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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured i'm going to call this one. and it's not just i phones that are one thing i mean most small fans of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe would be where it would start and it's something that was growing that i would rather take the risks. to the risks of digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. this is al-jazeera.
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this is the news out live from london coming up saudi arabia orders its citizens to leave lebanon as fears grow that lebanese prime minister saad hariri is being held by riyadh aid agencies warmly saudi led coalition that cutting off yemen could bring millions closer to starvation and death plus i have great respect for you president trump changes his chin praising china talks in beijing despite his campaign rhetoric. scientists say they're close to a breakthrough which could end hunger will explain how. and in sport the first indictments are made in one of the biggest corruption scandals to hit u.s. college sport a series of multi-million dollar cake packs involving coaches agents and sponsors are being investigated.
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kuwait's has joined saudi arabia in ordering its citizens to leave lebanon immediately comes amid heightened tensions with lebanese group hezbollah and iran this week the saudi foreign minister warned that riyadh would treat lebanon as a hostile state as long as has been in the government at all follows a surprise resignation of lebanese prime minister saad hariri on saturday and an announcement from harry reid's office back in the saudi capital after a quick trip to the united arab emirates and deny suggestions he's been held against his will but his future movement party says his resignation from riyadh raises many questions it's demanding that he returns to beirut. the return of prime minister saad hariri head of the future movement is necessary
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in order to restore the internal and external balance of lebanon respect the liberties legitimacy in accordance to the constitution and to the thai if accord and with respect to the arab and international legitimacy we confirm our support for prime minister hariri and for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances they know how the latest from beirut. the political party of saddle how do you say that it is necessary that the prime minister immediately returns to lebanon saying that this is of course necessary to restore stability in the country the political party in that statement stopping short of actually saying that they believe that the prime minister is detained that he is being held against his will in fact we called how do these office to ask them whether or not they believed this was the case and the response we got was we have no information so the political party saying he must return immediately there is throughout the day
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we have what we understand even the president of the speaker of parliament they are concerned they are worried about the well being of saddam had e.d. and they've been in contact with foreign dignitaries to try to help them understand you know the fate of the he made a sudden announcement that he was resigning on saturday from riyadh and ever since he's made no other statement we've seen him yes in abu dhabi holding talks with the rulers there and the day before we saw him sitting with with the saudi king but we haven't heard from the prime minister himself so a lot of concern about the fate of saddam how did he at the same time saudi arabia calling on its citizens to immediately leave lebanon on statements like this undoubtedly is just going to cause even more tension saudi arabia making it very clear that it intends to step up action against lebanon or against those who who support hezbollah in lebanon the saudi state minister for gulf affairs actually
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tweeting and saying that expect escalatory measures but they're not saying what measures they're going to take against lebanon it has to be made clear that the saudi the resignation of saddam had it was a saudi move against hezbollah and saudi officials have made it very clear to lebanese officials either you curb hezbollah's influence and you are on our side or you will be considered an enemy so very uncertain times in lebanon. france's president says he's had contact with her area and will discuss his case with the saudi crown prince during a last minute visit he's decided to make to riyadh but emanuel denies hariri has formally requested to go to france earlier in the day harry reid's office said the lebanese leader had met the french ambassador to saudi in riyadh. saudi arabia has been giving details of its continuing crackdown on alleged corruption the saudi attorney general said two hundred eight people had been called in for questioning seven of whom had been released many are being held in
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a five star hotel including business executives officials princes and other members of the royal family the anti-corruption committee led by crown prince mohammed bin solomon says it will confiscate assets of those held more than seventy nine hundred personal bank accounts have been frozen at the request of the central bank and now banks in the u.a.e. have been asked for information on accounts held by nineteen saudi citizens the journey journal said investigations suggested at least one hundred billion dollars had been lost to corruption over three decades and some of it may not be easy to get out of study by the us national bureau of economic research estimates that saudi citizens have more than three hundred billion dollars held in foreign tax havens a camera phone footage has emerged which appears to show a large room inside the riyadh hotel where some of those arrested are being held mattresses and what appears to be
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a gun can be seen there belin. the un said more than twenty eight agencies are warning that the saudi led coalition's tightening of the blockade on yemen could bring millions of people closer to starvation they are calling for the opening of all and seaports closed after saturday's attempted missile attack on riyadh organizations including oxfam save the children and islamic relief say that more than two thirds of yemen's twenty eight million people are reliant on imported supplies more than twenty million people need humanitarian assistance including seven million facing famine like conditions food supplies are expected to run out in six weeks and vaccines in just a month and the international committee of the red cross says it can't bring in chlorine tablets to prevent cholera the number infected by the outbreak in yemen is expected to reach one million by the end of the year even telling groups say mass starvation is possibly just weeks away basically ninety percent of the young men
