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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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i really feel liberated as a journalist while. getting to the truth a little bit that's what has killed. us calls for international action to hold iran to account over a yemeni rebel missile attack mia riyadh.
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hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you're watching al-jazeera told the u.n. . be attacked and that what it calls the catastrophic blockade of yemen. catalonia is ousted leadership puts the emphasis back on all tonally rather than independence from spain. six ounces of just being looked inside this to a heartbeat but they were becoming stepped on which albums did more scary russia keep watching to find out what to do with the space trouble. oh i'll top story this hour the u.s. is urging international action to hold iran accountable after saudi arabia accused
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iran of direct military aggression over who see rebel missile strike is on the crown prince says iran supplied the weapon fired from yemen towards riyadh on saturday meanwhile to iran has told the u.n. security council that the threat of force made against it contravenes the u.n. charter the saudis are also facing accusations of orchestrating the resignation of the lebanese prime minister saying holder reports from beirut. it has been three days since lebanese prime minister sato had announced his shock resignation he made his statement in saudi arabia and hasn't returned home since instead he traveled to a saudi ally in the iranian camp for talks on an escalating political crisis back home but the crisis extends beyond lebanon's borders saudi arabia has made clear it wants to curb iranian influence not just here but across the region riyadh is accusing iran of what it called direct military aggression by providing hutu rebels in yemen with rockets used to target the kingdom saudi officials have also said the
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very presence of hezbollah in the lebanese government amounts to a declaration of war. among saudi arabia through a stretch when the lebanese government and people to finish off has blown it's an invitation to civil war there's a new front saudi israel and the us against iraq. iran has proxies across the middle east in iraq it controls paramilitary forces that are stronger than the state in yemen saudi arabia is in a quagmire unable to defeat the iranian allied hutus in syria it has revolutionary guards and hezbollah troops supporting the government iran has now secured a land corridor or stretching from to her on through iraq and syria all the way to lebanon where saudi arabia hopes it can change the balance of power saudi arabia has long criticize hezbollah it is even classified as a terrorist organization but now it is stronger language and threatening action in
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the words of the state minister for gulf affairs there will be those who will force hezbollah to return to their caves in southern lebanon. curbing hezbollah's influence and power would be easy it is not just an armed group it is a political party with strong popular support but as of late it has extended its influence beyond lebanon's borders. hezbollah's arms it's this issue of dissent troops to fight alongside syrian president bashar assad's forces have long been issues of concern among some lebanese factions but it has long resisted calls to disarm and to withdraw from syria it's not clear what action saudi arabia will take . riyadh has a number of options to restrain his below but those options will just target has been low in the shia sect they will target all the lebanese economic pressure is very possible but i don't believe saudi arabia can pressure has a lot militarily calls for unity are growing louder but lebanon is
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a deeply divided country in a deeply divided region the political crisis is only worsening and any solution will have to be part of a regional deal said a. beirut the u.s. state department says it expects saudi arabia's anticorruption drive to be carried out in a fair and transparent way dozens of prominent saudis including leading businessmen and princes were detained over the weekend of an investigation led by the crown prince mohammed bin someone we continue to encourage the saudi authorities to pursue the prosecution of people they believe to have been corrupt officials we expect them to do it in a fair and transparent manner we call on the government of saudi arabia to do that our state department correspondent roslyn jordan has. she also noted that the u.s. and saudi arabia have long been allies and that basically the relationship is
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a strong one what also is significant though is that when she was questioned about whether the u.s. was told that these arrests over the weekend were going to be taking place heather nauert told reporters at the state department no the u.s. was not informed but she said that the u.s. has been communicating with saudi officials who say that they are simply trying to deal with what they consider to be a problem of rampant corruption in their government and that they're using the legal methods to try to resolve the situation. the u.n. has condemned saudi arabia's blockade of yemen as catastrophic and join international aid groups in calling on riyadh to lift it sound a radio announced on monday it would close all adland and seaports to stop the flow of arms into yemen but the move is also stopping aid from getting. reports.
