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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more questions than answers as concerns grow over the whereabouts and security of lebanon's prime minister. and shakes and smiles for xi jinping and donald trump as the two leaders find common ground on trade and north korea. new delhi will battle hard for its cause from monday as an evolution crisis sweeps into northern india and pakistan and it's for the first in diamonds some made in one of the biggest corruption scandals to hit u.s. college sport a series of multimillion dollar kickbacks involving coaches agents and sponsors are being investigated. now over the past few days there's been a quest. and speculation about the whereabouts of lebanon's prime minister saddam
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how do you in the last hour his office responded to the concerns saying he's met the french ambassador to saudi arabia in the riyadh on saturday how do you be surprised many by announcing his sudden resignation through a broadcast from the saudi capital five days later he's not yet returned to lebanon and their offices he's being held against his will let's go straight now to zona holder who is following developments from the lebanese capital beirut and xana a lot of concern there about what's happened to the prime minister. well yes like you mentioned concern and what we also understand from sources close to the president of the country as well as the head of parliament is that they're worried about the fate of the resign prime minister they're worried about his well being and they want information where is saddam in fact sources close to the president have told us that the president believes that assad is under house arrest now we're
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hearing all these concerns and at the same time how do these office releasing a statement saying that saddam had met the french ambassador to riyadh today at his residence in the saudi capital and in the past two days he's been holding meetings with foreign diplomats the u.s. chargé d'affaires the british ambassador as well as the representative of the european union but the aides really haven't been able to say when and if when he will return they keep on saying that yes he's going to return to lebanon so a very confusing picture of the president of the country thinking that the prime minister is under house arrest in the saudi capital. who heads the government that if people there think he's resignation wasn't voluntary was a genuine. well yes that is exactly what the president of the country feels as well as the speaker of parliament and they're saying they're not going to accept the resignation until how did he comes to lebanon and presents it himself to the president and explains the circumstances behind it there's
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a lot of debate in lebanon on whether or not that was constitutional of the prime minister to make this announcement on saudi television make the announcement outside the country this was really unprecedented and that is why many in lebanon feel that the president and sorry the prime minister was in one way or the other forced to resign that this is not his decision that this is a position taken by groups like hezbollah for example a political opponent of how d.d. and really the target of how do these resignation being that hezbollah as part of the government and saudi arabia wanted this government to collapse because it didn't believe that hezbollah should have any power in this country so a very confusing situation in the lebanese are very worried very uncertain times for the people. like zana whether they're watching the situation for us from the. u.n. is warning of the worst famine the world is seeing in decades unless the saudi led coalition allows aid into yemen food and fuel prices have skyrocketed since saturday that's when the blockade was tolerance and the crisis becomes worse and
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seaports abandoned while citizens expressed outrage juma faults. at some international airport an ominous silence terminals are as empty of people as runways are devoid of planes clear signs that the crisis in yemen is only growing more dire. some are international airport was completely brought to a halt by the warring coalition states that included preventing the u.n. any planes humanitarian aid the red cross and doctors without borders but airport officials aren't just angry with the parties to the conflict a compass that and. the united nations cup. taken brave and clear decisions to condemn the aggression the un could have compelled the belligerent states to allow at least humanitarian aid to arrive and to allow access to the injured casualties and humanitarian cases for its part the u.n.
