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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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with the theme. as the child of political refugees i'm always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities and as it was a space for that. everything i do is being analyzed it's being a way to measure the support of those insurgents are there to do things in secret that are a little small or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. it will be the largest famine the world to see for many decades. with millions of
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victims a dire warning from the u.n. as the situation worsens in yemen due to the blockade by the saudi led coalition. welcome to al-jazeera life for my headquarters in doha with me in a soprano also ahead. more pomp and pageantry for the u.s. president as he seeks to push beijing to put more pressure on north korea embattled british prime minister tony is a mate loses his second a cabinet minister and one week as pretty patel quit sort of a secret meetings and israel and becoming selfie obsessed the part of things such as messages to stop happy followers coming up.
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the un's humanitarian chief is warning of the worst fan in the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen fuel and food prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened the situation has become being described as catastrophic as a stark warning from the u.n. official but as our diplomatic editor james bays reports the u.n. security council has struck a different tone after three days of quiet diplomacy with saudi arabia the u.n. is now changing course laying out the dire scenario if the blockade of yemen isn't lifted. there will be a famine in yemen. he will not be like the family in that. we saw in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people were affected. it will not be like a family in which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in
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twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims. the response from the security council seemed very guarded the current president the italian ambassador read out a statement strongly condemning the missile fired by the who fears but barely mentioning the country responsible for the blockade you have strongly condemned the missile by the who thing is given mr local dire warning isn't it now time to strongly condemn the country that is blockading yemen not allowing the humanitarian aid in saudi arabia. the focus by u.s.g. law. was absolutely on the humanitarian aspects of the can flick we also know that any and all military escalation army cherry attack is heading back on the
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humanitarian situation so of course this is why we have decided to issue deeds presidents. the u.n. says yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world after years of conflict and an epidemic of cholera people in who data port where aid food and medicine should be flowing into the country have a sense of despair and not go down people have no jobs no life and the world is almost at a standstill almost finished that insult to injury they closed down the port a sad case that the price of a bag of flour was seven thousand reales it's now eight and a half there was an reales means you know the price of a chicken welcome we do they god help us mr local comments from this podium brought some of that reality from yemen to the security council but for now they've responded. with very carefully chosen words rather than any concrete action james
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al-jazeera at the united nations let's move on to other news now and there's more red carpet treatment for u.s. president donald trump who is in beijing for key talks on trade and security but president xi jinping second day in the capital kicked off with an elaborate welcome ceremony at the great hall of the people north korea is set to dominate the agenda trump wants china to put more pressure on p.r. pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program nine billion dollars and deals were signed between u.s. and chinese companies on wednesday in the past trump has accused china of unfair trade practices and promised to narrow the trade deficit let's go to our correspondent steps last and now she's joining us live from beijing so what's happening today step. well elizabeth the two most powerful men in the world are getting down to business today after drinking tea and visiting the forbidden city and watching the peking oprah the told will be
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a lot more serious today and probably also a lot less cheerful it was quite exceptional how president trump was accepted and welcomed by president xi at the forbidden city it was unprecedented that he invited an american president to have dinner dear and the president of president trump was very delighted he actually tweeted twice about it he managed to tweet despite a blockade here a blockage of twitter in china and the us of course that's of course pretty interesting as we speak after the welcoming ceremony at the great hall of the people the two presidents are now sitting down for the hot issues so to speak north korea and this trade imbalance between the two countries there will be also a government of bilateral talks between both cabinets are for that and there will also be a press statement held by both presidents president from will still be here also for the state dinner tonight and will only be leaving beijing in the morning and
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what are we expecting from these meeting step what can they actually achieve given the the big differences here. yes exactly there are huge differences of course for president rampersad in the past but also in the last couple of days when he was in seoul and in tokyo that china should do more to rein in north korea and that basically the trade has to stop china has actually done more steps in the last few weeks to to restrict to trade with north korea also financial transactions are more limited now imports of textile are limited petroleum exports are less than before but president promised still not side of satisfied he wants a china to do a lot more but that's definitely definitely going to be very difficult because of course china doesn't want a collapse of the north korean regime with refugees flooding into china so there's