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and food is in. there with the breakdown on the food pipeline like we've now thi it's not going to take money weeks before we can much more people will face starvation we're struggling to move around it takes from one town to another we have to almost go through one hundred checkpoints we're asking for the airport blockade to be opened to allow lifesaving medicine and food to get into the country this is a manmade disaster and there is no humanitarian solution to this we're asking for all parties to come together to find a solution desperately which is desperately needed for the people of yemen. and same about a crisis gets less and anger grows in yemen mohammed has a support. at sanaa international airport an ominous silence terminals are as empty of people as runways are devoid of planes clear signs that
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the crisis in yemen is only growing more dire not only sunnah international airport was completely brought to a halt by the warring coalition stateside that included preventing the un end of planes humanitarian aid the red cross and doctors without borders is a bit of luck but airport officials aren't just angry with the parties to the conflict a compass that and m m m a to head to the united nations could have taken a brave and clear decisions to condemn the aggression the un could have compelled the belligerent states to allow at least humanitarian aid to arrive and to allow access to the injured casualties and humanitarian cases for its part the u.n. has warned that in yemen which is in the grips of a cholera epidemic that has seen more than nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april is also facing the world's worst famine crisis. one that could kill millions of people unless the saudi led military coalition inn's its blockade and
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allows aid to flow into the country saudi arabia imposed a land and sea blockade in yemen after a ballistic missile was fired on saturday towards its capital riyadh since then it has only become more difficult for citizens to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol and cooking oil rising drastically in the port city of her data humanitarian access was already difficult for aid agencies now it's only got worse than this and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree at the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in sanaa officials are extremely concerned. and of what will happen if they can't continue to bring food into the country you know that yemen is the largest food insecurity crisis all over the world every month we feed seven million people these are people who depend completely on relief for their survival and we import these commodities the food to
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help these people which is why the longer yemen's air and sea ports sit empty the longer the suffering will continue. joining us now via skype from santa is hakim. and the terrain chief and publisher of yemen thanks very much for joining us on al-jazeera we hear a lot of statistics coming from the n.g.o.s and from the united nations so what is it like actually on the ground if you give us some idea of just how desperate the situation is for people trying to eke out every day whatever they can get their hands on. the world already knows that he is the worst humanitarian disaster in seventy years so we're not going to repeat that the problem with the aid that was allowed to get out of the last year only was enough for five percent of the country's needs so with that five percent is now over as well because of the siege you have about children dying of hunger i visited
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a family the other day seventeen people all parents children and grandchildren grandchildren all them having one large piece of bread and dividing it. by for their children and putting this bread in water. to make it softer and entire family this was their meal for lunch right now they are millions of children who are sleeping hungry and as we are talking right now over the last ten minutes alone seven airstrikes have rocked the yemeni capital sana'a so those who are not dying from hunger are dying from from the war and it's not enough that the children are sleeping hungry but now there are still sleeping hungry and scared crying because of these airstrikes so it's the misery that's ongoing day by day and the problem is it's not the these who are suffering it's the millions of civilians walking this price and on a daily basis i have came that there is a that the border trying to get into the country this is faxon nations
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internationally to seems to be at least sending some help but it's just not getting in how is that affecting people when they know that what they need is now far away . even if those aid organizations were allowed to bring those food it's only and now for five percent of the country's needs that's saving five percent of the country's children and you're leaving ninety five percent vulnerable to death and vulnerable to a very dangerous future very dangerous health situation long term so even those the aid that was allowed to come or that is on waiting to come or into the country is not enough for only a very small portion of the country. i'm surprised how the world knows that all the of the u.n. in specific it's not enough to announce that yemen is a disaster humanitarian while staying months and months and months continuously doing nothing to solve this crisis and just watching these innocent civilians dying yes their focus on the airstrike one air strike that's it we're out but ignoring
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that since that airstrike at least two hundred civilians have died in yemen by saudi that collision air strikes so i'm surprised of how one thing is in focus while the other civilians. is being ignored let alone those who are dying from hunger and losing their loved ones because they cannot and i came to the tensions between those countries that are waging the proxy war that is going on in yemen at the moment they seem to be getting further and further apart what would you say directly to the countries who are involved now from have signed on to the fighting what would your message be to them. keep your war between yourselves there is no proxy war in iraq iran is not involved very much in yemen if saudi has any power with iran it's all directly on their lands sort of causation now it's on the innocent civilians of yemen the problem is one that the powerful are too scared
