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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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to western culture by his office and language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it part of life is culture. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. it will be the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of
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victims a dire warning from the u.n. as the situation worsens in yemen after a saudi led blockade. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up smiles all around us presidents trump and cheney reach common ground on trade and discuss north korea. in syria i saw territory continues to shrink government forces say they've taken control of the town of how to come out. of a group of scientists in the netherlands say they've got a solution to world hunger. the u.n. and more than twenty humanitarian groups are warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen fall and
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food and fuel prices have risen dramatically since saturday when the blockade was tightened it's a stark warning from the u.n. but as james bays reports the security council has struck a different tone. after three days of quiet diplomacy with saudi arabia the u.n. is now changing course laying out the dire scenario if the blockade of yemen isn't lifted. there will be a famine in yemen. it will not be like the famine that. we saw in south sudan earlier in the year where tens of thousands of people were affected. it will not be like a famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims. the response from the security council
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seemed very guarded the current president the italian ambassador read out a statement strongly condemning the missile fired by the who fears but barely mentioning the country responsible for the blockade you have strongly condemned the missile by the who thing is given mr local dire warning isn't it now time to strongly condemn the country that is blockading yemen not allowing the humanitarian aid in saudi arabia. the focus by u.s.g. law. was absolutely on the humanitarian aspects of the count flick we also know that any and all military escalation army terry attack is heading back on the humanitarian situation saw of course this is why we have decided to issue these presidents. the u.n. says yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world after years of conflict
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and an epidemic of cholera people in who data the port where aid food and medicine should be flowing into the country of a sense of despair. people have no jobs no life and the world is almost at a standstill almost finished insult to injury they closed down the port a sad case that the price of a bag of flour was seven thousand reales it's now eight and a half there was in reality beans you know the price of a chicken welcome we do they god help us mr comments from this podium brought some of that reality from yemen to the security council but for now they've responded with very carefully chosen words rather than any concrete action james out jazeera at the united nations there are questions today concerning the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri he resigned on saturday in a taped statement broadcast from saudi arabia some lebanese government officials
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believe that he's being held against his will in riyadh as the latest from beirut. a very confusing picture on the whereabouts of the resigned prime minister saddam had the last time he was seen was on tuesday when he was in abu dhabi holding talks with rulers there his office said he flew back to riyadh now on saturday he announced the sudden his sudden resignation and since then we haven't heard from him yes we saw him holding talks in abu dhabi we even saw him the day before sitting with the saudi crown prince holding talks but he hasn't released any statements since his office his aides they've been saying over the past few days that the saddam had he will return to lebanon but they're not giving any time or date so there has been a lot of speculation in lebanon the questions are being asked is he being held. against his will and saudi arabia so at the end of the day the very fact that he has still not returned means that the constitutional process cannot continue he resigned that means the government no longer functions but the president of the
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country does not see it that way he believes that he will not accept how did this resignation until the returns to lebanon and explains in person the circumstances behind this resignation so there is still a political vacuum in this country people are quite worried because lebanon now finds itself really at the center stage of this saudi iranian island rivalry which is playing out across the region they actually see this as a saudi move against hezbollah bringing down a government which the saudi arabia considers close to iran so a very very uncertain times for this country and people people are quite worried about you know what will come next the u.s. president says he's found common ground with china's leader over the crisis on the korean peninsula visiting china donald trump called on president xi jinping to apply more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons programs he says that china could curb the escalating tension quickly and easily we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n.