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not much expectation that there will be a breakthrough on that issue the same will be when to trade imbalance that's a long term issue that has been playing against the two countries for a very long time the trade deficit is now three hundred forty seven billion dollars last year and of course donald trump once american businesses and products they have better access to china but that also will be a thing for the long term but in the short term of course as you said there have been deals signed already for nine billion u.s. dollars trade deals on energy and also on agriculture so of course president xi jinping won't stand donald trump back home with nothing of course he will give him this traditional chinese package basically to take away with him step thank you very much for that or for now that step plastered with the very latest from beijing thank you the u.k. is a better government has suffered yet another blow to the resignation of a second cabinet minister within a week international development secretary pretty patel stepped down after it was
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revealed she failed to disclose of meetings with israeli officials while on holiday but tells her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position the barker has the details from london. priti patel arrived at the back door of downing street her government career hanging by a thread the international development secretary was hold back from an official trip to africa to face her boss prime minister to resign may moments later patel resigned she was forced to apologize on monday after holding twelve secret meetings with this radio officials including prime minister benyamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on a family holiday to israel in august it also emerged she discussed giving some of britain's aid budget to the israeli army to help wounded syrians being treated in the israeli occupied golan heights a wednesday it surfaced patel had visited in this raid a field hospital in the area despite protocol against british officials traveling
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there the u.k. doesn't officially recognize israel's presence in the territory land seized from syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven war for the revelations followed including details of more undisclosed meetings between patel and two israeli officials in september the al-jazeera investigation the lobby recently revealed close links between israeli embassy officials and conservative members of parliament a report in the jewish chronicle claimed the british government knew about patel's meetings and that she was instructed not to declare them to avoid embarrassing the foreign office downing street says the claims are false the departure of now leads to resume a with one less ally in government patel head back to reason may in her bid to become prime minister she's also a skeptic breaks it without her to reason may could struggle to deliver on her key breaks it promises without any strong central control people are just making
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policy on the hoof and departments and it seems very clear that cabinet responsibility has it to some extent broken down and unless steps are taken to restore it she's in government but not in power. at london's madame tussauds a serene looking waxwork of the prime minister is receiving final touches the real mrs may's battling multiple crises several of her cabinet ministers have been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals and the foreign minister boris johnson is under fire for misleading comments they could extend the jail term of a british citizen imprisoned in. patel's downfall divert some attention away from johnson but many are wondering how long to resume a can keep a brave face need back out jazeera london. community. being persecuted and pushed from native land and from the basketball court to the
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court of law at the u.s. college scandal. how i think it will not sit cooling off significantly across the northeastern corner of the us as we go on through the next couple of days this line of class stretched across the central and southern plains pushing up across the northeastern corner that he says sot of canada well behind that we've got some cooler air coming in and that could well make its way across the northern plains across the lakes fair bit of snow there easing over into on terrio towards quebec twelve celsus top temperature in new york twelve celsius for d.c. on thursday he will get a little colder than that as we go on into the next couple of days already colder than that say in the pacific northwest so seattle at ten degrees celsius some snow there just around the northern rockies around the northern plains bits and pieces
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of cloud of right just spill away and for friday further south cold enough in l.a. around twenty degrees celsius but the real cold air by this stage what it is a minus to the top temperature in toronto modest for struggling to get anywhere near double figures for new york and d.c. by this stage crisp sunshine blobs and shades weather then as we head towards latter part of the week but yes sunshine mean wanted to cuber over the next day or so but a fair bit of cloud there for the rest of the great around it is perhaps brighter skies there for jamaica for a time of this cloud and rain will make its way a little further westwards by the time we come to friday. vicious endeavor to create. amazing to think that. he's the life i'm the international efforts to combine the past the present so they bring in their. office just like
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a doctor write your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer explains inspiring your. farming for the future. al-jazeera. good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.n. has warned the coalition it will cause the world's worst famine and decades unless it lifts a blockade on yeven fuel and food prices have skyrocketed since saudi arabia stopped imports. u.s. president as in beijing for trade and security talks with his chinese counterpart xi jinping these are live pictures from beijing trump wants china to put more