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to the powerful or those who are as strong as well they go to the poor and what's more oppression of the poor and this is why this is civilians are paying the price the proxy war is being fought on a country that has no interest between doubt that you were going to side and this is where always the or is the price of the rich mistakes very great for a few token. how came. coming straight from. the whistle blower group global leaks has released what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destroy cattles economy and eventually seal a twenty twenty well culp the plan was found in the email accounts of the us ambassador to the united states youssef taiba. handed over the files to the online news outlet the intercept when ryan graham is the washington d.c. bureau chief of the intercept. the plan is
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a if fairly simple one in the end it's to take all of the existing bonds that u.a.e. and affiliated parties already own and put them in a kind of off shore confidential vehicle and then go about purchasing additional qatari debt. and then by credit default swaps against that debt so that when the debt goes down in value the credit default swaps rise it's like buying an insurance they would then take these these bonds according to the plan and swap them back and forth among parties who from the outside look like they're independent but are actually the same people it's like me and you trading a bond back and forth and that creates an illusion of volatility and with people aware that there is this political crisis going on then the plan as they see this enhanced volatility and traders start to panic and say oh my god something must be going on here we need to sell our own our own could target debt which drives the
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price down further that that dries you know that increases the price of the c.d.'s which then puts pressure on the currency the qatari currency which requires carter then to bring in dollars to prop up its currency and all of this creates a sense of crisis which then you would use to say well that the country is in crisis you know it ought to at least be sharing the world cup with the rest of the g.c.c. countries well let's talk more about this with sigurd new from the arab gulf states institute you don't we live now from washington d.c. thanks very much for talking to us on al-jazeera festival your reaction to these e-mails and this this cave in to try and bring down castles currency. well first of all i would like to point out that this new story in the comes out in
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the wider context of the g.c.c. crisis that has gone on for over five months and one. blockade on gaza there was imposed it was done so with the justification that qatar allegedly supports terrorism. we have also seen the crisis has moved on drips from the. email to. on a number of controversial issues and this is the latest drip from his communications might have read grimm's article and i think that if you look at in the broader context the dinero in washington has changed and that is perhaps the idea behind a crisis was not to punish qatar for its foreign policy but perhaps do worse than alter your motive which sought to bring about the new leadership these are of course only speculations because this is private kemi cations that none of us or certainly i have not seen furthermore regardless of this news story broke today
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the geography of the region is very clear and that is. that is not going to change anytime soon so the question is what can be done to resolve the crisis indeed just only actual scheme though the plan that they were thinking of putting in place do you think it could have succeeded is it possible to really have such an effect on the country's current saved by the suggestion that they were making from a skein. i don't have the technical economic expertise to comment on that but what i what i can say is that from the united states' perspective imposing regime change or creating further instability and a region is something that is unacceptable so that is why do u.s. government has been very clear in this desire to see negotiations between the parties to the conflict resume of the united states from president trump and assess
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that by his secretary of state rex tillerson and his secretary of defense james mattis has repeatedly used various mechanisms to bring to the party a student to go she ations table and one of the things that we are likely going to see is more u.s. diplomatic pressure coming on to ensure a multilateral exercise this would end the gulf does not exclude qatar but are again brought into the fold so to maintain levels of communications while the parties remain deadlocked over how to proceed. many thanks for giving us your opinion on the sigurd's new ballasts speaking to us from washington d.c. . coming up on this news hour from long time six council on politicians a pair in court to face addition and rebellion charges i would last months referendum. zimbabwe renames harare international airport after the president as tensions grow in macau this party and the final nineteen's to
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qualify for russia as well cup will be decided over the next when. the syrian army says it's now in control of the eastern city of. after i saw a fight as we drove the border city was one of the last remaining pockets of territory in syria held by the armed groups some of binge of aid has more on the turkish syrian border. these are syrian in iraq the fighters from iran backed shia militias celebrating the defeat devices in amman the city was the last urban stronghold on the syrian side of the self declared islamic state the syrian military claim victory but with the acknowledgement of help from it spotless the depleted army of president bashar al assad has only been able to make gains with military assistance from russia and iran that. units from syrian forces in
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cooperation with allies liberated the city of al become in the suburb of derry the last i saw stronghold in the eastern region this is strategic achievement is also a starting point for the elimination of the remaining terrorist organizations in all the different names throughout the country. i see videos and statements earlier denied the advances and reported fierce fighting but the stronghold its propaganda used to fighters with is gone. reports from the contested there is all provinces just a few pockets of isis fighters remain on either side of the iraqi syrian border the fighting has destroyed many i said head cities and the real challenge will be to rehabilitate people we still do not have access to city as u.n. . the main reason is that the place is such with unexploded.
