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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute if you didn't charge the shot the man saw a joint that he has sand for up front at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of wood winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime the queue for the still points to make some discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten can challenge your perceptions al-jazeera. concerns go for lebanon's prime minister saudi arabia and kuwait ask their citizens
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to leave the country immediately. cancel robert this is on his own life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next thirty minutes to be a putin lands in vietnam where he'll join donald trump and other world leaders for a major asia pacific trade meeting plus. years of spain's supreme court orders the release of the catalan speaker on bail also. we've seen tremendous few shortages in yemen we've talked about how this is really a manmade situation there the pressure intensifies for saudi arabia to lift the blockade preventing humanitarian aid from reaching yemen where twenty million people are at risk of starvation.
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welcome to al-jazeera kuwait has joined saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. in urging its citizens to leave lebanon and the country has been on the edge since the sudden resignation of its prime minister saad hariri while on a visit to saudi arabia harry claims his life is under threat from his coalition partner the iranian backed group hezbollah are the reason political party is demanding he returns to beirut five days after he announced in riyadh that he was stepping down his office says he's still in the saudi capital and denies reports that he's being held there against his will. many the return of prime minister saad hariri head of the future movement is necessary in order to restore the internal and external balance of lebanon with full respect to lebanese legitimacy in accordance to the constitution and to the thai if accord and with respect to the arab and international legitimacy we confirm our support for prime
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minister saad hariri and for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances. well as in a photo reports from beirut politicians they're all worried about how the reason well being. there is something kind of murky happening there i don't know exactly the details and i think no one knows them but two things are starting to be sure and they are intertwined first of all the resignation has a profound structural geopolitical reason which is the decision of the gulf states of saudi arabia and the emirates to embark in a confrontation with iran over lebanon but the second thing which is more tied to the saudi internal domestic turmoil that that that's occurring i mean the fire stations and accept the resignation happened the same day it could have happened another time and the mere fact that the interrogations are still floating about the
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fate of saddam ideally if he is confined in custody if he is forestation. them true or not the mere fact that they are floated and that they are becoming the talk of international i mean the subject of international statements is by itself worrying and i would say is not very well. for the image of saudi arabia itself because it is giving the image and idea that this is a country where some opaque things are or currying and this is not the exactly i think this country would like to give of itself that was of course to assist by hutto visiting scholar at colleague's middle east program speaking on the really situation well french president says he's being called out with her and will discuss his case with the saudi crown prince joining his visit to riyadh but nikon is denying hariri has formally requested to go to france earlier harry reid's
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office said he'd met the french ambassador to saudi arabia in riyadh. now the u.s. president all trump is on his way to vietnam for meetings set to be dominated by trade in the asia pacific region more than half of the apec members are trying to sign the deal the trumpets withdraw from china it's also pushing to form a competing trade bloc in the region to contrast to trump's pursuits of bilateral deals following events for stock correspondent wayne hay joins us from did a great deal of negotiation and talks they will center around trade but also a great deal is being talked about in the way that these leaders are perhaps meeting for the first time. yes indeed and in and in fact donald trump's overall view on asia given there is so much has been discussed a since he won the election in the united states about his apparent protectionist
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policies we're expecting the united states president to arrive here in dining in less than half an hour so far on friday morning we saw the russian president vladimir putin arrive the canadian prime minister justin trudeau among others and then shortly after donald trump we are expecting his chinese counterpart xi jinping to also arrive in downing of course those two fresh from their bilateral meetings held over the last few days in the chinese capital beijing so as you mention much of the talk will be around trade and a contrast in approaches towards trade between the united states president and many other leaders here for apec including vietnam. more than fifty years ago united states marines came ashore in dun neighing and waded into the vietnam war it was a disastrous failed campaign in the name of defeating communism today the red flag still flies in vietnam but the government embraces capitalism. among the reforms
