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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things but news is forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i prepared for the four hundred people it was you know he had to be the. savior if that i don't get fed up because if it everybody one al-jazeera selects at this time. of the united states calls on the united nations to act against iran over the
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firing of missiles into saudi arabia from yemen. and shout hey this is al jazeera live doha so coming up. catalunya alstad leadership puts the emphasis back on autonomy rather than an dependence from spain. it's double the pleasure or perhaps pain for a twitter user as the company expands its character count plus. six songs this is just being locked inside this tin can behind me and they weren't becoming out for seventeen days on reach islands in moscow russia keep watching to find out what all this has to do with deep space travel. united states is calling on the un to act against iran over the firing of rockets from yemen and to saudi arabia on saturday a below. missiles launched towards riyadh's international airport from territory
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held by iran backed with the rebels in yemen a saudi led military alliance has been fighting since march two thousand and fifteen saudi arabia which is a u.s. ally accuses tehran of supplying the weapon used on saturday it was intercepted before reaching its target u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says she has encouraged the united nations and international partners to take necessary action to hold the iranian regime accountable for these violations saudi arabia is also taking aim at iran over its influence in lebanon riyadh is at odds with the lebanese government after backing the resignation of prime minister saad hariri so you know holder has more from beirut. it has been three days since lebanese prime minister sato had announced his resignation he made his statement in saudi arabia and hasn't returned home since instead he traveled to a saudi ally in the iranian camp for talks on an escalating political crisis back
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home but the crisis extends beyond lebanon's borders saudi arabia has made clear it wants to curb iranian influence not just here but across the region riyadh is accusing iran of what it called direct military aggression by providing hutu rebels in yemen with rockets used to target the kingdom saudi officials have also said the very presence of hezbollah in the lebanese government amounts to a declaration of war. with saudi arabia through a stretch when the lebanese government and people to finish off has belong it's an invitation to civil war there's a new front saudi israel and the us against iran. iran has proxies across the middle east in iraq it controls paramilitary forces that are stronger than the state in yemen saudi arabia is in a quagmire unable to defeat the iranian allied hutus in syria it has revolutionary
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guards and hezbollah troops supporting the government iran has now secured a land core door stretching from to her on through iraq and syria all the way to lebanon where saudi arabia hopes it can change the balance of power saudi arabia has long criticize hezbollah it is even classified as a terrorist organization but now is using stronger language and threatening action in the words of the state minister for gulf affairs there will be those who will force hezbollah to return to their caves in southern lebanon. curbing hezbollah's influence and power would be easy it is not just an armed group it is a political party with strong popular support but as of late it has extended its influence beyond lebanon's borders. hezbollah's arms its this is to send troops to fight alongside syrian president bashar assad's forces have long been issues of concern among some lebanese factions but it has long resisted calls to disarm and to withdraw from syria it's not clear what action saudi arabia will take.
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riyadh has a number of options to restrain but those options will just target as below and the shia sect will target all the lebanese economic pressures very possible but i don't believe saudi arabia can pressure has a lot militarily calls for unity are growing louder but lebanon is a deeply divided country in a deeply divided region the political crisis is only worsening and any solution will have to be part of a regional deal said of. beirut. professor of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma in the us he's going to sarin the region is reaching a tipping point. i think it is an escalation and of course there has been as you know tense times recently between iran and saudi arabia as part of a kind of regional rivalry and competition for influence and the rhetoric from riyadh actually has been increasing i would hope that this is only an increase in
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rhetoric because of course as your piece highlighted for the region it is potentially at a precipice and i think any more fighting or violence and so on would make the situation dramatically worse for lebanon on foresight eurabia for other parties in the region and even the egyptian president who is not known for is restraint is there caution sort of these to show restraint at the present moment your state department says it expects saudi arabia's anti-corruption drive to be carried out in a fair and transparent way dozens of prominent saudis including a leading leading business been oppresses were detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by a crown prince mohammed bin solomon we continue to encourage the saudi authorities to pursue the prosecution of people they believe to have been corrupt officials we expect them to do it in