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pressure on north korea over its nuclear weapons program and the u.k.'s international development secretary priti patel has resigned after it was revealed she failed to disclose make sex with israeli officials while on holiday but says her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position. there as president hassan rouhani is warning saudi arabia that it will achieve nothing by threatening his country fallacious in the escalating war of words between pad on and they are this time of eleven and riyadh says the lebanese group hezbollah which is backed by iran has committed acts of aggression against it but iran. the fourth the resignation of lebanon's prime minister. mandatory i've never seen in history so far a situation whereby a country interfered with the affairs of another country like this bringing on his soil a leader from another country and keeping him of course we do not know whether he
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stayed willingly or whether they kept him against his will but they forced him to resign and told him what to say this action is on presented in the history of our region well the tensions have left people and lebanon fearing the worst as a whole the reports from beirut. posters are springing up with messages of support for saddam heavy and has been for days since he announced his sudden resignation from the saudi capital this neighborhood the lebanese capital beirut is one of heidi the stronghold. returns to the country. we hope the government functions again because people put off their plans like buying a car on a flat no one knows what tomorrow will bring. regardless of whether they support or oppose her decision to step down people here are worried the resignation is linked to the saudi iranian rivalry in the region's past attempts to weaken iran's lebanese ally hezbollah has led to violence. who were
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upset when he heard the news of the resignation it was just like when his father was killed there was a political earthquake they fear there could be an attack he wanted to return. already people are complaining that the pace of the economy has slowed down in a country already struggling with financial problems. but the resignation is linked to regional developments but it's affecting us from the first day our business suffered we need a new solution to save the. saudi arabia has made it clear it intends to confront iran and it seems it will start in lebanon. yes and no one knows what saudi arabia will do next i doubt there will be a war but they can for example send it back home the tens of thousands of lebanese working in the gulf. saudi arabia no longer considers hezbollah as its only enemy but all those who don't go away and take action against the group.
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resignation was a saudi move against has the last it brought down a government riyadh considered too close to iran now saudi arabia wants lebanese leaders to sideline and curb hezbollah's powers but that is easier said than done hezbollah is a powerful political party with an armed wing stronger than the national army lebanon has seen turbulent years political crises and wars late last year there was a rare deal between saudi arabia and iran to leave lebanon at the sidelines of their power struggle that deal is now a thing of the past and tangling lebanon's future with a deepening regional crisis center. beirut. that has been a strong turnout in the iranian capital despite u.s. warnings against investment in the country secretary of state rice told european countries to avoid investing in iran but as the reports from the less hold to
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stifle interest. iran's state run auto maker is launching a new line of cars but there's another reason for this event as the nation's self-proclaimed posts of industry iran who wants to show off the country's manufacturing ability. works for the italian car part company group so what do european businesses think about the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson warning to stay out of iran from a business business course we do thing it seems for the having is they will only be environment. so far we expect to receive these. are not that much concern not from. but we do money through the situation come here let's do this business let's to do it together and. the iranian government is keen to highlight the potential of the country's big industries but at this palma granite festival we met iran's small business owners the message here is loud and
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clear iran is open for business and business is good these men and women have been growing their businesses in a sanctions era economy they have to evolve and adapt they trade with russia and china as well as countries in south and central asia south america africa and eastern europe all lucrative alternatives they say to so-called western economies tell us one in ten ish i.c.'s unfortunately political tensions here overshadow iran's economic potential iran has a lot of potential in many different sectors investors who want to make a profit can do it here easily iranians say unofficial threats by the white house are scaring off potential investors and having the same effect on iran's economy as sanctions i don't want to see as an iranian my message to mr tillerson is that you sit on the other side of the world and he say you have no problem with the iranian people and that the iranian government is your target no i'm telling you first that you have a problem with the people because these sanctions mostly target the people rather
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than the government that it was that we were going to before anyone who wants to invest a will be one hundred percent successful my oldest son lived in germany for three s and came back to iran because it's a better income iran small business owners appear to be optimistic about their future and they're appealing to european investors not to judge them from afar but to come and see for themselves as in basra the old zero to one. so is army as well as militia from the balkan circle an end to the ice and control tower. that's located on syria's border with iraq and last urban area and the region this video released by prosser in government media shows fighting in the surrounding area on saturday. the international criminal court wants libya's renegade general heading for half the handover one of his top commanders to face war crime charges mahmud elevator folly is accused of being responsible for the executions of thirty three people between march and july this year i.c.c.