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that have taken place is the privatization of many bloated state owned companies this shrimp processing factory was sold to private owners in one thousand nine hundred seventy and now employs three thousand people and sends its products around the world in learning a lot. when other countries. so that we can. push. our industry with one of the world's fastest growing economies vietnam is being held up as an example of what open trade can do . but as host of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit is at the center of a new struggle between the united states and china which are both vying for influence in asia the respective presidents coming to apec have a contrast in views on the best way for countries to do business with one another. she jinping is a globalist and is backing the proposed trade deal known as the regional
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comprehensive economic partnership involving sixteen countries donald trump is seen as a protectionist and prefers bilateral deals instead of multilateral ones like the trans-pacific partnership that he withdrew from the remaining eleven countries including vietnam are forging ahead when the d.p.p. was signed last year vietnam was touted as one of the big winners from the deal because of its strong export led economy even though the united states has pulled out the vietnamese government still wanted to go ahead and is pushing for a new agreement to be reached this week some experts believe the summit will provide an opportunity for a pic members to try to convince donald trump to. think differently about trade. it would be. just merging. things around the world. that us is losing out and cannot be brought back to us anymore but us can go into. the digital economy vietnam has been transformed since the war ended in one
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thousand nine hundred eighty five the u.s. trade embargo was withdrawn free market fire has been lit there's no sign of it being extinguished because donald trump is expected to land in the next thirty minutes in vietnam weigh in and of course one of the much anticipated meetings people are talking about is a potential sit down between trump and putin is that likely to happen. yes well that is still very much one of the major topics of discussion here in downing whether or not that meeting will be held given the allegations of course of russian meddling in the united states presidential election and the recent developments surrounding those allegations a kremlin official says the meeting by the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson while he was in beijing with the u.s. president donald trump and he said that there would need to be substandard of
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reasons for a meeting to take place in vietnam between putin and donald trump and cast doubt on whether they would be substantial reasons for those two to meet so still a lot of doubt about that obviously a lot of speculation what we do know is that we will hear from the u.s. president when he speaks in the coming hours to a meeting of a pig c.e.o.'s and that will also be something that the chinese president xi jinping will also do and there is another significant meeting later on friday between the remaining eleven. members the leaders of those countries and obviously there is a lot of speculation some hope in some quarters that they will come to some agreement regarding the transpacific partnership well for the moment where we'll leave it to catch up with you as the day progresses and as we to start to talk to each other thank you. well donald trump is jew in the philippines on the day but his visit isn't being welcomed by everyone hundreds of protesting on the streets of the
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capital manila and accusing trump of promoting imperialism and destabilizing the region the u.s. president is set to attend the assy and summit and hold meetings with philippine president roh griego deter. the us has joined the un more than twenty other aid groups in appealing to saudi arabia to end its blockade of yemen humanitarian groups of all that over twenty million people lead to help as food and fuel prices skyrocket they say mass starvation is potentially just weeks away how to help stop possible it's difficult to understand that this is what humans can do to each other. millions of people face famine and they're in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance. now the u.s. has backed aid agencies including for more to be done to alleviate the situation we've seen tremendous few food shortages in yemen we've talked about how this is
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really a manmade situation there the announcement that the ports were being closed down or limited in terms of some of the supplies is an area that's of concern to us because the yemeni people are not the ones at fault for their situation we would like to see food aid medical equipment and all of that be able to brought be brought in to the ports saudi arabia has stepped up a land and sea blockade on yemen after a ballistic missile was hard towards the capital riyadh on saturday. before the blockade more than twenty million people with that save a two thirds of the population needed humanitarian assistance now nearly half were like completely on food aid to survive. the country is experiencing a cholera epidemic which is expected to affect one million people by the end of the year aid agencies say they're struggling to work inside the country it takes from one town to another we have to almost go through one hundred checkpoints this is
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a manmade disaster and there is no humanitarian solution to this we're asking for parties to come together and to find a solution desperate which is desperately needed for the people of yemen it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol cooking oil rising by as much as fifty percent in a week. and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree the longer yemen sit empty the longer the suffering will continue . well still ahead here on al-jazeera ordering robert mugabe is about ways government spends millions on a controversial move to rename the capital's apples on the country's deep into debt . and we look at the ongoing struggle of a group of hong kong villagers to ward off hungry property developers straight after the plague.