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bombs explosives. the fight against isis in urban centers may be over but the conflict in syria still continuing these are syrian democratic forces or as the f. backed by u.s. soldiers and air support they're also making gains in that there are problems on the eastern side of the euphrates river the defeat of isis removes the common enemy and serious complex war president bashar al assad's government has promised that it will take back all territory that it once lost its iran and russia back fighters in militias on a confrontational with u.s. and saudi backed fighters from a job without the syria. economy iraq's kurdish region has been hit hard since its controversial referendum on succession in september the central government has closed its international space tourists are staying away and there's been fighting between iraqi forces and the kurdish peshmerga seventy dekker report some of the whole quiet businesses are feeling the impact despite
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a recent cease fire. the fresh air and serenity of these mountains usually attract kinds of visitors not just kurds but tourists from baghdad and elsewhere in iraq but bustling mountain resorts which would still be busy at this time of year are empty this ancient cave tour and cafe used to be packed with customers not anymore. after the referendum iraqi forces and shia militias attack the peshmerga forces from the time of business has been very bad because now iraqi forces standing against the peshmerga all the borders that kill she has with the rock and all the connecting roads have been cut. business travelers are also staying away it's been noticeable in every city we've traveled through hotels are virtually empty. imagine khalid used to run sixty to seventy rooms a day now it's ten if that he says the situation has never been this bad.
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both our airports for international flights have been suspended by baghdad when a businessman wants to come to kurdistan from turkey for example he doesn't take the land road kurdistan is saif but when people see media reports they're frightened every day we see different reports about issues with the border crossings i don't think businessmen will take the risk. to herc's general director for tourism says visitor numbers are down eighty percent and investment in the region is also shrinking due to the current situation. after military action and the decisions made by the iraqi prime minister about twenty five hotels motels and restaurants had to close their doors in less than a month the province because they were not able to make ends meet this is all due to baghdad's actions it's not a good move from their. people here have lost faith in those they consider to be their allies especially the united states they say they simply take yes on illegally non-binding piece of paper but the message the referendum on secession
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sent means the kurds of northern iraq now feel abandoned and completely isolated and they say the consequences for them appear far from over stephanie decker al-jazeera into her province. a speaker of catalonia sacked parliament and five other former politicians and the period before spain supreme court they face charges as a bally and sedition for their own in last month's independence referendum the court will decide whether to remand them in custody while the investigation continues or release them former members of the catalan government and team pro independence leaders are already in custody awaiting trial on sedition charges down the hill has been following events from barcelona. well the supreme court in madrid in hearing the case against the speaker of the cattle and parliament the building behind me there and five m.p.'s on charges of rebellion sedition and embezzlement the misuse of public funds may just decide either in theory anyway to throw out
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those charges and let them go or possibly to judge that they are no longer a flight risk no longer an ongoing threat to society and therefore let them out on bail on conditional release pending trial or it may decide to do what has happened to ministers in the deposed government here and lock them up pending trial a process we understand from the minister's case that could take anything up to four years the most likely outcome well that is in the realm of speculation now but the legalities here are pretty complex the ministers because they were sacked were treated effectively as ordinary citizens they appeared before a lower court a national court and in fact before a particularly conservative judge the m.p.'s are still elected officials they have certain privileges which is why they're appearing in front of the supreme court the thinking is now that possibly the supremes court may decide to let them out on conditional release on bail and that then the ministers may lobby to have their
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case heard in front of the supreme court with potentially the same result and that all of this represents a potential path way for spain out of a crisis which is increasingly difficult for them on the international stage a member of the european union seem more and more widely now as holding political prisoners. as a small still to come this hour you know all families refugees are rallying against the system keeping them apart from their families and going on hunger strike. children recover from the trauma of displacement and ethnic cleansing with the help of fire f.a. us. army while in vidar and in the north of england exploring with a colored kid you wear a range of sports from my carry difference to results some scientists who are showing it can.
