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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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monitoring mainstream you do narratives of this time on al-jazeera. where every viewer. they see. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to go welcome to the news grid a call for unity in lebanon as
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a regional crisis it's at the center often seems only to get worse there's still no solid word on the whereabouts of lebanese prime minister saad hariri days after he resigned in riyadh saying if he had for his life the leader of iran seventies hezbollah says hariri is being held against his will have a live report from beirut also on the great trump talks tough to asian leaders speaking at the apec summit in vietnam a u.s. president says he'll no longer be taken for a ride on trade volleying to put america's interests first and stark contrast china's president is backing more globalization so what will this mean for u.s. china relations and where out of the office on equal pay day women turn off their e-mail to protest against gender pay gap campaign is want to highlight the fact that women are effectively working for free for the rest of the year makes for what this pay gap looks like iran. world and ask why it will take more than two
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centuries to correct it. there are still nearly six hundred refugees at a recently closed australian prison camp in papa new guinea and with threats of force to remove them there are fears about what will happen next connect with us throughout the show using the hash tag it's a news group. here with a news grid live on air and streaming online for you to facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com we begin with a call for unity to help resolve a deepening political crisis that's pushing lebannon onto the front lines of a power struggle between saudi arabia and iran it's come from the leader of iran hezbollah as he gave his you on the sudden resignation of prime minister saad hariri last weekend in riyadh. says hariri was forced to quit by saudi arabia which he says has since detained him as iran that believes it's all part of a war that is declaring against hezbollah and lebanon.
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one of a sudden out of nowhere saudi arabia called the prime minister on urgent matters without his aides or devices he was forced to tender his resignation and to read the resignation statement written by them and by this lebanon was forced to stand before a new phase before those many statements threats procedures and measures were initiated by saudi arabia until what we are witnessing today what have they done so far blunt unprecedented interference by saudi arabia in the past this never happened blunt intervention to force the prime minister to resign when we spoke on sunday i was speaking with the information i had in person now myself and old unease based on reports and intelligence and other information the whole world now knows even the u.s. state department pretended to be unaware that it was possible trump must have known because of the coordination at his level the prime minister was forced to resign and to read a statement by them and they wouldn't and now he's put under house arrest and
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prevented from returning home the prime minister is being held in saudi arabia banned from traveling back this must be made clear he is held in saudi arabia and banned from returning to lebanon saudi arabia team did not only to topple the prime minister but to remove him from the leadership of the future movement this movement as a political opponent but what we see now is that we must all stand together saudi arabia is attempting to impose a new leadership on the movement even without the knowledge of the members of the future movement and attempt to dictate and impose a new prime minister to be dictated to the president parliament and all live a nice people threats will follow also saudi arabia is inciting arab and foreign countries to take retaliatory measures against living on and calling on the citizens to return it is clear that saudi arabia and saudi officials have declared war against lebanon and hezbollah however let me tell you this is a war against lebanon and the entire living on and not hezbollah. hassan nasrallah the hezbollah leader speaking earlier the saudi bahraini government urged the
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citizens to leave lebanon immediately while the u.a.e. is telling its people to comply with a travel ban that's already in place hundreds of goal citizens have been departing from beirut let's go live to al-jazeera is in harder was in the lebanese capital for is a net loss of concern and questions about the whereabouts of saddam let's start with what hasan nasrallah has been saying hezbollah's leader calling for unity calling for lebanon's political factions to stand together this is quite significant isn't it zain. well yes sagal heidi is our political opponent but he is also our prime minister the words of hassan nasrallah the secretary general of hezbollah like you mentioned he's calling for calm calling for unity telling the people stay off the streets he was talking to the lebanese as a whole not just to his constituency saying that saudi arabia wants to incite internal strife and that people should be aware now definitely these are dangerous times lebanon is a deeply divided country you have a pro saudi camp led by how d.d.