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security council resolutions. well north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korean a bandage it's reckless and dangerous tear or responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with. the murderous north korean regime more from our zero as adrian brown in beijing where president xi jinping laid on a very lavish welcoming ceremony for president donald trump outside the great hall of the people china has really been rolling out a very long red carpet for trump inside the two leaders met for several hours the dominant themes of course being trade and north korea afterwards the two men appeared before the media they didn't take questions with simply read prepared statements from called on all countries to cease trading with north korea
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a direct reference of course to china which continues to provide aid to north korea aid that is not covered by the current u.n. sanctions he also called on china to address what he calls the chronic trade imbalance between the two countries president xi jinping was more upbeat in his message he said that it was time for the united states and china to draw up a new blueprint in their relations and that the pacific region was big enough for both china and the united states china's leaders clearly want president from to leave here a happy man and they appear to have given him just enough to ensure that happens in return china's state controlled media is saying that it's time for the united states to treat china as an equal partner and that now represented a moment to build a new chapter in their history in many ways this has been a very defining moment for those relations. well i think the first thing first it is the u.s. responsibility to deal with north korea and to contain it and so in that sense i
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think not us not i mean they should resolve these three these regional security mechanisms secondly i think that like beijing and china has always been insisted on used to sit at six party talks revitalize that very sixty party talk mechanism in gauged north korea engaged somebody state coders industry region like russia like china i mean of course south korea and so continued to talk and continued the united nations pressure on this very country but at the same time even like south korea president said do not start the war i mean it's never be the solution to an issue like this and so we as a nation are responsible a nation will never like to see a korean peninsula nuclearized and perhaps because of the issue and go to war the u.s. state department has mocked syria's decision to sign up to the paris climate agreement
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it leaves the u.s. as the only country in the world that's not part of the deal but syria's move has been praised at the u.n. climate summit in germany it's yet to formally submit its climate change plan leaders from around the world are drawing up a rulebook for the parasitical scientists in the netherlands say that they're close to a breakthrough which will allow crops to be grown in deserts many say could complete the all to life on the african continent but even end hunger world leaders meeting at those climate talks in germany are being urged to commit to more funding for new agricultural project projects in drought stricken parts of the world lawrence lee reports. in this southern corner of the netherlands a grain of ember day looks like the last place you'd expect to see a revolution in food but in these vast greenhouses things are happening that could change lives half a world away usually it takes huge amounts of water to grow tomatoes but here they reduce it's a virtually nothing and they even grow the fruit in insulation material rather than
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soil we use only rainwater and recycled water and you can do this with any vegetable. you can. it can be a solution to to bring feed food into other places in the world where there's a problem that. the tiny netherlands is already the world's largest exporter of tomatoes this though has an obligation not for western supermarkets but for the world's hungry what they're onto here is regarded as really exciting because if you can grow vegetables with no soil and with almost no water then you can grow them anywhere you can grow them in the deserts or where there's been drought and so there's a growing realisation that this technology could be used to fight famine the combination of population growth and climate change are making a terrible situation in parts of the world even worse and desert if occasion that i grew cultural land is turning many into climate refugees. at this leading
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university to finding yet more radical solutions like extracting the bacteria from plants which can cope in the deserts and putting them into crops incredibly the scientists believe the deserts of the world are a huge agricultural opportunity they think they're two years away from planting crops in the sand that this cabbage tomato and that's a potato we are working on this well so it's really brought if we come to barley and it's a very close relative of wheat that we have we're talking about major crops of that and this is that you can grow under such harsh conditions also in desert areas. the message here to western politicians is that climate change is an integra parts of the refugee crisis and offering solutions has benefits everywhere if we don't solve the problems over there then people will migrate to other places and they will look for food in europe and we know that again and i gratian is
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a great problem so in my opinion we need to improve the situation in africa. and. improve the life of people in africa there's often a feeling that trying to help the world's hungry is pointless and the problems will never end but here there is proof that even playing with change can be beaten by science for the politicians of the rich countries it is becoming possible to effect incredible change if they really want to lower asli al-jazeera in the netherlands. six cattle and politicians including the dissolved parliament speaker have arrived in spain supreme court in the dritte to answer charges of rebellion and sedition they're accused of staging catalonia as secession referendum that the spanish government declared illegal currently out on bail eight other members of the sacked catalan government are waiting for the hearing has more for us from boston or. well
