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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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and that's what i think we really do while. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the barack obama there were only draw to that and that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture many of giving new growth and if we have challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute them you didn't show them to show them one saw and join many has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. a red carpet welcome for donald trump as he touches down in china but a day of difficult talks lies ahead. and
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a year after he won the democrat stage a comeback winning state elections across the country. i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera coming up how yemenis are coping as saudi arabia's new blockade of the country drives prices up even further . independence cattle and storm stations and block roads demanding the release of eight jailed leaders. and climate change leaves a canadian court famous for its polar bears. exactly a year of his surprise election victory u.s. president donald trump has arrived in china where the latest stop of his tour of asia north korea and trade between the two countries are likely to top the agenda
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during what could be difficult talks on thursday but his first day saw him receive a warm welcome to beijing despite him slayton the country on the campaign trail for its trade practices. stepped out of air force one onto a red carpeted staircase in contrast to last year's visit by braca bomber was forced to exit his plane from aloa door. and the five star treatment continued with president xi jinping personally escorting them on a tour of the forbidden city unesco world heritage site which was declared off limits to tourists for the day. also treated to chinese opera and acrobatics display. well trump has tweeted about the visit describing the day is unforgettable and as he began his beijing visit u.s. and chinese trade deals worth nine billion dollars china correspondent adrian brown has more. exactly a year to the day that he was voted into office president trump arrived in china
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the country very savaged throughout the presidential campaign when he called china a currency manipulator and said that china was raping the u.s. economy all that though was forgotten on wednesday afternoon as president xi jinping and his wife a score to the trumps around the forbidden city one of the most popular tourist attractions in china a chance perhaps for president xi to remind donald trump the china was once the center of culture and civilization president xi very much wants china to be center stage in global affairs now top of the agenda of course is going to be north korea and the feeling that the united states believes china could be doing more to rein in its ally china will be pointing out that actually it's done a lot in the past few months to tighten the financial news around p.r. niang early next year north korean firms operating in china would have to cease business north korean workers would have to leave the country and of course china
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has been enforcing u.n. sanctions against north korea trump wants to ensure that there's no backsliding by the chinese and of course there's the issue of the trade deficit the fact that china exports far more to the united states than the united states sends the other way also trump wants u.s. companies to have more access to the china market particularly tech companies like facebook and twitter who are still locked out of china it's very important that these two men get along because the decisions they make will ultimately affect all of us a previous stop on chance asia talwar south korea what to do about north korea dominated the visit kathy novak has more on this from sell. donald trump's day was supposed to start with a surprise visit to the d.m.z. the heavily fortified line separating northants. south korea but bad weather prevented what would have been his opportunity to deliver
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a symbolic message to the north korean leader kim jong un so he used his speech at seoul's national assembly to address the man he called a tyrant and a cruel dictator. the weapons you're acquiring are not making you safer they are putting your regime in grave danger north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned it is a hell that no person deserves. those he refrained at this time from referring to kim as little rocket men trying to painted a picture of a north korea likely to infuriate those in its government he called it a country ruled by a cult centered around the range to beliefs where people still die of hunger and are tortured in gulags and as the north korean government continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions trump has to this morning. this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the
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past do not underestimate this and do not try. as he vowed america would not be intimidated and listed the u.s. military assets currently stationed around the korean peninsula protesters outside called for peace. look at him but i demand that the u.s. stop our threats on the korean peninsula just a fountain valleys of arms have researchers. trump says south korea has agreed to buy more u.s. military equipment a move he says will help close the trade deficit between the two nations it's the first time in more than twenty years that a u.s. president has addressed the national assembly the president monday and says he hopes donald trump state visit will mark a turning point in efforts to deescalate tensions with north korea. trump says that
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begins with north korea stopping the development of its missile and nuclear program and in exchange we will offer a path to a much better future with a nod to south korean achievements from economic development to female golfers the speech was well received in the chamber likely very much less so across the border kathy novak al jazeera saw. back home there was some bad news for trump as democrat candidates beat republicans in a number of elections in states across the country democrats were elected as the governors of the genuine new jersey in the first major defeats for the republican party since trunk's win last year mike hanna reports from virginia. on the new governor of virginia is democratic ralph northam it's a major victory in a state where republicans hold of two to one majority in the legislature a blow to republican candidate. who received strong support from president trump