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how the changing seasons becoming apparent nabbed in the satellite gives the first clue there's been a cloud streaming across in the event and more recently north inside iraq of two of the caucuses it's mostly just dropped a little bit of rain in the temperatures for a while following it on the sun comes out into the low twenty's for example still near thirty in baghdad the same. hasn't really changed now for weeks in my memory well two showers around the caspian sea a possible and the system still active enough and in the high ground just to the north of iraq to produce more showers of rain i would think it this time of the year for the south arabian peninsula generally speaking is driving this hint of cloud just going towards qatar could produce the first part i just think it is dry loesch humidity low thirty's temperature wise the cloud has increased has brought right recently to soar katra
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island and the horn of africa i think for the coast of somalia yemen is a possibility of seeing a few spots are right in the next as i was i tend to be going away in southern africa a bit more active than i thought it was going to curling into the western cape and obvious system to cape town. south africa. destruction was indiscriminate. recovery i didn't want to be the mayor of two cities i have and have now klein's discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis this is someone's life who they are their identity their culture. after harvey this time on al-jazeera. the story that had the greatest impact on me would
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probably be the mad economy thirty four miners died and we were there one of very few television things being right on that spot at that time to dismiss some of that story the story and films and some of. the time that i want to view in malaysia like english because the news is not sent it and you don't miss any of the news or any program because you can watch it on like. welcome back remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera as fears grow the lebanese prime minister is being held in riyadh the case is well saudi arabia and
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kuwait have ordered their citizens to leave lebanon. aid agencies are warning that the saudi led blockade of yemen could bring millions closer to starvation and death . and the syrian army says it's retaken the eastern city of al buffalo after i saw fighters with it was the armed groups last stronghold in the region. u.s. president donald trump says he's found common ground with china's later i was a crisis only korean peninsula prize on paying a visit to beijing where they too signed a billion dollar trade deals adrian brown in beijing has more on the lavish ceremony for the u.s. president. china's leaders know how to put on a good show and to make important visitors feel honored. the finally chewed welcoming ceremony was far more lavish than the one given president trump's
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previous us. president xi jinping has rolled out a very long red carpet for trump who ensured his tie was color coordinated. the two leaders talked for several hours later before the cameras trump they are surprised his host by saying the u.s. trade deficit with china wasn't all china's fully and i have great respect for you for the because you're representing china but it's too bad that past administrations allowed it to get so far out of kilter they held a news conference without taking questions where trump again pressure over north korea all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with. the murderous north korean regime their statements offered more plaudits than substance trump said she was
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a special man and that is people were proud of him. president xi reiterated his call for diplomacy and not threats to resolve the crisis on the korean peninsula he said it was natural for the united states and china to disagree but they owed it to the world to work more closely in charge him but i told president trump that the asia pacific is big enough that both the u.s. and china by its side should increase communication and cooperation in regards to asia pacific issues they agreed to cooperate over combating drugs namely the chinese made chemicals blamed on the us opiates epidemic many of the outcomes on thursday were prearranged two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of trade deals were announced but their real substance still needs to be assessed those agreements though mean trump can show his supporters that he's making progress in reducing the trade deficit china is leaving with clearly one president from to leave here. and they appear to have given him just enough to ensure that happens in return china's
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state controlled media says that it's time for the united states to treat china as an equal trump spin tweeting about his successes here which means he's been breaking chinese law because twitter is banned but on this occasion his hosts probably don't mind adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. he writes watch is edging world leaders to confront me over the treatment of its random minority at upcoming summits myanmar's defacto leader. is in vietnam for this week's apec summit they are my sort of former member of the group that was invited by the president her government faces international pressure over violence in iraq and state which is force more than six hundred thousand. into bangladesh. more than half the revenger a military crackdown all children u.s. children agency says that living in dire conditions with many left traumatized by
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their experiences of displacement and ethnic cleansing but psychological support is now being offered at bangladeshi border camps hocks reports. this is what childhood should look like. these younger hymns refugees a plane and a unicef manage play center at a refugee camp in bangladesh is designed to entertain the hundreds of thousands of traumatized were hendra children from long days stuck in bleak and difficult conditions. are shed is so tiny and hot i can't play there it's nice and cold here in the center and they give me biscuits and other food i can play here rather than being outside where it's so hot and sunny. apart from being bored and cramped many of these children are also receiving counseling from trained therapist they were forced to flee their homes by a military campaign that un has described as ethnic cleansing many have seen