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a fair and transparent manner we call on the government of saudi arabia to do that president trump has struck a more conciliatory conciliatory tone towards north korea during his visit to seoul he says u.s. led efforts to ramp up the pressure on pyongyang are making progress and in a departure from recent comments pushing for military action he said he prefers a diplomatic solution to the crisis tony barely has more. donald trump arrived in south korea on the second and perhaps most delicate leg of his asia tour it brought him to within forty eight kilometers of the border with north korea following his war of words with its leader kim jong un there were fears president trump's presence would provoke some sort of response he described north korea as a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action but his tone was more measured than in the past and he called for pyongyang to come to the negotiating table he said all available tools will be used short of military action but he also stressed
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america's military capability so i think we're showing great strength i think they understand we have unparalleled strength there has never been strength like it you know we sent three of the largest aircraft carriers in the world and they're right now position we have a nuclear submarine. also positioned we have many things happening that we hope we hope. fact i'll go a step further we hope to god we never have to years south korean president moon j. in said the time was too early to talk to the north but promised a bright future if it gave up its nuclear and missile programs. of the united states has strong sanctions on north korea and i think it will have an effect of impact and with china joining the united states it will bring force to the sanctions on north korea with all these international diplomatic policies i think when there are changes being made it will bring north korea back to the negotiating
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table trump is the first u.s. president in twenty five years to be treated to a state visit but the first since ronald reagan not to visit the demilitarized zone the border with north korea instead he went by helicopter to count humphreys the largest u.s. base in south korea he later spoke of the close relationship between the two countries but all that we've built in the decades since our soldiers sacrifice side by side in the struggle for freedom our alliance is more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the in the pacific region. thousands of pro trump supporters lined the streets of seoul all those who oppose the u.s. president were kept corralled behind police buses south korea's liberal government is pulling out all the stops to make this visit a success they know they can afford to alienate president. states.
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depends on a good relationship have a joint news conference trump announced that south korea wants to buy billions of dollars worth of military equipment from the u.s. which would help offset the trade deficit between the two countries and a five year old free trade agreement will be renegotiated trump and first lady were greeted by children and a korean pop star at the blue house and later what's known as a friendship. walked through the gardens with president lula in his wife the day ended with a defiant threat from north korea reaffirming its resolve to strengthen its nuclear power rhetoric but no action so far so good the transfer station south korea tony berkeley al-jazeera. that oppose caroline president made his first public appearance and since spain issued an arrest warrant has a message now appears to focus less on gaining independence in one regaining the country stripped autonomy from spain china how reports. from his
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place of exile at the heart of europe catalonia used to post lead economists preach to morrow is using every platform he can to issue an election call to arms the word independence hardly appears. spain has carried out a coup d'etat against the legitimate government our colleagues who are now in prison have been subject to mao treatment by the spanish authorities and spain must now respond to international justice. the change of tone reflects how much and how fast things have changed for the independence movement probably independence is going to have a secondary role i mean this doesn't mean that people are going to forget what happened the last month but at the same time in their minds of the politicians are now also the whole society we are starting to think about this process as something that you need more time in other to to make the underpinnings of the contrary
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that new country now under the thumb of central government the independent republic they proclaimed less than two weeks ago has been stamped out the most urgent task now lifting direct rule by madrid restoring catalonia is autonomy before deciding what to do next much will depend on the far left coupe party supporters of independence. stand previously kingmakers in parliament who may yet decide to boycott or disrupt december's election but here too the tone has changed and. our people are aware that this is very difficult right now yes but people are also aware that the way to achieve our sovereignty is with the republic. it does seem that those who support independence in catalonia are beginning to accept that their dream remains a distant one journal al-jazeera barcelona the french prime minister has publicly
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backed the satirical magazine charlie hebdo balun to punish those who have issued death warrants towards the magazine over its latest issue was attacked in two thousand and fifteen after publishing cartoons of the prophet mohammed the latest edition features a sexually provocative depiction of ramadan a muslim scholar and professor at oxford university who was taken ill and has taken a leave of absence following allegations of sexual misconduct including rape so lead on al jazeera disturbing new details uncovered about the gunmen who opened fire inside a texas church. and prevention manuscripts to lego bricks qatar unveils the future of libraries barring the best from the past. from the recent. to the war in trying to those of southeast
