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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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evoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth under barack obama the well. that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture maybe you're giving me wrong didn't give me but challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute look you didn't charge them a shot the man saw a joint that he has signed for up front at this time on al-jazeera. it will be the largest famine in the world to see in decades with millions of
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victims a dial warning from the un as the situation worsens in yemen due to a blockade by the saudi led coalition. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up and shakes and smiles for xi jinping and donald trump as the two leaders find common ground on trade and discuss north korea. it digitas communities not in tina say that they're being persecuted and pushed from native lands. and the u.s. college basketball scandal that has several coaches playing defense in a court of law. the un's humanitarian chief is warning of the worst famine that the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows a. aid into yemen fuel and food prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the
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blockade was tightened the situation is being described as catastrophic in a stark warning from the u.n. official james pace reports now the u.n. security council has struck a different tone. after three days of quiet diplomacy with saudi arabia the u.n. is now changing course laying out the dire scenario if the blockade of yemen isn't lifted. there will be a famine in yemen. it will not be like the famine that we saw in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people are affected it will not be like a famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims. the response from the security council
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seemed very guarded the current president the italian ambassador read out a statement strongly condemning the missile fired by the who fears but barely mentioning the country responsible for the blockade you have strongly condemned the missile by the who thing is given mr local dire warning isn't it now time to strongly condemn the country that is blockading yemen not allowing the humanitarian aid in saudi arabia. the focus by u.s.g. law. was absolutely on the humanitarian aspects of the conflict we also know that any and all military escalation army cherry attack is heading back on the humanitarian situation so of course this is why we have decided to issue deeds breath elements. the u.n. says yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world after years of conflict
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and an epidemic of cholera people in who data the port where aid food and medicine should be flowing into the country have a sense of despair. people have no jobs no life and the world is almost at a standstill almost finished insult to injury they closed down the port. said the price of a bag of flour was seven thousand reales it's now eight and a half there was an reelz owner the price of a chicken welcome we do god help us mr comments from this podium brought some of that reality from yemen to the security council but for now they've responded with very carefully chosen words rather than any concrete action james out jazeera at the united nations there are questions over the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister today saad hariri the after he says he resigned his post
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during a visit to saudi arabia on saturday a source of beirut's airport told our zero that i really was not aboard his plane when it arrived in the capital on thursday it's believed that the plane had passed through europe rather than arriving directly from the saudi capital on tuesday how many attended talks in abu dhabi before returning to riyadh let's go live to beirut and zeros in to hold it is there so what is the latest with. where is he. well adrian like you mentioned the last time we saw him was on tuesday when he was in abu dhabi holding talks with rulers there after that meeting his office said he flew back to riyadh so he is believed to be in the saudi capital where he announced the sudden resignation on saturday and since saturday really we haven't heard from the prime minister he hasn't made any statement even though we saw him. in abu dhabi on the day before that sitting with the saudi king now his office here well we've been hearing. over the past few days saying that yes the prime minister is
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coming back to lebanon but they're not saying when so it's a very very confusing picture now why should he return it's because the constitutional process is on hold the president is refusing to accept his resignation saying that the way in which he resigned announcing his resignation on saudi television and to outside the country cannot be accepted and he wants to sit down and talk to the prime minister to understand the circumstances behind the resignation so in the eyes of the president he didn't resign yet and the constitutional process is going to be very very complicated because this country is divided and you're going to need a consensual figure to head to head the new government so a lot of uncertainty now in beirut so what are lebanon's politicians saying about all of this. yes the different politicians they've been calling for calm they've been calling for unity we have to remember this is a very deeply divided country in a very deeply divided region resignation is not just an internal lebanese matter it is linked to the saudi iranian rivalry playing out across the region and it seems