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the supreme court in madrid in hearing the case against the speaker of the cattle and parliament the building behind me there and five m.p.'s on charges of rebellion sedition and embezzlement the misuse of public funds may just decide either in theory anyway to throw out those charges and let them go or possibly to judge that they are no longer a flight risk no longer an ongoing threat to society and therefore let them out on bail on conditional release pending trial or it may decide to do what has happened to ministers in the deposed government here and lock them up pending trial a process we understand from the minister's case that could take anything up to four years the most likely outcome that is in the realm of spec. relation now but the legalities here are pretty complex the ministers because they were sacked with treated effectively as ordinary citizens they appeared before a lower court a national court and in fact before a particularly conservative judge the m.p.'s are still elected officials they have certain privileges which is why they're appearing in front of the supreme court the
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thinking is now that possibly the supreme court may decide to let them out on conditional release on bail and that then the ministers may lobby to have their case heard in front of the supreme court with potentially the same result and that all of this represents a potential path way for spain out of a crisis which is increasingly difficult for them on the international stage a member of the european union seen more and more widely now as holding political prisoners whether uptake banks here on al-jazeera then britain's embattled prime minister to resign may lose his her second cabinet minister in a week as pretty battell quits over secret meetings in israel and i'm daniel there in the remote brazilian community of barrow it's known as the kilo mall the home to escape slaves who are again fighting for their freedom.
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it snowed a bit in the northeast of china and just catching north korea if not now then soon the air quality in beijing which dipped a little bit to the not very nice is probably going to be cleaned up because this thing here is a cold front is thinking that cold answer is going to produce that snow there's the tail of it just about to north korea eleven degrees in beijing so it's not stunningly cold but it's a fresher direction proper rain's coming through north korea the sun is still out in japan it's about eight degrees in sapporo but it's still a pretty warm seventeen in tokyo now rain will swing through or develop some time on fire as i. and saturday there it is sitting just off shore probably catching tokyo i think during saturday the cold showed itself that it was dark but it's still plus five beijing still plus ten but this is a sunny weather we have seen recently a hint of development of more rain in the middle of china has been dry for
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a week with the rains come back again as you can see hong kong excluded shanghai secure in the sunshine used to pretty warm but that area of rain does exist and it tails off time to the far north of myanmar the coast of vietnam with an onshore breeze starts off fairly sherry and of course we still got flooding around but the showers tend to decrease come saturday. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of young children. with a mother behind bars for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to stick together. the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border. this time al-jazeera.
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again the top stories on al-jazeera the un's humanitarian chief is warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen food and fuel prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened more than twenty humanitarian groups and criticized the blockade. u.s. president donald trump says that he and china's leaders she isn't paying belief there's a solution to the north korea crisis trampled on china to apply more pressure on pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program he acknowledged common ground on how to
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deal with the crisis and six cattle and politicians including the dissolved parliament speaker are appearing before spain the supreme court in madrid they face decades in prison if found guilty of charges of rebellion and sedition over their role in last month's band succession referendum. the syrian army says that it's now in control of the eastern city of al book after i saw fighters withdrew iraqi fighters allied with the syrian government have been pushing into al book all from the eastern. keyboarder the syrian military video of this syrian military video appears to show iraqi fighters flying yellow military militia flags near the city on wednesday the group has been losing ground rapidly since it lost its self-styled capital rucka to syrian democratic forces in october well here's a look at who controls what right now in syria the syrian government controls the areas in red roughly half of the country iraqi militia allied to the syrian
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government continues to make gains into eisel territory in the east shown here in black while the yellow area shows u.s. backed kurdish forces pushing further into debt from the north al-jazeera sullivan jabot is following developments from near the turkish syria border he's with us now vive so what is the latest we're hearing from our book on well something. in the last hour or so we've heard the defense ministry spokesman the military spokesman for the syrian government thing that they have taken full control of the city of. this is the last remaining stronghold controlled by isis on the border between syria and iraq according to a monitor saying that the syrian government insisting that they have pushed isis fighters out it was stiff resistance then they killed scores of them but according to a monitor the syrian observatory for human rights there was apparent be a deal between the syrian government and summarising fighters who were given safe