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prosecutor fattal been through the has asked the un security council to support her demand and send a warning to libyan war criminals that they are not beyond the reach of law. a corruption scandals hanging over college basketball and the u.s. at least eight people including coaches and sports where executives have been charged as part of a major investigation a syndicate facts allegedly paid by shoe companies and funneled towards recruits gabriel elizondo explains. christian darkens former sports agent walking out of federal court in manhattan prosecutors say documents ran a scheme that exploited teenage college athletes in the name of profit he was one of more than eight people charged as part of a web of corruption in u.s. college basketball that also involved coaches sportswear executives financial advisers less carpenter a sports writer for the guardian says it all starts with nike and adidas vying for sponsorship deals this is the great on vale of what we've always known about
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college basketball it's a very complicated system of payments which shoe companies at the heart of it essentially are buying off coaches and universities with huge sponsorship deals that are several million dollars those sponsorship deals are critical bring top players to colleges the shoe companies essentially locking up those players to why . wear their shoes and thus rake in the profits should they go professional but the big money involves more than just sneakers basketball especially the famous march madness competition brings the national collegiate athletic association or n.c.a.a. about one billion dollars a year for television rights ticket sales corporate sponsorship and advertising and for the most successful college teams that means huge profits the university of louisville the top earners made a profit of twenty four point two million dollars last year the top ten coaches
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meanwhile make salaries of between two and seven million dollars a year but it's a different story for the players who no matter which college team they play for are paid nothing jim gatto a former executive editor this has been charged with trying to arrange a one hundred thousand dollars payment to the family of a heavily recruited high school star rick pitino the former scandal plagued coach at the university of louisville was the highest paid coach in america but even though he hasn't been charged he was ousted that day after the criminal complaints came down his methods of recruiting dealings with shoe companies were under suspicion for years in a world of college basketball where what was once considered unethical behavior is now seen as potentially criminal gabriels on dope how is it a new york. play some say is twelve tons of cocaine from columbus maine and tron guy who does the law this whole ever and the south american nations long running
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fight against drug trafficking the cocaine has an estimated value of three hundred sixty million dollars it was found stored underground near the border with panama. argentina's congress has renewed a law preventing indigenous people from being a vectored from a land that they say belongs to them but still those communities are facing an uphill battle having their land claims recognized and many say they're being targeted by people who want them removed and us too as a boy reports from ford motor in northern argentina and the law is still far from a solution. and his community have been fighting eviction from this land for years they are members of they were community in the province of formosa in northeastern argentina. or was born here over his fifty years ago he shows us pictures taken of him as a child with his mother so. my mother got very sick and we had to leave but this
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land was part of our territory our land for years we've been discriminated against lived in poverty and now they want to take away the only thing we have left and that will make us a community again there we had twenty thousand hectares of land here in the early one nine hundred know they're fighting for five hundred almost six years ago some came back to stay but they say they are being persecuted. says a family in the capital of. the land is theirs and have done everything possible to make them leave he has been shot at and was later hit by a car that he says was driven by one of the family members. in the first time they tried to run me over i had to jump off the side of the bridge the second time they hit me i tried to recover for months we've made at least seventeen complaints but just us here side with the powerful. argentinos lawyers supposed to guarantee that these people are going to be removed by force and he's supposed to identify
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indigenous communities around the country so they have some type of protection communities have to prove they have a historic right to live on the land this community says that this is. of the land is that we land this community says that this piece of land is the biggest proof they have that this territory belongs to them they claim that some of their relatives are buried here you can see some ancient crosses here the only thing they're missing is their recognition of the argentinian state. but not of a nomadic thena says because of a current lawsuit happening here the community's not allowed to do much on the land so i once wanted to sell some wood to survive but i was caught by police and they took everything away we could be growing more watermelons onions and other things to sell but they want to punish us in every possible way. the government says it's trying to identify indigenous communities but there are over fifty hundred land