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has warned that in yemen which is in the grips of a cholera epidemic that has seen more than nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april is also facing the world's worst famine crisis. one that could kill millions of people unless the saudi led military coalition inn's its blockade and allows eight to flow into the country saudi arabia imposed a land and sea blockade in yemen after a ballistic missile was fired on saturday towards its capital riyadh since then it has only become more difficult for citizens to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol and cooking oil rising drastically in the port city of her data humanitarian access was already difficult for aid agencies now it's only got worse than this and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree at the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in sanaa officials are
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extremely concerned of what will happen if they can't continue to bring food into the country you know that yemen is the largest food insecurity could rise is all over the world every month we feed seven million people these are people who depend completely on relief for their survival and we import these commodities the food to help these people which is why the longer yemen's air and sea ports sit empty the longer the suffering will continue. and. now the syrian army says it's now in control of the eastern city of elbow come off the ice will fight as withdrew the boulder city was one of the last remaining pockets of territory held by iceland's syria the group was pushed out of the iraqi town of him across the border only a few days ago. iraqi fighters allied with the syrian government have been pushing into a book come out from the east this syrian military video appears to show iraqi fighters flying yellow shia militia flags near the city on wednesday the group has been
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losing ground rapidly since it lost its self-styled capital of the syrian democratic forces in october just look at who controls what in syria at the moment the syrian government now controls the areas in red they're roughly heart of the country iraqi militia allied to the syrian government continue to make gains into ice all territory in the east shown here in black while the yellow area shows u.s. backed kurdish forces pushing further into the resort from the north. salinger vade is following developments from gaza on tap near the turkish syrian border so let's start with the latest in a book come out what can we confirm. i mean we've heard from the syrian military spokesman that they have taken for granted all of the city of and will come out of the last remaining stronghold on the syrian side of the border a front what was the sense to get california or the islamic state of iraq and the levant what is happening on the ground according to syrian media and hezbollah
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media as we're loving the lebanese group or just spearheading these operations backed by the syrian forces is that they have been squeezing in from the eastern bank of and he said from iraqi forces from the western side have been coming in and they circled the city moved in and removed all ice and fighters according to them there was stiff resistance and they killed scores of fighters but according to other monitors isis fighters were given of safe passage and they fled to other areas in the vast desert into iraq and into dinners or where there are small pockets of isis fighters and remaining in these areas which are not governed opened or by any side what this means is that isis has now lost control of all urban areas went once controlled on either side of the border it does not mean that all eyes and fighters have been removed or killed there will be some fighting that will continue analysts say that icing might resort to guerrilla type tactics as we've seen elsewhere in iraq once it's moves in territory it's pockets and then carry out
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attacks on a security person other areas but what does this does mean is that the groups propaganda used to use the word caliphate which spanned over the borders of iraq and syria is no more what sort of order is for availing though in areas which are being seized from ourselves. well that's a very interesting situation sami because the day after is going to be very very interesting on the east bank of the euphrates river you. u.s. backed forces the mainly kurdish as the f.-i does would also be making gains against iceland and on the west bank where the city of will become olive you've got the iran and russia back not just militant militias but also the syrian military coming in so what people are predicting here is that there might be a clash of these two forces and because these syrian government the initial assad forces have said they will take back every inch of the syrian territory would
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belong to not just i suppose any of the groups that they declared as terrorists it is going to be a difficult end to the violence in syria that you've seen over the years because they are adamant that they are going to go off in every group that does not adhere to the ideology and confirms bashar al assad as the president of syria. will leave it there for now thanks so much some of enjoy it. now the head of the u.n. tarion task force for syria has given an update on the situation people are facing their young egland says it's difficult for international aid to reach those who need it most he says syrians are suffering everywhere. especially in eastern the hold on the outskirts of the capital. this epicenter of suffering has hundred thousand civilians. men women and children in a dozen beseeched towns and villages. since
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september it's been completely sealed off until september there was some access through with commercial traffic. now the only lifeline would be. the economy in the kurdish region of iraq has taken a hit after the referendum answer session the central government in baghdad closed its international airspace tourists are staying away and there's been fighting with tween iraqi forces and the kurdish peshmerga stephanie decker reports from the hold while a cease fire is now in place the uncertainty continues to affect the region. the fresh air and serenity of these mountains usually attract kinds of visitors not just kurds but tourists from baghdad and elsewhere in iraq but bustling mountain resorts which would still be busy at this time of year are empty this ancient cave