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however we've got a little bit a right in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple of days has still got the area a cloud just spilling out to turkey making its way from the black sea towards the caspian sea and it's times that will be think enough to put some live i was just around armenia by job pushing down towards northern parts of iran twenty one celsius in toronto and as we go on through friday the similar value for sas they found a dry for the reasonable at around eighteen celsius and further west will be getting up into the low twenty's once again for by route and also for jerusalem but we're getting into the low thirty's across a very good potential here in doha highs of around thirty three sailors just now just a little bit of cloud just around the gulf the emir of course has called for prayers through the course of today and we might just squeeze a few spots of right now that we go through the next day or so but nothing too much
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it has to be said but a chance of rain just around the gulf of aden and so you know problems with the rain around eastern parts of south africa over the next day or so just around the eastern cape some heavy downpours coming in here mozambique very heavy rain and that rains pushes its way up into was in bob way out also into zambia sunshine and showers as per usual they are sliding their way further south which across central parts of africa we simply showers for the gulf of guinea. for twenty three years mohsin has collected objects he finds along the coast. to build his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. such as this time on al-jazeera
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. you're watching i was there i'm still robin a reminder of our top stories kuwait has joined saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. it ordering its citizens to leave lebanon the country has been on the edge since saturday after the sudden resignation of the prime minister saad hariri while on a visit to saudi arabia really claims his life is under threat from his coalition partner the iranian backed group has. u.s. president donald trump is on his way to vietnam for meetings set to be dominated by trade in the asia pacific region more than half of the apec members are trying to
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sign a deal that trump has withdrawn the u.s. from china is also pushing to form a competing train bloc in the same region. the russian president vladimir putin is also a meeting it arrived in vietnam a few hours ago putin on top of reporting a private meeting to discuss the tensions in the korean peninsula among other topics. in the u.s. state of alabama a senate race is underway that could make a statement about the popularity of the troubled ministration it comes right after major wins for the democrats on choose days elections well with midterm votes just around the corner the alabama race is turning dirty can really help get reports. it's a race with national implications the special election for the senate seat in alabama is a test of donald trump's populism i believe and so. pitting ultra conservative
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republican roy moore against democrat doug jones but new explosive allegations against moore could jeopardize his chances according to the washington post leak or famine now in her fifty's says back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine when she was just fourteen years old more approached her he was thirty two years old at the time more was reportedly working at the local district court in court and smothered gone inside the court room to attend a hearing courtman tells the post more approached her two more times driving her into the woods to allegedly kiss her and remove her clothing more claims the story is nothing more than a smear campaign in a statement he said these allegations are completely false and are desperate political attack by the national democratic party and the washington post this garbage is the very definition of fake news still the newspaper owned by amazon
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c.e.o. jeff bezos a top democratic donor has found three more women who also report war approached them like orf men when they were teenagers more is a controversial candidate do you think something has to be done about that. backed by anti establishment conservatives in the us like breitbart chief steve bannon intent on collapsing and rebuilding the republican party so not surprisingly longtime conservatives like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell reacted strongly suggesting more should withdraw from the contest if the allegations are true. but as moore's opponents are well aware truth and potential criminality may not be proven until long after this critical december vote in the political damage to moore's candidacy is already done kimberly helped get out zero washington. spain's
