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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 180  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 7:32am-8:01am AST

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arab emirates to destabilize cattles economy and eventually jeopardize its hosting of the twenty twenty two football world cup the plan was found in hacked e-mails belonging to the m a r t ambassador to the us use of the data spain's supreme court has been for catalonia as former parliamentary speaker carmi for cadel will be freed want cheap posts one hundred seventy five thousand dollars earlier five other sacked politicians were released today all face charges of rebellion and sedition over their roles in last month's independence referendum the british government has set in march the twenty ninth twenty nineteen as the official date to exit the european union prime minister to resume a plans to use legislation to fix the date russian president vladimir putin is among many world leaders arriving in vietnam for the annual apec leaders' meeting trade is set to dominate the agenda more than half of the apec members are trying to sign a major multilateral trade deal that the u.s. has withdrawn from u.s.
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president donald trump is heading there now meanwhile in the hundreds are protesting trump's planned visit to the philippines on thursday they're accusing the u.s. president of promoting imperialism and destabilizing the region those were the headlines have you back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's the street. i will just. with and for you. guys i mean how can a healing the strain today how is us president all child. since he was allowed to call and we're joined by a special kind of naturalized u.s.
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citizens to haiti chavez thoughts on this face. i don't know whatever. and i'm willing to be like he started out his first day in office in january setting out his priorities. it's going to be only america first american first. every decision on trains on taxes on immigration on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries make you know our products stealing our companies and destroying our jobs new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and rule was all across our wonderful nation
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we will get our people off of welfare and back to work rebuilding our country with american hands and american labor we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone but rather to let it shine as an example we will shine for everyone to follow. together we will make america strong again we will make america wealthy again we will make america a proud again we will make america safe again and yes together we will make america great again. so you heard from u.s. president trump his agenda from his first day on the job but we asked our community to share their thoughts on what they believe has a priorities for next year should be how to listen to what they told us. in his
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next nine months his priority should be to craft workable policies the balanced security civil rights of americans and humanitarian concerns that need to meet our obligations to refugees protecting eight hundred thousand immigrants with dhaka and protecting three hundred thousand immigrants with temporary protected status if he doesn't step up to do so and congress should be but. i feel i'm going to school time for two thousand and eight. miles. of course continue to fight immigration which means security to our borders. and for health care in the wake of more it for the both lower taxes for the average people considering the higher frequency of actual gun related deaths and violence this year which would be the highest priority i have very little faith you know x. he anything substantial but i think in the ministries you can do anything think
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he's going to reform or gun control that would be the highest order. so how does the president's first year stack up with naturalized us citizens we're happy to have back with us in our stream town a whole lot i can't possibly laura she's a patient navigator and she immigrated to the u.s. from mexico and her husband and needs to go or antony is a n r a instructor a days thirty years an accountant and immigrated to the us from pakistan his daughter is a graduate student she was born in the united states do you know when is president of the voice of vietnamese american she came to united states as a refugee from viet nam your daughter is an immigration lawyer her family originally from mozambique and guinea the soule immigrated to the united states from france and it is president of the republican muslim coalition she immigrated to the united states from pakistan now we also had hoped to be joined by just you seeing founder of american sikhs for trump who has been with us for our previous
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town halls but he is on well welcome back to the stream everyone. a.j. if i say immigration reform to you and you think about the last few months what strikes you about how this current administration is dealing with immigrants. well we know what what they have done to muslims what they have done to mexicans the dark hour we talked about earlier and so it's scaring all of the people all of the immigrants all of the refugees. i live in probably the biggest concentration of somali refugees and immigrants in the minneapolis st paul area and i see people are really in very bad shape people are scared their children are concerned about what's going to happen to their
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parents what's going to happen to the children they are there some of those children have not seen anything other than america they are american kids and the same thing holds true to the mexican children that the darker supported or or help and i'm sure that they're going through a tremendous trauma at this moment i think america has always been a country of immigrants and i will go back to the statue of liberty inscription that give us your tired your said we accept immigrants we this country has always been the one that has open arms for immigrants and refugees and they're for the strength of this country that's why this country is the and the investigators in the world three we need to know that the immigrants a part of this country and all that junk people that is now here in this country
