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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. germany is hosting this year's climate talks president from the united states out of the powers agreements what love for the global effort to tackle climate change. live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the frontlines of global warming climate so wes jazeera news has never the new available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. as the crisis in lebanon deepens the french president makes
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a surprise visit to saudi arabia for talks with the crown prince. hello welcome to al-jazeera life and. also coming up tough talk from president trump as he tells apec leaders the us tolerates unfair trade relations. inside australia's prison camp abandoned by the authorities. cheers a space cold orders a release of the cattle and speaker on bail. but first saudi arabia kuwait and bahrain have all urged their citizens to leave lebanon immediately while the u.a.e.
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has placed a travel ban on the country now this is the latest in escalating tensions between saudi arabia and the wrong that's fueling the political crisis in lebanon. meanwhile the french president emmanuel mccraw has made a surprise visit to riyadh to talk with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man mr macro who confirmed that he has had informal contact with saad hariri he said that he'd emphasize the importance of stability in lebanon. i shan't comment on the decision of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri resigning but it was in our common interests to guarantee the stability and security of lebanon and therefore i hope lebanon remains a strong state with strong institutions and i hope it will have a new government as soon as possible and engage in a new election process well now saad hariri is political party in lebanon is demanding that he return to beirut immediately in order to restore stability to the
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country the lebanese president michel own said they haven't heard from him since saturday that you'll remember is when he submitted his resignation now it's been six days since that resignation in physics rowing that mr hariri is actually being held in the saudi capital against his will but his office denies the claims and says he's actually met a number of foreign diplomats whilst in riyadh. all right we can get the very latest now from our correspondent in beirut zain the whole does the first of all let's start with the these gulf countries telling their citizens to leave lebanon this must be adding to a real sense of anxiety that. yes undoubtedly such statements just heightened tensions it causes further instability we have to remember of course this is not the first time gulf countries have issued such statements telling their nationals
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to leave the country immediately not to travel to lebanon so the lebanese people have heard these statements before but they are worried because lebanon really is and tangled in this saudi iranian rivalry which is playing out across the region and the question that many people here ask is what is next the saudi arabia has already brought down the government following the resignation of saddam had a government saudi arabia considered too close to iran so the question is what are they going to do next are they going to put economic pressure on this country financial pressure there are tens of thousands of lebanese who work in the gulf are they going to force these people to go back home are they going to prevent these people from sending money back home are they going to stop investing in lebanon so many questions people are asking and that is why they're worried now some say there could be military action but most people rule that out what they fear the most this economic pressure on lebanon and meanwhile how is the. leadership reacting to this pressure that's coming primarily from riyadh and. well we have to remember
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levanon has a sectarian a power sharing agreement the prime minister is a son nate you go to a sunni neighborhood now and you talk to people there and they say that he's our leader saddam is our leader he should return home whether or not they support hezbollah whether or not they believe that more action should be taken against hezbollah there's another issue for them and that is their leader has been pushed aside they feel very marginalized in lebanese politics for the past many years and they feel that iran has a straw. anger grip in this country and that by resigning it only hurts their community now we heard from sato how to future movement like you mentioned earlier they're calling on how to immediately to return to eleven on they stopped short of saying he was detained but they are suggesting he is the thing but more importantly in that statement what they said was he needs to return to restore the internal balance internal balance of course meaning the sunday community having a leader having a representative in this country so that you know that hezbollah and the shiite