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disputes in argentina today and i want to think we have the political will to advance but it doesn't depend on us alone but also on the provinces we believe that most of the governors want to move forward with this issue because we're talking about people that are extremely vulnerable these people say the province has done nothing but persecute them and that's why they're asking the national government to help them. for more argentina realign has rejected criticism by the united nations over its handling of the henge a refugee crisis the u.n. security council issued a unanimous statement earlier this week expressing grave concern over human rights violations this is a new world food programme survey shows that malnutrition rates are increasing at an alarming rate preliminary findings show that one in four children are suffering from severe hunger the w.f. pay is providing nutritional support of women and young children. the level of malnutrition severe acute malnutrition amongst children young children of which
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they can risk dying has actually doubled from a similar survey that was carried out some months ago but the situation in the camps and settlements is very very difficult. now pope francis is chastise worshippers who take pictures with their cell phones during mass saying they should lift up their hearts to god instead the leader of the roman catholic church has previously urged the faithful to be the spiritual and his priests and bishops to be with humble after his election in two thousand and thirteen point francis said it pained him to see priests driving flash cars and using the latest smartphones the pope is driving around in a ford focus and is not known to have ever used a cell phone and public since he took up the role. the priest during mass says lift up your hearts he does not say lift up your cell phones to take pictures it's a very ugly thing it makes me very sad when i celebrate mass here in the or in the
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basilica and i see so many cell phones held up not only by the faithful but also by some priests and even bishops. the mass is not a it's a meeting with the passion and the resurrection of our lord that's why the priest says lift up your hearts what does it mean so remember no self. now france's most famous museum now has a namesake in the middle east french president emanuel macron joined leaders from across the region to inaugurate the law of abu dhabi in the united arab emirates the one point two billion dollar deal to share the name and. has been ten years in the making museum of intended as a bridge between east and west that's question islam and jewish artifacts. and again on the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the un has warned the
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saudi led coalition it will cause the world's worst famine and decades unless it lifts a blockade on yemen fuel and food prices have skyrocketed in saudi arabia stopped and ports iran's president is warning saudi arabia will achieve nothing by threatening has country house on rouhani has accused riyadh of meddling in other country's affairs and clothing the resignation of lebanon's prime minister and u.s. president on troubles in beijing for trade and security talks with his chinese counterpart xi jinping trump wants china to apply more pressure on north korea over its nuclear program trade ties are also a priority with nine billion dollars and deals already signed between chinese and american companies. discussing trade with the united. knowing that the united states really has to change its policies because they've gotten so far behind on trade with china and frankly with many other countries
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and i have great respect for you for the phrase you're representing china but it's too bad that past administrations allowed it to get so far out of kilter. but we'll make it fair and it will be tremendous to go out of the u.k. is international development secretary preview protégé has resigned after it was revealed she failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday but tale said her actions have fallen below the high standards expected of her position she is the second minister to quit this week so his army as well as militia from iraq have encircled and entered the eisel control tower of bochum are located on syria's border with iraq and as isis last urban area in the region this video released by pro syrian government to me shows fighting in the surrounding area on saturday on friday the iraqi army proclaim victory over the armed group in
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the border town of qana i'm and that the last urban stronghold in iraq police have seized twelve tons of cocaine from colombia's main drug gang it's the largest hole ever in the south american nations long running fight against drug trafficking the cocaine has an estimated value of three hundred sixty million dollars those are the headlines on al-jazeera earthrise is coming up next. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.


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