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and you have a pro iran camp led by hezbollah and they have political differences dating back for years but now what we are seeing all these leaders these rival political parties calling for calm uniting and demanding that how do you the returns to lebanon it's not just the president and the speaker of parliament and hezbollah who believes that tardy the resigned prime minister in one way or another is being held against his will in saudi arabia have edis own political party suggested an implied this yesterday when they said that the prime minister needs to return home immediately so a lot of questions about the whereabouts and the well being of the prime minister and a lot of fear that the situation could explode and saudi arabia kuwait and bahrain zain have all citizens to leave lebanon immediately and the u.a.e. has praised the travel ban and it's not the first time they've issued such statements but this must be at. to a real sense of anxiety in the country how worried are people about the current situation. well yes it heightens tensions but like you mentioned it's not the first
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time this is not the first time living on finds itself entangled in the saudi arabian rivalry which is playing out across the region but yes people are worried they're worried what is saudi arabia going to do next is going to exert economic or financial pressure on this country is it going to force the tens of thousands of lebanese who work in the gulf of back home is that going to allow not allow them to send back much needed money to their families here are going to stop investments i mean people are worried about that there's also the possibility of military action though most people are ruling that out but also they tell you that maybe saudi arabia is working with israel to launch some sort of an attack so people are worried because saudi arabia is not only threatening hezbollah saudi arabia is threatening lebanon as a country threatening those who work with hezbollah who cooperate with hezbollah and threatening those who will not work with it to curb has well as influence zain an important question from one of our viewers on the news grades on facebook who asks the right of the she's on facebook who asks why would the lebanese prime
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minister saad hariri travel by himself in the first place and at the last minute worth explaining again to our viewers the implications of this crisis and the background to all of this why would saad hariri travel to saudi arabia. well saudi arabia is the is his patron really i mean at the end of the day he does work with the saudis he has business interests in saudi arabia we have to remember a year ago there was a political deal of compromise sort of how do you was appointed prime minister being saudi's ally and the president michel aoun was appointed and he's it was sort of iran's ally in lebanon and there was a political stability for here and lebanon was really shielded from the regional crisis that was left out of the regional crisis now it is back at center stage what we understand is that saudi arabia was upset that what they saw how did it cozying up in one way or another no to hezbollah not confronting has well ahead on but we
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have to remember confronting hezbollah is not easy it is a political party it has members in parliament those members in government and there have been attempts in the past to force it to disarm to force it to withdraw its troops from from syria with their fighting alongside the syrian president and those efforts have all failed so what is saudi arabia going to do now yes he was summoned to saudi arabia saudi arabia is his patron of course he's going to go there but nobody knew that he's not going to return a week after he has resigned thank you very much for that zena harder live for us in beirut bear. aljaz if you want to connect with her and find out more about the situation in lebanon i mean are bringing graham banham into the news grade his a former staffer for middle east and south asia on the u.s. senate foreign relations committee is live from washington d.c. very good to have you on the show we've heard the leaders say today that saberi be had declared war on lebanon and hezbollah he said that saad hariri is being detained in saudi the u.s. state department has so far refused to comment on the status of lebanon's prime
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minister or former prime minister depending on the way you look at it how worried do you think washington is about the current situation in this region. i think the united states is deeply concerned about the situation in the middle east for several reasons first of all we are at a conundrum here because united's washington is clearly devoted to tailing the iranian spread of influence throughout the region and and siding with saudi arabia in that struggle but on the other hand the stability of lebanon is also important the united states in this action taken by the saudi government and the people in the gulf states removing their people and the resignation of really creates tensions and prevention instability in lebanon i think the lebanese on the other hand is showing unity is something they had not anticipated. how much of what is happening in the region right now and in saudi particular do you think is the doing
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of u.s. president donald trump that's a question that a lot of people are asking because his son in law jared krishna was in saudi just days before harry reid's resignation and the arrests of dozens of princes mrs and businessman and also president trump endorsed you know these arrests and the purge in saudi on twitter how much of this is his doing or i don't think any of it is of his doing per se i think however the close relationship between the trump administration in the government saudi arabia gave them a certain sense of sort of confidence that allowed them to take these measures which they did on their own and the united states wants to be friends with this government and therefore has supported it but we've heard a more measured tone from the state department. a bit different from what we've heard from president trump what does this suggest i mean about u.s. foreign policy in this region is it a very confused one. no i think that's unfair because there's always a more measured view from the state department on almost every issue because their
