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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 12:00pm-12:33pm AST

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in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a real documentary this time out is there. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing in me in march for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries when east investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germany is satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on ounces era. it will be the largest famine the world has seen from many decades with millions of
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victims a dire warning from the un as the situation worsens in yemen due to the blockade by the saudi led coalition. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up and shakes and smiles for xi jinping and donald trump as the two leaders find common ground on trade and discuss north korea. britain's and battled prime minister to resign may lose his her second cabinet minister in a week that's pretty battell quits of a secret meetings in israel. and spreading it thin there europe's biggest butter consumers but french shoppers and are facing a nationwide shortage of. the un's humanitarian chief is warning of the worst famine the world. it has seen in
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decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen fuel and food prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened the situation is being described as catastrophic and is being discussed criticized by more than twenty humanitarian groups it's a stark warning from the u.n. official but as james bays reports out the un security council has struck a different tone after three days of quiet diplomacy with saudi arabia the u.n. is now changing course laying out the dire scenario if the blockade of yemen isn't lifted. there will be a famine in yemen. he will not be like the famine that. we saw in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people are affected it will not be like a famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine in the world has seen for
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many decades with millions of victims. the response from the security council seemed very guarded the current president the italian ambassador read out a statement strongly condemning the missile fired by the who peace but barely mentioning the country responsible for the blockade. you have strongly condemned the missile by the who thing is given mr local dire warning isn't it now time to strongly condemn the country that is blockading yemen not allowing the humanitarian aid in saudi arabia. the focus by u.s.g. law. was absolutely on the humanitarian aspects of the can flick we also know that any and all military escalation army terry attack is heading back on the humanitarian situation so of course this is why we have decided to issue deeds
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limits. the u.n. says yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world after years of conflict and an epidemic of cholera people in who data the port where aid food and medicine should be flowing into the country have a sense of despair. people have no jobs no life and the world is almost at a standstill almost finished insult to injury they closed down the port a sad case that the price of a bag of flour was seven thousand reales it's now eight and a half there was an reales means you know the price of a chicken welcome we do god help us mr comments from this podium brought some of that reality from yemen to the security council but for now they've responded with very carefully chosen words rather than any concrete action. out jazeera at the united nations there are questions today over the whereabouts of
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lebanon's prime minister saad hariri he said that he'd resigned his post during a visit to saudi arabia on saturday a source of beirut's airport has told al-jazeera that it was not aboard his plane when it arrived in the capital on thursday it's believed that the pain of that plane a pass through europe rather than arriving directly from the saudi capital on tuesday how did he attended talks in abu dhabi before returning to riyadh let's go live to beirut now to zero zero horror is watching developments from there so does anyone know where he is right now. a very very confusing picture like you mentioned he was last seen on tuesday in abu dhabi holding talks with the rule was there at his office said he headed back to riyadh a day before that they said we saw him sitting with the saudi king holding talks with the saudi king and that wasn't just an opportunity to discuss things it was also an opportunity to dispel speculation that he was being held against his will
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because there are some lebanese factions who believe that the prime minister in one way or the other is under house arrest like you mentioned. he resigned it was a sudden resignation today he made that announcement in riyadh now the constitutional process is now on hold because the president is refusing to accept his resignation saying the prime minister should return to beirut should talk to him and the president wants to understand the circumstances behind his resignation before accepting it so very uncertain times and the lebanese people they're worried they don't know what is next. posters are springing up with messages of support for saddam heavy it has been four days since he announced his sudden resignation from the saudi capital this neighborhood in the lebanese capital beirut is one of the strongholds. returns to the country. we hope the government functions again because people put off their plans like buying a car out of it no one knows what tomorrow will bring. regardless of whether they