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asia. and for many of us in the southeastern parts of china there's plenty of fine dry weather at the moment the temperatures aren't too bad either shanghai is that iran twenty two degree on wednesday force in hong kong where around twenty nine for the south are more in the way of cloud and rain here and that's certainly not good news because for some of us in the central parts of vietnam it's very very wet at the moment and we are seeing a fair amount of flooding and it looks like we're going to see plenty more heavy rain as we head through the next few days so that if anything is going to make the flooding situation worse meanwhile a bit further towards the south and this little blob of cloud here is actually a tropical feature is running its way towards the west and still developing as it does so so expect us to see more very very heavy downpours as we head through the next day or so before that system finally clears away for the south lots of showers here sofa k.l. and singapore expect lots of showers here and towards the west for many of us and some out it will also be rather wet and even for the east there is some sunshine
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around but also some very heavy showers one of the dry places it's likely to be for the northern parts of the philippines but even here it will be completely dry over towards india but you can see where the wettest weather here is over the southwestern parts of india also across to sri lanka too in this region is going to stay wet whereas elsewhere it's dry and the temperature is easing. the weather sponsored by cats on race. every dude is being animal it's being leaked and you measure this for those insurgents it's all. to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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they're watching out to syria let's recap the top stories this hour the u.s. is calling on the united nations to act against iran over the firing of rockets from yemen into saudi arabia on saturday a ballistic missile was launched were three off from territory held by a wrong act with the rebels the state department is calling on saudi arabia to carry out its anti-corruption drive in a fair and transparent way dozens of prominent saudis including leading businessmen and princes were detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by crown prince mohammed and salma. president trump a struck a more conciliatory tone towards north korea during his visit to seoul he says u.s.
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led efforts to ramp up the pressure on pyongyang are making progress. the united nations is warning of a catastrophic humanitarian situation in yemen saudi arabia has bought dog in many air land and sea ports in response to the missile attacks from across the border but the embargo is also stopping much needed a diplomatic editor time space reports. the blockade of yemen means no humanitarian aid is coming into a country that is in desperate need it also means vital commodities are harder to get the cost of food rocketing the price of fuel going up sixty percent in recent days the u.n. has been expressing its deep concern but a news briefing in geneva the situation is catastrophic in yemen it's the worst food crisis we're looking at in the world today seven million people on the brink of famine millions of people being kept alive by our humanitarian
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operation salt this is a lifeline that must be continued every single day comments then echoed in new york by the spokesman for the secretary general but it's clear the u.n. is avoiding direct condemnation of saudi arabia does the u.n. believe that by its actions this blockade saudi is in breach of international humanitarian law i'm not in a position to issue a legal ruling what we do know is that the blockade of ports and airports and land routes. can have a tremendously negative impact on a situation which is already catastrophic the un's humanitarian chief mark lowcock was very guarded in the u.n. committee hearing refusing to talk about the saudi blockade i've said all i want to say on access and i've been quite careful in they. have used the end of the meeting
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and could be seen speaking with saudi arabia's ambassador who's almost certainly coming under agree. deal of pressure behind the scenes saudi arabia will be on the fresh pressure on wednesday sweden has called for an emergency closed door session of the security council to discuss the crisis so a human rights group has been focusing on the medical situation in yemen he says security council members need to speak out but this is not a time to put secondary national interests first this is not a time to say oh i wonder what will happen to our arms industry oh i wonder what will happen to the president that's mindset in terms of investigations of potential war crimes this is a time to step up and i would say that the u.n. has a role in pushing that. but i don't want to call it bravery i want to call it human decency for the people of yemen the stakes could not be greater james pays out zero at the united nations and information continues to march on the gunman who killed
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twenty six people and a church in the united states on sunday according to a local t.v. station in texas devon kelly escaped a mental health facility five years ago he was sent there for bating has wife and infant stepson and while i am u.s. air force kelly made death threats to military supreme are superior and tried to smuggle guns onto an air base despite all of that is rob and all support somehow he was still allowed to buy an arsenal of weapons a bureaucratic failure by the u.s. air force allowed the texas church gunman to buy an assault rifle and other weapons despite a conviction for domestic violence devon kelly b. and choked his wife in two thousand and twelve while serving in the air force and struck her toddler son so violently he fractured the child's skull kelly was sentenced to a year in military prison and given a bad conduct discharge. the air force should have provided kelly's information to