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job is to read deal with all of the problems in the region the president was speaking for just a very narrow situation what the saudi arabian government is currently doing and therefore that he's going to give his support to that government. i want to talk to you about france here we saw president mccraw in talks with the crown prince of saudi arabia france of course has historical ties with lebanon as his former colonial power but before he went to saudi arabia mccall said. he heard very harsh opinions on iran from saudi arabia which did not match his own views and we also know that he is very supportive of the iran nuclear deal which both sides arabia and the trump administration of criticized and he said is planning to visit iran in twenty eighteen how do you think this is going to play out with the u.s. will we see more tensions between trump and mccraw as they both seek to influence the regional politics i think the french of their own special interest in the
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region that don't necessarily coincide with either the american or the saudi interests i think mccollum was in was in abu dhabi for the opening of the louvre there and so therefore he took a two hour stopover in riyadh to express french concerns over the actions taken by riyadh because an instability could cause in lebanon and throughout the region the french have been very consistent looking for stability clearly there is a difference between the french and the saudis on the iran nuclear deal and mckone has indicated that he would go to iran next year so obviously there's a there's a difference of opinion there and they'll be stress u.s. french relationship always has as its tensions but overall we are close allies thank you very much for speaking to us mr bannerman graeme bannerman is a former middle east analyst at the state department he was joining us there from washington d.c. thank you very much for your time and we've just had some comments from the u.n. secretary general antonio terris about what's going on in the region here's what he had to say. i've been in very intense contacts the day before yesterday and
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yesterday at to the different levels political level of diplomatic level with the namely. so that saudi arabia and lebanon but also with several other countries of the region or with a need for see the region. this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict erupts in the region it could have devastating consequences u.n. secretary general antonio terrorist speaking there at the u.n. in new york now we have developments in another part of this story and that is sanjay arabia's war against the rebels in yemen the top u.s. air force official in the middle east says the ballistic missile fired from yemen and saudi arabia's capital last weekend was originally from iran you're telling general geoffrey hartigan who oversees the air force's central command in qatar says they're trying to work out how the missile was smuggled to yemen who the
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rebels their war with the saudi led military coalition which is supporting yemen's exiled government has been in panicle hand in washington d.c. patty what more is this u.s. air force general saying about this misao what are the other details here well that's the interesting thing he didn't give any other details and this is the u.s. military they have the capability as we've seen in the past to provide pictures and evidence he didn't even talk about what kind of missile they think it is important remember that this missile was allegedly fired at the riyadh international airport it was shot down sometimes when that happens there are remnants all this general is saying is that there were a rainy and markings on those remnants but again when the u.s. in the past has made these claims they've often provided pictures or evidence or details they've given none of that. so what does this suggest and i mean if they're saying it's come from iran and not giving any details what sort of response can we
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expect if any from the americans. well it's important to point out the iranians have denied this and as far as the americans we're seeing a much different approach to the region from the trump administration prior past presidents have prized stability in the middle east above all else and that is why they saw saudi arabia as such a key ally the trump administration very pro saudi pro israeli seem happy to greenlight these latest moves that are sort of up in the rhetoric against the iranians obviously both countries are very concerned that barack obama the president was seen to be reaching out an open hand to iran making the iran nuclear deal the trouble ministration wants to be tough on iran not necessarily taking those steps on their own but it's been seen and he's tweeted out that he's given the green light to the saudi leadership to take these moves to try and box in iran so the question is of course what happens next the trump administration is one part
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of washington but it is not all of the power in washington obviously this is a system of checks and balances and i can tell you establish that washington has been quietly saying that they're very concerned by these moves that it's seen as destabilizing a region that can not afford to have any further destabilization the question is it's been quiet so far how much longer is congress going to stay quiet the state department stay quiet we've seen in the past the trump administration tends to go further out than the establishment here in washington would like and then eventually the establishment tries to claw him back to a more typical u.s. position so we'll have to wait and see what happens in washington thank you very much for that patty and a very interesting piece on al-jazeera dot com on the saudi iran feud it's a very complex story as you heard there and some of the important questions to help you understand it are answered in this article by alina soften and fire and the shock what side have connection to saudi arabia what's behind the anti has been
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a sentiment what's going to happen to lebanon's government not of important questions answered bassam very good background information on who the key pay is and how the situation a point read it's on al-jazeera dot com. and of course if you have any more questions on this story and others we're covering on the news great today you can send your questions directly to us on facebook live facebook dot com news grate on twitter handle is that a.j. english don't forget to use the hashtag a.j. news critic and also what's the number coming up on your screen very shortly prost nine seven four five a one triple one four nine we're looking forward to hearing your questions and comments and other world news donald trump hasn't held back while addressing asian leaders about trade telling them america out won't be taken advantage of anymore the u.s. president delivered the tough talk at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit or apec in vietnam as wayne hale reports from where the meetings going on.