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support or oppose her decision to step down people here are worried the resignation is linked to the saudi iranian rivalry in the region's past attempts to weaken iran's lebanese ally hezbollah has led to violence. and i have. heard the news of the resignation it was just like when his father was killed there was a political earthquake they fear there could be an attack he wants him to return. already people are complaining that the pace of the economy has slowed down in a country already struggling with financial problems. but the resignation is linked to regional developments but it's affecting us from the first day our business suffered we need a new solution to save the. saudi arabia has made it clear it intends to confront iran and it seems it will start in lebanon. no one knows what saudi
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arabia will do next there will be a war but they can't for example the tens of thousands of. saudi arabia no longer considers hezbollah as its only enemy but all those who don't go away and take action against the group. sagal how do you do resignation was a saudi move against the last it brought down a government riyadh considered too close to iran now saudi arabia wants lebanese leaders to sideline and curb hezbollah's powers but that is easier said than done hezbollah is a powerful political party with an armed wing stronger than the national army lebanon has seen turbulent years political crises or wars late last year there was a rare deal between saudi arabia and iran to leave lebanon at the sidelines of their power struggle that deal is now a thing of the past and tangling lebanon's future with a deepening regional crisis. so this is not the first time there's been an attempt
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to curb hezbollah's influence pass attempts have failed and that is why many believe i will not cave in to saudi demands and so many expect a showdown al-jazeera reporting live from beirut saying many things there's been a new wave of arrests in what saudi arabia is calling an anti corruption crackdown dozens of royal family members officials and prominent business men have already been detained since the purge was announced on saturday around seventeen thousand bank accounts of now been frozen and that number is expected to rise critics say the crackdown is a bid to consolidate power by the crown prince mohammed bin salman. syria's army and militia from iraq have surrounded the eisel controlled city of al book that's on syria's border with iraq and it's the armed groups last urban area in syria this video released by pro syrian government media shows fighting in the area let's take you live. near the turkish syria border. than job it is following developments
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from the summer what's the latest book come out who is actually in control right now. at around this time yesterday we heard that the syrian government forces backed up by iraqi forces on the other side of the border have surrounded the city in the last three hours we've heard from them saying that they have taken full control of the city but there are conflicting reports about it because i think media is putting out statements saying that they were false this attack there syrian observatory for human rights has some sources on the ground telling it that there is still ongoing fighting and this isn't would not be the first time that the forces were trying to take back an area from ice and were declared prematurely we saw that in the case of most from iraq and it is or their divorce as well as the enter the city they declare that they have taken it but there are some pockets of fighting that continue but this is significant because when i say a loses and. it renewed its last urban stronghold on the syria iraq border which
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means that there will be pockets of isis fighters will have dissipated into the desert in no man's land on the syrian border side of the border on the iraqi side of the border but they will not control any town or city as such and that would be a significant boost for the forces these are the forces were backed by russian airpower and iranian militias on either side of the iraqi in the syrian border so just out of sight i mean that the fight against i solicit effectively over. well adrian yes against isis and it will be over but does this mean that the conflict in the levant region will be over is anybody's guess because these forces who are vying for influence who are trying to take back areas from what was once the caliph and self declared caliph and of the islamic state pride is is very complete all have competing interests so to speak on the west bank of the euphrates river where is the forces vying for influence are backed by russia and iran on the east bank
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are the kurdish forces forces who are backed by the united states and syrian government and its allies have said that they will take back every inch from these kurdish forces once they have defeated ice and so it is an ongoing conflict yes i said would have been defeated but the fighting is unlikely to be over soon. so some of enjoyment their lives in the sun and many things the economy of the kurdish region of iraq has taken a hit off the referendum on secession that the central government in baghdad has closed its international airspace tourists are staying away and there's been fighting between iraqi and kurdish peshmerga forces and a stephanie decker reports now from the hook while a cease fire is in place the uncertainty that continues to plague the region. the fresh air and serenity of these mountains usually attract kinds of visitors not just kurds but tourists from baghdad and elsewhere in iraq the bustling mountain
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resorts which would still be busy at this time of year are empty this ancient cave turned cafe used to be packed with customers and not anymore. the referendum iraqi forces and shia militias attack the peshmerga forces from that time business has been very bad because now iraqi forces are standing against the peshmerga all the borders the carriage he has with the rock and all the connecting roads have been caught. business travelers are also staying away it's been noticeable in every city we've traveled through hotels are virtually empty imagine khalid used to run sixty to seventy rooms a day now it's ten if that he says the situation has never been this bad. both our airports for international flights have been suspended by baghdad when a businessman wants to come to kurdistan from turkey for example he doesn't take the land right kurdistan is saif there when people see media reports they're