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that saudi arabia wants to take more action against iran trying to curb iranian influence and it wants to start from lebanon so we have to point out that this is not the first time that saudi arabia or other countries for that matter if tried to curb hezbollah's influence or clip their wings there have been attempts in the past to get it to disarm to get it to pull its troops out of syria to stop supporting the syrian president bashar assad but all those attempts lead to nowhere and this is what many lebanese people are asking what is saudi going to do next are they going to put financial pressure on lebanon economic pressure on this country or will there be a war so a lot of uncertainty this is not a new crisis but definitely lebanon has now been dragged to the center stage of the iranians how do you rivalry it's enemy thanks to their lives in beirut. there's been a new wave of arrests in what saudi arabia is calling an anti corruption crackdown dozens of royal family members officials and prominent business men of all right. been arrested since the purge was announced on saturday around seventeen thousand
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bank accounts have now been frozen and the numbers expected to rise critics say the crackdown is a bid to consolidate power by the crown prince mohammed bin soma. syria's army and militia from iraq have surrounded the eisel controlled city of al book. it's on syria's border with iraq that is the armed groups last urban area in syria this video released by the pros tarion government video shows fighting in the area lived to work near the turkish syrian border is a suburb and job it is following developments from there so what's the latest we're hearing from. who is now in control. and as you can imagine there are conflicting reports in the last eight to ten hours isis fighters saying that they have been able to repulse the attack from the iraqi side there are also reports by the syrian observatory for human rights saying there is very
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intense fighting that is happening in pockets of in the south of the town but according to syrian state media and hezbollah media that takeover offer from isis is now complete they say that their forces down to conducting search operations trying to clear the area after they have taken control and routed isis from a will come out which is the last urban stronghold in this city and every city in the east of syria near the border with iraq and they are very confident that they'd be able to not just take a look and squeeze out of the rest of the remaining pockets in the daters or province which is an oil rich area and all sides are trying to consolidate their control over it. was the last urban area controlled by i saw once it's clear of myself isis what's next is the fight against i slover. but yes the fight against icily would be over but the fight. in syria is not going to be
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over anytime soon because as i just mentioned there is or is an oil rich area over there it's not just russia backed and iran backed militias and the syrian government are trying to compete for influence on the east side of the euphrates river it's the kurdish fighters who are backed by the united states who are also trying to gain areas as ice and collapses so yes there will be pockets of isis fighters left in these no man lands no man's land on the borders on either side of iraq and syria but it will not be able to control any urban areas after a good come on but the fight will continue as the syrian forces have been saying that they will take every inch of territory from goodish right to special in the dinners or problems because it controls a lot of oil fields and gas fields and will be a source of revenue as it was for ice and put any side that takes over this area so many thanks to a down to zero sum of a job at their reporting from. the u.s. president says he's found common ground with the chinese leader over the crisis on
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the korean peninsula donald trump is in china where he called on president xi jinping to apply more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program he says china could curb the escalating problem quickly and easily we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions or north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korean abandons its reckless and dangerous path all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with the murderous north korean regime more now from of zeros adrian brown in beijing. well president xi jinping laid on a very lavish welcoming ceremony for president donald trump outside the great hall of the people china has really been rolling out
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a very long red carpet for trump inside the two leaders met for several hours the dominant themes of course being trade and north korea afterwards the two men appeared before the media they didn't take questions with simply read prepared statements from called on all countries to cease trading with north korea a direct reference of course to china which continues to provide aid to north korea aid that is not covered by the current u.n. sanctions he also called on china to address what he calls the chronic trade imbalance between the two countries president xi jinping was more upbeat in his message he said that it was time for the united states and china to draw up a new blueprint in their relations and that the pacific region was big enough for both china and the united states china's leaders clearly want president from to leave here a happy man and they appear to have given him just enough to ensure that happens in return china's state controlled media is saying that it's time for the united
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states to treat china as an equal partner and that now represented a moment to build a new chapter in their history in many ways this has been a very defining moment for those relations and whether uptake next year then this is a sanctuary for injured children traumatized by the violence and. have a look at why the u.s. space agency nasa has teamed up with ride sharing company. by the springtime family of a mountain lake. to the smoke on the winter's day. how the weather in the adriatic that's been stormy for a couple of days hask. martin diane the clouds go eastwards it's now falling apart over a mania and austria but back of the gulf in general another low is forming and that's