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it was inevitable that donald trump's arrival would dominate the apec summit after getting off the plane from a state visit to beijing the united states president went to a meeting of political and business leaders there he went straight on the offensive seeming to attack china's trade policies without specifically mentioning china they engaged in product dumping subsidized goods currency manipulation and predatory industrial policies they ignored the rules to gain advantage over those who followed the rules causing enormous distortions in commerce and threatening the foundations of international trade itself trump has vowed to correct some of the trade deficits the united states has built up particularly in asia but the america first policy that he campaigned on ahead of last year's election is seen as protectionist it runs counter to the multilateral globalist approach of most other apec nations including china. president xi jinping spoke
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soon after trump and painted china as a champion of globalization. openness brings progress while seclusion leaves one behind we the ocean pacific economies know this too well from our own development experience we should put in place a regional cooperation framework that ensures consultation among equals with participation and shared benefits. that's what the trans-pacific partnership trade deal is supposed to achieve it doesn't include china or the united states after donald trump withdrew the remaining eleven team members are hoping to come to some sort of agreement during a pick but a planned leaders' meeting to sign off on a provisional agreement didn't happen when she joined on friday because of last minute objections by canada. deborah helms has been involved in negotiations in the past and says if a deal isn't reached in vietnam the whole thing could be in jeopardy as we've just
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seen in the last few weeks with the change of government in new zealand new demands on the agreement the canadians have had a government change not quite so recently but that's part of what's driving the problems in t.v. every day that you wait is a day in which the whole thing could fall bless the united states of america if it survives members quietly hope the united states will eventually rejoin but under president trump that's unlikely. vietnam and wayne's got a reporter's notebook up on al-jazeera dot com looking at apec twenty seventeen the leader's side show one of the most memorable events at the summit is usually the traditional silly shirt photo op and everyone is waiting to see what the leaders this year will be wearing we'll bring you those pictures of course and when we get them now there was a lot of talk that donald trump would have a sidelines meeting with russian president vladimir putin early on but it sounds like it was more of a casual hello and
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a friendly slap on the shoulder let's bring in roy chalons in moscow rory lots of conflicting information all day about whether or not there was going to be a meeting between trump and putin what's the word from moscow what were the expectations. well as you say the prospects of a trump putin meeting at the apec summit is being talked about for days and certainly the kremlin was keen that there be one in the thought there was going to be one and the kremlin thought that donald trump wanted one as well so there was a criminal eight yuri luzhkov who was talking on thursday saying that he believed that yes they would have some sort of proper sit down but then after that the u.s. state secretary rex tillerson started to pour cold water on the idea saying that there's never been an agreement certainly not to a full bilateral we're in contact with them he said in the views that the two leaders are going to meet if there is something sufficiently substantive to talk about that would warrant
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a formal meeting well the kremlin then said that they were still working patiently for some kind of bilateral sit down and they would have a meeting the two men one way or another well they have met one way or another but the meeting as we understand it so far as we know very brief handshake a hello as the two men were there along with all the other eight leaders posing for the group family photo no by natural sofa rory on a separate issue what's the story about the russian news outlets that make an ati having to register as foreign agents in the u.s. . you know at the moment as we understand it it's it's only arts he that is being made to do this so far and the networks editor margarita simonyan says that say yes they have been asked by the u.s.
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department of justice to register as foreign agents by this coming monday now the foreign agents registration act is a piece of legislation that was brought in just before the first sorry the second world war as a kind of anti propaganda bill and basically what it requires the agents registrants to do is to make it very clear with statements that all the information that they are disseminating is coming from or on behalf of a foreign power so in the case of artsy this will have to be statements on their t.v. channel on the america on their website on their twitter accounts and facebook accounts basically saying that all of this stuff is coming essentially from the russian government margarita simonyan says that this will make their routine journalistic work virtually impossible and of course this will have bigger implications because the russians have been preparing for this moment for
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a while now and the the noises coming from moscow today has been that we could see as early as next week an initial reading going through the russian parliament and acting well you know at least putting in place the kind of process for some sort of tit for tat legislation and in the firing line would be c.n.n. probably voice of america radio free europe radio liberty but also interesting about how it's there is a suggestion that u.s. social media networks like twitter like facebook might be hit interesting indeed really challenge in moscow thank you very much for that. new guinea says it won't hesitate to use force to evict refugees who are refusing to leave a closed down asylum prison camp australia had been using the facility to process refugees who've been caught trying to reach its shores in boats but proper new
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guinea's supreme court ordered the camps closure and water and power were cut off ten days ago now many pictures that we see from man is island end up coming from social media getting permission to report from the camp is nearly impossible a social media producer is here to bring us the reaction to the latest pictures andrew that's right pauline one of the latest videos to emerge from anas is causing quite a bit of outrage online in australia members of an activist group called get up say that they filmed these images which show some pretty deplorable conditions in the former prison camp since being cut off asylum seekers in the camp have put together pipes bins and buckets to capture and store water for somebody who knows the situation intimately like i was utterly shocked at what i saw you know it was an air of devastation and decay. it was oppressively hot there was no water in the camp paypal were drinking running water from top limbs gathered from
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the roof and they were storing that water in rubbish bins the sewage system is blocked flushing waste capacity anymore now protesters in melbourne have shown they're determined to keep the pressure up on the government to bring the refugees to australia but they there seems to be little chance of that especially after australia's immigration minister said that it's the asylum seekers who are to blame for the conditions that they're living in. they've trashed the accommodation and as was pointed out there's new accommodation purpose built been open for a couple of years people have known for months that this indite was coming up in really the conditions that we see in the photographs to die don't resemble at all the conditions in which people have been living over a long period of time and so much of the information coming out of mannus is coming out on social media and human rights activists and detainees themselves have basically been live tweeting what's been happening on that facility now one