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frightened every day we see different reports about issues with the border crossings i don't think businessmen will take the risk. dirk's general director for tourism says visitor numbers are down eighty percent and investment in the region is also shrinking due to the current situation. after military action and the decisions made by the iraqi prime minister about twenty five hotels motels and restaurant owners had to close their doors in less than a month into hope province because they were not able to make ends meet this is all due to baghdad's actions it's not a good day from that. people here have lost faith in those they consider to be their allies especially the united states they say they simply take yes on illegally non-binding piece of paper but the message the referendum on secession sent means the kurds of northern iraq now feel abandoned and completely isolated and they say the consequences for them appear far from over stephanie decker al-jazeera in the province
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a weather update next here on al-jazeera then. i'm daniel there in the remote brazilian community itself it's known as the colombo the home to escape slaves who are again fighting for their freedom and how are we becoming selfish obsessed the roman catholic pope seems to think so his message to step happy followers is coming up. hello another tropical depression has been identified and named in the philippines but still to the south of this we've got some pretty heavy rain in what was the last served development as a little white cloud around very little grime to see sumatra just about visible but actually the heaviest rain was reported in the west of java not far away from the capital seventy five millimeters in the last twenty four hours now given what i
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said was a tropical depression here in the philippines that's going to be a very wet area luzon probably mindanao but again slow circulation suggests heavy rains in northern borneo maybe this south of thailand sudden vietnam and once again if you're in smart or in the north expected to be pretty wet so that's a picture that's right malays in indonesia in australia very active start to summer as you well know disappointing in melbourne that is the latest frontal system which is drifting slowly east was now behind it we've got a northerly wind tarkin so it's warming up it's cloudy in the forecast for friday thirty five in a spring's thirty in adelaide thirty's generally think in south australia perced may be the exception in western australia twenty six but melbourne some to has now risen to twenty four that's friday here comes the day it's still nice and warm this time sunny.
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obvious destruction was indiscriminate but will there be an equal recovery i didn't want to be the mayor of two cities i have and have now for klein's discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis this is someone's life who they ought to be their culture. after harvey at this time. again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the un's humanitarian chief is
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warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi that coalition aid into yemen food and fuel prices there have risen since saturday when the blockade was tightened more than twenty humanitarian groups criticized. their questions today about the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri following his resignation in saudi arabia on saturday a source at beirut's airport has told us in syria that hariri was not aboard his plane when it arrived in the capital after passing through europe. syria's army and militia from iraq have surrounded the eisel controlled city of alba kamau which is close to syria's border with iraq and is the armed groups last urban area in syria . the u.s. president says he's found common ground with the chinese leader over the crisis on the korean peninsula donald trump is in china where he called on president xi jinping to apply more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program he says that china could curb the escalating problem quickly and easily. we agreed on
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the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions on north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path. all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with. the murderous north korean regime from office here as adrian brown in beijing. well president xi jinping laid on a very lavish welcoming ceremony for president donald trump outside the great hall of the people china has really been rolling out a very long red carpet for trump inside the two leaders met for several hours the dominant themes of course being trade and north korea afterwards the two men appeared before the media they didn't take questions but simply read prepared
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statements front called on all countries to cease trading with north korea a direct reference of course to china which continues to provide aid to north korea aid that is not covered by the current u.n. sanctions he also called on china to address what he calls the chronic trade imbalance between the two countries well president xi jinping was more upbeat in his message he said that it was time for the united states and china to draw up a new blueprint in their relations and that the pacific region was big enough for both china and the united states china's leaders clearly want president from to leave here a happy man and they appear to have given him just enough to ensure that happens in return china's state controlled media is saying that it's time for the united states to treat china as an equal partner and that now represented a moment to build a new chapter in their history in many ways this has been a very defining moment for those relations the u.k.'s embattled government has