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brought in more cloud more active weather thunderstorms rainfalls not yet picked up we've had about thirty five minutes in build power in the last twenty four hours so you can see the general structure that's the place to watch for more developing thunderstorms i'm probably windy weather too so already cold thirteen at best in madrid seven in zurich and you'll notice for most places now across european plain we're not really into doublethink is very much italy in greece and good examples of the high teens you lucky the low twenty's but the cold air is really going to stick around it's only the sunshine will do anything with it move things up and the overnight pictures develop the low just to the east of south dinny are seventy seven zero but look at the clouds streaming through northern europe and that northerly breeze still keeping things feeling cold we've got twelve degrees in indicated temperature now given the developments you'd expect to see at some point in the near future rain dragging across throughout syria and tunisia you'd be right
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to think that there it is in the forecast. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that. address or if you join us. i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the u.n. humanitarian chief al hussein is warning of the worst famine in the world in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen food and fuel prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tight. there are questions as to the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri following his resignation in saudi arabia on saturday a source of beirut's airport has told al-jazeera that really was not aboard his plane when it arrived in the capital after passing through europe. syria's army had been issued from iraq that the ice will control the city of alba which is close to syria's border with iraq that is the of groups last urban area in syria. human rights watch is urging world leaders to raise money and mass treatment of the two summits that are getting underway in asia soon myanmar's leader. has arrived in the
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vietnamese city of for this week's apec summit. me and mark is not a formal member of the group but she was invited by vietnam's president next week she'll attend the summit of the philippines government faces international pressure over violence in rakhine state which is forced six hundred thousand to flee into bangladesh where more than half of the ranger who escaped the military crackdown into bangladesh children the un's children's agency says that they're living in dire conditions and many of them traumatized but psychological support is being offered as how the hawk star reports. this is what childhood should look like. these younger hymns refugees a plane and a unicef manage play center at a refugee camp in bangladesh is designed to entertain the hundreds of thousands of traumatized her hendra children from long days stuck in bleak and difficult
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conditions. are shed is so tiny and hot i can't play there it's nice and cold here in the center and they give me biscuits and other food i can play here rather than being outside where it's so hot and sunny. apart from being bored and cramped many of these children are also receiving counseling from trained therapist they were forced to flee their homes by military campaign that un has described as ethnic cleansing many have seen firsthand human rights abuses being carried out that the end springsteen they are sold by talking and drawing the i'm not getting the support from anywhere else and i try to heal them by talking about the drawings united nations children foundation is working with other partners to create an environment where children feel safe there are in excess of four hundred thousand children in their own. homes now and most of this children's when they lead their homeland and came here they came in
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a very mentally and physically shattered going to. nineteen how to cope with trauma at a tender age and be reminded what childhood should be like. the six hundred refugees refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp in papua new guinea have been given until saturday to leave australia shut down the camp it ran on madison island last week but the refugees say they fear for their safety if they leave papua new guinea says the conditions are not hygenic and that people must leave unless the international has criticized the warning saying that the refugees need access to aid and to running water. the u.k.'s embattled government has suffered another blow the resignation of a second cabinet minister within a week international development secretary pretty patel stepped down after it was revealed that she'd failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday the tel said that her actions have fallen below the high standards expected
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of her position leave barker reports from london. priti patel arrived at the back door of downing street her government career hanging by a thread the international development secretary was hold back from an official trip to africa to face her boss prime minister to resign may moments later patel resigned. she was forced to apologize on monday after holding twelve secret meetings with this radio officials including prime minister benyamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on a family holiday to israel in august it also emerged she discussed giving some of britain's aid budget to the israeli army to help wounded syrians being treated in the israeli occupied golan heights a wednesday it surfaced patel had visited an israeli field hospital in the area despite protocol against british officials traveling there the u.k. doesn't officially recognize israel's presence in the territory land seized from syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven war further revelations followed