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community that they represent there's not take control of the country and meanwhile of course central to this is the whereabouts of saddam ri-ri the last time i think i'm right in saying he was that she seen her in pictures from abu dhabi in conversation with leadership there and those pictures were from choose day. correct tuesday in abu dhabi that's the last time we saw saddam had easy and we haven't heard of him here heard from him he hasn't released any statement since that sudden resignation on saturday now his office yesterday earlier yesterday said he met the french ambassador to riyadh he said they said that he met the representative a day before but a few hours later they issued that statement saying how did he should return immediately so there's a lot of concern what we understand from sources close to the president the president considers the prime minister under house arrest and he's even sent the head of general security up asked for him to france to try to ask help from paris
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to try to mediate in the crisis and of course we know like you mentioned earlier the french president made a sudden a surprise trip to saudi arabia so lebannon you know stepping up contacts to try to understand the fate of the prime minister his well being and his whereabouts all right zain the harder for now thank you very much indeed. live from the lebanese capital beirut. now the u.s. president on trump has already addressed apec leaders at the summit taking place in vietnam in his address he told leaders that he won't let the u.s. be taken advantage of on trade and mr trump says he will not tolerate unfair trade relations but he also told a pit leaders that he wanted to maintain strong relationships with their countries we have been friends partners and allies in the indo-pacific for a long long time and we will be friends partners and allies
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for a long time to come i am here to offer a renewed partnership with america to work together to strengthen the bonds of friendship and commerce between all of the nations of the indo-pacific and together to promote our prosperity and security at the core of this partnership we seek robust trade relationships rooted in the principles of fairness and reciprocity. let's go live now to wayne hey who's there in. vietnam and wayne there he's talking about reciprocity and fair trade and whatever but it was actually a very very tough message coming from the u.s. president to the assembled asian leaders. yes there certainly was he's just finished speaking and the first part of that speech which lasted about thirty minutes or so was really spent talking about the history of the asia
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pacific region and about the united states and its relationship with the countries in this region and then he went on to talk about the unfair trade practices that you mentioned and clearly he was talking about china in that speech even though he didn't directly refer to china when he was talking about those trade practices but he talked about things like intellectual property theft product dumping currency manipulation predatory industrial policies and things like that all allegations and criticisms that have been made against china many times before so in that regard it was a fairly strong speech from the u.s. president donald trump and he went on to also talk about the types of trade agreements that he wants to sign no surprise there he's talked about before he wants bilateral trade deals going forward no longer large multilateral trade deals that he thinks are have been unfair to the people of the united states and clearly
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that goes against the wishes or the drive of many other countries here at apec you are chasing multilateral deals including of course the host nation vietnam. more than fifty years ago united states marines came ashore in dun neighing and waded into the vietnam war it was a disastrous failed campaign in the name of defeating communism today the red flag still flies in vietnam but the government embraces capitalism. among the reforms that have taken place is the privatization of many bloated state owned companies this shrimp processing factory was sold to private owners in one thousand nine hundred seventy and now employs three thousand people and since its products around the world you know learning a lot. when other countries. so that they can. train with one of the world's fastest
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growing economies vietnam is being held up as an example of what open trade can do . but as host of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit is at the center of a new struggle between the united states and china which are both vying for influence in asia the respective presidents attending apec have contrast in views on the best way for countries to do business with one another. she jinping is a globalist and is backing the proposed trade deal known as the regional comprehensive economic partnership involving sixteen countries donald trump is seen as a protectionist and prefers bilateral deals instead of multilateral ones like the trans-pacific partnership that he withdrew from the remaining eleven countries including vietnam are forging ahead when the d.p.p. was signed last year vietnam was touted as one of the big winners from the deal because of its strong export led economy even though the united states has pulled
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out the vietnamese government still wanted to go ahead and is pushing for a new agreement to be reached this week some experts believe the summit will provide an opportunity for a pic members to try to convince donald trump. you think differently about trade you look at it would be a turd in the store toilet it is not just merchandise assembly of things around the world i phone i pads and all that sort of thing that us is losing all and cannot be brought back to us anymore but us can go into this so-called. digital economy vietnam has been transformed since the war ended in one thousand nine hundred eighty five the u.s. trade embargo was withdrawn the free market fire has been lit there's no sign of it being extinguished. well if indeed those comments by the u.s. president were directives at china as it appears they were then the chinese president xi jinping will get the right of reply because his speech to those apec see is due to start in the next few minutes or so martin a lot of speculation around a possible meeting on the sidelines of this
