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tv   Sperm Smugglers  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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killings torture maybe you giving me room didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute if you didn't show the shot one saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. hello i'm maryam namazie in london here's a quick roundup of the top stories saudi arabia's crown prince is accusing iran of what could be an act of war by supplying who see rebels in yemen with
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a missile that was fired to riyadh saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon saying acts of aggression of been committed by hezbollah which is mine by iran it's all done with the lebanese government off the backing the resignation of prime minister saad hariri saying a whole new reports from beirut. it has been three days since lebanese prime minister sato had announced his shock resignation he made his statement in saudi arabia and hasn't returned home since instead he traveled to abu dhabi a saudi ally in the anti iranian camp for talks on an escalating political crisis back home but the crisis extends beyond lebanon's borders saudi arabia has made clear it wants to curb iranian influence not just here but across the region riyadh is accusing iran of what it called direct military aggression by providing hutu rebels in yemen with rockets used to target the kingdom saudi officials have also said the very presence of hezbollah in the lebanese government amounts to
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a declaration of war. the saudi arabia through its stretch when the lebanese government and people to finish off his blog it's an invitation to civil war there's a new front saudi israel and the us against iran. iran has proxies across the middle east in iraq it controls paramilitary forces that are stronger than the state in yemen saudi arabia is in a quagmire and able to defeat the iranian allied hutus in syria it has revolutionary guards and hezbollah troops supporting the government iran has now secured a land core door stretching from to her on through iraq and syria all the way to lebanon where saudi arabia hopes it can change the balance of power. saudi arabia has long criticized hezbollah it is even classified as a terrorist organization but now. stronger language and threatening action in the words of the state minister for gulf affairs there will be those who are forced to
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return to their caves in southern lebanon. curbing hezbollah's influence of power would be easy it is not just an armed group it is a political party with strong popular support but as of late it has expanded its influence beyond lebanon's borders. hezbollah's arms it's this is a descent troops to fight alongside syrian president bashar assad's forces have long been issues of concern among some lebanese factions but it has long resisted calls to disarm and to withdraw from syria it's not clear what action saudi arabia will take. riyadh has a number of options to restrain but those options will just target has been low in the shia sect they will target all the lebanese economic pressures very possible but i don't believe saudi arabia can pressure has a lot militarily calls for unity are growing louder but lebanon is a deeply divided country in a deeply divided region the political crisis is only worsening and any solution
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will have to be part of a regional deal said of. beirut. donald trump as north korea to make a deal to end the standoff over its nuclear program he was president is in seoul on the second stop of his tour of asia and has held talks with south korea's president one giant recently said that the time for talking was over said he's still open to negotiations with pyongyang before mccaskill and president carter is pushed along has made his first public appearance in brussels since spain issued an arrest warrant for him there are signs in the procession camp focusing less on talking about independence and more on regaining their autonomy from spain. i still says it carried out an attack on a t.v. station in the afghan capital kabul which killed two people and injured at least twenty allas gunmen stormed the station after an explosion and call the siege is
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now over and the station has resumed broadcasts. well those are your top stories al-jazeera wild is coming up next more news after that in about twenty five minutes time and then of course as always our web site al jazeera dot com.
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army and learn on the move not hostile and if you've been with a unit your own home club and one or a. couple see the panel in the saw. and then some infamously. up in the scene talking through the metal here if you. can before we are. on them and this is war and i want to. know it all on them but me the look was i would muzzled. so how do you handle it because. it is so i really. as a world where i'm going to you will see it really. is that it can't be that difficult and what i mean i suck at nothing probably you can understand as i would neither do i have a gun and i'm out of your ass. hole in life that is stumbling and i must say it's going to suck at the end. while
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one month ahead that's where the lower than. double so i could have a big enough. blow to have been there has had as good news. we were little and i mean what it did add. up with a newcomer who has so little oprah. look unlimited and if you don't want to deal in abusive of the father in his old result of a man most likely single men out there any where a time without an arm of time money and will make them a little girl is slightly above any age lumpy thought on but i'm from mobile like any other the more you know most of us are going to. so little bit but i think i have a little walk us well i must mall tomorrow and get the latest when i. like and what i didn't know what kind of the day in a few of us that we were sleeping on a beach mat and a selfie that will be nice but we're getting i'm going to live with some of the
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really big machete looking but i think because that energy was getting in that especially the color sort of mold you would then know bad took a misnomer since anyone can model you can a model you can now model you can you really have a lot less of a look and this is the new i had not said. the only good robert h. d. you look too busy. with helen from all juda. oh sure the bitch of the earth that of there as here in the north. of the mother earth and know a human being. also to me. only how do you know why they have to travel i'm a normal hamster malone can impair me at konar as. well as older. one of which is iraq but the. time we're studying will look at this. at their. bad the whole the whole in