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passage and who have fled to other parts in their door but what this means is that the city of has been taken ice and does not have any urban footing in syria or iraq there are small pockets of isis fighters which exist on either side of the border between syria and iraq in the vast desert. and there is or as well but it is also worth mentioning here that this fight will not be over because as you just said the complicated arena of warfare in syria where iran. and russia backed syrian government and shia militias are not just fighting isis and but they're also opening other fronts against the mainly kurdish u.s. backed forces as well and in against the. shah given all that on a summer what happens next. when it is going to be a complicated situation a very brief scene. glimpse of it we've seen in iraq where you saw the coalition
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between iraqi forces and kurdish forces which are now at loggerheads with with each other as their common enemy i see is gone analysts are saying that you will see a similar situation here in syria as well where on the euphrates river you've got on the west side these forces which are backed by russia and iran and on the east side forces that are backed by the united states and all vying for control not just oil rich daters or but also areas along the turkish border as well so it is going to be a complex fight yes the fight against isis and might be over but that does not mean that the conflict in syria will be over any time soon rather someone many thanks to the son of in java to live in gaza. venezuela's constitutional assembly has passed a law clamping down on media freedom that allows prison sentences of up to twenty years for anyone who incites hate or violence through t.v. radio on social media president nicolas maduro has frequently accused the
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opposition of promoting hate under the new law the state can also order media outlets to broadcast messages that it says promote peace. kilamba four hundred year old communities in brazil that were established as a home to the descendants of escaped slaves but the villages face a new threat from a proposed change to brazilian law but critics fear will strip them of their land rights tell us why more reports. there's a battle for land raging in brazil indigenous land untouched forest colombo land there are an estimated six thousand colombo's across brazil communities of the descendants of escaped slaves. we have worked very hard to build these communities and are the key communities are living now with fear. volo says the residents are known here the supreme court revoke a law in the one nine hundred eighty eight constitution protecting their status and
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claim to land. the brazilian state needs to recognize these groups rights most importantly their right to life then all the other social rights should follow their right to schooling to health care and full citizenship. the communities were founded in remote regions far from the sugar plantations that escaped from they mixed with indigenous people and developed a new culture their ancestors escaped slavery to live in freedom and try to build a future in remote communities like this one their fear now is that those hard won freedoms are under threat from hungry landowners and a society reluctance to recognize their rights. the current government is supported by agri businesses and wealthy landowners many don't recognise the definition of colombo's and say land claims should be better regulated that most colombo's don't have official land claims that kill them bolos say they face their greatest threat
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since the eight hundred eighty eight abolition of slavery also back and almost everything that is ours is here our land our agriculture our way of life our way of doing things of course our people do not want to lose on that. at least fourteen colombo leaders have been killed this year in land disputes it is a new process there is state it's a process of resistance that's prevailed for more than four hundred years with all that's been happening in our politics recently that resistance has to grow a lot more. was ill the world's fifth largest country with more than eight and a half million square kilometers seems so vast but in court and on the land it's still struggling to accommodate its many diverse communities. sao paolo state brazil. prosecutors in switzerland have dropped an investigation into a rape allegation made against the film director roman polanski last year former
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actress winona lange accused polanski of raping her in one thousand nine hundred ninety two when she was fifteen years old prosecutors say that the time limit has expired for allegations to be pursued langer was the fourth woman to accuse polanski of a sexual assault and that's he's lived as a fugitive in europe since fleeing the u.s. in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight head of sentencing for statutory rape and us actor kevin spacey has been dropped from an already complete hollywood film after more accusations of sexual misconduct against him spacey played the late us billionaire john paul getty in the ridley scott film all the money in the world which is due out next month but his scenes will now be shot again with christopher plummer as replacement spacey faces a growing number of sexual harassment allegations in the u.s. and britain last week he was fired from the lead role at a popular netflix production press conference former u.s. president barack obama returned to his hometown chicago on wednesday to report for