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turned cafe used to be packed with customers and not anymore. after the referendum iraqi forces and shia militias attacked the peshmerga forces from that time of business has been very bad because now iraqi forces are standing against the peshmerga all the borders of the carriage he has with iraq and all the connecting roads have been cut. business travelers are also staying away it's been noticeable in every city we've traveled through hotels are virtually empty imagine khalid used to run sixty to seventy rooms a day now it's ten if that he says the situation has never been this bad. both our airports of international flights have been suspended by baghdad when a businessman wants to come to kurdistan from turkey for example he doesn't take the land road kurdistan is safe but when people see media reports they're frightened every day we see different reports about issues with the border crossings and i don't think businessmen will take the risk. herc's general director
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for tourism says visitor numbers are down eighty percent and investment in the region is also shrinking due to the current situation. after military action and the decisions made by the iraqi prime minister about twenty five hotels motels and restaurant owners had to close their doors in less than a month into who province because they were not able to make ends meet this is all due to baghdad's actions it's not a good move from them. people here have lost faith in those they consider to be their allies especially the united states they say they simply take yes on illegally non-binding piece of paper but the message the referendum on secession sent means the kurds of northern iraq now feel abandoned and completely isolated and they say the consequences for them appear far from over stephanie decker al-jazeera into her province. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including we
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visit a sanctuary for a hunger children left traumatized by the violence in. the netherlands shows how to feed a growing world population in a changing climate and sport the final nine teams to qualify for russia's world cup will be decided over the next week and he will be here with all the details. the us president says he's found common ground with china's leader over the crisis on the korean peninsula there was plenty of pomp and ceremony in beijing for the u.s. president's trip visit multibillion dollar trade deals were signed by north korea was discussed brown of course from beijing. china's leaders know how to put on a good show and to make important visitors feel honored. the finally tonight welcoming ceremony was far more lavish than the one given president trump's
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predecessor president xi jinping has rolled out a very long red carpet for trump who ensured his tie was color coordinated the two leaders talked for several hours later before the cameras trump they have surprised his host by saying the u.s. trade deficit with china wasn't all china's fault and i have great respect for you for this because you're representing china but it's too bad that past administrations allowed it to get so far out of kilter they held a news conference without taking questions where trump again pressure over north korea all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with the murderous north korean regime their statements offered more plaudits than substance trump said she was
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a special man and that is people were proud of him president she reiterated his call for diplomacy and not threats to resolve the crisis on the korean peninsula he said it was natural for the united states and china to disagree but they owed it to the world to work more closely. with him but i told president trump that the pacific is big enough and both the us and china by its side should increase communication and cooperation in regards to asia pacific issues they agreed to cooperate over combating drugs namely the chinese made chemicals blamed on the us opiates epidemic. many of the outcomes on thursday were prearranged two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of trade deals were announced but their real substance still needs to be assessed those agreements though mean trump can show his supporters that he's making progress in reducing the trade deficit china's leaders clearly want president from to leave here happy man and they appear to have given
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him just enough to ensure that happens in return china's state controlled media says that it's time for the united states to treat china as an equal trump spin tweeting about his successes here which means he's been breaking chinese law because twitter is banned but on this occasion his hosts probably don't mind adrian brown al jazeera beijing. human rights watch is urging world leaders to raise me in mass treatment of rangar at two summits getting underway in asia soon in mars leader aung san suu kyi has arrived in the vietnamese city of dan anger for this week's apec summit in mar is not a formal member of the group she was invited by vietnam's president next week she'll attend the asia and summit in the philippines cities government faces international pressure over violence in iraq and state some six hundred thousand ring of muslims of being forced to flee into bangladesh. a world food programme
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survey shows malnutrition rates are increasing at an alarming rate among rangar refugee camps in bangladesh for finding show one in four children are suffering from severe hunger and the number of life i think cases has doubled in the past few months the world food program says the area where many of the refugees are coming from some of the scarcest food supplies in. the level of malnutrition severe acute malnutrition among children young children of which they could risk dying has actually doubled from a similar survey that was carried out some months ago but the situation in the camps and settlements is very very difficult and pollution crisis has swept into northern india and pakistan where the conditions and farmers' fires have created a corridor of pollution banked up by against the himalayas with nowhere to go india's capital new delhi is in the center of the crisis it will start to ban cars
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on certain days and is already closed four thousand schools charlotte ballasts reports. more than four million children are on holiday in new delhi a move that's mean to protect them from dangerous levels of pollution the air quality in the indian capital sitting at forty times the world health organization safe limit doctors say it's the same as smoking fifty cigarettes a day. our school wasn't visible because of the smog and pollution so they closed our school for a few days. and they started watering and i was having problems breathing this is what new delhi's nineteen million people work up to on thursday it's supposed to be sunrise residents experience the same claustrophobic conditions last november every year at this time farmers burn their crops at the same time as heavy