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suffered another setback the resignation of a second cabinet minister in a week international development secretary pretty patel stepped down after it was revealed that she'd failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday to tell said her actions of fallen below the high standards expected of her position in the park or reports from london. priti patel arrived at the back door of downing street her government career hanging by a thread the international development secretary was hold back from an official trip to africa to face her boss prime minister to resign may moments later patel resigned she was forced to apologize on monday after holding twelve secret meetings with this radio officials including prime minister benyamin netanyahu or while she was meant to be on a family holiday to israel in august it also emerged she discussed giving some of britain's aid budget to the israeli army to help wounded syrians being treated in the israeli occupied golan heights on wednesday it surfaced patel had visited an
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israeli field hospital in the area despite protocol against british officials traveling there the u.k. doesn't officially recognize israel's presence in the territory land sees from syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven war further revelations followed including details of more undisclosed meetings between patel and two israeli officials in september the al-jazeera investigation the lobby recently revealed close links between israeli embassy officials and conservative members of parliament a report in the jewish chronicle claimed the british government knew about patel's meetings and that she was instructed not to declare them to avoid embarrassing the foreign office downing street says the claims are false the departure of now leaves to resume a with one less ally in government patel head back to reason may in her bid to become prime minister she's also a firm euro skeptic. without her to reason may could struggle to deliver on her
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key bragg's it promises without any strong central control people are just making policy on the head in department and it seems very clear that cabinet responsibility has it to some extent broken down and unless steps are taken to restore it she's in government but not in power. at london's madame tussauds a serene looking waxwork of the prime minister's receiving final touches the real mrs may's battling multiple crises several of her cabinet ministers have been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals and the foreign minister boris johnson is under fire for misleading comments that could extend the jail term of a british citizen imprisoned in. patel's downfall divert some attention away from johnson but many are wondering how long to reason may keep a brave face need bark out jazeera london pope francis has taken aim at worshippers
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who take pictures with their mobile phones during mass the leader of the roman catholic church has previously urged the faithful to be more spiritual and his priests and bishops to be more humble after his election in twenty thirteen pope francis said it pained him to see priests driving expensive cars and using the latest smartphones the pope has driven around in a ford focus and is known to have ever used a mobile phone in public since taking up the role. of the priest during mass says lift up your hearts he does not say lift up your cell phones to take pictures it's a very ugly thing it makes me very sad when i celebrate mass here in the or in the basilica and i see so many cell phones held up not only by the faithful but also by some priests and even bishops please the mass is not a show it's a meeting with the passion and the resurrection of our lord that's why the priest says lift up your hearts what does it mean so remember no cell phone the french are
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the world's biggest consumers of but it's used in much of the local cooking and baking and they're facing the biggest shortage since the end of the second world war the tasha butler finds out now if the shortage is likely to spread. few things or is french as close as customers come early to this fakery in paris to buy them warm from the oven most say it's the butter that makes them so tasty so rising butter prices in europe is worrying because in france. the cost is doubled for us but we can't put up our prices because the customers won't understand class on some pastries are part of daily life here so if you raise prices will lose business global demand for butter is soaring as tastes change but milk supplies in europe have decreased forcing up prices and feeling a shortage it's a color a catastrophe for the french who eat the most butter in the world and nationally
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i'm still managing to find some butter even if there is not much in the shops we love the taste of butter especially when it's organic and delicious france is suffering shortages because of the rigid rules that govern food supply suppliers and supermarkets decide prices annually in february so supermarkets are refusing to renegotiate until next year analysts say retailers in other countries like germany adapt by paying and charging more in other countries in europe the prices when there are stronger prices the prices negotiator there really. is the case for example in germany it's dairy farms like this one in normandy that supply the milk used in france is famously creamy parter. what most dairy farm is a saying is that they have been forgotten in this crisis they haven't seen any benefit from the high a butter prices i'm almost