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the blockade of yemen means no humanitarian aid is coming into a country that is in desperate need it also means vital commodities are harder to get the cost of food rocketing the price of fuel going up sixty percent in recent days the u.n. has been expressing its deep concern at a news briefing in geneva the situation is catastrophic in yemen it's the worst food crisis we're looking at in the world today seven million people on the brink of famine millions of people being kept alive by our humanitarian operation salt this is a lifeline that must be continued every single day comments then echoed in new york by the spokesman for the secretary general but it's clear the u.n. is avoiding direct condemnation of saudi arabia does the u.n. believe that by its actions this blockade that saudi is in breach of
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international humanitarian law i'm not in a position to issue a legal ruling what we do know is that the blockading of ports and airports and land routes. can have a tremendously negative impact on a situation which is already catastrophic. the un's humanitarian chief mark lo called was very guarded in the u.n. committee hearing refusing to talk about the saudi blockade i've said all i want to say on access and i've been quite careful in the words i've used the end of the meeting you could be seen speaking with saudi arabia's ambassador who is almost certainly coming under a great deal of pressure behind the scenes saudi arabia will be under fresh pressure on wednesday sweden has called for an emergency closed door session of the security council to discuss the crisis so a human rights group that's been focusing on the medical situation in yemen so
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security council members need to speak out there so it's not a time to put secondary national interests first this is not a time to say oh i wonder what will happen to our arms industry oh i wonder what will happen to the president that smites out in terms of investigations of potential war crimes this is the time to step up and i would say that the u.n. has a role in pushing that. but i don't want to call it bravery i want to call it human decency for the people of yemen the stakes could not be greater james out zero but the united nations donald trump has struck a different tone towards north korea during a visit seoul u.s. president is on the second stop of his tour of asia he met with south korea's president lungi and said he is still open to negotiations with the north tony but the reports from seoul. donald trump arrived in south korea on the second and perhaps most delicate leg of his asia tour it brought him to within forty eight
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kilometers of the border with north korea following his war of words with its leader kim jong un there were fears president trump's presence would provoke some sort of response he described north korea as a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action but his tone was more measured than in the past and he called for p.r. nyang to come to the negotiating table he said all available tools will be used short of military action but he also stressed america's military capability as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be south korean president moon jay in said the time was too early to talk to the north but promised a bright future if it gave up its nuclear and missile programs j j one of the
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united states has strong sanctions on north korea and i think it will have an effective impact and with china joining the united states it will bring force to the sanctions on north korea with all these international diplomatic policies i think when there are changes being made it will bring north korea back to the negotiating table trump is the first u.s. president in twenty five years to be treated to a state visit with the first since ronald reagan not to visit the demilitarized zone the border with north korea instead he went by helicopter to count humphrey's the largest u.s. base in south korea he later spoke of the close relationship between the two countries but all that we've built in the decades since our soldiers sacrifice side by side in the struggle for freedom our alliances more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the indoor pacific region.
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thousands of pro trump supporters lined the streets of seoul all those who oppose the u.s. president were kept corralled behind police buses south korea's liberal government is pulling out all the stops to make this visit a success they know they can afford to alienate the president and the united states defense against north korea depends on a good relationship have a joint news conference trump announced that south korea wants to buy billions of dollars worth of military equipment from the u.s. which would help offset the trade deficit between the two countries and a five year old free trade agreement will be renegotiated trampin. first lady milan you were greeted by children and a korean pop star at the blue house later had what's known as a friendship walk through the gardens with president lula and his wife the day ended with a defiant threat from north korea reaffirming its resolve to strengthen its nuclear power rhetoric but no action so far so good the transfer stay in south korea tony
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berkeley al-jazeera so. well the next stop on trump's tour of asia is china and his talks with president xi jinping are expected to see trump pressing for a tougher line on north korea but it could be a difficult meeting as adrian brown reports from beijing. when richard nixon became the first u.s. president to visit china forty five years ago chairman mao was in charge the cultural revolution was still a man now china's president was nineteen years old and working on a farm today she jingping is the dominant force in chinese politics and he says he wants china to be center stage in the world not since my as a u.s. president had to deal with the chinese leader as powerful machine overall. trump is getting less attention than present thing and he doesn't like that because . he's leading the discussion of climate change and he's participate actively