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including details of more undisclosed meetings between patel and two israeli officials in september the al-jazeera investigation the lobby recently revealed close links between israeli embassy officials and conservative members of parliament a report in the jewish chronicle claimed the british government knew about patel's meetings and that she was instructed not to declare them to avoid embarrassing the foreign office downing street says the claims are false the departure of now leaves to resume a with one less ally in government patel head back to reason may in her bid to become prime minister she's also a firm euro skeptic breaks it without her to reason may could struggle to deliver on her key bragg's it promises without any strong central control people are just making policy on the hoof and departments and it seems very clear that cabinet responsibility has it to some extent broken down and unless steps are taken to
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restore it. she's in government but not in power at london's madame tussauds a serene looking waxwork of the prime minister's receiving final touches the real mrs may's battling multiple crises several of her cabinet ministers have been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals and the foreign minister boyce johnston is under fire for misleading comments that could extend the jail term of a british citizen imprisoned in. patel's downfall divert some attention away from johnston but many are wondering how long to reason may keep a brave face need back out jazeera london as well as constitutional assembly has passed a law clamping down on media freedom that allows prison sentences of up to twenty years for anyone who incites hate or violence through t.v. radio or social media president nicolas maduro has frequently accused the opposition of from zero to hate under the new law the state can also order media
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outlets to broadcast messages that it says promote peace police have seized twelve tons of cocaine from colombia's main drugs gang it's the largest drugs haul ever in the south american nations long running fight against drug trafficking the cocaine has an estimated value of three hundred sixty million dollars it was found stored underground near the border with panama argentina's congress has renewed a law preventing indigenous people from being evicted from land they say belongs to them but the communities a facing an uphill battle in having their land claims recognized and many say they've been targeted by people who want them removed there is a bow reports now from from osa in northern argentina. if you don't look at dijon his community have been fighting eviction from this land for years they are members of they were cheap community in the province of formosa in northeastern argentina. the teacher was born here over his fifty years ago he shows us pictures
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taken of him as a child with his mother so her mum my mother got very sick and we had to leave but this land was part of our territory and our land for years we've been discriminated against lived in poverty and now they want to take away the only thing we have left and that will make us a community again they which is had twenty thousand hectares of land here in the early one nine hundred no they're fighting for five hundred almost six years ago some came back to stay but they say they're being persecuted. he now says a family in the capital of. the land is theirs and have done everything possible to make them leave he has been shot at and was later hit by a car that he says was driven by one of the family members. a muslim and the first time they tried to run me over i had to jump off the side of the bridge the second time they hit me i tried to recover for months we have made at least seventeen
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complaints but just us here side with the powerful. argentina's law is supposed to guarantee that these people are going to be removed by force and he's supposed to identify indigenous communities around the country so they have some type of protection communities have to prove they have a historical right to live on the land this community says that this piece of land is the biggest proof they have that this territory belongs to them they claim that some of their relatives are buried here you can see some ancient crosses here the only thing they're missing is their recognition of the argentinean state. that anatomy no matter pinas says because of a current lawsuit happening here the community's not allowed to do much on the land . i once wanted to sell some wood to survive. i but i was caught by police and they took everything away we could be growing more watermelons onions and other things to sell but they want to punish us in every possible way. the government says it's
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trying to identify indigenous communities but there are over fifteen hundred land disputes in argentina today and i want to. we have the political will to advance but it doesn't depend on us alone but also on the provinces we believe that most of the governors want to move forward with this issue because we're talking about people that are extremely vulnerable these people say the province has done nothing but persecute them and that's why they're asking the national government to help. india's capital new delhi is choking under a blanket of toxic small schools are shut until sunday and people have been told to stay indoors pollution levels in the city are forty times the world health organization safe limits novembers cooler air is trapping car and factory emissions at street level in neighboring pakistan smoke has led to flight cancellations cancellations and overcrowded hospitals. former u.s.