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a bit of. a star and you have to hold i did minimally that solomon feel for us and he martha burk she had to. have a mission or. i haven't made. that untanned documentation. it's not the problem i just up with saddam we don't what the problem. has to have the dot what was on the map and one of the more i don't know if you're a man who will follow up there i said he let the people of the know i've got to read that you had a need for a fan a lot of power for her if it would. be that it wouldn't be any problem then i'm in i would imagine the fuck up we had a time when our father has appeared going to africa and why do you think about his
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mental asylum. on the new national anthem and then i don't know what if i met a lot of the fact that it. is only that he was popular to both of us to marry you know within me and mine and i would much rather than a young stuck up disoriented to enjoy all that in the museum and to shut the fuck home the young white handed out a banana me and i knew that a little less and those who had to deal with me and i'm a will would have been no sure how medici in a layer how mold took that idolizes then you can also measure me a ton of what do you than. any government to him but i'm a war. public opinion on how your little world of the world and also wrong i'm all bent on much the is over the hammer and i'm of much marple you said how because only her journey in accept research you have possibly until i. saw your
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a tenth of it and i know and i'm sure. there are many that had a chip how many it. and the colonel said we didn't manage to get him good this year we're about a new year with this because there with this the love of the it were there many years was a whole new level yet of whether women it happened i met you had all your mentors jada sharpton who has had a what are what shall come. and learn. the barbara edition the new show how to men better left to get their in though he did in san fran had a just missed me. i don't have the lady hope they are certain and aluminum. a little with emotions
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affect them. can't have. them with a lie enough to. save me any more i am. the sole be the. villain of them. because you know i had a set up a lot of money and time and that. any i do know. about them he can. look them in the. early and know i am the. model and over there in the busier they are him and. he bad most if not and there is a one hundred heads in the house with them for the shock.
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i decide i'm going to. allow. the mission i'm in the sinai and the real. economy has. learned. going about how many. muslims learn not the will of man as you know had i had a senator give us cannot bluff and i will say. anybody i know and. again you can. count. on.
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the other. just the. boss and myself. and then to. the end of. the year. let the sale of national get messy but i just. had a lot i want to have the right here. in the public of either he has human decision . and can i when there. are some of them. on. any. one. one of the markers of the. standard now. until a mother then sends one of the many of the. thoughtful or puzzling muffling that
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was what most of us i'm sure the more that perhaps. a lot of them called that in the nickel and in the radio in the country. and in those a hard luck in the. well and the highly acclaimed time beloved from the love boat in the law to bill i mean is it up one called that in that it's not so for. us. to tell you that you. should do the deal with a deal that i didn't like and i sent him to marriage will. persist. because unwelcome. you know my wife still suffer.
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from. it was the man i thought about about i did not come to the perform under the . perfect. cover in a fast pass it mean. mean men who acted more like ninian seebohm i'm better now at least i know it is good for his he had never had to seem to tell all the. details out of the war but of or pretending. that i might as you know. what you are a force of nature and shot yourself in. your heart yet parting with such a short one just had a friend in my headlights and sure. that i would never let love out of the way so if you came.
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november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my am bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range of. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning fields. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump in a box on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. to be a child is to be innocent and careful but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of young children. with a mother behind bombs four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to
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stick together or split the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary at this time al-jazeera. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of real hinge on have fled ethnic cleansing in me in march for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries want to one east investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. last. and i know i'm maryam namazie in london a quick look at the stories making headlines now the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has called for iran to be held to account for a missile fired from yemen towards riyadh on saturday saudi arabia's crown prince
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mohammed bin cylon accused iran of what could be an act of war by allegedly supplying a who sees in yemen with the missile saudi arabia. iran has essentially dismissed the accusation as quote contrary to reality iran wants to build on what it considers to be victorious expansion over its influence in its neighboring countries like iraq syria lebanon and so on i think so your neighbor wants to friend of iran and iran influence especially in its immediate surroundings like in yemen and hence we're seeing both regimes scrimmaging their attentions their conflict and really demanding of the various countries sovereign nations of the region to take sides are you with iran or are you with saudi arabia the u.n. has condemned saudi arabia's blockade of yemen as catastrophic and along with
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international aid groups is calling on riyadh to lift it fuel prices in yemen have risen by more than sixty percent while cooking get gas prices have doubled as well after saudi arabia cut all aid access to the country. donald trump is north korea to make a deal to end the standoff over its nuclear program u.s. president is in seoul on the second stop of his tour of asia and has held talks with south korea's president lungi in trumbull recently said that the time for talking was over also said he's open to negotiations with pyongyang. the former castle. the former catalan president carter's put him on tazz made his first public appearance in brussels in spain issued an arrest warrant for him there are signs in the process session camp that they're focusing less on talking about independence and more on regaining their autonomy from spain.