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firsthand human rights abuses being carried out. the end springsteen they are sold by talking and drawing the i'm not getting the support from anywhere else and i try to heal them by talking about the drawing and united nations children foundation is working with other partners to create an environment where children feel safe there are in excess of four hundred thousand children in their own. home and smile and most of this children's when they lead their homeland and came here they came in a very mentally and physically shattered condition. learning how to cope with trauma at a tender age and be reminded what childhood should be like. six hundred refugees refusing. leave id commission to campaign proper new guinea have been given until saturday to go astray or shut down the camp on mannus island
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last week but the refugees say they fear for their safety if they leave new guinea it says conditions are not hygiene ik and the people must go. trying to get past to be reignited by immigration officials fifteen thousand refugees want to reconnect with family members many of whom are in germany. painted together. these refugees protesting outside the german embassy in athens are the lucky ones many have been approved to rejoin their loved ones in germany but today they can't even get as far as the and the fourteen are on hunger strike among them for the syrian with an eleven year old daughter in germany she was separated from her parents and three siblings when police caught them crossing from turkey more than
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two years ago she got through the net and is now in a camp in germany. i asked about family reunification at the german embassy and they rejected me after i spent seven thousand euro to make passports and other papers they said i couldn't do it because my daughter had an id valid for only one year instead of three the three mama children who are here being allowed to go to school because greek authorities believe the family is relocating and their daughter in germany isn't allowed to return to them because she's too young to travel alone the family say they feel caught in a european bureaucratic nightmare. sending refugees to be reunified with family members in europe as a rate of about three hundred a month but there is a backlog of about four thousand approved cases many of whom have been waiting for more than six months if anything the process is likely to become slow because the german government has now decided to cap inbound immigration at about two hundred
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thousand people a year the mammas a living in scott among gas camp a disused shipyard they say it's damp and rife with rats there's little security and red. reports that drugs are sold here the greek government says it's trying to move people out as quickly as possible. back into the european union has provided us with twenty thousand pieces in apartments greece should have another ten thousand places we ask you for the apartment places we didn't get to be temporarily provided in hotels until march but the mom is mentally exhausted and so is the daughter. every time we speak with her we lie we say we're coming soon in a few more days just to make her relax but she's tired of hearing that and we no longer know what to say to her the mamas have to speak to their daughter through an interpreter because she's forgotten her kurdish and now speaks german europe has pulled her family apart in a way even the syrian war did not jump. atoms the international criminal court
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in the hague has approved a request to investigate war crimes allegedly committed by this government and its supporters have accused of launching systematic attacks on the ruling party's opponents since twenty fifteen the i.c.c. says enough evidence was presented to warrant an investigation including allegations of murder torture rape and arrest began in april twenty fifth in when president curran announced he would seek a third term in office harare international airport has been renamed off to zimbabwe's president robert mugabe it comes as tension grows within the ruling party this week mugabe fired his vice president. who's now fled to south africa critics accuse mugabe of trying to purge his rivals as more from harare.
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president robert mugabe supporters say they're honoring a great man who helped end white minority rule and gave land to blacks in bobbins that's why they've renamed harare's international airport to robert gabriel mugabe international airport but opposition leaders say this is an insult to zimbabweans this is a complete start to capture important national traditions before you realize that we're ready. to cut up. to be the vice president not only of the party but also of the of the states on monday the ninety three year old leader. one of his two deputies war veterans who fought to liberate minority rule. is his own personal property on the streets of harare people had this reaction to news of the port name change does not take in this country making me. crazy this.
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guy does not means business. is that. it isn't well. zimbabweans are also worried about the ailing economy. this is a shortage of food prices keep rising and the country is the highest unemployment rate in the world some people say renaming and upgrading the airport at a cost of one hundred fifty three million dollars should be. the cash government recently announced plans to build a one billion dollar university named after mugabe economists say the country can't afford it. a u.s. citizen facing twenty years in prison in zimbabwe has been given a high court judge found an absence of facts. has been in jail since.