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in the free trade discussion so bad for trying he doesn't have anything like that. last conference. she gave. it will be tensions over north korea and chinese trade practices will be the dominant themes. but china is still expected to confirm several trade deals for which trump will be able to claim credit says one analyst she will claim like a fiddle he will he will be very polite he will be obsequious and he will basically pushed up around it make him pay attention to what he thinks he needs to pay attention to and everything will be smiles and handshakes and trouble go are getting nothing from the visit at first glance they appear to very different leaders but they do have some things in common both are populist politicians both take big political risks she jinping has a china dream from wants to make america great again and curiously they are born
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just a day apart although in different years with the exception of gerald ford every visiting u.s. president has gone to the great wall but it's not on trump's itinerary given his love of walls it could have provided a memorable headline adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. still to come more details are emerging on the background of the gunman who killed twenty six people at a texas church on sunday. and sexual harassment scandals ministerial slip ups installed breck's it talks what's next for persons in battle government. hello there will be things plenty of severe weather over queens and recently if we look at the satellite picture we can see this area of cloud here that gradually develops and it's this that gave us some very very heavy downpours and quite
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a lot of hail as well now this istomin still with us as we head through the day on wednesday so there's still the risk of seeing a few more outbreaks rather shopfront of storms towards the west we've got more in the way of cloud here that stretching down across alice springs could squeeze out the old shower and then that's gradually edging its way eastwards behind it is turning a fair amount warmer alice springs of to around thirty two there on thursday force in adelaide will be going up as well so will be up at around twenty eight sorry of cloud gradually drifting its way eastwards over the next few days now the intense rain that brought us our active weather across queensland is also stretching down across new zealand this is giving us some very very heavy downpours some places are likely to see one hundred eighty millimeters of rain from this system by the time it eventually clears away a wednesday so we're going to be clinging on to the north island there but eventually as we head into thursday it should be a fair amount drier so for him will be a seventeen degrees lots of sunshine here but for the south island it's more the way of cloud edging its way towards us that will be giving us some wet weather
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along the western coast there but what christchurch does look like it should be true right. ambitious endeavor to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan b. sawyer that look. looks completely life and the international efforts to combine the pests the threats and so they bring in their samples they show you the effect of crops just like a doctor write your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer minds explores inspiring advances to farming for the future. al-jazeera.
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back and watching out a zero s. take a look at the stories making headlines the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has called for iran to be held to account for a missile fired from yemen towards riyadh the u.n. meanwhile has condemned saudi arabia's blockade of yemen is catastrophic urging riyadh to lift it so it can deliver urgently needed aid. and u.s. president donald trump has struck a different tone towards north korea on a visit to south korea signaling he's open to negotiations with killing at. now new information is continuing to emerge on the shooter who killed twenty six people in a church in the united states on sunday according to a local t.v. station in texas devon kelly escaped a mental health facility five years ago he's also made death threats to military superiors where when in the u.s. air force tried to smuggle guns on his face despite all this is rob runnels reports
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somehow he was still allowed to buy an arsenal of guns. a bureaucratic failure by the us air force allowed the texas church gunman to buy an assault rifle and other weapons despite a conviction for domestic violence devon kelly beat and choked his wife in two thousand and twelve while serving in the air force and struck her toddler son so violently he fractured the child's skull kelly was sentenced to a year in military prison and given a bad conduct discharge the air force should have provided kelly's information to a national criminal database listing those convicted of violent offenses who are prohibited from legally buying guns but for unexplained reasons it failed to do so that blunder ultimately allowed kelly to buy multiple firearms which he used to kill more than two dozen people in the small baptist church in sutherland springs
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on sunday roseanne so elise survived my with hiding under the bed to when i could feel when i'm with you i want you back and forth and i know i know i was going to call that boy the air force says it has launched a review of how kelly's case was handled police say the killer was embroiled in a dispute with his is strange to second wife's mother who sometimes attended the church but was not present during the rampage two men chased kelly from the church until he crashed his car and shot himself dead mass killings on this scale inevitably lead to call for stricter gun control laws president donald trump on a visit to south korea dismissed the idea out of hand there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or