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jury duty the president's appearance caused a flurry of excitement at the courthouse even though he wasn't picked for jury service former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton of both reported for jury duty in the past but once chosen either one local court official used the event to highlight the importance of jury duty. so they can see that no one who is a citizen is automatically excuse unless they are at a certain age everybody else has that responsibility and if the former president of the united states takes his time to come anybody ought to be willing to come the u.k.'s embattled government and suffered another blow the resignation of a second capital minister within a week international development secretary pretty patel stepped down after it was revealed that she failed to disclose meetings with israeli officials while she was on holiday to tell said her actions of falling below the highest standards expected
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a position he's barker reports from london. arrived at the back door of downing street her government career hanging by a thread the international development secretary was hold back from an official trip to africa to face her boss prime minister to resign may moments later patel resigned. she was forced to apologize on monday after holding twelve secret meetings with this radio officials including prime minister benyamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on a family holiday to israel in august it also emerged she discussed giving some of britain's aid budget to the israeli army to help wounded syrians being treated in the israeli occupied golan heights on wednesday it surfaced patel had visited in this raid a field hospital in the area despite protocol against british officials traveling there the u.k. doesn't officially recognize israel's presence in the territory land seized from syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven war further revelations followed
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including details of more undisclosed meetings between patel and two israeli officials in september the al-jazeera investigation the lobby recently revealed close links between israeli embassy officials and conservative members of parliament. a report in the jewish chronicle claimed the british government knew about patel's meetings and that she was instructed not to declare them to avoid embarrassing the foreign office downing street says the claims are false the departure of now leaves to resume a with one less ally in government patel head back to reason may in her bid to become prime minister she's also a firm euro skeptic. without her to reason may could struggle to deliver on her key breaks it promises without any strong central control people are just making policy in departments and it seems very clear that cabinet responsibility has it to some extent broken down and unless steps are taken to restore it
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she's in government but not in power at london's madame tussauds a serene looking waxwork of the prime minister's receiving final touches the real mrs may's battling multiple crises several of her cabinet ministers have been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals and the foreign minister boris johnson is under fire for misleading comments they could extend the jail term of a british citizen imprisoned in. patel's downfall divert some attention away from johnson but many are wondering how long to resume may keep a brave face need back out jazeera london. good to have you with us adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on the un's humanitarian chief is warning of the worst famine the world has seen in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows
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a into yemen food and fuel prices have skyrocketed since saturday when the blockade was tightened more than twenty humanitarian groups of criticize the blockade. there are questions concerning the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri after he said he'd resigned his post on a visit to saudi arabia on saturday some lebanese government officials believe that he's been detained and is being held against his will in riyadh but saudi leaders have denied reports that he's under house arrest really has not been seen or heard from since he attended talks in abu dhabi on tuesday u.s. president donald trump says that he and china's leader xi jinping believe that there is a solution to the north korea crisis trump called on china to apply more pressure to pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program but he acknowledged common ground on how to deal with the crisis we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions on north korea and to increase economic pressure until
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north korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with. the murderous north korean regime six cattle and politicians including the dissolved parliament speaker have arrived at spain's supreme court in madrid to unsub charges of rebellion and sedition they're accused of staging cattle odious secession referendum that the spanish government to declared illegal currently free on bail the syrian army now says that it's in control of the eastern city of al book a mile after i saw fighters with drew iraqi fighters allied with the syrian government have been pushing into al book a mile from the eastern iraqi border this syrian military video appears to show iraqi fighters flying yellow shia militia flags near the city on wednesday the
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group's been losing ground rapidly since at last itself capital of aka the syrian democratic forces they don't. know what i was here if the inside story. it was a decision that shocked many indians a year ago prime minister narendra modi withdrew several high denomination bank notes as a way to combat corruption but has he succeeded and what's been the forelock for the economy this is a.


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