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coal. dear pushes down from the himalayas it acts like a lid trapping the pollution between the ground and the cold air above us this image from nasa shows what's called aerosol optical thickness the more orange the more pollution new delhi is the worst hit urban area but it spans the entire length of the himalayas including pakistan second biggest city look all. the regions chief minister dr will describe new delhi as a guest chamber and blamed crop burning in other states but there is another big reason. for the same i'm asked stunned all black with just one day's exposure to the roads. the government is bringing in a traffic scheme from monday where private cars with even or odd number plates are allowed on the roads on alternate days your dog will be brought about by. pollution totally is dependent on the amount of traffic on the roads if there's not much traffic the pollution reduces doctors need levels to drop quickly this want with
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patients suffering from breathing problems and allergies we know all this is harmful. only does there and i have no option if i want to drink a little i mean or drink because it's harmful pollution i can't run away i have to read a recent study found that pollution was linked to two point five million deaths in india and twenty fifteen and new delhi is its most polluted city charlotte dallas al-jazeera. the u.s. state department is mocking serious decision to sign up to the paris climate agreement it leaves the us is the only country in the world that's not part of the deal syria's move has been praised at the u.n. climate science in germany yet formally submit its climate change plan leaders from around the world drawing up a rule book for the paris accord. refugee families who were separated on their way to europe over the past few years are starting to be reunited by immigration
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officials fifteen thousand refugees in greece want to reconnect with family members many of whom are in germany those johns roughness reports from athens bringing them together is a slow process. these refugees protesting outside the german embassy in athens are the lucky ones many have been approved to rejoin their loved ones in germany but today they can't even get as far as the and the fourteen are on hunger strike among them for the syrian with an eleven year old daughter in germany she was separated from her parents and three siblings when both kerry and police caught them crossing from turkey more than two years ago she got through the net and is now in a camp in germany. i asked about family reunification at the german embassy and they rejected me after i spent seven thousand euro to make passports and other papers they said i couldn't do it because my daughter had ninety valid for only one
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year instead of three the three mama children who are here aren't being allowed to go to school because greek authorities believe the family is relocating and their daughter in germany isn't allowed to return to them because she's too young to travel alone the family say they feel caught in the european bureaucratic nightmare four of these are sending refugees to be reunified with family members in europe as a rate of about three hundred a month but there is a backlog of about four thousand approved cases. many of whom have been waiting for more than six months if anything the process is likely to become slower because the german government has now decided to cap in bound immigration at about two hundred thousand people a year the man is a living in scott among us camp a disused shipyard they say it's damp and rife with rats there's little security and residents report that drugs are sold here the greek government says it's trying to move people out as quickly as possible. the european union has provided us with
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twenty thousand places in apartments greece should have another ten thousand places we asked for the apartment places we didn't get to be temporarily provided in hotels until march. but the mom is a mentally exhausted and so is their daughter. every time we speak with her we lie we say we're coming soon in a few more days just to make her relax but she's tired of hearing and we no longer know what to say to her the mom is have to speak to their daughter through an interpreter because she's forgotten her kurdish and now speaks german europe has pulled their family apart in a way even the syrian war did not jump sorrowful us al jazeera athens pope francis is taking aim at worshipers who take pictures with their mobile phones during mass the leader of the roman catholic church has previously urged the faithful to be more spiritual and his priests and bishops to be more humble after his election in two thousand and thirteen pope francis said it pained them to see priests driving
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expensive cars and using the latest smartphones the pope has driven around in a ford focus is not known to have ever used a mobile phone in public since he took up the role. because. the priest during mass says lift up your hearts he does not say lift up your cell phones to take pictures it's a very ugly thing it makes me very sad when i celebrate mass here in the piazza or in the basilica and i see so many cell phones held up not only by the faithful but also by some priests and even bishops please the mass is not a show it's a meeting with the passion and the resurrection of our lord that's why the priest says lift up your hearts what does it mean so remember no self. swiss prosecutors have dropped an investigation into a rape allegation made against film director roman polanski last year former german actress renee langer oak hughes polanski of raping her in one nine hundred seventy
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two when she was then fifteen years old prosecutors say the time limit has expired for her allegations to be pursued rango was the fourth woman to accused of sexual assault. u.s. actor kevin spacey has been dropped from an already complain to hollywood film after more accusations of sexual misconduct against him spacey played the late us oil billionaire john paul getty in the ridley scott film all the money in the world due out next month but his scenes will now be shot again with christopher plummer as replacement spacey faces a growing number of sexual harassment allegations in the u.s. and britain last week he was fired from the lead role in the popular netflix production house of cards. scientists in the netherlands say they're close to a breakthrough which will allow crops to be grown in deserts and then they say this could completely alter life on the african continent and even end hunger world
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leaders meeting at the climate talks in germany are being urged to commit to more funding for new agricultural projects in drought stricken parts of the world orenstein reports. in this southern corner of the netherlands a grain of ember day looks like the last place you'd expect to see a revolution in food but in these vaastu greenhouses things are happening that could change lives half a world away usually it takes huge amounts of water to grow tomatoes but here they reduce it to virtually nothing and they even grow the fruit in insulation material rather than soil we use only rainwater. recycled water and you can do this with any vegetable. you can. it can be a solution to to bring feed food into other places in the world where there's a problem that. the tiny netherlands is already the world's largest exporter of tomatoes this though has an obligation not for western supermarkets but for the