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a tell us is that they're still selling their milk at the same price as they did thirty years ago. manual says farmers are fed up with seeing others in the industry profits. it is a real concern. but we farmers are not being paid more after some turf years we need more financial help there is obviously a problem between suppliers and shops but when will farmers get their share of the pie france's government has called on all sides to in the past a crisis at its promise to help farmers get better paid for their produce manuel hopes that will mean farmers like him will be able to make a fairer living. al-jazeera. cool france india's capital new delhi is choking under a blanket of toxic smog schools are shut until sunday people have been told to stay indoors pollution levels in the city are forty times the world health organization safe limits novembers cool areas trapping car factory emissions at street level in
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neighboring pakistan smuggest lead to flight cancellations and overcrowded hospitals. of four hundred year old communities in brazil that were established as a home to the descendants of escaped slaves but the village is facing a new threat from a proposed change to brazilian law that critics fear will strip them of their land rights. reports. there's a battle for land raging in brazil indigenous land untouched forest colombo land there are an estimated six thousand colombo's across brazil communities of the descendants of escaped slaves noise that about. we have worked very hard to build these communities and all of the killing bullock communities are living now with fear. volo says the residents are known to fear the supreme court revoke a law in the one nine hundred eighty eight constitution protecting their status and
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claim to land that the brazilian state needs to recognize these groups rights most importantly their right to land then all the columbus other social rights should follow their right to schooling to health care and full citizenship. the communities were founded in remote regions far from the sugar plantations that escaped from they mixed with indigenous people and developed a new culture their ancestors escaped slavery to live in freedom and try to build a future in remote communities like this one their fear now is that those hard won freedoms are under threat from hungry landowners and a society reluctance to recognize their rights. the current government is supported by agri businesses and wealthy landowners many don't recognise the definition of colombo's and say land claims should be better regulated that most colombo's don't have official land claims that kill them bolos say they face their greatest threat
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since the eight hundred eighty eight abolition of slavery also back and almost everything that is ours is here our land our way of life our way of doing things of course our people do not want to lose on the back. at least fourteen kilometer leaders have been killed this year in land disputes it is mainly. it's a process of resistance that's prevailed for more than four hundred years with all that's been happening in our politics recently that resistance has to grow a lot more. was ill the world's fifth largest country with more than eight and a half million square kilometers seems so vast but in court and on the land it's still struggling to accommodate its many diverse communities. state brazil.
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let's go to any weather saverin for get here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the un's humanitarian chief is warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition aid into yemen food and fuel prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened more than twenty humanitarian groups have criticized the blockade but are questions about the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri following his resignation in saudi arabia on saturday a source of beirut's airport has told us just zero that i really was not aboard his plane when it arrived in the capital after passing through europe so you know harder is following developments in beirut. his office here well we've been hearing from aides over the past few days saying that yes the prime minister is coming back to lebanon but they're not saying when and so it's a very very confusing picture now why should he return it's because the
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constitutional process is on hold the president is refusing to accept his resignation saying that the way in which he resigned announcing his resignation on saudi television and to you know outside the country cannot be accepted and he wants to sit down and talk to the prime minister to understand the circumstances behind the resignation there's been a new wave of arrests in what saudi arabia is calling an anti corruption crackdown dozens of royal family members officials and prominent business men have already been detained since the purge was announced on saturday around seventeen thousand bank accounts of now been frozen critics say the crackdown is a bid to consolidate power by the crown prince mohammed bin sama syria's army and militia from iraq have surrounded the eisel controlled city of al book a mile it's close to syria's border with iraq and is the armed groups last urban area in syria the u.s. president says he's found common ground with the chinese leader over the crisis on the korean peninsula donald trump is in china where he called on president xi jinping to apply more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program and
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the u.k. is international development secretary pretty to tell has resigned after it was revealed that she failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while on holiday police patel said her actions had fallen below the high standards expected of her position. so he will be able to use out a little over twenty five minutes on al-jazeera right off the fault lines next. germany is hosting this year's climate talks the president from the united states out of the paris agreement what now for the global effort to tackle climate change in depth analysis on live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the frontlines of global warming climate s.o.s. on just zero.


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