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working like a doctor or lawyer that our city sense and they are paying for their time and for that all people here are children but you get the same honorary only off though the key is illegal immigration there's nothing going to happen to anybody little ego they're not good about you or anyone else another. norma why are there anyway the legal immigration is. a result of the international politics to the united states because in the poor countries they need to go out for the violence for the economy they need to find their way over to live so it's no fault of the united states which is like a consequence and we need to know what these thing me gratian issue is not just that is the security in this country too because like in the ground so we need to be safe too so now we are living in that. time with all these fade creating sort of their. supremacist we can see in the stores all the attacks today spawning
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people say that we are paying for the things that do our buy in and we don't want you here go back to your country that is no ryan is not fair because if you are leaving here in this country supposed to be their. country that we had the right that we respected you or someone who might agree with you this is our very go who tweeted to send to the stream he is a dreamer and those are people that nickname for people who are recipients of doctor referred to action for childhood arrivals he says dr enabled me to work for the family business and pay taxes but with the end of dhaka my future is less certain america's my home and america where hard work and determination pays off without it we face possible detention and deportation to countries that we do not know that he goes on to say that's why he's hopeful that the president will work with congress to address the broken immigration system and make it a number one priority going forward you see that happening i don't know if it's going to happen. but i want to go back to what he was talking about as far as how
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trumps writer it is only targeting illegal immigration. you're talking if we're dealing with deferred action of childhood arrivals stocco which did not only benefit latino youth but just youth in general that came into the united states and then for whatever reason found. selves to be undocumented and then that's capturing roughly eight hundred thousand people and then you have temporary protective status t.p.s. that captures roughly around three hundred three hundred thousand people who are protected from going home based on natural disasters or internal conflicts. under trump he's threatening and taking away in some instances all these protections so you're talking about almost one million individuals who will now all of a sudden be without status and these are individuals that the administration had already determined let us shield them from deportation for any number of reasons including
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if you came in when you were a kid or if you cannot simply just pack up and go home because of what's happening at home taking it away without an alternative is inhumane and and that's where congress needs to do their job but the word right there you just said it congress needs to do the job but until then don't take it away well as it was the other way without having something to to take over these the air force being health care the affordable care act. it will tell you something that doesn't mean that we're going to be up and you know i don't think that who has the capacity for . the world in the border first because this country needs more money for other issues than for a wall more money for security more money for the creation more mourning for who's just to so i think that the wall is not something that you know we haven't believed
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now to know this is it's it's been such a busy news of the ten months for this new president so many instances have happened in some tragedies as well so yes there was a shooter who killed fifty eight harmed many more and then in new york city just recently an attack using a vehicle just have a listen to how the president reacted to both of those tragedies have a look. what we have right now is a joke it's a laughing stock for donald trump the new york attack is justification enough to launch a radical overhaul of america's immigration system you have to get much less politically correct we have to get tough we have to get smart we have to do what's right to
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protect our citizens so we got this tweet here from jonathan picking up on that juxtaposition there jonathan says this is flat out racism how can we not classify the shooting in las vegas as a terrorist act while brightly calling out the new york city attack as a terrorist act plus regarding gun rights versus gun legislation the politicians will always vote the way the n.r.a. wants them to or not of course is the national rifle association of course i'm going to give that one tea you and to me what do you make of gun control of course that's a hot topic that comes up after any time there is a shooting well when they talk about gun control they talk about passing more laws i mean we already have the laws my god it's against a lot of kills somebody the laws are already in place they're not they don't need more laws they need people to understand what's wrong with these people that are sick for example this weekend the the person that killed the people in the church in texas the air force screwed up they didn't pass on the information to the