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world's hungry what they're onto here is regarded as really exciting because if you can grow vegetables with no soil and with almost no water then you can grow them anywhere you can grow them in the deserts or where there's been drought and so there's a growing realisation that this technology could be used to fight famine the combination of population growth and climate change are making a terrible situation in parts of the world even worse and desert if occasion the agricultural land is turning many into climate refugees. at this leading university to finding yet more radical solutions like extracting the bacteria from plants which can cope in the deserts and putting them into crops incredibly the scientists believe the deserts of the world are a huge agricultural opportunity they think they're two years away from planting crops in the sand that this cabbage tomato and i think potato we are working on
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this well sort of brought if we come to barley. it's a very close relative that we have we're talking about major crops of that. that we can grow under such harsh conditions all sorts of areas the message here to western politicians is that climate change is an integra parts of the refugee crisis and offering solutions has benefits everywhere if we don't solve the problems over there then people will migrate to other places and they will look for food in europe and we know that again and migration is a great problem so in my opinion we need to improve the situation in africa. and. improve the lives of people in africa there's often a feeling that trying to help the world's hungry is pointless and the problems will never end but here there is proof that even climate change can be beaten by science for the politicians of the rich countries it is becoming possible to effect
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incredible change if they really want to lawrence leigh al-jazeera in the netherlands. the french are the world's biggest consumers of butter it's used in much of the local cooking and baking but they're facing the biggest shortage since the end of the second world war. one to find out if the shortage is likely to spread. a few things or is french as close as customers come early to this fake or in paris to buy them warm from the oven most say it's the butter that makes them so tasty so rising butter prices in europe is worrying because in france. the cost is doubled for us but we can't put our prices because the customers won't understand class on some pastries or part of daily life here so if you raise prices will lose business global demand for butter is soaring as tastes change but milk supplies in europe have decreased forcing up prices and feeling a shortage it's
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a color a catastrophe for the french who eat the most butter in the world and naturally i'm still managing to find some butter even if there is not much in the shops we love the taste of butter especially when it's organic and delicious france is suffering shortages because of the rigid rules that govern food supply suppliers and supermarkets decide prices annually in february so supermarkets are refusing to renegotiate until next year analysts say retailers in other countries like germany adapt by paying and charging more in other countries in europe their prices when there are a throng of prices the prices negotiator there really. is the case for example in germany it's dairy farms like this one in normandy that supply the milk used in france is famously creamy parter. what most dairy farmers are saying is that they have been forgotten in this crisis they haven't seen any
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benefit from the high a butter prices and what most tell us is that they're still selling their milk at the same price as they did thirty years ago. manual gabrielle says farmers are fed up with seeing others in the industry profit. it is a real concern we should about a shortage in the shops but we farmers are not being paid more after some turf years we need more financial help there's obviously a problem between suppliers and shops but when will farmers get their share of the pie france's government has called on all sides to in the past a crisis at its promise to help farmers get better paid for their produce manual hopes that will mean farmers like him will be able to make a fairer living. al-jazeera. attic or france. now frost and freezing rivers have returned to northern china and rob's head to
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tell us all about it yes we're off to a part of the world where the climate is reliable enough to have an annual ice festival here young john now by night is down about minus fifteen minus sixteen and over his part of northeastern china so you get is pretty site so it's a bit of snow or frozen river floating around the whole frost is that grows on the trees for example it's a beautiful time of the years a beautiful sight by day though we are coming up just above freezing so it's not really deep winter yet by take you to this part of the world is of course it is also where beijing is a long way from beijing but the systems that bring in this cold weather also goes through beijing which is significant temperature wise we've not seen much of a change of the real cause long windows we were in whom plus two bar days so it's not it's really cold beijing's thirteen hours of this cold front but because it's gone through the air has improved now beijing is infamous of being one of the most polluted places in the world beat at the moment only by delhi but on wednesday he
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was brilliant didn't get to succeed on thursday said he was unhealthy for cost wise because that cold front comes through in the breeze still blowing friday should be fine but saturday goes down once more i'm afraid is simply what happens this time of the year the breeze dies pressurizes quality drops once the sun. thanks so much well still ahead here now just protesters in togo demand for the goal change and the resignation of the president plus. i'm done you why i'm there in the remote brazilian community that all it's known as a kilo ball the home to escape slaves who are again fighting for their freedom. and install the first indictment some may then one of the biggest corruption scandals to hit college sports in the u.s. .
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for twenty three years mohsin has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. might you know such as this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of wood winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime that kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten and can challenge your perception. al-jazeera.