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president barack obama returned to his hometown chicago on wednesday to report for jury duty the president's appearance caused a flurry of excitement at the courthouse even though he wasn't picked for jury service former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton have both reported for jury duty in the past but once chosen either regional judges used the event to highlight the importance of jury duty. they can see that no one who is a citizen is automatically unless they are at a certain age everybody else has that responsibility and if the former president of the united states takes his time to come anybody ought to be willing to come it's a very different kind of course in which a couple of us but a college basketball coach is having to play offense and defense right now they're involved in alleged kickback scandal that's rocked the collegiate sports world as al-jazeera has gave him his own dough reports christian dockings the former sports
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agent walking out of federal court in manhattan prosecutors say dockings ran a scheme that exploited teenage college athletes in the name of profit he was one of more than eight people charged as part of a web of corruption u.s. college basketball that also involved coaches sports where executives and financial advisors last carpenter a sports writer for the guardian says it all starts with nike and adidas vying for sponsorship deals this is the great on veiling of what we've always known about college basketball it's a very complicated system of payments which shoe companies at the heart of it that essentially are buying off coaches and universities with huge sponsorship deals that are several million dollars those sponsorship deals are critical in mooring top players to colleges issue companies essentially locking up those players to wear their shoes and thus rake in the profits should they go professional but the
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big money involved more than just sneakers. basketball especially the famous march madness competition brings the national collegiate athletic association or n.c.a.a. about one billion dollars a year for television rights ticket sales corporate sponsorship and advertising and for the most successful college teams that means huge profits the university of louisville the top earners made a profit of twenty four point two million dollars last year the top ten coaches meanwhile make salaries of between two and seven million dollars a year but it's a different story for the players who no matter which college team they play for are paid nothing jim gatto a former executive editor this has been charged with trying to arrange one hundred thousand dollars payment to the family of a heavily recruited high school star rick pitino the former scandal plagued coach at the university of louisville was the highest paid coach in america but even
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though he hasn't been charged he was ousted by day after the criminal complaints came down his methods of recruiting dealings with shoe companies were under suspicion for years in a world of college basketball where what was once considered unethical behavior is now seen as potentially criminal gabriels on which is it a new york. and finally as they say on all the best news programs ride sharing company has announced its desire to include flying taxis in our future it struck a deal with the u.s. space agency nasa and five aerospace many factories to build. nasa will develop the software to provide an aerial aerial version of the popular right hailing service hoover says the flying taxis will travel up more than three hundred kilometers and eventually cost no more than his car rides.
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it is good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories in al-jazeera the un's humanitarian chief said rodd al hussein is warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen food and fuel prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened there are questions as to the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri today to his resignation in saudi arabia on saturday a source of beirut's airport has told his era that he really wasn't aboard his plane when it arrived in the capital earlier after passing through europe more from santa harder in beirut. his office here well we've been hearing from aides over the past few days saying that yes the prime minister is coming back to lebanon but they're not saying when and so it's a very very confusing picture now why should he return it's because the constitutional process is on hold the president is refusing to accept his resignation saying that the way in which he resigned announcing his resignation on
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television and to you know outside the country cannot be accepted and he wants to sit down and talk to the prime minister to understand the circumstances behind the resignation there's been a new wave of arrests in what saudi arabia is calling an anti corruption crackdown dozens of royal family members of the fish oils and prominent business men have already been detained since the purge was announced on saturday now around seventeen thousand bank accounts have been frozen critics say the crackdown is a bid to consolidate power by the crown prince mohammed bin salma. syria's army and militia from the block have surrounded the eisel controlled city of al bookable that's close to syria's border with iraq that is the armed groups last urban area in syria the u.s. president says he's found common ground with the chinese leader over the crisis on the korean peninsula donald trump is in china where he called on president xi jinping excuse me to try to apply more pressure on pyongyang of
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a new over its nuclear weapons program he would rights watch is urging world leaders to raise me in my treatment of. two asian summits men mostly their own sense who cheers arrives in the vietnamese city have done anything for this week's bank gathering. blows the headlines for you and i was here right after the stream thanks. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. join the stream we are live on al-jazeera and imo they could be louder for the special episode of the show were also on a three sixty video in collaboration with contrast to be on.


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