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a pick summit between donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin that will be attracting a lot of interest obviously given the allegations of russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election and kremlin spokesman says that meeting will take place but the u.s. government still not confirming whether indeed it will all right for now wayne thank you very much indeed wayne hague keeping an eye on all developments for us at that apec conference taking place in vietnam now straight as immigration minister has blamed the refugees who are refusing to leave the close to man a silent prison camp for the deteriorating conditions that they're living in the australian run campaign papua new guinea was closed last month and power water and food supplies have now been cut off around six hundred refugees remain inside saying they fear for their safety if they leave the refugees plight has sparked
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protests in melbourne and in sydney australia as immigration minister accused the refugees of trashing the camp. people have done a great deal of damage it seems to me by some of the photos they have trashed the accommodation and as was pointed out there's new accommodation purpose built been open for a couple of years people known for months that this indict was coming up and really the conditions we see in the photographs to die don't resemble at all the conditions in which people have been living over a long period of time well aid workers are warning that the man is silent camp is becoming so dirty that many of the refugees could become sick or even die pita sharples now on the conditions the refugees are living in. these pictures of conditions inside the prison camp on popular new guinea are the first to show how conditions have deteriorated since authorities officially shut it down the
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video gives an indication of what life is like for the refugees now that the power and the water have been cut off course to turn it back on from as far away is the united nations have been ignored this is home for nearly six hundred men who came from war ravaged countries across asia and the middle east refugees from afghanistan and iraq asylum seekers from iran in sri lanka their shared dream was to reach australia but this is where they've ended up. confined to a squalid abandoned naval base rainwater collected in rubbish bins because they're too nice and you know. they felt the place that's the default many people got around that it got very you know because i. was flown to papua new guinea on a straight on air force transports canberra has steadfastly refused to accept anyone who tried to reach the country by boat for four years australia has paid
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papua new guinea to house the asylum seekers but the detention center was ordered shut up in new guinea supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional to host such a camp but the men fearful of threats from local residents say they would prefer this existence and shelter in towns where they don't feel safe and aid workers have little faith in the military and police ability to protect them my fear. in this is something that if you have to look it might just. our. horse and the o.p.'s horse i know. we. know this is probably aid workers believe the security forces plan to move the refugees out of the camp in the next few days by force if necessary to show up al-jazeera. we've got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including leaked e-mails from the us
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ambassador to washington allegedly a plan to destabilize katter's economy plus. only ten minutes away by boat from jakarta and these villages here are drowning because of the affects of global warming i'm surprised reporting from the castle in west java. i was talking about a cool across a good policy if you're a private the next couple of days particularly western areas because we have this law in the lab which is in the process sinking further south. well the more the way of cloud rain and some lower temperatures like that every cloud that we have to the mediterranean way is coming right. well and piles of here twelve thirteen degrees
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celsius there for london in paris seventy seven degrees there is here and that northerly actually fading down across the bow towards that western side all for the mediterranean and into the north of africa are actually there but a wet weather system in place into central parts into a good possible further east it is generally dry but again no great shakes all the time. for athens in the clouds and the rain will make its way a little further research as we go on through sas day we'll see temperatures getting up to around ten celsius in kiev not bad at sixty degrees. they want in london will be still holding on to around twelve degrees by sas the afternoon at every a cloud of rain that sings this way down across a good part of france the low countries. for madrid should be largely dry by this tape in northern parts of africa still in the chance of seeing some wet weather for northern areas of algeria.