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and a warning to republicans that the democrat threat could intensify in the crucial midterm elections next year. though there donald trump comes in a few days is the difference. no though you the republican campaign has been run at a grassroots level taking a leaf out of the trump playbook that led to his victory a year ago. that election indicated an antipathy among voters to traditional political leaders and in this campaign organizers maintained it was necessary to campaign on issues not individuals who are really surprisingly i just campaigning for it like republicans were democrats and were just saying please go on like what you believe in the single issues and i think people are really encouraged by that because they're see we actually care about the issues and not just the first it was the democrats too focused on energizing the voter base working on up. bottom up
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rather than top down principle in gathering support not. do worse we have. more. there's no doubt that this democratic challenge is very different from those in the past and the virginia state elections two years ago more than forty republican candidates were unopposed this year democrats are contesting all but twelve of the seats this is a massive increase in political participation republicans maintain control of the state legislature but democrats made inroads into their majority people are talking about this is a wave of law that me tell you this is a tsunami. an indication perhaps of lessons have been learned from the massive defeat suffered a year ago and
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a sign that public support from the sitting president could prove to be a political curse my kind of al-jazeera virginia. syria's army and its allies have surrounded and entered the eisel controlled town of alba kamel a katyn near the border with iraq its eye sells final stronghold in the region as video released by pro syrian government media shows fighting in the surrounding area on saturday a solid majority has more from. according to syrian media as well as hezbollah media sources syrian forces have surrounded the border town of become are the last remaining stronghold by isis fighters according to sources on the ground this is going to be a tough fight because isis fighters have been coming to this place from all sides not just the iraqi side of the border but from syrian town just far away as
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invaders or. is in the daters or province which is also being fought by s.d.f. forces these are the forces of kurdish predominately who are backed by the united states forces on the eastern bank of the euphrates river the town of them but a group is on the western bank and it is now being surrounded by syrian forces some reports say that they have started to enter the city but they expect that isis fighters are going to put up stiff resistance in this area it is worth noting that would not mean the end of ice and isis still has a number of villages and other surrounding areas in that there are problems and across the border in the province in iraq that it's still controlled but it would be the last stronghold in terms of urban settings small town and cities i said would have lost all of them when it moved as of the come on. saudi arabia has reopened the yemeni port of aden after ordering the shutdown of all the country's land and sea ports on monday closures have already inflated the price is
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a vital commodities and stop the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian supplies as aid agencies one of the catastrophic situation mama jam june reports on how residents in the capital sana'a a coping. in yemen's capital lines to buy petrol grow longer as fuel prices rise higher having jumped more than sixty percent in recent days the result of monday's announcement from saudi arabia that it would block all yemeni air and land routes as well as sea ports in response to a missile attack from across the border earlier this week residents of sanaa already accustomed to a humanitarian crisis in their country that seems to grow more dire every day are angry i get even inside you know this is a humanitarian crime they are exterminating the yemeni people and no muslim should be doing that these are unjust operations but it's not unexpected for those who kill children to close some ports. the price of cooking oil has also spiked this
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temporary interruption of supplies in yemen is coming on top of an already catastrophic humanitarian situation we shouldn't forget this the population is already reconned the population already lacking cope and lacking basic essential services ranging from food medicines medical services water and sanitation everything there is also growing worry about how the blockade will impact efforts to combat yemen's cholera epidemic with more than nine hundred thousand suspected cholera cases and over two thousand deaths since the outbreak began in april the world health organization is calling on saudi arabia to allow for the flow of medical aid into the country. back in sanaa where even before this latest crisis it was difficult to obtain vital commodities the sense of outrage is deepening. the closure of the land sea in airports and yemen is considered
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a huge injustice towards yemenis hardships mount for a population as weary of war as they are depleted of hope. you're watching out there is still to come robert mugabe takes aim at the so-called can spare says after sacking his vice president. and a british cabinet minister is ordered back to london out of a secret meetings with israel in the latest crisis engulfing prime minister to reason why. they stormy weather continues across central parts of but it's right in some pretty wet weather too into the western side of the met as well just about sardinia and course see that wet weather also spreading up across see adriatic into a good part of the balkans with this area of low pressure then wet weather clout
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and right that still continues to drive its way into western parts as well also rather murky for a good part of western france down across the peyronie's into that western side of the med as we go through thursday class stretching up into england as well london twelve degrees celsius thursday new some of these as we go on through friday quite a great day for that northwestern corner of europe france will see some rain getting in paris by this stage thirteen celsius on the seventeen degrees there for madrid now only eighteen celsius in the clouds and the rain for rome further somewhat drier and the cool side. bright fine is sunny across the eastern side of north africa have tools west little cloud coming into northern areas of algeria some wet weather just around algiers fourteen celsius the top temperature here on friday tuscaloosa go on into father with a high of thirteen degrees and by that stage some rather heavy rain for a good part of today.
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to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of young children. with a mother behind. each other and decide whether to stick together. the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the. documentary at this time. i'm back with al jazeera a quick look at the stories making headlines u.s.