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come back you're watching out zero time to recap the headlines the office of lebanon's prime minister has responded to concerns about his whereabouts saying he met with foreign diplomats in riyadh saddam had a the announced he was quitting his position in a broadcast from the saudi capital on saturday he's not yet returned to lebanon where fears he was being held against his will the syrian army says is now in control of the eastern city of elbow come out after i still faces withdrew militia from iraq allied with the syrian government has been pushing into the area from the iraqi border in the east. india's capital new delhi is choking under a blanket of toxic small schools the shop till sunday and residents have been told
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to stay indoors pollution levels in the city are forty times the world health organization safe limit. to get more now on our top story the situation surrounding lebanon's prime minister james part kerry is middle east and north africa political analyst at global risk consultancy allen and associates joins us via skype from london good to have you with us what has happened to lebanon's prime minister do you think. it's too soon to say necessarily that he's being detained. by the saudis but at the same time it is interesting the timing is very interesting and hariri had appointments for the i.m.f. and the world bank this week so suddenly resigned his position on the south a little snow warning does seem that saudi has put pressure on them and their reason to do so first of all. her is let hezbollah into the government has
4:39 pm
blowers just conducted some rather successful anti islamic state operations in the north east and that certainly seems to angered reality who i think now regard him as a unreliable political ally why wouldn't appear if you said it's a bit early to say he's been detained why wouldn't he appear why wouldn't he address the nation address some of these concerns. i mean he has appeared in the sense the people i've got through to him he's replied in in only a couple of words there have been a few pictures and some indications use not under lock and key anywhere but definitely i think the sign was that for him to control the narrative and try and put it squarely as a assassination attempt by hezbollah and i think to that end they rely on quite a lot on two thousand and five when obviously is followed father of was assassinated to give some level of credibility to this narrative you said there that saudi views him pap's as an unreliable partner because of the role of
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hezbollah what is saudi its goal then for hezbollah in lebanon they want them out of the government they want them disarmed or something else. i mean it certainly seems that their idea with jack too would be to disarm hezbollah and render them no longer a threat but the same time this move seems to have backfired quite substantially hezbollah is being restrained in its response it was called the hurry back to cousin taking to the streets that haven't seen any military mobilization and so certainly if that was their intention then it seems truth backfires on reality what impact is all of this crisis having on lebanon and its economy. well it depends really on how the political stuff but we are as i said so far they have been relatively restrained that has been some level of you know i mean is he within the political establishment that everybody must return and that they are unified
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now staying in for the long term it seems that he's not going to come back you could start to see jockeying for position and that will obviously have really economic impact on them on lebanon as it stands all right thanks so much for your thoughts on that one i very much. antigovernment protesters in the west african country togo have been on the streets of the capital there demanding constitutional change and the resignation of the president his family has been in power for fifty years charles stratford reports was. opposition supporters fill the streets of togo's capital flow by the second of three days of protests demanding political change from the ruling family that has been in power for half a century they want constitutional reform in the resignation of president full rate going to sing by the way. the government agreed to allow these rallies but the opposition says security forces broke up similar demonstrations in other towns. the
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first day of protests went well apart from inside kobe and three other towns the blind and savage repression led to at least sixteen injured in soko day both by bullets and beatings. at least sixteen people have been killed and more than two hundred others injured since the protests began an organist. the government released more than forty protesters in a bid to try and calm mounting anger. in soko de arms are circulating and until we get back the owner who has them we are not going to allow any demonstration the situation is not in favor of anybody. the coalition of fourteen opposition party says it wants the government on of the nine hundred ninety two constitution that stipulates a limited to five year terms for the president and the tune round of voting system . we have received a request regarding protest next week we will meet the opposition in the coming
4:43 pm
days and discuss security measures to be taken if protests are without incident they could be on the streets even for a whole month if they want i don't really care all we are asking for is people should not finish their day at a police station. in mid september the ruling party proposed a provisional term limit bill in the national assembly but the opposition walked out of the negotiations some analysts say most of the top military brass remain loyal to the president. when president ford i was elected for his third term mid two thousand and five more than five hundred people were killed in the crackdown on opposition protests anger is rising again focused on bringing political change to togo stratford al-jazeera. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has renamed the international airport after himself tensions between factions within his ruling party mugabe five his longtime ally and former vice president.