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detainee walid as i posted some images after papa new guinea's police forces allegedly came in and destroyed those containers that we just heard about that were used to set up rainwater there's another whose name is. charlie who posted a few hours ago that police have now surrounded the camp warning refugees that they must leave and as saturday's deadline approaches there are some pretty big concerns about what will happen next. if this is. if you choose to relocate. i will go to. course i know how peaceful i know. we. you know this is a problem. so we'll certainly keep a close eye on this story if you have information or want to get in touch you can tweet me directly on at pole or to use the hashtag a.j. newsgroup and if you're on instagram and you see
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a post that would help us tell this story you can also use that same hash tag on instagram andrew thank you very much we're not live at our multi view war taking a look at the pictures the different uses and agencies are feeding a c associated press showing us pictures from the apec summit in vietnam where there's a performance currently underway for world leaders who are gathered there they're rehearsing the leaders haven't just arrived yet we are expecting to see the u.s. present russian president as well that amir protein and other world leaders attending this apec summit will bring you those pictures soon as we get more of them right now let's turn to our london news center and julie mcdonald with a look at the day's other news julie holly thank you turkish police have arrested more than one hundred people suspected of having links to eisele turkey's state news agency says eighty two foreigners had been planning to go to syria before they were arrested in istanbul eighteen more suspects were arrested in operations in and done and in is near they stumbled attentions were aimed at
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protecting friday commemorations marking seventy nine years since turkey's modern find the stuff will come out acts of terror. this idea led coalition fighting hutu rebels in yemen has reopened they are what the a border crossing easing a blockade involves ston the country earlier this week unicef is warning that yemen's stocks of fuel and vaccines will want out in a month if no humanitarian aid is allowed in fuel prices have soared and there are severe food shortages an estimated twenty million people are in need of urgent help . the speaker of catalonia citizen of parliament has been released from prison after paying bail of one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars comma for kids was locked up in madrid overnight after appearing in the supreme court on charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds five other former kaplan leaders also appeared in court on charges relating to the kaplan parliament's declaration of independence which spain says was illegal they breaks it secretary says there's
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been progress in the latest brics it talks but more work is needed urgently michael bonnie is giving britain two weeks to make concessions on the so-called divorce agreement if it wants to move to the next phase of talks in december u.k. bret's minister david davis says britain is committed to making that deadline. and we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as needed to secure the second of the weeks remaining ahead of the december european council. the united kingdom will continue to engage and negotiate constructive as we've done since just. a u.k. court has upheld a ruling that drivers are entitled to workers' rights such as minimum wage and paid time off the multi-billion dollar company argues it's drivers work as independent contractors union supporting the over driver says the ruling could help workers at similar businesses such as food delivery service delivery route over say they will appeal friday's decision in higher court polls are prepared to spend saturday
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celebrating the anniversary of the second polish republic's creation in one nine hundred eighteen in recent years the commemoration has increasingly become a focus of rightwing nationalism far right parties are gathered in the capital warsaw alongside nationalists from ukraine is still in a russian and the us david chaytor reports. warsaw has become a magnet for near nazis and ultranationalists this martial arts group from russia is just one of the far right organizations attending a congress on friday promoting white supremacist ideologies this would a man without a will is like a knife without a blade every year the extreme right celebrates poland's independence day with a march through the capital their opinions are no longer confined to the margins here the ruling law and justice party has adopted the nationalist rhetoric and placed it in the mainstream of the country's politics their leader because in ski
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warned that refugees from the middle east would bring in parasites and diseases so . our message is a wake up call for europe not so that one can live in peace without terrorism an islamic radicalization so that we can live in peace and love and. nobody thought the pundits effect. would last half a century for poland. first germany attacks. then soviet russia the controversy surrounding this short animated film shows how much the political scene is changing in poland it's being screened in the museum of the second world war the dance illustrates how the country's past is being rewritten by today's politicians to secure their own future history is not a comic book and right now it it's like they are treating our hero's us comic book characters like fantastic four to get there but i do believe. to get to some political. advantage so. it's horrid it
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was to be at this film at the museum that was taken off the screens the government didn't like its message about the suffering of the civilian population in the war in syria and the plight of the refugees ultra nationalism. xenophobia gaining new recruits in a new generation here in poland there's been a vast increase in the number of racially motivated attacks directed mainly at the muslim minority here just forty thousand people in a nation of thirty eight million. throughout the capital and throughout the country ceremonies will be taking place to celebrate poland's day of independence but it's now become a political battleground between the resurgent right and the liberal left david chaytor al-jazeera washington that's all from london now it's back to. julie thank you very much coming up next if you're watching us on facebook and afghanistan's
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farmers are embracing as the war torn country tries to wean itself off poppies i'm still ahead on the news grade the pope says no more news. on complete disarmament to stay with us. we've tracked cloud across from the levant towards the caucasus now through the high ground of iran a few spots of rain might for the sky but nothing really has changed very much this is a slow decline in temperatures but we still twenty in toronto but twenty six in baghdad and the sun is in the sky hanging around twenty mark plus or minus from aleppo to jerusalem and beyond so nothing which is happening except for the potential of big showers around the caspian coast and the recent increasing cloud around yemen and a mammoth even that is drifting away so i think we're looking to dry picture the
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present time of the year humidity is low the temperatures are typically the low thirty's a hint of a breeze pickier coming down the gulf a watch that now in southern africa we should be seeing the opposite is getting rather more active and this white cloud certainly produced rain in the eastern side of south africa through mozambique. can line up towards botswana that i think would develop saturday's picture a pretty wet one east of jo'burg running through big to zimbabwe and that line then takes back to angola now this is correct for the time of year so if you're here expect the right but to be honest can't get further west and cape turn for example is the dory. ambitious endeavor to create drought proof crops amazing to think that the plan b. so i hear that. and international efforts to combine the pests that
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threaten me so they bring in their samples they show you the hops just like a doctor write your prescription you're doing the same thing here you're writing a prescription for the farmer price explores inspiring advances to farming for the future. al-jazeera tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in the way the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposit simple ordinary citizen and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn the less i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera.