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president donald trump has been given a red carpet welcome in beijing despite his heavy criticism in china of china on the campaign trail last year syria's army and its allies have entered the border town of kamel i souls lost stronghold in the region and saudi arabia has allowed yemen's port in aid into reopen just days after ordering the closure of all the country's air land and sea ports has already inflated the price of basic goods and fuel shortages. spain's constitutional court is officially a novel the declaration of independence by the catalan parliament the ruling was issued as pro independence protest as a lot to roads and some public transport routes into boss alona brain parts of catalonia to a standstill these are live pictures from barcelona now at the san station in the city where they are still blocking the tracks very jubilant crowd there waving flags as they continue to gather in
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a hall has more from barcelona. blocking roads and other transport links in barcelona and across catalonia students activists and union members came out in defiance of the spanish government. madrid has taken control of the regional administration and dependent supporters want to show they controlled the streets. north of boss alona in the city of jerome the heart some say of cattle and nationalism large numbers took to the railways disrupting spain's much prized of a high speed network later there were efforts to shut catalonia as borders with the rest of the country. outside the regional government building in barcelona the crowd chanted live but that for freedom once the rallying cry for independence now
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a show of support for what is being called political prisoners opposed the president pleased them all in exile in belgium employees former ministers and civil society leaders in jail in madrid. we're here for them our government is in prison so we need to help them and we need to then answer as bunny's government actions because they are doing what. this crowd is a sign of at least as it's grass roots the independence movement in catalonia is alive and well but politically it is sorely weakened much of its leadership behind and facing an election in december that probably dependent parties are far from certain of winning spain's constitutional court on wednesday an old the october twenty seventh declaration of independence this is a movement divided over want to do next whether to do it together as a coalition or current no mind because it was what it was and we have had their ups
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and downs but we have. got to leave as if nothing has happened. the focus is on the independents leaders. reach price for their freedom it will be the movement. don't hold al-jazeera barcelona. versions international development secretary has resigned over undisclosed contacts with senior israeli figures a second minister a prime minister to resign may has now lost in a week pretty patel had been summoned to london for failing to report meetings with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and others on what she said was a holiday so let's get more on this now from neve barker is with me in the studio of course you were expecting this to happen though she has now resigned as opposed to being sacked that's right she's been hauled back from africa where she was on an official official visit the tremendous amount of speculation when she touched down at heathrow airport a few hours ago whether she would go directly to number ten downing street she
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eventually arrived there and after a short meeting with her boss theresa may it's now emerged that she has resigned we have a copy of her resignation letter here in which she apologized to to reserve may to the government also saying that's my actions fell below the standards of transparency and openness that i have promoted and for katie this of course comes after an apology that she issued on monday after it was disclosed that she met with twelve israeli officials and officially off the record and it's emerged since then that she went to further israeli officials in london and in new york and also made a visit to the golan heights an area of course which is contested between syria and israel highly sensitive for her to do that at this critical time for two reasons government yes that's right and the british prime minister has said she's accepted the resignation but she's also said to pretty patel that it's right that you have
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decided to resign but of course this does deal a blow to. at the government and her authority already a difficult time because a hugely difficult time there are a number of senior m.p.'s there embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations boris johnson the foreign secretary is also under fire for a series of verbal gaffes that could well put the position of a. british woman currently generals in iran in further trouble and now this treason may though knows that she has lost a key ally and seem pretty bitter leave she was a keen bricks a tear really necessary to have her close at this particular time when to resume a is trying to sell the vision of the u.k. leaving the e.u. in a very short period of time i mean thank you. now zimbabwe's former vice president . says he's crossed the border into south africa two days after being fined by president robert mugabe. forces in harare he also had his sights on others has been
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following events on the ground. president robert mugabe wanted to send a clear message to anyone planning to remove him from power for now one faction in the rulings on the party led by the first lady grace is in charge on monday zimbabwe's leader fired his vice president. for being disloyal the ninety three year old his managua had a missions to become president. these . were. the words. when i got a guy who is a war veteran hasn't been seen in public since he was sacked on wednesday he
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released a statement saying he's out of the country and that he will return soon to lead zimbabweans. zanu p.f. supporters at the solidarity rally insist the world's oldest elected leader will die in office the focus for now is who replaces when it got some people. say they want. the part of. the country's first lady. to get. a tight grip on power but some analysts warn recent political developments over the question of succession could cause more divisions in the ruling party. the pact because the. years happened you will definitely.