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federal government ok if that information would have been there you probably he would not to belittle to buy a gun laws are already in place no more laws are going to make it happen you know in the guy in las vegas. there's nothing you can do you can you can do nothing to the law of do to stop him he bought the guns legally he had nothing on his record and i. believe why we need to have the law to make sure that it's illegal for him to buy that so many guns that can kills mass amount that people and he was able to bring up to the hotel all these guns and all of this ammunitions that can kill up to five hundred people at one time that is that should be made illegal we need to have a bare the comprehensive gun law where is this more sensible and we need to have a background checks so that people who are unfit to use a gun should not be allowed so they're already has already third and already law if
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present trends has focused a lot on monta health being the thing to be blamed but then where is the money where is the money for mental health initiatives where's the money for medicaid expansion if you're going to blame mental health then you must act on it and that's not being seen. the word of the money come from come from congress wrote the money come from taxes and the way that he's proposed a tax reform where he cut fifteen put sand from the one percent healthy as the big corporate. mathematics and it's going to get up to two point four three million dollars a year from our budget and that's where the cut from me began maybe it will come from let me just ask you this because every time there is a mass shooting in the united states our colleagues around the world do not understand how it can happen again actually this is you the n.r.a. headquarters. yesterday. can you explain to people watching
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around the world how is it that nothing changes after little children killed people in schools or killed people in churches or killed. white people using guns on one example all right mexico we travel mex my wife is from mexico we travel there you can't own a gun you can't own in the ammunition in mexico but in the last ten years we had over two hundred thousand people killed by guns there are so many illegally and just guns. america is not mexico i mean you are not here in america you compare with with europe and other developed and developed countries in the world and in fact going to new york times actually posted some research this morning that i was reading saying that if we were to put all of the developed countries in a line we have of course have the most mass shooting but even if you take us out
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and you see the trends you see that developed countries that have less restrictive gun laws and policy is also have more mass shootings so it's a mass shootings are directly related to the guns that people but i think right as there is more of them i think that we move through that seemed like a global idea about the whole idea is we have talking about a man with problems so we are talking about that this is the counter to more drugs use and like of fame pills. in the work so look people is using drugs a look people that is using drugs so we can see that these are mentally fit to use for the health system that we have so it's not just that the political issues is that he also used in the economy everything that we have in this country is like in a global bhushan and that is the idea that we have now we said that the terrorist
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when these and a crack for somebody that we use for the country is that terrorist attack when we say why person was in so late on was a mental issue so what is the difference what is happening i agree with because i think you know the last shooting should have been classified a terrorist attack similar to other. shooting that happened in texas i think you know whenever it's sadly whenever it's a white person a we tend to say it's a sick man and they were doing as they were they had their mental issues but if it happens to be a muslim it's labeled a strongly a terrorist attack and i think i think overall our policies should be changed but i do agree with the right to self-defense second amendment is very strong in our constitution i think i should have the right to defend myself if i'm attacked or for whatever reasons so i don't we should have stricter gun laws but at the same time we shouldn't take away the rights of americans to defend themselves
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to someone who might experience you this is you know i just want to read this from julie because she wants to get in our international community watching the show julie says i believe real donald trump's position on gun control is just where it should be someone else though is picking up on a point that was raised in our town hall a bit earlier trump says the texas shooting was a mental health problem but didn't he sign a law that makes it easier for people with mental illness to buy a gun so segue from the gun control issue to health care this here out nov sixth twenty seventeen from n.b.c. news and that he signed a bill earlier this year old. back to regulation that makes it harder for people with mental illnesses to buy firearms even as he blamed the mass shooting in texas on a mental health problem so that pushes us into sunnah into health care of course not a lot has been done there's been a lot of talk about it because one of president trumps goals was to repeal and replace obamacare here's actually what he said over the past year about how here
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have a look at mandating every american to buy government approved health insurance was never the right solution for our country a lot of people in the senate and a lot of people in the house are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous law with a health care plan that lowers cost expanse choice and ensures access for everyone i've been saying for a long time let obamacare fail and that everybody's going to have to come together and fix it the motion to proceed on health care has just passed and now we move forward towards truly great health care for the american people. are you pleased with where we are in health care which is really not that much has changed no not that much has changed but a lot has been talked about and i think we saw with graham cassidy being shot down that you know the american people and congress see is that we really need to start