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supreme court has ordered the release of catalonia as former speaker on bail comment for the carroll has been taken from court to a nearby prison where she will be held in custody until her one hundred seventy five thousand dollars bail is posted earlier five other south cattle and politicians were released after appearing before a judge they to face charges of rebellion and sedition to forment members of the government and to pro independence leaders remain in custody awaiting trial jonah hole has been following the case from barcelona well after a marathon day of hearings in the supreme court in madrid with the prosecution ardently arguing for karma for cordell the speaker of the now dissolved parliament in catalonia and five of its employees to be jailed pending trial on charges of rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds the judge in the supreme court decided instead to grant mrs ford codell her freedom conditional release on bail of a hundred seventy five thousand dollars when she's able to pay it four of the other
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m.p.'s out on twenty five thousand each and the fifth on conditional release they all have to pay regular visits to the court pending trial which could be a process some years in length in the meantime momentum for good l n two years a significant figure in the independence movement here gets to return to barcelona and campaign freely towards the election due on december the twenty first an election that will be quite possibly be do or die for the independence movement here the independence movement deeply demoralized by the jailing of eight of its ministers in madrid it's party split unable to reach a coalition agreement to campaign together to try and regain their parliamentary majority perhaps the only rallying point they now have are these eight prisoners widely now being described as political prisoners and i hope with these prisoners come more support to the goal. so the arabia's attorney general says it's now
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a question two hundred eight people as part of what it calls an anti corruption crackdown he says the investigation has uncovered around one hundred billion dollars worth of fraud royal family members officials and prominent businessmen are among those being held in a luxury hotel in the capital riyadh critics say crown prince mohammed bin sylmar is leading the crackdown in an effort to consolidate his own personal power more than one hundred sixty five people have been arrested in turkey's capital ankara as part of an anti i celebrate please carried out dog raids on two hundred fifty homes that are said to have arrest warrants for two hundred forty five more the suspects are being questioned officers say they also seized documents and electronic communications. the global leaks website has released what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destabilize cat ours economy and jeopardize its hosting of the twenty twenty two foot ball world cup the plan was found in
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hacked e-mails belonging to the m r r t ambassador to the us use of other alan fischer reports now from washington d.c. . you use colorful and controversial ambassador to the u.s. use of allah tiber has been at the center of leak controversy in the past in recent months it was claimed the u.a.e. paid influential think tanks to back their worldview in washington according to a series of leaked emails now it's alleged an elaborate overly ambitious plan to wage financial and economic war in qatar through bond and debt manipulation has reportedly been found on his computer according to the website the intercept they would then take these these bonds according to the plan and swap them back and forth among parties who from the outside look like they're independent but are actually the same people as me and you are trading a bond back and forth and that creates an illusion of volatility and with people aware that there is this political crisis going on then they plan as they see this
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enhanced volatility and traders start to panic and say oh my god something must be going on here we need to sell our own our own could tare debt which drives the price down further the outline for the plan was allegedly drawn up by the private bank havilland although it's based in luxembourg it's owned by a british banking family with close ties to the u.a.e. the ultimate goal create a crisis which would force the qataris to step in to support their currency draining the country's cash reserves through these leaks the narrative in washington has changed from what was considered primarily to be. a response of qatari foreign policy to now a manufactured crisis by the other party to the conflict the u.a.e. and saudi arabia lead a group of mainly gulf nations which have imposed a partial blockade and cut off diplomatic relations to qatar international efforts to broker a settlement have come to nothing the scheme to interfere with the debt and bond
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market was always unlikely to succeed there are just too many variables to know it's been made public the financial markets will be watching more closely for any attempted manipulation alan fischer washington. the international airport in zimbabwe's capital harare has been renamed after president. it's one of a series of events to honor the ninety three year old leader but the expensive cash strapped government is facing widespread criticism and there's also uncertainty as to who will succeed him earlier this week his vice president. president robert mugabe supporters say they are honoring a great man who helped. rule and gave land to. that's why the international airport to. international airport but opposition leaders say this is an insult to zimbabweans this is a complete step to capture for important national traditions. you realize that.