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a national criminal database listing those convicted of violent offenses who are prohibited from legally buying guns but for unexplained reasons it failed to do so that blunder ultimately allowed kelly to buy multiple firearms which he used to kill more than two dozen people in the small baptist church in sutherland springs on sunday roseanne so elise survived my with hiding under the benches and i could feel when i'm with you one hundred that were important to them i know i know i was going to call them that bull the air force says it has launched a review of how kelly's case was handled police say the killer was embroiled in a dispute with his strange to second wife's mother who sometimes attended the church but was not present during the rampage two men chased kelly from the church until he crashed his car and shot himself dead mass killings on this scale
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inevitably lead to call for stricter gun control laws president donald trump on a visit to south korea dismissed the idea out of hand there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or rifle in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him and i can only say this if he didn't have a gun instead of having twenty six dead you would have had hundreds more dead. so that's the way i feel about it in the past eighteen months there have been more than five hundred mass shootings in the united states with nearly seven hundred people killed and thousands injured a record of violence unmatched by any other developed country rob reynolds al-jazeera springs texas for all the twenty twitter roddie there this
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one is for you twit or is doubling the one hundred forty character limit so that means longer tweets for all those struggling to be you know precise with their messages the company announced the changes effective tuesday the post to two hundred eighty characters will be available in most languages in afraid as chief technology correspondent for x. years she joins us live from san francisco and we appreciate your time so twitter's been testing this with some users recently so obviously they deemed it a success by making this change but what what makes it a success well i think one of the concerns was is every tweet going to be twice as long will it lose the brevity that sort of the core appeal of the service i mean there's tons of places to place messages there's facebook messenger there's facebook there's all these things what made twitter unique and still makes it unique are these short messages that they wanted to make
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sure they weren't losing that in the test they found only about five percent nine percent in english of tweets were actually going over that hundred forty character limit so people were able to sort of use it in moderation but do you think that that will continue to be the case i found obviously you know how people are on twitter i'm on twitter everybody has an opinion right and john dingell one of the funniest accounts former congressman said ninety nine percent of you people don't even deserve one hundred forty characters will things change twitter. you know i think there's a couple things i want to i think we'll see a lot of people test the boundaries at the limits that's just human nature so everyone's going to get two hundred eighty characters everyone's going to try it out i certainly did i do think over time most people won't tweet longer most of the time i don't think it will fundamentally change the nature of twitter twitter has evolved i mean when it started it was really just text you know now we tweet photos and videos and links and interestingly twitter does live video so there's been
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a lot of changes that said this is one of the oldest rules and limits of twitter was hundred forty characters that was the premise that it's founding and that's still been true to day so i think in one sense yes it changes twitter in another sense it doesn't i think the biggest issue that surprised a lot of people though is this is where twitter is putting its energy when it comes to criticism of the service i rarely heard you can't talk long enough there's a lot of criticisms of twitter both from its users as well as from the finance committee and community and this wasn't one of them ok all right. thank you very much so i mean a lot of people really. i'm sorry with that and with that delay it's a little awkward but thank you very much for your insight appreciate it and today's on demand instant digital world many libraries have been forced to shrug off their staff and silent and. qataris a new national library does just that with the books it has computers to kids
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coffee medicine takes us on a tour when emotions are reduced to we move on to one full of tweeted letters scattered across the internet can inspire the world or plunge it into despair words have weight and print is still full. if you recall the first word in the qur'an is read i think that that's really going to be leading the people to use this library to operate and to understand the resources in a region in a country that has a long tradition of loving the written words this is qatar's new national library these shelves can hold around one point two million books racks of history fiction and reference sit alongside computers music studios three d. printers stages for musical and theater performances and on a lower floor out of direct sunlight ancient texts for researchers to study.