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making bipartisan changes we really can't be focusing on this idea of repeal without having action that makes makes coverage better makes health care more affordable and i think the idea congress had been so focused on just repealing it and that was that that was the main focus that wasn't good health care wasn't cost effective health care and so i'm i think with graham cassidy and all the other health care bills that were doled out being defeated is that perhaps we can refocus on more bipartisan legislation and more effective legislation i agree and i think the point is that we need to have revenue but to put in to subsidize and help the health care so more but it needs to be put in mom money has to be appropriate the obama the a.c.l.u. found not because it's most wrong but because there was not money appropriated by congress to subsidize their insurance and recently pressure than. by saying that he
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would cut the subsidy so he didn't really care for the poor. illness but he need to repeal what it will be that i feel that we need to look back in the budget . and we do need to look at the tax reform if the tax reform is going to cut the tax from the wealthiest thirty five fifteen because sand and cut out two point four three d. and dollars from the budget the end way as we get the revenue to provide service for healthcare for education for transportation and for everything else so that we need to be really a focus is one more health issue that i'd like to discuss. and that's the v.a. health system i'm a veteran and i and i do not go to the hospital because i think it's it's it's a joke i use the word the president. we need to fix it i have a cousin that's
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a pilot that was in the air force actually when the navy is a wounded veteran and purple heart and they want to allow him to go to a year hospital i think every veteran that served should go to the v.a. hospital and not have to pay a penny well that's why i think this wealthiest economy in the world this country should have health care as a right health care should not be relegated to large corporate. pharmaceutical companies and insurance going out of everything that seems contrary to everything it's about money while we talk about health care i'm remembering jesse i feel his jesse sick at home he can't be with us and our town hall suggested get well soon and we share with you a picture from his twitter feed so this is jesse so you know exactly where his politics lie he's looking very happy there with the president of the united states
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but he said the last time that we were all together he said it wait until the first anniversary of the president of the united states being a lock to let me just remind you what he said his jesse. when he married again when we meet again for the first year anniversary you will see a lot more to looking forward to our anniversary family townhome family and they were you know you see i was really really serious who were saying that in the first hundred days you'll be impeached so and they were made to as we said you will never win so he won he's doing a wonderful job he's moving forward and the first anniversary i think a lot of. folks on this table will be thinking a little differently that's. i'm not sure that prediction is right from jesse but in the last two minutes of our show i just want to get thinking very briefly what's one priority that the president of the united states should be focusing on sabbath being immigration reform and the tax reform are two huge issues and as he's brought
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darker to the devil and i think he will be executing on those some a priority i'm going to pair to gun control and then also on bipartisan health care a.j. health care and gun control laws are big issues these to me your health care and. health care and security and with security i want to talk about foreign policy he's right now in asia for the first time for a long trip and he need to really focus on bather the problems see to our allies. world relations immigration absolutely pushing congress to get reform on the table and happening interesting it sounds like the last ten months a repeat of the last ten months. i think our community would see immigration and health care to their top issues so i guess i have to say thank you so much for being with us for another town hall we have to set a date for when we're all going to get back together again hopefully when jessie is
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better and we've got more politics to talk about about the united states thank you very much for this second part of a town hall one year after the election of president donald trump and you can find the leaker and i on the stream always online. take everybody thank you.
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right. we know the culture we know the problem that affects this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do in united nations these are the growing anti-riot you know. we are challenging the forces were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. provoking debate the corporate tax have not hurt job growth on the broth obama that we're going to do that and that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom all the tree killings torture giving the rule. but challenging the established line every single one of the three and all thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute if
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you didn't show the show the monthly joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of winning programming from around the world. documentary we were running away for our lives from a brutal regime the truth it's opponents to make some discussion we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten can challenge your perception. lebanon's prime minister saudi arabia.


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