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top story is the french president emanuel has made a surprise visit to riyadh. with the saudi crown prince amid
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a deepening crisis in lebanon the lebanese prime minister saad hariri resigned whilst in the saudi capital last week kerry's political party is demanding that he return to beirut in order to restore stability president arrived in vietnam for the apec summit at an address before the summit he told. that the us be taken advantage of on trade. australia's immigration minister has blamed the refugees themselves for refusing to leave the close to man this island prison camp for the deteriorating situation that. the australian run camp in papua new guinea was closed last month power water and food supplies cut off. of the global leaks website is release what appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to try to destabilize economy and jeopardize its
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hosting of the twenty twenty two football world cup that the promise found in the hacked e-mails belonging to the ambassador to the u.s. use of a type of official reports from washington d.c. . you use colorful and controversial ambassador to the u.s. use of allah tiber has been at the center of leak controversies in the past in recent months it was claimed the u.a.e. paid influential think tanks to back their worldview in washington according to a series of leaked emails now it's alleged an elaborate overly ambitious plan to wage financial an economic war in qatar through bond and debt manipulation has reportedly been found on his computer according to the website the intercept they would then take these these bonds according to the plan and swap them back and forth among parties who from the outside look like they're independent but are actually the same people as like me and you're trading a bond back and forth and that creates an illusion of volatility and with people
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aware that there is this political crisis going on then they plan as they see this enhanced volatility and traders start to panic and say oh my god something must be going on here we need to sell our own our own qatari debt which drives the price down further the outline for the plan was allegedly drawn up by the private bank havilland although it's based in luxembourg it's owned by a british banking family with close ties to the u.a.e. the ultimate goal create a crisis which would force the qataris to step in to support their currency draining the country's cash reserves through these leaks the narrative in washington has changed from what was considered primarily to be. a response of qatari foreign policy to now a manufactured crisis by the other party to the conflict the u.a.e. and saudi arabia lead a group of mainly gulf nations which have imposed a partial blockade and cut off diplomatic relations to qatar international efforts
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to broker a settlement have come to nothing the scheme to interfere with the debt and borne market was always unlikely to succeed there are just too many variables but now it's been made public the financial markets will be watching more closely for any attempted manipulation alan fischer washington. the syrian army now says it's in control of the eastern city of alba after i suffices left the area the border city was one of the last remaining pockets of the armed groups territory in syria some of inge of aid has more now from gaziantep on the turkish syrian border. these are syrian in iraq the fighters from iran backed shia militias celebrating the defeat devices in amman the city was the last stronghold on the syrian side of the self declared islamic state the syrian military claimed victory but with the acknowledgement of help from its partners the depleted army of president bashar al assad has only been able to make gains with military assistance from russia and
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iran. units from syrian forces in cooperation with allies liberated the city of alba come out in the suburb of dare is the last i saw stronghold in the eastern region this is a strategic achievement is also a starting point for the elimination of the remaining terrorist organizations in all the different times throughout the country. i see videos and statements earlier denied the advances and reported fierce fighting but the stronghold its propaganda used to new fighters with is gone. reports from the contested there's a problem suggest few pockets of isis fighters remain on either side of the iraqi syrian border the fighting has destroyed many i said head cities and the real challenge will be to rehabilitate people we still do not have access to city as u.n. . the main reason is that the place is peppered with unexploded.
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bombs explosives. the fight against eisel in the urban centers may be over but the conflict in syria still continuing these are syrian democratic forces or as the f. backed by u.s. soldiers and support they're also making gains in that there are problems on the eastern side of the euphrates river the defeat of ice and remove the common enemy in serious complex war president bashar al assad's government has promised that it will take back all territory that it once lost and that puts its iran and russia back fighters and militias on a confrontational par with u.s. and saudi backed fighters. some on the job with others here are young to. spain supreme court has ordered the release on bail of catalonia from the speaker to me for a cuddle will be held in custody and till she gets one hundred seventy five thousand dollar dollars' worth of bail posted five other sacked catalan politicians have
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been conditionally released after appearing before a judge on thursday they to face charges of rebellion and sedition following catalonia declaration of independence jonah hill has been following the case from barcelona. while after a marathon day of hearings in the supreme court in madrid with the prosecution ardently arguing for karma for cordell the speaker of the now dissolved parliament in catalonia and five of its end piece to be jailed pending trial on charges of rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds the judge in the supreme court decided instead to grant and mrs ford codell her freedom conditional release on bail of a hundred seventy five thousand dollars when she is able to pay it four of the other m.p.'s out on twenty five thousand each and the fifth on conditional release they all have to pay regular visits to the court pending trial which could be a process some years in length in the meantime no madam for could ellen two years
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a significant figure in the independence movement here gets to return to barcelona and campaign freely towards the election do you understand but the twenty first an election that will be quite possibly be do or die for the independence movement here the independence movement deeply demoralized by the jailing of eight of its ministers in madrid its party split unable to reach a coalition agreement to campaign together to try and regain their parliamentary majority perhaps the only rallying point they now have are these eight prisoners widely now being described as political prisoners and the hope that with these prisoners become more supportive of the goal. now the british government has set the time and date for it to officially leave the european union it will be march the twenty ninth twenty nine thousand but in order to make this official prime minister to resign may has to pass legislation in parliament the e.u.