4:44 pm
on monday critics accused of a purge of his rivals has more from. opposition leaders and critics of president robert mugabe say they are concerned they're worried that he could be turning the country into a family dynasty harare international airport has not been. the robert gabriel international airport the prison supporters say this is to honor a great man they say he helped and white minority rule and he gave land to the barbarians. it's been a dramatic few days on monday in a seminar was fired as the country's vice president he was seen as the heir apparent the one who could possibly take over from prison gobby one day there wednesday he was officially fired from the ruling. party he has now left the country and the speculation now as to when he's coming back in a statement released on tuesday he says he'll be back in the country to lead
4:45 pm
zimbabweans we spoke to some people close to him on the phone they maintain that the former vice president is out of the country for medical reasons and that he'll be back. as well as constitutional assembly has passed a law on media freedom it allows prison sentences of up to twenty years for anyone to incites hate or violence through television radio or social media president nicolas maduro has frequently accused the opposition of promoting hate under the new law the state can also order media outlets to broadcast messages that it says promote peace. columbus four hundred year old communities in brazil that were established as a home to the descendants of escaped slaves but the villages are facing a new threat from a proposed change to brazilian law critics fear will strip them of their land rights then oh sure i'm live reports. there's a battle for land raging in brazil indigenous land untouched forest colombo land
4:46 pm
there are an estimated six thousand colombo's across brazil communities of the descendants of escaped slaves noise that. we have worked very hard to build these communities and are the killer or communities are living now with fear. volo says the residents are known to be the supreme court revoke a law in the one nine hundred eighty eight constitution protecting their status and claim to land. the brazilian state needs to recognize this group's rights most importantly their right to land then all the other social rights should follow their right to schooling to health care and full citizenship. the communities were founded in remote regions far from the sugar plantations that escaped from they mixed with indigenous people and developed a new culture their ancestors escaped slavery to live in freedom and try to build
4:47 pm
a future in remote communities like this one their fear now is that those hard won freedoms are under threat from hungry landowners and a society reluctance to recognize their rights. the current government is supported by agri businesses and wealthy landowners many don't recognize the definition of colombo's and say land claims should be better regulated that most colombo's don't have official land claims that all those say they face the greatest threat since the eight hundred eighty eight abolition of slavery also back and almost everything that is ours is here our land our way of life our way of doing things of course our people do not want to lose on the back. at least fourteen colombo leaders have been killed this year in land disputes it is a new process that has stains said it's a process of resistance that's prevailed for more than four hundred years with all that's been happening in our politics recently that resistance has to grow
4:48 pm
a lot more. was ill the world's fifth largest country with more than eight and a half million square kilometers seems so vost but in court and on the land it's still struggling to accommodate its many diverse communities. the new. state brazil. also is a common al-jazeera. iman welling's in daraa in the north of england exploring with of a college kid anywhere in a range of sports come like any difference to results some scientists who are sharing it can.
4:49 pm
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welcome back now former u.s. president barack obama returned to his hometown chicago wednesday to report for jury duty the two year the two term rather president's appearance caused a flurry of excitement at the courthouse even though he wasn't picked for the jury service former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton have both reported for jury duty in the past but one chosen either. i think it's time for sport let's catch up with it all and thank you so much sammy well the first indictments of be made in one of the biggest corruption scandals to hit college sport in the united states athletes playing at college level to be paid but a series of multi-million dollar kate backs involving coaches agents and sponsors being investigated elizondo reports christian doctrines the former sports agent walking out of federal court in manhattan prosecutors say dockings ran
4:51 pm
a scheme that exploited teenage college athletes in the name of profit he was one of more than eight people charged as part of a web of corruption in u.s. college basketball that also involved coaches sportswear executives and plan to advise or less carpenter a sports writer for the guardian says it all starts with nike and adidas vying for sponsorship deals this is the great on veiling of what we've always known about college basketball it's a very complicated system of payments which shoe companies at the heart of it that essentially are buying off coaches and universities what's with huge sponsorship deals that are several million dollars those sponsorship deals are critical in mooring top players to colleges the shoe companies essentially locking up those players to where their shoes and bus rake in the profits should they go professional but the big money involves more than just sneakers. basketball
4:52 pm
especially the famous march madness competition brings the national collegiate athletic association or n.c.a.a. about one billion dollars a year for television rights ticket sales corporate sponsorship and advertising and for the most successful college teams that means huge profits the university of louisville the top earners made a profit of twenty four point two million dollars last year the top ten coaches meanwhile make salaries of between two and seven million dollars a year but it's a different story for the players who no matter which college team they play for are paid nothing jim gatto a former executive editor this has been charged with trying to arrange one hundred thousand dollars payment to the family of a heavily recruited high school star rick pitino the former scandal plagued coach at the university of louisville was the highest paid coach in america but even though he hasn't been charged he was ousted by day after the criminal complaints