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headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website dot com top trending they're also our top story on the news break today and hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah saying that lebanon's prime minister's resignation is eighty legal
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and the u.s. secretary of state rex innocent has in fact just released a statement on the situation in lebanon warning out of countries and groups against using nevin on a vehicle for. a larger proxy fight in the middle east to take a look at the statement he says the united states strongly backed lebanon's independence there's no legitimate place or role in lebanon for any foreign forces militias or elements other than the image amid security forces of the lebanese state tennyson in a statement said all of this about the situation in lebanon a statement that was released just a short while ago by the u.s. state department. moving on and women in several countries are mocking what. they call equal pay day the campaign points out that women are essentially working for free from now until the end of the year because of the gender pay gap that gap according to the world economic forum stands at
6:40 pm
thirty two percent globally which is slightly bigger than last year based on current trends it's predicted that the gap won't be close for two hundred seventeen years. now the has tag of the day is equal pay day and i'll show you one of the most popular posts of the day it might be funny on any other day except the situation is still so unfair for women across the world now in the u.k. for example women earn fourteen point one percent less than men on average but if you end up factoring in a lot of the part time work which most of which is done by women that gender pay gap surpasses eighteen percent and if we look at this in british currency for every pound that a man makes a woman makes eighty six pence since when a fifteen this gap hasn't narrowed at all in the u.k. the worst profession you may ask financial managers and directors who earn twenty eight percent less than men. british women of african descent have the
6:41 pm
largest full time gender gap at nineteen point six percent while pakistani and bangladeshi women in the u.k. earn twenty six percent less than white men the fawcett society has the most popular posts of the day on twitter calling for everyone policymakers employers individuals to make a pay gap pledge to take actions to close this pay gap for good now while the women's equality party they are asking women are asked women across the u.k. on friday to set their out of office notifications as a signs of the world that they wouldn't stand for this kind of pay disparity any longer party leaders so if you walker says that with the pay gap and also harassment we have to end the narrative that women somehow choose or should just put up with this sort of treatment and the u.k. is among the worst countries in the e.u. when it comes to pay disparity that's according to the e.u. statistics agency euro stat so look some bird and italy are pretty much the closest
6:42 pm
to parity here at the bottom of the of this chart you can see that the u.k. is right up there around number five but you can also see that women in a stone are the worst off in the e.u. when it comes to this sort of gap in pay but if we broaden this out and look at the rest of the world the u.k. is actually among one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the global gender gap that's according to the world economic forum which holly was folly excuse me was just mentioning its ranks eighteenth which is far ahead of the u.s. and canada iceland stands out as the number one on this ranking as the most equal country in the world for pay for pay equity while saudi arabia syria pakistan and yemen round out the bottom of the list so let us know what you think about all of this using the hash tag it's a newsgroup. andrew you mentioned sophie walker and i'm very pleased to welcome her to the news great she is the leader of the women's equality party in the u.k. she is via skype from london very good to have you with us on the newsgroup sophie i read a very interesting article you wrote in which you say the pay gap is not only one
6:43 pm
of the main barriers to women's equality but also a key factor in sexual harassment and violence against women can you expand on this for us why should those dots be joined. and yes i began to explain the women's equality party were set up to come to this idea that women's equality is too hard and that it's not possible or that it can be solved by doing one or two sort of box ticking measures when we get round to it when we don't use your stuff first but the point that we're making to this equal pay thing is that if we are if we're really going to close the pay gap for good it requires looking at the structural inequality that we build into our economy and our society that makes women dependent and it's that same dependency that makes them experience so much violence
6:44 pm
against them. as one of your colleagues said earlier on there is there is narratives that women somehow choose to be treated like this that particularly when we talk about the pay gap there is this idea that women are choosing not to go for those promotions that they are choosing to work in areas that are less well paid that they are choosing to have children it's funny how children become a lifestyle choice for women but we don't talk about my own sharing care and sharing care really is vital vital vital if we are going to close the pay gap and that means we have to change our ideas of what care is we see it as as an expense. in fact it's an investment in the women's budget group show that here invest in care you get twice the number of jobs and economic benefits as when you invest in construction coming back to to the link between sexual harassment in violence against women and the pay gap there's been a quite