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subversion and insulting the president. calling president mugabe a selfish and sick man and a traitor. the u.s. treasury says it's sanctioning ten more venezuelan officials including government ministers u.s. treasury secretary staved in the need chin says those sanctions are complicit in president nicolas maduro as attempts to quote undermine democracy and corruption in government and minister of food programs. scientists in the netherlands say they're close to a breakthrough that will allow crops to be grown in deserts some say the development could completely alter life on the african continent and even then tanga coincides with the u.n. climate talks in bonn this week where world leaders are being urged to put more funding into agricultural projects in drought stricken parts of the world now instantly went to see what we can learn from dutch tomatoes. in this southern
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corner of the netherlands a grain of ember de looks like the last place you'd expect to see a revolution in food but in these vaastu greenhouses things are happening that could change lives whole of the world away usually it takes huge amounts of water to grow tomatoes but here they reduce it's a virtually nothing and they even grow the fruit in insulation material rather than soil we use only rainwater. recycled water. and you can do this with any vegetable . you can. it can be a solution to to bring feet food into other places in the world where there's a problem that. the tiny netherlands is already the world's largest exporter of tomatoes this though has not not for western supermarkets but for the world's hungry while they're on sale here is regarded as really exciting because if you can
9:46 pm
grow vegetables with no soil and with almost no water then you can grow them anywhere you can grow them in the deserts or where there's been drought and so there's a growing realisation that this technology could be used to fight famine the combination of population growth and climate change are making a terrible situation in parts of the world even worse and deserts if occasion that i grew cultural land is turning many into climate refugees. that is leading university to finding yet more radical solutions like extracting the bacteria from plants which can cope in the deserts and putting them into crops incredibly the scientists believe the deserts of the world are a huge agricultural opportunity they think they're two years away from planting crops in the sand that this cabbage tomato and i thought potato we are working on this well sort of brought if we come to barley. it's a very close relative of wheat and then we have been talking about major crops of.
9:47 pm
this is that you can grow under such harsh conditions also in desert areas the message here to western politicians is that climate change is an integra parts of the refugee crisis and offering solutions has benefits everywhere if we don't solve the problems over there then people will migrate to other places and they will look for food in europe and we know that again and migration is a great problem so in my opinion we need to improve the situation in africa. and. improve their life into people in africa there's often a feeling that trying to help the world's hungry is pointless and the problems will never end but here there is proof that even climate change can be silence for the politicians of the rich countries it is becoming possible to effect incredible change if they really will. in the netherlands still ahead. of the biggest corruption scandals to hit college sports and
9:48 pm
states. driving technology. on its first day of service.
9:49 pm
with. now it's time for the sport his for a. suit thank you so much a week long process to decide the final nine teams that will compete at next year's world cup in russia kicks off in the next hour croatia have made it to nine out of eleven major finals as an independent nation they take on greece and zagreb in the
9:50 pm
first leg of their play off with the winners progressing to the world cup northern ireland versus switzerland as thursday's other playoff tie. but. we're expecting a hard tough ferocious game i think the most important thing is to remain calm we call children around like crazy we have to be patient because i'm sure we will create opportunities and in those moments we have to be calm enough to take our chances there are eight teams left in europe only four will make it to russia twenty eighteen after these two legged play offs northern ireland second like with switzerland will be played on sunday later on thursday croatia hosts greece in the first leg of their match up in stark grab italy face missing out on a world cup for the first time since one thousand fifty eight their play off and against sweden the first like is on friday on saturday denmark are at home for the first leg against the republic of ireland who haven't featured on football's biggest stage since two thousand and two. overall fans in hong kong defied
9:51 pm
a chinese law by booing the national anthem during a friendly against bahrain. supporter is loudly injured at the start of the match the move was in direct defiance of beijing who have said anyone disrespecting the song in public could face criminal punishment there have been increasing tensions between mainland china and the semi on thomas former british colony where pro-democracy activists say beijing is tightening its grip. the first indictments have been made in one of the biggest corruption scandals to hit college sports in the united states athletes playing at college level aren't allowed to be paid but a series of multimillion dollar kickbacks involving coaches agents and sponsors are being investigated gabriel elizondo reports christian dockings a former sports agent walking out of federal court in manhattan prosecutors say dockings ran a scheme that exploited teenage college athletes in the name of profit he was one
9:52 pm