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negotiations are stalling and the prime minister is under a great deal of pressure politically at home after a couple of high profile. resignations from her cabinet. there are forty two million homes in indonesia as coastal areas are currently under threat by rising sea levels water levels are rising at the rate of eight millimeters a year in many places and vessel ripples most of those affected rely on the sea for their livelihoods. sila is losing his battle against the sea the ocean started creeping into his house seven years ago and most nights he and his family are having trouble finding a dry place to sleep. at night we only see water and garbage nothing else that is fairy scary. his neighbors of all flat the houses destroyed by
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the waves salam and his family are now closest to the sea there has been a huge change when i arrived in this village in one thousand eight hundred two it was very beautiful and prosperous business was easy we all work at the shrimp on and we are doing very well we never thought our family would suffer like this bobbie a village little remaining happy village looks nothing like that anymore half of its population is gone and the ponds are destroyed rising sea levels and the destruction of the seabed and mangrove trees are to blame the north coast of the island of java has lost nearly eleven thousand hectares to the sea so far it's hard to imagine it only seven years ago people were living right here farming shrimp and now the sea has taken over their land forcing hundreds to flee those who remain are watching how their village is slowly but surely swallowed by water the house where i was born has lost its first floor and its courtyard. this used to be our
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playground we play but down here and together with our family we would raise deflate to celebrate independence day. and his siblings are the only teachers left to educate the children that remain here when we ask the students if they know what climate change is this is their answer and having our. what they do know is that there's clear. i'm afraid i want to have a place to live anymore when the water is high children are often crying and solemn knows that action has yet to be taken care of and we always hear them talking on t.v. on this and that combating poverty etc but i am not convinced politicians will help us too many countries are involved the government has tried to save the village by planting mangrove trees but many fear sea water will rise faster than trees can
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grow and the villagers say if no dam is built soon the happy village will completely disappear in the next five years step al-jazeera but cassey west java. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera the french president emmanuel macro has made a surprise visit to riyadh to hold talks with the saudi crown prince and made a deepening crisis in lebanon the lebanese prime minister saad hariri resigned whilst in the saudi capital last week mr harris political party is demanding he return to beirut in order to restore stability the u.s. president donald trump has arrived in vietnam for the apec summit at his address he told leaders he won't let the u.s. be taken advantage of on trade but more than half of apec members are trying to sign a trade deal the mr trump with through the u.s.
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from earlier this year the chinese president has also addressed leaders saying globalization has become an irreversible trend australia's immigration minister has blamed the refugees refusing to leave the close manis island prison camp for the deteriorating conditions there the australian wrong camp in papua new guinea was close off months and power water and food supplies were cut off people have done a great deal of damage it seems to me by some of the five have trashed the accommodation and as was pointed out there's new accommodation purpose built been open for a couple of years people known for months that this indite was coming up and really the conditions that we see in the photographs today i don't resemble at all the conditions in which people have been living over a long period of time. the whistleblower group global leaks has released what
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appears to be a plan by the united arab emirates to destabilize economy and eventually jeopardize its hosting of the twenty twenty two football world cup the plan was found in the heart emails belonging to the ever r.t. ambassador to the us a tired all right this is the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up like this inside story. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. starvation and death the u.n. has issued one of its grimmest warnings yet it says yemen could face a family never before seen but what can world leaders do to stop such a catastrophe this is.


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