6:45 pm
a lot of uproar. in the sexual harassment allegations that have happened in the u.k. and elsewhere there's been quite a lot about wage do you think this could prompt leaders to act on the pay gap. well i'm yet to see any other political party in the u.k. joining the dots and that's why we're here and that's why we're doing as well as we are because a lot of women are very frustrated at the failure of the other parties to do more than sort of ticking boxes that make talks about sexual harassment or west and so we talked about in media we talked about in entertainment the conversation very quickly got diverted into what is acceptable and what is not as though any form of sexual harassment is ever acceptable what it didn't do sufficiently was to explain that this is about power that men don't harass and abuse women who can fire them they don't hurt us and abuse women who are in positions of authority over
6:46 pm
them so this is very much part of understanding that women's equality comes from lack of it's power and we can address that by economic empowerment and by better representation of women through all areas of business and politics of working life ok sophie very good to talk to you a very interesting we have to say about this sophie walker leader of the women's equality party joining us on the news great from london thank you for your time. i let's get more of the day's news now and it's back to julie macdonald in ireland the new center fully thanks but francis has spoken out against the concept of owning nuclear weapons as a deterrent saying it gives countries a false sense of security the head of the catholic church is hosting a two day conference on nuclear disarmament attended by nobel peace laureates along with delegates from nato and the u.n. report warns that nuclear weapons remain a danger even if they're highly unlikely to be used. we can't help but
6:47 pm
feel a deep sense of unease when we think of a catastrophic humanitarian and environmental effects of any employment of nuclear devices therefore if we also take into account the risk of an accidental detonation as a result of an ever of any kind of threat to their use as well as with a possession it has to be firmly condemned. well tony angela has more now from the . pope francis has kicked off this two day conference with some strong words calling on the world to condemn the very possession of nuclear weapons and this event couldn't come at a better time considering the rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea but this event is not a way of mediating it is a way of bringing together nuclear experts nato and u.n. officials and nobel peace prize winners to discuss the benefits social and economic of nuclear disarmament and to try and discredit the idea that mutually assured destruction is a way of promoting global peace. now that will be highlights over the coming days
6:48 pm
and it's it's important to point out that the conversation on disarmament is now back on the agenda following the u.n. treaty to approve the banning of nuclear weapons in july fifty countries now signed that treaty so will become law for them in december but of course the nine nations that do hold nuclear arsenals and all the nato member states a still boycotting that treaty critics say that without them the idea of global disarmament is just a pipe dream but others say that there is a building moral pressure and that could eventually bring about real change some of the highlights that will be bringing you a talk from mohamed el baradei i he's the former head of the international atomic energy energy agency and he'll be talking about the state of the world's nuclear arsenals today and they'll also be a debate between the deputy secretary of nato and the representatives from the u.n.
6:49 pm
for mexico and austria no be interesting to see the nato representative put forward the case for keeping nuclear weapons china angela reporting there and i've got to say new delhi say current pollution levels are making the city unfit for human habitation hospitals and the indian capital say they're dealing with a twenty percent surge in emergency admissions pollution levels of more than eight times was considered the healthy limit some experts say that's about the same as smoking two packs of cigarettes every day you delis already corps air quality is being worsened by illegal crops for in a nearby. if i were going to lose it if there was a burning sensation in my throat i felt breathless now after the oxygen mask i feel better present. is unfit for human habitation it's causing on. it's causing immense amount of damage to lungs to our heart to a brain and to every part of the body it's going to shorten the life of each and
6:50 pm
every person who's bleeding this toxic. greenpeace activists says sent a message to delegates attending the un climate talks in the german city of bomb they projected a sign reading no future in fossil fuels onto a coal power plant alongside faces from the pacific islands the stunt is meant to draw attention to the impact emissions from germany have on the pacific this year's climate talks have been overshadowed by president donald trump's decision to pull the us out of the paris climate agreement that's all from london now it's back to folly in doha three thank you very much for that coming up next peter has a look at what's trending in sports following their first match which saw a referee banned for life senegal and south africa getting ready for their world cup qualifying replay that's coming up after a snapshot of the weather. yeah. i am.