of more than eight people charged as part of a web of corruption in u.s. college basketball that also involved coaches sportswear executives financial advisers les carpenter a sportswriter for the guardian says it all starts with nike and adidas vying for sponsorship deals this is the great on veiling of what we've always known about college basketball it's a very complicated system of payments which shoe companies at the heart of it that essentially are buying off coaches in universities the what's with huge sponsorship deals that are several million dollars those sponsorship deals are critical and moorings top players to colleges the shoe companies essentially locking up those players to wear their shoes and thus rake in the profits should they go professional but the big money involves more than just sneakers. basketball especially the famous march madness competition brings the national collegiate
9:53 pm
athletic association or n.c.a.a. about one billion dollars a year for television rights ticket sales corporate sponsorship and advertising and for the most successful college teams that means huge profits the university of louisville the top earners made a profit of twenty four point two million dollars last year the top ten coaches meanwhile make salaries of between two and seven million dollars a year but it's a different story for the players who no matter which college team they play for are paid nothing jim gatto a former executive editor this has been charged with trying to arrange one hundred thousand dollars payment to the family of a heavily recruited high school star rick pitino the former scandal plagued coach at the university of louisville was the highest paid coach in america but even though he hasn't been charged he was ousted that day after the criminal complaints came down his methods of recruiting dealings with shoe companies were under
9:54 pm
suspicion for years in a world of college basketball where what was once considered unethical behavior is now seen as potentially criminal gabriels on dough which is eda new york england rugby team will be hoping to slip under the radar when they play argentina on saturday they'll be wearing a dark gray kit manufacturers claim will help to camouflage them only welling's reports on whether a kid's color really can make a difference now you see them now you don't. yes it's hard to miss giant rugby players but the england saying don't want opponents argentina to see them clearly in their match on saturday that dog kit for the game has been specially designed as an attempt to blend in stealth mode. come a color and design of kit really make a difference. in darwin north east england robert barton and fellow scientists russell hill showed statistically cats in many species of monkeys and the color red
9:55 pm
is used in miles to display dominance and aggression and we wondered rather speculative like whether it could possibly be the case that red has similar psychological consequences contest between humans as it does in the contest between same male monkeys using fifty years of english football data they found teams in red did perform better on average in late positions they also looked into four limpid combat sports in the two thousand and four guards and found the competitor wearing red one between fifty five and sixty percent of ballots. sometimes when you're watching any sports it really does feel. like a difference a psychological as well as the visual the loser and all blacks have a bit of an extra advantage on top of being the best because of that famous jersey the brazilian football when they switched to a vibrant yellow of great success over many decades and they've got tiger woods
9:56 pm
always wearing a red shirt on the final day when he might his push for. a bad kid can sometimes be blind for a bad performance for example i'll explain this in ordering his manchester united team to change their good time in a premier league match against southampton this is where we study professor a new home but explores color recognition at newcastle university it's not just easier on the i it's also how it makes you feel so light and colors not only give you a visual signal they also affect how you feel. your emotions and it might make your competitors feel a certain way to. do the boxes back at darren university have a preference if you. have a choice to make a difference here the red with the. intangible it's it's psychological it's. the verge on england's rugby kit is designed to
9:57 pm
fight to grow but when i slip on to the right on the green grass of twickenham lee wellings al-jazeera. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to see you in london thank you for a south driving shuttle bus accident on its first day of service in the us state of nevada. which was carrying several passengers was hit by a lorry driving slowly in the city of las vegas no one was injured city officials are blaming the lorry driver for failing to give way. the truck was back. and. at his and all and it's like a forty five degree angle while he's like trying to back into the alleyway he just couldn't see he just couldn't see the shuttle and the shuttle didn't have the ability to move back either like the shuttle just stayed still and this is another argument for why it's not a mistake knowledge is so important because you need to be able to look at how
9:58 pm
humans make decisions and in this case it's performed the way it was designed unfortunately the truck driver. to the shuttle. now to our been topping where the opening ceremony for the first living museum outside the front has been taking place the new billion dollar building was unveiled by french president manion the home it took a decade to construct on health six on the permanent three hundred landfill fronts also boasts a decorated dome designed to allow some to filter through. that set from a certain felicity of our behavior and i went with much more days in.
9:59 pm
travel often. by trying to use local forests prague. and blocks of. land. valleys and scott. adventures. discovering it. because faraway places close to. going just to get the cattle i always. but it is it where on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sect. one but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global
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conversation at this time on al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and decide like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. will be full of. more energetic. concern continues for lebanon's prime minister saudi arabia and kuwait.


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