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to be the vice president not only of the party but also of the of the states on monday the ninety three. one of his two deputies war veterans who fought to liberate. it is own personal property on the streets of people had this reaction to. change does not take him he's going to make us we. don't always easy place in this. guy does not do his business there's. this guy. is the. guy that isn't what i. want. about the ailing economy zimbabwe's government is broke this is
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a shortage of food prices are rising and the country is the highest unemployment rate in the world some people say renaming and upgrading the airports at a cost of one hundred and fifty. three million dollars so if the they are the cash strapped government recently announced plans to build a one billion dollar university maimed after mugabe economists say the country can't afford it. al-jazeera putting. the u.s. treasury says it sanctioning ten more venezuelan officials including government ministers the move follows the passing of a new law by venezuela's constituent assembly on wednesday which cracks down on media freedom the u.s. says those sanctioned are backing president nicolas maduro as attempts to quote undermine democracy and corruption in government run food programs hong kong's aggressive real estate market is known for big developers buying up government land at
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a wreck or great but one of the city's last indigenous communities is standing up to them to save their heritage and sarah clarke reports they're turning to the public for help perched on the hillside in the shadows of the surrounding high rise is part village it was home to the city's first dairy that closed more than thirty years ago but around two thousand eight hundred people still live here in one of the island's last indigenous communities like you're doing all. this village means a lot to me i was born here and i've been living here for more than seventy years i don't plan to move elsewhere so king forms family of fourth generation residents and proud of the villages history stretching back more than four hundred years the local population lived around the dairy and after world war two it became home to a flood of refugees from mainland china but it seems like ational hong kong island has made it a target with developers king to demolish the site. as i know you can there's
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always been talks every two or three years about knocking down the village we don't know what will happen after the demolition or when it will take place but we constantly live in anxiety. despite decades of campaigns locals have filed to convince the hong kong government to preserve the village so now they're turning to the public for help this is this first open day tickets with fifty dollars each and the tour was sold out with visitors given an insight into the historical significance of village life. i hope to see this place preserved because village life is what the villages love the most as such a big opposite to living in hong kong island and that you can find this not too far away from our place and it's very beautiful there are plans to restore and preserve parts of the dairy the government has already committed around fifteen million dollars to turn into a public museum but there are no guarantees that the rest of this village built
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around the dairy. site the religious cultural heritage has been recognised over saves the world monuments fund deiced in new york dedicated to preserving heritage sites has placed it on its watch list conservationists hope that open days like this will convince the hong kong government to do the sign. if this village is gone we will lose our history and memories were told significant and maintained diversity of lifestyle choices. these buildings my look like sprawling crumbling facades to some to these villages their survival of the city's past sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. you're watching over there i'm so robyn these are all top stories u.s. president donald trump has arrived in vietnam these are images of him just arriving in denying a few moments ago as he joins other world leaders for
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a trade mission of course the asia pacific region a gathering for a pack. more than half of the apec members are trying to sign a deal that trump as withdrawn the u.s. from china is also pushing to form a competing trade bloc in the region a contrast to trump's pursuit of bilateral deals russian president vladimir putin is also one of those leaders arriving in vietnam for the annual apec meeting trade is set to dominate the agenda more than half of a pick members are trying to sign a multilateral trade deal that the u.s. has withdrawn from. meanwhile in manila hundreds are protesting trump's planned a visit. to the philippines on thursday they're accusing the u.s. president of promoting imperialism. and they will continue those protests as trump meets his counterpart rodrigo detecting.
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kuwait has joined saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. in ordering its citizens to leave lebanon the country has been on the edge since saturday after the sudden resignation of prime minister saad hariri while on a visit to saudi arabia hariri claims his life is under threat from his coalition partner the iranian backed group hezbollah his office has said that he is still in saudi capital and denies any reports that he's being held against his will it of the future movement is necessary in order to restore the internal and external balance of lebanon with full respect to liberty's the gitting mysie in accordance to the constitution and to the thai if accord and with respect to the arab and international legitimacy we confirm our support for prime minister hariri and for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances. while those are the
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news headlines of course you can catch more of our website at al-jazeera dot com i'll be back with more in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's my tunis. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on network of channels for the line is your i'm a lot of it but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we look at the world. cup. al-jazeera world at this time on al-jazeera.


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