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within the party in a statement when i said he and his family had been threatened and he accused president mugabe of destroying zanu p.f. by making it his own personal property. al-jazeera. indians' of protests in a deli to last one year since the government pulled most current c. out of circulation it was supposed to fight corruption but as natasha going to him explains the move has had the unexpected consequences. indians are still angry a year after the government pulled eighty six percent of the currency out of circulation the goal was to halt the flow of counterfeit currency prime minister narendra modi said it would also curb tax evasion and terror financing. in independent india today people with honesty and integrity will say thank you to nine hundred ninety we are proud of you. but the withdrawal of the five hundred and
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one thousand rupee banknotes led to indians couldn't get their hands on their cash in the last two years the economy has slowed unemployment has risen and corruption remains a national problem however modi says replacing most of the currency has been a success he declared wednesday anti-black money day to celebrate the government's mission to fight corruption book critics say this was reckless and the wrong solution to the problem a year later indians may be divided on the success of the policy but the short term impact on the economy is clear natasha getting zero. well india's capital new delhi is still choking under a blanket of toxics hmong that's for schools to close with residents advised to stay indoors if they can finish an levels in the city measured at the u.s. embassy and now which in fourteen times the world health organization safe limits of embassy cool air is trapping card factory emissions at street level is illegally
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burning crops and fireworks from the recent deval a festival are also contributing to the poor quality of the air. well the effects of the world's changing climate are especially obvious in the northern latitudes across the top of north america average annual temperatures are rising at more than twice the global pace and that's a major problem for the canadian seaport of churchill where floods and melting tundra have cast off its only land link to the outside world daniel lak reports. here we are you still in bed. dave daley loves his thirty six dogs they pull sleds touring the winter and take tourists on a thrilling ride through the forest but without a train to deliver the dog food is paying five times more to feed them it's not a viable economic proposition most of the businesses and turtle are trying to figure out ways how not to lose too much money this year if the train doesn't get restored or the rail line doesn't get restored who are afraid that we're going to
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be losing some businesses here in turtle canada's most northerly rail line was built ninety years ago to get grain from its western prairie's to a port on hudson's bay thousand kilometers of track was cut through forests across rivers and along frozen stretches of sub-arctic tundra fierce storms and floods earlier this year devastated the rail line cutting churchill off from the rest of canada a stranded passenger train had to be loaded onto a ship by cranes a port that one ship the canadian wheat to the world lies rusting abandoned through this belt system here that many now question whether a miracle of one nine hundred twenty s. engineering can withstand today's sinking permafrost and other changing conditions we're all going through this climate change period that we need to deal with and so we all governments need to really invest in that you know we're doing our part you know has a community a small community in northern canada we know what's going on so we're pretty
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critical and kind of climate change well there are disputes over who is going to repair this line if anyone there's little doubt that warming temperatures and changing weather patterns here in the north have turned can it is only northern seaport into a town with a very uncertain future. these days tourists are pretty much the only source of income up to ten thousand a year come to see polar bears but melting sea ice and warming have cut the local bear population thirty percent in three decades researchers warn that worse is to come. are just a messenger of what's to come for all of us well if we are very poor bear what's going to happen to the rest they're both not good weather up here there's no debate climate change is real rapid and may soon be uncontrollable of steps aren't taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in places far away from this unique landscape daniel. near churchill manitoba flying taxis could be carrying passengers within
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six years according to the right having fun they struck a deal with the u.s. space agency nasa and five aerospace manufacturers to develop. nasa will develop the software to provide an aerial version of the popular taxi service it was say the flying taxis will travel at more than three hundred kilometers per hour and eventually cost no more than a car right i think the big benefits are going to be that you're going to be able to move around much much more fatima's much more quickly and get time back so the thing i dread the most about transportation in cities is just you know if for all people it's just the kind of waiting just sitting in traffic and congestion and wasting your life and so ride sharing helps that because you can be in the back seat on your laptop or something but it's better to be where you actually want to be. you can take a look at our website more on that story and everything else al-jazeera.
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if you look at the stories making headlines now donald trump is in beijing where he's been given a lavish welcome by the chinese leader xi jinping trade and the north korean nuclear crisis a both expected to top the agenda an american and chinese firms have already signed nine billion dollars in trade deals trump flew in from seoul where he said u.s. led efforts to ramp up pressure on killing yang a making progress today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try. we will not allow american cities to rethread with the structure we will not be intimidated syria's army and its allies have entered i cells last stronghold in the region state media say iraqi forces help syrian troops around the town of become
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a which lies on the border with iraq this video released by processing government media shows fighting around the area on saturday. saudi arabia has allowed yemen's port of aden to reopen just days after ordering the closure of all the country's air land and sea ports the closures have already inflated the prices of basic goods in a worsening a major fuel an oil shortage saudi arabia announced the measures in response to an attack by yemen's hoofy rebels defied a missile towards riyadh earlier this week. britain's international development secretary has resigned over undisclosed contacts with senior israeli think has pretty patel is the second minister prime minister to resign may has now lost in a week she was summoned to london for failing to report meetings with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and others on what she says was a holiday. and spain's constitutional court is officially a nol the catalan parliament's declaration of independence the ruling comes as
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probably depend as protesters are blocking roads and some public transport routes into barcelona they are calling for the release of sacked local officials who were jailed after last month's secession vote. with all of our top stories more news at the top of the next hour in about thirty minutes time after the strain which is. join the stream we are live on al-jazeera and i'm really.


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