4:53 pm
came down his methods of recruiting dealings with shoe companies were under suspicion for years in a world of college basketball where what was once considered unethical behavior is now seen as potentially criminal gabriels on doak which is eda new york now a week long process that a saw the final line same's will compete at next is wealth cup in russia kicks off in a few hours time the european players begin with those an honest talk against switzerland on croatia's in council with greece teams play each other hung in a wire the way he's progressing in size finals northern ireland i mean for the first world cup since nine hundred eighty six. these players have gone through a lot of experience a lot of good a lot of bad. you know the one thing i will say them is that you're not not not to fear the situation to embrace the situation. and make sure that whatever happens you know when you look back you know we don't have any regrets regardless of you
4:54 pm
know if it goes our way or not so there are eight seems left in europe on you for make it to russia twenty eighteen after these two legs playoffs northern ireland's second like with switzerland will be played on sunday from thursday croatia host greece in the first leg of their match up in zagreb italy they face missing out on a world cup for the first time since nineteen fifty eight their place against sweden the first leg on friday and on saturday then mark are at home for the first leg against the republic of ireland who haven't featured on football's biggest stage since two thousand and six cats also efforts to improve the conditions of its migrant workers have been recognised by a leading global trade union the international labor organization has closed its complaint against the country many are working on projects for the twenty twenty two world class including the forty thousand seats at our work or stadium here the organizing team say that despite the trade blockade that's been imposed on katsav by some nearby countries preparations remain on track. we always have the markers
4:55 pm
but have since then been discovered even further especially when we just look at our money grade as well as other countries have had then. have been have been very. simply put it's satisfying in finding alternatives quality and quantity now the england rugby team will be hoping to slip under the radar when they play argentina on saturday they'll be wearing a dark gray kit the manufacturers claim will help to camouflage them lee wellings reports on whether a kits color really can make a difference. now you see them now you don't yes it's hard to miss giant rugby players but the england team don't want opponents argentina to see them clearly in their match on saturday that dog kit for the game has been specially designed as an attempt to blend in stealth mode. can the color and design of kit really make
4:56 pm
a difference. in dharma ne england robert barton and fellow scientists russell hill showed statistically a cat in many species of monkeys and the color red is used in miles to display dominance and aggression and we wondered rather speculative like whether it could possibly be the case that red has similar psychological consequences contest between humans as it does in the contest between same male monkeys using fifty years of english football data they found teams in red did perform better on average in late positions they also looked into four limpid combat sports in the two thousand and four going and found the competitor wearing red one between fifty five and sixty percent of bounce. sometimes when you're watching any sports it really does feel that color come like a difference a psychological as well as the visual might the loser in the all blacks have a bit of an extra dance on top of being the best because of that famous jersey the
4:57 pm
brazilian football when i switched to a vibrant yellow of great success over many decades and you've got tiger woods always wearing a red shirts on the final dye when he might his push for a title a bad kid can sometimes be blind for a bad performance for example alex ferguson ordering his manchester united team to change their great good time in a premier league match against southampton this is where we study professor a new home but explores color recognition at newcastle university it's not just easier on the eye it's also how it makes you feel so light and colors not only give you a visual signal they also affect how you feel. your emotions and it might make your competitors feel a certain way to. do the boxes back at darwin university have a preference if you go in red or blue you have a choice to make a difference here with some of the mentality was directed at scientology but it's
4:58 pm
psychological this is clearly does. the verge on england's rugby kit is designed to fight to guy but when i step on to the right on the green grass of twickenham lee wellings al-jazeera. ok more sport throughout the day but how does it find something thanks so much handy but you can get much more of head over to our website at al-jazeera dot com we're back in a couple of minutes with another full bulletin of news stay with us. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the work of travel. the soon to be but the most. fresh perspectives and new insights.
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to challenge and change the way we move. out. of this time on was. there a group of kids from tanzania halfway around the globe in new york where these children come from those who have the genetic skin condition known as albinism often living in fear of being attacked for the color of their skin al-jazeera first met up with. two thousand and fifteen after attackers chopped off his arm believing it would bring them luck the leases charity works with the shriners hospital for children in philadelphia to provide for static limbs this is the children's second visit to the united states to replace their original devices which they've outgrown seven year old baracoa is quick to put his new arm to. helping these children is a long term commitment every year they have to return to the united states for fittings and adjustments and every year their connection to their american friends
5:00 pm
gets deeper i think while they're here they realize they're really not different when they're in the dead a dream house which is charity house they feel empowered. i was told by the pakistani army to the americans and we got held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent. or talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration. the one ton of no twenty two at this time on al-jazeera. all questions that says five days off the side.


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