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tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanized that nothing worse post will be in the devastating impact to save a bank means also to save the deposits of all over in the recent years and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn of us are gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera.
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i know it's an hour people are talking about it was a high speed or folly it's fifa world cup qualifying teams are trying to get themselves to russia are we going to start over in africa where it will be when it takes all when south africa and senegal face each other twice in just four days so that it is actually beat senegal two one in november twenty sixth in about a year ago to the day actually but the match was ordered to be replayed by the referee for that match found guilty of lawfully influencing the match disciplinary committee what it all means is that if southern africa win both games they will go to russia twenty eighteen the senegalese meanwhile well they just need to avoid defeat in one of the two that is in order to advance to russia and make a let's talk a as more on the story he sent us this report from the cynically his capital of the
6:54 pm
aca. this is like no other game it has got senegal excited because it could result in the country being qualified for the world cup and so the press that usually is so divisive and so critical of its players are for once united here's the headlines the lions are so close to russia just ninety minutes away the front called for this game to be replayed after the referee joseph lemke from ghana called for a penalty in favor of south africa in november two thousand and sixteen south africa when the game as a result monte came under heavy criticism from people here in senegal in west africa even from his wife asking why did she call for a penalty he said it was a human error but fifa slapped him with a lifetime ban and now people here are going to closely watch this game one for the plate before we know each other we're giving a hundred percent of the four points south africa has hopes to qualify in
6:55 pm
a cynical just one point and we are for the fight to the river he will not cheat the game was won by cheating so i think the referee is under pressure to get it right. so they all may have some money the liverpool midfielder on its side but south africa has kaiser chiefs skilled goalkeeper crew nay and so people here will be listening to the game on the radio or watching on television within forty thousand people are expected at the stadium in south africa this is a game that hasn't just captured the attention of people here in senegal in south africa but of the whole continent because there's so much at stake a qualification to the world cup. ok so you saw that what senegalese are having to say i'm going to show you what south africans have been saying to be quite active on twitter using the hash tag funny that's the nickname for the national football team it's a zulu term meaning the boys and i'm going to start with an opposition politician member they say that sports and politics you just can't separate them julius malema
6:56 pm
who is a leader of one of the political opposition parties in south africa well him and his people they're giving away tickets to the game in the city of kwame in case you need a little bit of a job or if you listen let me help you out there but the con is about halfway between johannesburg and the zimbabwean border now you heard nicholas hartley talk about the star goalkeeper it will include a will he play or won't he play the good news is he will that's according to this tweet and i've seen the starting eleven as well i can confirm that when it will be the goalkeeper for the south africans not everyone on board have a look at verse tweet this one from your highness must assane he says that even though he's a south african he will be supporting the senegalese well as a person everyone can choose right well that was football but changing topics now to boxing for the final sports story and former heavyweight champion of the world mike tyson was put on a flight back to the u.s. of the chill layer no authority has denied him injury because of his criminal record the american was blocked by the police from entering the south american
6:57 pm
country after failing to comply with immigration laws back in one thousand nine hundred two tyson was convicted of rape and served three of a six year jail sentence for the crime. anybody watching that rematch between senegal and south africa as always you can share your views and videos with us using the hash tag a.j. newsgroups or you can tweet me directly at peter underscore stimulus of african myself so i've got a little bit of interest in that mets folly or is mobile have more sport in the eight hundred g.m.t. hour period thank you very much for that now before we go i look at the pigeon craze sweeping cuba the intricate hobby is building a big fan base and have ana where birds are bred for speed and stamina for yearly competitions some are even exported around the world many pigeon is build elaborate bird houses on their rooftops outfitted with lighting water and amenities some less
6:58 pm
fortunate residents would be happy to have in their homes i'm sure many more of the pigeon exports are now going to the united states. and we'll end on those pictures that's it for this year's great from me for the back to one whole team thank you very much for watching member we look forward to hearing your thoughts on today's show and the shows that you think we should be doing the ideas that you think you have do connect with us using the hash tag a.j. is great we'll see you again tomorrow at fifteen hundred g.m.t. thank you for watching. travel often. by tranquil board to use and buckled farthest may provide why
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boulders and walks of. by icons landmarks valleys and skylights. live for adventure. discovery jobs because far away places close if you think going this is together with cats all i always. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the barack obama that well. that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of a tree killings torture giving. but challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute you didn't charge the shot one saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera the sams in
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archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. here because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture. the united states strongly backs lebanon's independence and wants other countries against using lebanon in a larger proxy fight in the region.


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