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a rifle in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him. and i can only say this if he didn't have a gun instead of having twenty six dead he would have had hundreds more dead so that's the way i feel about it in the past eighteen months there have been more than five hundred mass shootings in the united states with nearly seven hundred people killed and thousands injured a record of violence unmatched by any other developed country robert oulds al jazeera springs texas to governor elections underway in the u.s. could be possibly seen as a crucial indicator of the popularity of president donald trump polls in the swing state of virginia show a close race between the republican and democrat candidates mike hanna is following events. well there are a number of elections taking place in various states including elections for son
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big city mayors but most attention is being focused on the state of virginia there in the race for governor you have a democrat pitted against a republican north i'm coming up against edulis b. many observers believe that this will be a real indicator of whether the democrats are coming back after that massive defeat in last year's election interesting leigh both campaigns taking a leaf out of the trump playbook there has been grassroots energy by both campaigns starting from the bottom up rather than the top down in terms of political organization it's been phone calls it's be knocking on doors both republicans and democrats clearly intent on energizing the political short support base much as president trump did in his election last year importantly in virginia it two thousand and fifteen more than forty of the republican seats went weren't contested
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however this year only twelve republicans are not being a forty against by the democrats this is a massive increase in terms of political participation above all though the key all parties looking to gain traction for the crucial midterms that will happen next year and also observers looking at whether there is some kind of blowback against the trump administration at the polls well in all the stories we're covering i sell says it carried out an attack on a t.v. station in the afghan capital kabul which killed two people gunman stormed the building after an explosion in kabul at least twenty others were injured the attack is widely being seen as an assault on media freedom in afghanistan. former cast on president carter's bridge to mt has made his first public appearance in brussels and spain issued an arrest warrant for him he joined an event held by a group of catalan mayors of travel to belgium to show their support for him and four other former members of his cabinet which among addressed the crowd saying
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catalonia was fast becoming an anomaly in europe. we mustn't forget that catalonia is the only part of the european union where the government democratically elected by the people is not actually allowed to govern and it's the only part of the european union where the president of that government is not actually allowed to be the president. the french prime minister has called for sanctions against those who've issued death threats towards the satirical magazine charlie hebdo after the publication of its latest issue surely a dog was attacked in two thousand and fifteen after publishing cartoons of the prophet mohammed the latest edition features a sexually provocative depiction of tariq ramadan a muslim scholar and professor oxford university is taking a leave of absence following allegations of rape and sexual misconduct ramadan says he's the victim of what he describes a campaign of lies and he's suing one woman for slander.
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here the political turmoil in golfing prime minister to resign as government is deafening several members of our party have been accused of sexual harassment a top minister is accused of discussing secret deals with israel and the foreign secretary is under fire for comments he made about a british woman currently in jail in iran may have bach unravels little. the british prime minister had promised a strong and stable government to lead britain out of europe the recent weeks have beat anything but teresa mayes battling a string of crises some with grave implications for more than just the government a blunder by the foreign secretary boris johnson could see one british woman imprisoned in iran have her sentence doubled as the danes the gari radcliffe has been jailed for five years accused of spreading propaganda about the regime johnson complicated matters by claiming she'd been teaching journalism in the country cigar iraq cliff had worked for the b.b.c. and thomson reuters foundation but insisted her trip to iran had been
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a family visit. everybody in this house wants to see is now the gari. johnson is now planning to travel to iran before the end of the year. another scandal involves international development secretary preety patel she was forced to apologize after holding twelve secret meetings with a sarabi officials including prime minister benjamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on a family holiday it's believed she suggested summer britain's aid budget go to the israeli army to help injured syrians being treated in military hospitals the political establishment is also being engulfed in a sexual harassment scandal that forced the resignation of defense secretary michael file and. the deputy prime minister damian green teresa mayes closest allies also been accused of sexual harassment and of having extreme pornography on his computer he denies the claims under normal circa. it is these areas where there
