facility last week about six hundred refugees and asylum seekers are refusing to leave they say it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community it's the stream next stay with us. if you were. to confront the threat from north korea. in this visit really. really could be here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today a stream of issues brought by you our community as the bone climate talks start warming on. a voyage to antarctica climate change and then i.


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