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this is the heritage library it's got over twenty six thousand printed books over four thousand nine you scripts it's got over thirty thousand photographs and over twelve hundred maps but the staff here at the library know that if they wanted to be a success they have to appeal to a different type of reader as well children to do that they're banishing what used to be a basic requirement in libraries silence we think of our library as. a noisy place so it's a noisy children's library and we encourage children to express themselves however they feel we believe in learning through play and this is why you can find a lot of toys here in the library that supported their cognitive development in addition to their love of reading. since the one nine hundred seventy s. economy has been driven by its vast oil and gas reserves but eventually those will start to shrink the new qatar national library is part of
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a plan to move the economy to one based largely on knowledge and education but this is a tremendous investment and it's an investment not just in this building but it's an investment in education and research for the country i think it's got a huge role to play in creating the next generation of of readers students and we hope leaders too for the staff of the new national library the printed word either real or in cyberspace is key to qatar's future rob matheson al-jazeera. six scientists are spending the next seventeen days locked inside a giant metal box and russia's capital it's part of an experiment to test the psychological effects of a mission into deep space or a challenge reports thanks for these six scientists the world is about to get very small for a while the five russians and one german are test subjects in the first of a series of experiments on deep space travel and not going to space so they'll be
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isolated in a pod inside a moscow medical research facility for seventeen days. among the. this is a team of professionals indeed each of them is a professional in his own failed altogether way like part of a mosaic that creates a team which you know earth research mission will accomplish all the tasks that we faced. after the press briefing it was down to the whole housing the mock spacecraft it will be there how you mandel of oratory for at least fifty different experiments directed at how humans might cope on flights to mars and beyond and limited contact with the final waves and in through the hatch sirius seventeen will be followed by a four month mission next year eight months in two thousand and nineteen and a full year in twenty twenty. you may think it's a bit strange looking
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a bunch of people inside a tin can here on earth and running tests on them when there's actually a space station orbiting the planet and has been for decades seemingly much more suitable for these sorts of experiments but there are actually key reasons why this works. it's not that the international space station isn't being used to simulate tests it is but earth based analogue much safer cheaper and in some ways can better mimic the space travel yeah so it wasn't on the designed to be and in isolation environment it does i mean here you are isolated but more and more you know crewmembers have you know a cell phone in their pocket they can call their friends there's a requirement there's the you know many thousands of commands it gets sent from mission control to the vehicle every day with nasa russia and the european space agency old working together this experiment is also another reminder that the truly cooperative nature of space exploration rory chalons al-jazeera moscow.
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take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. is calling on the united nations to act against iran over the firing of rockets from yemen into saudi arabia on saturday a ballistic missile was launched towards riyadh from territory held by iranian backed with the rebels yes state department says it expects saudi arabia's anti-corruption drive to be carried out in a fair and transparent way dozens of prominent saudis including leading businessmen and princes were detained over the weekend as part of an investigation led by crown prince mohammed and solomon we continue to encourage the saudi authorities to pursue the prosecution of people they believe to have been corrupt officials we expect them to do it in a fair and transparent manner we call on the government of saudi arabia to do that president trying to strike a more conciliatory conciliatory tone towards north korea during his visit to seoul
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he says u.s. led efforts to ramp up the pressure on pyongyang are making progress he said he prefers a diplomatic solution to the crisis. the french prime minister has publicly back the satirical magazine charlie hebdo about and to punish those who have issued death threats towards the magazine over its latest issue. was attacked in two thousand and fifteen after publishing cartoons of the prophet muhammad the latest edition features a sexually provocative depiction of muslim scholar tariq ramadan he's taken a leave of absence following allegations of sexual misconduct including rape and information continues to emerge about the gunman who killed twenty six people in a church in the united states on sunday according to a local t.v. station in texas devon kelly escaped a mental health facility five years ago he was sent there for beating his wife and stepson kelly also made death threats to military superiors and tried to smuggle guns onto an air base while serving in the air force twitter as doubling the one
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hundred forty character limit that means longer tweet tweets for all those cramming to fit in their message the company announced the changes which are effective immediately the eighty characters will be available in most languages those are the headlines news continues here and on his ear after inside story keep it here thanks for your time. so he's in a rush to take power from his father others argue mohamed bin song is on the path to reform saudi arabia but what risks is the crown prince running and can you meet the many challenges he faces both at home and in the region this is inside story.


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