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may deliberately or not could be grounds for dismissal for breach of this the ministerial code the governor's m.p.'s conduct and behavior it's currently under review but of course these are normal times to resume a has very few close allies left were ever you look you see political crisis sometimes it was sexual harassment sometimes it was secret bilateral deals sometimes to do with their own gaffes and ineptitude as to the kind of statements that they put out you were looking at as sort of only scam though that is hitting the government day after day after day and those were looted to reason may already very very few slipping away watching all of this from brussels where breaks it talks are at a standstill the leaders of the e.u. the view from europe's of a british government seeking deeper into turmoil they've barca al-jazeera london. communist party members and supporters in russia have held events to mark a century since the one nine hundred seventeen revolution as one socialist led by
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have led to madeleine installed in the winter palace in st petersburg the armed uprising led to seventy years of communist rule russian government stop celebrating the anniversary out to the collapse of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one now six scientists is spending the next seventeen days locked inside a giant metal box in moscow it's part of an experiment to test the psychological effects of the mission into deep space and as roy hallums reports from moscow it could be a significant step towards a manned mission to mars. thank you for these six scientists the world is about to get very small for a while the five russians and one german are test subjects in the first of a series of experiments on deep space travel they're not going to space though they'll be isolated in a pod inside a moscow medical research facility for seventeen days. this is a team of professionals indeed each of them is
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a professional in his own failed altogether way like part of a mosaic that creates a team which you know earth research mission will accomplish all the tasks that we face. after the press briefing it was down to the whole housing the mock spacecraft it will be there how you mandel of oratory for at least fifty different experiments directed at how humans might cope on flights to mars and beyond and limited contact with earth final ways and in through the hatch sirius seventeen will be followed by a four month mission next year eight months in two thousand and nineteen and a full year in two thousand and twenty. you may think it's a bit strange looking a bunch of people inside a tin can here on earth and running tests on them when there's actually a space station orbiting the planet and has been for decades seemingly much more suitable for these sorts of experiments but there are actually key reasons why this
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works. it's not that the international space station isn't being used to simulate tests it is but earth based analogs are much safer cheaper and in some ways can better mimic deep space travel yes us wasn't on one designed to be in an isolation environment it does i mean here you are isolated but more and more your own crew members have you know a cell phone in your pocket they can call their friends there is a requirement there's there are many thousands of commands it gets sent from mission control to the vehicle every day with nasa russia and the european space agency old working together this experiment is also another reminder of the truly cooperative nature of space exploration rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. the play look at the stories making headlines this hour the u.s.
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ambassador to the u.n. has called for iran to be held to account for a missile fired from yemen towards riyadh on saturday saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman accused iran of what could be an act of war by allegedly supplying the who sees in yemen with a missile but to iran has dismissed the accusation as quote contrary to reality iran wants not to build on what it considers to be victorious expansion of its influence in its neighboring countries like iraq syria lebanon and so on i think saudi arabia wants to fend off iran and iran influence especially in its immediate surroundings like in yemen and hence we are seeing both regimes escalating their their tensions their conflict and really demanding of the various countries sovereign nations of the region to take sides are you with iran or are you with saudi arabia. the un has condemned saudi arabia's blockade of yemen is
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catastrophic and along with the international with international aid groups is calling on riyadh to lift it fuel prices in yemen have increased by more than sixty percent cooking gas prices have doubled as well after saudi arabia cut all aid access to the country in our other headlines donald trump north korea to make a deal to end the standoff over its nuclear program the u.s. president is in seoul on the second stop of his tour of asia and has held talks with south korea's president lungi in trump who recently said the time for talking was over has also said he still open to negotiations with pyongyang it's been reported that the shooter who killed twenty six people a church in the u.s. on sunday had escaped a mental health facility five years ago devon kelly had been sent there for beating his wife and his stepson before mccaslin president carter's push to mount is made his first public appearance in brussels since spain issued an arrest warrant for
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him there are signs the procession camp are focusing less on independence and more now on regaining their autonomy from spain you're up to date with all of our top stories that's it for myself and the team in london earthrise is next. it's doubled from first visit to asia the goals to afford relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on alt.


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