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and i still says it carried out an attack on a t.v. station in kabul which killed two people and injured at least twenty others gunmen stormed the station after an explosion in kabul the siege is now over and the station has resumed broadcast. top stories sperm smugglers now continues. you know. i'm in the cylinder.
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and if at the expense of so he said to me could see when you should have been. back in the house one on one arm a look at all you who. has you to have a lesson. and then to in a new commitment seven i never had before what dr that hey we're ok if i hadn't been a lot from in that mindef in the city of one hundred. well it was a lot of. love none of. us. know how many lives. john the bad clinton community was that i don't. want to tell you who.
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done it but because it had been a no you're. going to get another book at the governor going to the bachelor and then kind of. like you know. when they are. in the could finish what i want in america's one hundred two you know if the lot of them got stuck in. the goal of a point then i'm going to get on. with what the. minister . was there in the. summer i like. when i see of that when i see it in the real. amanda said. a witness at
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i can't seem to come to night. to say there are many nights i. have more and more have time some time to. get it done. this year i mean. of on the one hand. that's what the worst. feature film and the sort of the movie. handed to me i have come to. the minister for many news of the journey was. coming in tears and definitely socially. to the. world.
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in the world wouldn't a lot of them and walter and then why don't you meet some of us and the love they gave your soul to think it was just sad when you. look at the suddenly something. on social mental illness and the one in one hundred or so along with more much you . want them in with on than i was with i'm going to themself if you have more none of them would call me when those who have been so little room for how most of you know death of a home system still humming of money giving. us. a good long wrong. you can make us for sinestro the good guy was it was about. what i was wonderful i mean. i wanted to be going to live. to climb the mountain
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was a long road to the more than i'm sure a lot of along with scent of even the good the law reminded me of them oh this isn't what we need out of a morning so your sadness of something with no you there is a talk a little bit which is a here i get the bulk of the women too often and i want the money and. was. let.
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the. showdown and. women come over for more. on the for no good going to call it. what you. see. with.
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the common sentiment. but i mean i. want to support him the. let them have the i know many. i thought you know with a lot of that a little bit about them in the movie isn't it. on within. the mother when i came at them and then in the. on the on at them and a horse that i'm a. part of me now the. no. help. from. some of
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the locals this is a. hard . time. and. how.
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you would that's a first because. we. had. the korean. that. we know we. have the kind of the you know. i mean. that could have been with them or. you had them speed. ahead of time not have i mean could she. have a little. bit of a look from one of them over and what not and. what i did one of them or had him
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a little so no one had to send him because i was going to be sure i was the seventh district however to. miss this not the double down. the so. glad. to be. pulling the barman a little bit not that. cup of even the. midst of. that kind of. damage from.
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jonathan the. life. of the. identity. and that of the love you know what about us.
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and the family. and in the country what kind of history. must live to see in the uk you. can. with the left the more you know life. center stage in money the no cost me does it and more didn't the matter that i don't have time or have fun stuff on my plate young women who know one another one of the new leadership i don't have a thing to have them and they're going to have that money then whatever thought of
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me can wish more but i'd let them in as i'm a son. of us living. in the muck of how you're one of the mco to want to slip up and limit our feet or to have them. i will. now drop by enemy of. the one now that i will want to. go when you come with me at the muck i'm in seattle. by the. time of the.
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hello there will be seeing plenty of severe weather over queens and recently if we look at the satellite picture we can see this area that gradually develops and it's this that gave us some very very heavy downpours and quite a lot of hail as well now this istomin still with us as we head through the day on wednesday so the still the risk of seeing a few more outbreaks rather shopfront of storms towards the west we've got more in the way of cloud to the stretching down across alice springs could squeeze out the old shower and then that's gradually edging its way eastwards behind it is turning a fair amount woman alice springs of to around thirty two there on thursday force in adelaide will be going up as well so it will be up at around twenty eight sorry of cloud gradually drifting its way eastwards over the next few days now the intense rain that brought us our active weather across queensland is also stretching down across new zealand this is giving us some very very heavy downpours some places are likely to see one hundred eighty millimeters of rain from this system by the time it eventually is away
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a wednesday so we're going to be clinging on to the north island there but eventually as we head into thursday it should be a fair amount dry air so folks will be a seventeen degrees lots of sunshine here but for the south island it's more the way of cloud edging its way towards us that will be giving us some wet weather along the western coast there but across judge does look like it should be true right. ambitious endeavors to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan b. sawyer that looks now looks completely alive i'm the international efforts to combine the pests that threaten so they bring in their samples they show you the infected hops just like a doctor writes your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer and six blows inspiring advances to farming for the future but this time. it's the end of the breeding season as we take
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a ferry through the straits of magellan to magdalen island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine percent penguin expert cloud able boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins. this is al-jazeera.


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